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  • Western and english horse equipment, equestrian gifts, saddles, saddle pads, bridles, halters, bits, equine health, farrier supplies, horse blankets, western wear, Breyer Horses, Montana Silversmith, Simco saddles, and Victory Saddles, Twisted X. — “Winner's Circle Horse Supplies, Tack - Harness/ Surcingles”,
  • Clay Maier: trainer of The Friesian Spectacular performance horses, offers long reining and carriage driving clinics, and Rein Dance ground driving supplies and instruction on DVD. — “REIN DANCE | Clay Maier | Friesian Spectacular | Long Reining”,
  • Surcingles definition, a belt or girth that passes around the belly of a horse and over the blanket, pack, saddle, etc., and is buckled on the horse's back. See more. — “Surcingles | Define Surcingles at ”,
  • Breeches Shirtss Bridles Lead Ropes & Cords Lunging Reins Summer Rugs & Sheets Winter Saddle Pads Saddle Durries Bandages Surcingles Girths Ear Net Fly Veils Hay Nets Others. — “Welcome To Swaraj International”,
  • TRAINING EQUIPMENT--BOOTS, LUNGING CAVESONS, BITTING RIGS, SURCINGLES for sale Hardware for surcingle is in red bag. VERY NICE! Retails at Congress Leather for $185. Here for sale at $135. — “Training Equipment--Boots, Lunging Cavesons, Bitting Rigs”,
  • Definition of surcingles in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of surcingles. Pronunciation of surcingles. Translations of surcingles. surcingles synonyms, surcingles antonyms. Information about surcingles in the free online English dictionary and. — “surcingles - definition of surcingles by the Free Online”,
  • Double chest straps, cross-over surcingles, legstraps, fixed neck cover with easy and 320 gsm polyfill, with cross-over surcingles, legstraps, front shoulder pleat, no back. — “PASC - OUTDOOR RUGS AND QUILTS”, pasc-
  • Quality horse blankets and turnout rugs. Horseware Rambo, Rhino, Triple Crown horse blankets. Surcingles. Yes. Rambo California Turnout Blanket $245.00. 10. 1200D Ballistic Nylon. 100g. Sold Separately. Surcingles. Yes. Rambo Original Medium Turnout Blanket $229.00. 10. 1200D Ballistic Nylon. 200g. Sold Separately. — “Rambo Horse Blankets at netEquestrian”,
  • surcingles. — “Horse Surcingles & Reins”,
  • Double Diamond Tack - Surcingles - Secure Online Store. — “Surcingles by Double Diamond Tack”,
  • Surcingle description and use for ground driving and long lining a horse when training A surcingle encircles a horse's heart girth, acting as a mini-saddle and girth. For ground driving, the trainer runs long lines through the surcingle's side rings in a horse's early training and then through. — “Surcingle description and use for ground driving and long”,
  • specify your preference for straight or crossed surcingles when ordering stable clothes. Crossed surcingles instead of straight ones on winter stable blankets or sheets. - Straight surcingles instead of crossed on. — “The Clothes Horse”,
  • The world's leading horse saddle maker since 1794. We manufacture custom saddles and offer full-service alterations and repairs at our Hartford factory. In addition to manufacturing saddles and related leather goods, we import and distribute. — “The Smith-Worthington Saddlery Co”,
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  • An elasticated surcingle that offers excellent value for money and is Will help keep sheets and coolers in place in the stable and during transit. — “Horseware Ireland :: Products - Rambo Accessories - Surcingles”,
  • Dressage Extensions: Premiere Dressage Catalog specializing in tack and riding apparel for the discerning dressage rider. Lungeing & Training Side Reins Surcingles Lunge Lines. Reins Draw Reins. Show Pads Schooling Pads Sheepskin & Fleece Pads Gel & Foam Pads Seat Savers. — “Dressage Extensions Products”,
  • Leather & Cotton Web Training Surcingle. An economical and well engineered training surcingle that is the choice of top trainers Heavy duty training surcingle with 4" wide back of acrylic "wool". — “Training Surcingles @ ”,
  • Just for Ponies Tack shop specializing in ponies and young riders. — “Just for Ponies Pony Tack Shop - Pony Surcingles”,
  • A show horse wearing a surcingle. A surcingle is a strap made of A basic surcingle is unpadded, attaches around the horse by means of buckles or rings,. — “Surcingle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of surcingles in the Medical Dictionary. surcingles explanation. Information about surcingles in Free online English dictionary. What is surcingles? Meaning of surcingles medical term. What does surcingles mean?. — “surcingles - definition of surcingles in the Medical”, medical-
  • IPSA Direct- : - Healthcare & Wormers For The Yard Gifts For The Horse For The Rider Supplements ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping Gussets, Tail Flap, Anti-Rub Lining,Detachable Leg Straps, Cross Surcingles with Rubber Rings, Twin Strap Breast Buckle Fastening,White Cotton Inner. — “IPSA Direct- Equine Products Ireland”,
  • Surcingles: Weatherbeeta resources and information at . — “Surcingles”,
  • Black Surcingle. White Surcingle. Girth Size. Padding Thickness. Girth Size. Padding Thickness. Designed by Christoph Lensing and and change out grips allows for one surcingle to be used by many different vaulters for. — “Pegasus Vaulting Supply Home Page”,

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  • presents: The 2 Minute How to Choose a Surcingle In "How to Choose a Surcingle" Joanna Robson, DVM, CVSMT, CMP, CVA, SFT, illustrates how too often surcingles "undo" positive benefits that can be achieved in a training session. Poorly designed surcingles create pinching at the withers and cause the horse to raise its head, hollow its back and tense up as opposed to relaxing and being "round." Dr. Robson also shows what to look for in proper surcingles. Much of the footage in this video comes from Dr. Robson's new DVD "Recognizing the Horse in Pain and What You Can Do About It." The DVD features: recognizing problem backs, saddle-fitting, treeless and Western saddles, what to expect in a professional saddle-fitting, choosing accessories, actual acupuncture and chiropractic cases, stretches, and more. The DVD is available at
  • Surcingles from Freedom Rider Tack Shop Available from (toll free 888-253-8811) - Therapeutic Riding Surcingle with Triangle Handle - Therapeutic Riding Surcingle with Multi-Sided Handle - Anti-Cast Roller - Pro Vaulting Surcingle - Vaulting Surcingle - Supracor Cool Grip Vaulting Pad
  • Common Eastern Bumble Bee (Apidae: Bombus impatiens) on Blossom Photographed at Grand Forks, North Dakota (12 July 2009). "Bees are Black, with Gilt Surcingles-- / Buccaneers of Buzz / Ride abroad in ostentation / And subsist on Fuzz." --Emily Dickinson
  • Innovative new design winter horse rug - just in for winter 2009/10 This super warm waterproof and breathable combo rug is based on a new design, which covers up the hole at the front normally found in combo rugs - no more fluffy patch under the horse's neck! It's very adjustable, with two buckles across the front to adapt the fit for horses of varying chest widths, and quick release clasps at the front also. The shoulder gussets are extra deep to help give your horse unrestricted range of movement. The cross-surcingles are elastic for extra comfort, and the rug comes with both a fillet-string and elastic legstraps. Nice deep tailflap also, to protect against the wind. The neck fastens simply with velcro straps. 1200D polyester ripstop with 350gsm filling. More info including prices etc can be found on our website :)
  • Horse Rug - Saxon 600 Standard Neck Medium available in 2-tone Clay/Earth & Navy/Light Blue The Saxon 600 Standard Neck Medium horse rug is perfect for keeping your horse warm during winter. Featuring adjustable twin chest straps, adjustable surcingles, shoulder gussets, rump darts, adjustable leg straps, boa fleece wither protection & a tail flap.
  • Saxon 600 Combo Medium Horse Rug available in 2-tone Navy/Light Blue & Clay/Earth The Saxon 600 Combo Medium rug is perfect for keeping your horse warm during winter. Featuring a convenient combo neck closure, adjustable twin chest straps, adjustable surcingles, shoulder gussets, rump darts, adjustable leg straps & a tail flap.
  • Saxon Air Mesh Combo I Horse Rugs I Horse Blankets I Mesh Rugs I Mesh Sheets The Saxon Air Mesh Combo has a durable polyester mesh outer, shoulder gussets, tail flap, twin chest straps, removable leg straps & low cross surcingles. For more information go to .au
  • You girrrlllll LOVEEE this song :) doesnt suit the video but whatevsss sorry super boring video! Day one of five :) Im going to try to get a video up everyday because this week im going to ride, sun, mon, tues, wed, thurs :) Lesson thurs yayy! To bad I don't have clips from the last lesson :( nocritt I DONT give a ....well you know what rhymes with crit ;) updates: Todays ride went well used draw reins yuckk she was gooddd surprising my lack of consistent riding :P -Hardly any mud fever yay zinc oxide! -the gnats are out but my pony will go bald with a fly mask on :(, not going to use my fly sheet until later because again the surcingles rub -.- DOES ANYONE KNOW OF SUPER AMAZING FLY MASKSS??? Im going to get the kensington one.. but any better ones out there for like arabs... meaning sensitive skin.. LETMEKNOW :)) -will jump tomorrow if I am riding with Nicole because the course will go up fasterrr also it depends on the schedulee... -not working until friday HUGEEE plus! -for my 23rd show ima do: open eq on flat open eq over fences open hunter division 2'6 2'9 flat So thatsss 3 over fences, two flat... ideally ide like to do six classes maybe ill do the childrens hunter under saddle Ideal showing plan: waymark trill (then we'll see how that goes, to see if we will do another trill). In waymark ill do the mod division but Im not a huge fan of the down hill ring it will be in so maybe ill just do the 2'6 open hunters, I really want to do the classic in the grass ring because when I took ...
  • Saxon 1200 Combo Heavy Horse Rug in 2-tone Grape/Navy An extra warm horse rug, perfect for cold winter nights! Features a convenient combo neck closure, adjustable twin chest straps, adjustable surcingles, shoulder gussets, rump darts, adjustable leg straps & a tail flap.
  • December Photgraphy:) [Snow!] Yay..Theress Snowww:D:P..But i shoved in pics of december too:P..One She Has her foot in the Bucket:S..ANother Shes Carrying My Haynets Forr Me:P..And One she has her Xmas show outfit on even tho i hadnt finished it yet:P...And A MUSHROOM:D:D..Me&&Hannah(hannahraj-go subb!))..Were gonna dry it out and keep it..but another livary put it in the bin:( insted we sprayed it purple:PLol..It Was Cool:0...Anyways enjoii:) Oh And Last night when i came home from the show i put her under rug on and her turnout rug on..put her out acroos the road and left..came out this mornin and she only had her turnout rug on:O:O:@..I Accatully dont know what happend:P..but wil Find it tomorrw if theres no school(Y) Cause it has no surcingles it might of come of but i really dont know tbh:L:P..Anywayss..Again..ENJOYY"! Updates;;-Not Going to the mock Hunt I Dont Think:( -New Cameraa For Xmass:D((5Days:P)) -Pippa Is Happier than Ever:P:)
  • Getting used to the feel of a cinch Although Dolly has worn bareback pads and surcingles in the past I figured that putting tension on a band--whether during saddling or mounting--was going to be a potentially tense event. So I've been spending a lot of time just putting the surcingle over her back, tightening it very easily at first, then waiting to see how she reacts. Tugging on the surcingle, playing with it. Breaking down the process into baby steps, basically. Dolly can go from calm to dynamo in a matter of seconds, so it is extra important to me to be certain everything we do is with her total cooperation.
  • I love my little spazz =] I DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT OF THIS SONG! DO NOT REMOVE YOUTUBE! Fair use!!! DO NOT REMOVE. Song is by Two Door Cinema Club, What you know. Brilliant band, awesome vid, needed some jammin music, voila. Jumping sesh at my house, I REALLY want to cement things for us before we go anywhere, and I think we did. Though my horse is obv. hopelessly insane. As am I to ride her. . . I hope you can see in this vid why her nickname is little hickstead. =D Look at her ***y trot! And yes, I am warming up in draw reins, she needed extra help holding herself in a rounded frame, and they help her balance, used correctly they AID the horse. Besides, all those lovely WB's that seem to just be born rounded? 90% of them are lunged in draw reins and surcingles, their riders just don't put the vids up. these small jumps, (up to 2'6'') obv. aren't any prob. for her, hence the lack of general roundness and "huntery" form but we are trying to work on our rushing. btw, that was also her first ever parallel jump u/s. =] Please excuse any of my horrendous riding errors, she's def. not an easy ride and tries to pull me out of the saddle, and just zoom around at 100 miles an hour. Anyway, enjoy our spazziness. Please comment and rate!! ;D
  • 2010 Coolhorse Winter Blanket -600 x 600 denier ripstop outer shell -300 grams of Holofil insulation -Water resistant and breathable -70 denier coat polishing nylon liner -Adjustable open front style -Cross belly surcingles -Removable and adjustable elastic leg straps -Tail flap The Coolhorse Winter Turnout Blanket has been a hit for us for several years. With over 2000 blankets sold, it has stood the test of time. Each year we have a new set of limited edition colors, and when they sell out they are gone. This year black and grey is available in the widest range of sizes. Designed with a quarter horse cut to fit today's western performance horses. It is made a little wider in the shoulders and has shoulder gussets to reduce blanket rubs. It is a great blanket for horses that are turned out, but it's not too much blanket for a stalled horse. The adjustable front has double buckles with keepers to keep the straps from coming loose. Velcro between the two pieces keeps the blanket from gapping in the front, which can cause heat loss as well as rubbing. Fleece over the withers will reduce discomfort and rubbing at the mane. There are three hood attachment dees. The topline is seamless to keep water out. The tail gate keeps the blanket centered on your horse. Adjustable and removable straps cross under the belly and connect to box stitched and reinforced dees. Elastic leg straps (also removable and adjustable) have enough give to let your horse play hard without breaking or rubbing.
  • lacey working with yardley our little white unicorn learns about fly spray and surcingles
  • How to Choose & Use Horse Blankets : How to Blanket a Horse With an Open Front Blanket Open front winter horse blankets are easy to put on and take off a horse. Learn how to blanket your horse with an open front blanket in this free equestrian video guide. Expert: Shelly Roberts Contact: Bio: Shelly Roberts works at AA Callister in Salt Lake City. She has been actively around horses for the better part of 30 years. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

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  • “Learn about crochet and other hobbies. with a well fitting tail flap and should be secured by using elastic surcingles to make sure that it does not move and compromise the safety of”
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  • “The majority of these are full neck and the same design as your average full neck turnout rug with cross surcingles and a tail flap. some with a full belly panel instead of cross surcingles, like on the Masta Mesh Fly Sheet which prevents”
    — Robinsons Blog " Fly Rugs, robinsons-

  • “I was looking at surcingles today in parade acres, and I found this really wittle one and I was like LIGHTBULB! wouldnt it be great to long line”
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  • “Group: Forum Members. Last Login: 11 October 2010. Posts: 295, Visits: 634. Thanks for that he has already wrecked and the surcingles have been mended with baler twine, it has”
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  • “Horse Equipment. Girths & Surcingles. Girths & Surcingles. Stirrup Irons & Leathers. Leathers Bisley Rova Major Extending Lead - Flexi 3.5 Red. £16.98. Rova - this extending leash is”
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  • “[Archive] Various Horse Blankets/sheets for Sale NEDA General Discussion 2 cross surcingles under belly. 3.) Light Turnout Sheet $20 -Blue with Grey trim -Diamond weave -Leg straps -Double surcingle”
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  • “is homey just funny shaped or do other have trouble with rugs fitting - i have tried many brands and ended up selling most of them due to not fitting”
    — Is It Just Me - Native Pony Discussion Forum - Mountain,

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