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  • movies and pictures of amazing water bears We are developing the tardigrade. Hypsibius dujardini as a new model. for studying how alterations to. development can drive the. evolution of morphology. — “Tardigrades - movies and pictures”, tardigrades.bio.unc.edu
  • This page and all others in the // hierarchy are Copyright Allyn Weaks 1995-2006 unless otherwise specified. Send mail to the local webmaster at webber care of . — “”,
  • Tardigrade definition, any microscopic, chiefly herbivorous invertebrate of the phylum Tardigrada, living in water, on mosses, lichens, etc. See more. — “Tardigrade | Define Tardigrade at ”,
  • Tardigrades grow only to a size of about 1mm, but they can easily be seen with a microscope. All tardigrades possess a bucco-pharyngeal apparatus, a complex structure. The claws and the bucco-pharyngeal apparatus are morphological characteristics used to. — “Tardigrade Facts”, iwu.edu
  • After a lengthy design and development period experimenting with a variety of bushcraft knife designs, I finally came up with the Tardigrade Wilderness Knife and shortly after the slightly smaller Tardigrade Bushcraft Knife (both now in their Mk3 phase). — “Tardigrade”, tardigrade.biz
  • Definition of tardigrade from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of tardigrade. Pronunciation of tardigrade. Definition of the word tardigrade. Origin of the word tardigrade. — “tardigrade - Definition of tardigrade at ”,
  • Tardigrade, or water bear, is any of the various very small, segmented invertebrates comprising the phylum Tardigrada, characterized by bilateral symmetry, four pairs of unjointed legs, and a eutelic body (fixed number of body cells in mature adults of any one species). — “Tardigrade - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Tardigrades (commonly known as water bears or moss piglets)[3] form the phylum Tardigrada, part of the superphylum Ecdysozoa. Tardigrade genomes vary in size, from about 75 to 800 megabase pairs of DNA.[26] The genome of a tardigrade species, Hypsibius. — “Tardigrade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of tardigrade in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tardigrade. Pronunciation of tardigrade. Translations of tardigrade. tardigrade synonyms, tardigrade antonyms. Information about tardigrade in the free online English dictionary and. — “tardigrade - definition of tardigrade by the Free Online”,
  • Tardigrades at ANSP. Links to other sites. TARDIGRADE SCIENCE. Tardigrade Literature ANSP Tardigrade Catalog. Links to major collections. Disclaimers & credits Site Map. — “Tardigrade Reference Center”,
  • Please note the following mental and health risks: in some case addictive behaviour towards tardigrades has been noted. Please note that it might be unwise to mention tardigrades in presence of those biology teachers who have never heard of them. — “Tardigrades (Tardigrada): images, video clips, text and”,
  • Tardigrades (Water Bears) Created by Sarah Bordenstein, Marine Biological Laboratory Tardigrades (Tardigrada), also known as water bears or moss piglets, are a phylum of. — “Tardigrades”, serc.carleton.edu
  • Collection of popular articles about insects and spiders in the Seattle, Washington area. The Scarabs are most grateful to for this space in which to educate the public about bugs. — “Bug Information from The Scarabs”,
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  • tardigrade ( ) n. Any of various slow-moving, microscopic invertebrates of the phylum Tardigrada, related to the arthropods and having four body. — “tardigrade: Definition from ”,
  • Welcome to the research site on the unusual creatures called tardigrades. Click below (under my picture) on my link for the tardigrade population survey I conducted in New Jersey. — “USA Tardigrade Home”, tardigrade.us
  • Tardigrade is a music studio album recording by SIMON SAYS (Symphonic Prog/Progressive Rock) released in 2008 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Tardigrade's : cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up,. — “SIMON SAYS Tardigrade music reviews and MP3”,
  • tardigrade (comparative more tardigrade, superlative most tardigrade) Wikipedia has an article on: Tardigrade. Wikipedia. From New Latin Tardigrada ("a phylum of. — “tardigrade - Wiktionary”,
  • Libre Software for Gnu/Linux Electronic Musicians. — “Tardigrade Inc. | free software for gnu/linux electronic”, tardigrade-

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  • Water Bear (Tardigrade) Water bear found in wastewater treatment process.
  • Tardigrade Video Science Friday
  • Tardigrade (Hypsibius dujardini) Tardigrade dance! Watch the water bear boogie!
  • Tardigrades in space on NatGeoTV UNC Chanel Hill laboratory discusses tardigrades on the National Geographic channel.
  • Demons Souls Walkthrough Trailer [HD] Demons Souls Walkthrough Trailer [HD] Developer: SCEA Release: 10/6/2009 Genre: RPG Platform: PS3 Publisher: Atlus Website: mons- King Allant the 13th has searched effortlessly to expand his power. A great ice shrine in the mountains that brings souls to him, called the Nexus, has brought great prosperity to his kingdom. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:
  • Tardigrade Tardigrade aka water bear through hacked webcam microscope at super hacteria / biolectronix workshop by Andy Gracie & Dr. Marc Dusseiller at Piksel09 in Bergen
  • Tardigrade Living tardigrade from moss collected in Nebraska.Pictures were shot using a Nikon AlphaPhot teaching compound microscope with a trinocular head and a mounted camera. Ill shoot some scales and post them separately as a short video. Lowest mags were with a 4X objectives, next mags with a 10X objective, and highest with a 40X objective. The camera tube has no separate eyepiece lens. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • Anhydrobiosis in Tardigrades - desiccation and rehydration Desiccation and rehydration in tardigrades. This tardigrade dried up and became a ball-like form called "tun", and recovered after rehydrated by addition of water.
  • Tardigrade dance A Tardigrade (water bear) from MBR WWTP mixed liquor after increased pond return. 100x mag & 400x mag.Music backing, no narration.
  • TARDIGRADE death-space
  • tardigrades (Goldstein lab, UNC Chapel Hill) A concentrated mass of water bears (Hypsibius dujardini) isolated from a larger culture. The dark spot in the center of each one is algae they've just eaten.
  • Tardigrades- we finally discovered 'em! Small fascinating animals which are able to fall into cryptobiosis if surroundings get worse... And of course so cute, with their look of small bears.
  • tardigrades from Leichlingen Tardigrades form the moss sample collected in Leichlingen (order Parachela) Shot with Zeiss "L" microscope using PZO 20/0.4 and Zeiss 40/0.65 achromatic objectives usinng CCTV camere without the eyepiece and lens. Critical illumination with the mirror a difussing plane and a desk lamp.
  • Tardigrade - Water Bear Tardigrade through a light microscope, 100X magnification. From Wikipedia: Tardigrades (phylum Tardigrada), known as "water bears", are microscopic, water-dwelling, segmented animals. Found in all corners of the globe, tardigrades are extremophiles, meaning that they are able to survive in extreme environments that would kill almost any other animal. Some can survive temperatures of -273°C, close to absolute zero, temperatures as high as 151 °C (303 °F), 1000 times more radiation than other animals such as humans, nearly a decade without water, and even the vacuum of space. They do this by reversibly suspending their metabolism and going into a state of cryptobiosis. In this cryptobiotic state the tardigrade is known as a tun. Several species regularly survive in a dehydrated state for nearly ten years. Depending on the environment they may enter this state via anhydrobiosis, cryobiosis, osmobiosis or anoxybiosis. While in this state their metabolism lowers to less than 0.01% of normal and their water content can drop to 1% of normal.
  • The water bear (tardigrade), the most extreme animal on our planet Meet the water bear, the world thoughest animal. Measuring only some 0.1 to 1.5mm, this tiny creature resembles a minature bear. Read all about it at Watch more fascinating animal video's at
  • Tardigrades (commonly known as water bears or moss piglets) under a compound microscope Captured using a Canon 5D mark II using a compound microscope at the University of Nottingham. (not edited yet, look out for upcoming edited videos in microscopy.
  • Tardigrade (water bear) + vegetable material Water Bear Walking on a cluster of vegetable material. no textures or lights. viewport render An article about "Water Bears" from Science Daily caused a surge of traffic for this and other videos:
  • Spore Tardigrade This video was created using the Spore Creature Creator. My user name is SpongB6F1. To see the real animal go here:
  • Tardigrades from tardigrades.bio.unc.edu Short video of water bears walking and eating algae. Under polarized light, the feeding stylets and granules in the gut light up.
  • Water bear (tardigrade) walking and eating moss For more information on tardigradae, see
  • Tardigrade (water bear) Note the molted cuticle containing eggs
  • Tardigrade We finally found a tardigrade for our school project. Crap quality 'cause it was taken with a K800i.
  • Tardigrade moulting The moulting process. You can see the animal inside old cuticula trying to pierce ith with stylets and finally breaking free. Shot with Zeiss "L" microscope using PZO 20/0.4 and Zeiss 40/0.65 achromatic objectives usinng CCTV camere without the eyepiece and lens. Critical illumination with the mirror a difussing plane and a desk lamp.
  • tardigrades Under the microscope, eight-legged water bears are revealed crawling amongst the mosses. In this 20-minute documentary tardigrades, along side rotifers, nematodes, and a cast of other microscopic specimens are uncovered, bared, observed, and celebrated. Julie Mink is a filmmaker and biologist, graduating from Chatham University in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in natural history filmmaking. Since college, Julie has been working as a production assistant and editor, interning for the Pennsylvania League of Young Voters, acting as marketing designer for the local film collective Neighborhood Narratives, and serving as a volunteer for Pittsburgh's Women in Film and Television. Her upcoming projects include an oekaki stylized animation and an animated photo roman. She is also working on expanding and updating her feature length screenplay entitled Przestawiać.
  • tardigrade
  • Tardigrade shedding it's skin - music by D*NOTE Tardigrades (water bears) from an SBR WWTP mixed liquor . See a Tardigrade shedding it's skin (with eggs left inside the skin). By shedding their skin, these amazing creatures are able to increase in size. 100x mag & 400x mag.Music backing by D*Note, no narration.
  • Tardigrades (Water Bears) For Ms. Valla's Biology class.
  • A Water Bear (tardigrade) from my backyard pond water I found this microscopic "water bear" (aka, tardigrade) in an eyedropper-full of water from the backyard pond/puddle. Note the claws on its 8 legs, as well as bear-like (?) movements, that gave rise to the common name. They can survive complete desiccation ("cryptobiosis") that is common in their natural habitats of small puddles of water. This one measures about 0.25mm (1/100 of an inch) in length. I released it to the same water where I found it. [Specimen collected on 3/4/2010. Location: Pleasanton, CA, USA]
  • Tardigrade final render Final render of a Water bear "swim" animation. though the micron texture is a little distorted with movement im rather pleased with the result. An article about "Water Bears" from Science Daily caused a surge of traffic for this and other videos:
  • Tardigrade - Water Bear or Moss Piglet Video of a Tardigrade, also called a Water Bear or Moss Piglet. After several tries trying to find one in moss collected from my roof and my yard, I finally found one in some moss collected at a nearby wildlife park. They are much larger than I thought they would be. This video was recorded using a Tucsen 10Mp USB video camera mounted on the Trinocular port of an Amscope T-490B microscope at 4x and 10x. In September 2007, tardigrades were taken into low Earth orbit on the FOTON-M3 mission and for 10 days were exposed to the vacuum of space. After they were returned to Earth, it was discovered that many of them survived and laid eggs that hatched normally, making these the only animals known to be able to survive the vacuum of space. By the way, I am looking for a Nikon Fluophot Phase Contrast Condenser. If you have one for sale, or know of one, please contact me.
  • A brown striped tardigrade (water bear) from Northern California I found this brown-colored, striped tardigrade (aka, water bear) among the lichen samples collected near Trinity National Forest, French Gulch, Shasta County, California, USA. (It's near Redding, CA, in the northernmost part of California.) My thanks to Juni Caimanque, who collected the lichen samples at my request near his high school on March 29, 2010.
  • Simon Says - Tardigrade (2008) Simon Says - Tardigrade (2008) 02. Tardigrade (343)
  • Tardigrades Documentary - opening sequence (2008) Opening to the full thesis film, a 20 minute natural history documentary on tardigrades, rotifers, nematodes, and other micro and meioscopic organisms. The production process went on for 11 months of 2007. Over 190 samples were taken from mosses, soils, leaf litter, water bodies, and the like. Six of the samples contained tardigrades. **Watch the full documentary at ** Tardigrades are also nicknamed water bears or moss piglets. They are microscopic animals most commonly found in mosses or along ocean shores. They have a similar appearance to bears and have eight legs. Some are armored, some are not.
  • Tardigrade (Water Bear) Water Bear from moss
  • Tardigrade (Water Bear) Details Smooth and Detailed Water Bear Animation. no textures or lights. An article about "Water Bears" from Science Daily caused a surge of traffic for this and other videos:
  • Tardigrade (Water Bear) Water Bear under dark field
  • Tardigrade from freshwater sponge (February 2009) Taken from a sample of freshwater sponge found in a pond in Homewood Cemetery. Tardigrade with 2 pair of claws.
  • Tardigrade 3 Yet another tardigrade movie
  • Water bear (music by ekoostik hookah) video by Steven J Myers. Music by Ekoostik Hookah , video by Steven J Myers. This is a video I done before I was in School. I really didn't know what I was doing back then.

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