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  • My favorite:. — “Welcome to the Stin-G”, stin-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of TARANTISM : a dancing mania or malady of late medieval Europe. Origin of TARANTISM. New Latin tarantismus, from Taranto, Italy. First Known Use: circa 1656. — “Tarantism - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Tarantism album by Tito & Tarantula including album title, track listings, release dates, guest artists, record label info and user reviews on AOL Music. — “Tarantism - Tito & Tarantula”,
  • Pronunciation of tarantism. Translations of tarantism. tarantism synonyms, tarantism antonyms. Information about tarantism in the free online English dictionary and tarantism - a nervous disorder characterized by an uncontrollable impulse to dance; popularly attributed to bite of the southern. — “tarantism - definition of tarantism by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of tarantism from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of tarantism. Pronunciation of tarantism. Definition of the word tarantism. Origin of the word tarantism. — “tarantism - Definition of tarantism at ”,
  • tarantism 25 - le geek, c'est chic! Tarantism // 11.10.10 // Tarantism 25 - Le Geek, C'est Chic! This is by far the strangest theme we've done yet. I, Marco, am prepared to admit I am a geek. And I was even more-so of a geek a good few years ago when I was in school. — “Subcity Radio // Shows // Tarantism //”,
  • Tarantism Similar Albums: Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Artist: Tito & Tarantula Rating: Release Date: October 28,. — “Tarantism: Information from ”,
  • Listen free to Tarantism: After Dark, Turn It Up (edit) & more, plus 7 pictures. Two bands share this name. One is a Seattle noise music act, the other is a Glastonbury fusion act. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the. — “Tarantism – Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at”, last.fm
  • Tarantism definition, a mania characterized by an uncontrollable impulse to dance, esp. as prevalent in southern Italy from the 15th to the 17th century, popularl See more. — “Tarantism | Define Tarantism at ”,
  • We hope you will find everything you want to know about Tarantism. and our friends and our loves. At the moment the band are busy in the studio and the album is really coming along, we have most of the instruments recorded and the vocals are. — “Tarantism”,
  • Info on the band, Curse Toast, their friends, fiction, artwork, music, manifestos and so much more. For all future Tarantism band news, please go to a band's individual website to get the most up-to-date info. — “Tarantism Records”,
  • Tarantism is an alleged, possibly deadly envenomation, popularly believed to result from the bite of a kind of wolf spider called a "tarantula" (Lycosa tarantula) The stated belief of the time was that victims needed to engage in frenzied dancing to prevent death from tarantism. — “Tarantism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • You can now subscribe to The Tarantism on Google Reader! Google users, just click 'Add a As The Tarantism grows, we want to hear from our users! We have opened a public suggestions box where you can voice your opinions on what direction. — “The Tarantism”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Tarantism. Get exclusive content and interact with Tarantism right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Tarantism | Facebook”,
  • Visit related products for tarantism, including CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVDs, Books and other tarantism-related products when you use the quick search function at . — “tarantism Related Products at ”,
  • Tarantism (album) - Reference Tarantism is the debut album by Los Angeles rock band Tito & Tarantula, released in 1997. The album was the first full-length CD that the band ever released, after developing a fan base. — “Tarantism (album) - Reference”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Tarantism. Download Tarantism Alternative / Folk / Ska music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Tarantism's blog. — “Tarantism on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Tarantism: A disease once thought to result from the bite of the tarantula spider. In the 15th to 17th centuries, the city of Taranto in southern Italy was the center of tarantism which spread across most of southern Europe. — “Tarantism definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of”,
  • TARANTISM is, allegedly, a deadly envenomation from the bite of a kind of wolf spider called a "tarantula" (Lycosta Tarentula). ( These spiders are different from the The cultural history of tarantism and the tarantella dance is. — “PEPPERMINT IGUANA TARANTISM INTERVIEW”,
  • Share your videos with friends, family, and the world 14 January 2006. tarantism subscribed to TheSecretChannel (4 days ago) tarantism liked a video (1 week ago). — “YouTube - tarantism's Channel”,
  • : Tarantism: Tito & Tarantula: Music TARANTISM is Tito & Tarantula's best-selling CD to date and, although it contains only 10 tracks, they are some of the band's best known songs: From the full-throttle, sultry and white-hot "After Dark" (is there a red-blooded male out there. — “: Tarantism: Tito & Tarantula: Music”,

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  • "(Tarantism) Let's Go Out Tonight" by Transmit Now [With Lyrics] Transmit Now is a great band with a pop/alternative kind of sound. They have great lyrics, and put on an amazing live show. They are currently in the middle of making a music video for this song, so check 'em out XD *CREDITS TO:* Transmit Now's facebook. myspace, purevolume, and youtube for the pictures. Transmit Now's CD Downtown Merry-Go-Round for the song "Let's Go Out Tonight" SUBSCRIBE!! ............................................................. Lyrics: She motions baby come on with it, come on with it, I'm ready for anything, baby you and me. I'm feeling so over this, I'll let go of it, I'm ready for anything. Can't you see through me? She said take me like you want me, 'cause you're never gonna get me alone, again. Take me like you want me 'cause you're never gonna get me alone, and I think you should follow me out, follow me out. So let's go out tonight, I'm gonna show you all the ways I want you. Show me the way that you move your body. You know I love the way you dance up on me. So let's go out tonight, and we can tear this town apart together. If you won't speak, then I won't wait, you shouldn't think about it anyway. Hold on tight, close your eyes, just take a breath and hold it in, it'll be alright. What I'm trying to say, is that there is no other way, I'm thinking you should just stay and take me She said take me like you want me, 'cause you're never gonna get me alone, again. Take me like you want me 'cause you're never gonna get me alone, woah oh, woah ...
  • Lanigan's Ball - Tarantism Classic irish song revamped by Tarantism. I don't own any rights to this track but would love to spread the word as its brilliant!!
  • Tarantism Credit Processing Announcement Today Drew Rotner & Sebastian Valdez bring you news about our new ability to accept all major credit cards, and briefly explain what our theme means.
  • Tarantism Excursions into the Fluff Zone - Heartical rmx
  • Tarantism (excerpt) Tarantism by Joachim Koester 16 mm film installation (6.31 min), 2007 Tarantism is a condition in Southern Italy resulting form the bite of the wolf spider, known as the tarantula. The bite causes numerous symptoms from nausea, difficulties in speech, delirium, heightened excitability and restlessness in the victims. Their bodies are seized by convulsions that previously could only be cured by a sort of frenzied dancing. Even the Bishop of Polignano who in the 17th century allowed himself to be bitten to disprove the cure, felt compelled to dance to relieve his symptoms. This "dancing-cure" called The Tarantella emerged during the Middle Ages as a local phenomena around the city of Galatina and was practiced everywhere in the region until the middle of the 20th century. Meanwhile the dance developed from a form of uncoordinated movements (where people would "quiver and hurl their heads, shake their knees, grind their teeth and make the actions of madmen") till today where The Tarantella is known as a highly stylized dance for couples. My interest in Tarantism lies in its original promise - a dance of uncontrolled and compulsive movements, spasms and convulsions. My intention was to film a group of dancers that explore this grey zone: the fringes of the body and make a 16mm film structured around six individually choreographed parts, each defined by a different set of rules. The process of creating and filming Tarantism therefore takes the form of a "game", an idea put in ...
  • Tarantism live at Edinburg Castle
  • TiTo Tarantula- Bay Area Backstage- Tarantism Tour- San Jose Ca. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Humberto "Tito" Larriva is a Mexican/American song writer, singer, musician and actor. Early life Larriva was born in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, and El Paso, Texas. As a child he played the violin in the school orchestra and sang in the church and school choirs where he met his wife Janet Carroll. In 1972 Larriva snuck into Yale University for a full term without being noticed. After being kicked out of the Ivy League university, he moved to Mexico City and in 1975 moved to Los Angeles, California. He now lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and daughter and continues to work in the music and film industries. Music career Larriva was the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for punk band The Plugz. He formed The Plugz in Hollywood, California in 1978. Their presence during the birth of West Coast punk has ensured their enduring influence on punk bands. Record label Rhino recognized their role in the Los Angeles music scene by including their version of "La Bamba" on "We're Desperate: The LA Scene (1976-79)." The Plugz released two albums, Electrify Me (1978) and Better Luck (1981). The Plugz also scored the cult classic film Repo Man and contributed three songs to the Repo Man soundtrack.. Cruzados In 1984 The Plugz evolved into the Cruzados. In 1985, they released a self-titled album on Arista Records. The second album After Dark released in 1987 featured new guitarist Marshall Rohner. The band broke up in ...
  • Transmit Now- Tarantism (Let's Go Out Tonight) @ HOB Transmit Now at the House of Blues in Orlando Florida November the with Anberlin
  • UPstaged - Tarantism UPstaged! 2012 - Crossover Dance Studios Showcase Saturday, 28 April 2012 Wesley Mission Theatre Crossover Dance. Enjoy Performance! /crossoverdance
  • The Green Gathering,2011,Tarantism. The Green Gathering,2011, Tickets for The Green Gathering 2012 available @ www.greengathering2012 Not sure what you want to do for a holiday in 2012? Why not try an Eco holiday at the Green Gathering, there will be 3 full days of music, poetry and workshops centred around all things green, there is also a first rate kids area to keep children busy in a safe learning environment that's not at all like school. ***agers have an area all to themselves where they can join in and learn some business skills, play music in their own space or hang out on the climbing nets. So if you fancy learning how to bake bread in a clay oven, build and repair a bike,learn how to make bio-diesel, service a solar panel or how to make willow hurdles or what exciting things you can do with 'rubbish' then come and spend some time with some craftsmen and women or the local Transition group. www.greengathering2012 Filmed by volunteers from and students from Falmouth College University,
  • TARANTELLA MUSIC EXORCISM - The origins dated 1100 Tarantism Dance in Italy The Tarantella Music coming from the Tarantism in South Italy in this video the group of Stella Grande Anime Bianche executes a typicalTarantella called Pizzica Pizzica in Salento, the Italian dancer performances a TARANTISM DANCE (see explanation below) to maintain the Salento Tarantella tradition alive. Stella Grande performances a great live concert in a very small Sagra (Italian traditional party) of the Olive Oil in Melendugno TARANTELLA HISTORY - TARANTATA - NOTTE DELLA TARANTA 2010 MELPIGNANO During ancient times in the area around the Greek colony of Taranta in southern Italy (mainly in Salento), a type of poisonous spider was so prevalent that it took the name Lycosa tarantula. Its venom caused a hysterical condition known as Tarantism, the symptoms of which were an irresistible need for a wild and rapid whirling motion bringing the victim to the point of exhaustion, also known as Tarantulism. For long time, the local population believed that the only way to suppress the symptoms and to cure the bite was by using a very rhythmic and fast music. The music played for the cure became known as TARANTELLA. The older documents mentioning the relationship between MUSICAL EXORCISM for the Tarantella are dated around 1100. The tradition is still very present in the area, and is known as "Neo-Tarantism. Many artists in Naples (Napoli) and Salento (Lecce), groups and famous musicians are continuing keeping the tradition alive. The music is very ...
  • Cassandra Gemini I - Tarantism Me drumming to the first movement of Cassandra Gemini by the Mars Volta.
  • Tarantism- Hawkfest 2010 Some clips of Tarantism rocking Hawkfest.
  • Miss Match plays Tarantism @ MOS London
  • tarantism - hide a decision(live`06) Konzert: tarantism,chronical anger,turn away
  • Tarantism - Unruly Race Live at Hawkfest, 27th August 2010
  • Tarantism - Gotta Get This Tent Up Live version of track from forthcoming album
  • tarantism a nervous disorder marked by uncontrollable bodily movement, widespread in S Italy during the 15th to 17th centuries: popularly thought to be caused by the bite of a tarantula
  • Greg Brookman & Phil Reynolds - Tarantism (Costa Pantazis Remix) HARD TRANCE Released by: Metamorph Recordings Release/catalogue number: MCD02 Release date: Jun 18, 2012
  • Tarantism "Step it out Mary" Sam's Birthday. Tarantism play Sam's thirtieth in deepest darkest squatland.
  • Word of the Day - Tarantism Dancing is the cure for almost all ailments. This word is further proof of that fact. ---------- Music: "Brandenburg No. 4" by Kevin MacLeod ---------- Absurdisan - ‪‬ Facebook - http Twitter - ‪
  • Transmit Now - Tarantism (Let's Go Out Tonight) Go check out the bands YouTube channel! And don't forget to check out they're NEW ALBUM, "DOWNTOWN MERRY-GO-ROUND", out now on iTunes!
  • Italian Music "Santu Paulu" Alla Bua - Italian Tarantella - "Tarantism" Music of Italy Alla Bua and Santu Paulu the very classic Pizzica Salentina executed at Serrano (Lecce) during the "Sagra te lu Contadinu" August 20, 2008 days ahead of the big Concertone of the Notte della Taranta 2008 in Melpigano. For more info visit ALLA BUA LUIGI TOMA INTERVIEW BY MARK GLANVILLEItalian Music - The real tarantella music of Italy In order to be effective, the music has to retain its authenticity. Toma deplores its ***isation by alien forms such as Reggae. Stewart Copeland, best known as drummer for The Police, has composed a version of Pizzica degli Ucci, which to my ears is the least authentic of any recording or performance I have heard of this music, exchanging the complex subtleties of the tambourine for an aggressive rock drumbeat that one imagines would frighten the poor tarantata clean out of her wits. The finest exponents of the music today, like Alla Bua, spent years literally in the field, talking to people who grew up with and inherited a tradition that spans centuries if not millennia. 'Our music comes from deep roots,' explains Toma. 'If we forget tradition, we're finished. We'll be uprooted from our land. I don't want to move from my area, no matter what happens. The music comes from our blood. My music breathes my heart, my childhood.' SANTU PAULU LYRICS O Santu Paulu meu delle tarante Che pizzichi le caruse tutte quante O santu Paulu meu delle tarante Che pizzichi le caruse 'nmezze'all'anche E le fai sante O Santu Paulu ...
  • Tarantism - Ford's Theater 07/02/10 (1/5)
  • Tarantism Tarantism: an insatiable desire to dance. Becuase life is awesome.
  • Transmit Now Tarantism (Let's Go Out Tonight) at Warped Tour Transmit Now at Warped Tour 2008 playing Tarantism (Let's Go Out Tonight) /TRANSMITNOW
  • Tarantism: "A Night to Dismember" Excerpt from Doris Wishman's "A Night to Dismember" with soundtrack by Tarantism. Brought to you by Brutallo, and available at
  • Tarantism Sound System @ Bearded Theory "We don't have to go to work today" recorded in the Magical Sounds Arena at Bearded Theory Festival on 15th May 2011.
  • "Santu Paulu" Alla Bua - Italian Tarantella - "Tarantism" Santu Paulu, one of the most popular Italian Tarantism song, called also Tarantella AllaBua plays SANTU PAULU DI GALATINA in a traditional way using SALENTO's TAMBURELLI (Pizzica Salentina) NOTTE DELLA TARANTA - TARANTISM and DANCE TARANTISM Reportedly, victims who had collapsed or were convulsing would begin to dance with appropriate music and be revived. The music used to treat dancing mania appears to be similar to that used in the case of tarantism though little is known about either. Justus Hecker (1795-1850), describes in his work Epidemics of the Middle Ages: A convulsion infuriated the human frame....Entire communities of people would join hands, dance, leap, scream, and shake for hours....Music appeared to be the only means of combating the strange epidemic...lively, shrill tunes, played on trumpets and fifes, excited the dancers; soft, calm harmonies, graduated from fast to slow, high to low, prove efficacious for the cure, for more info about Italian music and Italy The music used against spider bites featured drums and clarinets, was matched to the pace of the victim, and is only weakly connected to its later depiction in the tarantellas of Chopin, Liszt, Rossini, and Heller. While most serious proponents speculated as to the direct physical benefits of the dancing rather than the power of the music a mid-18th century medical textbook gets the prevailing story backwards describing that tarantulas will be compelled to dance by ...
  • Tarantism at Edinburg Castle June 15 2007 Tarantism at "Damon Packard's SpaceDisco One" US Premiere at Edinburg Castle, San Francisco, June 15 2007
  • amazing poi at knockengorroch 2008 to tarantism this amazing lady wandered into sight and began to dance with such beauty and grace that it begged to be filmed. so I did...most of it sideways :o . but the memory is there for all now, the music is by tarantism, the girl I don't know... perhaps she was a dream.thank you, whoever you are. ***
  • Tarantism: Fairy Tale Favorites Revisited Modern soundtrack of the Ray Harryhausen 3D claymation classic "Old Mother Hubbard" performed by Tarantism, brought to you by Brutallo

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