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  • John Peterson has been making reproductions of tin and other period sheet metal wares for He works in high quality tinplate as well as brass, copper and sheet steel. — “Welcome to Otter Creek Tinware”,
  • History of Timsmithing by Master Tinsmith James Glynn. Learn about historic tin lighting. About Tinsmithing. History. The first tinshop in Colonial America was opened in 1740 when the Patterson brothers, William & Andrew emigrated from Ireland and set up for business in Berlin, CT. — “James Glynn Master Tinsmith - Unique Tin Lighting Fixtures”,
  • The Amana Arts Guild is a non-profit organization decdicated to preserviing Amana's folk art and crafts. They include but are not limited to: painting, blacksmithing, basketry, tinsmithing, woodworking, rug weaving, and photography. — “Amana Arts Guild”,
  • Tinsmithing. by William McMillen, Don Carpentier, and Nicholas Coletto. Few things better exemplify the impact of the industrial revolution in 19th century England and America than the explosion of tinware, the rapid evolution of it's manufacturing. — “GAC Articles - Tinsmithing”,
  • The tinsmithing techniques of San Miguel de Allende and the city of Guanajuato, Mexico. — “Tinsmithing, Guanajuato, Mexico”, iweb.tntech.edu
  • Offers handmade tin cookie cutters. — “H.O. Foose Tinsmithing”,
  • We sell hot dipped tinware from the colonial period through the civil war. We use pure tin for damming/soldering and rosin for. the flux making all of our lead-free tinware both food. — “Hot Dip Tin”,
  • Hand crafted Brass, Copper, Tin and Iron Can***s come with 6 foot white cord and hard wood stopper. Available in the "D" or Kidney style, body 6 ½ or 8 inches high. Tin Plate is $35.00. — “Livonia Smithery 18th Century reproductions,lighting,cookware”,
  • TInSMIThIng. The art of the tinner, tinker, whitesmith, or tinsmith (since he. was known by all of these terms) is covered in this lesson that "Tinsmithing" http:///tinsmithing.html, 2007. — “Lesson”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Tinsmithing - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Learn information about Wine-Stillwell Corp, a Supplier in Winchester, VA. has the latest phone number & address for this company & others like it. TINSMITHING, REPAIR WORK - serving Virginia. — “Get contact information for Wine-Stillwell Corp in Winchester, VA”,
  • Tinsmithing a Phonograph Horn. John Yard making a phonograph horn Tinsmithing a Phonograph Horn. Ram-a-lama ding-dong. Jünger and Eggs. Whitewash + Other. — “THE GOLDEN SMITH: Tinsmithing a Phonograph Horn”,
  • tinsmithing. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search tinsmithing (uncountable) The trade of a tinsmith; making or repairing things of tin or similar alloys. — “tinsmithing - Wiktionary”,
  • Nicholas and Elena Herrera. 16. El Rito Library. 17. Emmy Cheney. 18. Julie Claire. 19. Carol 2010 El Rito Studio Tour Site Map: (Click on the numbers below for. — “The El Rito Studio Tour 2010 - El Rito, New Mexico”,
  • Folk school offers hundreds of week-long classes year-round on skills ranging from basketry and blacksmithing to gardening, tinsmithing and story telling. — “John C. Campbell Folk School: Diary of a Class--Tinsmithing”,
  • [edit] Tinsmithing tools. The simple shapes made by the tinsmith required only a few basic [edit] History of tinsmithing. Tinwares were being produced in London by the 1630s, being. — “Tinsmith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 10 Tinsmithing, Repair Work Companies in the United States. Search or browse our list of tinsmithing, repair work companies by location. — “Tinsmithing, Repair Work Companies in the United States”,
  • Web site of the Tin Peddler, maker of fine handcrafted reproduction lighting Home About Us History of Tinsmithing Contact Us Order. Sconces. Specialty Items. Floor Lamps. Stemming from our deep appreciation for the past, as well as a passion for early American craftsmanship, The Tin. — “Tin Peddler”,
  • Tinsmithing Machinery. When Collectables Trader magazine launched in Ron was an avid collector of tinsmithing machinery and his passion was restoring the. — “Highfields Pioneer Village Tinsmithing Machinery”, .au
  • /metal/ - Remember to ! This category contains a variety of You can find metal working project plans, resources for blacksmiths, and other how-to. — “Craft Site Directory - Metal Crafts”,
  • I. Tinsmithing for Those With More Than the Usual Number of Thumbs, by J. Gottfred. Tinsmithing is a surprisingly practical skill for reenactors. — “Basic Tinsmithing”, northwestjournal.ca
  • Tinsmithing. Instructors: Harry Kruppenbach, Clinton Pitts, Jr. Use tools and methods of 19th-century Tinsmithing: Cookie Cutters for All Occasions. Instructor: Fred Brandes. Employ basic metalworking techniques such as cutting, folding, wiring, and soldering tin plate, along with your. — “John C. Campbell Folk School”,
  • The most important hand tools required by the tinsmith are: hammer, shears, mallet, scratch awl, dividers and soldering coppers. The other tinsmith tools and machines will be explained as we proceed. — “Tinsmithing | free-books”,

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  • 24 It helps tremendously if you can have someone pull the sides apart so that the seam hooks together completely Figure 25 shows how the finished seam should appear Figure 24 Use the seaming tool to punch the seam as shown You may need to use your hammer to flatten the seam along the top after you have completed the punching The
  • If you get a little blotch of solder off to the side of your seam just keep the soldering iron between the blotch and the seam until the solder melts then drag it back to the seam Figure 12 Truing up the sides of the cup
  • Quilled stems with Michael Galban Tinsmithing projects with NAVC Preseident and tinsmith Jim Kimpell
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  • Figure 18 The finished gill measuring cup Figure 19 Filing The top of this small flask has been finished by simply soldering the sides to a piece of tin and then cutting and filing down the edges until they are
  • perhaps tinsmithing light machine repair etc to match Sheedy Gasket It s another odd shaped building designed to fit a sliver of real estate left between the alley and the trestle
  • This entire project took me just under two hours to complete Figure 17 The placement of the handle
  • length I compute is 6½ Mark the piece cut it out figure 6 and flatten it by placing it on a flat surface or flat mandrel and tapping the edges with the rawhide hammer figure 7 Figure 5 A marking gauge makes marking tin easy and accurate Tin plate is very slippery making it difficult to keep a normal straight edge in the correct position
  • WE are Carl and Marcia Giordano view photo a husband wife team of craftsmen dedicated to keeping alive the centuries old art of tinsmithing Every piece we produce is personally handcrafted
  • and the flange in this way Apply flux then solder the bottom In the illustration you can see me using a small piece of wood to insulate my fingers from the hot tin figure 15 Figure 15 Soldering the bottom
  • See Making a Copper Trade Kettle Figure 26 Two copper trade kettles by the author in the late Hudson s Bay style
  • Copper Tinsmithing
  • Author Name Coulter Lane Dixon Maurice Title New Mexican Tinwork 1840 1940
  • historic reproductions adaptations and original pieces VISIT us often this website offers new information frequently Carl demonstrating 18th C tinsmithing Oct 2004 Historic Locust Grove Louisville KY Photo credit Marcia Giordano
  • When I think of Tole Painting none other comes to mind than my Friends Pat and Ray Oxenford the Dynamic Duo of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Ray is the expert Tinsmith and Pat
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  • Keep the piece clamped until it has cooled then wash off the excess flux with soap and water You can now true up the cup by hammering it gently on a round mandrel Figure 14 Checking the fit of the bottom
  • Red two sheet waiter tray
  • scribe a line along the top 3 16 down from the edge and along the side ¼ from the edge Cut out the little square where the lines meet and flatten the piece again figures 6 7 Figure 7 The tin plate can be flattened after cutting by placing it on a flat surface and hammering the edges with the rawhide hammer The same technique can be used to
  • Deaf Student learning Tinsmithing
  • mandrel second from the left in figure 2 Using a compass draw a circle with a radius 1 8 larger than the size of your mandrel Cut out the piece with your tin snips Figure 3 Figure 3 Cutting out the bottom
  • Platform top document box
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  • Oil filler pot
  • until the wire ends touch and the ¼ flap overlaps the opposite edge The ends are quite stiff and you will need to tap them using a smaller mandrel to get the fit just right Figure 11 Bending the side of the cup around a mandrel
  • Flip the piece over and hammer the edge over a ruler I use a piece of heavy flat brass to form a U shaped channel figure 9 Figure 9 The U shaped channel
  • From the bottom right corner cut out the 1 8 by 1 4 piece Figure 23 The side piece is more complicated for a folding seam Note that instead of cutting out rectangles one edge is angled slightly this gives helps with getting a
  • to get the wire wrapped up nice and tight Note don t let the wire stick out into the ¼ gap along the one edge Also note the wire is on the outside rim of the finished cup Figure 10 The wire has been wrapped by the edge
  • Cradle with PA Dutch design
  • Sander Inkwell Dave just obtained a whole raft of his own tinsmithing tools and we are looking for great things in the months ahead
  • When I think of Tole Painting non other comes to mind than my Friends Pat and Ray Oxenford the Dynamic Duo of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Ray is the expert Tinsmith and Pat

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  • Glocester Rhode Island (RI) Real Estate Tour Tour Glocester, RI neighborhoods, condominium developments, subdivisions, schools, landmarks, recreational areas, and town offices. Glocester, Rhode Island is located in northwestern Rhode Island. It is bordered on the north by Burrillville, on the east by Smithfield, on the south by Scituate and Foster, and on the west by Killingly and Putnam, Connecticut. Glocester is basically a rural community, dotted throughout by lakes and ponds. Several of these bodies of water are part of the Providence Water Supply System. Much of the northern portion of the town is set aside as state-owned parks and forests. The highest point in Glocester, and second highest in the state of Rhode Island, is Durfee Hill at 804 feet. Glocester was immortalized by renowned Rhode Island writer HP Lovecraft. Entranced by the town in 1923, Lovecraft expressed its picturesque essence in the rich prose of "Selected Letters". Early industry in Glocester consisted of farming, coal mining, lumber manufacturing, the manufacture of potash, forging, and the manufacture of cotton seed oil. Diverse industries such as cigar making, granite and marble quarrying, distilling, box making, hat manufacturing, and tin smithing have also been established in Glocester. Today, Glocester boasts a thriving business community of shops, restaurants, and first-rate visitor services. For other town tours visit http . For towns in RI visit www.ri- . For RI relocation information go ...
  • Hudson, New York - Part 1: On Assignment with Jeffrey Moss | Pottery Barn Pottery Barn Style Expert Jeffery Moss dispatches from upstate New York where residents keep historic architecture, classic style and incredible creativity alive and well. Shop by Rooms for more Design Ideas:
  • Making a Cookie Cutter Greg demonstartes how to develop a cookie cutter. Sorry no audio
  • Tinsmith Work www.maxconsult-
  • Developing a Cookie Cutter Part 2 Greg Piertersma demontrates how to develope a cookie cutter. Sorry no audio!
  • tinsmith.mov The traditional trade of tinsmithing demonstrated by Australian tinsmith John Yard. Filmed by DOP Kim Batterham with Mark Thomson for the Institute of Backyard Studies () and supported by the National Museum of Australia.
  • Tinsmithing demo at Leicester Harvest Fair Tinsmithing demonstration

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  • “They remind me of hallmarks- perhaps afterall they are like jewellery for fruit? You Tinsmithing a Phonograph Horn. Ram-a-lama ding-dong. Jünger and Eggs. Whitewash + Other”
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