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  • Though the latest versions of Final Cut Pro and iMovie seemingly resolved compatibility issues with tapeless camcorders, associate editor Brian Chen stumbled upon more problems. — “Revisiting tapeless camcorders and the Mac | Camcorders”,
  • Definition of tapeless in the Medical Dictionary. tapeless explanation. Information about tapeless in Free online English dictionary. What is tapeless? Meaning of tapeless medical term. What does tapeless mean?. — “tapeless - definition of tapeless in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • TAPELESS WOUND CARE PRODUCTS, LLC. manufactures and distributes a system of patented secondary wound dressing retention devices, offering a superior alternative to traditional secondary wound dressings, including tape, gauze, elastic wraps and elastic netting. The "TAPELESS" system features:. — “TapeLess Inc. Entry Page”,
  • TAPEless Medical has developed a line of reusable secondary wound TAPEless Arm is anatomically designed to contour to the arm so that it stays in place. — “Reusable Non-Adhesive Dressing Systems - Wound Dressings”,
  • In the professional broadcast world, an end-to-end workflow (from ingest to playout) is called tapeless when part, or all of it, is made without any tape; video and audio sources being ingested, recorded, edited and played out on digital systems. Contents. 1 ***ogy and advantages. 2 Explosion. — “Tapeless - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • filmmakers and production unit - Entra. — “TLF - TapeLessFilm - Welcome”,
  • Rhondda based post production facility uses The MatrixStore to protect tapeless rushes and take the strain off its AVID Unity. Germany's SWR Continues Tapeless Transition with Omneon Server Infrastructure. — “Tapeless News : Creative COW”,
  • Native tapeless workflows. Boost efficiency using a tapeless (file Tapeless camera support with Adobe OnLocation CS5 (included with Adobe Premiere Pro) new. — “native tapeless workflows | Adobe Premiere Pro CS5”,
  • Automatic Turret Winder is designed for automatic continuous center winding of small or large rolls using a tapeless transfer enveloper. A cross cut knife makes a no fold back transfer. — “US Webcon – Tapeless Transfer (No Adhesive) Automatic Turret”,
  • Definition of tapeless in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tapeless. Pronunciation of tapeless. Translations of tapeless. tapeless synonyms, tapeless antonyms. Information about tapeless in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “tapeless - definition of tapeless by the Free Online”,
  • Hi Def Telecine transfers direct to hard drives, ready to edit uncompressed HD video for MAC or PC. You may use a Bonolabs drive (tapeless service fee of $2.40 per minute). — “tapeless”,
  • Make no mistake about it-tapeless recording is the wave of the future. And, this year's NAB was the official launching ground for new tapeless products. — “Moving Forward With Tapeless Recording, Mark Foley”,
  • Information and resources for computer-based multi-track recording. — “Tapeless Studio, The”,
  • : Tapeless "Tapeless" Showing 1 - 16 of 249 Results. Choose a Department to enable sorting. 1. EGR 574931 WindowVisor Dark Smoke 4-Piece In. — “: Tapeless”,
  • HD Tapeless Workflow. Overview. Resources. Support Center. Home > HD Tapeless Workflow Home > HD Tapeless Workflow > Support Center. Sony Professional Services & Programs. Lower costs, increase control and maximize. — “Sony | Micro Site - HD Tapeless Workflow”,
  • Tapeless Shooting By: GARY CASSEY About the Author Gary is Managing Director at Cass Productions in Hampshire. — “Tapeless Shooting”,
  • This tutorial gives an overview of the tapeless ingest workflow using Log and Transfer in Final Cut Pro 7. It encompasses a handful of the supported formats that FCP works with including XDCAM EX, P2 AVCIntra, P2 DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, and Canon. — “Comments : Tapeless Workflow with Final Cut Pro 7 : Apple”,
  • Welcome to. . Related Searches: Related Searches. Related Searches. Sponsored Listings. Web Results. Popular Categories. — “”,
  • Tapeless definition, a long, narrow strip of linen, cotton, or the like, used for tying garments, binding seams or carpets, etc. See more. — “Tapeless | Define Tapeless at ”,
  • SureSync's replication & synchronization engine provides solutions such as disaster recovery, data distribution, collaboration, centralized backups. — “SureSync - File Replication & File Synchronization Software”, tapeless-
  • Tapeless™ let's go rich online! Sitemap. Register. Terms. Nov 19. Pssst Create a New Please login or register to see the download links. Who Else Wants My Super Secret Sauce. — “Tapeless”,
  • Multi-Camera Tapeless. Mobile HD Studio. FileCaster Tour. 1080p Camcorder. Production Truck HD Tapeless Solutions " Broadcast Facilities " Workflow Design " IPTV Systems " Satellite. — “TV Pro Gear: Turnkey Systems Integrator : Broadcast”,

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  • JVC GY-HD200UB 1920 x 1080i 25p tapeless test To the Sony MRC1K CF digital recorder. In 25p.
  • Guaranteed Tapeless Ingest with MatrixStore Guaranteed Tapeless Ingest, protection and search with MatrixStore
  • Tapeless Recording and Database - Tech Tips Film and video productions can be shot without the use of tape and film stock! Watch this primer that explores the equipment and basics one would utilize in a tapeless, database workflow environment. Recent projects utilizing tapeless recording and database workflow systems include: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Zodiac," as well as commercials for Nike, Motorola, Lexus, and Texas Instruments.
  • Tip #22 - Gift wrap with ATG tape gun - "tapeless" seams Hello and Welcome! I had an "aha" moment for gift wrapping and using scrapbook tools. Anyone else out there gift wrapping? Lol Instead of scotch tape (how I started out) grab your ATG gun! Wow, double-sided tape with a dispenser that glides along the edges of gift wrap -- which seems like forever when you are trying to get edges to match. Gliding and dispensing tape for 3 feet -- really rocks! Using the ATG gun with the double side tape leaves all the seams clear of tape. The finish is beautiful. I will use the ATG gun for more gift wrapping. I'll find another use for those 6 dispensers of scotch tape I bought. Hmmmm....lol Thank you for joining me ;) Lisa http
  • TAPEless Medical Wound Care Bandages or Dressing Systems - TAPEless Medical has developed a line of secondary wound dressings that are completely unique in the wound care field. The products were initially designed for difficult to dress areas and now are useful for all wounds requiring a dressing. The products are clinically proven to hold any primary wound dressing in place without the need for traditional secondary dressings such as tape, adhesives, elastic netting, elastic wraps or rolls of gauze. A unique combination of features resulted in a product that is non-adhesive, non-allergenic, non-constrictive and washable and reusable. Furthermore, the material breathes and has 100% memory after a washing. These features provide for a product that is ideal for the diabetic patient, the elderly with fragile skin and the patient with vascular problems.
  • Demo Fairlight Final Cut Pro XML Tapeless Workflow Fairlight now supports direct drag and drop of Final Cut Pro XML files directly to the DAW timeline. Final Cut Pro, Apple's award-winning nonlinear editing software, supports an open, standards-based XML Interchange Format—a feature with "huge" implications for the TV industry and for developers who want to create new products to improve the editing process. This means that Final Cut Pro/Fairlight users can share comprehensive information about a Final Cut Pro project —in fact, they can share that information with any application or system that supports XML, including database systems, broadcast servers, outlining software, HTML and Web authoring tools, and graphics applications.
  • On set logging with tapeless cameras See how to get all the benefits of real-time, on-set logging even when working with tapeless cameras with OnLocation CS5. Visit Adobe TV for more videos bit.ly Go from wow to real cs5 is here! bit.ly
  • Towards a tape-less digital media production platform: an architecture for file-based editing
  • Tape vs Tapeless Consumer Mini-Course: Tape vs Tapeless Tape vs Tapeless. ***og vs Digital. Which is best? This course discusses the pros and cons of using both workflows. Francisco goes through the basics of using a tape and tapeless work flow.Continue your video education on and see hundreds of more lessons. Please visit NYVS is the premier online destination for video enthusiasts around the world who use video in their everyday lives. Visit to see hundreds of instructional videos like these and be a part of the video revolution. A Plus membership will get you full access to NYVS for only $9.95 per month. Start today with a free trial!
  • Golfweek demos tape-less PURE Grips Wes Brasher shows off the latest PURE Grips at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show.
  • Archiving Tapeless Media Tips by Robbie Carman Robbie Carman gives you tips on storing tapeless media. Robbie is co-author of Final Cut Pro Workflows. Discover more about the book here 20% OFF ALL FOCAL PRESS BOOKS - Use offer code YT007 at Title music copyright David Collupy
  • Crews Control University - HD Video Tapeless Workflow (Information Overdrive) Introducing a National Touring Educational Series of workshops that explores Tapeless Workflow and the options for migration to HD - HD Video Acquisition, Data Management, Post Production Editing and Data Archiving. BLOG: WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER: TWITTER: /crewscontrolcam
  • Tapeless Workflows Using Adobe in the Intel SIGGRAPH Booth Kevan O'Brien, Adobe Systems Field Engineer, shows Take Five Videos the RED supported tapeless workflow using After Effects, and Premiere. For more information on this topic please visit: For more information on Intel's Visual Computing Community please visit: /software/graphics
  • Skateboard ramp(d0ityourself)A NON GUIDE USING TAPELESS RAMP!(LEARN TO MAKE TAPELESS RAMPS!) guys this ramp is made 100% NON-TAPE OR GLUE! me and my friend thinking about maki'n some ramps and well........JUST SEE THE VIDEO FIRST!!!!!( and please no bad comments, this is our first video) enjoy! Hey and Guys if you want to make a ramp just like us, PM me and subscribe and i will tell you exactly how to make a ramp just like this!(you cannot find any other guide how to make a ramp just like this, since its homemade..) (Oh yeah, these kids are only 10 but they have good ideas!!) And if u wanna check out our myspace website, go to : /kevinmoyung
  • Cinegy NAB 2009 Podcast: Digital Media and Tapeless Workflows Cinegy, NAB 2009 Booth, Podcast. Interview with Stuart Murray, Candela Media, UK. Digital Media and Tapeless Workflows
  • Glueless/Tapeless Application of Lace front "Orchid" Wig HI, I just wanted to share how I put my lace front wigs on. I do this every morning and take them off every evening..I haven't been able to find a glue or tape that I like yet, but when I do I'll upload a video of that type of application..most likely it'll only be the back of the wig that I'll glue down..If you have any questions for me just leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can..Leave suggestions, tips, or comments..Thanks for watching!!!!
  • 3.Import Tapeless Footage SD Import standard definition footage from a tapeless camera. Use Mpeg Streamclip to import video from SD card or hard drive.
  • Lacefront Wig Application-Glueless-Tapeless this is a glueless/tapeless lacefront that I fell in love with. Had this wig for over a year lol!! Never wore it out..Giving you step by step instructions..which isnt much..i applied the wig in 3 minutes! Cant beat that!
  • Panasonic to debut two advanced tapeless VariCam line Panasonic introduced two advanced tapeless VariCam implementations in the new VariCam 3700 (model: AJ-HPX3700) and VariCam 2700 (model: AJ-HPX2700) P2 HD camcorders during the press conference at NAB 2008. The VariCam 2700 offers 2/3-inch native HD resolution 3-CCDs and produces cinema-quality, independent-frame 1080 and 720 images with 4:2:2 10-bit sampling in AVC-Intra 100, while the VariCam 3700 offers full native 1920x1080-pixel acquisition and independent frame recording with 10-bit/4:2:2 sampling.
  • Ikegami to showcase flash memory tapeless camera 'HDS-V10' Ikegami showcased its new flash memory tapeless camera 'HDS-V10' at NAB 2008 in Las Vegas. Developed in cooperation with Toshiba, the GFCAM system includes the GFCAM HDS-V10 tapeless camcorder, the GFSTATION GFS-V10 studio deck, and GFPAK high-capacity Flash media to record more than two hours of HD video. The HDS-V10 features an open-codec HD/SD architecture, proxy video, and metadata convenience-leverages the increasing integration of IT networking in the broadcast industry and delivers file-based HD workflow efficiencies extending from digital video capture, to non-linear editing, to content delivery.
  • Cable & Wireless IP-CCTV - Tapeless /uk CCTV Cameras have become an integral part of our everyday lives, they surround the society we live in, constantly recording our movements and the movements of others for the sake of our security. In the UK today there are currently in excess of 5 million CCTV Cameras, constantly watching over us as we go about our every day lives. On average each citizen is caught on camera 300 times per day. The use of CCTV footage has become an essential tool for protecting both our businesses and the society we inhabit. Yet as technology has continued to develop many of the systems protecting our assets have become old and out dated. Cable & Wireless has developed a new way in CCTV, IPCCTV. /uk
  • Tapeless High Definition Camcorders In this video we survey three high definition camcorders that record to formats other than tape.
  • EGR Tapeless Window Visors - Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. This will fit the Chevrolet Trailblazer 02-06 and the GMC Envoy XL 02-06. This kit is a four piece system that covers all windows, it's pretty simple to install, we're going to start with the first half front windows. All they do is pop in and slide into the track. To slide it in the track, there will be a lot of twisting and bending, but it will bend and flex to accommodate that. Once you get the window visors installed, a good thing is to run your windows up and down a few times. The window will drag on the plastic a little bit as you can see. The plastic does get pushed up by the window. What you want to do is actually take some time and run them up and down a few times and let them sit in the sunlight preferably or at least a warm environment. That way it will conform to the window and the seal around the window. Sometimes it may not reach all the way up, if that's the case leave it like it is and let is sit for a while. Then run it up and down a few more times to get it to roll up completely. After that, you want to let it sit for a day or two in the sunlight. That would be perfect thing for it with the windows up. Now we're going to work on the rear window visors. This will simply fit in the track, slide up in here and go in like that. However, if you notice on this particular model, there is tape on here. It does say tapeless ...
  • 1. Definition: What does Tapeless Workflow mean?
  • CANON XF-305 Professional Tapeless Camcorder http The long awaited tapeless acquisition from Canon the XF300 and XF305 is now here. This camcorder records in full HD 1920X1080i as well as 1280X720p and various other format. Also boasting a colour sampling of 4:2:2 switchable to 4:2:0 as well and a whopping 50mbps bitrate. 1x3 1/3rd" cmos sensors with also overcranking and undercranking feature. The VideoCobra takes a closer look at this beast of a camcorder to see what it offers. The main problem he found is the response of the Zoom Ring as well the comfort of the camcorder handheld in terms of ergonomics. This is not a paid advertisment... VideoCobra is just a passionate enthusiast in the world of videography...
  • DXG 202v camcorder ! (early DXG "tapeless camcorder") DXG 202V tapeless camcorder. 2.0 megapixels. Still being sold on Ebay as high as $69.00 and as low as this one: $7.99. I bought it just to say "I got a camcorder for $7.99 " We can guess it would have playbacks like this. ------------------------- I've bought a couple of DXG 506v's.They had a 5M image, but also noisy audio like this one. The thing that's different about the 202V is that the LCD screen is not on the side, but on the top with the camcorder held horizontally. The picture is of cell phone quality. Would be OK for kids.
  • BVE 2011 - "An Idiot Abroad" Tapeless Workflow with Avid Media Access (AMA) Learn more: Stop transcoding, rewrapping, importing, and/or copying media and start editing now. AMA (Avid Media Access) is a revolutionary plug-in architecture that greatly accelerates your tapeless video workflows, including RED, QuickTime, HDCAM SR Lite, XDCAM, P2, GFCAM, and Canon XF. With AMA, you can simply connect a supported card/disc or device and begin viewing and cutting footage right away—no need to transcode media or use other software to view or extract the clips.
  • Creating a Tapeless Video Workflow (webinar preview) Final Cut Pro Since Larry Jordan published his first webinar on tapeless media -- Working with Tapeless and DSLR Media -- lots of viewers asked him to provide a second webinar that presents an entire workflow for tapeless media for those that are new to the media. So, this webinar is designed for folks that are new to working with tapeless media. As our example for this webinar, we will be working with AVCHD media. Tapeless media requires entirely different organization and ingest techniques than traditional tape-based media. This session walks you thru the entire process from initially setting up and naming folders, to bringing the media into Final Cut ("ingest"), to configuring scratch disks and other preference settings, to editing, rendering and exporting for the web. If you are moving into tapeless media and want to do it right, you need to attend this session.
  • Naming Presets in Tapeless Workflow Final Cut Pro 7 Steve Martin shows Alex Lindsay why naming presets in FCP 7's log and transfer window can save lost time and sanity.
  • Closed Captioning Service Firm - Tapeless Workflow for Program Producers - eCaptioning the unique service by CaptionLabs is changing the way closed captioning is done...for good. No more shipping tapes back and forth, no long lead times or show turnarounds. Uploaded your file to this closed captioning company and download your finished closed caption file into your NLE the next day. Our closed captioning service is fast, efficient and cost effective. If you are in the market for a closed captioning services please call us at (877) 258-5800.
  • Expanded Native Tapeless Workflows in Premiere Pro CS5 Learn how to work with the latest tapeless and DSLR formats in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. Visit Adobe TV for more videos bit.ly Go from wow to real cs5 is here! bit.ly
  • PresTo Wrap~Tapeless Gift Wrap Paper! Finally, an ingenious, elegant and convenient way to WRAP GIFTS WITHOUT USING TAPE. PresTo Wrap LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE ORDINARY WRAPPING PAPER, and PresTo Wrap IS NOT TACKY OR STICKY. Simply rub the designs sides of the paper together and like magic the paper seals. If you make a mistake PresTo Wrap is repositionable. Just 2 things to remember: 1. Press the design sides together and the paper will magically seal and 2. store the unused wrapping paper in it's storage bag.
  • msshayelove gluless tapeless wig
  • Tapeless part 4 Tapeless
  • Ikegami HDS-V10 GFCAM Tapeless Camera Promotion Ikegami HDS-V10 The best HD camera ever! For more info:
  • Tapeless part 2 Tapeless
  • 2. Does tape-less just mean less-tape?
  • StoreIT Video Presentation - Tapeless Backup StoreIT is a comprehensive tapeless backup and disaster recovery solution designed for the SMB market. StoreIT minimizes the risk of downtime with the ability to virtualize servers instantly without having to move any data. This keeps networks up and users working right through a would be disaster scenario. With tried and true management processes this device will deliver you and your business the peace of mind you have always wanted.
  • Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 - Importing tapeless assets in Media Browser Import footage from tapeless sources with the Media Browser, identifying single clips from the various files that make them up. Presented by Paul Trani. For Help & Support on Adobe Premiere Pro, visit
  • Tapeless Technology ng GMA7, una ba talaga sa Asia? Isa na namang panloloko ng gma7 sa taong bayan. ______ Philippines 10 Aug 2007 ABS-CBN Replaces VTR Ingest with EVS Instant Tapeless Technology Top Philippines media network ABS-CBN is digitizing live studio workflow with the EVS Instant Ingest VTR replacement system. The Philippines' largest media network has chosen EVS equipment to digitize its live studio workflow. At the heart of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation's installation is the EVS Instant Ingest VTR replacement system, with an XT[2] production and playout server simultaneously ingesting ISO (isolated) camera feeds and the director's cut. The predominantly games and entertainment programme content is then imported to Avid Unity for final editing, whilst preserving native video quality and eliminating time wasted on re-ingesting. www.evs.tv
  • US Webcon - Tapeless Transfer Turret Winder () US Webcon offers an Automatic Two Position Tapeless Transfer Turret Winder is designed for automatic continuous center winding when used with a web festoon accumulator. Single point cross cut knife mounted in the enveloper head will perform a no fold back transfer. [email protected]
  • Working with Tapeless & DSLR Media by Larry Jordan (Webinar preview) In this Final Cut tutorial guru, Larry Jordan -- www.larryjordan.biz -- shows you what you need to know to work successfully in a tapeless world. Using step-by-step techniques and actual media, Larry explains how to organize your system, how to name your folders and files, shows you traps to avoid, then, using Final Cut Pro, illustrates how to ingest (meaning "bring into Final Cut") virtually every popular tapeless video format. The video industry is rapidly converting from video-tape, to file-based, or tapeless formats. The good news about this transformation is that cameras are becoming increasingly flexible. The bad news is that this new technology totally changes the way video editors work with media. Sign up for Larry's FREE Final Cut Studio Newsletter -- filled every month with the latest reviews, techniques, tips, and reader comments at www.larryjordan.biz/nxlttrs.html

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  • “Art21's Season 6, at least as far as video production is concerned, is getting a little more real everyday. We're deep in the throes of pre-producing”
    — London Calling, Going Tapeless & Meta Madness | Art21 Blog, blog.art21.org

  • “COW Blogs : Andrew Kimery's Blog : Sony's Tapeless Workflow. Sony had a little demo/presentation happening at our office the other I felt then, and I still feel now, the XDCAM marries the best of both worlds between tape and tapeless”
    — Sony's Tapeless Workflow,

  • “The Blog of PentaVision Integrated Digital Media. Production: Tapeless Field Production to all solid state mediums and tapeless recording systems such as hard drives, blue”
    — PentaVision's "What's Your Story?" Blog " Blog Archive,

  • “All posts are syndicated via RSS so you can set-up the Videoguys' Blog in your favorite RSS reader and/or e-mail program. Videographers are clearly in the midst of two revolutions: tapeless recording and the use of the hybrid still/video camera (HDSLR)”
    — Videoguys Blog,

  • “Archived from groups: sktop (More info?) Hi, If I'm videotaping something in an environment where the camera does not move and I have a computer within a couple feet, can I bypass th”
    Tapeless filming - TV-Video-Cards - Graphic-Displays,

  • “FILMMAKER BLOG. Tuesday, April 19, 2005. THE LEGEND OF LUCY KEYES: TAPELESS HD PRODUCTION They're still shooting on tape, but going tapeless for everything following acquisition”
    — Filmmaker Magazine | Filmmaker Blog,

  • “blog. blog. Home " blog " blog. 20May. Here be (Tapeless) Dragons. Posted team to implement a trial of BBC R&D's Ingex automated tapeless production system”
    — blog | mediasmiths,

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