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  • The latest news. The varied holiday decorations range from a scrumptious gingerbread-and-white-chocolate White House to a tiny Bo - the First Dog. Cities. Annoyed with wife, Jaipur man kills self. His suicide note says he was ill-treated, harassed by his wife. — “: Mumbai Blasts”,
  • Features *** links, amateur pages, "priceless" jokes, videos, and other humorous stuff. The driver of the Rolls, looking very annoyed by now, says, "Of course I have a television. — “”,
  • Paramore | The Official Site and Community | Paramore site, blog, discussion, forum, members, bio, biography, photos, pics, pic, photo, videos, music video, concerts, concert, tour, tours, ringtones, chat, interact, social, website. — “Annoyed - Discussion Detail - ”,
  • English Translation for annoyed - dict.cc German-English Dictionary. — “dict.cc | annoyed | English Dictionary”, dict.cc
  • Annoyed-373400 is not offering any recommendations at this time. Annoyed-373400 has not written any articles or seeded any links yet. Annoyed-373400's. — “annoyed-373400 - Annoyed-373400”, annoyed-373400
  • Read the latest ESPN coverage, scores, and news headlines for all professional and college sports. Includes fantasy leagues, games, and chat rooms. Are you excited or annoyed that Cam Newton is eligible?. — “ESPN”,
  • Definition of annoyed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of annoyed. Pronunciation of annoyed. Translations of annoyed. annoyed synonyms, annoyed antonyms. Information about annoyed in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “annoyed - definition of annoyed by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • annoyed (comparative more annoyed, superlative most annoyed) Troubled, Retrieved from "http:///wiki/annoyed" Categories: English simple past forms | English past participles | English. — “annoyed - Wiktionary”,
  • Growing fees leave airline passengers annoyed. Micheline Maynard, New York Times. When weather forecasters predicted severe winter storms across the country in the past few weeks, airlines sent their customers a steady stream of e-mail and text messages, giving them a chance to change their. — “Comments Page: Growing fees leave airline passengers annoyed”,
  • An Orange annoys the hell out of his friend, Apple.ANNOYING ORANGE YOUTUBE PAGE: http:///realannoyingorangeANNOYING ORANGE T-SHIRTS: http://annoyi. — “YouTube - The Annoying Orange”,
  • Annoyed (khmer:រ៉ៅឆាន) Rarv Charn, also Tomb and Exotic is a Khmer upcoming supernatural horror film which will be out in mid 2010, based on a true event. It is a full-length feature film produced in Cambodia and now is in the post production. The film is not yet rated. [edit] Plot. — “Annoyed (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • annoyed - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. — “annoyed - Dictionary of English”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective annoyed has 2 meanings: Meaning #1 : aroused to impatience. — “annoyed: Information from ”,
  • Kim Kardashian Annoyed by Reggie Bush Interview Question (VIDEO) Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush Break Up: Reporter Annoyed Kim Kardashian During Interview. — “Kim Kardashian Annoyed by Reggie Bush Interview Question”,
  • annoyed army wife. As the title implies I'm not your typical 'Proud Army Wife,' but I hope you give me a chance regardless of that fact. I'm not a military-basher and am pretty supportive of other troops, just not always the one I'm married to. — “the annoyed army wife”,
  • Stands for Highly Sensitive Person. Refers to people who are oversensitive to sensory aspects of their environment/world. For instance, HSPs may ha For instance, HSPs may hate harsh lighting, or get really annoyed by background noise. — “Urban Dictionary: annoyed”,
  • We found 23 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word annoyed: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "annoyed" is defined. — “Definitions of annoyed - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Rochester news, weather, sports, entertainment, community events, and breaking news information from 13WHAM-TV in Rochester, New York. annoyed - 3/9/2010 4:29 AM. 10 Votes. Report User. Clugston needs to be charged also and I can't for the the life of me figure out why she hasn't yet. — “User Information: annoyed - Rochester, News, Weather, Sports”, 13
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Annoyed - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. I think you'd get slightly annoyed too if your car kept doing this!. — “Videos tagged with Annoyed - Metacafe”,
  • "annoyed working mothers"; - harassed, harried, pestered, vexed. Verb: annoy u'noy. Cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations " Encyclopedia: Annoyed. Annoy. Nearest. annotating. annotation. annotative. annotator. announce. announced. — “annoyed, annoy- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Annoyed definition, to disturb or bother (a person) in a way that displeases, troubles, or slightly irritates. See more. — “Annoyed | Define Annoyed at ”,

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  • Ann Arbor Graffiti Thanks to tor***fish ( /tor***fish ) who imagined this! :) Warning: the music is really annoying! Tor***fish and I got to hang out this past week, and we wandered around A2 filming graffiti. I thought I would take it upon myself to write a music track, since she and I didn't get to sing anything together. It's called "Song to Spraypaint To." Stay tuned for the video in which we talk and you aren't annoyed by songs Beccah creates at 4 am.....
  • two Squirrels and a green laser here's two squirrels that aren't annoyed by a laser beam. They don't seem to be wanting to chase it much either.
  • The Walking Dead - Bad Motherf&%er! - Episode 13, Duck is Robin In this new series, Pan1cKnife plays through Telltale Games' new, highly acclaimed PC drama based on the Walking Dead graphic novel universe! Pan1c will do his very best to turn Lee into a gigantic ***, hopefully to hilarious results! In episode twelve, Pan1cKnife finally isn't annoyed by Duck, but Lilly is still bat*** crazy. Follow us on Twitter: And "like" the Awful Gamer on Facebook!
  • {Fanfic Trailer} - Lovers Or Enemies? characters; lee donghae lee eunhyuk cho kyuhyun kim ryeowook kim kibum summary; eunhyuk is the coold kid in school. the kid everybody wants to be. he has it all: brains, talent, looks, and money. donghae on the other handis known as the nerd in the school. the kid nobody wants to be. even though besides the fact that he is smart, doesn't mean people aren't annoyed by him. but what happens when the two boys come face to face with a problem? can two boys who hate eachother really fall in love? song; monster by super junior
  • 90s Lookbook Ft. Doc Martens Contest ends tonight! Get your entries in! :) Links: Contest Video: ‪ My links: Formspring (new- reopened, ask stuff if you want):‪www.formspring.me Blog (New Posts!) : ‪ Tumblr: ‪ aaaand if you aren't annoyed of me already, follow me on twitter!:‪ Music used under the Creative Commons Attribution License Song : The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points (Contiez and Gilly Remix) mastered
  • ~ S tar D ust To Remember You By~ [Clear/Alex] Well after my....original Final Destination video (:P) I thought that I should make a serious little tribute to this movie. Also, this couple is adorable, and I've wanted to make a tribute to them for awhile XD. By the way, do you guys like the motion blur effect? I know I've been using it a lot lately, and I just want to make sure you guys aren't annoyed by it. Clips~ Final Destination Song~ Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk
  • Hair Care Routine♥ This has been one of my most requested videos by far, and i know its nothing special, but i thought i'd do it because of the many requests! *Im sorry i didnt show you actually blowdrying my hair but imovie wouldnt let me fast forward that large of a clip, so im really sorry about that! :(* Hope you guys enjoyed and aren't annoyed by the long picture of me in the end:P thanks for watching!Note: I do not do this everyday, or put heat on my hair everyday. If you are a company wanting to contact me please email me at: [email protected] xoxo, Stefanie
  • my luck, my faith, my fortune HD for much better quality! :) Please do not use the audio, cause I cut it by myself :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a kind of a '2012 video'... First I would wait with the upload till the end of the year, because than I also could put clips of december in it, but I couldn't wait ._. Furthermore I don't think that I will get so much more clips, cause Doubti is still ill... So here it is: All the clips of me and the little grey pony in the right order from the first time riding till now. First time on the riding space, first time on the field, first time without a saddle. A time with a lot of ups and downs: Tubles, setbacks, tears and disappointment, but also joy, pleasure and trust, which became more and more. I only put the 'good' moments in the video, because it shouldn't be so sad... maybe only a bit thoughtfully. :) I hope, that you aren't annoyed that you had seen the clips so many times, in so many videos now... Last thing: I would say 'thank you' to everyone of you! For every 'like' and every comment! I never believed that I can get so, so many subs! :o xx Pia ♥ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLEASE ASK! I'm so bored! :D ♥ ask.fm Photos? ♥
  • Monochrome Factor 05 - Shadow's Back aka. Senaka no Kage Akira and Aya are in 'Bar Still' when Kengo appears, demanding to know why Aya is accepted as a comrade and he isn't. Annoyed, Akira points out that he can't bring someone who is a nuisance/useless in battles. Angry by the rejection, Kengo walks away and gets into a fight with a few guys, saving Haruka (from ep1) in the process (who was being bullied). After the fight, he...
  • 「IDS」 The Story of InuYasha MEP 「犬夜叉 だいすき スタジオ」 Happy New Year everyone and what better way to kick off the new year than with a new MEP from us? Granted we're about four days late, BUT HEY, THAT'S LIFE FOR YA. Yes, it is another MMV MEP! This one was a LOT harder than the first one we did which we focused on characters. This MMV MEP we focused on manga volumes of Inuyasha. We basically edited from start to finish of the entire series of Inuyasha under five minutes, amazing, right? But it was quite difficult for a lot of us. I very pleased with how this MEP came out! This is the Story of InuYasha MEP, so show it to your friends and family who want to get an idea of what happens in Inuyasha. To my wonderful members, You guys are so BRILLIANT when it comes to editing and I'm so glad to have you all in IDS. I know manga is hard for some of you to edit with and I'm extremely happy you welcome new challenges and aren't annoyed with me. I am a very fortunate leader with amazing members that always improve with each MEP. Thanks so much for being part of IDS and helping me produce AMAZING InuYasha MEPs! This was our last MEP with Giorgia, XxPiccolakaggy95xX. She has been with IDS since the beginning and it sad to see her leave, but we wish her the best on her editing and life! Thank you for being part of IDS for as long as you were! We must also say goodbye to two other members, Cassi (4cassiroll11) and Messica (funkyfairyqq). It was a pleasure having you both in IDS and we wish you the best with ...
  • Everything I'm Not: {Part Twenty Six; fall even more in love} 100+ comments for the next one? - - - - Miley rubbed at the sides of her temple and exhaled, "I don't even know what I'm getting so worked up for. I'm Miley Cyrus for ***ing sakes. I don't let people like Demi step on me like I'm nothing." She recited to herself silently and sat herself on the front steps of the house. Rubbing her face, she began toying with the ends of her hair. "Nick sure looked pissed off," she rolled her eyes and picked at the skin on her fingernails. Her legs began to tremble as she grew fidgety, "he's stupid. She's stupid. They're both stupid." She muttered numbly to herself -- Demi rolled her eyes at Miley's mediocre act for attention. She got to her feet and crossed her arms firmly along her chest, "I guess I'll just wait here." "I wasn't going anywhere?" Nick stated confused. "Well, I thought since your girlfriend was upset, you would go after her and make sure she was okay . . ." "I would if I wasn't annoyed with her." Nick barked. "Chill, Nick. I just thought that was what you were going to do." Demi raised her arms up in defense and sat down on the couch, watching Nick solemnly sink down beside her. "She's probably mad at me too. I'll talk to her tonight." Nick said airily. "Yeah, okay." Demi waved the conversation topic off like Miley was the last thing she'd ever want to talk about with Nick. -- Miley awoke the next morning groggy and half asleep. She heard talking from outside the hallway and sat up, wondering who would be up this early ...
  • Hanging out with Enchong Dee While waiting for Jovit Baldovino to show up, we ended up seeing Enchong Dee instead and walked with him for a while, lol [as in LOL]. Enchong is one of the nicest person/celeb we've met ever. Very down to earth, humble and really kind. I hope he wasn't annoyed at all when we walked with him through Time's Square looking for souvenirs or something to buy. We went to this NYC souvenir store then to Disney store. I didn't record the whole walking and crossing thing because it's raining and really awkward. We didn't get to ask that much question, we even forgot to ask for autograph and all the other things.....LOL.. It was raining too bad, we didn't even care about the rain, my friend is soaked and Enchong offered to buy her an umbrella, but she refused, haha, guess she didn't care as long as she has her 20min walk with Enchonggggggg Deeeee. We finally left him alone 'cause we feel like we're intruding so much, but there was no one else bothering him haha but me and my friend. I cannot believe no one else noticed him. Well so it was a real fun encounter. My friend really loves him so freakin' much, like she won't stop talking about him, she was so starstrucked/shocked [idk how to spell that]. She almost died, well she died a little inside she said after...Hope well meet him again bahahaaaaaaa.
  • Depressed Fat Kid Whines About His Life!! (10-2-2009 Day 40) Hey everyone! Today I felt like I had a mountain to climb. Tune in tomorrow to see me at work!
  • The blog i owe you ... (Music video) Rosie is a potty blonde hair ninger Jess is a liar and Sophie is a singer Angela is cool and owns all the noobs except for Me.... KJ is annoying for putting crisps on my bed It was joke a joke she instantly said Buts crisps on my bed is not funny for me or You... Jo is now in the social identity state Dying your hair to start a new slate But changes of hair dosen't mean it will change You... Simon is a fun loving monkey boy clown But when he is with Sophie I don't see him around So no fun loving monkey adventures for Me... Abby is lovely hasn't annoyed me yet Apart from the lack of convocation on the net And her obsessions with Jimmy and Connor To... Jon makes me laugh how he ***yses living Annoyed at life but still all ways giving Jon is tranquil 15% of the Time... Chris is a most fantastic guy Never has a bad word, never heard him lie Note to self drink with Chris Again... Last two people are sally and jack Sally like chocolate and jack likes to hack Well from what i know, i know the used To... Sorry if these rhymes are out of date Don't comply annoy or irritate But that's who i am it's Me...
  • Save You Promo #1 Confession-I had this finished a few days ago, but I wanted to ask if you guys WANTED a promo before uploading it =P & Good Luck Charlie is on so watch it...cause I like Bridgit Mendler, and you should too...maybe she'll show up in an episode of Save You....who knows?...well I do but not the point =P ------------------------ & Don't you guys love the one tree hill quote thats in this promo? Get used to life quotes that will make you smile or view life in a new perspective cause I like to hope my series will make you have new outlooks on things, or maybe get new songs for your ipod cause I'll be using music thats not so popular...idk. Im just proud of my series that it'll be different in all aspects from what you've seen, and I cant wait for you guys to read/watch it. =] ps iloveyouguys.
  • Indoor Eventing | Falling Off! 10/04 Flight is a 13.3hh Fell Pony Mare. This was at Greenlands EC, Cumbria, UK. I have owned her since November 2004 and still have her now. She had an injury to her fetlock last year so she only hacks and does a little bit of schooling now though :) Never been Indoor Eventing before and apart from the fall, I really enjoyed it :) Flight tried her hardest to make it over the jump even after bad striding towards it. She hardly ever refuses jumps because she always tries her best to get over them, but it just went wrong over that jump! Wasn't annoyed at her one bit, was completely my fault tbh. I was letting her rush completely too fast in the fences! Before the fall we'd already had 2 down because we were going too fast :L I went in there just saying to myself, 'I'll be happy just to remember the course!' It was a flippin' 23 jumps long! :O...but yeah, I did forget the course at one point, so I failed at that too. Not a good day on the results side of things but Flight was such a good girl and was jumping really well, after the fall we went round and did the last 9 jumps with no knock downs or refusals, but unfortunately don't have them on video :( Cba with editing this video :L Not much time with it being the holidays and me meant to be revising everyday! ;) Going to Craven XC on Sunday on Marcus, which I am REALLY looking forward to! :D Will hopefully get videos then! :D Thanks for watching and thank you for 250! :) ************x
  • 120622 EXO-K In London - Kai and Manager asking for Directions DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS VIDEO, AS IT BELONGS TO ME Kai is sooooooooooooooooo CUTE and sooooo smiley. We (the fans) were walking behind them when the manager stopped, turned and CAME UP TO US and ASKED US for directions. You can see in this video that there was no screaming or shouting and that most of the fans had their phones out to help find the location they were looking for. You can also see that Kai wasn't annoyed, he even smiled and laughed when the girl came to take a picture with him, I guess he thought it was funny. Someone said, "Say Cheese," (to take a picture I think, don't know why you can't hear it on the fancam) and Kai turned and laughed. So I said, "Kimchi," (that's what Korean usually say when taking pictures) The manager then said something like please no... something I didn't understand, and I listened to him and stopped recording.
  • first vlog (hello, i love you) song of the day- hello, i love you by the doors so, this is the first video where i actually show my dumb face and it's actually kinda scary! but i've wanted to start a vlog for so long and if this is the time, there must be a reason! i hope i didn't annoyed you :3 and i want to excuse for my accent because it' BAD and stuff, but yeah, i'm going to improve on that! (hopefully) thanks for watching! peace xx di.
  • Gossip Girl; Just Set Them Off IF YOU KNOW WHAT"S GOOD FOR YOU, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY BACK UP: Honestly, I don't know what's in my water, but lately, I've been HIGHLY INSPIRED. SERIOUSLY. Hopefully you guys aren't annoyed by the fact I vid every other day or so *shrugs* ANYWHO - - THIS SONG WAS EFFIN STUCK IN MY HEAD THAT I HAD TO VID IT. SO THERE. I DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE ANNOYED. DESCRIPTION: to be honest...all that comes to mind is; 'those girls on GG are seductive little whores' ... OH, AND IF ANYONE WERE TO ASK ME WHAT SONG WAS USED IN THIS VIDEO, I THINK I WILL SHOOT MYSELF. SERIOUSLY. EDITED IN SONY VEGAS 8. ------------ OKOK. ONTO MORE IMPORTANT THINGS: PLEASE CHECK OUT: It's such an amazing place to get HD clips of Gossip Girl and other extremely cool stuff, so doooo check it out =) LIKE RIGHT NOW...if you want to be awesome like me? ---------HONORS: #23 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation #99 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - Ireland #94 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - Czech Republic #74 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - Sweden #67 - Top Favorited (Today) #4 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #37 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Film & Animation #8 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #42 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation ------------------------- SEPTEMBER 10: #18 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation #100 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - Ireland #86 ...
  • Pokemon TCG - BCBM: AltoMare's Latios This is probably one of my favorite cards of all time. Drawn by my favorite artist, who did a fantastic job as always, one of my favorite Pokemon, and it's just an awesome holo. I've wanted this card for so long, and now I finally have it and I'm so happy. ^_^ Phew, that was the last video to upload for tonight. I hope I haven't annoyed people with all the vids. XD
  • Here's How the Game - Looney Tunes Back in Action Part 12 Part 12: As If You Weren't Annoyed With Balloons By Now - Wooden Nickel is done, but I'm stupid and forget to get enough money... So that'll be in another section, even though I off-screen getting it.
  • The Tye-Dyed Milk Part 2 Part 2.
  • COD MW3 Escort Air Drop: So Close And Yet.... Hi everyone, I've been playing FFA a lot lately, and I'm quite enjoying it, never used to but but am now, maybe that's why I'm getting more kills now, Ilast night I reached the required ammount to get an escort airdrop a few times, but not once did I manage to actually get the drop lol, I wasn't annoyed by this or anything like that, it was unuasual I think to get it so many times and yet not get the actual drop ha ha Hope you enjoy my little video of 3 of the maps it happened on, please like or dislike, thanks, and if you like my videos, please subscribe If you have anything you'd like me to video/chat about, or change, let me know, thanks SG
  • Using the InMobi Titanium modules for a interstitial ads Now that we've implemented a banner ad, let's make an interstitial ad call. An interstitial ad takes up the entire screen and can result in higher revenues. Its important to use them strategically so that users aren't annoyed, so we'll cover best practices in the next video.
  • A Percabeth Story - Episode 14 - Relationships, Heartbreak, and Other Camp Stuff The rest of the day went by fairly slowly. No drama. I talked to Grover while I was waiting for Annabeth; I let him know I wasn't as thoroughly depressed as I was. He seemed glad to hear that, and I was glad he wasn't annoyed by me and Annabeth again. It's just that he and Juniper have an almost perfect relationship. It tends to get on his nerves when other couples have fights. Grover walked with me to the Great Hall to meet up with Annabeth. She walked through the doors, and I felt a smile spread across my face. She was beautiful. She was gorgeous. She was here. Finally. She jogged over to the table where Grover and I had gotten settled. "Hi, Percy!" she beamed. "Hey, Grover!" She sat next to me and kissed me on the cheek. I wrapped my arm around her, feeling content. Grover said he had to go, claiming he was meeting Juniper somewhere tonight. "Alone again." Annabeth said, and I got the feeling she was happy. And, of course I was right. She giggled. "Hello, Beautiful." a voice from behind me said. I knew their gesture was directed towards Annabeth. I turned to find Chris Rodriguez. All of the sudden I felt myself hating him... a lot. "Percy, will you excuse me? I have some trash to take care of." Annabeth said, leaving the table. "Of course." I muttered, even if she was already gone. She pulled Chris to the other side of the Great Hall, and I could hear her yelling, even if I couldn't make out what she was saying. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but I could see it ...
  • STARKID LIFE MISSIONS!!! shoutout from Meredith Meredith was very nice and gave a shout out to the group. Surprisingly, she wasn't annoyed by me coming back to take pics or anything XD
  • [fancam] Banana Shpeel Open House in NYC 7 Last video! Jared Grimes is such a great guy. He's really talented and patient with the dancers. I just hope he wasn't annoyed with us there.
  • Spanish Seasons and Clothes A video that me (Nezar) Nick Muncherian, Nick Gargov and Suleman Choudhry made for spanish and I decided it was worth putting on youtube. Hope you aren't annoyed by bad accents or grammar.
  • David Shrigley Test Run I wasn't sure if the sound capture on gtk record would work, so I made this test video. The song I'm humming is one I wrote in transition year for a class competition. I didn't win, but the teacher said it was nice in a tone I thought patronizing at the time, but prefer to think of as admiring now. I hope David Shrigley isn't annoyed.
  • GETTING READY FOR THE OSCAR PARTY! Hope you guys aren't annoyed with me uploading 3 videos within 2 days! I've just been really productive with school and editing so Im pretty proud of this video! I like how i edited it :P But anyways hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching! My Link-a-Dinkeries: Vlog Channel: Twitter: Blog: Tumblr: love-and-pixi- Facebook: Intro made by: Collab Channel: Music used in this video: and I dont own these songs. No copy right intended. **If you would like to get in contact with me about reviewing your company's products, contact me at [email protected] **
  • YTPMV - Gourmet *** If Suzkaiden hasn't annoyed you enough, then here you go.
  • Naruto can't handle Sakura My new NaruSaku Amv ^_^ ~*Hope you like it*~ Sorry for the ***ty quality e_e" Story: Well, the story is kinda... err yeah XD Naruto is pretty triumphant. He has got money, is handsome, well known and respected. He tries to get Sakura for himself, but she tells him, that he can't handle her. He tries over and over, but what he gets is beating from his sweetheart :D In the end he saves her life and Sakura has to admit that she likes him. Then there's a flashback of memories and she is crying, seeing that she and Naruto can't be lovers, because he's a selfish, narcistic, psycho Freaking pimp. ^_~ ~Hope, you aren't annoyed of the random roses and hearts! XD Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden or Handle Me! Naruto (Shippuuden) belongs to Masashi Kishimoto and TV Tokyo. Handle me belongs to Robyn. This video is non profit, purely fanmade an for entertainment ONLY!
  • ☼ chasing the sun ☼ WATCH IN HD PLEEEEASE! :D yeahhh, i Know i've been uploading a bit TOO OFTEN lately lmao but ugh whatever lol I hope you guys aren't annoyed with me POPPING up in your subscription box all the time lol but yeah, this is my entry for xMileyFeverx's contest! I was in group 1 and we had to vid to Miley Cyrus and the song: Chasing the sun by The Wanted. lol I hope you guys enjoyed it! and Please leave a comment! I'd really appreciate it :DD and BTW I used a couple of xwateronfire's pngs in this video! Aren't they just AMAZING?! lol but seriously, you should check out her website, she has the BESTT pngs and pictures! :D Love ya char!
  • Toontown Shorts: It's Fun Annoying Toons: 3 Nightfur hangs out with some high-laff toons (mainly some lizards), but they aren't annoyed by me! Instead they just talked. I think the bigger dog, Snowy Lizard, was getting annoyed, but not the others. At least that's what I think. The music is "Main Street Electrical Parade."
  • David Cook - Always Be My Baby Studio.V Cover (JustinLP) This is my cover on David Cook's always be my baby in studio recording sytle, I would like to thank to Trumpetizer778 for creating the background music or I would never have chance to post this music here, Thank a lot~!! Finally I Hope my voice didn't annoyed..haha~ Enjoy ~!
  • Parenthood Intro OST Parenthood Intro OST soundtrack Hope you'll enjoy. I saw nobody up'ed it 'till now, so here it is... PS: Hope I didn't annoyed anyone by uping it...
  • [PUREBLOOD] The Fight Inside Elliot Announcement and Dedications!!! I'M BACK!!! For my dear and loyal friends who accept me back after my annoyingly long hiatuses... who understand why I have to go... who aren't annoyed for not telling that I would leave in advance (not THAT annoyed anyway... hahahaha...)... You know who you are! -grins widely- I'm back you guys. I've told some of you that I've been trying to raise my grades. Well, this time around, in order to concentrate, I had to unplug the Internet and STUDY. I hope you guys didn't worry too much. No way would I leave YT without announcing. I wouldn't want you to wait for me in vain. I read Chapter 70 of Pandora Hearts a few days ago. Yeah, I had to catch up with manga. I then reread the part where they find out who the real Head Hunter is so I thought of making an MMV for Elliot. I do like him; he's like the Naruto of Pandora Hearts: brash, loud, kind, and strong. I'd miss the guy. Disclaimer: I do not claim anything and give the credit to the proper owners of the song and the clips. So don't arrest me! Hahahaha...
  • Pokemon Black and White Nuzlocke Roulette part 8 This is the 6th time that i have tried to up load this i hope the long wait hasn't annoyed you guys/girls too much and if it has shout at YouTube not me :) Nuzlocke with random encounter code. Rules are 1.) Pokemon faints, it dies 2.) Catch 1 pokemon a route and it has to be the first one you see. 3.) Nickname all pokemon
  • Let's Play: Dragon's Lair I've decided to try the very infamous Dragon's Lair. I sadly no longer have my NES so I had to emulate it. I didn't change any controls so the jump button and attack button are reversed. I don't know why but when I played this game I wasn't annoyed and didn't get angry. I just found this game funny because you have a lifebar, yet almost everything is an instant kill.
  • Let's Play Tunnels & Trolls 53 - Not-So-*** Doom Game published 1990 by New World Computing (currently distributed by Flying Buffalo). Played under DOSBox 0.74; recorded with CamStudio 2.0; converted to FLV with Any Video Converter 3.3.2. LostinBlue shows up when she hears our party is about to tackle the "*** Doom" dungeon (a classic T&T solo adventure, and one of her favorites). There are a few slight variations, though: for example, if you haven't annoyed the Baron's guards yet, you can enter the computer version of this dungeon with all your weapons & armor intact. (Considering all the special items we've already found by now, that's a pretty important change!) Now . . . how do we get past that lava-filled chasm and down to the lower level of the dungeon? (There's more than one way to do it . . .;) )

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  • “Wunderbar Festival is a new, biennial Live Art and Performance Festival based in Newcastle upon Tyne Shakespeare style, on the way we go about our daily lives followed by tannoyed instructions and messages”
    — Wunderbar Festival : : Shakespeare needs you - workshop and,

  • “This is some pretty amazing footage of a aircraft being struck by lightning. Im amazed it Captain tannoyed to the passengers about 40 mins from ETA that they were approaching”
    — Lightning Strikes Plane (Incrediable footage), page 1,

  • “Chat, debate and share ideas as part of the Internet's most vibrant film community. Empire Blog | Movie Reviews | Future Films | Features | Video Interviews | Image Gallery | Competitions | Forum | Magazine”
    — RE: Matty_b's top 50 of the decade. 49 now up!,

  • “ about how annoyed I'm going to be when Nogan's name is tannoyed in the staring line-up York City FC discussion forums Forum Index -> General Chat. All times are GMT. Goto page 1,”
    — York City FC discussion forums :: View topic - The last CD,

  • “Only ever seen people smoking at a filling station twice Used to have to issue a tannoyed rollicking for it about once a week. Luckily this was”
    — Queuing for fuel | Motoring discussion | Back Room Forum,

  • “This blog is all about Ceramic Substrates & Components Ltd. All the latest news about our ideas from staff, we opted for a tannoyed system including some wireless dect phones to”
    — Ceramic Substrates and Components Blog: Communication, blog.ceramic-

  • “ Forum Mindscape today Tannoyed the September PC launch of The Ship, a first person maritime gaming experience set aboard a fleet of 1930s steam liners”
    — Full Steam Ahead For Mindscape Murder Mayhem,

  • “Yes, think it's Monday to Wed or Thursday nights. Used to be just Tuesday's but went there the other week and def extended :”
    — Re: Does Green and Blue... - East Dulwich Forum,

  • “WordPress blog about Bcc. Bcc - Don All imposing stood you don home he right sever, - Why? The Tannoyed have play tered. You neat I'd shad evaporanged of time ultrashionsolum and I got thing tell Many”
    — Bcc,

  • “The Criminal Solicitor Dot Net web site provides an online resource to UK criminal solicitors providing a case law updater, legislation updater, weekly newsletter, free online CPD training, discussion forums, downloads, and more to registered”
    — Criminal Solicitor Dot Net : courts in shopping malls?,

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