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  • Learn about multi-tabling, which is the act of playing more than one table at once at an Internet poker room. — “Multi Tabling – What is Multi Tabling? – How to Multi Table”,
  • Tabling for farm animals is an excellent way to reach out to the general public and It is often effective to table on holidays or other days that already stand out in people's minds: for instance, set up a "No Veal" table on Mother's Day to protest how veal calves are stolen from their. — “Get Involved | Farm Sanctuary”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define tabling as NTabling \Ta'bling\, n.1. A forming into tables; a setting down in order.2. (Carp.) The letting of. — “Definition of Tabling from ”,
  • Definition of tabling from Webster's New World College Dictionary. a meeting at which issues are discussed, negotiations are conducted, etc.: they brought fresh offers to the table. — “tabling - Definition of tabling at ”,
  • We found 21 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word tabling: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "tabling" is defined. General (12 matching dictionaries) tabling: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of tabling - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Guide on how to multi-table and play more than one table of poker while playing online. My usual dose of multi-tabling hovers around four to six tables, though I have played far more tables simultaneously at times. — “Guide to Multi-Tabling in Poker”,
  • Tabling provides a forum for one-on-one recruitment, and it manages to Materials can be displayed at a table, such as banners, posters, fact. — “Insert Heading Here”,
  • Definition of tabling in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is tabling? Meaning of tabling as a legal term. What does tabling mean in law?. — “tabling legal definition of tabling. tabling synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Definition of Tabling in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Tabling. Pronunciation of Tabling. Translations of Tabling. Tabling synonyms, Tabling antonyms. Information about Tabling in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Tabling - definition of Tabling by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Find out where other groups in your community set up tables, and get a list of festivals or fairs. Are there any regulations on selling items such as buttons and bumper stickers at a table?. — “PETA India:: Activism”,
  • tabling ( ′tābliŋ ) ( building construction ) Formation of a horizontal masonry joint by arranging building stones in a course so that they extend. — “tabling: Definition from ”,
  • Which means that it's time to reserve your table space! The SOA Watch Vigil is a unique opportunity for organizations working for peace and justice, and other progressive issues, to connect with one another and to reach out to new activists. — “TABLING INFORMATION FOR THE 2010 SOA WATCH VIGIL”,
  • With SEQUEL's tabling options, you can easily summarize the data you send to the desktop. You can generate a relational pivot table from any existing SEQUEL view using the Table wizard. — “Tabling | SEQUEL Software”, sequel-
  • A table allows us to get information out through attention grabbing materials and allow us to sign up new CAN members and recruit new volunteers. We table at various events throughout the spring, summer and fall including the Dane County Farmers Market, Pride Fests, Ethnic. — “NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin : Take Action : Current Programs”,
  • Table registration is PER DAY: Attendees are able to register for one day or two days, we highly encourage two. Full table registration will be limited to 40 of the 135 tables: If you are planning to register for a full table this year, please keep this in mind and give us a detailed explanation as. — “PZS Tabling”,
  • Tabling is a great way to attract new people and build a sense of group identity. The basic idea is to set up a table on your campus where there is a lot of traffic (the student union, dining halls, student unions, the academic green, the downtown square). — “Tabling”,
  • Tabling refers to recruiting in any situation where people pass by or congregate. Tabling provides a forum for one-on-one recruitment, but also often draws people over on their own initiative. — “Tabling - Student PIRGs”,
  • The SCF tabling wizard contains a set of macros, written in Visual Basic code, that allow users (the Excel extract file is documented separately). This wizard allows users to output a table that. — “SCF Tabling Wizard Instructions”,
  • Tabling. Seattle HempFest: Seattle, WA 2001. Making special information available publicly in creative ways, called "tabling" by November Coalition members, is an accepted and effective way to educate in your community and meet others who might join and support local group efforts. — “Tabling”,
  • In parliamentary procedure, a motion to table may have different and contradictory meanings: In the United States, the motion to lay on the table (often simply "table") or the motion to postpone consideration is a proposal to suspend consideration of a pending motion. — “Table (parliamentary procedure) - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • In XSB, tables are designed so that they can be used transparently by computations. In such a case, the tabling predicates below may not behave in the desired manner if the tabled predicates themselves have not been imported into. — “Tabling”,
  • C. Tabling provides activity for members looking for something to do. It is best to start with no more than one event or tabling effort per month and build up your momentum. — “Tabling | Peace Action Maine”,
  • gest that or-parallelism can be efficiently exploited in tabling systems (OPT) and Tabling within Or-Parallelism (TOP). We concentrate on the fundamental concepts. — “Or-Parallelism within Tabling”,

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  • Tabling Part 2 Riley O'Neill shares his experience using the World's Smallest Political Quiz and the Nolan Chart for political outreach in Riverside, CA. Riley O'Neill is a small business owner and lifelong resident in Riverside, Ca. Since 2004 he has been a moderator for the largest Libertarian Discussion group on which at the time of writing has over 18000 members. While in high school (2001-2002) he founded and operated an unofficial school website which served as a fairly uncensored student community site . He has had four radio/podcast interviews, one with Big Sauce Radio in 2007, One with Congressional Coast to Coast in 2007, and two with Voice of Radical Dissent in 2010. In 2010 he has worked to create a growing chapter of the Riverside County Libertarian Party by changing to monthly meetings and doing tabling prior to the meetings to look for new members. Part 1 can be found at:
  • CFJS Tabling for Israel A great tutorial on how to table for Israel on your campus! Starring: Rebecca Silverhart from Israel On Campus, University of Western Ontario Rebecca Cherniak, from the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students Cameos by: Perri Maxwell and Anna Kos
  • Pokerstars "x_ROSH125_x" Multi Tabling 24x 50NL Tables Online Poker Setup on 2 Monitors supernova125 Pokerstars x_ROSH125_x Multi Tabling Online Poker (24 Tables At Once) on 2 Monitors - Cash Games Full Ring
  • Frontier Park Earth Day Tabling: How to Turn an Old T-Shirt into a Tote Bag in 5 Easy Minutes! See how this San Bernardino County resident turns an old t-shirt into a tote bag from start to finish.
  • 21 tabling 2NL and 5NL 20bb/100 over 18k hands, overlapping tables using TableNinja for automated betsizes and hotkeys.
  • Tabling chocolate Kerry Beal demonstrating how to table chocolate.
  • Aspen Tabling Event at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law-Aug. 26, 2009 Aspen Tabling Event at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law-Aug. 26, 2009! Gee...(
  • A New Multi-Tabling World Record - ElkY Come to Monte Carlo and set a world record? Yep, Elky nows holds the Guinness Book of World Record for number of sit n' go's to be played at once with a profit. Total number was 62 tables for a $23 dollar win. Please tune in to for all the latest updates in the highest video quality.
  • Amnesty GV Global Write-a-thon Tabling Tips I recorded some tabling tips at 3:00 am when I was really tired. Pardon the yawning and rambling. I hope this video was kind of helpful. Speech: Amnesty International is an international organization with 2.8 million members. We work with human rights abuses such as [enter big name issue here like Guantanamo, Darfur, Women's Rights, Death Penalty]. One of Amnesty's main campaigns concerns prisoners of conscious. A prisoner of conscious is a person being imprisoned because of the peaceful expression of their beliefs. (Talk about prisoner's stories here...keep short and watch body language). These stories are horrible but Amnesty believes that you can make a different with only your signature. We are participating in an event with all of Amnesty International where we will send thousands of letters to the governments who are holding the prisoners asking for them to look again at their case and possibly release as well as send cards of solidarity to the prisoners so they know they are not alone. If you feel comfortable signing the cards or letters you could really be changing these prisoners lives. If you don't feel comfortable but you think you would be interested in upcoming events or joining sign up to be put on our email list or just take some candy and tell your friends about us.
  • 100 (105!) Tabling DoNs on Stars The software I used to play in this video can be found at: Thanks to Evan Paul Fletcher for being a genius in general. He coded the TableCounter and XBox360 script that I'm using to be able to play like this so efficiently without breaking something in my wrist. Here's some info about the software and scripts I used to be able to play this many tables efficiently I wanted to push my multitabling limits and see if I could handle this many tables while still somehow turning a profit. There's a results graph at the end of the video (Holdem Manager). Link to full video: (right click - save target as...) 1920x1200 resolution. It's an hour in length and about 200mb.
  • Profiles in Activism - Mike Phillips - Award-Winning Tabling Mike Phillips and the University of Wisconsin-Madison chapter of Young Americans for Liberty won YAL's Constitution Day tabling contest. Learn from Mike what it takes to be the best!
  • Tabling Part 1 Riley O'Neill shares his experience using the World's Smallest Political Quiz and the Nolan Chart for political outreach in Riverside, CA. Riley O'Neill is a small business owner and lifelong resident in Riverside, Ca. Since 2004 he has been a moderator for the largest Libertarian Discussion group on which at the time of writing has over 18000 members. While in high school (2001-2002) he founded and operated an unofficial school website which served as a fairly uncensored student community site . He has had four radio/podcast interviews, one with Big Sauce Radio in 2007, One with Congressional Coast to Coast in 2007, and two with Voice of Radical Dissent in 2010. In 2010 he has worked to create a growing chapter of the Riverside County Libertarian Party by changing to monthly meetings and doing tabling prior to the meetings to look for new members.
  • No Limit Holdem Poker Video - 4-Tabling $5NL Full Ring - Postflop Strategy For optimal viewing please watch in HD and maximize the video! Watch the Full Video 100% free here - In this poker video you will see FTR member bigspenda73 4-table $5NL Full Ring on PokerStars. Much of the emphasis of this poker video is on postflop rather than preflop. Learning how to play correct preflop poker is fairly easy, but it's postflop that most players struggle with. Bigspenda73 goes into detail about different situations on the flop, turn and river. He also shows how to adjust your game based on not only the players, but the entire table. With a very weak tight, passive table, he ups the aggression and takes down some easy money. This is the first 10 minutes from the full length 45 minute long poker video. Video brought to you by
  • Micro Stakes No Limit Texas Hold em Theory and Multi-Tabling Online This is a tutorial video for how to play NLHE poker online. I give commentary on how I am playing poker and the theory behind my actions. I tell about Math oriented poker players and intuitive players. Multi-Tabling is discussed in the video as well as a game called Seven Deuce. This is the fourth video in a series on how to play poker. Please leave comments on anything having to do with poker or strategy if you would like me to discuss it further in any future video. Watch In HD 720p
  • Tightpoker 16 Tabling on FTP Part 1 of 2 - Sean from shows how to set up Full Tilt Poker for massive multitalbing and 16 tables ring games.
  • Let's Play Dwarf Fortress - 34 (Garbagestoner, Tabling Tables, Catapoultry, Joy of Joys) Well, we send our slackers out to become garbagestoners, then, construct a MAGIC table! Wrongly! Then, we deconstruct it and the Dwarfish Union goes on strike. Item inaccessible: Holding Protest Sign. Following some futtbuckery we get our dwarven asses in gear and start firing some rocks at the gobbos! Ineffectively!
  • Recruitment How-to: Tabling Power Shift 2011 Regional Organizers use tabling as a recruitment tactic
  • 6 -tabling on Bodog poker. just me trying to make money for the sidekick 3!!
  • Obama tabling at Lane Community College Lane Students for Obama engage in tabling efforts at Lane Community College to encourage new voters to register Democrat for Oregon's upcoming "closed primary" on May 20, 2008. (Deadline to register: April 29 at 5pm.) Lane's Chapter Coordinator Matt Keating shoots/hosts/edits this 2:14 registraion drive video.
  • Phish & NRCM - Tabling at the Augusta, Maine, concert.wmv The hugely popular jam band Phish made a rare appearance in Augusta, Maine, in October 2010. The concert sold out quickly, but the Natural Resources Council of Maine was there—as guests of the band! The Waterwheel Foundation, the charitable arm of Phish, chose NRCM as the band's charity for the evening. We set up alongside the Waterwheel table and talked with hundreds of concert goers about our mission to protect Maine's environment. We also invited people to sign our petition to the National Geographic Society asking the group to start using recycled paper in its magazine, and to work with their paper supplier—the worse polluter of the Androscoggin River, the Verso mill in Jay—to ensure the river will finally meet Clean Water Act standards. Thanks to all who stopped by our table and took action for Maine's environment. Special thanks to the Waterwheel Foundation, and to Phish—we had a rockin' good time, for a good cause!
  • Gotta Pee? Online, Multi-tabling Poker Players, Here's A Solution Ever find yourself online playing 8+ poker tables at a time, or desperately trying to not let your chat end with a hott babe on Facebook? Billy May's here... lol just kidding, but I have the answer for you.
  • ISU Young Americans for Liberty Tabling Some of the finest damn tabling seen in the midwest. We've got a fun crew that loves to interact with ISU students, teachers, staff, administrators, and custodians. The ISU YAL table doles out the knowledge... be careful passing by... you might learn about CIA drug running or the Federal Reserve System... You never know. ...
  • Herger Strongly Opposes Tabling of Fair Trade Agreement with Colombia Floor Speech, April 10, 2008
  • 25NL 6 Tabling Part 2 of 3 TheBowlBoy plays 6 tables of 25NL on pokerstars, and discusses continuation betting, value betting, folding to 3bets, and stealing blinds.
  • Tuff_Fish tries 4 tabling
  • Multi-Tabling 4 Tables with "Hold'em Watcher" Preflop-Auto Folder Multi-Table upto 20 poker tables at one time on Absolute, Full Tilt and Party Poker. For more info. go to . Hands free folding preflop auto folder & poker table manager.
  • Bill to end film incentives tabled by committee a legislative committee shoots down a controversial plan to eliminate the state's subsidy for the film industry. stuart dyson is live at the capitol where the axe fell late this afternoon. the plan to wipe out the taxpayer rebates to movie- makers is dead on arrival in its first committee hearing. the house labor committee just said no to the plan to end the practice of repaying 25 cents to film production companies for every dollar they spend making movies here. representative dennis kintigh is convinced it's a one-way deal - good for the movie-makers - bad for the taxpayers - but dozens of new mexico business people and employees showed up saying he's wrong - that the movie-makers will move on without the rebates. " about 50 to 60 percent of my business is the film industry and if there's any kind of cuts i don't know if i can stay open and keep my employees." " these drivers have good jobs here - they want to keep those good jobs and we want to keep them here and those incentives help bring that work to new mexico - thank you." the committee voted 5 to 4 - tabling the bill - which effectively kills the bill for this session - very difficult to revive it. but those in the film industry know it's not time to break out the champagne and celebrate - there will be other bills to make changes in the movie subsidy - including governor martinez's proposal to reduce the rebate from 25 cents to 15 cents on the dollar - a redeuction of 40 percent.
  • Nighttime Tabling! Vote Athena for President! Athena and Natalie take their ASU USG campaign to the streets of campus. At night. Presenting: Nighttime Tabling. Remember! Vote Athena for President April 6th and 7th at Athena Salman, Natalie Fleming, and Josh Jordan: Leaders You Can Trust! [Edited by Robyn Keith]
  • Karl 20 tabling pokerstars This is a quick 10 min portion of a 20 table session I had on Pokerstars playing the $1 double or nothings. Im still new to the world of video compression so the sound on this is way out of sync with the video - so appologies. The purpose of this video was to show some friends how I physically set up my screen when I 20 table.
  • Multi-tabling poker tournaments on 30" monitor Some footage of me playing about 13 tables of MTTs on a Dell 30" 3008 monitor and a 22" BenQ. Check out my blog about my progress in online poker tournaments:
  • 72-tabling $20.80 DoN SnG at PokerStars Playing a set of 77 tournies and have 72 games going simultaneously for a short while.
  • Freestyle Tabling We attached some wheels to the top of a collapsable table then flipped it over and pulled it down the street behind a car. Also we had an office chair.
  • DeMint Senate Speech -- Tabling Motion on DeMint TSA Amd. Senator DeMint on why a vote against his amendment is a vote against the 9/11 security bill.
  • 26 Sit&Gos RainKhan Multi-tabling on PokerStars.
  • 50 tabling on pokerstars This is me 50 tabling on Pokerstars. Yes, It is real, I just did it to see if I could do it because I had heard of someone playing 43 tables at once. They are all 3$ and 5$ sit and goes. I did this twice, but only filmed it once. I profited 16$ on the 1st set, and lost 45 on the next set. Alex 1imagine4 (pokerstars)
  • Aspen Tabling Event at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law-October 30, 2009
  • 16 tabling 16 tabling $5-10NL
  • Hasch-poker 24 Tabling 24 Tabling on pokerstars using Table-Ninja
  • Tabling MSA Berkeley MSA Tabling promotional/"training" video. Enjoy! :)
  • Artur Report Tabled Parliament has paved the way for the debate of a report recommending that President Mwai Kibaki be probed over his alleged association with the shadowy Artur brothers. Speaker Kenneth Marende has allowed the re-tabling of a report by two committees of the 9th parliament which indictes top government officials for facilitating the Artur brother's illegal activities which included a violent raid on the Ktn premises and the standard newspaper printing press.

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  • “The Leadership Institute's comprehensive social networking site for conservative students, with elaborate subsites for every 4-year college in America”
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  • “After a "day off" at the poker tables, I am back here at the Rio. Two events kicked off today. Day 1B of the $1,000 NL Holdem Event kicked off at Noon and”
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  • “Bluff Magazine Forum : MMMMMMMulti Tabling. MMMMMMMulti Tabling : When Drew speaks, I try profit, vpip of 15% MMMMMMMulti Tabling : I say 21.25% vpip and”
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  • “Multi tabling is one of the simplest ways to increase your hourly rate at low to medium limit cash tables. It may sound a tad extravagant at first, but once you realize how useful it is, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it”
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  • “Lucknow, Nov 25 (ANI): The Babri Masjid Action Committee (BMAC), a Muslim forum that opposes the construction of the Ram temple at the spot of the demolished Babri mosque in Ayodhya, has welcomed the tabling of the Liberhan Commission Report”
    — Muslim forum welcomes tabling of Liberhan report,