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  • Krow Tracts is a non-denominational ministry that provides FREE tracts, booklets, and books aimed at discipleship for anyone who wants to understand the Bible. — “The Krow Tracts Homepage! Providing FREE Christian Materials”,
  • Tracts by Lyons provides attractive full-color gospel tracts for local church ministry and for personal evangelism. They are fully illustrated to provide maximum impact for Christ. — “Fully Illustrated Gospel Tracts - Tracts By Lyons”,
  • Publisher of contemporary evangelistic literature. Distributes Gospel tracts and is strategically involved with online evangelism efforts. — “American Tract Society”,
  • Definition of Tracts in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Tracts. Pronunciation of Tracts. Translations of Tracts. Tracts synonyms, Tracts antonyms. Information about Tracts in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Tracts - definition of Tracts by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Free Gospel Christian tracts. Link to your favorite tract, or send them as emails, for a Christian witness Online. All connected to each other, all connected to fundamental Pastor's E-mails. Plus a daily devotional, Come Ye Apart - by J. R. — “Christian Tracts Online”,
  • A tract is a literary work, and in current usage, usually religious in nature. The distribution of tracts pre-dates the development of the printing press, with the term being applied by scholars to religious and political works at least as early as the 13th century. — “Tract (literature) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This package includes four great packs of ice breaker tracts. Our most popular tract that will make people smile and have them coming back for more!. — “Tracts”,
  • ABC Tracts - Christian tracts for multilingual witnessing and evangelism. Includes Christian tracts with answers to Hinduism, Buddhists, New Age, and Wicca. — “Open Directory - Society: Religion and Spirituality”,
  • Bible studies, tracts, testimonials, poetry, miscellaneous subjects, prayer requests, devotional reading, pen pals, and lots more! Fellowship Tract League. Since the ministry began in 1978,our Lord has allowed us to print and ship over 2 billion Gospel tracts into more than 200 countries and into 53. — “Tracts :: ”,
  • Share the gospel with Chick cartoon tracts, books, T-shirts, comics and videos. — “Chick Publications”,
  • We have free tracts that can be downloaded and printed on your home computer. We expect YOU to write Bible studies and tracts. We expect YOU to send us your testimony and witnessing techniques to help others. — “Seeds Christian Tracts”,
  • Non-profit printed Christian Bible Tracts available world-wide to aid believers in sharing the gospel through tract distribution. — “Free Christian Bible Tracts for Witnessing - tracts4”, tracts4
  • 69 different gospel tracts, Liberty Gospel Tracts are pocket-sized, eye-catching, KJV, and thought-provoking. Liberty Bible Study Courses are great for young and old. Use for personal Bible study, Sunday School classes, home-schoolers,. — “Liberty Gospel Tracts”,
  • the parent of ACTS TRACTS and the Childrens Bible Society. Our web-site has been provided ACTS TRACTS NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP. First and Last Name. Email Address. Donate. Order. ACTS Tracts © 2008-2010 - All. — “Home Page”,
  • Evangelical Tracts is a Christian site dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus Christ through Reformed tracts and books for free downloads. — “Evangelical Tracts”,
  • Free CD Tracts is a Ministry that offers Christian Tracts to share with your friends and neighbors. — “Free CD Tracts”,
  • (CBD): God Knows My Name Tracts 726913 --> Delightful illustrations and easy-to-understand biblical text from children's author Debby Anderson share the truth of God's power and love with the youngest hearts. Package of. — “God Knows My Name Tracts: ”,
  • Ghana Gospel Ministry (GGM) is a ministry of Christ dedicated to providing and connecting technology-based resources to believers. Scripture booklets and tracts in over 400 languages for use in evangelism and discipleship, with history, publications, languages, worldwide literature projects,. — “GGM - Free Christian Tracts”,
  • An evangelism resources site, Messiah is a gospel tracts and Bible study ministry in which the Kenneth Street gospel booklets ministry and others join together in the work of God's Earthward Outreach, going to local cities, foreign. — “ - Gospel Tracts, Bible Tracts, Messianic”,
  • More than 170 full-color Gospel Tracts for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Most are $5 per 100 copies. All of our Gospel Tracts are availalbe in the KJV (with several titles also available in NKJV or Spanish) and are available for reading. — “ - Gospel Tracts”,
  • Indexes of our tracts by types, ready to read with a click, or even to print out and pass along to friends. — “Our Tracts and Gospel Literature Available on this Website”,
  • "Powerful Tracts! We need to get serious about ministering to the lost in these 'end times' ! These tracts are helpful and effective in getting to the hearts of people towards conviction, repentance, and Salvation!" Laurie H. FREE Newsletter by Mail. — “Tracts”,
  • The Tract League sells Christian, gospel, and Bible tracts online to help share the good news of Jesus Christ. — “Gospel Tracts | Christian Tracts | Bible Tracts :: The Tract”,

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  • Ascending Tracts in CNS part 1 of 4 Watch More Videos at
  • Four things I have learned from Chick tracts Jack T. Chick is a fundamentalist author and artist, who produces evangelical tracts and comics, including "Dark Dungeons". This video takes a look at four of the more bizarre claims made by Chick: Atomic Nuclei are held together by the will of God. When your Cleric reaches level 8 you get to learn real magic Druids invented Rock and Roll Islam was created by the Catholic Church Jack Chick's webpage is at The Cornerstone article on Alberto Rivera is at All material in this video is public domain, with the exception of the excerpt from Chick's tracts and comics which are used under "Fair Use"
  • Chittagong Hill Tracts video by Mirza Hasanuzzaman This video has been created by accumulating some selected pictures taken during my visit to Chittagong Hill Tracts (Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban). If you like to see the original pictures you can visit my website: http;// Mirza Hasanuzzaman Assistant Professor Department of Agronomy Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Dhaka, Bangladesh © 2010 Mirza Hasanuzzaman
  • [Chick Tract] It's Not Your Fault
  • Vocal tract quartet Vocal tracts play baroque music. They were modeled based on MRI and Rapid Prototyping System, and could re-produce realistic vowels preserving individuality of the voice of the person whom the MR images were taken from. Glottal waves were manipulated using software synthesizer to follow musical notes while original source signal were created based on STRAIGHT in this DEMO by ATR BPI members. If a vocal tract shape of widely known singer were available for modeling, you might hear(watch) the singer's configuration. Also, you can apply a variety of glottal waves to the same vocal tract to see how it affects the quality. (How about to make a pipe organ that has vowel properties?) A quintet version movie is provided at
  • Neuroanatomy - The Corticospinal Tract in 3D Visit for more information. This is the corticospinal tract as seen in Axiom Neuro, a new interactive functional atlas for neuroanatomy and neurology that gives users an up-close, detailed view of 13 spinal cord and brainstem nerve pathways. Also included in the software are all 12 cranial nerves and 10 virtual patient cases that use animation to teach signs and symptoms fo some common neurological pathologies such as stroke, diabetes and head trauma. Visit http to download the free demo.
  • Spinal Tracts - Sensory Pathways Tutorial about sensory or ascending tracts in the spinal cord
  • Jack Chick - Chick Tracts I'm gonna be watching this documentary on blogtv tonight. I'll send out an announcement when it starts, drop by and check it out. =,) "God's Cartoonist: The Comic Crusade of Jack T. Chick"
  • Cortico-spinal tracts
  • [Chick Tract] Satanic Conspiracy, LULZ WUN WAWRLD GUVERNMENT!!!! NEW WAWRLD AWRDAWR! For MOAR Chick Tracts, see
  • Catholics vs. Chick Tract: "Last Rites" Best screen resolution on minimize mode. See buttons on lower right-hand corner of You Tube video viewer. Catholic Apologist, Vic Scaravilli, was inspired to start a new series of Internet videos after reviewing the Chick Track called "Last Rites." This is the first of that series. Jack Chick is, in short, a liar. He distorts our Catholic teachings and is leading a great number of innocent souls away from salvation. The Catholic faith is beautiful, just as God is beautiful, for Christ and His Church are One! Learn Catholicism from Catholics and don't judge Peter by the actions of Judas. If you want to learn what the Catholic church teaches, go to Catholics! I hope you enjoy this debunking series. For More information regarding Jack T. Chick Publications, read this: God Bless!
  • Guards! Make sure the Prince doesn't leave this room ... i love this dialogue... Monthy Python's Holly Grail - Swamp Castle Keenest guards ever! FATHER: One day, lad, all this will be yours! PRINCE HERBERT: What, the curtains? FATHER: No. Not the curtains, lad. All that you can see, stretched out over the hills and valleys of this...
  • urinary tract infection remedy Urinary tract infections and Yeast infections are painful infections that affect both women and men. A urinary tract infection occurs when germs get into the urinary tract system that includes the bladder, kidney and the tubes connecting them. A yeast infection occurs when new yeast is introduced to the ***ual organs, or when the quantity of yeast already present increases. Allowing urinary tract infections to go unchecked can cause damage to the kidneys. An untreated yeast infection will result in the rapid build up of yeast, which in turn feeds on sugars and carbohydrates in these tracts. Infections can be caused by: Trichomonas-caused by a parasite found in both men & women, usually contracted through intercourse Leukorrhea-a yeast type infection occurring during low resistance times & when normal vaginal acidity is disrupted Gardnerella-a bacterial infection that thrives when vaginal pH is disturbed Vulvitis-an inflammation of the vulva, caused by an allergic reaction, irritation, bacterial or fungal infection Other yeast related problems are brought about by the use of antibiotics, birth control pills, cortico-steroids treatments, poor nutrition, alcohol and a lifestyle short of rest. For both a yeast infection and urinary tract infection, natural remedies exist. If you seek to cure yeast infection naturally, assure that the product is natural, and organic. Herbal healing involves the use of herbal products derived from plants, trees and ...
  • Ethiopia leases huge tracts of farmland to foreign companies The Green Revolution that ended food shortages in some parts of the world decades ago may be coming to East Africa, bringing the promise of bountiful harvests in a region more often associated with drought and famine. But as VOA's Peter Heinlein reports from the Oromia region of Ethiopia, not everyone is pleased at the prospect.
  • Ascending Tracts in CNS part 2 of 4 Watch More Videos at
  • Geocaching and Gospel Tracts Geocaching and gospel tracts; how we should handle it. This is my video blog and my thoughts on how to combine both of them. Do not stuff the cache full of tracts, do take something and leave something in accordance with geocachings policies. One good tract will do more good than a geocache intentionally stuffed full of tracts. At the end of this video is the Roman Road presentation. Feel free to leave your comments good and bad are all welcome. Grace and peace to you.
  • NeuroLogic Exam Videos : Somatosensory Tracts Somatosensory Tracts Now let's add the 2 ascending sensory systems that give us important clinical information for localizing lesions in the neuroaxis. The first system is the spinothalamic tract (pain and temperature) diagramed in light blue and the second is the Dorsal Column- Medial Lemniscus system (discrimatory touch and position sense) outlined in dark blue. Two important anatomical (and hence clinical) points about these two systems: 1. The spinothalamic tracts cross almost immediately upon entering the cord but the Dorsal Column tracts don't cross until they reach the level of the medulla. 2. The course of these two sensory systems have a different "x" location until they reach the rostal pons where they are then in close proximity to each other for the remainder of their climb to the thalamus and on to the sensory cortex. The clinical importance of these two anatomical facts will be become apparent as we discuss the sensory exam.
  • [Chick Tract] Charlie's Ants Someone got rly butthurt over a Chick tract reading I did and threatened to flag all my videos. This inspired me to make another Chick tract reading.
  • 3D Reconstruction of Liver Portal Tracts From a Normal and Abnormal Dog See the anaglyph version (you will need red-green/blue glasses) at This video compares the hepatic portal track of a normal dog's liver to a dog with a congenital vascular abnormality termed a portosystemic shunt. In this condition the portal vein has an abnormal connection to the systemic venous system and deprives the liver of the normal portal blood flow. Red=hepatic arteries, Blue=portal vein, Green=bile duct, Yellow=lymphatic space. In the normal portal tract the size and relationship of the portal vein, the hepatic artery, bile ducts and the lymphatic spaces can be seen. The hepatic portal tract from the dog with the portosystemic shunt is characterized by the lack of a portal vein, dramatically distended lymphatic space and an increased size with multiple small branches of the hepatic artery. This negative-space filling technique was performed on a small number of sections (normal dog=40, shunt dog=48) from FAA-fixed, paraffin-embedded liver tissue. Paraffin blocks were sectioned at 10 microns and treated with a standard H&E stain. Sections were photographed with a Sony DSC707 consumer-grade camera on a Nikon Eclipse 50i at 200X. JPEG images were imported into Adobe After Effects on a Macintosh desk-top computer. Details of the process used to build the 3D volumes are described in a recently published article: and in our other video: and The 3D images are not cartoons but represent the actual empty space inside the ...
  • Wounded Children Part 1 An adaptation of Jack T. Chick's classic tract. Check out more Chick tract movies at www.316!
  • Creative Christian tracts, Bible tracts, Jesus tracts... ABC Tracts 85 gospel tracts online, custom tracts, christian t-shirts, Bible tracts, christian art, Jesus tracts, gospel tracts packages, and Easter tracts.
  • Rat Population Boom in the Chittagong Hill-Tracts Every few decades there is a huge boom in the rat population in the Chittagong Hill-Tracts in Bangladesh. As were walking to a rural village, we found some Bamboo, Rick Davis (a science teacher at the American International School in Dhaka) explains why this increase in the rat population happens every few decades. This is a deleted scene for my video on my main channel, you can check that video out here:
  • Fiber Tracts Advances in MRI now make it possible to use color to map the location and direction of the previously unseen paths that connect segments of the brain. These images are available as fine arts prints. .
  • Gospel Tracts | Simple Witness | Story of Mr Genor www.jesus- This is the encouraging testimony of the impact that one little old man, Mr Genor made through a heartfelt commitment to share a simple salvation message with ten people a day by giving them a gospel tract.
  • Trash Talking Tracts
  • [Chick Tract] Doom Town The West Hollywood of the ancient world.
  • Hank, John, and a Journey Through the Chittagong Hill-Tracts This is what I mean when I say "YouTube with a Purpose". It's thanks to YouTube that John Green (in Indianapolis) and Hank Green (in Missoula, Montana) were able to connect to me here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Using a donation from Hank, I was able to help a needy family in a remote (and military controlled) region of Bangladesh called the Chittagong Hill-Tracts. The journey was quite long and this video helps the highlight how remote this region is. If this is the first time you've seen one of my videos, here are the basics: I'm not an NGO, charity, or someone looking to become a YouTube celebrity. This is just my way of inspiring others, paying it forward, and changing the conversation about global poverty. You can learn more about my work at my website: I can't thank Hank and John enough for all the support they've lent. Their channel, of course, is To keep this video short, I had to cut a lot out. Here are is the playlist of deleted scenes for this video: The internet connection here in Bangladesh is horrible for doing stuff like uploading videos to YouTube. It takes a lot of hard work and I couldn't do it without a lot of help from friends. This video was uploaded with the help of my friend Alan. Check his channel out here: For a list of recommended charities, check out: If you'd like to make a donation to me, please read this first: Thanks to Stefan D and Brad Sucks for lending their ...
  • Spinothalamic Tract Song Intro to Neuro, part 2.
  • Axiom Neuro 3D Neuroanatomy - Tracts and Pathways Module Visit for more information. This is an introduction for the tracts and pathways module of Axiom Neuro, a neuroanatomy and neurology educational program that uses 3D animation to teach one of the most complex systems in the human body. Included in the program are 13 functional nerve tracts along with modules dedicated to cranial nerves and a virtual neurology patient. For more information or to download a free demo version of Axiom Neuro, please visit
  • Spinal Cord Ascending Tracts - Draw it to Know it - Neuroanatomy Tutorial In this tutorial, we will draw the neuroanatomy of the ascending tracts of the spinal cord.
  • Acting Out Jack Chick Tracts "Lisa" Parody reading of Jack Chick's "Lisa" tract. This tract was controversial and was taken off Chick's tracts website so I give props to asuador of for finding a copy. All voices were done by mean. No copyright infringement was intended and I do not own any of the Chick tract franchise. This is for entertainment only.
  • [Chick Tract] The Wall I herd you liek chick tracts.
  • Chick Tracts: Pro and Con What's good (and bad) about the iconic tracts of Jack T. Chick
  • London Demonstration for Peace in Chittagong Hill Tracts On Saturday 20th February, an outbreak of violence against the Jumma people of Khagrachari in Rangamati caused the deaths of 4 people, hundreds of homes torched, destruction of a temple and a church, and many dozens still missing.The random violence against the Pahari people has continued unabated. The oppression of the Jumma people has been going on for decades and incidents of this kind form part of a long-standing conflict. We urge the end to the attacks and violence against the Jumma people in Bangladesh. Please come and show your support and solidarity for the Jumma people in Bangladesh. Event Organized By- Leesa Gazi -Shirin Lira - Simone Sultana-Khadija Rahman -Monjurul Azim Palash
  • Neuroanatomy - The Dorsal Column-Medial Lemniscus Tract in 3D Visit for more information. This is the dorsal column-medial lemnsicus (DCML) tract as seen in Axiom Neuro, a new interactive functional atlas for neuroanatomy and neurology that gives users an up-close, detailed view of 13 spinal cord and brainstem nerve pathways. Also included in the software are all 12 cranial nerves and 10 virtual patient cases that use animation to teach signs and symptoms of some common neurological pathologies such as stroke, diabetes and head trauma. Visit http to download the free demo.
  • [Chick Tract] Wounded Children DAYMAWNIC! This tract is so bad that Jack Chick recalled it! For MOAR Chick Tracts, see
  • Scenic River Tracts, Tennessee Peaceful home and cabin sites along Lake Tellico and Cherokee National Forest in Monroe County, Tennessee.
  • From axons to tracts: A journey through the brain's wiring Created by Luis Concha and Daniel Torres University of Alberta, Canada. Please note: This work is licensed using Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Please email me if you would like to use this video. Note: Send email to my gmail account (below). lconcha __ at ___ The complex circuitry interconnecting different areas in the brain, known collectively as white matter, is composed of millions of axons organized into fascicles and bundles. Upon macroscopic examination of sections of the brain, it is difficult to discern the orientation of the fibers. The same is true for conventional imaging modalities. However, recent advancements in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) make such task possible in a live subject. By sensitizing an otherwise typical MRI sequence to the diffusion of water molecules it is possible to measure their diffusion coefficient in a given direction1. Normally, the axonal membrane and myelin sheaths pose barriers to the movement of water molecules and, thus, they diffuse preferentially along the axon2. Therefore, the direction of white matter bundles can be elucidated by determining the principal diffusivity of water. The three-dimensional representation of the diffusion coefficient can be given by a tensor and its mathematical decomposition provides the direction of the tracts3; this MRI technique is known as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). By connecting the information acquired with DTI ...
  • Amish Living Waters - Witnessing, Tract Distribution This is a short clip from the BBC documentary Trouble in Amish Paradise. It's the portion where Ephraim goes witnessing using Ray Comfort's techniques based upon Way of the Master: Jesus' example. Ephraim uses Living Waters' million dollar bill tracts and takes his son along to teach him from a young age. http
  • Tract-erpiece Theatre Volume Up for the video, Volume down for the Chick Tract. You'll do your ears a favor. A bit of religious satire. Darknessthecurse, I must say you indirectly had a hand in this. I don't know how many people are sensitive over the Jack T. Chick tracts. I'll take this down if there's a problem. Yadda yadda. If there's no reprecussions I'll make more.

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  • “Having no pre-conceptions about the Chittagong Hill Tracts area in Bangladesh except for DFAT's ominous warning, "reconsider your We were leaving the hill tracts the following day for a boat and didn't know when our next opportunity to stock up' would be”
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