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  • International Sureties is one of the largest US brokers specializing in non-contract suerty bonds. — “International Sureties”,
  • Global Sureties Inc., located in St. Augustine, Florida, provides skip-tracing, bonding, and insurance services with over 18 years of experience. — “Bail Company, Transfer Bond Service, Global Sureties Inc., St”,
  • (2) Any of the types of security authorized in lieu of sureties by 28.204. 28.202 Acceptability of corporate sureties. (a)(1) Corporate sureties offered for bonds furnished with contracts performed in the United States or its outlying areas. — “Subpart 28.2—Sureties and Other Security for Bonds”,
  • Sureties. A bail bondsman is any person or corporation which will act as a surety and Although banks, insurance companies and other similar institutions are usually the sureties on other types of contracts, for example, to bond a contractor who is under a. — “Sureties”,
  • Definition of sureties in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sureties. Pronunciation of sureties. Translations of sureties. sureties synonyms, sureties antonyms. Information about sureties in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “sureties - definition of sureties by the Free Online”,
  • inapplicable and should not cause sureties and their attorneys too much anguish. At least for the present, sureties and their attorneys should not be overly. — “fair_debt_collection_laws_and_sureties”,
  • Justice Moses Richards of the Special Criminal Court in Banjul has ordered all the three sureties who stood for recognisance for three accused persons alleged to have been involved in the alleged cocaine case be brought before the court by the. — “Justice Richards takes issue with sureties - Daily Observer”,
  • Definition of Sureties with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Sureties: Definition with Sureties Pictures and Photos”,
  • Definition of sureties from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of sureties. Pronunciation of sureties. Definition of the word sureties. Origin of the word sureties. — “sureties - Definition of sureties at ”,
  • By: Robert E. Little, Jr. Individual sureties are natural persons - as opposed to corporations and limited liability companies - who offer to bind the. — “Federal Government Bonding Basics: Individual Sureties”,
  • Right of a surety against the co-surety (Sec 146): Where two or more persons are co-sureties for the same debt or duty, either jointly or severally and whether under the same or different contracts, and whether with or without the. — “Co Sureties”,
  • Sureties must be residents of this state and worth, in the aggregate, 1341.03 Certain sureties cannot waive their rights. In contracts for the payment of money to banks or bankers, sureties in fact, known to the parties. — “Lawriter - ORC - Chapter 1341: SURETIES”,
  • Might it be more appropriate for the contractor to develop a business plan that encompasses his or her surety needs, then present that plan to the agent and surety for their concurrence? Surety companies aren't really looking to dictate bonding capacities to their clients. — “McGraw-Hill Construction - Texas Construction”,
  • PURPOSE OF A SURETY. In lieu of requiring the completion of all improvements (streets, Guilford County Planning administers sureties for the Towns of Stokesdale,. — “SURETIES”,
  • In recent years, sureties have begun more proactive claims handling. This article explains how sureties can work with the project owner, prime contractor, bond producer, underwriter, and claims personnel so that all can be in a win-win situation. — “Proactive Surety Claims Handling”,
  • Pursuant to a legislative requirement, GAO provided information about: (1) small businesses' use of individual sureties for construction contracts; (2) the amount of losses resulting from use of individual sureties; and (3) GAO bid protest decisions involving the use of individual sureties. — “U.S. GAO - Small Business: Individual Sureties Used to”,
  • A surety or guarantee, in finance, is a promise by one party (the guarantor) to assume responsibility for the debt obligation of a borrower if that borrower defaults. The person or company that provides this promise, is also known as a surety or guarantor. — “Surety - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Department of the Treasury's Listing of Approved Sureties (Department Circular 570). — “Current Listings: Surety Bonds: Programs and Systems”,
  • The defendant appealed to the general term and gave sureties. general term affirmed the judgment below and entered judgment against the defendant and against the sureties. — “INLAND & SEABOARD COASTING CO. V. TOLSON, 136 U. S. 572”,
  • Every bond within the scope of these rules will contain the surety or sureties' consent that in case of the principal's or sureties' default, upon notice of not less than seven*** (17) days, the court may proceed summarily and render judgment against them and award execution. (b) Service. — “Local Rules - Part 1 - Section 8”,
  • The purpose of HB 169 is to support the growing need for individual surety bonds in the State. Supporters of the Bill say underwriting has tightened among corporate sureties as some have left the business, five this year alone, making it harder. — “Construction Bond Newsletter”,
  • The closest equivalent in the ME statutes are the provisions on "sureties. Surety bonds authorized in civil and criminal cases. In any civil or criminal action or mesne process or other process where a bail bond, recognizance or personal sureties or other. — “Maine Bail Laws, Bail & Bail Bonds in Maine”,
  • Definition of sureties in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is sureties? Meaning of sureties as a legal term. What does sureties mean in law?. — “sureties legal definition of sureties. sureties synonyms by”, legal-
  • Sureties' definition, security against loss or damage or for the fulfillment of an obligation, the payment of a debt, etc.; a pledge, guaranty, or bond. See more. — “Sureties' | Define Sureties' at ”,

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  • of a general tightening of the surety industry following the insurance losses associated with the Sept 11 2001 terrorist attacks and the bankruptcies of Kmart Corp and Enron Corp 8 The loss of capital associated with these events triggered a conservatism in the insurance industry that led large insurers to move out of high risk sureties of the mineral and energy industry
  • Appraisers H J Schwinn C A Bell A W Frye Principal Georgia Barlow Brown Sureties F K Morris Henry McNelly Page 2
  • it seems more likely that the sureties already writing these bonds would try to accommodate these larger liabilities This obviously would increase their revenues from increased premiums The size of any one liability that it can underwrite places the limit on the supplemental bond industry Estimates of the total liability vary but it is thought that the underwriting capacity
  • loss colour with distance depth of focus loss of fidelity small objects disappear faster with distance than large ones and all this decreases with decreases in display resolution Some examples drawn directly from the cliff lift are
  • bonds to meet their decommissioning liabilities 2 The breakdown in 2008 for meeting the obligations was 87 surety bonds 11 trust accounts and slightly more than 1 US Treasury bonds Operators use trusts or treasury bonds if their liabilities are too extensive to be covered by the available sureties or while they are in the process of obtaining surety bonds MMS does not
  • In cases where surety is required by the High Court the proposed sureties may need to file an up to date property valuation report in order to show the value of properties owned by them
  • of insurance Unlike more familiar forms of insurance however surety bonds transfer risk from the obligee to the surety not from the principal to the insurer as in traditional insurance Surety bonds also often have indemnity clauses that allow sureties to collect money if they are forced to pay out the bond Standard forms of insurance do not contain these clauses It is
  • the two youngsters with brothers Frank and Joseph Zobac being appointed as sureties Frank raised his nephew Harold while Violet was raised in her grandparents home across the street Anna s locket and the young parents wedding rings are reminders of their young love that was cut short by the tragedy
  • index11b jpg
  • comparing to others you will probably ask yourself now how was it possible that the other portrait of Durer made it by the MFA experts sureties of hands on inspections and expertise I really don t know what more I could say Does that look like a thumb to you Which one of these portraits would you rather own and display yourself as the art lover you are considered
  • Account Records of Dorchester County Md Liber 17 folio 233 22 Aug 1739 CAMPBELL Walter dec Exc Elizabeth CAMPBELL Adam MUIR Thomas MUIR Sureties Thomas HICKS Thomas
  • hours in the Pillory have both ears cut off give bond of £500 with two sureties pay charges of prosecution fees of Court and to stand com­mitted till the sentence be performed Benjamin Franklin
  • may be issued from time to time Section 1329 of the Revenue Act of 1921 provides that Liberty or other bonds of the United States may be deposited as securiW in lieu of surety or sureties
  • the contract to L W Jones with Mrs M J Button and W H Jones as sureties The beautiful stained glass windows were all memorial gifts and were recorded in permanent appreciation We are indebted to the family of Mrs Brice Leech for the use of her pictures of these beautiful windows The few members representing the very conservative element who could not

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  • Real Estate & Investment: What Is A Corporate Sureties Bond In New Hampshire To Become A Trustee ?? Video for people with visual disabilities. Please enable Closed Captions [CC] to enhance this video. Bond Market, Municipal Bonds.
  • Surety Bonds 101: What is the Treasury List and the A.M. Best Rating? Rosenberg & Parker - http:/// The Treasury List (also called the "T-list") is a listing of all of the surety companies whose bonds are acce...
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  • “By: Robert E. Little, Jr. Individual sureties are natural persons - as opposed to corporations and limited liability companies - who offer to bind the”
    — Federal Government Bonding Basics: Individual Sureties,

  • “You can also find them on the Department of the Treasury's Listing of Approved Sureties (Department Circular 570), a list of all Federally approved sureties. Let's Hear From Other Agents. What do you like about Western Surety? Are there any”
    — Western Surety | Surety Bond Blog | JW Surety Bonds,

  • “The Smith M*** blog presents timely and relevant articles specific to the surety industry. Smith M*** is one of the largest surety bond agencies in the United States”
    — Smith M*** Surety Bonds | Surety Bond Blog, smithm***.com

  • “Please note that the information provided herein is not legal advice and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It may not be up to date”
    — Probate | Estate Administration | Wills and Estates (Part 6,

  • “~ Looking for 2 Sureties (Paid SGD 400 each person) Singapore Jobs Forum > Main Board > Make money online/internet work at home (Moderator: Mr.Q)”
    — ~ Looking for 2 Sureties (Paid SGD 400 each person) ~, forum.job-

  • “Practical advice about how contractors can protect their rights and maximize their profits on federal government contracts. indexed by 's leading Construction Law law blog (blawg) network”
    — Federal Construction Contracting Blog: Construction Law,

  • “hjwql's blog - Coach Crossbody Bags Every official liquidator shall give security by entering into a recognizance with two or more sufficient sureties, in such sum as the Judge may approve; and the Judge Coach may, if he shall think fit, accept”
    — hjwql's blog - Coach Crossbody Bags | Diy Fix It,

  • “Posted By: Sean Russel | Sep 23, 2008 | Topics: Liens/Bond Claims | Back To Blog. Two recent court decisions strictly interpreting language contained in the AIA A312 Payment Bond form ("the Bond") have had a significant impact on general contractors and sureties”
    — Ahlers & Cressman PLLC | Construction Law Blog | Contractors, ac-

  • “Of course, their frustration may also be with the fact the sureties are making sure Customs does it by the numbers by exercising party beneficiaries of the bonds between the sureties and Customs (these bonds guarantee payment in response”
    — Well, Somebody Is Certainly Ticked!,

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