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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Telesthetic - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Effective 3pm EST Today, April 18th, 2006 Telesthetic, the carrier supporting the Toll-Free any service outages caused by Telesthetic's threat to terminate our service. — “[Other] NuFone problem! Need another carrier ASAP”,
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  • A late delivery from the PSL - wrt inventor of StarForce, Redmond A. Simonsendied earlier this year. Simonsen's ground-breaking board game from 1974 gave The. — “RIP Telesthetic R A. S | Pansentient League - a Spotify Blog”,
  • In order to get out alive, you need to keep him at bay while using a series of consoles to reactivate the Telesthetic Amplifier. You will need to activate three of them in order to reactivate the Telesthetic Amplifier. — “How to Survive the Final Encounter in F.E.A.R. 2 | ”,
  • Psychic Ills latest release – Telesthetic Tape – probably couldn't have been more aptly named. Rather than serve as a guide, or wander too abstractly into different directions, Telesthetic Tape more hums with ideas that are tweaked with sudden thought. — “OCTOBER 2010 - REVIEWS AND MORE - Skrot Up's Myspace Blog |”,
  • Definition of telesthetic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of telesthetic. Pronunciation of telesthetic. Translations of telesthetic. telesthetic synonyms, telesthetic antonyms. Information about telesthetic in the free online English. — “telesthetic - definition of telesthetic by the Free Online”,
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  • Telesthetic definition, sensation or perception received at a distance without the normal operation of the recognized sense organs. See more. — “Telesthetic | Define Telesthetic at ”,
  • Definition of telesthetic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of telesthetic. Pronunciation of telesthetic. Definition of the word telesthetic. Origin of the word telesthetic. — “telesthetic - Definition of telesthetic at ”,
  • Becket and Stokes attempt to use a telesthetic amplifier to amplify Becket's own psychic abilities to defeat Alma, but before they can try, Genevieve Aristide kills Stokes and sabotages the plan, intending to seal Alma away with Becket and use her as leverage. — “List of F.E.A.R. characters and organizations - Wikipedia”,
  • Psychic Ills latest release – Telesthetic Tape – probably couldn't have been more aptly named. Rather than serve as a guide, or wander too abstractly into different directions, Telesthetic Tape more hums with ideas that are tweaked with sudden thought. — “[sic] Magazine: Psychic Ills - Telesthetic Tape”,
  • Telesthetic Communis is a commission for by e+m riel. — “Telesthetic Communis”,
  • Telekinesis: A person's ability to move objects Telethetic: A person's ability to receive telephathic messages Telephatic: A person's ability to send or project messages. Forums: General Discussion: Telekinetic, Telesthetic or Telephathic?. — “Telekinetic, Telesthetic or Telephathic?”,
  • The Telesthetic free access to VOIP networks gives you call-in numbers all throughout the The Telesthetic free access to VOIP networks gives you call-in numbers all throughout the. — “Browser based free answering machine with voice mail - Vacuum”,
  • Telesthetic Tape. Psychic Ills. Unearthly Cosmic Sounds. Death to the King. What Have We Done The Void That Exists. Portable Morla. Technology and Truth. Dharma. E.T. Habit. E.T. Habit. — “skrot up”,
  • i beat the game 1 hour ago and i was confused about the ending. how the hell does alma get pregnant??? explain it to me please POINTMAN is Alma's first child, IS telesthetic, and is a member of the F.E.A.R. — “confused about fear 2 ending? i beat the game 1 hour ago and”,
  • Update: TELESTHETIC TAPE available in mid-September. Order here: http://skrotup.blogspot. TELESTHETIC TAPE out August 11th via SKROT UP. Limited run C-40 purple cassette and. — “Psychic Ills”,

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  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 17 - Mission 11: Keegan (2 of 2) Now with 73% more Replicaspin. Whether you call it a bustrain or a trainbus depends on where you live: In New England, the midwest and the west coast it's a trainbus, while everywhere else it's a bustrain.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 12 - Mission 09: Nurse's Office (1 of 2) The Hammerhead really is the best gun in the game. This point cannot be stressed enough. ...and not to toot my own horn, but I get into some fairly impressive grenade-related shenaniganery in this part. You can go into slow-mo and shoot grenades out of the air after you've thrown them, yeah, but once you get the timing down on cooking them (which you will around the third or fourth mission) you really don't need to.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 16 - Mission 11: Keegan (1 of 2) Despite wandering through subways and maintenance tunnels, there is nary a homicidal hobo to be seen. Or a zombie. Come to think of it, it's pretty uncommon to see a video game with horror elements these days that doesn't feature zombies. Yes, the Ganados, Majini and Necromorphs count even if they're not zombies, strictly speaking. For some reason the turret-mounted machine gun bugs me. It has the distinct shockwave graphic effect of explosives but the taper on the spent cartridges suggests something like a large rifle round. 20mm caliber HE, maybe? Would be more of an autocannon in that case, but whatever. I like talking about guns in games, have you guessed?
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 11 - Mission 08: Elementary this a bad time to mention that I switch to the shotgun outside of fights by reflex whenever I'm nervous or concerned for my well being, despite using the assault rifle/SMG and grenades almost exclusively in fights? Because knowing that paints a lot of these videos in a new light. If anyone has a background in psychiatry I'm genuinely curious if the behavior of the kid mentioned in the first intel report matches up to how a child with autism would act, because it sure didn't sound like ADD, ADHD, Asperger's or anything of the sort, and I'd just like a second opinion. Yes, someone on the Internet wants to know whether or not the label of autism was used correctly. Truly, we have descended into the Negative Zone.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 21 - Mission 14: Climax and Ending I bet the developers were patting themselves on their collective backs when they thought up the mission name. As final battles go, though, it's a touch on the disappointing side: Go into slow motion, shoot the Keegan copies as they show up and make a mad dash for the switches. Rinse, repeat, then notice during editing that you got knocked down to around twenty percent health at one point. It's all perfectly in-line with horror movies, though, in that it's a setup for a sequel. On the plus side, we got the Snake Fist theme out of it.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - Bonus - Focus On: A Visit to the Nurse's Office So hey, here's that video I mentioned in video 11/mission 8.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 02 - Mission 01: Sanctuary We're part of an SFOD-D (read: Green Beret) operation to find and rescue Genevieve Aristide (CEO, Armacham Technology Corporation) before Armacham's black ops crew finds her. It's a pretty routine mission, except for the part where one of Armacham's lead researchers let out an insanely powerful undead stringy-haired psychic ghost girl in one of their nearby secret facilities and the protagonist of the previous game broke the "keep the reactor from blowing up" parts of the selfsame facility. Things go downhill from there. It's great how I slowly scroll through the files so people can pause the game and read them on their own, and then like thirty seconds later I start reading them anyway. This is due in no small part to me forgetting what the game was actually about and realizing that I might have to explain it at some point. ...and do you think the Important *** Sensor (tm) on those visors triggers when you look at clean underwear in your size, or would that require a different setting?
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 10 - Mission 07: Top Another nice thing FEAR 2 does over FEAR 1 is give a little more variety in what you do, and this level is an excellent example. The Pointman never got anywhere near this much fresh air in his game, although considering what happened to the city it's probably not that fresh anymore. The male/female percentage of powered armor is roughly 20/80. For comparison's sake, tanks are 50/50, APCs are 60/40, jets are a surprising 90/10 and UAVs don't have genders because that would just be silly. Boats, like tanks, are 50/50 as well, but in a moment of serendipity nearly all the male ones are trans***uals and would prefer being referred to as "she." The sniper rifle is an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare 50 (basically, the .50 BMG-firing big brother of the AWP of Counter-Strike fame) with an AI AS50 barrel and a few changes to the frame so it doesn't look like an AW50 as much. I'm not sure if it can shoot a person cleanly in half like the rifle in this game does around 5:46, but I'm not about to volunteer.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 14 - Mission 10: Snake Fist (1 of 2) There was a gigantic five-hundred-word tirade about how much myself, this video and the next two or three sucked and I was literally the worst person for making them, but after watching it again I realized that they aren't *that* bad. Granted, I'm no Slowbeef or Proteus or Suspicious or Chip Cheezum or General Ironicus or EvilTim or Null Set or Baldurk or Psychedelic Eyeball or EthanSteele or Vaox or Jade Star or the guys from Tipping Forties or the Freelance Astronauts or ffuok or Niggurath or b00n or Pokecapn or Kung-Fu Jesus or Medibot or MyNameIsKaz or Proton Jon or Cooked Auto or Research Indicates or helloitsdan or lithuanian dad or Static Fiend or kefkafloyd or Habermann or BillyMC (hey, he breezed through Ninja Gaiden), but I think I did okay. Even if I can't tell Horatio Caine and Gil Grissom apart.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 05 - Mission 03: Discovery You can't get a job in corporate black ops without prior experience, and you can't get experience in corporate black ops without a job. What, am I supposed to do *volunteer* wetwork? Is there an intern program where I kill the interns of other departments when they screw up? At least I have freelance wanton slaughter and destruction to fall back on. When you're your own boss you can make all the video game references you want. With regards to health and armor, their respective pickups (vests and medkits) restore you to full no matter what, with hypos restoring something like a fifth of the bar. With a few rare exceptions, weapons will only damage your armor until it's depleted before chipping down your health. Compare and contrast to the first FEAR, where you took damage to both health and armor and weapons had different penetration values, which let them deal more (or less) health damage and less (or more) armor damage (eg armor absorbed a greater percentage of the SMG's damage compared to the assault rifle's). I kind of miss that, honestly.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 27 - Reborn Ending, Credits and Outro What *was* that giant unlabeled list of names for, anyway?
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 20 - Mission 13: Approach (2 of 2) Those eight snipers should have fallen to eight shots and only eight shots. There's really no excuse when you have the ability to slow time down to one-fifth normal speed. Ninety-second train ride... or ninety-second block of exposition? Oh, so she was fif*** when she had her first child and may actually be in her early twenties at this point well then I guess that makes it perfectly alrNO IT BLOODY WELL DOESN'T
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 04 - Mission 02: Awakening (2 of 2) Wherein abrupt editing cuts are made, guns are talked about and the Serbian Propane Tank Enthusiasts Association tries to kill us yet again. They do not have infinite wisdom of falcon. Going back to how most of the weapons are based on real-world guns: The pistol is a Heckler & Koch USP, probably chambered in 9mm, with an accessory mount stuck on the front of it that doesn't do much of anything except make the gun look bigger and leave it open for future tacticool additions; the SMG is Fabrique Nationale P90 with the magazine shifted back a few inches and the rest of the gun messed with accordingly; and the shotgun is some lovechild of the Remington 870 and the Benelli M4. In other news, the Internet Movie Firearms Database is my new favorite web site. "You need to be genre savvy," he said, shortly before crawling into a pitch dark vent with his flashlight off.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 25 - Reborn Mission 3: Influence When I'm not angry, scared, distracted by the scenery or focusing on difficult tasks (note: Reborn is not scary, worth stopping to look at or difficult, especially if you go into it with a near-full slow-mo bar) I have a tendency to either dick around with enemies or ramble. Sometimes it goes well and is actually coherent, respectively. No guarantee as to whether anyone will find the latter agreeable, though taking the online disinhibition effect into consideration it's likely that they'll let me know. Probably with excessive invective. Or you could just dub in "Bodies" for this video and the next as I saunter through a couple platoons of soldiers and a horde of wall-crawling experiments.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 07 - Mission 05: Replica (1 of 2) Get thrown into the air from an explosion, bounce off a steel I-beam and fall ten feet back-first onto concrete before getting brained by a metal gas tank? *** THAT *** I'M WALKING IT OFF This was the first mission of the recording session and is probably pretty crappy overall, what with the even more disjointed and roughshod commentary. Plus I try to, uh, walk through fire. In my defense the checkpoint was right there and it kind of qualifies for the "no deaths unless they're either funny or prove a point" policy. Namely, it's funny if you like laughing at me proving that I probably shouldn't be allowed to go outside without adult supervision. It's not really an interesting level until the Replica soldiers' introduction, though, so the wanting commentary may be a bit justified. Maybe. If you squint and kind of turn your head a bit. Oh, and the automatic shotgun is based on a bunch of weapons, the most prominent of which would be the H&K CAWS. Hell, it basically *is* a CAWS only run through the Gears of War Weapon Box-O-Fier (which is just a Warhammer 40000 Weapon Box-O-Fier with the label and all the purity seals pulled off).
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 26 - Reborn Mission 4: Rebirth Store-exclusive preorder bonuses can go *** themselves, though. Fun fact: I had a no-deaths Doom II UV run uploaded in mid-2009 that was basically *thirty-two levels* of this. To hear onlookers describe it, calling it a Doom comic book machinima wouldn't be too far off the mark (for all that description entails). The only things left of it, though, are the bonus video where I punch out a cyberdemon and footage of MAP20 (Gotcha!) where the cyberdemon and spider mastermind in the beginning of the level somehow kill each other (note: The odds of this actually happening are ridiculously low, let alone when someone is in a position to record it). I jumped the shark waaaaaaay back with the cyberdemon thing, didn't I? Yeah.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 09 - Mission 06: Ruin You may be Gordon Freemaning through city ruins laden with blatant roadblocks across the roads, but damn if it isn't some nice-looking ruins. The official name of the enemy I called "puppeteer" is actually "remnant," so named because when you see them they're usually acting out the last memories (or remnants) of what they were when they were human. Personally I think "puppeteer" is more descriptive and ominous. Their health isn't tied to the enemies they animate but they've got a ton of it regardless, so it's entirely possible to be shooting at it for a while wondering why it's still moving and jump to weird conclusions. It's just durable, that's all. ...and a rocket is actually something propelled by an engine that expels mass, which isn't necessarily a chemical reaction. There's electric, thermal and nuclear engines, but currently they're nowhere near as common as chemical ones. Also, missiles are self-propelled guided weapons; if it doesn't lock on or track the target, it's just a rocket launcher. It's not a mistake, it's a learning opportunity.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 06 - Mission 04: Withdrawal I fought my way out of an Armacham underground base that housed their telesthetic implantation hospital once. You probably haven't heard about it; it's pretty underground. The assault rifle is mostly the XM8 with the stock, grip and receiver of the M4A1 and the "slap the side to engage the bolt release after reloading" gesture of the AR-15. Once you get it, though, all the propane tank guys basically become walking barrels. Pity they stop showing up after this level.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 24 - Reborn Mission 2: Contact The beginning part of this mission pretty much highlights what I said many videos back about how the game can't quite do AI versus AI gunfights. It doesn't come up often - solitude and isolation being one of the keys to a good horror situation - but when it does it's pretty blatant. Fortunately the people who made the game knew this and did a good job pretending by making most of them setpiece fights. Considering that The Pointman and Becket got their reflex abilities from being psychic and having surgery done to them, having Paxton Fettel show up and give 813 the same power seemingly out of his ass doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But then again, if there's anything Fettel knows, it's how to not make a whole lot of sense.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 03 - Mission 02: Awakening (1 of 2) You can never avoid ending up in a hospital in a horror game. The instant ghosts or zombies show up, narrative causality causes doors to lock and unlock, cars to crash and buildings to crumble in such a way that you're immediately funneled towards them. Such a force is so powerful, in fact, that it'll make CEOs of companies and their goon squads drag you into one for the expressed purpose of performing incredibly unethical surgery on you. You can still do pretty well without the slow-mo power on Easy or Normal, but you absolutely need it on Hard because everything deals like triple normal damage to you, and if you don't kill most of the enemies in an encounter with your alpha strike you're going to pay for it. Fun fact or fact ***ogue, though: Supposedly they were toned down in terms of mobility and durability compared to FEAR 1 to compensate for the game being primarily for consoles; ***og sticks aren't exactly as accurate and responsive as a mouse, you see. It doesn't hurt the game too much, though, if at all.
  • FEAR 2 ~ Part 3 [Interval 02 - Isolation] Playthrough on easy because it's a virgin run. Just means we get extra fun watching me reload a lot. :P For Heinerich. ------------------------------ Project Harbinger - Info: SGT Becket (m01-7) PERSONNEL RECORD: Michael Becket Rank: Sergeant (SGT) Submitted by: S. York, MD PARAGON Review scores: - Physical condition: Outstanding - Mental Stability: Outstanding - Telesthetic Potential: Outstanding Notes: Subject struggled in school but has excelled in the military. Furthermore, his Paragon scores are the best I've ever seen aside from the Origin Prototypes. With telesthetic amplification, he might even surpass Paxton Fettel. - Harbinger Status: APPROVED ------------------------------ Project Harbinger - Info: SGT Fox (m04-1) Archival File: PROJECT: HARBINGER Subject Name: James Fox Rank: Sergeant (SGT) Submitted by: S. York, MD PARAGON Review scores: - Physical condition: Excellent - Mental Stability: Above Average - Telesthetic Potential: Above Average Notes: Subject has average academic history and distinguished military service record. Married, with one daughter, age 7. Harbinger Status: APPROVED ------------------------------ Project Harbinger - Info: SGT Jankowski (m02-3) Archival File: PROJECT: HARBINGER Subject Name: Redd Jankowski Rank: Sergeant (SGT) Submitted by: S. York, MD PARAGON Review scores: - Physical condition: Outstanding - Mental Stability: Average - Telesthetic Potential: Above Average Notes: Poor academic record and ...
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 15 - Mission 10: Snake Fist (2 of 2) For a minute or two in the beginning of this video I forget that I'm not playing Bulletstorm. Later on I forget that I'm not bulletproof and remember that enemies sometimes throw grenades from cover and that the main reason I haven't seen them do it is because I've been killing them so quickly. The more you know. Look, Snake Fist is a fat, bearded guy with greasy hair, wearing a Shogo 2 shirt, surrounded by computers, and who has apparently watched a video of hippopotamuses fighting that left enough of an impression on him that he sees fit to bring it up as a total non sequitur to a man he's known for a matter of hours. Any and all jokes at his expense are justified. Oh, and the pulse weapon is based on the FN F2000 with an underslung grenade launcher attached. Those exposed spark plug-like things on the sides can't be safe, though, but considering that it skeletonizes people safety probably wasn't their first concern. I'm probably completely underrepresenting a weapon that one-shots anything within five feet of the main projectile, but my natural inclination is to save it for times when there's multiple enemies all lined up, then when the situation arises, forgetting to switch to it entirely and just throwing a grenade or something.
  • "FEAR2: Project Origin" full game quality walkthrough, Final Mission 14 - Climax, part 2/2 Link to the whole playlist: Full, quality and detailed walkthrough of the PC game in genre first-person-shooter&horror "FEAR2: Project Origin ", Final Mission 14 - Climax. The game played by me on Hard difficulty in high graphic on every parameter. All the scenario scenes are included in the video, from the intro of the game till the credits at the end, hence the watchers can understand the storyline of the game. During the game, all Intel items and Reflex injectors were collected. Enjoy watching\rating\commenting the video. Have a nice day. Mission description: Climax Alma is closing in. You won't be able to resist her for much longer. You have arrived at the Still Island facility and must now rejoin your team and locate the Telesthetic Amplifier. Sgt. Keegan seems to be beyond your reach now.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 08 - Mission 05: Replica (2 of 2) When they talk about monster closets in games, very rarely do they mean literal closets that they store enemies in. Armacham must be one of the parent companies for the UAC. You can safely skip from 13:20 to 15:20 and not really miss anything of substance. The hell kind of person apologizes for making a "your mom" crack, anyway?
  • FEAR 2: Ending, Hard Entering the Telesthetic Amplifier to stop Alma, or not?
  • How to kill Alma in FEAR 2 I can't believe how easy it was! Alma is the hardest person to kill in the entire game, but this was so easy! I killed her right in the start of the game ffs!
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 01 - Intro Released in 2009, FEAR 2 is a game about shooting lots of mans in- oh wait, I already said that in the playlist description. I'm pretty sure that my playing this prior and remembering about half the stuff in it that happens spoils a lot with regards to my reactions and the things I say. Granted, nearly everything I do is prefaced with "this is probably going to turn out completely awful," but I mean it this time.
  • Telesthetic Amplifier vs Citadel Core
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 18 - Mission 12: Epicenter That is a *really* big crater. What the hell was in that reactor, anyway? ...oh, that's right, Point Man escaped on a helicopter at the end of FEAR. Right after blacking out just as the blast wave hit him. So really, the question of how he made it out of that giant ass-*** crater in one piece still stands. That quote was paraphrased and from *Luciano* de Crescenzo. I'm not good with names. Or pronunciation. Or any sort of talking. English isn't even my first language; I normally communicate through clicks and pheromones.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 23 - Reborn Mission 1: Foxtrot 813 Nothing's what it seems to be, I'm a Replica, I'm a Replica. Empty shell inside of me, I'm not myself, I'm a Replica of me. More like a Replica DLC, am I right? So aside from a massive spread of elaborate underground labs and facilities, Armacham also has strong political connections, black ops cleanup crews, jets (fairly new ones at that, from the looks of things), helicopters, satellites by which they can orbitally insert powered armor, legions of cloned soldiers and the means to equip, maintain and staff all of that. Meanwhile it took until at least Resident Evil: Dead Aim for Umbrella to get up to that level. ...and yes, I did basically admit that I was unfamiliar with doing things the easy way.
  • "FEAR2: Project Origin" full game quality walkthrough, Final Mission 14 - Climax, part 1/2 (fixed and reuploaded video from Sun 06 Sep 2009) Link to the whole playlist: Full, quality and detailed walkthrough of the PC game in genre first-person-shooter&horror "FEAR2: Project Origin ", Final Mission 14 - Climax. The game played by me on Hard difficulty in high graphic on every parameter. All the scenario scenes are included in the video, from the intro of the game till the credits at the end, hence the watchers can understand the storyline of the game. During the game, all Intel items and Reflex injectors were collected. Enjoy watching\rating\commenting the video. Have a nice day. Mission description: Climax Alma is closing in. You won't be able to resist her for much longer. You have arrived at the Still Island facility and must now rejoin your team and locate the Telesthetic Amplifier. Sgt. Keegan seems to be beyond your reach now.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 13 - Mission 09: Nurse's Office (2 of 2) This what the basements of elementary schools are like. All of them. Including the one you went to, and it was the janitor's duty to drag you down there and lock you up forever if you misbehaved. So it turns out that the symptoms of childhood developmental disorders and burgeoning psychic potential are a lot alike. Son of a ***, I *knew* those indigo children people were involved!
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 22 - Credits Upon even further reflection, FEAR 1 had the better gameplay, while FEAR 2 had better horror and scare factors, if that's even a proper term (or if you want to be all -*~new games journalist~*- about it, FEAR 1 was a superior game while FEAR 2 was a superior experience). There were moments when, yeah, the slowness of enemies was painfully evident and thinking back I do miss FEAR 1's worthy foes. On the other hand, I didn't lapse into an existential freak-out after I went through three levels composed of near-identical offices and started thinking that I was trapped in an infinite loop, and I can count the times that FEAR 1 scared me on one hand and still have enough fingers left over to play. Still, those were some good firefights in the first FEAR. ...and FEAR 2 may have been a collectathon with all the plot-explaining intel lying around, but they sort of did the same thing in FEAR 1 with messages on answering machines. You'd think it would be a bit more plausible than random binders, up until you realize that it's 2027 and nobody has a cell phone.
  • FEAR 2: Telesthetic Boogaloo - 19 - Mission 13: Approach (1 of 2) Wherein we take a train ride, discover that Replica soldiers are really distant relatives of Sloth from The Goonies, and people are told to enjoy the music even though it's not really one of the better tracks in the game. Then the weird *** starts happening. Bizarre glitch or sign that psychic ghosts are inside your computer? Perhaps I can hack other games so spooky things happen and start some sort of alternate reality game about possessed hard drives and- ...on second thought, that just sounds silly.

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