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  • With World Taximeter you don't have to guess, you'll know it. World Taximeter gives you an estimate of the fare of a taxi ride in cities around the globe. — “International Taxi Fare Calculator - World Taximeter”,
  • From French taximètre < German Taxameter, coined from Medieval Latin taxa (tax, charge) < Proto-Indo-European base *tag- (to touch, to handle). [edit] Noun. taximeter (plural taximeters) a device installed in a taxicab that calculates the fare based upon distance travelled and waiting time. — “taximeter - Wiktionary”,
  • Taximeter Manufacturers & Taximeter Suppliers Directory - Find a Taximeter Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Taximeter Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Taximeter-Taximeter Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • A taximeter is a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxicab s, similar to an The modern taximeter was invented by German Wilhelm Bruhn in 1891,. — “”,
  • The "Silent 620" taximeter is a fully integrated printing taximeter that can be programmed with "EaseLink" Centrodyne's proprietary firmware for an easy interface with most computerized dispatch systems. The Centrodyne 620 is a workhorse in its kind, and it is widely used all around America. — “Results for TAXIMETERS”,
  • Record Taximeter taxicab supplies including Mr. Speedometer record taximeter and taxi toplights, your source for the excellence and quality taxi aftermarket speedometer fair taximeters. — “Taxicab, speedometer, taximeter, taxi toplights, aftermarket”,
  • Joong Ang San Jun Co., Ltd. -Taximeter, Taxi Meter, For Hire Sign, Roof Top Lamp, Short Distance Radio Modem, Infrared Link Modem. — “Joong Ang San Jun Co., Ltd”,
  • Kwangjuen I&C Co., Ltd. - Korea supplier of taximeter,tachometer We are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality and accuracy of our taximeter including the most competitive price range. — “Kwangjuen I&C Co., Ltd. - taximeter, tachometer”,
  • Joong Ang San Jun Co., Ltd. - Korea supplier of taxi meter,taximeter,fare meter,faremeter,tacho meter. — “Joong Ang San Jun Co., Ltd. - taxi meter, taximeter, fare”,
  • Ottawa's local and most recognized taxi meter professional installation and programming specialist. We provide a range of professional installation and programming services for your taxi meters. — “The Taxi Depot - The Nation's #1 taximeter specialist since”,
  • LED's can replace bulbs in toplights. They generally are considerably more expensive, but have a life expectancy of ten years according to the manufacturers - no more changing light bulbs - and are usually brighter than incandescents. CENTRODYNE 610 The Best TAXI METER Built!. — “Taxi Meters, Taxi Cab Electronic Equipment, Limousine”,
  • Taximeter. Centrodyne. Centrodyne 610. Centrodyne 620. Cygnus. Gleike. Pulsar. Pulsar 2020R Taximeter. Centrodyne. Pulsar. Gleike. Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Mobile Knowledge. Digital. — “International Credit Card Processing Gateway and Fleet”, dialie-
  • E-mail: [email protected] Presenting a range of top notch quality Electronic Taxi Meters and Auto Rickshaw Fare Meters Know Us. An uncompromising commitment to maintain quality and perfection in products as well as business operations has led National Meter Mfg. Co. — “Taxi meter, electric meter, Rickshaw meter, pune, india”,
  • Definition of taximeter in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of taximeter. Pronunciation of taximeter. Translations of taximeter. taximeter synonyms, taximeter antonyms. Information about taximeter in the free online English dictionary and. — “taximeter - definition of taximeter by the Free Online”,
  • Vast Union is the leading manufacturer of taximeters and cab equipment in China. taxi meter and other taxi related product are also our product line such as top light, taxi meter management software, meter test. — “Taximeters and Taxi Cab Equipment”,
  • taximeter n. An instrument installed in a taxicab to measure distance traveled and waiting time and to compute and indicate the fare. — “taximeter: Definition from ”,
  • Taximeter definition, a device fitted to a taxicab or other vehicle, for automatically computing and indicating the fare due. See more. — “Taximeter | Define Taximeter at ”,
  • A 'drivers PIN' can be entered by the installer and the taximeter will then not function as a taximeter after start-up until the correct PIN has been entered. The taximeter displays its serial number every time it starts up so that a meter reported stolen can easily be recognised. 4. DURABILITY AND. — “Muon Electronics cc”,
  • The "Silent 610" taximeter has been designed as a fully programmable/configurable "basic" taximeter which can easily upgrade to " The "Silent 620" taximeter is a fully integrated printing taximeter that can be. — “Centrodyne Taximeters from Andy's Top Lites & Accessories”,
  • A taximeter is a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxicabs and auto rickshaws that calculates passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled The modern taximeter was invented by German Wilhelm Bruhn in 1891, and the Daimler Victoria—the world's first. — “Taximeter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Gleike Mini Taximeter Programming terminal This video is to show you how to use a programming terminal on the Gleike Mini Taximeter, This tool is great because you can program a meter without the need for a computer. Great tool to set up the Wireless Credit card system. Visit us at .
  • CALIBRATION TAXI METER GLEIKE MINI (English Captions) You will learn how to calibrate a taximeter Gleike Mini. The captions are in english but the buttons and process remains the same for the French version. Visit us at or call us at 773.489.3839
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  • TAXI METER GLEIKE MINI PAPER & INK CHANGE(English) Visit us at or call us at 773.489.3839
  • HALDA TAXIMETER Vintage Mechanical Taxi Cab Meter Vintage HALDA Taxi Meter made in SWEDEN. Weighs 9.5 lbs. Circa 1940's and used up to the 1980's, until digital Taximeters took over. HALDA Taximeter Company was around 1899 to 2006 Up for auction on ebay Click on the link below .
  • Chiang Mai Airport Taxi Meter Chiang Mai Airport Taxi Meter Reviews We are moreover chauffeur. Chiang Mai Airport Taxi Meter welcome to our earnest and friendly service. We have many services for tourist who stop over to contact or feel the atmosphere of Chiang Mai and nearby cities. Our taxi...
  • ixPocket develops mobile taxi meter app for TfL ixPocket, the london based mobile app developer creates a mobile taxi meter app for Transport for London: If you want your own mobile app, get in touch:
  • Credit Card and GPS tracking on pulsar taximeter 2030 TaxiDial ( www.dialie- )works with both pulsar and centrodyne taximeter. Dialie has develop an innovative wireless terminal for taximeters. in 2 clic your drivers can accept credit card and your dispatcher can know where are your cabs at any time with the GPS tracking. it is ideal for voice assisted dispatch or for full automated dispatching
  • Gleike taximeter modem and sim card install This video will show you how to mount the modem and sim card on the Gleike Mini Taxi meter in order for you to process credit cards with a wireless connection, this parts are only for the Gleike taximeter and don't work on Pulsar taxi meter or Centrodyne Taxi meter. Visit us at .
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  • Taxi Meter Campaign Radio Spot This radio ad, produced by the USAID PACE project, begins by explaining that this is a message from the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Transportation regarding the use of meters. "It is your right and a protected right." The ad then goes on to urge citizens and drivers to use the meter in all private taxis because it is the law. The ad will be played for a total of 900 times on 10 radio station for one week. Accompanying the radio ad is the newspaper ad, shown in this video. This ad will also be shown in town hall meetings, a documentary, stickers installed in taxis, and video advertisements on screens installed in high volume areas (government offices, supermakets, banks, and more). Following the awareness campaign, the Minister of Transportation Dr. Saadi Al-Krunz will announce during a press conference the beginning of an enforcement campaign and the issuance of citations to drivers who do not activate the meters.
  • Google Taximeter iPad A Taximeter on the iPad, only we miss the Euro sign.... It works great! And now the exterrnal card reader for the payment! Buy it for $0.99 !!! iPad Taximeter, Google Taximeter, GPS Taximeter
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  • www.dialie- and pulsar taximeter TaxiDial ( www.dialie- )is the ideal credit card temrinal for taxi using pulsar taximeter. in 2 clic you can accept credit card in your cabs. this video shows how the flat rate option works.
  • 60 Seconds in the Life of a Taxi Meter 60 Seconds in the Life of a Taxi Meter From
  • Credit card transaction on the Gleike Mini taximeter In this video you will see all the basic steps required to do a credit card transaction using the Gleike Mini Taxi meter. Visit us at .
  • Credit Card Terminal - swipe only full This is the full video of a in vehicle credit card processing solution when you are not using a taximeter or a taximeter like Gleike or Taxitronic. It is ideal for Taxi, Limo, Car services, black cars and towing companies. Please visit us at :
  • Gleike Mini Taximeter Printer Install (english) This video is to show how easy it is to swap and install a printer on the Gleike Mini Taximeter, note that there is no need to open the meter or break a seal. One great addition if you plan on accepting Credit cards in our wireless credit card terminal. No wonder why the Gleike mini Taximeter was voted #1 in Chicago. Visit us at .
  • Gleike Mini Taximeter Socket Board and swipe assembly This video will show you how to Assemble the Socket Board and swipe on the Gleike Mini meters. This add-on is fantastic because you can now process Credit cards like you would on any wireless credit card terminal. This add-on is only developed for the Gleike Mini and is not suitable for Pulsar or centrodyne. Visit us at .
  • Andrew Langer Speaks On DC's New Taxi Meters On June 20, 2008, Institute for Liberty President Andrew Langer spoke at a hearing/forum put on by WPFW radio on the newly implemented DC Taxi Meter system. He spoke of problems in the process, the impact on small businesses, and voices specific concerns with the enforcement process.
  • Gleike taxi meter Harness description (English) This video is to describe the Gleike taxi meter Harness, the installation process is very similar to the Pulsar and centrodyne harness, however our harness comes ready for install and the relay is already wired. Visit us at .
  • GC Season 3 - Ep3 - Seg13 - Quick Tip - World Taximeter Episode 3 - Wired Traveller Here's a cool site that AJ likes for planning a cab ride before you take it. World Taximeter might be able to save you some moolah on your next trip.
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  • Taxi meter After grinding my teeth at the fact that the surcharge meter was increasing, i decided to film it. LOL. for those who can't see it clearly, here's the math: $2.80+ 1 x $2= 4.80 at start of journey $14.60 x (2 x 5.20)= $25 st start of video $17.80 x (2x 6.20)= $30.20 at end of journey.
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  • Credit Card Payments for Taxi drivers on the go w/ Centrodyne Taximeter KABXE, The easiest credit card mobile processor for taxi drivers on the GO!!! perfect integration with Centrodyne 620 taximeter. The Bluetooth swipe is included! all you need is cellular reception, get paid instantly. Print receipt, be ahead of the competition, jump into 2010 with the latest taxi tech!!! Taxi drivers or any vendor/agent in need of accepting credit card payments on the go will benefit from our solutions at:
  • Calibration of the Gleike Mini Taximeter (english captions) In this video you will learn how to calibrate a taximeter Gleike Mini. The captions are in english but the buttons and process remains the same for the French version. Visit us at You will learn how to calibrate a taximeter Gleike Mini. The captions are in english but the buttons and process remains the same for the French version. Visit us at
  • Taxi meter Gleike Mini Harness connection to SB (French Voice) In this video you will learn how to connect the harness to the socket board. Visit us at .

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