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  • Definition of tensiometer in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tensiometer. Pronunciation of tensiometer. Translations of tensiometer. tensiometer synonyms, tensiometer antonyms. Information about tensiometer in the free online English. — “tensiometer - definition of tensiometer by the Free Online”,
  • Surface tension and interfacial surface tension measurement using the duNouy Ring Method. The Tensiometer for this test needs to pull the ring up through the boundary between the lower, higher density liquid, and the liquid that is. — “Tensiometer, duNouy rings, surface tension tensiometer”,
  • tensiometers: ring plate tensiometer, contact angle, foam ***yzer Drop and Bubble Shape Tensiometer : surface and interfacial tension of liquids, static and dynamic contact. — “Tensiometers”,
  • The Spring Loaded Tensiometer uses a tensioning method based on the fact that the force required to deflect a given span length by a given amount is related to the tension of the belt. Click here for instructions on how to use the Spring Loaded Tensiometer. — “C A R L I S L E P O W E R T R A N S M I S S I O N”,
  • Comprehensive suppliers list with E-mail/RFQ form for Tensiometer. — “Tensiometer”,
  • There are two parts to the tensiometer. The measuring unit consists of a white plastic lifting stage and a tensiometer is the interface unit and is a silver box with a numeric LED display and the power switch. — “Chapter 8.53 - Tensiometer (KSV Sigma 701)”, microlab.berkeley.edu
  • Tensiometer Manufacturers & Tensiometer Suppliers Directory - Find a Tensiometer Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Tensiometer Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Tensiometer-Tensiometer Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • Surface scientists use a goniometer/tensiometer to measure contact angle, surface tension, and interfacial tension. Surface scientist use a Goniometer/Tensiometer to measure the surface tension and interfacial tension of a liquid using the pendant or sessile drop methods. — “Tensiometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of tensiometer in the Medical Dictionary. tensiometer explanation. Information about tensiometer in Free online English dictionary. What is tensiometer? Meaning of tensiometer medical term. What does tensiometer mean?. — “tensiometer - definition of tensiometer in the Medical”, medical-
  • USA KINO:leading technology in surface chemstry.Our products includes surface tensiometer, interface tensiometer, and contact angle meter. Using surface teniometer A20 series or interface tensiometer TX500 series or contact angle meter C200. — “KINO: Leading Technology in surface chemistry. Our products”,
  • High-precision tensiometers for the determination of the surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids with innovative technology for research or for rapid and precise control in quality assurance. — “KRÜSS Advancing Surface Science : Tensiometer - Instruments”,
  • contact angle definition, goniometer, dynamic contact angle, adhesion energy, contact angle goniometer,sessile drop advancing receding, tensiometer, surface energy, surface science, interfacial tension, contact lamella, drop shape ***ysis,. — “Future Digital Scientific Corp”,
  • Find all the manufacturers of Tensiometer and contact them directly on Directindustry. — “Tensiometer - All companies”,
  • Standard tensiometers are used for field and laboratory measurements of water in soil. They can be used for field crops, in greenhouses, on golf courses etc. With tensiometers, the pressure potential (also called matric potential) of the soil is measured. — “SMS Products | Tensiometers”,
  • A tensiometer is an instrument used for measuring the moisture content of soil. Tensiometers are very helpful to farmers in predicting how much water their crops are going to need. — “What Is a Tensiometer?”,
  • The tensiometer is a simple and reliable instrument designed to directly measure the potential, or tension, of water held in the soil profile. The tensiometer consists of several main components: a porous ceramic cup, a water reservoir tube, a dial gauge, and an endcap. — “Earth Systems Solutions: Tensiometer User's Guide”,
  • A diagram of an electronic tensiometer, used to measure the water content of soil. tensiometer (plural tensiometers) An instrument used to measure the moisture content of soil. An instrument used to measure the tension in a wire, or its tensile strength. — “tensiometer - Wiktionary”,
  • tensiometer n. An instrument for measuring tensile strength. An instrument used to measure the surface tension of a liquid. — “tensiometer: Definition from ”,
  • Tensiometer definition, an instrument for measuring longitudinal stress in wires, structural beams, etc. See more. — “Tensiometer | Define Tensiometer at ”,
  • SITA Messtechnik - tensiometer, instruments for measuring dynamic surface tension of liquids and testing foam properties and inspection of cleanliness of surfaces. — “SITA Messtechnik - Tensiometer, Surface Tension, Foam Tester”, online-
  • The vacuum inside the tensiometer is measured by a pressure transducer, which gives a continuous ***ogue output signal. GT3-1 Custom Tensiometer Transducers. GT3-420 Jet fill Tensiometer Transducers. The GT3-420 has an industry-standard 4 to 20mA current loop output that. — “ICT: Tensiometer Transducers”, .au
  • Clear acrylic tubing from Baker plastics in El Paso Texas is used on the top of the tensiometer and is part 44023 5/8 od and 1/2 id. The septum at the top of the tensiometer in the clear plastic is 3/8-1/2 inches in size and is purchased from pharmacy. — “Tensiometer”, weather.nmsu.edu

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  • Dynamic Contact Angle Measurement using Sigma Force Tensiometer Dynamic contact angle measurement with Sigma force tensiometer from Attension. This method can be used to measure plates or other solid substrates wettability, as well as fiber wettability.
  • SOILSPEC Tensiometer - Soil Moisture Monitoring System
  • Tensiometer / Electronic Tensiometer by ATTstudio Tensiometer for Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Test or suction probe for unsaturated Soil I show about detail of Tensiometer that sale in Thailand 40$ price and ATT and nana24 made Electronic Tensiometer for Geotechnical and soil test to control springer water 150$ Price Thank you very much ATTstudio nana-Instrumentation /nana24
  • Surface Tension Measurement by the Pendant Drop Method Surface tension measurement by the pendant drop method using Theta optical tensiometer (also known as contact angle meter or goniometer) from Attension. As an example, the surface tension measurements are used to determine critical micelle concentration.
  • Interfacial Tension This video shows how interfacial tension is measured using DROPimage Advanced Software. The drop phase is an oil. The external phase is water. The solid phase is stainless steel (needle). We show how simple it is to create an experiment which takes 10 measurements 5 times per second. This type of experiment requires a ramé-hart Model 250 or 500 Goniometer / Tensiometer.
  • Blog Video - Introduction to Running Line Tensiometers.MP4 Matthew Lee from Measurement Technology introduces the company's Running Line Tensiometer (or Dynamometers).
  • Steps to Run a Surface Tension Tensiometer Test A description of how to do a surface tension measurement on a tensiometer.
  • Tensiometer Saturation episode 1 part 3 (final) funny!
  • LAUDA The right temperature worldwide Company Video created by SWR, Germany, 2008, in cooperation with LAUDA Marketing. Language: German Length: 3:23 mins LAUDA - leading manufacturer of constant temperature equipment, innovative heating and cooling systems and high-quality viscometers and tensiometers. More information at
  • Tensiometer Video
  • Tensiometer 1.m4v Professors Rajinder Sidhu and Kamal Vatta from Punjab Agricultural University explain a simple, inexpensive yet revolutionary new technology to help Punjab rice farmers cut groundwater irrigation by 30 percent or more. Columbia Water Center, New York. 11/11/10
  • Tensiometer saturation episode 1 part 1 for learning to use electric tensiometer
  • Critical Micelle Concentration Measurement Fully automatic critical micelle concentration measurement using Sigma force tensiometer from Attension.
  • tensiometer field kafe09 Tensiometer for Soil and Water control Design Readout system and logger by ATT Mr wissanuphong Porlila
  • Kibron PLDscreen provides the answer,in real time! Kibron PLDscreen is a robust in vitro HTS assay which measures directly the strength of drug-phospholipid interaction. More specifically, it detects the drug-induced shift in the critical micelle concentration (CMC) for a phospholipid, measured using our Delta-8 surface tension plate reader. PLDscreen predicts with unparalleled accuracy the ability of compounds to induce PLD. This proprietary assay allows for high throughput screening of molecules with minimal compound consumption, hundreds of compounds in a single working day! For more information, go to
  • Direct Seeding of Rice.m4v Professors Sidhu and Vatta describe their pilot project to save water by promoting the direct seeding of rice to farmers in Punjab. The discussion includes the benefits and challenges of direct seeding, policy issues that affect adoption, and the relative benefits and weaknesses of the approach as compared to tensiometer technology. Columbia Water Center, New York. 11/15/10
  • GEO SENSOR Geotechnical Engineering SENSOR for field and lab test to monitering pore water pressure in soil such as suction to positive pressure tensiometer piezometer link www.labsoil.eng.ku.ac.th presented by Asian technology and testing (ATT) /nana24
  • Surface Tension Du Noüy Ring Measurement Surface tension measurement by the Du Noüy ring method using a Sigma force tensiometer from Attension.
  • Contact Angle Measurement using Theta Optical Tensiometer Contact Angle Measurement using Theta optical tensiometer (also known as contact angle meter or goniometer) from Attension.
  • Calibrating the CSC Scientific Interfacial Tensiometer A brie description of how to calibrate your CSC Scientific Interfacial Tensiometer
  • Surface Tension This video illustrates how easy it is to use the Experiment Wizard in ramé-hart's DROPimage Advanced software to create a simple experiment to measure surface tension of a pendant drop.
  • Tensiometer 2.m4v Professors Rajinder Sidhu and Kamal Vatta from Punjab Agricultural University explain a simple, inexpensive yet revolutionary new technology to help Punjab rice farmers cut groundwater irrigation by 30 percent or more. Columbia Water Center, New York. 11/11/10
  • ramé-hart Advancing and Receding Contact Angles Using Tilt Method This experiment was created using ramé-hart DROPimage Advanced software and was conducted using a current-generation Model 290 Goniometer / Tensiometer. In this experiment we measure the advancing and receding contact angles of a drop of water on a PTFE surface over time. Each second we are adding 1 degree to the tilt angle and measuring the L and R contact angles. At the end we show the contact angle hysteresis.
  • Theta Optical tensiometer High Speed Drop Movement Capture Drop deposition on a solid surface observed with a Theta optical tensiometer. The high speed camera (1550 frame/s) eanbles clear observation of the drop elongation and contraction cycles.
  • The Kibron CMCeeker CMC screening 100 times faster than before. The Kibron CMCeeker, with the Delta-8 surface tension plate reader is the only surface tension measurement system, which can be fully automated. It makes, for the first time, surface activity screening and CMC measurements a practical utility for modern industrial R&D, thus revolutionizing the speed and cost-efficiency of the development process. As a result, the time-to-market is significantly shorter.
  • Tensiometer Saturation episode 1 part 2 for studying
  • Powder Wettability Measurement Powder wettability measurement by the Washburn method using Sigma force tensiometer from Attension.
  • Attension Theta Optical Tensiometer Demonstration Theta is the advanced and versatile optical tensiometer for highly accurate measurements of contact angle, surface tension and interfacial tension. This video shows 3 measurement examples contact angle measurement, pendant drop measurement and meniscus measurement.
  • DST60 - Automatic Digital Surface Tension ***yzer This video is a tutorial of the DST60 Automatic Digital Surface Tension ***yzer. The tutorial provides basic information about surface tension and the operation of the DST60 Automatic Digital Surface Tension ***yzer.
  • Ready to Roll DVD The "Ready to Roll" DVD by veteran Park Tool instructor, Bill Mould, instructs the average or beginner cyclist how to fix flat tires, keep their bicycle safe and in good condition, adjust front and rear derailleur limit screws and cable tension, adjust brake cables and calipers, evaluate the wheel efficiency and spoke tension, measure chain wear, and more! Available on Amazon and at Spokes Etc. retail stores for $19.99.
  • SITA Dynamic Surface Tensiometer Demonstrated by Phil Harrop from Scientific Solutions
  • Fiber Wettability Measurement using Theta Optical Tensiometer Single fiber wettability measurement using Theta optical tensiometer (also known as contact angle meter or goniometer) from Attension. Another method to measure fiber(s) or fiber beds wettability is to use force tensiometry with the help of a Sigma force tensiometer.
  • Master Wheelbuilding The "Master Wheel Building" DVD by veteran Park Tool and renowned Spokes Wheelbuilding School instructor, Bill Mould, shows users a comprehensive start-to-finish instruction of building a bicycle wheel, including knowing and choosing component options, spokes and lacing patterns, the correct use of a truing stand, tensiometer, dish tool, spoke wrenches, and more! Available on Amazon and at Spokes Etc. retail stores for $24.99.
  • Cenco DuNOUY 70545 Tensiometer This video is a tutorial. The tutorial provides basic information about how to remove the Tensiometer from it's packing container and an overview of the units basic operation.
  • Tensiometer T5 Refiling How to refil your T5 Tensiometer?
  • Capilarry barrier Laboratory test of capilarry barrier
  • Attension Sigma Force Tensiometer Demonstration Sigma is the highly accurate force tensiometer for surface tension measurements. Interfacial tension, dynamic contact angle and fully automatic CMC measurements can also be performed. In this video, we demonstrate how Sigma can be used for surface tension, critical micelle concentration, interfacial tension, sedimentation and powder wettability studies.
  • Kibron AquaPi - An easy to use, portable tensiometer. The Kibron AquaPi is a portable and easy to use tensiometer capable of measuring surface tension in less than 30 seconds! Kibron AquaPi is used by major chrome plating (QA), ink (QC), food and chemical companies as well as environmental laboratories worldwide. It is battery operated and portable, rugged enough for field operations and on-site measurements. Check out www.water- for more information and specifications. For contact information, go to http
  • Instrumentation for Geotechnical Engineering by ATTstudio ATTstudio /nana24 Geotechnical Sensor /Instrumentation Piezometer Piezocone Thermal Probe pore water pressure Extensometer Suction Probe Tensiometer Water level sensor Low force sensor Wireles System by GSM & SMS Module Data Logger Load Cell for Geo field test Permeability Test Dynamics Test Inclinometer accelerometer LVDT Transportation Sensor Enviromental Sensor Thank you ATTstudio /nana24
  • SOILSPEC Tensiometer - Soil Moisture Monitoring System - Instructional Video SOILSPEC Tensiometer - Soil Moisture Monitoring System - Instructional Video. How to increase crop yields.

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  • “PRODUCTS ABOUT US BACKGROUND CONTACT CLIENTS FAQ BLOG. Dillon Tensiometer (Dynamometer) Upgrade for NDT Pipeline Pigging & Inspection Services. We recently completed a refurbishment and upgrade to an older Dillon Tensiometer model owned by NDT Services”
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