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  • A Grumman TBM-3, Avenger, sustained minor damage when it taxied into the empennage and fuselage of an amateur-built RV-6. Both aircraft were taxiing for takeoff on Papa taxiway (35 feet. — “ASN Aircraft accident 30-JUL-2006 Grumman TBM-3 Avenger N420GP”, aviation-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. to ride in a taxicab. — “Taxied - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • A chartered jetliner sank into the asphalt at Van Nuys Airport--a last-straw climax to the Rose Bowl visit of a planeload of irritated Wisconsin football fans--because it had somehow taxied onto. — “Jet Taxied on Pavement for Small Planes - Los Angeles Times”,
  • 1. The car at the end of the driveway needs to be painted. 8. The Airbus A330, which has two large engines, landed at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and taxied to the terminal. — “Please help me with my Homework? Can somebody check and make”,
  • The aircraft usually moves on wheels, but the term also includes aircraft with skis or An airplane uses taxiways to taxi from one place on an airport to another; for example,. — “Taxiing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • [edit] Verb. taxied. Simple past tense and past participle of taxi. /wiki/taxied" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “taxied - Wiktionary”,
  • Traducción en Español, Sinónimos, Definiciones y Ejemplos de Uso de Palabra en Inglés 'taxi' The plane taxied down the runway. andar en taxi; Sinónimos: take a cab, travel by taxi, move around by taxi; Ride in a taxicab. — “taxi - traducción de español - Diccionario Inglés-Español de”,
  • The following is a statement from RwandAir on the accident at Kigali International Airport where flight number WB205 bound for Entebbe taxied and hit the VIP building. This flight was operated by Jetlink Express Limited on behalf of RwandAir. — “One Passenger Dead Statement from Rwandair regarding aircraft”,
  • Encyclopedia article about taxied. Information about taxied in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “taxied definition of taxied in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • A Cessna Conquest II taxied onto the wrong runway in St. Louis and was flattened by a TWA airliner on a night takeoff in 1994. A The Cessna 152 taxied back onto the runway where another aircraft had been cleared for takeoff. — “AOPA Online: Runway Incursions”,
  • Definition of taxied from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of taxied. Pronunciation of taxied. Definition of the word taxied. Origin of the word taxied. — “taxied - Definition of taxied at ”,
  • Tucked away in the remote wilderness lies a spectacular destination offering breathtaking scenery and a world class fishery unlike anything you've One by one, with crisp efficiency and a safe distance between them, they taxied into the wind, accelerated, and lifted off into the brisk Alaskan air. — “Alaskan Odyssey - Florida Sport Fishing | The Journal for the”,
  • Taxied definition, a taxicab. See more. Link To taxied. Word Origin & History. taxi. 1907, shortening of taximeter cab (introduced in London in March 1907), from taximeter "automatic meter to record the distance and fare" (1898). — “Taxied | Define Taxied at ”,
  • Catch that flight! Get official Heathrow Airport (LHR) departure times direct from BAA's live flight checker. KUALA LUMPUR. TAXIED. Terminal four. 10:50. LH5355. BRUSSELS. AIRBORNE 11:06. Terminal one. 10:50. MH003. KUALA LUMPUR. TAXIED. Terminal four. 10:50. OU491. ZAGREB. TAXIED. Terminal one. — “BAA Heathrow: Flight departures today at Heathrow Airport”,
  • Definition of taxiing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of taxiing. 1. To transport by or as if by taxi: taxied the children to dance class; taxi documents to a law office. — “taxiing - definition of taxiing by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • We were not given permission to take off, the crew's time expired and as we taxied back to the terminal I felt mixed emotions. My mixed emotions as we taxied back to the terminal are similar to the signals our culture sends today about long work hours. — “Help Your Employees "Make" Time”,
  • Browse the latest car rumors and auto industry news including the blog: Top Gear USA Brings Taxied-Up Supercars to Cars and Coffee - Automobile Magazine. — “Top Gear USA Brings Taxied-Up Supercars to Cars and Coffee”,
  • Some of you noticed the old trailers in the background of the photos of the DOTS '88 Toyota pickup, and I anticipated that you'd want to see more of them when I shot the truck! Send a link to this post 'Old Trailers Rot Slowly Where A-6s Once Taxied' via email:. — “Old Trailers Rot Slowly Where A-6s Once Taxied”,
  • The nondescript 737 jet taxied to the front of the runway line at Chicago 's O'Hare International Airport. — “Immigration agency's airline flies tens of thousands of”,
  • he/she/it. had taxied. we. had taxied. they. had taxied. Future Perfect. I. will have taxied. you he/she/it. will have taxied. we. will have taxied. they. will have taxied. — “to taxi conjugations”,
  • Find rhyming words online with the FREE WriteExpress Rhyming Dictionary. — “taxied”,
  • He reported that the Avenger did not make any S-turns while it taxied on Papa taxiway. The video showed that after the Tundra taxied off the taxiway, the Avenger was in a slight turn to the right and then turned back. — “Landings: News: Aviation News by Pacific Flyer: ntsb-report-on”,

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  • Taxiing, take-off and then flying in a YAK-52 over Auckland Went for about a 30 minute flight with a good family friend John Beattie in a Yak-52, we taxied, took-off and 40 seconds into the flight John gave me the controls, we flew out over Orewa and started doing some Aerobatics over the Northern Motorway. It was awesome and I would do it again without hesitation.
  • Joes DR1 Setup and Taxi This is the first of three videos. This video shows Joe's DR-1 being setup and taxied before it's maiden flight. Joe spent 2 1/2 years building this beautiful aircraft. It's too bad the video can't show the detail.
  • Airbus A330-300 - Rejected Take-off - Lufthansa - EDDL This is a airbus A330-300 from Lufthansa aborting the take-off from dusseldorf airport. In our eyes it was almost at the rotate speed when it suddenly brakes very hard. You can see smoke coming out of the gear becauseof Hot Brakes. After sudden stop he taxied of the runway and comes to a hold. 5 minutes later he taxied to a gate following a follow me car. Then there where a lot of events on the other side of the plane. There are rumors that the right engine was replaced. We will let you know when there is some more information. 3 Hours later he departed to chicago. Thanks for Watching, Please Subscribe.
  • Taxi In The ***pit (Casino Express 737-200) First you see this classic 1969 ex-PSA Boeing taxi to the gate after landing Runway 8, then after dropping off passengers it crossed Runway 15 and parks at the FBO overnight. I got up early the next morning and taxied in the jumpseat with the crew to go back to the terminal to pick up pax for the flight back to Elko, NV. (20156/181)
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  • Dragonair's A330-300 taxied at RCKH Dragonair B-HYD and "I want nobody nobody but you..."
  • "Our last day of being taxied" Sherberts2's photos around Agra, India Preview of Sherberts2's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Agra, India Entry Title: "Our last day of being taxied!" Entry: "Saturday 27th February Up at the crack of dawn -- actually it's still pitch black! We were advised that the best time to see the Taj Mahal was at sunrise (or sunset) and that we needed to be there by 6am. So alarm set we get up at 05.40 -- shower is freezing cold so we didn't bother. We head first for the ticket office and pay enormous dues including taxes and head down the road with shouts of do you want a rickshaw/tuk-tuk/taxi etc. The walk is only 1 km away so we use 'shankses' pony. Mike politely tells the Indians what this means. We arrive at the east gate and form a queue which changes later as we have to form two queues -- men and women. Then another man comes along and wants to move us and so it goes on. The gates actually don't open until about 6.45 and sunrise is rapidly diminishing but you can't do anything about it. Because we were there early we are one of the first to enter and hurriedly enter through the archway to see the Taj Mahal and picture it -- in many ways. It is beautiful, stunning, amazing and breathtaking and there are already hordes of people taking photographs and getting in the way. We walk down through the gardens to the mausoleum cover our shoes with paper shoes given free with our tickets and ...
  • Niko gets taxied by niko niko vs niko
  • NWEAA B 25 Taxi 07112009 Was surprised that this aircraft did not fly during the Warbird flight session. Only started up and taxied to the other side of the airfield. B-25 is a WW2 Medium Bomber, early claim to fame was the Doolittle Raid off the carrier Hornet to Japan in April 1942. Some models sported a solid nose area with 6-8 .50 cal machine guns. Some even carried a 75mm cannon for anti-shipping in the Pacific Theatre. A versatile airframe indeed.
  • Bristol Freighter - First Taxi In 20 Years Bristol Freighter ZK-CPT - First Taxi In 20 Years In 1986 the Bristol Freighter ZK-CPT ('Merchant Courier') was flown into Omaka Aerodrome (Blenheim, New Zealand) and retired. The aircraft engines were subsequently run on several occasions, but this has not occurred for over 20 years. Enter Alastair Marshall - ex RNZAF Engine Technician, now commercial pilot, and a piston engine enthusiast. Over the past few months, Al has been working on the two Bristol Hercules engines on the aircraft, with the goal of getting the old girl to come to life once more. On 27th September 2008, both engines were fired up, and the aircraft taxied about on Omaka Aerodrome for the first time in approximately twenty years. Congratulations to Al and his team of willing helpers. If anyone wants to read more about this project, see this website -----
  • Jet Explodes While Taxiing For Takeoff At Siberian Airport, A Russian passenger jet carrying 124 people caught fire as it taxied down a snowy runway in Siberia and then exploded on Saturday, killing three people and injuring 43, including six who were badly burned, officials said.
  • NTSB Animation Runway Incursion Korean Air flight 36 and Air China 9018 Courtesy NTSB On April 1, 1999, just after 2 o'clock in the morning, Korean Air flight 36 and Air China 9018, both Boeing 747s, nearly collided on runway 14 Right at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Air China had just landed and was rolling out on runway 14 right when the tower controller instructed Korean Air to taxi into position and hold. After Air China exited the runway at taxiway T10, the tower controller instructed the flight to turn left on taxiway Kilo and cross runway 27 left. The tower controller then cleared Korean Air for takeoff. As the airplane was rolling down the runway, Air China deviated from its assigned taxi route and taxied on to runway 14 Right. The Korean Air captain saw the 747 taxiing on to the runway but it was too late to stop. Instead, Korean Air 36 lifted off earlier than normal and banked left to avoid striking Air China. The two aircraft, carrying 382 people, missed colliding by about 80 feet.
  • Taxied Battle-Field 55-7 (High lights) 75 Likes and Comments again? Thanks guys! hey guys taxi poo here bringing you a nice battle field commentary/ highlights so do me a favor comment rate and subscribe and love me because you know i love u
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines taxied at RCTP KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight 877 from EHAM from VTBS taxied at RCTP on June 20th,2010
  • B-17 "Memphis Belle" taxiing and in flight I was fortunate enough to be visiting an airfield in England one summer when the B-17 used in the film Memphis Belle was performing flight drills there. It taxied right past me, turned around, then took off. It was very cool.
  • Hawker Hind being started up and taxied Hawker Hind being started up with a model T Based auto starter.
  • A White Egret Being Taxied down the Pond By The Gator Video that I shot of a White Egret Riding upon the Back of a Florida Gator
  • Valentine Flyer taxies, loaded Wright "B" Flyer Inc. is deploying two lookalikes of 1910-11 Wright Model B airplanes from Dayton, Ohio, to Fort Sam Houston in Texas. Wright "B" Flyer is a nonprofit organization that promotes Dayton's aviation heritage by flying and displaying lookalikes of the Wright brothers' Model B airplane. On March 2, 2010, the "Brown Bird" will make flybys over the parade field where Benjamin Foulois flew 100 years ago. The Valentine Flyer or "Yellow Bird" will be taxied on the field. To prepare the Yellow Bird, we ran its engine and taxied it for the first time in many years, and then loaded it in its cargo box. Here video clips from February 2010.
  • Me & Jasmine;; Being 'Taxied" around in a hospital bed.. lol
  • Beech 18's are flying, DC-3 are taxiing. At Sun-N-Fun 2008, a couple of Beech 18s flew by and a sharp looking DC-3 taxied by on the taxiway, a good place to taxi I guess. I hope you enjoy!
  • F/A-18 Hornet Taxiing at MQY in Smyrna, TN This McDonnell Douglas F18 landed today at MQY in Smyrna Tennessee. It taxied over to the Ramp infront of Smyrna Air Center.
  • Taxied Around Kevin and myself are driven within Kampala, Uganda. This isn't an actual Matatus. Although this is exactly what a Matatus looks like, except jam packed. The score is something I put together years ago. I couldn't get away with the soundtrack from Taxi. Somehow they caught it right away.
  • Imagine 360 controllers- Taxied Make sure to let him know we sent you or no more chinese babys
  • DHL A300 EI-OZB Taxiing @ Brussels EBBR On the 3th of October 2010 DHL Express opened it's doors to the public. Once this aircraft was stuffed with cargo it set off and taxied to the active departure runway which was 25R today in Brussels (ICAO: EBBR).
  • WestJet 737 Blows tires on Landing at Toronto Pearson This happened at around 7pm this evening. Winds were gusting to 42 knots. We were taxiing back to the hangar after a long day and I happened to take this video. You can see a puff of smoke as the plane touches down. A few minutes later, firetrucks went screaming down the runway. We listened to the radio - all the port side tires were blown and most of the starboard ones were too. Plane taxied off the runway and was then disabled on a taxiway. ATC said it would be an hour or so before they could deplane. Someone had a bad day in the ***pit...
  • NorthWest Airlines 747-400 Taxied off to Narita From Los Angeles FS2002 I made this video in memory of NorthWest Airlines when it was in service a few years back until it became bankrupt a few years back.
  • Taxiing in LAX (part 1) After landing in LAX, (one of my videos), I recorded our progress as we taxied to our gate-which I forgot.Video taken in row 24, last row in our semi-spacious airbus 319 with service from Chicago to LA.........
  • Taxiing At EAA Oshkosh AirVenture 2009 Taxiing in the grass to parking at EAA Oshkosh AirVenture 2009 on Wednesday, July 29, 2009. We taxied on the bumpy grass for quite some time to our parking spot. This added to the excitement of just having arrived at Oshkosh after hours of flying.
  • F-22 Raptor Jet Taxied on runway F-22 Raptor Jet Taxied on runway right in front of me.
  • A GP40 surprise on NJT 5449 Here we are at Union Station, where we get a big surprise on the tail end of New Jersey Transit Train 5449, the Raritan Valley Line local to Raritan. Today's consist is PL42AC 4013 with 6 Comet coaches and GP40PH-2B 4201 bringing up the markers. The only reason this engine was in the consist was because it was being taxied to Raritan Yard so that it could tie on to P40DC 4802 and drag it back to Kearny. I think this was a great catch, because the 4201 was MU'ed with the train, but the HEP CAT engine wasn't on, which gives pure, unadulterated EMD 645 rev when the train departs. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome. The video was taken on May 7th, 2009.
  • Piper Arrow Flight From Braden to Atlantic City via Philadelphia We took off in the Piper Arrow from Braden (N43) and flew south to Philadelphia. We flew over Philadelphia and right by the skyline and then made a turn east toward Atlantic City. After landing at Atlantic City International, we taxied to the FBO and went into the terminal for a snack. After starting the plane back up, I called clearance delivery and requested clearance back to Braden via KPHL. They took some time but they got us the clearance. We taxied to the runway and stopped and held the brakes just to make sure we get every bit of power for the takeoff on such a short runway (lol).
  • STS-117 Atlantis & 747 Taxi Off Runway After Landing At KSC - The 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, with space shuttle Atlantis, has landed at Kennedy Space Center July 3 at the end of a cross-country ferry flight. The 747 then taxied from the runway to the Mate-Demate Device so the shuttle could be unmounted and taken to a processing hangar.
  • The Taxied Para***uality Of C Schumann There is something mystical about birth and invention. That I knew someone who was proven by fact never to haveplayed a work of a composer; that he or she 'composed' this work, and this was discovered subsequently many years later to be really Schumann. It's like your own birth, perhaps, and we are all given various explanaions, aren;t we, of where we came from. You may guess the wizz lids knowit all. But I have proven beyond all doubt there are one or two rare circumstances in life which totally defy expanation and this is hinted in the music played here. To try to explain it would less be believed - but that I tell you I have proven it really happened. It is like: Upon A Time a little girl dreamt to fall in love. She studdied the maps, she ventured to the museums and cities of the great explorers. Athenienne to the touch, Parisienne to quinneal, she dreamt to become a business woman. As she grew older, she discovered the touch, the quinneal, and the business of all that is money was becoming to her a pain; that as much as she produced, the further she got from the city she so desired inside of her. One day, she touched the man who fell in love with her.She had believed that only money sounded all wealth, that there was art and money. But this any artist knows is an illusion - that explicitly hers knew one day she would be tempted by more than money, and she bid for it that she would acquire it. Yet, this young lady who was growing daily into a woman knew that if she ...
  • ryanair 737 luton (windy) take off a very shaky take off at luton on runway 26, on ryanair's 13:10 flight 333 to dublin. We were rocking all over the place on the runway. After lift off note the gust of wind knocking us around, and it was quite hard to hold the camera still, sorry about that. Never taxied soo fast maniac pilot i swear, we taxied to runway, then a wizzair turned on and went up to the end to take off, and we cut in front of it and went from half way down could'nt believe it. You can see a private jet queing up after us, and near the end you can see the m1 motorway. Look out for the landing at dublin, and the return flight videos :) 26/08/09
  • TIGER AIRWAYS A320's IN & OUT OF BUDGET TERMINAL 99th Video Tiger Airways A320's In and out of budget terminal The A320 that taxied into the gate was my flight bound to Banglore ...........TR652/9V-TAD The A320 that was Departing , was Bound to Haikou..... Hope you Enjoy ................please rate & comment .... :P
  • Taxied- Had a Bad Day- Failtage Godd bless infinity ward and if black ops screws up baby walruses all over the world will be in a deep deep trouble
  • Business Jets @ CYSN----October 2nd 2009 This was an unexpected arrival of not 1, but 2 business jets at St. Catharines Niagara District Airport (CYSN). I didn't get the arrival of the Citation, infact I didn't know it was there until I heard it taxiing on the ramp. When it left about 25-30 mins later, I caught it taxi out and hold short of runway 01. I just happened to turn around as I was filming, just in time to see a Learjet 55C leaving runway 24 as it taxied to the ramp. This video shows it taxi in and shut down. Seconds later, a Piper Aztec landed on the active 06 and taxied to private parking away from the ramp area. The Citation than departed on 06. Im not sure where the Citation went, but the pilot had a middle-eastern accent, and the aircraft's registration was a bit unfamiliar to me, M-MHMH. I just happened to have my camera on me at the time so I caught them in action. Enjoy!
  • Delta connection taxi to wrong gate @ HPN Delta connection taxi to gate @ HPN. The pilots were told to gate 5 but they taxied to gate 1. They were told the bad news by the ops officer. Bad pilot mistake...could be worse though.
  • United B777-200 Taking off from London-Heathrow and Landing at Washington-Dulles This includes brief taxiing to Runway 09-R, take-off followed by immediate rolling to the south and then west, as well as the landing on Runway 19-L at Washington-Dulles some 7 hours-45 minutes later. The take-off commences at 2:08 into the video with the footage of decent at 5:36, and the actual landing at 7:30 into the clip. The take-off was about 4:30PM London time and the landing at 7:15PM Washington time, offering a nice view of the shadow of the 777 during the landing. I included the landing with this part in the video since the landing and the gate to which we taxied at Dulles is nearly identical to that of the B767 landing from Zurich.
  • Vari-Eze taxiing back to ramp After he landed, he turned around and back-taxied runway 31 to the ramp where we were standing. This was runway 31 at Andrews University Airpark in Berrien Springs Michigan.
  • MiG-23 Cold War Air Museum Jon Taxi 20100123.wmv The Cold War Air Museum MiG-23 being taxied at Lancaster Airport

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  • “Our flight out of Puerto Vallarta was delayed, and then even once we got to LA and taxied to the gate, they didn't open the doors for us to get out for almost half an hour. Once we found the shuttle t Travel Blog " North America " United States " Hawaii " Big Island " Kailua-Kona”
    — On to Hawaii,

  • “We needed shelves and table legs so we hopped on the FREE Ikea Water Taxi from the South I remembered as we taxied to park that it was Rib Night! I saw the sign last time we were”
    — Skimkim Says Eat Me. " Blog Archive " RIB NIGHT AT IKEA,

  • “I locked out KFLL frequencies irrelevant to this event as the aircraft taxied. for showing and voicing their respect as Capt Sully taxied his A321”
    — Sully's last flight | ,

  • “However when I taxied to the gate the plane next to me was pointing nose upward, and the on the other side of the airport taxied the wrong way (backwards) also only in 2D”
    — Rocketing into the sky,

  • “The Aviation Blog The Victor was only meant to have slowly taxied down the runway and stop for a photoshoot, but the co-pilot had accidentally slammed on the throttle, sending it 150ft up into the sky”
    — Search for taxied at - Aviation Blog,

  • “We taxied back to our hotel, the St. George Lyycabettus. I was assuming that jet lag (1 Feedjit Live Blog Stats. Minds to Ponder: "Everything that. irritates us. about others. can”
    — Laura's Psychology Blog " First Day in Greece,

  • “Takeoffs and Landings: NWA taxied $1.2M into 1Q lobbying http:///blog/client/trackback.cfm?783213B8-9A09-3EBD-583029B4D3331908 [Add Trackback] Comments (Comment Moderation is enabled. Your comment will not appear until approved”
    — Takeoffs and Landings: NWA taxied $1.2M into 1Q lobbying,

  • “CBS, Dick Rutan and the Barefoot Bandit. November 13, 2010 by Mike The Waco is the first tailwheel that I've taxied in which I needed to do S-turns along”
    — AOPA Pilot Blog: Reporting Points,

  • “casue ive neevr seen daughter, and i just rememebr yum nice battles in the past,..and i left 5 secodns later did teh groicveies taxied back, and put some music on,..dont really like saying that, i odnt liek reading it either,..trying to not think”
    — Eminem : Yo Goo,

  • “After the spambots, after the blog space, after LiveJournal trailing on the floor JetBlue Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh had taxied to a stop at Terminal 5, Gate C around”
    — - third time's the charm,

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