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  • Raiatea kept many traces from its past as a great spiritual center, among which the Taputapuatea marae, the largest in Polynesia. Raiatea is home to the spectacular first royal marae of Polynesia, "Taputapuatea", where historical initiation ceremonies and international gatherings took place. A site. — “Raiatea - The Sacred Island for holiday retreat”, tahiti-and-
  • The Taputapuatea complex on Ra`iatea, largest of the Leeward Islands lying to the north-west of Tahiti is the most significant religious site in French Polynesia. The Taputapuatea temple complex is located near the entrance of Fa`aroa Bay, a deep slash on the east coast. — “Polynesia Taputapuates”, religious-
  • Grisliness aside, walking about Taputapuatea marae is about making connections with home. It's a hell of a lot of history and exploration to be centred on the remarkable Taputapuatea marae, a marae without any resemblance to those we know in this country. — “Raiatea: Ground zero for Godzone - Travel - NZ Herald News”, nzherald.co.nz
  • All canoes that tried to sail from Mo'orea to Taputapuatea have failed. It has been this way for hundreds of years; and not until not just sailing in the general direction of Ra'iatea, but directly toward the estimated location of Taputapuatea on the island's southeast coast. — “Herb Kawainui Kane / The Seekers”, honolulu.hawaii.edu
  • The top destination for Megaliths and Prehistory worldwide. Taputapuatea: [News and Comments:2] Ancient Temple in French Polynesia. — “Taputapuatea Ancient Temple : The Megalithic Portal and”,
  • Taputapuatea (Marae, Mo'orea) - South Seas Companion Place, A Web-Based Hypermedia Companion to James Cook's First Pacific Voyage aboard the Bark Endeavour. — “Taputapuatea (Marae, Mo'orea) - South Seas Companion Place”, a.gov.au
  • Yet, as I shall show in the case of the ceremony at Taputapuatea, they are selective about what customs to recall and revive, and what ones to ignore. One thing led to another, and the initial rendezvous of all the voyaging canoes, and accompanying ceremony, was set for Taputapuatea. — “Sin of Awarua”, pvs-
  • Island attractions special to Raiatea and Tahaa in French polynesia include Taputapuatea marae, the Faaroa river and a sea turtle preserve. — “What to See on Raiatea and Tahaa : Unique Attractions and”,
  • Raiatea Things To Do: Reviews and photos of things to see in Raiatea, French Polynesia from real travelers and locals. The Taputapuatea marae is considered one of the most important structures in French Polynesia. — “Raiatea Things To Do - Attractions & Must See - VirtualTourist”,
  • Na Ohana Holo Moana: Gathering of Eight Voyaging Canoes at Taputapuatea, March 1995 These stones will mark the passage of the canoes at Taputapuatea and will contribute to restore to the great marae of Taputapuatea its true place at the center of the Polynesian triangle as a place of. — “Taputapuatea 1995”, pvs.kcc.hawaii.edu
  • Attractions in Raiatea and Tahaa. On the outskirts of Opoa village, 29km (18 miles) south of Uturoa, the Taputapuatea Marae is the second-most-significant archaeological site in all of Polynesia, behind only Easter Island. — “Attractions in Raiatea and Tahaa at Frommer's”,
  • Taputapuatea is a commune of French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. The commune of Taputapuatea is located on the island of Raiatea, in the administrative subdivision of the Leeward Islands, themselves part of the Society Islands. — “Taputapuatea - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • True Tahiti Vacations specializes in custom and package Tahiti vacations, honeymoons, budget vacations and spa vacations. Boat excursion up to the Faaroa river, visit a pearl farm and visit the exceptionally sacred site of Marae Taputapuatea. — “True Tahiti Vacations | Activities & Excursions | Raiatea”,
  • Taputapuatea. Taputapuatea Flowers Delivered By Taputapuatea Florists. We have a large assortment of flowers you need for the perfect way to declare your love to send flowers in Taputapuatea. — “Taputapuatea: Taputapuatea Flowers Delivered By Taputapuatea”,
  • Marae Taputapuatea is the largest and most important. archeological The most popular ideas include exploring magnificent Taputapuatea and other significant maraes and archeological wonders, the. — “What To See on Raiatea and Tahaa : Tahiti Sun Travel”,
  • The principle theme of the Polynesians were the passages through three lands in paradise, one above, one below, and one in between, Havaiki i ruga, Havaiki i raro, and Havaiki i Taputapuatea. Taputapuatea Marae, Part of Altar Area in Front of Enclosed Chamber, Raiatea 1995 Johnson Photo. — “Vatican of Polynesian Religion”,
  • Provides the current time and date in Taputapuatea, Society Islands, French Polynesia. Time Genie's world time clock provides the current time for 7559 cities in 264 countries around the world. — “ Current time and date in Taputapuatea, Society Islands”,
  • Les Soirées Entrepreneurs Participation au 62ème Congrès Mondial JCI à New Delhi (Inde)Golf Nocturne: Parce que apprendre, c'est aussi s'initier Patrimoine et Education Taputapuatea, patrimoine de l'Humanité Bande Dessinée sur la préservation des récifs coralliens Les actions réalisées. — “Version Anglaise”,
  • View the latest Taputapuatea - Leeward Islands weather forecasts, maps, alerts and news on Yahoo! Weather. Get 5 and 10-day Taputapuatea - Leeward Islands French Polynesia temperatures, satellite images, videos and more. — “Taputapuatea - Leeward Islands Weather Forecasts | Maps”,
  • In less than 40 minutes, I arrived on tiny Ra'iatea Island and was welcomed by the Mayor of Taputapuatea, Thomas Mautame and an entourage of Tahitian drummers and dancers. It was a little funny walking through doors that read "Ra' After a wonderful tour of the Taputapuatea Marae, I was treated to a. — “Raiatea Helm | Hawaiian Blossom " Travel Log”,
  • Taputapuatea is a commune of French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. The archaeological site of Taputapuatea marae is still today the most famous landmark of Raiatea. — “Taputapuatea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • [Photo Below: Matahira Point, Ra'iatea, Tahiti Nui, the site of the marae of Taputapuatea] One thing led to another, and the initial rendezvous of all the voyaging canoes, and accompanying ceremony, was set for Taputapuatea. — “Te Aurere Voyaging - max 71 characters”, .nz
  • Taputapuatea is the second most significant archaeology behind Easter Island, although we Marae Taputapuatea was left to ruin, but at least it was not all out destroyed by the. — “The Voyage of Spectacle 2008 August”, spectacle-

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  • MANUTAHI's visit to Taputapuatea - Part 1 Our second day in Tahiti, we flew from Papeete to Raiatea. We visited the Taputapuatea Marae on the island and paid our respects and brought sacrifice from Oahu and Maui. Here Ko'i asks for permission to enter and chants our respects in Hawaiian.
  • Lunch at Hinano Hotel in Raiatea - Funny! We all look hashed, but we just all woke up from a nap after leaving Papeete early in the am and flying to Raiatea. We stayed at the Hinano Hotel in Uturoa and the closest place to buy food was the grocery store. We were saving our appetite for Steak Frites after our visit to Taputapuatea.
  • MANUTAHI's visit to Taputapuatea Part 2 Part 2 of our visit to Taputapuatea on Raiatea, Tahiti. Here Ko'i gives us a history lesson...and the Iwa birds are flying above us, forming the Polynesian triangle. Fitting, since we brought sand to sacrifice from Hale'iwa. Being here gave me chicken skin.
  • French Polynesia, Society islands This group of islands, part of the archipelago of "Society" is composed of five high islands, all very different from one another. Huahine, peaceful and wild, the sacred Raiatea where you can find the "marae taputapuatea" the biggest and most ancient "marae" of French Polynesia, Tahaa, with it's translucent and turquoise lagoon, Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific, and Maupiti, the most remote with it's sandy white beaches. All of them await the visitor with great joy, typical of the Polynesian way of life.
  • Cook Islander Dorice Reid, crew member of Te Au o Tonga Cook Islander Dorice Reid, crew member of Te Au o Tonga on the voyage to Taputapuatea Marae in 1995: We saw the birds, and we saw a whale. And we saw her go down and put her tail up, and she waved her tail just enough to allow us to know that she was there. And I say she because Im sure the whale was a she. She waved her tail and disappeared. When we got to the mouth of the sacred harbour, the dolphins were there at the entrance. That meant we had permission to sail through that harbour. The priest of the marae said, If you see the dolphins, that is your permission to go through the harbour. Well, they were there. CD-ROM section: Navigating/Steering by the Sea, Sun and Wind/Sea Marks
  • Taputapuatea Marae, the great polynesian navigator temple Located on the sacred island of Raiatea,in the windward islands of French Polynesia, the Taputapuatea Marae (Heiau) is the greatest and most famous navigational temple. According to Polynesian oral traditions, Taputapuatea is synonomous with polynesian origins
  • Tiare Tahiti Polynesian Studio en su presentación en la Competencia Hei Tiare 2011 Mahalo nui loa Tiana Nonosina Lifau and Ida-Siaosi Veimau, we won second, thank for sharing your knowledge! Names of the songs: E HE'E TE VA'A/OTE'A VA'A/OTEA VEIMAU/KA HIPA TOMOUA THE FIRST LINES ARE SINGING AS ENTRANCE, THEY ARE FROM EHE'E TE VA'A, AN APARIMA BY TE AVA PITI. WE ARE USING THEM TO SHOW OUR THEME: E he'e te Va'a expresses the history of Polynesian migration on large boats to get to the marae Taputapuatea Sacred Raiatea island where all the Polynesians from Samoa to Hawaii finally met with and left the descendants of Maori to arrive in Aotearoa, New Zealand. It is said that the Polynesians were dispersed from the island Hawaiki Nui outrigger canoes (Va'a) very similar to those used today in these countries to populate the current Polynesia following the map of the stars to find the land guided and escorted by Ruahatu (the fiery-eyed god of the seas) and the congregation of Gods from the holy channel of Tapuateahea. OTEA VA'A HAS ORIGINAL COREOGRAPHY BY TIANA LIFAU AND WE LEARNED IT IN FEBRUARY 2011, IT IS INSPIRED IN EHE'E TE VA'A. THE SECOND OTE'A IS A IDA VEIMAU'S CREATION THAT SHE TAUGHT US AT MAY 2011. THE COMBINATION OF BOTH RESULTS IN AN ENERGETIC OTE'A REPRESENTING THE STRONG AND MANA OF THE POLYNESIAN PEOPLE AND HOW WE HAVE TO LOOK BACK IN TIME TO PRESERVE OUR TUPUNA'S WAYS. IT IS A COMBINATION OF THE TRADITIONAL STYLE AND THE MODERN ORI. THE LAST SONG IS A LITTLE PIECE OF KA HIPA TOMOU'A TO COMPLETE THE THEME OF MAOHI'S LOOKING FOR THE LAND ...
  • Mo'okini Heiau: Warrior Kings and Human Sacrifice on Hawai'i Narrated by Frank Burgess; Produced by Donnie MacGowan; Brought to you by Tour Guide--Our GPS Tours put Hawaii at your fingertips! Have you ever seen anywhere as stark, impressive, primitive and ancient, yet still able to raise the hackles on your neck? Here, untold thousands of people were sacrificed to worship a new god, the war god Ku. Mo'okini Heiau stands today at the north end of Hawai'i, the well preserved remains of a terrible luakini heiau built by the powerful Tahitian kahuna Pa'ao in the 11th or 12th century. This heiau was the first temple of human sacrifice in Hawai'i and the first site in Hawai'i to be preserved as a National Historic Landmark under the Historic Sites Act of 1935. Mo'okini Heiau is now part of Lapakahi State Historic Park; as Mo'okini is an active Heiau and visitors are reminded to stay away if religious observances are being celebrated. Built on the site of a much smaller heiau, Mo'okini Heiau (lit. "many lineages") is said to have been raised in one night by as many as 15000-20000 men passing stones hand to hand from Pololu Valley, 14 miles distant. Born nearby, Kamehameha the Great was brought to this heiau for his birth rituals. To reach the enormous but especially well-preserved heiau, drive to near the 20-mile marker and turn onto the road to the Upolu Airport, heading left past the airport at about 2 miles. The unpaved section of the next 1.6 miles of road may require 4WD, but at any rate, one must park at the gate and walk 5 minutes ...

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  • “ UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, she has taken young Hawaiians yearly to serve as a Cultural Expert on Taputapuatea, an ancient Polynesian temple and place of”
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  • “The island really is a paradise, tropical clear water, great beaches and a laid back islands would gather at Marae Taputapuatea for important ceremonies and negotiations”
    — Yestahiti Blog,

  • “Taputapuatea was the most important marae in the Society Islands and its reach extended Over 1000 years ago, the reputation of Taputapuatea was so far-reaching that it is said”
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  • “After a wonderful tour of the Taputapuatea Marae, I was treated to a from the Marae called Taputapuatea. Because of that claim, it is also”
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  • “Long time, no blog. Yes, yes, I know it has been a while. I have been sailing in Tupaia alma mater, the great marae Taputapuatea, on the southern coast at”
    — Straddling the world of the written word: Long time, no blog, joan-

  • “Saturday started with a race to Moorea about 20 miles away. Sea Mist was trying to do her Raiatea and Tahaa (Baie Opea - Marae Taputapuatea) Photos 3 - Tahiti Puddle Jump Party 3”
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  • “One of them being that Taputapuatea on Ra'iatea is the most sacred marae. that he came from the most sacred marae in Polynesia, Taputapuatea”
    — where is Hawaiki and what is it? - .nz Papa Panui, .nz