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  • tolerant: Definition and Pronunciation 2. favoring toleration: a tolerant church. 3. Med., Immunol. a. able to endure or resist the action of a drug, poison, etc. b. lacking or exhibiting low levels of immune response to a normally immunogenic substance. Random House Unabridged. — “tolerant: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Definition of tolerant in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tolerant. Pronunciation of tolerant. Translations of tolerant. tolerant synonyms, tolerant antonyms. Information about tolerant in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “tolerant - definition of tolerant by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of tolerant from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of tolerant. Pronunciation of tolerant. Definition of the word tolerant. Origin of the word tolerant. — “tolerant - Definition of tolerant at ”,
  • Drought Tolerant Plants. A plant is drought tolerant if it can survive a dry spell of more than 2 or 3 months without supplemental watering. To reduce the need for supplemental irrigation in your landscape, choose drought tolerant plants. — “Floridata: Drought Tolerant Plants”,
  • buy tolerant tammy mugs, tshirts and magnets. adj. A phrase used to describe a girl with an allowing nature. One who will let their male partner get a little cheeky in the bedroom, by letting them preform such acts as "popin it in the poop shoot", "nutting on the back table", etc. — “Urban Dictionary: tolerant”,
  • Tolerant - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Tolerant”,
  • Tolerant Solutions provides reliable, secure, and fast shell accounts. We offer a wide range of services such as Web Hosting, Shell Accounts, E-mail, Co-location, and Web Design Services. Tolerant Solutions has servers globally and offers. — “Tolerant Solutions - UNIX Shell Accounts, Web Hosting, and Co”,
  • Tolerant Quotations. My parents shared not only an improbable love, they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation. They would give me an African name, Barack, or blessed, believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success. Barack Obama. — “Definition of Tolerant”,
  • We found 30 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word tolerant: tolerant: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] tolerant: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of tolerant - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Find many different tolerant designs on Coasters for Beverages, Drinks, Coffee, & Beer for your home or bar. Many options to pick from or even custom create your own. — “Tolerant Drink Coasters | Buy Tolerant Beverage Coasters”,
  • Definition of tolerant in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is tolerant? Meaning of tolerant as a legal term. What does tolerant mean in law?. — “tolerant legal definition of tolerant. tolerant synonyms by”, legal-
  • Bargains on New and Used Tolerant Shade Trees Plants, Seeds & Bulbs Gardening & Plants Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living for sale cheap, buy Tolerant Shade Trees Plants, Seeds & Bulbs Gardening & Plants Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living at Discount. — “Tolerant Shade Trees Plants, Seeds & Bulbs Gardening & Plants”,
  • tolerant (comparative more tolerant, superlative most tolerant) He's pretty tolerant of different political views, but don't ask him about religion. tending to withstand or. — “tolerant - Wiktionary”,
  • Sun Tolerant. Tuberose. Whites. Are You Ready? Just 30 days 'til Christmas! Search Results. Found 20 product(s) Tolerant (1-20 of 20) Sun Tolerant. These are all Sun Tolerant. — “Results for Sun Tolerant”, caladiumbulbs4
  • Allergies and Plants, Avocados, Beneficial Insects, Bulbs, Camellias, Children's Gardening, Drought Tolerant, Flowers, Fruit Trees, Herbs, Integrated Pest Management, Irrigation, Landcape Design, Propagation, Gardening, Compost, Drought Tolerant, Ferns, Firescaping, Flowers,. — “Resourse”,
  • Plant adapts to high light and urban situations including low oxygen when given time. Tolerant of restricted root zones. High light sensitive; initial. — “Trees and Home Construction, Bulletin 870-99, Appendix I”,
  • Tolerant definition, inclined or disposed to tolerate; showing tolerance; forbearing: See more. — “Tolerant | Define Tolerant at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. inclined to tolerate; especially : marked by forbearance or endurance. — “Tolerant - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • tolerant adj. Inclined to tolerate the beliefs, practices, or traits of others; forbearing. Able to withstand or endure an adverse environmental condition: plants tolerant of extreme heat. — “tolerant: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Tolerant. Learn about Tolerant on . Get information and videos on Tolerant including articles on tolerance, alot, discriminatory and more!. — “Tolerant | Answerbag”,
  • The tolerant Christian is able to quietly accept and love everyone even though they don't share our beliefs. 5 Shade-Tolerant Vegetables. By C. Stickley August 25, 2010. Extend the growing space of your vegetable garden by including these 5 shade tolerant vegetables. — “Tolerant - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • How can these trees be tolerant of others who hold to a set of values, which say values are not relative, and that all kinds of diversity should not be tolerated let alone celebrated and at the same time claim to be tolerant of all positions?. — “Toleration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Creating a low maintenance drought tolerant garden. Gardens can be beautiful and drought tolerant. Just look at this one being created by the Garden Gurus at Ozbreed's Gardens. Lomandra, Dianella, and Phormium are just a few of the plants used.
  • Yusuf Estes - Admitting Islam is Not a Tolerant Religion Clip from Yusuf Estes' lectures in Oslo, Norway 2009. Our Norwegian website: Our Norwegian facebookgroup:
  • The most tolerant dog ever - a white chow named Sugar Chows have a bad rep for being really mean. Some groomers refuse to do chows since they are known to be really agressive. Sugar, my pure bred Chow, is such a sweet dog. This video shows her with my 2 young nieces and with my sister's hyper rat terrior named Fiona Ramona. Fiona tries to literally be in Sugar's face and licks Sugar's nose. Sugar doesn't even attack Fiona. Sugar has never hurt anyone or any other animal. She is well behaved around kids and other pets, big or small! I have never seen any animal tolerant of so much!
  • World's Most Tolerant Cat That cat is very tolerant, only at the end he made something.
  • Tolerant and Inclusive No More Produced and edited by Bob
  • Drought tolerant turf and grass Less mowing, less fertilising, less watering with Winter Green, Buffalo, Palmetto, Empire Zoysia.
  • Drought Tolerant Yard An example of a beautiful drought tolerant yard in Burbank, Californa. Visit for more info
  • Super tolerant cat with baby My favourite bit is at the 50 second mark...
  • Israel is more tolerant of Muslims than burka-obsessed France "IN THE PAPERS - How can a Western democracy, the symbol of liberty throughout the entire world, dictate to its inhabitants the degree to which they can dress, asks Sefi Hendler in todays Haaretz. Also today: New York Times: Europe Miffed at Obamas Decision to Skip Summit! The Independent: Israeli commander says We rewrote the rules of war for Gaza China Daily: Young Net addicts on the rise"
  • Most tolerant cat in the world My cat's a saint... the sound's a bit off, the "thud" in the end is my chihuahua hitting his head on the bar of the chair lol.
  • Is Britain Too Tolerant Of Muslim Extremism? 2 Is Britain Too Tolerant Of Muslim Extremism?
  • Drought Tolerant Gardens with Cindy Dole
  • NEC Fault Tolerant Server An interesting video of a server that runs in lockstep, two modules doing the same thing at the same time, but it's only a single server.
  • World's most tolerant cat? Baby 'playing' with cat.
  • How tolerant is Islam? The brave citizens movement assembled in Cologne, Pro Köln, are opposed to the construction of a mega mosque produced this short film to expose the a small portion of truth about Islam. Revealing the bloody past of the Turks who come to Germany as "asylum seekers" in masses to one day install sharia law.
  • Lactose Tolerant Libertyville HIgh School Lip Sync Winner at the kick off dance 2009 Seniors '10 Jake Goldberg, Lewis Wheeler, Trey Martin, Tommy Burr, TIm Kopera, Scott Ratzer, Kevin Penny, Tim Anderson, Tim Grozier
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Is Europe too Tolerant of Radical Islam? Complete video at: Author and former Dutch Parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali argues that political tolerance of radical Islam threatens the security of liberal, secular values in the Netherlands and other European countries. ----- Seeking a New Global Order: The Viability of Hope featuring Ayaan Hirsi Ali in conversation with David A. Harris. Former Dutch Member of Parliament and author of Infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a conversation with American Jewish Committee Executive Director David A. Harris about her life's journey from being raised a devout Muslim to leaving her religion and seeking asylum in the Netherlands. They cover issues of tolerance, freedom of expression, and how Muslim immigrants integrate into western culture. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an outspoken defender of women's rights in Islamic societies, Ms. Hirsi Ali was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. She escaped an arranged marriage by immigrating to the Netherlands in 1992, and served as a member of the Dutch parliament from 2003 to 2006. In parliament, she worked on furthering the integration of non-Western immigrants into Dutch society, and on defending the rights of women in Dutch muslim society. In 2004, together with director Theo van Gogh, she made Submission, a film about the oppression of women in conservative Islamic cultures. David Harris is executive director of the American Jewish Committee, a leading global advocacy organization. Harris is a widely recognized and quoted specialist on international ...
  • PRABHUPADA is TOLERANT and MERCIFUL under ILLUMINATI TORTURE Illuminati DVDs www.illuminati- Prabhupada Store http Prabhupada Your ever well wisher Cultural Earth Shop http Divine Scents www.divine- MYSPACE titiksavah karunikah suhrdah sarva-bhutanam ajata-satravah santah sadhavah sadhu-bhusanah This is the qualification of sadhu. Sadhu is titiksava, tolerates all kinds of miserable conditions. He is sadhu. Because this is a place of miserable condition. A sadhu learns how to tolerate. Sadhu is never disturbed. Yasmin sthito gurunapi duhkhena na vicalyate. A sadhu, who has got the shelter of Krsna, if he is placed in the severest type of dangerous condition, he is never disturbed. Just like Prahlada Maharaja, his father was putting him in so many dangerous conditions, even he was supplying with poison. He knew that "My father has given me poison to drink. All right, let me drink. If Krsna likes, He will save me. I am now put into such dangerous position. I have to drink. Father is giving poison. Who can check?" And such a big powerful Hiranyakasipu. The mother cried, requested... He forced the mother, Prahlada's mother, "Give your son this poison." So she begged so much, but he was a rascal demon. "No, you must give." So the mother knew, the son knew that the rascal father is giving this poison. What can he do, a small child? "All right, let me drink." Gurunapi duhkhena na vicalyate. He is not agitating. "All right, if Krsna likes, I will live." This is the position of ...
  • EDL - Pat Condell on Islam and the Islamification of Britain Pat Condell gives his views on various aspects of Islam.
  • How To Choose Drought Resistant and Drought Tolerant California Native Plants Steve McShane of McShanes Nursery and Landscape Supply offers advice on how to choose drought resistant plants
  • Black People: Fault-Tolerant It's one thing to make a mistake and still be able to function. it is a whole new ball game when you make a mistake and the ship no longer floats.
  • Jonathan Richman - You're Crazy For Taking The Bus Jonathan Richman performing on TV
  • The Tolerant German Shepherd or should that be sleepy?
  • Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking Talk given by Keith Scott of the MITRE Corporation at the 23rd Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA '09). This talk will present an overview of Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN), including its heritage in the InterPlaNetary Internet, its current capabilities, ongoing work on DTN by the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) and the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), and DTN's applicability to NASA and international space missions. The discussion will focus on the naming and routing aspects of the Bundle Protocol (RFC5050), including how it can be used to support features such as delayed binding and content-based networking.
  • The Most Tolerant Akita in the World Akitas can be quite laid back, until...well, until they're not! My boy Quest, also known as The Beast, surprised me at his level of tolerance for one of the younger 'fosters' in the house. He tried ignoring, pretending it wasn't happening...but finally had to get away from the source of his irritation.
  • euronews U talk - How can we build a more tolerant Europe? Patricia from Lyon asks: "The revolutions currently taking place in the Arab world demonstrate a thirst for democracy, but for Europeans the worry is the arrival of massive numbers of immigrants, leading to increased violence and muggings in European cities. The question is: can we live in peace and tolerance? Moshe Kantor, the co-chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation replies: ...
  • Drought tolerant plants.. Back to the Garden Once the plant is established, you wont hardly ever have to water these..
  • Mushtaq Ahmed on UK's tolerant and multi-faith society /seebritain Former Pakistani cricketer and England Cricket Team spin bowling coach Mushtaq Ahmed discusses why he has enjoyed living and working in the UK. The film is one of the 'See Britain through my eyes' series featuring individuals from at home and abroad talking about their experiences of modern Britain in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Mushtaq Ahmed's film is being released to coincide with the England cricket team's bid for glory at the Cricket World Cup taking place in South Asia.
  • "Tolerant" Christians and Their Opinions of Atheists and the WTC Lawsuit Because Christians are so PERSECUTED and a minority that is under an imminent threat from the hundreds of millions of liberal atheists in this country.
  • Xeriscaping: native plants and a drought-tolerant yard (LEED landscape in Sun Valley, Idaho) Sun Valley, Idaho landscape ecologist Kelly Weston likes to make clear native landscapes don't have to be messy. "I have native landscapes that are highly structured next to very contemporary houses". Working in the resort town area of Sun Valley, Idaho (with homes of the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), Weston has to compete with a golf-course aesthetic, but tighter water restrictions in the area has helped business. Weston also assures that once a native yard has matured- usually within 3 or 4 years- it not only using dramatically less water, but requires much less maintenance than a turf landscape. Here he shows us a LEED-certified landscape (next to a LEED home) in Ketchum, Idaho where annual rainfall is about 15 inches per year. Original story here:
  • Robert Long Tolerant
  • Paul Wall Pt1 - Tolerant vs Anti-racist, being a Family Man Brian Adler interviews Paul Wall.
  • Knowledge Connectivity vs. Synchrony Requirements for Fault-Tolerant Agreeme... Google Tech Talks April, 18 2008 ABSTRACT Agreement problems are fundamental building blocks of reliable distributed systems, and the issue of designing reliable solutions that can cope with the high dynamism and self-organization nature of mobile ad-hoc and peer-to-peer networks is a very active field of current research. The core problem behind agreement problems is the consensus problem. Informally, a group of processes achieves consensus in the following sense: each process initially proposes a value and all correct processes must reach a common decision on some value that is equal to one of the proposed values. It is well known that in classical environments, in which entities behave asynchronously and where identities are known, consensus cannot be solved in the presence of even one process crash. It appears that self-organizing systems are even less favorable because the set and identity of participants are not known. In this talk, we are going to present necessary and sufficient conditions under which fault-tolerant consensus become solvable in these environments. Those conditions are related to the synchrony requirements of the environment, as well as the connectivity of the knowledge graph constructed by the nodes in order to communicate with their peers. Joint work with Professor Sébastien Tixeuil, from LIP6, Université Paris 6, France Speaker: Fabíola Greve Fabíola Greve received the PhD degree in computer science in 2002 from Rennes University, INRIA Labs ...
  • DARPA Shadow UAV damage-tolerant flight control test Video of the October 2010 test flight of an AAI RQ-7B Shadow unmanned aircraft equipped with Rockwell Collins damage-tolerant flight control system. Under the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Damage Tolerance progra, 20 inches of the Shadow's wing was blown off in flight. The autonomous control system automatically recovered the aircraft to controlled flight, adjusted the autopilot gains to compensate for the loss of an aileron, and landed the UAV safely.
  • Soap Actress Turns Down Role That's Tolerant of Gays Find out more at
  • Salt of the Earth -- Engineering Salt-tolerant Plants With the world population at six billion people and counting, a food supply is an ever-increasing concern. Meanwhile, 25 million acres of productive agricultural land are being lost each year as the soil becomes increasingly salty. We could face a substantial shortage. The question is: should we fix the soils or alter the genetics of plants? Eduardo Blumwald at the University of California has genetically engineered a plant to endure salty soils. His transgenic creation borrows a specific salt-tolerant gene for the lowly cabbage plant.All 50 Secrets of the Sequence videos have an accompanying classroom-tested lesson that encourages students to further explore the video topics. Each lesson includes background information, state and national science standards, discussion questions and answers, teacher notes and an activity that will ensure a hands-on, "minds-on" experience. To see lessons for this series, visit
  • ME C117 Lecture 15: Defect Tolerant Philosophy BioEngineering/ME C117: Structural Aspects of Biomaterials - Professor Lisa Pruitt This course provides an overview of medical devices, FDA regulatory issues, biocompatibility and sterilization technology. It examines biomechanical properties: isotropy/anisotropy, stiffness, bending stresses, contact stresses, multiaxial loading, plasticity, fatigue, fracture, wear, corrosion, design issues. Also covered: Orthopedics, Dental, Cardiovascular, and Soft Tissue Reconstruction. Professor Pruitt's current research is focused on fatigue and fracture micromechanisms, cyclic damage zones, and evolution of structure due to cyclic loading and environment in advanced polymers and biomaterials; tribology of...
  • Tolerant Maine Coon cat 2011 Update: Samson was laid to rest in February. He was drooling and couldn't eat. We took him to the vet who said he had a tumor at the base of his tongue. We had him put down before he starved to death. He was a great cat.
  • Be tolerant. Protect your future. A video I made about tolerance and how we can change the world by simply changing us - which in turn will change our children and their way of thinking.
  • Fairouz - Ya Baya3 Al Khawatim Ya Baya3 Al Khawatim from the movie Baya3 Al Khawatim
  • Robert Long - Tolerant
  • Drought Tolerant Plants with Dennis Collins at Mt. Auburn Cemetery In this episode Dave discusses drought tolerant plants with Dennis Collins.

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  • “Windows7 64 Disk Management tells me that my RAID 1 which is mounted on the mobo controller (as well as the RAID 10 I have on an Adaptec RAID card), is NOT Fault Tolerant. Is this normal? I'm thinki”
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  • “The Blog Barn: an Assortment of LH Member Blogs. Entries Tagged with record breaking heat and drought we would have done a heat tolerant tomato variety trial”
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