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  • Template (file format), a standardized non-executable file type used by computer software as a pre-formatted example on which to base other files, especially documents. Template (programming), a tool for generic programming especially in the C++ language. — “Template - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Free Blogger Templates for your blog. Download Professional XML Blogspot Templates available in 1, 2 or 3 columns layouts for Free. — “Free Blogger Templates | DeluxeTemplates”,
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  • Template files are the building blocks of your WordPress site. Some templates (the header and footer template files for example) are used on all the web pages, while others are used only under specific conditions. — “Stepping Into Templates " WordPress Codex”,
  • Provides premium website templates designed by in-house creative professionals. Web template is a pre-designed web page format that include standard text and graphics used to design websites really quick. — “”,

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  • Joomla Template modification part 2 - by Norm Douglas Norm Douglas from the Joomla Forums, teaches how to modify Joomla Templates, using Firebug
  • Template Expands Automatically with your Content - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or HTML/CSS! psd2 - Sick and tired of all the hoops you had to jump through to get expanding themes with psd2css Online? All your problems are over! Use the new _frame Layer Naming Convention and get a theme that exands with your content instantly and without any special slicing of layers or manual editing of the CSS. Watch the video and see how easy it is to get Joomla, WordPress, Drupal themes and just plain HTML/CSS designs to expand with your text content. You can even put other psd2css Online features inside the _frame (links, buttons, image gallery thumbnails, anything!) and they will push down with the content. This features makes all of the previous videos explaining the expanding theme techniques obsolete! Don't forget to fan the psd2css Online Facebook Page:
  • Sony Vegas Pro 10 and 9 Intro Template: Elements Intro/Promo/Trailer [6] + AUDIO DOWNLOAD Another free editable downloadable template for Sony Vegas Pro 9 and also works for the new Sony Vegas Pro 10. This is an intro template / project file containing loads of elements: - Lens Flares - Smoke - Fire - Sparks You can download this template from: Don't forget to credit me by putting " Free Introduction Template made by AquuL | " In your videos description. * Sony Vegas Pro 9.0c+ required * * Will not work with Sony Vegas Movie Studio versions * - Inspired by 6ftTallGuy's introduction - Remade with Video Copilot products. -
  • dreamweaver template tutorial part 4 - Insert navigation bar Host Unlimited Websites For $3.88 ! bit.ly Unlimited Hosting, Free Domain, MySQL, PHP, CGI, SSL, FTP, Stats, $150 google adwords, E-Commerce Included, Dreamweaver Ready, 30 Day money back guarantee Follow on Twitter: RSS Feed: In this tutorial by we will be inserting an Apple Store style navigation bar into a dreamweaver template. This tutorial is part of a series of dreamweaver template tutorials where we will be creating a website from start to finish. apologies for the quick editing as I have been attending conferences all week.
  • The Template 1 The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence; a journey of remembrance, forgiveness, resurrection and ultimately transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.
  • Introducing the Blogger Template Designer | The Blogger Template Designer allows you to create effectively infinite number of designs templates instead of being restricted to a limited number of rigid designs by making it easy to customize your blogs design, layout, background and much more.
  • Joomla Template Maker is where you can learn more about this tool and how to get it. Needless to say I think it is beyond amazing and saves you literally weeks of time in trying to develop a UNIQUE Joomla template. Whether you know code or not, this tool and its interface makes quick work of creating one, and one that no other human being has. It also equally makes just as cool WordPress and Drupal templates, but my fav is Joomla so that is what the video is around. You basically use the interface to make whatever template you want, and then you choose the export option which in turn changes which template it makes (ie Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla). You zip up the file and all details are taken care of for you. I couldnt recommend it enough!
  • Using Producer Templates This tutorial explains how to use single slide templates in existing shows within ProShow Producer.
  • Photoshop Template Webdesign Part 1 | An easy to follow photoshop tutorial on making a basic Portfolio Template. Part 1 of 3. Later videos will include how to code the tutorial in photoshop. Feel free to subscribe. PSD for tutorial can be found at
  • Ripping Flash Templates (HD) This is my tutorial on how to rip Flash Templates, Banners, and Introductions. Easy to do. Hi-Def Video, 3MB/s bitrate. Downloads: Mozilla Firefox: Adobe Flash: Sothink SWF Decompiler:
  • Build a Joomla Template from scratch - Part 2 Norm Douglas shows you step by step how to build a Joomla Template from scratch. Update December 2010: Please note that I now have a completely updated version of this video available on my new site
  • Build a Joomla Template from scratch - Part 4 Norm Douglas shows you step by step how to build a Joomla Template from scratch. Update December 2010: Please note that I now have a completely updated version of this video available on my new site
  • How to Create a Basic Website Design Template Using PHP, CSS, and XHTML Part 1 of 3 For the entire web design course go to: Learn how to create a basic static page website design template using php, css, and xhtml. Using website templates like the one you'll learn to make here helps cut down on the rewriting of code and saves you a ton of time. This is a basic template we'll use to build more advanced website designs and templates.
  • True Fire Realistic Flames Templates FREE airbrush stencils This is a nice quick easy FREE video showing you how to make ALL of your own airbrushing art templates and stencils FREE. You don't want to buy ANY templates or stencils from anyone. They are ALL over-priced and over-rated. Make you own templates and stencils this way and A) Save a ton of money B) Save time and hassles of going to the store or ordering online and C) Make more MONEY by making all unique art and not just knock-offs of the same exact stuff that everybody else is already doing. http
  • Joomla! 1.6 Tutorial - Templates Joomla 1.6 Video Tutorial - A quick look at the front-end and administrator templates installed in Joomla! 1.6 and the JoomlArt T3 Template Framework 2.0. Want to get to know Hathor? Have you seen the T3 Framework in action on an Android powered spart phone? Check this out!
  • Joomla Template modification part 4 - by Norm Douglas Norm Douglas from the Joomla Forums, teaches how to modify Joomla Templates, using Firebug
  • Create a Website in Dreamweaver CS4 (Template Tutorial) How to create a website and setup a template in Dreamweaver www.2 Free Dreamweaver tutorial.
  • Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 Tip - New Template Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 Tip - New Template Feature - Building a presentation can be time consuming. You need to make sure the layout is consistent from slide to slide, and make sure important graphic or text elements make it to every slide. Fortunately, in Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007, you can create a template to speed the process.
  • Photoshop business card template with bleeds This is a quick video on setting up a full bleed business card in Adobe Photoshop. Watch in High Quality: Cut Size: 2"x3.5" Bleed Size: 2.25"x3.75" Safety Margin: 1.75"x3.25" If you have any questions on this tutorial please contact us at: Sac Digital Printing 916-873-2399
  • Build a Joomla Template from scratch - Part 3 Norm Douglas shows you step by step how to build a Joomla Template from scratch. Update December 2010: Please note that I now have a completely updated version of this video available on my new site
  • The Template - The First Ceremony Intro An introduction to the upcoming Template alchemical ceremony DVD. The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence; a journey of remembrance, forgiveness, resurrection and ultimately transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.
  • Part 1 Flash CS4 Full Website Template: Load bar and Intro tutorial Source files - Look in the flash section there to see all of the free learning files for AS3 for CS3 and CS4. Learn how to assemble a complete dynamic website using Flash CS3 or CS4.
  • Joomla Tutorial: Working With Templates In this Jooma tutorial I go over how to install and apply different templates to your Joomla website.
  • How to make MicroSIM - TEMPLATE INCLUDED! Download template from this link: bit.ly - print it and follow this definitive video.
  • How to Modify a Flash Template The basics on how to modify a flash template using the timeline and library. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP http
  • Dreamweaver Template Tutorial how to set up a template for a site in dreamweaver. Made by Josh at for BC_2005 at http and anyone else that is interested in knowing how to do this. Its not really that difficult once you do it a few times and it can be a real time saver if you have a larger site like one over 10 pages or more. That way when you make a change to a menu or whatever, you dont have to manually go through to each of your pages and make the change, you can just do the change once in the template, his save and viola its done on every page of your site! Great for mini sites! I'm still learning how to use camtasia and dreamweaver so I probably learned as much or more from the experience of making this video than you will get from watching it. So its a win win for everyone. ....... and we like that. :) :) :) :)
  • Upload, unzip & install a Joomla 1.5 template Learn how to install any Joomla 1.5 template as a default one on your Joomla-based website. HD version of this movie is available here: To download high-quality free Joomla 1.5.x templates go to ThemZa's website
  • Film Scoring Template Logic-VSL-Symphobia Some folks have asked about my audio workspace in Logic, so I made a screencast showing VSL, Symphobia, EW working together in this big template. Marc Jovani
  • Customize your blogger template - resize this tutorial basically explains how you can resize your blogger template. For more upcoming tutorials check out my blog . The link for the firebug plugin is https
  • Wood Routers : How to Make Router Templates Router templates can be very simple to make, and a quarter-inch hardboard can be used and sanded to make a crisp, clean and smooth template. Learn about making L-shaped templates with help from an experienced woodworker in this free video on router templates. Expert: Dave Trull Contact: / Bio: Dave Trull has been in the woodworking business for 18 years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • How to change the layout or template of your blog on blogger Learn how to change the layout or template of your blog using blogger.
  • The Template 2 The second video from . The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence; a journey of remembrance, forgiveness, resurrection and ultimately transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.
  • Create eBay Template - Free Tutorial Course Introduction www.1 - We are going to create an eBay template from scratch. You will learn how to do everything, from creating the graphics inside of photoshop to creating the ebay template inside of dreamweaver.This is our next project and it will be live next week. Each lesson comes with a lesson folder so you can follow along. If you want to just download the ebay template for free then when this tutorial is live you will be able to go to my website and download it. Make your eBay pages look professional and created your own ebay template. The only thing you will need is a hosting plan of some kind but do not worry i will go over that as well. Don't pay someone to create your eBay template when you can create it to what ever look you want yourself. Ali
  • Build a Joomla Template from scratch - Part 1 Norm Douglas shows you step by step how to build a Joomla Template from scratch. Update December 2010: Please note that I now have a completely updated version of this video available on my new site
  • Joomla Themes from a Photoshop Template Design in Seconds psd2 - Create a working Joomla Template from your Photoshop PSD design in seconds. Joomla is a Content Management System you can use to build fantastic websites with. Now you can build your own theme or skin for that website in Photoshop and install it to your Joomla website without writing any code. Watch this video tutorial to learn how. UPDATE - I added some CSS so that if your Joomla content extends past the end of your template design, scroll bars automatically appear and your template stays in tact. If you don't like that effect, you can still do the Expanding Theme technique we have in some other videos. EVEN BETTER UPDATE! - I just added a new feature called _frame that makes it super easy for you to design a Joomla (or WordPress or Drupal or HTML design) theme that expands with your content! Check out the video reply I made to this video!
  • How to download and edit a template with Dreamweaver CS3 Do you have a website? Do you need a Template? Well I will show you the basics of editing a template in dreamweaver CS3
  • The Template 3 - Light The third video from . The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence; a journey of remembrance, forgiveness, resurrection and ultimately transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.
  • Reusable wedding templates - Photoshop/Photography Week 15 May be you're making a wedding photo book or perhaps you're creating a digital album from your holiday photos. Using smart objects to make a page template will save you time. Gavin Hoey shows you how to make a template in Photoshop CS3, save it and then reuse the template to make a new page in seconds.
  • Sony Vegas Pro Intro Template: Lens Flare Intro 1 [5] + AUDIO! With download! This powerful and effective Sony Vegas Pro introduction will stun your views. Read the text, whilst a Lens Flare zooms past your eye(s). You can download the template from: until I fix my site. Don't forget, you still have to give me credit by putting: " Free Introduction Template made by AquuL | " In your videos description. Comes With: • Template: Lens Flare Intro 1.veg (30KB) • Audio: Lens Flare Intro 1 Audio.wav (2MB) • Other Visual: Lens Flare Loop.wmv (8MB) • Help: readme.txt (1KB) Total Compressed in RAR: 8.8MB Total Extracted: 10.6MB
  • Airbrush-Using Two Part Skull Template Airbrush how to video covering using a two part skull template to airbrush a simple skull design, Using these two part templates just about anyone can airbrush a skull on just about any surface. This is a quick, simple two color skull design airbrushed with oner of Kustom Shops two part templates. What I used: Iwata HP-CS airbrush, sign blank,House of Kolor base white and black. Be sure to check for free airbrush lessons, tutorials.
  • Joomla Template modification part 3 - by Norm Douglas Norm Douglas from the Joomla Forums, teaches how to modify Joomla Templates, using Firebug
  • How to Create and Apply PowerPoint Templates For Dummies Creating a PowerPoint template allows you to control and change theme colors and fonts, effects, backgrounds, and specific layout elements in one place instead of on each individual slide. You don't need to download templates; they're built into PowerPoint. This video provides tips for using them.

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  • “If your read our post yesterday here on the blog describing our new Pligg Template framework you will know it's someting we are pretty excited about. Use the contact form to get in touch with us if have not purchased a template from Pligg Template, otherwise use the support forum”
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