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  • topi also topee n. , pl. , -pis , also -pees . A pith helmet worn for protection against sun and heat Topi have elongated heads, a distinct hump at the base of the neck, and reddish brown bodies. — “topi: Definition from ”,
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  • Among the most socially advanced of the ungulates, the topi (also called the sassaby) occurs in the largest numbers in southern Sudan and in Tanzania's Serengeti The topi is a medium-sized antelope with a striking reddish-brown to. — “AWF: Wildlife: Topi”,
  • Topi and Korrigum (Damaliscus korrigum) are antelope species of the Topi have elongated heads, a distinct hump at the base of the neck, and reddish brown bodies. — “Topi - Wikipedia”,
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  • TOPI (Dance Fever with Lions) Topi are a very social, intelligent, fast, and interesting species of antelope that live throughout much of central Africa. In this short video we get a few scenes from the life of a topi. From the mating dance, to nursing, to keeping an eye on those pesky lions that want to eat them! All in a days work. The major threat to animals like the topi, is simply loss of habitat. For more info, Google: Topi Groups that help wildlife like the topi: African Wildlife Foundation Wildlife Direct http A great forum on Africa: Thanks for watching and be sure to forward my videos along to friends, family, pets and anything who loves animals. -Brian
  • Death by CHEETAH/HYENA Cheetahs hunt a Topi and its baby. Baby doesn't get away, so the Cheetah have a short meal before the lone Hyena comes in to take it. Wildlife can be brutal, but all of it needs to be saved. *Filmed in Kenya, Africa on a night drive at Olare Orok Conservancy I did the best I could to capture it on film. It was too dark and creepy outside to get closer :) Please check out my other animal videos here on You Tube. -Brian
  • Lok Dohori New, Nepali Lok Sangeet,Dhaka topi Dhalkyo nabhana, Nepali Folk Song Machhapuchhre music presents Dhaka Topi Dhalkyo Nabhana, Singer:Khuman Adhikari,Krishna Devkota , and Bishnu Maji, Video from Krishnafims and advertising,Kamaldi,Kathmandu Nepal, 014262762 Director Shankar BC +9779851007445 ¨Camera:Madhur Basnet, Editor:Bishnu Sharma
  • Sar Par Topi Lal - Asha Bhosle, Md. Rafi, Shammi Kapoor, Tumsa Nahin Dekha Song Song from super hit old classic movie Tumsa Nahin Dekha (1957) starring Shammi Kapoor, Ameeta, Pran, BN Vyas, Raj Mehra. Music: OP Nayyar, Director: ***r Hussain, Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
  • Tridev(1989)Tirchi Topi wale ,O babu Bholeh Bhaleh The National Security Council (NSC) of India is the apex agency looking into the political, economic, energy and strategic security concerns of India. It was established by the AB Vajpayee government on 19 November 1998, with Brijesh Mishra as the first National Security Advisor. Prior to the formation of the NSC, these activities were overseen by the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.Besides the NSA, the Ministers of Defence, External Affairs, Home, Finance of the Government of India, and the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission are members of the NSC. Other members may be invited to attend its monthly meetings, as and when required. Organization The three-tiered organization of the NSC comprises the Strategic Policy Group, the National Security Advisory Board and a Secretariat represented by the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC). Strategic Policy Group The Strategic Policy Group is the first level of the three tier organization of the National Security Council. It forms the nucleus of the decision making apparatus of the NSC. This group consists of the following members: * Cabinet Secretary * Chiefs of Staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force. * Director of Intelligence Bureau * Foreign Secretary * Home Secretary * Defence Secretary * Finance Secretary * Secretary (Defence Production) * Secretary (Revenue) * Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) * Secretary of the Research and ***ysis Wing (R&AW) of the Cabinet Secretariat * Secretary ...
  • Topi Amidst the turbulent partition of India circa 1947, a young Hindu boy has a chance encounter with a stranger. Directed & Animated By: Arjun Rihan See for more details. /topi
  • Part 2 - Topi Drama - Punjabi Drama Old Punjabi Stage Drama
  • Nali topi wala - Suhaga Sindoor (Oriya Film) A superhit song from the Oriya Film "Suhaga Sindoor".... another dhamaka hits from onscreen couple Siddhant & Miss Rachna
  • SINDHI TOPI AND AJRAK DAY!!! 06 Dec 2009 SINDHI JEAYE... RIsk is My LIfe Danger is my Game Sindh is my name Sindhi is my surname i am young sindhi born to Die ask my Mom not to cry TOPI and AJRAK are My Fashion Don't Play with mebcoz Sindhi is My nation Jeay Sindhi Dharti, jeay Sindhi Boli Jeay TOPI and AJRAK Plz Join Sindhi TOPI and AJRAK DAY..
  • Topi Duel - Safari Sunday Two topis do battle on the Masai Mara. More videos at www.test-
  • Topi Sorsakoski & Kulkukoirat - Ajomies (Live 2007) Topi Sorsakoski - Hurmio DVD:ltä.
  • Part 1 - Topi Drama - Punjabi Drama a very old punjabi stage drama
  • muneer mehrai song (topi ajrak wara pireen ) tariq chandio mehar from;pakistan dadu sindh mehar village daroshehan muneer mehrai mehar
  • Dobermann Schutzhund, IPO training Topi Dobermann protection Schutzhund, training Topi 15 month Hidegkúti kutyaiskola
  • Part 3 - Topi Drama - Punjabi Drama Old Punjabi Stage Drama
  • Albanians president Bamir Topi interview in Brussel Albanians president Bamir Topi interview in Brussel PART 1
  • NEPALI SONG DHAKA TOPI (PRADIP NEUPANE) Singer: Pradip Neupane Venue:Reading UK
  • Bamir Topi, President of Albania | Journal Interview Albania: How close is the country to joining Europe?
  • Topi Sorsakoski & Agents - Salattu suru
  • Topi Sorsakoski - Haavekuva Topi Sorsakoski - Yksinäisyys - Haavekuva (1991)
  • President Bamir Topi
  • Topi Sorsakoski ja Agents:Kellot soi Topi Sorsakoski ja Agents:Kellot soi.
  • Dobermann, protection, Schutzhund, IPO training Topi 2008.02 Dobermann, protection, Schutzhund, IPO training Topi 18 month Hidegkúti kutyaiskola
  • Topi Lintukangas - The Amazing 60m Dive Topi Lintukangas world record freedive of 60m no weight and no fins. Absolutely amazing footage of an incredible dive The song is Telepopmusik - Breathe for anyone intrested
  • Topi sorsakoski,Jorma Kääriäinen,Agents:Little Sister Topi sorsakoski,Jorma Kääriäinen,Agents:Litle Sister.
  • LUPUS"Topi Topi Centil"4 bersambung...
  • Topi Sorsakoski & Agents - On kesäyö ...
  • LUPUS"Topi Topi Centil"1 lupus jadul...
  • sindhi topi ajrak day org by ksva (kalachi social viable association) ksva is a non govt. org this ngo have about eight thousand male & female members ksva main mission is that to provide services education,health,water,sainatation facielties to persons of coastal and rural areas main focus is education and health. ksva also open a charity medical center for fisher mans the nin*** adult education centers and many vocatinal centers and many primary schools running by ksva they also awair the fisher mans in many projects about fishries ksva also celebarete all religious and cultural and worlds days events sindhi topi & ajrak day is one of them
  • LUPUS"Topi Topi Centil"3 bersambung...
  • Nepali Lok Dohori Song(Dhaka Topi Dhalkyo Nabhana....)
  • KST - Topi Merah - KOPASSUS In this video is some very old footage to be seen from the Korps Speciale Troepen from the Dutch colonial armed forces in Indonesia (KNIL). This historical footage seems to be taken somewhere between 1948 and 1950. I made a compilation from this footage, as the original is much longer. This video came without sound, so I did put some music in the video. I hope you like the footage and the music. In the Netherlands and Indonesia the "Topi Merah" stands for special forces from high quality. In this video you can see them train their combat skills and parachute. The trainingcentre of the Dutch paratroopers was situated at Bandung. Today in Bandung the KOPASSUS have their base. When the Dutch retreated in 1950, the Indonesians wanted to build their own special forces. With help of former elements of the KST, they formed a special forces group in 1952, today better known as KOPASSUS. Major Rokus Bernardus Visser (Mohamad Idjon Djanbi), a former member of the Dutch KST, was the first recruit for the Indonesian special forces, as well as its first commander. It is my wish to join them on a parachute excercise once and bring a visit to Bandung, as KOPASSUS is today one of the best special forces arround. It would be an honour. I hope you enjoy this video. I did put it online on special request from Indonesia. This days, we still use parts of the KNIL uniforms and equipment as part of the old militairy traditions. Our ranks look the same and we use words like benteng, madjoe ...
  • Tamino mein! - Topi Lehtipuu & Sophie Karthäuser (The Magic Flute) Die Zauberflöte (1791) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 10 May 2005 La Monnaie, Brussels Pamina: Sophie Karthäuser Tamino: Topi Lehtipuu Conductor: René Jacobs Director: William Kentridge
  • Wedding Ceremony Of Naeem Khan, Topi Sawabi Naeem Khan wedding ceremony from 14 Oct, 2009 to 15 Oct, 2009 at Topi Sawabi
  • LUPUS"Topi Topi Centil"2 bersambung...
  • Ho Jamalo, Sindhi Topi Day USA- Times Square New York, Mah*** Dahani World Sindhi Congress (New York Chapter) celeberating Sindhi Topi & Ajrak day at Times Square New York on December 6th, 2009. Sindhis dancing on Ho Jamalo. In This video Abdul Sattar, Mah*** Dahani, Mir Nazar Talpur, Rakesh Kumar Ahuja, Sanjay Khemani, Sarfraz Memon, Siddique Shaikh, Yassar Ismail Odhejo, Vinesh Kheptal.

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  • “Dhaka Topi music is one of the largest collection of nepali songs including movie songs, folk songs, ethnic songs. Listen to your favourite songs from a collection of 4000+ nepali songs”
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  • “Serving up fresh designs! Knitting, patterns, crafting, tatting, tutorials, recipes, and assorted DIY of knitting designer Jennifer Tallapaneni Hello Jen:Came here from the comment you left at my blog.It looks like a 'topi', so pretty too”
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