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  • In 1971, crew members of the USS John F. Kennedy saw a hovering UFO over their ship in the Bermuda Triangle A routine message had just been logged, and turning back to the teletypes, our witness noticed that all of the information coming in was garbage. — “UFO over Bermuda Triangle”,
  • In fact, it is very easy to find many exact or nearly exact matches between wording of surviving Roswell teletypes and derived newspaper stories. Therefore the real reason the message can't be matched with civilian teletypes is a simple one: the message is most likely of military origin. — “Fortean_Times”,
  • Teletypes with ASCII code were an innovation that came into widespread use in the same period as computers began to become widely available. There were about 100,000 33-ASR Teletypes made in total. Now any personal computer equipped with a serial. — “Teleprinter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • system with relay logic used to turn on or off individual teletypes in out (on old teletypes, it was the RUB or RUB OUT key). If you mispunch a character, just back up the tape and. — “control [email protected],
  • WorldNav 5100 Portable 5" Truck GPS based on TeleType's award winning navigation product line. The WorldNav Truck GPS is based on TeleType's award winning navigation product line. — “Truck GPS: WorldNav Truck GPS units for Commercial Truck Drivers”, gps-
  • WorldNav 3100 Premium Edition portable GPS based on TeleType's award winning navigation product line now available at . — “Teletype GPS WorldNav 3100 Premium Edition”,
  • Teletypes definition, a brand of teletypewriter. See more. Link To teletypes. Word Origin & History. teletype. 1904, trademark for a communications system of typewriters connected electronically, short for teletypewriter (1904), a form of telegraph in which the receiver prints messages like. — “Teletypes | Define Teletypes at ”,
  • Teletypes were mechanical implementations of typewriter that allowed for transmission of and receipt of messages Typewriters, Teletypes, and Keyboards. Figure 6 ASR/KSR 33 Teletype Mechanism (Small. — “Typewriters, Teletypes, and Keyboards”,
  • 2/17/2010 TeleType's New WorldNav Software With Google Earth Desired routes can be exported and viewed using the highly detailed and up to date Google Earth maps using any laptop computer having Wi-fi access. — “TeleType's New WorldNav Software With Google Earth”,
  • Know the real-time status of your vehicles & drivers! Live tracking from PC/Mobile. High Quality GPS monitoring devices & systems at Low Price. — “Truck Navigation System,GPS Auto Navigation Unit,Marine GPS”,
  • I get a lot of emails asking for a GPS specifically designed for truck drivers. Until now there haven't been many options for those riding on multiple axles. TeleType's WorldNav system lets you enter your truck's height, weight, and. — “TeleType Releases GPS Designed for Truckers and RV Drivers”,
  • To understand the original intent of the ASCII control codes, you have to think of teletypes, using paper tape, configured in a multidrop system with relay logic used to turn on or off individual teletypes in the bunch, and you have to remember. — “ : ascii control meaning”,
  • 23.4 Teletypes. These are antiques and represent the oldest terminals. They are like remotely controlled typewriters but are large and noisy. Made by the Teletype Corp., the first models were made in the 1920's and predate the computer by over 30 years. — “Text-Terminals on Linux - 23.4 Teletypes”,
  • Teletypes have been around since about the 1930s or so, but the ones I have in mind are the ones that were used to interact with computers in the 1960s and 1970s. Believe it or not, surplus teletypes were the interface of choice for teletypes even in the later years because they were so much. — “I Want Something eBay Doesn't Have | The Changelog”,
  • teletypes. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] Verb. teletypes. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of teletype. — “teletypes - Wiktionary”,
  • Teletypes were nearly 100% mechanical with no electronics to speak of and required regular maintenance and lubrication. Teletypes in one form or another go back to about 1907. They were used originally as automatic Telegraph and Telegram machines. — “Teletype Machines”,
  • Presidential & Political Memorabilia & Autographs, 11 JFK Assassination Teletypes 1963. — “11 JFK Assassination Teletypes 1963 - Autographs”,
  • The Phonebooth is a great source of historical telephone related information. We feature information about the Bell System and it's companies -- including Western Electric and Teletype Corporation. Advertisements Phonebooths Payphones Companies Teletypes Equipment Library More. — “The Phonebooth - An online telephone history museum”,
  • WorldNav portable GPS is based on TeleType's award winning navigation product line. This advanced touch screen truck routing GPS is perfect for professional truck drivers and bus & RV drivers. It ensures that routes will follow roads that are. — “WorldNav TTC330060 Truck or RV 3.5" LCD Backlit Color Display”,
  • TeleType's award winning GPS solutions include support for embedded Teletypes with ASCII code were an innovation that came into. widespread use in was the first M28KSR, and while Teletype's. — “teletypes”,
  • The Clarendon Hills resident spent much of his career maintaining teletypes, which are now obsolete electric-typewriter machines. It was Thompsen's job to keep the cop teletypes clicking. "They had lots and lots of teletypes," he said. — “Library worker shines light in dark places - Darien, IL”,
  • Definition of Teletypes in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Teletypes. Pronunciation of Teletypes. Translations of Teletypes. Teletypes synonyms, Teletypes antonyms. Information about Teletypes in the free online English dictionary and. — “Teletypes - definition of Teletypes by the Free Online”,
  • Teletypes with ASCII code were an innovation that came into widespread use in the same period as computers began to become widely available. first M28KSR, and while Teletype's designation for the basic machine remained the same over the next 20. — “Teleprinter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Model 15 Teletype - The Telephone Museum of PEI. Model 15 being added to the Telephone Museum of PEI. This machine donated by Bruce Rosen of Mass. It was brought to the Island by Paul MacKinnon, and is shown here following cleaning, lubrication, and repair printing "The Quick Brown Fox" test from my Data-Tek 9600 test set. This joins other teletypes in the collection, a Model 28, ASR-33, KSR-33, and a Military high speed machine. This machine was made in the 1930's, and with a bit of work, still runs 80 years later.
  • Model 28RO Teletype Machine This is a Model 28 RO Compact Teletype, featuring a gear shift providing for operation at 60, 66 and 100 words per minute.
  • TELETYPE MODEL 14 ROTR - COPYING ITTY - MUSEUM OF COMMUNICATIONS - SEATTLE, WA This is a Model 14 Receive Only Typing Reperforator. It punches chadless 5 level code on paper tape while also typing on the tape as well. In this video you can hear both the punch and the type distinctly.
  • ASR-33 Teletype Demonstration - Telephone Museum of PEI. Longer Hi Res version: Model ASR-33 Teletype at the Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island. Second Test using a Telebyte M65A interface. Machine still needs some adjustment. Machine donated by Catherine Filmore two weeks ago. This machine was manufactured in the early 60's and was collected from the University of Ohio radio station in the late 60's by Catherine's late husband, Ivan to be used as a computer i/o device. It has been in excellent storage for many years. I myself back then used a very similar KSR-33 for that purpose with a VIC-20 and then a Commodore C-64. The KSR version was the same, only minus the paper tape handling equipment. That machine also is still part of the museum's operational collection... Parts which needed replacement were the top cover, print hammer rubber, and ribbon. Other than that, the machine was in pretty close to mint condition, chiefly needing re-lubrication. Machines in the museum include: Model 28 ASR, KSR-33, ASR-33, Fairchild Teletypesetter Standard Perforator, and AN/UGC-504 (same as US AN/UGC-136AX) terminal/printer aside, from of course, phones, phones, and more phones! I am looking for a Model 15 or model 19 teletype in the Maritimes for the display. Items such as these can be very expensive to ship. They do not need to be operational - I will repair them. Settings for Telebyte interface: Full Duplex, Active, and Teletype: 110 baud, 2 stop bits, word length 8, parity even. Shows external view, then view with cover open, and ...
  • Teletypes CUMiami Fl PE523901; Sound Effect Feel free to use the audio from this video in your own projects licensed under Creative Commons. See more of my videos here
  • Teletype Model 28 My 2 Model 28 Teletypes
  • PDP-11/40 Computer and ASR-33 Teletype Here is a video taken in 2007 of a live DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) PDP-11/40 Computer system running a 1979 V7 version of the RSTS/E Operating System. An ASR-33 teletype is connected to this PDP-11/40 via a 20mA current loop connection using the DZ11 M7814 multiplexer. Watch the ASR-33 teletype run the SYSTAT program as it clanks out the system status!
  • Things - Adam Mayer Explains The Teletype Model 15 Before the internet, people got their news over the wire by using the magical and mechanical powers of the teletype. Adam Mayer walks us through the workings of this teletype he just restored.
  • Model 20 Teletype Associated Press Model 20 Teletype. A variant of the common Model 15, the Model 20 uses a 6-level (6-bit) code which allows for both upper and lower case.
  • Vintage Computing - Commodore 64 Decoding Radio Teletype My C64 decodes Teletype received by my Kenwood R5000 from DWD Hamburg. The C64 is using the Microlog (G&G Electronics) SWL expansion cartridge. The Teletype is from Deutsche Wetterdienst, the German metoerological service on 7646kHz.
  • TELETYPE MODEL 15 KSR - COPYING ITTY - MUSEUM OF COMMUNICATIONS, SEATTLE This is the last Model 15 KSR in service (PNB) on the Transmountain Pipeline. It began its service in the mid 1930s and ran until 1984. Does it get a 50 year service pin? Here it is fully serviced and copying the ITTY news service @ 60WPM
  • Model 28RT Teletype Receiver-Transmitter - An Electromechanical FIFO This 1950's Model 28RT Teletype Receiver-Transmitter has Printing Reperforator, tape buffer, and Transmitter Distributor units. These are driven from a common motor with mechanical transmissions giving a choice of 60, 75, or 100 wpm. For this demo the input is set to 100 wpm (75 baud) and output is 60 wpm (45.5 baud) Intermediate storage is 5-level punched (chadless) paper tape. The pivoting tape reader head ("climbing head") design allows the reader to read exactly the last character that was punched so the tape buffer storage might contain dozens of messages or just a single character. These devices were used as input and output buffers for teletype message switching - imagine a facility with 100's of these units in operation! ------ Many thanks to Don for sending me the 28RT and to the Greenkeys gang for documentation, advice, and encouragement as I got it cleaned up, repaired, and operational. Lots of info can be found at
  • Internet Teletype Demonstration This video demonstrates how to use MMTTY and RTTYMailer to post bulletins on the Internet Teletype Server. Visit for more information on this service. Set resolution to 1080p or 720p for better viewing. The video shows a Model 28 teletype machine copying news bulletins being transmitted by the 24 Internet service provided by . has been established to focus on the many aspects of Amateur Radio Teletype (RTTY) and to present to the dedicated RTTYer, and to the curious, a location wherein one can find information relating to RTTY and BAUDOT communications. Anyone and everyone who has ever had any interest or participation in Amateur RTTY is encouraged to frequent this website. Your comments and suggestions are solicited so that the best possible utilization of this website can be implemented.
  • Teletype Model-33 ASR Teletype -- Connected to an iMac via a USB to Serial Converter & a homebrew RS-232 to current-loop interface.
  • Teletype at Work. KSR-33 working.
  • Teletype Kleinschmidt TT AN98C FG and TT brand LPR 59 BRP Reperf.wmv I found these on craigslist. They are in fairly bad shape, but salvageable. This is an opportunity to learn about teletypes, baudot, etc. I have found printer in an army teletype manual, and I guess they used them as a communications center operated in a camper on the back of jeeps/trucks. I haven't found much on the reperforator or even know what they do.
  • Leigh KSR-33 Teletype Demonstration - Telephone Museum of PEI Leigh KSR-33 Teletype Demonstration - Telephone Museum of PEI [More] ... Many don't realize it, but some teletypes were made in Canada under license from Teletype Corp.; first by Northern Electric, then by Marsland Engineering, which was then acquired in 1969 by Leigh Instruments who continued the manufacture of these machines. This was to get around import duties and taxes at the time which doubled the cost of a teletype imported from the US. This is an KSR-33 made by Leigh in the 70's. I acquired it in 1985 from Island Tel who gave several surplus machines to fellow ham radio operators, used it for a year as a computer i/o device, then loaned it to a friend. He used it for a year, and for the next 20 years, it was stored in his barn under less than ideal conditions. When my friend heard I was looking for a model 33 for the museum, he reminded me about this one, and the next weekend brought it down. Barn storage had been cruel on the machine. The top cover had been broken in, and squirrels had been living in it, leaving it littered with parts of spruce cones and other seeds. In addition, the storage had been very damp resulting in a lot of rust. The next few weeks were spent removing rust and replacing damaged parts, the broken cover, etc. However, as you can see this old baby has been quite resilient, and with some major TLC is now working again. It is a nice feeling bringing something like this back to life! Here, you see it printing out text from the Internet using a ...
  • RTTY at Pacificon 2010 Demo of Teletypes Model 29 KSR, Model 19, and HAL ST-6000 at Pacificon 2010 in San Ramon, California. W8TTY set this up for The two HAL modems appeared to be printing data and baudot art pictures from a computer feed, and the scope was showing the modulation.
  • Siemens teleprinter/teletype 100A - Part 1 of 3 This nice piece, from about 1960, has started printing again. It is amazing that after about 30 or so years of being dumped, it works flawlessly even before being cleaned! This first part of the video shows simple type+print operation. For more info:
  • Model 28 Teletype HD A video of my Model 28 KSR Teletype (TTY) printing various text from the AP. I am using the program Heavy Metal to communicate with the Teletype. This teletype has a three-speed gear and for this video is running at 60 WPM (about 45 baud).
  • Teletype & punch tape reader writer. Amazing sound of mechanical machines. Mechanical Input and Output devices from the early days of computing on show at the National Computer Musem based at Bletchley Park, Hatfield. Even in the 1980s I used a very similar 'teletype' at my High School to connect via a 300 baud 'acoustic coupler' (Phone in a box!) to the Town Hall computer. All output was to printed paper via a golf ball print head and any program saves had to be 'printed' to the teletypes paper tape writer. Boy did you look after them! Any tears and you could loose a days work.
  • Model 28 Teletype A three minute video of my Model 28 Teletype machine. In this video, I have it set to 100 WPM -- its fastest speed.
  • TELETYPE MODEL 28 KSR COPYING THE QUICK BROWN FOX - MUSEUM OF COMMUNICATIONS SEATTLE WA Here is a 3 speed Teletype Model 28 KSR copying from 3 different test sentence generators otherwise known as 'the fox'. Here you can see the noticeable difference in sound and cadence of a Teletype in action. Speed is changed with a gear shift mechanism while advancing the type manually by rotating the fly wheel on the motor.
  • TELETYPE MODEL 28 ASR COPYING ITTY - MUSEUM OF COMMUNICATIONS - SEATTLE This is a Teletype Model 28 ASR copying the ITTY News Service (RTTY). It is operating at 60 words per minute.
  • Phu Lam Tape Relay 1969 Inside Phu Lam Tape Relay, June 1969. From unedited footage located in the National Archives. Shot List: Interior teletype room. Soldiers at bank of teletypes of the AN/FGC-70. They are receiving incoming messages. Soldier puts received message tape in to automatic address routing system (AMARA). Soldier receives tape from AMARS. He places it in transmitter bank of AN/FGC-80. Soldier logs in message. Soldier send tape through UNIVAC 1004. Soldier correcting messages rejected by the UNIVAC on the Tape Recall Unit (TRU).
  • Getting a Model 15 Teletype working in the new movie "The Rum Diary" Stephen Jones is a volunteer at the Museum of Communications located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. When a producer for the movie "The Rum Diary" called and asked if they had a teletype machine, he had no idea where it would take him.
  • Teletype Truck 7100 Commercial Truck Routing Gps
  • Radio Teletype (RTTY) from German Weather Service DDH7 As a Short Wave Listener, I enjoy decoding signals in various modes. RadioTeletype is by no means a new mode, its been with us for ages - some might even say they are surprised its still in commercial use. This video shows the reception and decoding of RTTY (pronounced Ritty) from DDH7, part of the German Weather Service, Deutscher Wetterdienst, in Hamburg. The signal is 50 Baud/450 Hz The radio is a Kenwood R5000, and the software is MultiPSK. Follow the link for more information :
  • AP Model 20 teletype Model 20 Teletype, as used by Associated Press.
  • Teletype Model 28 ASR (HD) This is a demonstration of the Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut's Teletype Model 28 ASR. I tried to show every function - keyboard entry, printer operation, tape perforation, and tape reading. The only thing I don have going on right at this moment is pulling the news or ham stuff off the air. That is my next project with this machine.
  • Kerouac Scroll Unrolled Jack Kerouac "On The Road" scroll m***cript unroll at the Boott Cotton Mills Musuem, June 15, 2007.
  • The Collectors - Teletype Click [1969 Heavy Psych Canada] Uploaded by Rich at the blog for heavy 60s/70s obscurities. Grass and Wild Strawberries [33 rpm], LP New Syndrome WS-1774 01 Overture 02 Grass & Wild Strawberries 03 Things I Remember 04 Don't Turn Away (From Me) 05 Teletype Click 06 Seven***th Summer 07 The Long Rain 08 My Love Delights Me 09 Dream of Desolation 10 Rainbow of Fire 11 Early Morning 12 Sheep on the Hillside The Collectors second and final LP, 1969's Grass & Wild Strawberries, was an unusual recording, though one quite different to its predecessor. For this time around, they collaborated with respected Canadian author George Ryga to provide the musical soundtrack to his play Grass & Wild Strawberries, exploring a yet wider range of styles than they had on their first outing. "I had been writing music for theater productions when I was at university and later on as well, before the Collectors came along," explains guitarist Bill Henderson. "I worked with Joy Coghill, the artistic director of the Playhouse Theatre Company, which was the big theater company in Vancouver. They had commissioned George to do this piece; he had done an earlier piece for them which was his most famous one, The Ecstasy of Rita Joe. Then he created Grass and Wild Strawberries, and they wanted it to be a play with music. Joy connected me up with George to see if we wanted to do this. We started working with him, and enjoyed working with him. We actually played the theater production in [the band's native ...
  • SWTPc 6800 and Teletype Model ASR 33 A demonstration using an 1970 ASR 33 teletype to interface with a 1975 SWTPc 6800. The output sent to the teletype "display" is memory contents at selected locations.
  • my teletype machine this is a teletype machine made by westen union, its not working qite yet im still working on it, i made the polar relay in the video
  • TELETYPE MODEL 26 KSR - COPYING ITTY NEWS - MUSEUM OF COMMUNICATIONS - SEATTLE WA The Model 26 KSR is one of the unusual Teletypes of its day. Its considered a light duty machine and while it can easily run for extended periods of time copying from over the wire, it was mainly used more like a typewriter. Notice how the platen moves rather than the type basket like on the model 15 and 28.
  • Tracor AN/UGC-129 Airborne Teletype Friday night nerd party in my garage - our engineer Richard makes the UGC-129 do stuff. Visit our website at
  • TELETYPE MODEL 14 TP - COPYING ITTY NEWS - MUSEUM OF COMMUNICATIONS SEATTLE WA Here is a look at the Teletype Model 14 Tape Printer (made between 1925-1955). These were typically used by Western Union for Telegram service which replaced most Telegraph copy but was succeeded by Fascimilie. Messages received on a Model 14 TP would be cut from the paper tape and then adhered to a Western Union Telegram card. The TP here is copying ITTY (RTTY) News.
  • Teletype Model 35ASR A video of my Teletype Model 35ASR.
  • GM3ENJ 1960's Radio Teletype in operation 8mm cine film of Ken Street GM3ENJ's Radio Teletype taken in the 1960's. Ken is still active on the radio in Dunfermline. Thanks to Jimmy Priddy GM3CIG for the film to VHS conversion. [Film taken by Jimmy Priddy GM3CIG]

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  • “I am not a pilot, but I was partially raised by one, so I was interested in testing out TeleType's aviation GPS.http:// TeleType's software also has all kinds of details on the lengths of the landing strips, flying aids and a”
    — TeleType's Aviation GPS... | Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine,

  • “Blog # 988 Unix vs. PC again In such an environment, economy of expression was very important: one could quickly develop a bad case of numb fingers banging away on the Teletype's clunky keyboard”
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  • “Control your presence in media. Monitoring and ***ysis of media aimed to the decision making: press, radio, tv, internet and ***ysis. We offer you the best tools and solutions to obtain the best results in your Communication and Marketing”
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  • “There is a question I've been being asked many times, so I'm now giving the answer I'm already giving to people who tries to contact me by mail, by contact form, by forum, by phone, teletypes, telegraph, etc etc :P. Sometimes is not even a question, but it's just a notification. Hi,”
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  • “I am not at all savvy on computer networking. I only know how to write, log, surf and download etc. but I have near zero knowledge in networking. Is there a Linking output systems like teletypes to computers was an interest at the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) when, in 1962,”
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  • “Have you ever opened a simple little ASCII text file to see it inexplicably displayed as onegiantunbrokenline? Opening the file in a different, smarter text”
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  • “Like a lot of old programmers — "when I was your age, we used teletypes, and line numbers, and couldn't rely It was Java creator James Gosling, in a 2003 blog entry. As you might imagine, Apple dumping Java seven years later has him”
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  • “Science discussion forum: Old Computers: Whats Your Tale from the Dark Ages? There were 10 or 12 electromechanical teletypes with huge rolls of canary-yellow paper for output”
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  • “blog. Media Types. Posted: 16 Aug 2001 by Rachel Andrew. Today's web developer is being pitch character grid, such as teletypes, terminals, or portable devices with limited”
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