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  • Exploring the causes of variation in phenology and morphology in Mediterranean geophytes: a genus-wide study of Cyclamen. Authors: to spring flowering with fully developed foliage (synanthous species). — “IngentaConnect Exploring the causes of variation in phenology”,
  • Two differentiated populations were recognized, a hysteranthous "cliff" population flowering during Oct. - Jan. and a synanthous "field" population flowering from Dec. to April. The two populations are sympatric and are almost seasonally isolated except for a short flowering overlap. — “Ramat Hanadiv”,
  • Garden Dictionany for thousands of garden words. Why not learn about a ne garden word today. Garden Dictionary Word: synanthous. synanthous. Refers to leaves which open at the same time as the flowers. — “Garden Dictionary Word: synanthous”,
  • Organization Directory Events Calendar Hortiplex Glossary Zone Finder Garden Bazaar Describes a plant which leafs out and flowers at the same time. synanthous. Refers to leaves which open at the same time as the flowers. See. — “GardenWeb Glossary of Botanical Terms”,
  • synanthous definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “synanthous - Definition”,
  • Inflorescence either terminal or lateral to mature pseudobulbs and either heteranthous, proteranthous, or synanthous with partially to entirely developed leaves, or hysteranthous with fully developed pseudobulb and leaves, inflorescence erect. — “Coelogyne in Flora of China @ ”,
  • Nerine sarniensis, a deciduous-hysteranthous plant, becomes an evergreen-synanthous plant when grown under constant 22°. The synanthous Crocus sativus becomes hysteranthous when the corms are held dry at constant 15°. Seasonal thermoperiodism. — “RECENT ADVANCES IN CONTROL OF FLOWERING AND GROWTH HABIT OF”,
  • A horticultural site for geophytes, daylilies, bulbs and plant biochemistry and genetics. Blooms in summer after leaves have developed (synanthous) Umbel cupped within the prominent erect, red bracts, giving the inflorescence the appearance of a large single flower; has 4 bracts. — “The Amaryllis Family: Genus Scadoxus”,
  • Welcome to the world of South African wild bulbs and flowers. Specialising in bulbs, seeds from our small nursery in Napier and Botanical Tours of South Africa. Smaller narrower synanthous leaves than humilis, linear, dark green, 6-9 cm long, .2 cm diameter. — “Page Title”,
  • Syn·an·thous a. (Bot.) Having flowers and leaves which appear at the same time; -- said of certain. — “synanthous: Information from ”,
  • Definition of Synanthous in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Synanthous. Pronunciation of Synanthous. Translations of Synanthous. Synanthous synonyms, Synanthous antonyms. Information about Synanthous in the free online English dictionary and. — “Synanthous - definition of Synanthous by the Free Online”,
  • synantherous synanthesis synanthous "synantherous synanthesis synanthous" found [4] synanthous synanthrose "synanthesis synanthous synanthrose". — “synandrogenic”, w9
  • Aroid is the common name for members of the Araceae family of plants, sometimes known as the Philodendron or Arum family. Foliage hysteranthous, occasionally synanthous, rarely proteranthous, petiolate. — “The Genus Biarum”,
  • S/ Sa Sb Sc Sd Se Sf Sg Sh Si Sj Sk Sl Sm Sn So Sp Sq Sr Ss St Su Sv Sw Sy Sz For further exploring for "synanthous" in Webster Dictionary Online. — “NETBible: synanthous”,
  • 's dictionary of botanical words beginning with SY SYNANTHOUS: A plant having flowers and leaves that emerge at the same time; exhibiting synanthy. — “Botanical Words Alphabetical List - SY | ”,
  • Verb1.sync - make synchronous and adjust in time or manner; synanthous. synanthrose. synapse. synapsid. synapsid reptile. synapsida. synapsis. synapta. synaptase. synaptic. synapticula. synaptomys. synaptomys borealis. synaptomys cooperi. synarchy. synartesis. synarthrodia. synarthrosis. synastry. synaxis. — “sync - Definition, Synonyms, and Reference from ”,
  • Definition of Flowers from Webster's New World College Dictionary. synanthous adj. tulipomania. a mania for planting and growing tulips, especially such a mania in Holland in the 1630s, when a sum equivalent to $5200 was paid for a single bulb. — “Flowers - Definition of Flowers at ”,
  • Synanthous definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Synanthous | Define Synanthous at ”,
  • See all of Synanthous, no other writeups in this node. Our bodies pool and break like a moon over water. When you can almost recognize her face, but you can't. — “Synanthous (definition)”,
  • Authors: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Definition of Synanthous. Synanthous. Having flowers and leaves which appear at the same time; -- said of certain plants. Related Definitions: And, Appear, At, Certain, Having, Leaves, Of, Said, Same, The, Time, Which. — “Definition of Synanthous”,

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  • “3) Synanthous - Literally "with the plant" in which the flower spike comes out from the Orchid Forum. florist plants online www.1800 - Blooming or budding, these”
    — A growth from a Coel spike? - Orchid Forum Orchid Care,

  • “Species Specific Forum : Growing Orchids and Hybrids. The Species You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. You”
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  • “Department of Biogeography and Botanical Garden, University of Vienna, Rennweg 14, 1030 are large, and the inflorescence is synanthous. and multi-flowered. Schlechter (1924) used”
    — Evolution of resupination in Malagasy species of Bulbophyllum,

  • “Jeśli nie, to sam sie pomęcz, ja mam dość oznaczania swoich i z sąsiedztwa Szczególnie, że na tej fotce to NIC nie widać, a do rośliny masz 2. Inflorescence proteranthous to synanthous.3”
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