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  • Device for attaching specifically tapelike cuts to containers Issue date: Jan 30, 1979. A central band of cold glue is applied over most of the length of a label. — “Device for attaching specifically ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • tapeworm ( ) n. Any of various ribbonlike, often very long flatworms of the class Cestoda, that lack an alimentary c*** and are parasitic in the The body is usually very elongated and tapelike and frequently divided into segments, or proglottids, with replication of the hermaphroditic. — “tapeworm - Cestoda: Definition from ”,
  • Citing fears of jury contamination, Sean "Puffy" Combs' lawyer requested that jury selection in Combs' trial on gun charges be adjourned to Monday. involved collecting possible residue from the defendants' hands with a tapelike substance, have never been ***yzed, since New York's police force no. — “Puffy Lawyer Requests Jury Selection Delay - Music, Celebrity”,
  • By adjusting an electrical voltage across a crystal of nonlinear material, researchers have develope The tapelike material scattered the laser light before it arrived at the receiver, making the visual signal so noisy that the number and line pattern became. — “Noise Turned into Vision ( | Apr 2010 | Research)”,
  • Cigar Aficionado Formed into tapelike rolls, this mostly tobacco material facilitates that snappier 500-per-minute rate that can't be managed with individually cut natural binders. — “Cigarillos: Short and Small | News & Features | Cigar Aficionado”,
  • Air Force Research Laboratory's Dr. Paul N. Barnes and coworker Dr. George Levin (UES, Inc. The recently issued patent is based on the pair's work in using a superconducting, tapelike electrical conductor in special winding configurations for magnets and electrical machines. — “Patent Issued for Air Force Propulsion Technology”, wpafb.af.mil
  • and then tubes collapse into tapelike ones; at the same time the C–C bonds at high the tube become a tapelike one, and the bent sections, as. well as the tips, are more labile under high. — “Behavior of carbon nanotubes under high pressure and high”,
  • (SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE : HOLDER FOR A REMOVABLE ELECTRICAL COMPONENT : Bar or tapelike carrier for plural components : Tray having plural circular pockets) Patent 6003676: Product carrier and method of making same ELECTRICAL COMPONENT : Bar or tapelike carrier for plural components : Component. — “Patents 6003668 - 6003920”,
  • Patent Abstract: A protection structure for a thermal conducting medium of a heat dissipation structure installed on the heat dissipation device at the position on which the thermal conducting medium is coated. The protection structure has a Bar or tapelike carrier for plural components. — “Protection structure for thermal conducting medium of heat”, patentstorm.us
  • tapeworm: Definition and Pronunciation any of various flat or tapelike worms of the class Cestoidea, lacking an alimentary c***, and parasitic when adult in the alimentary c*** of humans. — “tapeworm: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • No results found for "tapelike" Encarta® World English Dictionary Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “tapelike definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • tapelike (comparative more tapelike, superlative most tapelike) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/tapelike" Categories: English words suffixed with -like | English adjectives. — “tapelike - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of tape in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tape. Pronunciation of tape. Translations of tape. tape synonyms, tape antonyms. Information about tape in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. duct tape, tape drive, tape tapelike adj. — “tape - definition of tape by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Tapelike definition, a long, narrow strip of linen, cotton, or the like, used for tying garments, binding seams or carpets, etc. See more. — “Tapelike | Define Tapelike at ”,
  • Patents and inventions related to 206713000, Holder For A Removable Electrical Component - Bar Or Tapelike Carrier For Plural Components. — “Holder For A Removable Electrical Component - Bar Or Tapelike”,
  • Patents > Guidance, Tools, and Manuals > Classification > Class Schedule. You are viewing a USPC Schedule. Plural components integrally formed with bar or tapelike carrier. — “Class Schedule for Class 206 SPECIAL RECEPTACLE OR PACKAGE”, uspto.gov
  • The best defense might be a great electric fence. Electricity provides the gentle jolt that keeps ' em down on the farm. Modern temporary styles of electric fencing include the familiar rope lines, some tapelike styles and various sizes of mesh netting; all can be set up or taken down in a. — “Electric Fence Innovations Revolutionize Livestock Grazing”,
  • "IN 1967, THE AMERICAN PAINTER Richard Diebenkorn turned away from his widely admired figural style fluid, awkward, loosely scumbled fields and tapelike forms, and stunning juxtapositions. — “Richard Diebenkorn”,
  • You could try to find Heating tape at the hardware store or someplace. It's a length of some kind of rubbery tapelike stuff with wire running through it, you plug it in and it keeps the pipes from freezing. — “How do I thaw my frozen pipes? Last night I kept the water”,

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  • “Forum • Forum • Tag Search • Login • Signup. Signup and blog about your Handtop Then it requires adding some tapelike material to these sliders”
    — Handtops, UMPC - HowTo make oqo screen sliding more stiff,

  • “i want to be able to get some wow and flutter and tapelike acoustics on sounds - get that slight drift and warmth .I have tried 0 registered and 8 anonymous users are browsing this forum”
    — Forum - GENERAL DISCUSSIONS : Music Recording Technology,

  • “I'm new to this site and would like to say hello to everybody and I am soooo glad that I found this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Copyright ©2001-2008 Web Wiz”
    — Arthritis Forum/Message Boards: I'm a newbie, diagnosed with,

  • “Renewable energy. Energy-efficient homes. Green vehicles. The Energy Matters blog is all about energy. This is a tapelike product that seals the window opening from the outside, as shown in the accompanying figure”
    — Renewable Energy, Energy-efficient Homes and Green Vehicles,

  • “The Sporum -- The Official Spore Forum Sticky strands of a natural, tapelike glue keeps the ball attatched to the body. They have similar build to Ankylosaurus. The acids quickly react to the DNA of the prey”
    — Neozoa: The Seeding of life,

  • “Gee Anzalone : Hello guys, thankyou very much Gee Anzalone : Damn good man!I think you were Gee Anzalone : É nois na fita Is us in the tapeLike Gee Anzalone : Post criado por denismirandaTHE Gee Anzalone : Post criado por akpc Post”
    — .br : Gee Anzalone, .br

  • “Plastic surgery recovery information, preparation, cosmetic surgery recovery products, message boards, plastic surgeons, forums, patient services some external stitches, some only internal stitches, some, like me, have a 'tapelike' covering over the incisions which you can shower with, as”
    — Breast Reduction Message Board - help, Plastic Surgery,

  • “Making The Booty Shake. So the band has just recorded the studio performance of its career. comes in handy for light warming missions, and adding gentle 'tapelike' crunch or fuzz”
    — James Katz Blog,

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