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  • Tantalus (tăn'tulus) [key], in Greek mythology, king of Sipylos, son of Zeus and father of Pelops and Niobe. He was admitted to the society of the gods, but his abominable behavior aroused their anger, and Zeus condemned him to suffer eternally at Tartarus. — “Tantalus — ”,
  • TANTALUS, in Greek legend, son of Zeus (or Tmolus) and Pluto (Wealth), daughter of Himantes, the father of Pelops and Niobe. But, when Pandareus demanded the dog back, Tantalus denied that he had received it. — “Tantalus - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • There is great debate over the origin and parentage of Tantalus. Others claim that Tantalus was a king of Argos, or of Corinth; and yet others say that Tantalus originated in Lydia and then went north to reign in a place called Paphlagonia. Whatever. — “Tantalus Page”,
  • Powers/Abilities: Tantalus has lived for thousands of years, mostly unaltered by the ravages of time. Tantalus can also channel his Black Legacy into blasts of energy. — “Tantalus (Blackwulf's father)”,
  • Tantalus 1 is punished in Hades by not being able to eat or drink, as the water in the lake dries out, and the fruits in the In the same way as some are famous for their lives, and others are famous for their deaths, Tantalus 1 became famous for the manner of his punishment in the afterlife. — “your mythology guide: Tantalus”,
  • Tantalus, also T_ ntalos, in Greek mythology was a son of Zeus and the nymph Plouto (not to be confused with the Roman name for Hades). Thus he was a king in the primordial world. He was associated with Phrygia or Mount Sipylus in Lydia, both in Asia Minor. — “Tantalus - Academic Kids”,
  • Tantalus (Greek Τάνταλος, Tántalos) was the ruler of an ancient Tantalus (Greek Τάνταλος, Tántalos) was the ruler of an ancient western Anatolian city called either after his name, as "Tantalís", "the city of Tantalus", or as "Sipylus", in reference to Mount Sipylus, at the foot of which his. — “Tantalus”,
  • For other uses, see Tantalus (disambiguation). "Karagöl" (The black lake) in Mount Yamanlar, İzmir, Turkey associated with the accounts surrounding Tantalus and called Tantalus (Greek Τάνταλος, Tántalos) was the ruler of an ancient western Anatolian city. — “Tantalus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tantalus n. Greek Mythology A king who for his crimes was condemned in Hades to stand in water that receded when he tried to drink, and with fruit. — “Tantalus: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of Tantalus in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Tantalus. Pronunciation of Tantalus. Translations of Tantalus. Tantalus synonyms, Tantalus antonyms. Information about Tantalus in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Tantalus - definition of Tantalus by the Free Online”,
  • Tantalus provides Smart Grid communications solutions for Advanced Metering, Demand Response & Distribution TUNet® – the Tantalus Utility Network – is a rapid & reliable two-way network that enables electric, water & gas distributors to automate processes,. — “Tantalus Communications Inc”,
  • TANTALUS is a Prog Related / Progressive Rock artist from United Kingdom. This page includes TANTALUS's : biography, official website, pictures, videos from YouTube, MP3 (free download, stream), related forum topics, news, tour dates and events. — “TANTALUS music, discography, MP3, videos and reviews”,
  • Tantalus Vineyards, situated on the eastern slopes of the Okanagan Valley is a producer of premium Riesling wines. — “Tantalus Vineyards”, tantalus.ca
  • Tantalus was a mortal son of the Greek god Zeus. When Tantalus served Pelops to the gods, all except Demeter recognized the food for what it was and refused to eat, but Demeter, grieving for her lost daughter, was distracted and ate the. — “Tantalus - Mortal Son of Zeus Tantalus”,
  • Tantalus (Τάνταλος) was the king of Sipylus, in Lydia. Tantalus was the son of Zeus and Pluto, daughter of Cronus. Tantalus was married to the Oceanid Dione, and was the father of Pelops and a daughter, Niobe. The gods often invite him to dine with them, or that he would host the gods. — “House of Pelops”,
  • Tantalus was the son of Zeus and was the king of Sipylos. He was uniquely favored among mortals since he was invited to share the food of the gods. However, he abused the guest-host relationship and was punished by being 'tantalized' with hunger. — “Tantalus”,
  • Tantalus was admitted to Mt. Olympus to reside with the gods. Tantalus also perjured himself in regards to a golden dog stolen from Zeus which resulted in having a huge. — “The Time Machine Project-Tantalus”,
  • Tantalus , in Greek mythology, king of Sipylos, son of Zeus and father of Pelops and Niobe. He was admitted to the society of the gods, but his. — “Tantalus Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Tantalus (TAN-tuh-lus) The word "tantalize" comes from the plight of the mythological Tantalus, who so offended the gods that he was condemned in the afterlife to an eternity of hunger and But each time Tantalus stretched to pluck this juicy sustenance, the boughs receded from his grasp. — “Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology: Tantalus”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Tantalus. Information about Tantalus in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Tantalus definition of Tantalus in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Tantalus, also Tántalos (Greek Τάνταλος, Τάνταλος) , in Greek mythology was a son of Zeus and the nymph Plouto (not to be confused with the Roman As Tmolus is said to be Pluto's husband, this would make Tmolus the stepfather of Tantalus, if Zeus was his real father. — “Tantalus”,
  • Tantalus definition, a Phrygian king who was condemned to remain in Tartarus, chin deep in water, with fruit-laden branches hanging above his head: whenever he t See more. — “Tantalus | Define Tantalus at ”,
  • Buy tantalus, Books items on eBay. Find great deals on Antiques, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items and get what you want now!. — “tantalus items - Get great deals on Books, Antiques items on”,
  • Tantalus's punishment while he was alive was the ruin of his kingdom. Each time Tantalus lowered his head to drink the water he was standing in, the water would lower. — “Tantalus - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Tantalus. Money Man /Her Room (NL 1971) Obscure Dutch 7 piece progressive pop group including the late Jay Baar (Q65) on drums, this was their only release.
  • Free Hiking Trails Tantalus Drive Honolulu Hawaii walking tour Harley Davidson riding Leaving Punchbowl Cemetery, Tantalus Drive is home to million dollar private estates with ocean, Diamond Head,Honolulu views,Oahu,Hawaii. Honolulu free walking tour. Great free walking tour, hiking trails. A favorite R&R spot for our US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Air Force service memb ers. A great walking tour with incredible views of Downtown Honolulu, Diamond Head, University of Hawaii and Chaminade campus, Makiki, some of the finest condominiums and neighborhoods with ocean views to the South shore surfing spots. Windind roads make it perfect Harley Davidson riding trails. Hiking trails, state parks and lush forest vegetation make it almost unimaginable you're minutes from the financial and commercial hub of the state of Hawaii and its many historical sites. KennyG Military Relocation Coach ™ Schofield Barracks Go Army Homes. Com 888-308-1817.
  • Climbing Tantalus Ride to Tantalus, I crashed up there a few months ago, so i took it SLOW. Songs: Pupil - Here I go again The Cranberries - When you're gone
  • Tantalus (Burning Man art installation) Tantalus, a strobe light zoetrope, is an art installation (created by Peter Hudson) which appeared at Burning Man 2008. This video was taken at the LA Decompression.
  • Final Fantasy IX - Theme of the Tantalus (Guitar Duet) PLEASE WATCH THIS IN HQ, IT'LL SOUND WAY BETTER ! TABS DOWN HERE ! Hey ! Please check out You can download the mp3 for this here: Just having fun on this cool theme. As usual, any fingerpicked guitar I record is hard for me since I can't grow fingernails (playing bass and all), don't be too stingy about the rythm. ;) Edit: ForestMarth tabbed this : Un grand merci ! =D
  • Story of Tantalus practice word final -ed Tantalus
  • HXS 420 Tantalus Outlaw Race 2009 Darryl Freeman's Annual 420 Outlaw Race in Honolulu Hawaii 2009 Filmed and edited by Hawaiian Extreme Sports
  • Tantalus Spine - Spectator Live Music and Lyrics by Dustin He. Live at the Championship bar 11/25/11 performing Spectator. Guitar was outta tune btw
  • Tantalus Spine - Gargoyle at Canvas Clash Lyrics and Music by Tantalus Spine. Live at the Canvas Clash. 12/02/11
  • 808Talk Hawaii: Tantalus www.808Talk.tv
  • Alfa Romeo "Body Kits" (2010) - Tantalus Road - TDU by rubie38 In the video : Alfa Romeo basic "no kit" // Converted/Edited by : Tototo // Rims by Tototo // Sound by Urban // Environment Mods : Island Paradise by iLLusion // Gauges by Atari // Patch 1975 and Installer Tool by Djey // Sound Effects by Universal Sound // Editing by rubie38.
  • Tantalus Hill Climb on a Friday: Honolulu, HI Every Wednesday at 4.30pm the Hawaii Bicycling League lead a magnificent and gradual 5 mile ride called the Tantalus Hill Climb right in Honolulu. Thanks to HBL ride leader Carol F for being a real sport. More Hawaii on a Friday: Hawaii Bicycling League: Shot by Bike Friday Customer Evangelist Lynette Chiang aka Galfromdownunder
  • Tantalus and Pelops: A Greek Myth Gluttony was the fourth evil to emerge from Pandora's Box. Tantalus, a son of Zeus, invited the gods over for dinner and decided to serve his own son, Pelops, as the main course. The gods were not amused. This is part 5 of the Latin Movie III. Next, check out Part 6: Orpheus and Eurydice. To see the entire Latin Movie III, click "Playlists" now. This is a Greek Mythology movie about greek mythology and Greek Mythology.
  • Secret of Mana Music: Dark Lich Theme Music played when fighting against Dark Lich. Check out my blog post about this video;
  • Steep Couloirs & Ski Mountaineering in Tantalus Range, Squamish, BC booked a heli on a whim and flew up to Tantalus to hang out at the ACC's Jim Haberl Hut and bag sweet ski lines for a weekend. Here's what we found, and there's waaaaay more we didn't have time to get to. Music = Runaway by Ki:Theory ()
  • Protector - Tantalus Thrash/Death Metal from Germany Song taken from the 1991 album "A Shedding of Skin" Line-up: Olly Wiebel - vocals, guitars Ede Belichmeier - bass Michael Hasse - drums Tantalus son of Zeus Wellwisher of immortal gods Tried to exceed their imense wisdom Invited them to an evil supper Served his guests the slaughtered son They recognized the malicious plan Now - He's condemned to a life in Hell - Got no chance to appeal for Grace - Live and suffer forever in Pain - To atone his stupid crime Tortured with inhuman hunger Feel the agony of starvation Beeing alone with ripping spasms Tantalus torment You can't escape Cruelest kind of torture You will never die Imprisoned by the flowing stream Afraid inside to die of thirst See the drink you cannot reach Now - Suffer in Hell - Without Grace - Feel the Pain - For your crime Tantalus torment You can't escape Cruelest kind of torture You will never die Growing fear destroys the mind Feel the boulder above the head Thoughts go fast please make me dead Now - He's condemned to live in Hell - Got no chance to appeal for Grace - Live and suffer forever in Pain - To atone his stupid crime
  • Tantalus part 1 Round Top Drive Honolulu Hawaii Sunday Cruise taking it nice and slow. (Redline Renegades)
  • Tantalus pt2 Honolulu Hawaii Part 2 of sunday cruise Camera bike 08 Hayabusa Helmet Camera Tachyon XC Redline Renegades
  • A Feast for Tantalus (Part 1) Tantalus Quartet gives world premiere of Apostolos Paraskevas's masterpiece at 2007 Iserlohn Guitar Festival. Video in two parts.
  • JD Hare skis Alpha's Ivory Shoulder, Tantalus Range, British Columbia Patagonia ski ambassador JD Hare heads into British Columbia's Tantalus Range to see if the line he's been eyeing on Alpha's prominent shoulder will go.
  • Tantalus I did the art and animation for this video that plays on tour buses between Vancouver & Whistler. Script: Thom Ryng; Producer: Larayne Decoeur; Editor: Shawna Cook.
  • Mini Fighter - Tantalus Dungeon [Lv.1~3] Tantalus the Mushroom boss! Tantalus dungeon is the basic dungeon for newcomers in the world of Mini Fighter. Monster level ranges from levels 1~3. This is a very easy dungeon and it will help preview you on what to expect in the Dark Wood Dungeons. We are high levels running this low level dungeon. We stall at boss to let you see his attacks. Hope you enjoy! Dark Eden: Mini Fighter: Netmarble:
  • THE FEAST (part 1) by APOSTOLOS PARASKEVAS, TANTALUS QUARTET, PART1/Guitar Quartet and Orchestra THE FEAST (concerto for four guitarists and orchestra) by Apostolos Paraskevas, TANTALUS Guitar Quartet, Albany Symphony/Georgia, Claire Hillard conductor, Dress rehearsal. 11/8/2008 Soloists OF the Tantalus Quartet Stephen Mattingly, Matthew Cochran, Kevin Manderville, Kris Anderson A concerto for four guitarists and Orchestra, composed in 2008 (more) The story: Tantalus was the son of Zeus and was the king of Sipylos. He was exceptionally favored among mortals since he was invited to share the food of the gods. However, he abused the guest-host relationship and was punished by being "tantalized" with hunger and thirst in Tartarus: he was immersed up to his neck in water, but when he bent to drink, it all drained away; luscious fruit hung on trees above him, but when he reached for it the winds blew the branches beyond his reach. There are differing stories about what Tantalus' crime was. A famous account says that he invited the gods to a feast and served them the dismembered body of his own son, Pelopas; when the gods discovered the deception, they punished Tantalus and restored Pelopas to life, replacing with ivory a part of the shoulder which had been eaten by Demeter. This is a work based on the myth of the above mentioned infamous dinner which Tantalus served to the Gods his own son Pelopas as part of the meal...his crime, the passion, the distorted love and all those things that made Greeks...you know...Greeks! Full of imagination, surprises, gruesome attitude ...
  • Tantalus: Burning Man Artist and playa legend Peter Hudson returns to Burning Man with his fourth interactive zoetrope, Tantalus, a commentary on the just-out-of-reach American Dream.
  • Cycling Oahu Tantalus Descent.mov Top 2 Bottom chase down .
  • Tantalus Paragliding Top Landings w/ Pilot Jared Carlson Pilot Jared Carlson performs text book paragliding top landings at Tantalus, Hawaii with his solo paragliding wing.
  • Goya's Caprichos: #9 - Tantalus Video Tour for the San Jose Museum of Art's exhibition Goya's Caprichos: Dreams of Reason and Madness on view at SJMA January 26 - April 20, 2008. Download to your iPod via iTunes (search "SJMA") to supplement your visit or watch via YouTube to experience parts of the exhibition at home. Utilizing satire and a dark imagination, Spanish painter and printmaker Francisco Goya published Los Caprichos, a series of 80 etchings in 1799. Goya was stone deaf; therefore he relied on his keen observation to represent Spain during a period of social and economic hardship. Los Caprichos portrays goblins and aristocrats alike, enacting the excesses of the nobility and the corruption of the church. Goya's characters themselves exist somewhere between actuality and fantasy. In fact, in Spanish the term "capricho" means whim or an expression of the imagination. Goya used whimsy but also gross caricature to expose a nation rife with corruption and evil.
  • Field Trip Hawaii 002: Ala Wai to Tantalus Welcome back my day trippers, vicarious virtual vacationers and midnight cyber soul searchers, to another field trip adventure in Hawaii! Today we are going to drive up to Tanatalus, not a greek king but rather a mountain ridge with a look out over Waikiki and the south west side of the island. Pack your brown bag lunch were going on a trip to the top of honolulu Music by Artist: Wilfred N. and the Grown Men Song: Bossaloha
  • Scat Pak 808 Tantalus, Hawaii Club Scat Pak 808 cruising through Tantalus (Roundtop) drive in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Tantalus Range Drive up to the Tantalus Look Out for a view of the range on a nice winters day. I used the Wilburys song because it a happy little tune. I used the Metallica song because I often go to the spot to clear my head, enjoy the view and bask in the sun. When I'm here...like the song says...Nothing Else Matters. Songs: End of the Line - Traveling Wilburys Nothing Else Matters - Metallica If your going to leave a comment. Don't be a reject about it..this is amateur video.
  • Tantalus Part 1 - Round Top Drive I make an attempt to go up Round Top Drive. I'm indecisive for a moment, and I turn around a few times. I reverse my motorcycle & go uphill. You see me use a bouncing technique to accomplish this. Click to the left of the screen to see a map of Round Top.
  • Final Fantasy IX OST - Theme of the Tantalus Music from Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack. Title: Theme of the Tantalus Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Check out my playlists for more game music:
  • BMW M6 - Round Top / Tantalus, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Tantalus Engine First Look First Video of the Tantalus RPG Engine using the TrueVision3D Engine. Music by Kevin MacLeod ().
  • Tantalus lookout Oahu Hawaii Drive up Tantalus, Round Top Drive in Honolulu. It was overcast and unusually smoggy vog from the Big Island volcano.
  • Ninja 250r Tantalus Twisties Test Ride 100326 There's a back road here in the heart of the city called Tantalus. With it's fairly recent repaved road, it's great twisties riding. We test out this bike to see how it performs.
  • Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus - Trailer Welcome to a world of danger and suspense in Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus, PlayFirst's thrilling hidden-object adventure. You're invited to a gorgeous, isolated Greek island for your high school reunion. Upon arriving, you notice that everything seems off. One by one, your former classmates are getting killed - all the murders mirroring tragic Greek myths. Discover clues, locate missing objects, and solve dangerously perplexing puzzles to avoid being next on the mysterious killer's list! * Discover who's behind the killings * Explore over 30 areas on the exotic island * Examine challenging hidden-object scenes * Decipher complex puzzles Buy Now:
  • Tantalus Major twisties! Finally got some decent footage of this infamous road. More than one of my friends have gone down here, so I'm taking it nice and slow...Spencerian has also vlogged the same road with the same bike! My video is shot with the Drift HD170 Stealth, available at www.myPOV360.com
  • Tantalus Ride Tantalus road in Honolulu from an R6, as seen through a helmet cam.
  • stargate SG-1 s1e11 The Torment Of Tantalus part5 1X11 Torment of Tantalus *note this is 01x10 on the site Daniel discovers that there was a previous Stargate explorer - Dr. Ernest Littlefield, who went through the Gate in 1945. But he never returned, so SG-1 sets out to recover him.

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  • “Looking for a chiropractor in Squamish, visit Tantalus Chiropractic & Wellness, named for the awe-inspiring Tantalus Mountain Range in Squamish, BC, this is a multidisciplinary wellness center”
    — My Diet Can Affect My Spine? - Tantalus Chiropractic & Wellness,

  • “Its purpose is to tantalise you with its contents, but not let you have any of it, at least until the owner shows up with the key allowing you to remove and open the decanters”
    — The Tantalus and Other Eccentric Ideas,

  • “Forum Rules. Access to the Tantalus Forum Area is included free with your registration to the Tantalus Online of Tantalus Online Coin Registry will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is”
    Tantalus - The Online Coin Registry,

  • “tantalus information, news, reviews and ***ysis on tantalus”
    — tantalus,

  • “Articles & Resources Register User Forum List Past 24 hours Blog Trip Reports Gallery FAQ Contact Us This report describes a high traverse of the Tantalus Range starting with a hike up Sigurd creek, ascents of Pelion, Tantalus, Dione, Serratus, and Alpha, followed by a descent to the”
    — [TR] Tantalus Range - Tantalus High Traverse 8/12/2007,

  • “Hawaii political races are getting into full swing and the candidates are starting to make their public aware of where”
    — Candidates Forum for Neighborhood Board # 10 Makiki/Tantalus,

  • “Welcome to Tantalus's Blog on . They've asked me to tell you as few things about Tantalus to start things off. 8 posts on the forum makes them a Cadet here on the site. They're from UK Warrington so they're quite far from home right now, but I'm sure they'll settle in fine”
    — Tantalus's Blog :: Stargate Fansite & Forum,

  • “Money to burn ? If so, this particular luxury product may be of interest. Exhibited at the Baccarat's exhibition in Tokyo's Mitsukoshi department store, this masterpiece is up for sale. Price – 63 million yen ($612,000).Measuring 66cm tall and”
    — Luxury Elephant-shaped Liquor Tantalus For Sale — Luxury,

  • “And rather than drive up for just a day, take in all that Whistler has to offer and book yourself and the family a night or two at the Tantalus Resort Lodge. Why the Tantalus plug? Blog Headlines”
    — NEW Tantalus Resort Lodge site goes live | VentureWeb Design Ltd,

  • “Burnaby's Tantalus Systems announced today that it has raised $14 Million in equity to fund its ongoing penetration of energy”
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