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  • Taphephobia, or the fear of premature burial, has probably been around for as long as humans themselves, though how it is dealt with has changed over the years. — “Taphephobia: The Fear of Being Buried Alive”, suite101.com
  • Taphephobia on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. — “Taphephobia (2006) - Recommendations”,
  • The Taphephobia Treatment Cause Symptom Medication Cure Help Clinic™ helps individuals, organizations and communities make fast, profound change — enhancing the quality, purpose and joy of life for thousands of people — using the fastest and most. — “Taphephobia Treatment Cause Symptom Medication Cure Help”,
  • Best Taphephobia Treatment Options. Compare Taphephobia Treatment Options and Find the Most Effective Option for You. Taphephobia is an intense fear of something that poses no actual danger. — “Taphephobia Treatment Options”, phobia-fear-
  • Definition of taphephobia in the Dictionary. Meaning of taphephobia. What does taphephobia mean? Proper usage of the word taphephobia. Information about taphephobia in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. — “What does taphephobia mean? definition and meaning (Free”,
  • The term taphephobia has its origins in the Greek language. Taken together, taphephobia is the irrational fear of potentially more than one thing. — “What Is Taphephobia?”,
  • Retrieved from "http:///wiki/taphephobia" This page was last modified on 12 April 2007, at 15:27. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional. — “taphephobia - Wiktionary”,
  • Taphephobia: Fear of being buried alive. A phobia is an unreasonable sort of fear that can cause avoidance The word "taphephobia" comes from the Greek "taphos" meaning "grave". — “Taphephobia definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of”,
  • Formed under the influences of Godflesh, Killing Joke, Swans, Skullflower and Techno Animal, Chateau d'If 34 provides the soundtrack for your BELL006: Dying of the Light (NZ) - "The Taphephobia Sessions" Tape NZ$8. — “Taphephobia Productions”,
  • Taphephobia is the persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of being buried alive. — “Taphephobia - OrganizedWisdom Health”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Taphephobia. Download Taphephobia Ambient / / music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Taphephobia's blog. — “Taphephobia on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Marax Taphephobia Crucial Blast CB 19.5 CDr US 2003 Electronic Dark Ambient Drone Part 5 of 12 from Taphephobia Anomie Reverse Alignment RA-3 CDr Album Limited Edition Sweden 16 Nov 2007 Electronic. — “Taphephobia - Discogs Search”,
  • Definition of taphephobia in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of taphephobia. Pronunciation of taphephobia. Translations of taphephobia. taphephobia synonyms, taphephobia antonyms. Information about taphephobia in the free online English. — “taphephobia - definition of taphephobia by the Free Online”,
  • Top tracks from Taphephobia: Winter Malaise, Deconstruct The Mind To Blackness & more. Dark ambient landscapes Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Last.fm. — “Taphephobia – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”, last.fm
  • Anomie, according to Wikipedia, is a word denoting a condition of malaise in individuals, characterized by an absence or diminution of to fight that one out, but I will instead concentrate on the immediate task at hand, namely reviewing this debut CDr from Norway's Taphephobia. — “Heathen Harvest - Reviews: Taphephobia - Anomie”,
  • Taphephobia information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, causes, patient stories, videos, forums, prevention, and prognosis. — “Taphephobia Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments and Causes”,
  • Get Taphephobia setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Taphephobia fans for free on setlist.fm!. — “Taphephobia Concert Setlists | setlist.fm”, setlist.fm
  • Taphephobia definition, an abnormal fear of being buried alive. See more. — “Taphephobia | Define Taphephobia at ”,
  • taphephobia a morbid fear of being buried alive. — “taphephobia: Information from ”,
  • The Performers - A Homemade Stereo Recording. 2008 $1.26. 7. Bliss - A Hundred Thousand 14. Taphephobia - Access to a world of pain. 2010 $1.01. 15. Chris Spheeris - Adagio. 2001. — “ - Download Mp3 Music, Buy Mp3 Music Online”,
  • Inventors addressed the fear of being buried alive. Fear of being buried alive is the Before the advent of modern medicine, the fear was not entirely irrational. — “Fear of being buried alive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Taphephobia serves as an informative site on buried alive fear, cemeteries fear, cemetery fear, grave fear, funeral fear, tombstone fear, tombstones fear, dead bodies fear, cemeteries phobia, buried alive phobia, cemetery phobia, grave phobia,. — “Taphephobia - buried alive fear, cemeteries fear, cemetery”, common-

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  • Fear Incorporated 'DYING TO GET OUT' The forthcoming single from the theatre macabre band Fear Incorporated. From the album Phobos themed on human fears in this particualr case Taphephobia 'Fear Of Being Buried Alive' Deathrock quite literally Visit our website at fearincorporated1
  • Taphephobia - Winter melaise (Access to a world of pain).wmv Ambiant from Norway
  • taphephobia-despite SONG FOR OUR BAND
  • Cogwheel - III Cogwheel's third track from the 'Unreality of Time' split album with Rasalhague, Psychomanteum and Taphephobia. Album is available from it's co-releasing parties; Kalpamantra and Exxospheric Emissions.
  • Rule One A video I made for my Doctor Who fanfiction (Time is Running Out). I don't own Doctor Who, blah blah blah. I also don't own this song... Which is Skylar Grey's version of Love the Way You Lie. All of the clips are from Doctor Who episodes or the movie "The Uninvited"
  • void_portal Nov 24th 2011 Recorded live @De Profundis Edinburgh, November 12th 2012. Das Erdwerk - Unbehagen Aufgespurt Halim El-Dabh - Michael and the Dragon Ingram Marshall - Gambuhi Beyond Sensory Experience - The Only Alternative Svarte Greiner - Halves Taphephobia - Timeless Silence For The Mind Maeror Tri - Secret Ways of a Pyramid Kammarheit - All Quiet in the Land of Frozen Scenes Svartsinn - As a Black Stone Monument (New Risen Throne mix) Peter Andersson - Escaping Time Patterns
  • Taphephobia
  • Seddie (I Love You) HEY HEY HEY,,,, hi hahahahahhaha Lil Emmy here with info..... i should really stop being annoying so yeah im back at school hmphhhh.... but it doesn't matter because i get to see mmy friends. and another sad thing is that this is the last term and then i am going to HIGH SCHOOL.... DUN... DUN... DUN and im going to miss my friends :( but thats 9 weeks away... so yeah lol. so at the end of the year we have graduation and we get to have a disco and presentation :D of course I tried out for IT hahahahahaha. So this video hmmmm.... short I know. but i am not feeling well i lost my mind about seddie and i couldn't find it.... i lost my inspiration until now... i found my mind at school. hehehehehe. i know they broke up but at the end of the day they love eachother!!!!! OHHH SEDDIE YOU ARE SO NEAT !!!! LA LA LA LAAAAAAA!!! oh gosh em "shut up" anyway i hope you enjoy it!!! and please watch in HD, One button can change your life.... DUN... DUN.... DUN.. I have Taphephobia.... go and search it up... no i dont really have this phobia but i am scared if it does happen but im pretty brave so if i was buried alive i would make an imaginary friend and we would have a farting contest hehehe
  • Cogwheel - III Song By: Cogwheel Song Title: III Album: The Unreality of Time Released By: Kalpamantra / Exxospheric Emissions (Limited Pro CD-R) Release Year: 2012 Video By: Brick Storm Studio
  • prepare for getting a hit in your face.. Songname: Taphephobia © copyright 2009 by Oliver Eckelt aka trenchdevil Free MP3´s here: oliver-. Facebook: Myspace: download my music now on itunes:
  • Taphephobia - Waiting for the Silence If you like it, I suggest you to buy the whole album. :) Artist: Taphephobia Album: Black City Skyline Year: 2009 Music: Dark Ambient
  • Taphephobia - Silence as a weapon (Access to a world of pain).wmv Ambiant from Norway
  • *Taphephobia *buried alive Goldsmiths Design project on phobia. By shumayi, jiyoung, claudia, yuki and momo
  • Mosquito Control - Disconnection Torturous Sludge/Doom Metal from Auckland, New Zealand. Influenced by Burning Witch, Khanate, Saint Vitus, Noothgrush, Winter & Thergothon. Album "Destroyed Beyond Redemption" coming soon on Mordgrimm.
  • The Amazing Jonathan takes his Last Ride The Amazing Jonathan magician takes a ride in THE LAST RIDE burial experience. Motion, scent, vibration, ticklers, with a full audio experience storyline that buries you alive and leaves you for the underground life to have their way with you.
  • Treha Sektori - Devehassiah Entestereh Treha Sektori's track from the recent Kalpamantra compilation, Saur Maas.
  • The Unreality Of Time Promotional video of the upcoming split between Rasalhague, Cogwheel, Psychomanteum and Taphephobia.
  • Wasteland Transmissions - Ghosts In The Machine Exclusive track from the man behind Svartsinn. This track was used on the 2nd anniversary compilation 'Saur Maas' back in October 2011. It can be downloaded at: /album/saur-maas
  • Taphephobia - the morning after.... 2007 House of Memories CDr ltd.111, pics - my private Postcard's Collection
  • UnWanted a Nelena/Jemi Love Story Ep 1 Ok here guys its in here HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE Ok catch-up: when Selena was two her mum was told that if she had children she would need a transplant of almost everything in her body! So she decided to adopt a daughter, they chose Demitria who then they called Demi but the orphanage didn't know her birth date but she could only be a Maximum of 3 years older than Selena so they changed her birth date to the same as Selenas! 6 years ago when they were 10 a year before their parents Let Demi call her surname lavato after her other grandfather who died in the war, their mum and them were going shopping for their birthday when a drunk Driver crashed both their cars. The driver died and so did their mum ;(!! Their dad believed that the girls had been distracting her and blamed them for her Death Hey Tay this is 4 u!!!!!!!!! Coming up is the next 1/2 of ep 1 *Selena is talking Demi who is her sister, Demi's Jacket gets caught on her bedside table* S: demz, dad took u last night again! Didnt he?! *angry* D: uhhh yeah *she roles up her sleeves to show sel several bruises on her upper arm* S: were? D: he locked me up in the caravan but I called Jackson and he talked to me all night but.... *stops* S: but? D: but he found out and put me in the wardrobe at least it wasnt that small!! S: but..... But... you have Clostrafobia and Cleisiophobia!! TD: Selena get down here S: (worried) D: but you have so many fears S: (angry) Thanks (sarcastic) (walks down stairs) TD: time for you to ...
  • Dr. Houses Holistic Book of Birth
  • Taphephobia - Cobweb Of Emotions Album : Access To The World Of Pain
  • "Taphephobia" - Live at the Door Plano - I Come To Destroy I Come To Destory performing their song "Taphephobia live at The Door in Plano.
  • Taphephobia - Cult [Music Video] Self-made fan-music video to Tephephobia's song "Cult" from the self-titled album released in 2012.
  • Lost Kadath - Unukalhai's Benediction Band: Lost Kadath Track: Unukalhai's Benediction Album: Giving Up The Ghost Year: 2011 Music: Dark Ambient Country: Italy Final track of the album.
  • Mosquito Control - Destroyed Beyond Redemption Torturous Sludge/Doom Metal from Auckland, New Zealand. Influenced by Burning Witch, Khanate, Saint Vitus, Noothgrush, Winter & Thergothon. Album "Destroyed Beyond Redemption" coming soon on Mordgrimm.
  • Scene: "Rude Awakening," as seen in "What Friends Are For".mp4 A scene titled "Rude Awakening," as seen in the student film "What Friends Are For." Produced by students of Bloomington High School South in Bloomington, IN, this film centers around the best friend of a ***age girl who is buried alive. The film expected to have a runtime of about 60 minutes. In this particular scene, Rachel Thayer (Hadley Crohn) is paying a visit to her best friend Samantha Lowell (Stephanie Richards) who has recently been buried alive. For more information, check out the film's website at
  • Buried Alive New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder finds out what it feels like to be buried alive. His new novel is a Nick Heller adventure and is on sale now. Buy BURIED SECRETS at
  • Buried Alive - Paul Edward Clark A Hit goes bad
  • 8/10/11 Clue #3: Taphephobia - I Bet You Don't Know What It Is Clue 3 for Fridays show (8/12/11) at 9PM EST on . Put the clues together for the show, be the first to answer and win $100 on the spot! Want a bonus clue? Go to and subscribe. Every Friday morning we give out the 5th clue to our fans.
  • I Come To Destroy LIVE @ Eisenberg's in Plano I Come To Destroy playing their song "Taphephobia" live at Eisenberg's Skatepark in Plano, TX. *** The sound cuts out halfway through the video, but KEEP WATCHING til the end for the final breakdown! Keep an eye on Andy ;) ***
  • When We Die This is the newest video uploaded to my other YouTube account, gryffindor108. I don't know how often I'll use this new account, but better safe than sorry. ORIGINAL LINK: /watch?v=tHN8RZuyHZ8 Uh, so... The song is by Bowling For Soup, so I definitely don't own it. The clips used are from Avatar: The Last Airbender, so that's all Brian, Mike, and Nickelodeon. A:TLA is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I've watched every episode hundreds of times. It's a great series, so if you've never watched it, you should probably go watch it. You'll find it on Nicktoons.
  • Estella Warren - Whipped Cream & Chocolate by Kristopher Stone Whipped Cream & Chocolate available at and various download sites, from the CD SafeSax. You can hear two minute excerpts of all 13 pieces by going to the Cdbaby link above and clicking on Play All Songs. This video features Estella Warren and a music excerpt of Whipped Cream & Chocolate from the CD,SafeSax by Kristopher Stone. SafeSax by Kristopher Stone is modern romantic instrumental music based on sax melodies featuring the Yamaha WX-5 Wind Controller and the Korg Oasys with acoustic guitar patterns, ambient backgrounds and jazz-hoppin drum loops. Photos for this Not-For-Sale video were sourced from Google Images - Photoshopped and assembled by KS. All Kristopher Stones CDs at
  • Ancient Tundra - The Feeble Sickness and Depressive Rot A track from the Ancient Tundra album 'Requiems of a World Lost' released on Hypnotic Dirge Records on Nov. 24th, 2008. ***Note: Reason for the confusing pictures and why it on the A Dark Fantasy channel, is because originally this song was written for the project 'A Dark Fantasy' before being used for my ambient project Ancient Tundra. /ancienttundra
  • Persistent Illusion On Perpetual Minds Song By • Rasalhague Album Title • The Unreality Of Time Released By • Kalpamantra Video By • Brick Storm Studio This song is released as part of a 4 project album split. The projects that appear on the album are Psychomanteum, Taphephobia, Cogwheel, and Rasalhague. The album is based on the concept that our descriptions of time is either contradictory, circular, or insufficient, and therefore time is unreal. For more info search for JME McTaggart.
  • Dark Ambient vol. 2 (promo video) Promotional video, made by Fabian van der Meer, for the 'Dark Ambient vol. 2' compilation. Available as a completely free download: Featured songs in de video: - Black Seas of Infinity - The one beyond 10 - Pietro Riparbelli - Aghora - Plaguewielder (feat. P23) - Dead But Dreaming - Tamerlan - Antiexistance (P23 Remix) - Viginti Tres Saecula - Tempelhofer Blumen (oo Katyusha Rite) 23 Participating Audio Artists: Alchemist Amex Nori Backyard Ghost Black Seas of Infinity Druha Smrt Instinct Primal Kia Karma Loki Fun Lilith Melankolia Nors'Klh NOX 210 Ouroboros Pietro Riparbelli Plaguewielder (feat. P23) The Red Triangle Seesar Taphephobia Temple Music Tamerlan Tzii Vampire Sodomy Viginti Tres Saecula Zebulon Kosted Artwork by Madguten and La Lune Promo Film by Fabian van der Meer Front Kover by Fabian van der Meer Koncept by Marco Grosso Kompiled by Priapus23
  • Koumyou (promo video) Promotional video for the 'Koumyou' release, which is a charity release dedicated to the victims of Japan / Fukushima. Available through the following web-stores: iTunes: /​us/​album/​koumyou-dark-artists-for-japan/​id438585191 Amazon: /​dp/​B0054EUCGE/​ref=cm_sw_su_dp Spotify: /​album/​6OOoHKU3zEFWoxualGt8g7 Project initiated by Tom Zm Video by Fabian van der Meer Music by dead.circuit Artwork by Marcel Locke Participating artists: Akoustik Timbre Frekuency Arcana Bathory Legion Black Sun Drum Korps Black Sun Temple Coph`antae tryr dead.circuit Emme Ya Finglebone Gothick Heresiarch Hoyland Immundus INsCissorS Instinct Primal In This Land of Rain kalendar Kristus Kut Lumina Sector Melankolia Murmurists Nakjaarna NO HEAVEN Omniiq Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Sighell Snowfade Tamerlan Taphephobia Temple Music The Broken Arm Of Love Thee Demonick Eremite feat. Veronika Aednat The Implicit Order Tree Tribes Of Medusa TSIDMZ Viderunt Omnes Vultures Quartet Wehwalt xun Zreen Toyz
  • taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive ;D
  • Taphephobia - No Beacon In Sight Album: Taphephobia Vs. Coph'antae Tryr - Counting The Days (KM018, 2011) Free download: Album: Info about Kalpamantra: www.lastfm.pl - uploaded via www.mp32
  • Even Less - The Day the World Went Away (Nine Inch Nails cover) Depressive Rock/Post Rock from Beijing, China. MCD/MLP "Soundtrack to A Wasted Day" coming soon on Pest Productions/Taphephobia Productions: www.pest666.com

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  • “Peccatophobia: Fear of sinning. Taphephobia: Fear of being buried Active users in the last 5 mins. Registered Users:1814. There are currently 0 registered”
    — Juice, juice.box.sk

  • “A Blogging Drive Taphephobia. Taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive.The Greek word taphē means burial or grave. You can see the same Greek root in the English word epitaph (an inscription on a tomb)”
    — UMAKI DRIVE BLOG " A Blogging Drive, umaki-

  • “Saw this terrible Steve Irwin tribute van yesterday. taphephobia liked this. kearajoy said: Oy, indeed. :/ thenaturalog reblogged this from kiamatthews and added: I would like to buy”
    — Hi, My Name is Kia. • Saw this terrible Steve Irwin tribute van,

  • “The Free Dictionary forum Taphephobia is the psychopathological fear of being buried alive. Before the advent of modern medicine, this fear was not entirely irrational. Throughout history, there have been many cases of people being accidentally buried alive, and the”
    Taphephobia - Article of the Day - English - The Free,

  • “Bust out your dog-eared copy of the DSM-IV (aka the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and pick your favor Although I haven't seen it yet, I suspect those with taphephobia (fear of being buried alive) might want to avoid Buried (2010)”
    — Five Films Phobics Need to Avoid - The Moviefone Blog,

  • “Garry's Blog. FACTS I DID NOT KNOW. SOME INTERESTING FACTS. Saturday mail delivery in Canada was eliminated by Canada Post on Taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive! A crocodile always grows new teeth to replace the old teeth!”
    — | Garry's Blog, ww6

  • “XNepali Home Blog/movies Nepal News Songs Videos Image Host Unicode Nepali Gallery Tech Nepali Community Forum > General Forum > General Discussion”
    — Amazing facts collection,

  • “Read access to a world of pain..out now. by Taphephobia on MySpace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. From today it is possible to order Ta”
    — access to a world of pain..out now. - Taphephobia's MySpace Blog |,

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