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  • A honeycomb is an example of a tessellated natural structure One may also speak of tessellations of parts of the plane or of other surfaces. — “Tessellation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • If you have plans to build your own patio or walkway using bricks or pavers, be certain to check out GeckoStone's tessellated, interlocking concrete paver molds. The Do It Yourself concrete molds are available in 4 different patterns, including. — “GeckoStone: Tessellating Concrete Paver Molds | Apartment”,
  • In this unit we apply our understanding of why tessellations work to form our own unique tessellating shapes. (Note: When altering a square by translating opposite sides to form a new tessellating figure, the alteration does not have to be symmetrical. — “Tessellating Art | nzmaths”, nzmaths.co.nz
  • Can you find out how the 6-triangle shape is transformed in these tessellations? Will the tessellations go on for ever? Why or why not?. — “ :: Mathematics Enrichment :: Tessellating”,
  • The Tessellating Tabbies kit contains everything you need for the quilt top and the This seemingly complex design of positive/negative tessellating cats is for intermediate level quilters. — “Jinny Beyer Studio”,
  • tessellate ( ) tr.v. , -lated , -lating , -lates . To form into a mosaic pattern, as by using small squares of stone or glass. — “tessellate: Definition from ”,
  • Tessellating Stars E-Pattern Free Knitting Patterns For Pillow Revolving Stars--a tesselating miniature quilt using 56 different. a series of miniature quilts using tessellating . Hid Conversion And Beam Pattern Holiday Star Quilt Pattern,Tessellating stars and snowflakes dance and interweave to. — “Tessellating Stars Quilt Pattern - Topsnyc”,
  • Saturday, August 14, 2010 Patterns and Tessellations Noon-4pm Tessellations—perfectly fitting patterns of shapes—appear in honeycombs, fish scales, pine cones, and a myriad other natural forms. They are also a popular element in many human-made. — “Exploratorium: Press Information: | Geometric Threads”, press.exploratorium.edu
  • Once they have used Escher's tessellations to explore the transformations that can be used to create tessellating art, students are given the opportunity to create their own artwork on a computer with TesselMania!© or Tessellation Exploration© software. — “Escher in the Classroom”, britton.disted.camosun.bc.ca
  • With my puzzle hat on, I tried to create a wide range of types of tessellations, with different symmetries and different degrees of difficulty. In 1999 I revisited the problem of designing tessellating letters in a puzzle I created for Discover magazine. — “Tessellating Alphabet”,
  • Tessellations are found in the art of many cultures including Roman, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Create another tessellation based on a square. Create shapes based on. — “Tessellating Lizard”,
  • (4) to tile with tesserae (small pieces used in mosaic work); "tessellate the kitchen floor" But what about tessellating a circle? We could cover it with congruent sectors, which is not very interesting. — “Tessellating a Circle”, math.nmsu.edu
  • The tessellating elements are in sets and comprise (a) at least one curve element comprising a semi-circle of diameter x; (b) at least one wave element having a perimeter which is three-sided, including a first side which is straight and of. — “Tessellating Elements invention”,
  • Three years after the protests began, it seems Subway has finally listened to its customers and will start tessellating cheese on its sandwiches, according to what appears to be an internal weekly newsletter. Click to enlarge. As the image shows. — “Subway To Start Tessellating Cheese July 1? - The Consumerist”,
  • Innovative activities for teaching tessellations. Includes transparency masters. Activities include making a template, turning the template into a rubber stamp, making pop-up sponge tessellations, and printing a tessellating design on a T-shirt. — “Teaching Tessellating Art ~ Tessellations”,
  • Definition of tessellating from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of tessellating. Pronunciation of tessellating. Definition of the word tessellating. Origin of the word tessellating. — “tessellating - Definition of tessellating at ”,
  • Tessellating Pigments - An exhibition of new works by Damon Soule. - Art Events, Exhibitions & Art Fairs – ArtCalendr. — “Tessellating Pigments - Art Events, Exhibitions & Art Fairs”,
  • Introduces quilters to the world of symmetry and then shows how to experiment with shapes and images to create tessellating designs. This book helps quilters learn how to produce interlocking geometric patterns, and also how easy it is to create. — “Designing Tessellations: The Secrets of Interlocking Patterns”,
  • a visual art classroom activity from instructor Thomas Freese in which students make a tessellating stamp and use it to create an interlocking pattern. — “KET | Art On-Air | Tessellations Lesson Plan”,
  • Remember when you were young, you'd lose yourself Bonjour et Bonsoir! 21 yr. old Bio&Psych Undergrad. Goody two-shoes with liberal heart and mind. Honest, awkward, and lover of animals and all. — “Tessellate”,
  • Tessellating definition, to form of small squares or blocks, as floors or pavements; form or arrange in a checkered or mosaic pattern. See more. — “Tessellating | Define Tessellating at ”,
  • They can fill out the tessellation data sheet based on their experi wish to produce one large tessellation or smaller tessellations using a. — “Voices Guide 4/activities”,
  • Student Handbook & Current School Year Calendar. ISTEP, CORE 40 and Final Exam Schedules Simple ways to help your student succeed. Resources. Homework assistance, tutoring and. — “tessellating ties”,
  • Definition of tessellating in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tessellating. Pronunciation of tessellating. Translations of tessellating. tessellating synonyms, tessellating antonyms. Information about tessellating in the free online English. — “tessellating - definition of tessellating by the Free Online”,

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  • Minecraft LAVA TRAP infdev Possibly the first example of a trap in infdev, that not only turns the floor into deadly lava, but is triggered by the destruction of a block above the floor in question. Imagine the possibilities! On the technical side, it uses a tessellating floor of sand on torches, and uses a bug where sand turns into lava, if dropped onto open lava on the map floor. The trap is powered by PPL™ (Pig Powered Logic), and is a bugger to set up. No map editor needed, or used. No water is needed for the logic, apart from a little for the crops. See my other videos for examples of the two systems independently.
  • Tessellation Tessellating an Alhambra tile pattern
  • Leaf Tessellation
  • Tessellating Canvases. Canvases could be designed so that they fill the plain. There really isn't a shape we couldn't mass-produce, so it is a mystery why art stores don't have hexagons or triangles in them. These curved figures could also have shapes that fit next to them to fill the plane, which would make a more fun multi-canvas purchase. Here is the mathworld article on tessellations. Really old news, actually. Here's the more in-depth look: www.uwgb.edu Rivers and tides:
  • HEXAGONAL ORIGAMI TESSELLATION for my current architecture project i am ***ysing origami and particularly tessellations to creating a building fabric that can evolve and be hugely flexible. This tessellation is a pretty standard tessellation made of hexagons and equilateral triangles. I drew the original pattern on Autocad and printed it out on a plotter. I think its A1 in size. I then spent 3-5 hours folding all the mountain and valley folds. This video shows just the final stage of the actual tessellating. Boring i know, i went through 5 films, thats why my desk is in front of my Mac. What do you think? i will have the rest of my work on my blog soon so check it out;
  • Arrows of Freedom This 8" Termesphere shows two set of tessellating (tight fitting patterns) arrows, dark blue ones and light ones. These arrows go in two opposite directions, dark ones down and light ones up. They start on the bottom very compressed together. As they move up, the light arrows start to break away from the blue arrows that have been confining them to their shape. In the end, the light arrows find their individuality leaving the blue arrows as background.
  • triangle tessellation in the geometry shader Demonstrates a few methods of tessellating a triangle using the geometry shader. The height of the new vertices are based on interpolated normals using Phong Tessellation (Boubekeur, T., Alexa, M. 2008)
  • Wario Land 3 - Video Walkthrough - Episode #42 The 42nd episode... now we're in the Cave of Flames. Well, it has lots of flames, and the platforms (and walls) have tessellating flame designs (which looks cool). Anyway, you have to jump into a flame pit, because there are LOTS of flame blocks which can only be broken while you're a flame. After that, you need a Spearhead to break the blocks that can only be broken if you throw things at it. So take the Spearhead, break the normal blocks, and walk up to that magical thing. DO NOT WALK INTO IT YET OR ELSE THE SPEARHEAD WILL DISAPPEAR. Instead, stand behind it, and hold B to charge up and throw it far. It will break the blocks and you can go through. After that, just roll down the slope and get the gray key, and go back to near the flame pit to get the treasure. This treasure allows you to clean up the murky water in The Big Bridge, Sea Turtle Rocks, and The Frigid Sea, allowing you to see doorways you couldn't see previously.
  • Frogs tessellated Animated versions of a tessellating frog pattern (a la escheresque). These animations were created using GIMP 2.6.8 with the Mathmap plugin.
  • Anatomy of an Escher Flying Horse Escher is the artist that made the art of tessellation famous and popular. One of his simpler tessellations was his flying horses. They are based on the simple geometric shape of a square, and only involved "slides," not rotations or flips. Using this video anyone could create their own tessellating flying horse tile, and maybe redo their bathroom tile or kitchen wall paper!
  • "Goodbye Ocean"-- Pawn the Musical 11/12/2010 Guerilla Performance at Roble Hall Theater at Stanford University. Pawn is an all-original student-written and produced folk rock musical about a young Asian Canadian soldier's last night in Kandahar, Afghanistan. These ten sold out performances were produced by the Asian American Theater Project (AATP) and Stanford Theater Activist Mobilization Project (STAMP). The brilliant Ms. Sarah Guerrero as MA MA: Once I thought I knew you Compelled to move Bent to prove That water wears down stone That I could wait For the dark to wane Once I thought I knew you That I saw through Your sapphire hues, your shannigans That we could see this to The Kingdom come The battle won Goodbye Ocean I am done vacillating I am through with your pacing This mercy killing Goodbye Ocean I am done tessellating At your will, simply fading Falling headfirst underneath Shame on you Good and blue Where were you Where were you Once I thought I knew you Pacific true Brought me to, this silver place Touching every day Never hesitate To show my face 2010 Karmia Chan Cao. All Rights Reserved.
  • Anatomy of an Escher Lizard A tessellation is a tiling of shapes or figures without any gaps or overlaps. The artist MC Escher made tessellations famous with his artwork. One of his most popular pieces was Reptiles, in which tessellating lizards leave the flat page and become alive. This video animation is a study in how Escher created his reptiles from hexagons, complete with all the separate operations, and how he "tiled" a page full of them. It is set to the music of Saint Sans, Carnival of the Animals.
  • Arbitrium a custom machined aluminum lightsaber with FX sound Arbitrium, a custom machined aluminum lightsaber. An elegant weapon with tessellating curves. Black powdercoating with polished aluminum overlays, a Yoda FX board and an ultrabright Seoul P4 LED igniting it.
  • Homage to MC Escher This is a collection of animations which transform pairs of compatible Escher tessellations continuously from one to the other. The animations are separated by fractal patterns. The animation of tessellating leaping dogs is a reconstruction (and improvement, I hope) of an animation by the artist Makoto Nakamura. I created all the animation by reconstructing the Escher tessellations with a vector graphics program, and then transforming them. The music is the Pine Apple Rag by Scott Joplin, performed by Leslie Bridges (L. Bridges made several rags freely available from MP3.com in 1999). The fractal images were created and freely provided by different artists (unfortunately, I have lost their names).
  • Tessellated! Subway Sandwich Shops officially began tessellating their cheese today, so instead of their previous overlapping stacked cheese triangle pattern, the triangles are supposed to be arranged to never overlap and to offer better sammich coverage. I was happy to see that my local Subway Shop was heeding the new directive, but my happiness soon faded as I realized that this also resulted in getting less cheese. I am almost certain that previous six-inchers were given three pieces of cheese, not two. Am I wrong?
  • Tessellating Nightmare Rough Riffs A few riffs I have come up with to use on a demo for my project Tessellating Nightmare. Excuse the rhythmic hiccups, beer gets me all psyched up to play but hampers my ability severely.
  • Hobart to Tasman Peninsula,then Freycinet Penisula - Freycinet National Park, Australia A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia by TravelPod blogger Nadine. See this TripWow and more at Hobart to Tasman Peninsula,then Freycinet Penisula "Grey and rainy day in Hobart with rushhour traffic on a Monday, good reason to linger over muesli and coffee in the Astor Hotel. We studied the tourist maps and decided it would be cool to venture south-east to Tasman Peninsula. To get to the Tasman Peninsula, we travelled on relatively narrow roads that winded through beautiful gum forests and undulating hills. See the Tasman Peninsula map. There are some beautiful bays around the peninsula, as well as some unique and amazing rock formations. Eaglehawk Neck is a good place from which to see the beautiful coastal rock formations of the Blowhole, Devils Kitchen, Tasmans Arch, Tessellated Pavement and Waterfall Bay. It is situated at the entrance point to the Tasman Peninsula. The view of Pirates Bay and the coastline from the lookout just before Eagle Hawk Neck is stunning. There is a beautiful beach with white sands, blue water and rugged rocky cliffs. Eagle Hawk Neck is a thin strip of land with water on both sides that separates the Peninsula from the rest of Tasmania. This was a barrier to any convicts trying to escape from Port Arthur. Tessellated pavements are some interesting rock formations formed by years of erosion from the ocean. A few kilometers further we saw the Blow Hole. It is a cave ...
  • Tessellations in Life Tutorial This short tutorial explains tessellations, and identifies where in real life we might see them.
  • Piece Peace ( Jigsaw Puzzle ) : iPhone & iPod Touch A Jigsaw Puzzle Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. FEATURES: - Total 132 gallery : Picture(23), Place(22), Food(16), Animal(20), Plant(28), Sea(23) - use own pictures from your photo library - 8 puzzle type - 3x4, 4x6, 4x8, 6x8 pieces - 2 game mode : limit & unlimited time - piece rotation A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped, interlocking and tessellating pieces. Each piece usually has a small part of a picture on it; when complete, a jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture. In some cases more advanced types have appeared on the market, such as spherical jigsaws and puzzles showing Optical Illusions.
  • tessellating an image this is how to tessellate an image or in sympler terms make it look like your looking through a kaleidoscope (i think thats what there called)
  • Evidence Subway are tessellating
  • Cheese Tessellating at Subway - Eat Fresh ~1~ tessellating cheese at subway. we have done it!
  • Tri Every Angle Termesphere This 24" diameter Termesphere is called TRI EVERY ANGLE. It plays with 5120 triangles coming from a 16 frequency icosahedron. This substructure is used to find tessellating patterns and also is used for all the figures found in this painting.
  • Tesselations I'm an 8th grade Math teacher. Instead of doing a lecture on tessellations, I led them through a project. We started out with regular shapes that tessellate (mostly equilateral triangles) and learned how to transform the sides to make Escher-esque tessellating shapes by hand. I made a video featuring a couple I really liked so I have something to show future students what I'm looking for when we do this project. While I was at it, I thought, "hey, why not throw it up on youtube so I can show people?" So I did. Thanks for checking it out if you're here. :D Titles & Info: 0:00 "Boo!" (it's a ghost) 0:11 "Ghosts" (another ghost) 0:22 "Rock On!" (a hand making Dio's rock sign) 0:33 "" (dogs) 0:47 "Stegosaurus 1877" (the year the bones were first discovered according to her research) 1:00 "Crazy Rams" 1:12 "Gorillas Going to Prom" (they're gorilla heads with berets and bow ties) 1:26 "????" (white rabbits on grassy knolls and gray rabbits on snow dunes) 1:41 "Limey" (reminds me of SoCo commercials) 1:51 "The Chief Duck" (I think she meant Chef Duck and it's a duck with chef's hat on) 1:59 "Sea Cows" (manatee) 2:11 "Doves" 2:22 "Fishy World" (I tried to zoom in far enough to show how he used some kind of surface to get a cool scale texture in his coloring. No one else did something like that.) 2:30 "Bats Vs. Peddles" (probably meant petals and they're bats swarming some flowers) 2:43 "" 2:51 "The Peeps" (marshmallow peeps ftw) 2:58 "Apple Fusion" 3:06 "" 3:14 "Globs" 3:24 ...
  • Snap shapes together to make an image This is a simple program I wrote that lets you snap geometric shapes together. You can snap by midpoints or corners, allowing you to very quickly make tessellating images. When you save the file, an SVG is also saved, which is viewable in any web browser. What do you think of this program?

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  • “My knitting machine comes with some crazy two-color knitting patterns, which its capable of executing one row at a time by way of a magnetic encoder switch. It sounds complicated, but the operator (me) just has to push the”
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  • “Food based math for the SMART Board. Math teachers have long enjoyed using food in their lessons. Whether we use M&M's to discuss fractions, or pizza”
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  • “agrotime blog. Time to get Agro (in a nice way =) about PC Hardware, Software Dev, Games Some other cool tessellating patterns are available on the site. Props to Steve for”
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  • “ [Editor's Note: There used to be a post here about some Escher-esque molds for creating tessellating gecko-patterned paving stones out of concrete. The creator of the molds got all 20th century (19th century?) on us and demanded that we”
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  • “Source: A Fast and Hardware-Friendly Surface Tessellation Method Anyway, it might save you some time if you found this blog while searching for "example tessellation code"”
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  • “Blog. Forum. jump to navigation. Tuesday's news: Penguin book illustrations, tessellating furniture and celebrity property scoop Doesn't this photo make you want to play around with the tessellating shapes of the JAKS range from Zenith Interiors?”
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  • “Follow this step by step tutorial to create a trendy geometric poster design with a series of tessellating three dimensional cubes. We'll be creating the”
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