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  • The IUCN/SSC-affiliated Tapir Specialist Group is a global group of biologists, zoo professionals, researchers and advocates dedicated to conserving tapirs and their habitat through strategic action-planning in countries where tapirs live, information. — “Tapir Specialist Group--Tapirs of the World”,
  • Get fun and interesting tapir facts in an easy-to-read style from the San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes. Buy tickets online and plan a Tapirs even lived in Southern California about 10,000 years ago! Some scientists believe that this is evidence for the existence of the supercontinent called. — “San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Tapir”,
  • The tapir's stocky body, short proboscis, and multi-hoofed feet make it look like `something between' [an Asian myth says that the white-saddled Malayan tapir is a mixture of everything left over after the creation of the rest of the animals. — “Tapir”,
  • Tapirs inhabit jungle and forest regions of South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. The tapir as a group provides a value for the ecosystem and for humans at the same time that it advances its own individual purpose of maintenance, survival, and reproduction. — “Tapir - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Hopefully, before long this tapir will be coming to the U.S. to visit us in our online animal store, where sales will help benefit research and conservation of endangered tapirs. Please e-mail your photos and text if you would like to see them on this blog. — “TAPIRS: The Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF)”,
  • tapir , nocturnal, herbivorous mammal, genus Tapirus, of the jungles of Central and South America and SE Asia. The tapir is somewhat piglike in. — “tapir Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Tapirs inhabit jungle and forest regions of South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. All tapirs have oval, white-tipped ears, rounded, protruding rumps. — “Tapir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Notes and images of Malayan tapirs, updated from the Canadian Museum of Nature's Natural History Notebooks series. There are four species of tapir; three species are found in Central and South America, and one inhabits Southeast Asia. — “Malayan Tapir: Natural History Notebooks”, nature.ca
  • Tapirs inhabit jungle and forest regions of South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. All tapirs have oval, white-tipped ears, rounded, protruding rumps. — “Tapir - Wikipedia”,
  • All baby tapirs have light colored, horizontal, watermelon like stripes, but these If you see a tapir lounging on a hot day, you might think it is slothful. — “What's a tapir?”,
  • tapir ( ) n. Any of several large, chiefly nocturnal, odd-toed ungulates of the genus Tapirus of tropical America, the Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra, Tapirs have brown eyes, often with a bluish cast to them which has been identified as corneal cloudiness, a condition most commonly found in Malayan. — “tapir: Definition from ”,
  • The Tapir. The Tapir (Tapirus Bairdii) is the largest land mammal of Central America. Known as the "mountain cow" in Belize, they are forest dwellers, active mostly at night as they forage along river banks and forest clearings. The tapir is the national animal of Belize. — “Tapirs, Belize Animals, Caribbean Critters”,
  • Tapir - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Tapir”,
  • The tapir is a jungle animal that is classified as a herbivore mammal. Tapirs can be found in jungles around South America, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Due to the odd distribution of their toes, tapirs are closely related to rhinoceros and horses. — “Tapir”,
  • Brazilian Tapir. In spite of its common name of bush cow, the Brazilian Tapir is more closely related to horses and rhinoceroses; all members of the Order Perissodactyla (odd-toed ungulates) The range of Brazilian Tapirs is east of the Andes from northern. — “Iwokrama Forest | Tapir”,
  • tapir (plural tapirs) Any one of several species of large odd-toed ungulates with a long prehensile upper lip. tapir (reflexive) to hide [edit] Conjugation. This is a regular verb of the second conjugation, like finir,. — “tapir - Wiktionary”,
  • This site is about Tapir and Friends Wildlife Gift Shop and Tapir Preservation Fund, located in Astoria, Oregon, USA. We sell lifelike plastic animals, stuffed animals, and other animal-themed gifts, props, and collectibles to support tapirs and. — “Tapirback's Home”,
  • Tapirs (pronounced /ˈteɪpɚ/, as in "taper", or /təˈpɪər/, as "ta-pier" The Brazilian Tapir (from the Tupi tapi'ira) or Anta in Portuguese also known as the Lowland Tapir ( Tapirus terrestris) is Chordates ( Phylum Chordata) are a group of Animals that includes the Vertebrates together with several. — “Tapir - Citizendia”,
  • Learn all you wanted to know about tapirs with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic. Tapirs look something like pigs with trunks, but they are actually related to horses and rhinoceroses. — “Tapirs, Tapir Pictures, Tapir Facts - National Geographic”,
  • The tapir is an endangered mammal related to the horse and rhinoceros.National Geographic: Tapir There are four species of tapir: three in South America and one in Asia.Animal Diversity Web: Tapirs. — “Tapir”,
  • The Tapir is a large pig-like, browsing mammal that can be found in the rainforests of South and Central America and Southeast Asia. There are 4 living species of Tapir of which three are native to the American rainforests and one native to the Asian rainforests. — “Tapir at Animal Corner”,

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  • New Tapir at Minnesota Zoo A new Malayan tapir, considered an endangered species, is now calling the Minnesota Zoo home.
  • Malayan Tapir Gets A Grooming From A White-cheeked Gibbon! What a cute clip! Animal cooperation at its best at the Bronx Zoo's JungleWorld!
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  • Tapir-1 Happiness of supremacy Photo-Animation " [email protected] Zoo" paraparadisezooeng.blog73.fc2.com Tapir brushed
  • TAPIR & PUMA IN CORCOVADO COSTA RICA A Vincent Garnier's movie about Corcovado national park. Tapir & Puma
  • giant anteater hunting tapir they seem to be good friends ..lol
  • Celebrate World Tapir Day at Adelaide Zoo! Did you know there only four species of Tapirs left in the world and they are all endangered? World Tapir Day aims to raise awareness about these remarkable animals and how we can all help save them from extinction. Join us for a week of activities to celebrate these amazing animals.
  • Anaconda Eat a Tapir WOW, I Din't Even Know Bobby Was Escapet.... AGIAN.... But Hey... He Always Want To See A Anaconda Inside.. Desciption: a Big Anaconda have eat a Tapir
  • The english speaking tapir Animation 2. Marie Kober, Lisa Ferber, Hasan Ilhan
  • Concrete Facial - Tapir *** (CBT) From the upcoming tribute CD, Bulldozes United. Coming out on Mierdas Prods.
  • Baby Baboon and Tapir A baby baboon and tapir are the latest additions at the El Pinar zoo in Caracas.
  • Tapir Massage a very relaxed tapir receiving a body rub by a gentle zookeeper
  • Tapir Penis its litterally the penis of a tapir, while its eating.
  • Lola the Tapir Jess and Sharon feeding the tapir
  • Let's Play Cocoron 01: House to Fairy Forest Let's Play Cocoron, the game where you build your own characters in a fantastic platformer!
  • Call of a Baird's Tapir - also Malayan Tapir *Endangered Species* Neither a pig or an anteater, tapirs are more closely related to rhinos and horses. In fact, they are primitive mammals and have lived for millions of years virtually unchanged. Fossil evidence indicates tapirs even roamed Southern California about 10000 years ago and may confirm the theory of an ancient supercontinent. These two species of tapirs were filmed at the San Diego Zoo.
  • Tapir and Llama I'm not touching you........... tapir style.
  • Malayan Tapir Chases Bird - Bronx Zoo - Jack & Matthew - Feb 2009 Malayan Tapir (Tapirus indicus) The Malayan tapir (TAY-per) belongs to the family Tapiridae, which includes three other tapir species: Brazilian, mountain and Baird's tapirs. Malayan tapirs are the only Asian species of tapir, and are native to the island of Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, and Southern Thailand. Three other species of tapir range from central Mexico to Central and South America. The Malayan tapir is an endangered species. Hunted for food and sport, their thick, tough skin is used to make bridles and whips. The Malayan tapir's natural habitats in southeast Asia are quickly disappearing due to human activities such as agriculture, cattle grazing, logging and flooding caused by hydroelectric projects. Habitat Dense primary rain forests of river basins or swamps, where there is lush vegetation. The Malayan tapir ranges from lowlands to mountainous areas. Shoulder Height Adult shoulder height: Up to 42 inches (90-105 cm) Weight Males weigh 660-740 pounds (270-333 kg), females 760-900 pounds (342-405 kg) Life Span Up to 30 years in the wild and zoos. Diet In the wild: Tapirs are browsers and grazers, feeding primarily on grasses, aquatic plants, leaves, buds, soft twigs and fruits of low-growing shrubs. At the zoo: Herbivore pellets, alfalfa, timothy hay, lettuce, romaine, carrots, apples and bananas Life Cycle Newborn tapirs have reddish-brown coats, dappled with white and yellow spots and stripes which provide excellent camouflage in bamboo or reed jungles. The ...
  • What's That?! (Tapir In Bristol Zoo) check this out, the *** animal showing off his [email protected]#$#%$#%$#^!! The video was taken by my mate in Bristol Zoo when we were visiting~ Well funny. :)
  • Sacha Vacha - Tapir I took a couple of days to chill out at the luxury Amazon Rainforest Lodge (on the rio Momon), and encountered this very friendly Sacha Vacha (Tapir) by the swimming pool. Visit the Amazon Rainforest Lodge Website www.amazon- For more details, check out my website and blog; http
  • TAPIR - TDWG Access Protocol for Information Retrieval TAPIR is a protocol standard developed by TDWG for locating and sharing information about biodiversity data. TAPIR is used by networks such as
  • Rare Brazilian Tapir Birth at Howletts Keepers at Howletts Wild Animal Park, Kent, are celebrating the birth of a Brazilian Tapir. Born on the 27th July, the male infant, named Mendoza, is now 5weeks old and has just made his debut to the press and public. The infant was born to parents Wilma, aged 16, and Tommy, aged 5. The latest arrival is Wilma's second offspring with Tommy, and follows the birth of her son Diego last year. Make sure to watch in HD!
  • What in the World is a Tapir? This is one confusing animal. Related to the rhinoceros, called a mountain cow, and having a flexible nose like an elephant, Baird's Tapir has to be seen to be believed. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Impotent Tapir Poor thing.
  • Cute Baby Tapir HD Baby Malayan tapir calf at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Female, Born 7/3/2007, 7 days old in video in off-view area behind the scenes. Produced by Ryan Hawk
  • Tapir-very well endowed This is a video of a Tapir taken in Fota Wildlife Park in Co Cork, Ireland.
  • Trippin' Tapir at San Francisco Zoo Watch as he/she makes a couple of funny moves after emerging from the pond. On Google Maps you can actually zoom in and see this cute critter right next to that log!
  • cougar, jaguar, ocelot, tapir - Xcaret Park Riviera Maya Mexico [HD] Many species of animals are cared for at Xcaret Park Riviera Maya Mexico including cougar, jaguar, ocelot, tapir - there is also an aquarium and turtle rehabilitation area where turtles are hatched and when sufficiently grown, released into the wild. The best way we found to attend Xcaret is to take a taxi and be there right when the park opens, its an all day affair. All inclusive tickets give you a choice of lunch and include some drinks at the resort. For a family vacation the Occidental Resort next to Xcaret might be a good option. Although we haven't stayed at this resort we have heard good reviews. Music: 'Lost Souls' by Ensam /tracks_detail.php?tid=65360
  • Tapir mom and baby cuteness Baby Malayan tapir calf at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Female, Born 7/3/2007, 7 days old in video in off-view area behind the scenes. Produced by Ryan Hawk
  • Tapir Nose The Malayan tapir is an odd-toed ungulate from Asia. In this video, you can see its interesting nose move around ( breathing, perhaps? ). My camera isn't really that good at taking video, so the quality isn't that great, unfortunately.
  • Tapirs having *** in Munich Zoo Caught by surprise, Tapirs having *** and making weird noices in Munich Zoo.
  • Tapir. MINI John Cooper Works. Two Japanese tourists are visiting a zoo. Suddenly, a crazy guy jumps over a hedge into the tapir park of the zoo. He does some karate moves behind the tapir, followed by a prostate check. NOT EXTREME ENOUGH? MINI John Cooper Works
  • Malayan Tapir The Malayan Tapir (Tapirus indicus), also called the Asian Tapir, is the largest of the four species of tapir and the only one native to Asia. The scientific name refers to the East Indies, the species' natural habitat. In the Malay language, the tapir is commonly referred to as "cipan" or "tenuk."[2] General appearance and characteristics The animal is easily identified by its markings, most notably the light-colored saddle which extends from its shoulders to its rump. The rest of its hair is black, except for the tips of its ears which, as with other tapirs, are rimmed with white. This pattern is for camouflage: the disrupted coloration makes it more difficult to recognize it as a tapir, and other animals may mistake it for a large rock rather than a form of prey when it is lying down to sleep.[3] SkeletonMalayan Tapirs grow to between 6 and 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 m) in length, stand 3 to 3.5 feet (90 to 107 cm) tall, and typically weigh between 550 and 700 pounds (250 to 320 kg), although they can weigh up to 1100 pounds (500 kg).[4] The females are usually larger than the males. Like the other types of tapir, they have small stubby tails and long, flexible proboscises. They have four toes on each front foot and three toes on each back foot. The Malayan Tapir has rather poor eyesight but excellent hearing and sense of smell. [edit] Skeletal System The tapir has bone structure similar to all other mammals, they have the essentials of the mammalian skeleton; a skull, a ...
  • Zoo celebrates birth of very rare Tapir A rare baby Tapir has been born in captivity
  • New Arrivals - Mountain Tapirs Tom, the Puente al Sur Animal Keeper gives us a close look at our two new Mountain Tapirs (Tapirus pinchaque), "Howard" and "Maggie." These two Tapirs were named by Michael Tilson Thomas, the Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony (a special song, written and performed by Michael Tilson Thomas is featured at the end). For more information about the SF Zoo, visit the zoo's website: To download full quality videos from the San Francisco Zoo, visit Subscribe to our podcast with iTunes:
  • Raw Video: Baby Tapir Makes Debut A twelve-day-old baby tapir called Maya made her debut at Berlin Zoo on Tuesday. Tapirs are endangered and while they look like pigs with trunks, they are actually related to horses and rhinoceroses. (June 23)
  • Tapir Shows off @Woodland Park Zoo Hilarious footage of a HUGE tapir roaming around in its enclosure in 2007 at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. Funny when it turns around and shows its butt...
  • Tapir Swimming Paco the Brazilian tapir showing his aquatic skills.
  • Just born Baby Tapir (CUTE!!!) Baby Malayan tapir calf at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Female, Born 7/3/2007, 15 hrs old in video during veterinarian exam

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