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  • Thesaurus Software Ireland are suppliers of Irish Payroll Software Systems and Accounts Software Packages. Payroll and Accounting products include Payroll Manager, Solutions Plus, TimeLink, and CIS Assistant. — “Payroll Software, Thesaurus Software Ireland, Payroll Systems”,
  • Free online thesaurus by Babylon. Find synonyms and hyponyms to phrase your ideas better Babylon's Online Thesaurus will help you to improve your communication skills:. — “Free Online Thesaurus”,
  • Online version of Roget's Thesaurus. Find synonyms, antonyms, related words, and one-word definitions of English words and phrases. — “: Roget's Thesaurus”,
  • In SQL Server, full-text queries can search for synonyms of user-specified terms through the use of a thesaurus. A SQL Server thesaurus defines a set of synonyms for a specific language. — “Thesaurus Configuration”,
  • A thesaurus is a reference work that lists words grouped together according to similarity of meaning (containing synonyms and sometimes antonyms), in contrast to a dictionary, which contains definitions and pronunciations. Although including synonyms, a thesaurus should not be taken as a. — “Thesaurus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • thesaurus n. , pl. , -sauri ( ), or -sauruses . A book of synonyms, often including related and contrasting words and antonyms Although including synonyms, a thesaurus should not be taken as a complete list of all the synonyms for a particular word. — “thesaurus: Definition from ”,
  • Women's Thesaurus. Since 1998 Aletta maintains the Women's Thesaurus with keywords on the The online Thesaurus provides access to the rich cross-references and. — “IIAV - Thesaurus”,
  • Free online dictionary search, offering English, medical, legal, and computer dictionaries as well as a thesaurus, encyclopedia, and literature reference library. — “The Free Dictionary”,
  • Aegean Thesaurus, the all Greece travel agent offering all types of accommodation, hotels, studios, apartments, and rooms plus related services, ferry tickets, transfers, car rental and flight tickets. — “AEGEAN THESAURUS Travel and Tourism. Specialist Greece and”,
  • Information about Thesaurus Unique, the latest real time news, blogs, web 2.0 interactivy, photos, videos, graphs, products and more. — “Thesaurus Unique at Trends Buzz”,
  • free online English thesaurus/synonym finder with over 2.5 million synonyms. — “ - the Free Online Thesaurus/Synonym Finder”,
  • Search for synonyms and find links to defintions and related content The Infoplease thesaurus gives you access to more than 150,000 synonyms. — “Thesaurus Search Page — ”,
  • Thesaurus Online AU | Free Synonyms Antonyms | Dictionary Reference Search | Word Definitions | Meanings. English Online Thesaurus AU, Australia. — “Online Thesaurus AU | Free Synonyms Antonyms Dictionary”, .au
  • ILO Thesaurus. Explanation of Abbreviations. Search: Rotated Index: Copyright and Permissions 1996-2007 International Labour Organization (ILO) - Disclaimer. — “International Labour Organization - Thesaurus”,
  • See synonyms, antonyms, and other word relationships in a new way with the Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus. Search for the word you're looking for, and then explore a visual network of related terms. Subscription required. — “Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus”,
  • A community about thesaurus. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with thesaurus experts. — “: thesaurus”,

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  • TheSaurus World Rap Champions 2006 Most Valuable Rapper(MVR) After a thrilling first ever 13 week World Rap Championships, The Saurus was crowned the Most Valuable Rapper of the 2006 tournament. Congratulations to him and Illmaculate on the title.
  • WRC06 | Illmaculate/TheSaurus vs Syanide/Majesty World Rap Championships 2006 US01 THE SAURUS (Monterey Bay) and ILLMACULATE (Portland) face SYANIDE (New York) and last minute replacement for NoCanDo, MAJESTY (New York). The first round of the New York division with THE SAURUS and ILLMACULATE holding the advantage of going second.
  • Thesaurus Management with PoolParty Taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies are used as controlled vocabularies to make applications more intelligent and to publish knowledge models in the semantic web by Linked Data. The video shows how controlled vocabularies are created with the thesaurus management editor PoolParty.
  • TheSaurus Presents: All I know is that... The TheSaurus story.
  • The Chasers - I AM THESAURUS! Hilarious parody of I Am The Walrus by the Beatles. John - Andrew Paul - Craig Ringo - Chris George - Chas!
  • KOTD - Rap Battle - TheSaurus vs Arcane (Title Match) WD2 TICKETS GOING FAST!! - DISCOUNT TICKETS TO EVENTS KOTD MAGAZINES - read or BUY TWITTER - 'PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIz' World Domination TITLE MATCH Arcane(CAN) vs TheSaurus(USA) Hosted By: Organik, Bishop Brigante
  • Grind Time Now Presents: Thesaurus vs DirtBag Dan This match was supposed to take place at MOB but when the event was shut down it was rescheduled. Luckily the friendly people at King Of The Dot offered to host the match at their Grand Prix semi-finals. Battle rap icon and 2-Time of absolutely everything, The Saurus takes on the man on the winning streak of the league, DirtBag Dan.
  • Introducing the Visual Thesaurus A brief introduction to Visual Thesaurus capabilities.
  • LIVE Freestyles feat. TheSaurus, Dirtbag Dan, Madness, Defron, Sprungy & Decoy [PART 1] TheSaurus, Dirtbag Dan, Madness, Sprungy, Defron, Decoy kickin some bars over a Jake One heater. Top Billin' every Friday from 10pm with DJ Sheriff Rosco and Lee Rawls on 3RRR 102.7FM and streaming live through .au
  • Visual Thesaurus: The Basics How to look up words in the Visual Thesaurus and explore the interactive word maps.
  • The Chaser's War on Everything: I am thesaurus The Chaser guys perfrom 'I am thesaurus' (parody of 'I am the walrus'). Andrew Hansen as Roget
  • Grind Time Presents: Thesaurus vs Illmaculate Part 2 of 3 Battle of the Bay 5: This is it. The legendary match between WRC Partners and Scribble Jam champions, The Saurus and Illmaculate. Overtime!
  • GOT BEEF? - From The Ground Up - 360 & Justice vs Madness & TheSaurus The battle everyone has been waiting for! A classic clash of talent that resulted in what could very well be the best 2 on 2 in rap battle history so far.
  • SpinnerChief Tutorial - Miracle Thesaurus and Copyscape Pass
  • KOTD - 2011 Grand Prix R3 - TheSaurus / Illmaculate vs Tricky P / FeelGood 2011 2vs2 Grand Prix Semi-Finals Hosted by: Organik, Bishop Brigante & Loe Pesci
  • Friends episode with joey's thesaurus Awesome Friends moment :D! Baby Kangaroo lol... gets me every time :)
  • 2006 Spin The Mic - Illmaculate vs Thesaurus Someone asked me to upload Illmaculate vs The Saurus in Jump Off's Spin The Mic since it's not on youtube anymore so I did. Classic battle between two of the best at this battle rap ***. Enjoy
  • Grind Time Now presents Thesaurus vs Real Deal Grizzlemania2: In a much anticipated match up, the working man's emcee Real Deal has been stepping his way up the ranks to have a rematch (from scribble jame 07) with the legendary Thesaurus
  • Justice vs Thesaurus Scribble Jam 2006 Scribble Jam battle between Justice and Thesaurus. Justice's MySpace is /justicekaos
  • Best of Thesaurus Pt. 1 Best of thesaurus pt 1. Produce by TheMirv5. Best punchlines... from Grindtime and WRC World rap Championships partnering with Illmaculate. He is a two time WRC champion, A two time Scribble Jam Champion and A top Teir Emcees in Grindtime. Please rate subscribe and comment for support....
  • Thesaurus Live At MNL 2010 & BATTLE Thesaurus Vs The (Drunk Guy) 2 Time World Rap Champion & 2 Year Winning Scribble Jam Champion, Thesaurus his first Time In Canada & Vancouver BC. A Local Battle Rapper Cody The Catch decides to Battle TheSaurus. Brought out By Manik & Emotionz Show performed at Monday Night Live. Jan 2010.
  • REAL TALK BATTLES present: TSD - The Saurus vs Jay Legend World battle rap legend, The Saurus makes his first trip to Real Talk to take on local menace, JayLegend.
  • What is A Thesaurus and How is it Used? This video explains the difference between a thesaurus, taxonomy, and an ontology and how these tools are used in the modern day for data management and search optimization. For more information visit: or http
  • KOTD - Rap Battle - Hollohan vs TheSaurus (Title Match) TICKETS - KOTD Presents - World Domination 3 - Global Supremacy August 10th, 11th & 12th Cant make it? Watch it FIRST on King Of The Dot Brings The Rap World Together To Battle For Global Supremacy. 50 Battlers from 7 different countries converge in Toronto for the year's premiere international battle rap event. Get your Pre-Sale Tickets (cheaper than the door) at Reg admission 1 Day Early Bird - $25 2 Day Early Bird - $45 VIP will get Access to the VIP area (Upstairs) and have an allotted time for photographs and autographs with certain rappers/hosts + Get the best seats in the house for battles VIP Admission 1 Day Early Bird - $75 2 Day Early Bird - $130 TICKETS GO OFFLINE AUGUST 1ST 2012 Door Prices (if the event does not sell out) REG - $30 1 Day - $50 2 Day VIP - $100 1 Day - $175 2 Day Event Times: Friday Aug 10th 7PM - 1AM CLUB XS Saturday Aug 11th 1PM - 9PM CLUB XS Sunday Aug 12th (ALL FREE, ALL AGES) 3PM - 6PM in a park, then go to the club for 7PM - free entry + freestyle battles and cheap drinks all night. The U-Stream will be : The Stream times are: (NOTE THAT THEY ARE DELAYED BY A DAY) WD3 - DAY 1 - Sat AUG 11th from 4- 9 PM (east) $15 WD3 - DAY 2 - Sun AUG 12th from 4 - 9 PM (east) $15 WD3 - DAY 3 - Mon AUG 13th from 4 - 9 PM (east) Free 'PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIz' Vol.14 Title Match Hollohan vs The Saurus Hosted By: Organik Judged By: Kid Twist, Soul Khan, Dax Flow, Got Pang Intro ...
  • Thesaurus & Illmaculate get pissed The 2 time world rap champs, Thesaurus and Illmaculate, go berserk.
  • Surgeon General Vs. Thesaurus & Yung ZM Lounge Battle 6 Surgeon General Vs. Thesaurus & Yung ZM lounge Battle 6 SG Mad Illz Qban Grind Time WRC Rap Freestyle Battle Visit To buy DVD go to
  • Kingdom Of The Saplings - The Biggest Thesaurus I'm moving to Yogtowers and my new appartment this week so only 1 video per day as opposed to the usual 2 for this week, busy busy :) x Today's fan art was nicely sketched together by Lava1o: lava1 • Second channel: • Stream: • Twitter: • Facebook: • Server: • Official Website • Email [email protected] • Mailbox: InTheLittleWood, PO Box 10224, Nottingham, NG5 0GX BYEEE!!!!! ^_^ x
  • Otherwize vs TheSaurus [Mind Games Battle] Otherwize vs TheSaurus
  • thesaurus vs psalm one scribble jam 2005
  • Thesaurus Vs Franco (Scribble Jam 2007) Thesaurus Vs Franco 2007
  • Grind Time Presents: Thesaurus vs Illmaculate Part 3 of 3 Battle of the Bay 5: This is it. The legendary match between WRC Partners and Scribble Jam champions, The Saurus and Illmaculate. FINAL JUDGE AND INTERVIEWS FROM INTUITION.
  • LIVE Freestyles feat. TheSaurus, Dirtbag Dan, Madness, Defron, Sprungy & Decoy [PART 2] TheSaurus, Dirtbag Dan, Madness, Sprungy, Defron, Decoy rockin over Bekay - 'I Am' produced by The Alchemist. Top Billin' every Friday from 10pm with DJ Sheriff Rosco and Lee Rawls on 3RRR 102.7FM and streaming live through .au
  • Thesaurus Vs. Justice Thesaurus Vs Justice scribblejam 05
  • Keith Whalen - N. Slonimsky's "Thesaurus" - Pentatonics Ex: 1142-1171 Nicolas Slonimsky's famous "Thesaurus" is chock-filled with some very convoluted material and much of it proves to be impractical to guitar players but the pentatonic scale segment is perfectly suited to just about any guitar player at any technical level. In Slonimsky's book there are 49 different pentatonic scales given, which correspond to many heptatonic (7 note) scales and modes. In this video I play 30 of the 49 examples, I previously intended to record all 49 but the video would have been in two parts and would have been extremely tedious to listen to. The examples are derived from major, minor, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales and can be used fairly effectively to generate melodies and stimulate certain moods. In the video each pentatonic example is played ascending and descending slowly. I am also playing groups of ascending and descending 'fours' at a moderate speed to give the examples a bit of excitement. Playing pentatonic scales in groupings of fours (especially the ones found in the 'Thesaurus') is a really great way to improve finger independence and left hand dexterity. Some of the examples contain both large and small intervals and when played in fours force you to perform expansions, contractions and challenging acrobatic feats in the fretting hand! NB: The tablature that is shown for each exercise is not exactly as played and does not include the groupings of fours. My guitar is also tuned to Eb for all examples. If you want a copy of the tabs ...
  • TheSaurus vs. Bo-Rat TheSaurus vs. Bo-Rat in what I believe is to be some Scribble Jam prelim. Good battle for both of them. Enjoy. Props to phillipdrummond for the footage and editing:
  • Grind Time Presents: Thesaurus vs Illmaculate Part 1 of 3 Battle of the Bay 5: This is it. The legendary match between WRC Partners and Scribble Jam champions, The Saurus and Illmaculate.
  • Iron Solomon vs. Thesaurus Iron Solomon outsmarts Thesaurus. Jumpoff street battle.
  • Visual Thesaurus Words and associations in a delightful graphic map format map.
  • Grind Time Now presents: Thesaurus vs Cortez Co-Main event from GTNY's "Bodybag Season." Thesaurus flies all the way out to NYC from Cali (for the first time in GT) and takes on East Coast heavyweight Cortez. Both emcees are putting their names on the line and clashing styles in this highly anticipated matchup.

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