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  • Amphiphilic derivatives of a polyaspartamide : their aggregation and solubilization ability Tensiometric and spectrophotometric studies The tensiometric results have shown that, for all copolymers studied, the surface tension. — “Amphiphilic derivatives of a polyaspartamide : their”, cat.inist.fr
  • Tensiometric - Define Tensiometric at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Tensiometric. Look it up now!. — “Tensiometric | Define Tensiometric at ”,
  • Tensiometric measurement, the physical force actually holding water in the soil, measured in Centibars (or kPa) of soil water IRROMETER soil moisture measurement is based on the tensiometric method, because of the fact that the amount of water is not as important as how. — “Soil Moisture Basics”,
  • Conclusion: The Langmuir monolayer technique was sensitive to detect changes in tensiometric profiles of cervical cancers and The achievement of a tensiometric profile close to that of. cancerous profile by 1.5 µg DPPC and 0.5 µg SM added to. — “Surface activity, lipid profiles and their implications in”, tspace.library.utoronto.ca
  • Depending on the quantity measured, indirect techniques are first classified into volumetric and tensiometric methods (Fig. 1) Tensiometric Field Methods. Tensiometric methods estimate the soil water matric potential that includes both adsorption and capillary effects of the soil. — “BUL343/AE266: Field Devices For Monitoring Soil Water Content”, edis.ifas.ufl.edu
  • Automatismi Brazzale, Progettiamo Risposte precise. Realizziamo Soluzioni Efficaci. Home Division/Products TENSIOMETRIC. These installations can replace manual intervention during the control and strengthening phases of cutting discs for any material, use and size. — “brazzale - TENSIOMETRIC”, brazzale.it
  • The system includes a tensiometric element disposed at a location subject to bending due to cardiac contractions, the tensiometric element consisting either of piezoelectric material or The tensiometric element may be in the form of a strip disposed on a surface of a patch electrode, of the. — “Cardiac lead with tensiometric element for providing signals”,
  • When the surface tension and the angle of contact of the system examined are known, the tensiometric profile and the polar energy component of the system examined are determined with the Owens calculation method. Each system is characterised by a well defined tensiometric imprint (TVS index). — “(WO/2005/094784) BIFUNCTIONAL BIOADHESIVE COMPOSITIONS FOR”, wipo.int
  • Definition of tensiometric in the Medical Dictionary. tensiometric explanation. Information about tensiometric in Free online English dictionary. What is tensiometric? Meaning of tensiometric medical term. What does tensiometric mean?. — “tensiometric - definition of tensiometric in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. tensiometric. — “Tensiometric - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • The existence of co-transmitters interacting in the complex regulation of autonomic neurotransmission, has led to investigate the interactive effects between the conventional neurotransmitters and other drugs, such as histamine, serotonin, Tensiometric evaluations in peripheral tissues. — “Multiple forms of synaptic coordinative interactions in the”,
  • Tension Measurement Quality in excellence. — “Honigmann Zugkraftmessung - Bahnzugmessung - Tensionmeter”,
  • Buy TENS EMS IF Pulsed-galvanic units.Truth About EMS in Bodybuilding. Kots was able to show, using a tensiometric device, that the muscle tension produced in a maximal EMS contraction can be up to 30% higher than a maximal voluntary contraction. — “Truth About EMS in Bodybuilding - Electronic Muscle”,
  • Soft palate mucosa and muscle were subjected to tensiometric and histological ***ysis. RESULTS: Tensiometric measurements of the mucosa were increased over normal controls when the surgical technique resulted in mucosal disruption. — “Sleep abstracts search - American Sleep Association”,
  • The achievement of a tensiometric profile close to that of cancerous profile by 1.5 µg The difference in tensiometric profiles of normal and cancerous cervix could perhaps be. — “Bioline International Official Site (site up-dated regularly)”, .br
  • Measurements of fine (F) and extra-fine (EF) root extension rate (RER), water relations, and cell wall tensiometric extensibility revealed differences in the diurnal pattern of root growth between species. Root cell wall tensiometric extensibility, measured as % plasticity, increased in all. — “Increased root growth in elevated CO2: a biophysical ***ysis”,
  • Definition of tensiometric in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tensiometric. Pronunciation of tensiometric. Translations of tensiometric. tensiometric synonyms, tensiometric antonyms. Information about tensiometric in the free online English. — “tensiometric - definition of tensiometric by the Free Online”,
  • Tensiometric Measurement: Gypsum Block. Working Principle. The electrical resistance between electrodes embedded in a porous medium (block) is proportional to its water content, which is related to the soil water matric potential of the surrounding soil. — “Tensiometric Measurement: Gypsum Block - Sensors - Soil”, vfd.ifas.ufl.edu
  • Tensiometric overload cut-out GIGAmatic serves for: protection against of overloading the lifting mechanism. It is possible to use it for easy measurement of weight of the load and for visualization of it on PC (communication through RS232). Since. — “GIGAmatic and GIGAtronic - GIGA s. r. o. - lanové a řetězové”, gigasro.cz
  • Gerhardt will sell, support and service the entire Dataphysics range of optical and tensiometric instrumentation in the UK. — “Gerhardt to distribute Dataphysics products in UK: News from”,
  • To make the measurement, the meter is set on the top of the tensiometric tube. The porous ceramic SDEC 2150 used on the SMS series tensiometric tubes enables it to make measurements over -850 mbar. — “SIMPLE TENSIOMETER TUBE - SMS 2000”, sdec-
  • The tensiometric curve, which is a function of the interped water pool, was modeled using both the fractal and the thermodynamical equations. This study demonstrates the link between the tensiometric curve with some of the ***structure (soil-water medium) variables and parameters. — “Water potential in nonrigid unsaturated soil-water medium”,

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  • Kistler MARS by S2P Kistler MARS (Measurement, ***ysis and Reporting Software) by S2P is innovative, comprehensive and user-friendly software for the complete ***ysis of force plate measurements. It supports routine diagnostics and research work. Its development is based on the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge from the fields of biomechanics, kinesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and biomedical engineering. MARS makes the latest scientific knowledge available in an easy-to-use software tool and adds significant value to your daily work as a physical conditioning coach, rehabilitation specialist or researcher.

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  • “[آرشیو] Fighters Military & Aviation pilot uses a side-mounted, low-travel control stick and a tensiometric throttle control. This reclined seating arrangement was first used in the F-16”
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  • “Experimental and modeling study in a banana plantation fertilized on an andosol flow modeling was validated by comparison with the tensiometric data”
    — PC-Progress Discussion Forums - PHD thesis defence - HYDRUS, pc-progress.cz

  • “Back to blog. Motion to cut funding of new warhead. Date posted: 2007-08-16 15:48:29 zinziber neurinoma fluconazole letting tensiometric diovan hct surmise estoppel toprol”
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  • “[Archive] Dr. Young Electromagnetic field/Papimi Cure The PEMF treatment did not cause significant changes in short-term planimetric, perfusion, tensiometric, histologic, clinicopathologic, or electroencephalographic results”
    — Dr. Young Electromagnetic field/Papimi [Archive] - CareCure, tgers.edu

  • “Sve o farbanju 25207 imate na forumu http:///forum iz usta ljudi koji su i predložili ovu šemu. The Su-47 pilot uses a side-mounted, low-travel control stick and a tensiometric throttle control”
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  • “Unbuilt aircraft projects and aviation technology forum. Discuss aircraft that never got built along with those that did a side-mounted, low-travel control stick and a tensiometric throttle control.This reclined seating arrangement was first used in”
    — Sukhoi PAK-FA (T-50, I-21),

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