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  • A variety of surcharges on flights and holidays have been making the others, announcing hefty rises in fuel surcharges to help cover rapidly escalating fuel. — “surcharges | eTurboNews”,
  • Purposely hiding what I'm looking for' the practice of sneaky websites who hide extra charges like delivery, baggage and insurance. Can be used fo Can be used for hiding stuff like credit card surcharges and taxes as well. — “Urban Dictionary: surcharges”,
  • A surcharge may mean: an extra fee added onto another fee or charge. Fuel surcharge, sky freight charges which represents additions due to jet fuel prices. Bunker adjustment factor, sea freight charges which represents additions due to oil prices. — “Surcharge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The only guidance provided is that the surcharge applies to all "final convictions," regardless of probated sentences. First, if the surcharge is deemed to be really a "fine" by another name, then the state and federal constitutional prohibitions against being. — “J. Gary Trichter: Texas Attorneys, Drivers Responsibility”,
  • surcharge ( ) n. An additional sum added to the usual amount or cost. An overcharge, especially when unlawful. — “surcharge: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Surcharge billing facts- brochure [rev 7/09 pdf] Surcharges are fines assessed by MVC on an annual basis for drivers who have earned excessive points or committed a specific violation such as DUI. Surcharges are in addition to any court fines/penalties. — “State of New Jersey - Motor Vehicle Commission”,
  • Now, carriers are quietly adding surcharges to tickets on peak travel days this summer. Fuel surcharges are likely to push airfares higher to make up for a 25% increase in airline gas prices so far this year, industry watchers warn. — “Surcharges -- WalletPop”,
  • UPS Express Critical® uses index-based air fuel surcharges. UPS ExpressCritical fuel surcharges will be updated monthly, effective on the first Monday of each month, and posted approximately two weeks prior to the effective date. — “Surcharges UPS Supply Chain Solutions”, ups-
  • A surcharge is an administrative fee charged to a driver based on the convictions reported to the driving record. Surcharges are in addition to all other reinstatement fees required for other. — “TxDPS - Surcharges, Driver Responsibility Program”,
  • Definition of surcharges in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of surcharges. Pronunciation of surcharges. Translations of surcharges. surcharges synonyms, surcharges antonyms. Information about surcharges in the free online English dictionary and. — “surcharges - definition of surcharges by the Free Online”,
  • You can add a surcharge to the final price of an item in these three instances: Here are a few examples of payment surcharges that aren't allowed on eBay:. — “Payment surcharges policy”,
  • The surcharges are in addition to any court-imposed fines and penalties, or any premium or surcharge fees assessed by insurance companies. ( Please note that point credits are not considered when assessing surcharges). — “NJ DMV SURCHARGES”,
  • PUC > Communications > Consumer Programs and Information > Surcharges and Taxes. Surcharges and Taxes. There are a number of surcharges and taxes assessed on telecommunications services by the State of California, city and county governments, and federal agencies. — “Surcharges and Taxes”,
  • Delivery area surcharge. A delivery area surcharge applies to shipments destined to select U.S. ZIP codes. A list of the ZIP codes where the surcharge applies is available in PDF format or ASCII format. International out-of-delivery-area and out-of-pickup-area surcharges. — “FedEx Service Guide - Rates and Surcharges”,
  • An inclusive look at the most common telecommunications taxes and surcharges that are included on a typical phone bill. — “Telecom Taxes and Phone Surcharges|BottaBoom News Alert”,
  • Watch Surcharges videos from all over the internet During the General Manager's report on Water, she announces surcharges may be necessary. — “Surcharges - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • Definition of surcharges in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is surcharges? Meaning of surcharges as a legal term. What does surcharges mean in law?. — “surcharges legal definition of surcharges. surcharges”, legal-
  • Together with registration fees, the addition of these surcharges will usually add less than $50 per month to a tenant's monthly rent, though the amount can be higher for some condominiums. The surcharges must be divided equally among all the units on a given. — “Santa Monica Rent Control - Surcharges”,
  • ATM surcharges are deceptive. ATM surcharges often are not adequately disclosed to consumers, and consumers frequently don't realize that they have a choice (apart from choosing not to use an ATM at all, which isn't a realistic option for many consumers). — “ATM $urcharges: The problem”,
  • Many businesses add surcharges to their bills to cover fuel or energy costs. In cases where an additional amount or surcharge is added to an invoice as a means to recover increased fuel, energy or other costs incurred by the seller, the surcharge is subject to tax in the same manner as. — “Surcharges”,
  • The recent spread of ATM surcharges has sparked significant debate among consumers, policymakers, Much of this debate has focused on the direct costs that surcharges impose on. — “ATM Surcharges”,

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  • surcharges.wmv Submission to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advocating the necessity for administrative rules that would ban retailers from surcharging shoppers who pay for goods with debit or credit cards.
  • Sum "Buddy" the Surcharge-Free ATM! SUM "Buddy" a walking, talking ATM machines travels across Massachusetts and has fun talking to dogs, taking pictures, speaking foreign languages and telling people how to avoid surcharges at the ATM.
  • How To Use Surcharges in LeashTime Learn how to use LeashTime's Surcharge functionality.
  • With surcharges this is becomming an all to common sight at ariports Please make sure to pick up your baggage once you have deboarded the plane. They tend to get hungry and grumpy.
  • Airport surcharges not unreasonable: Patel Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel has announced that PM Manmohan Singh has decided to constitute a ministerial group to look into the issue of high aviation fuel prices in India that has exacerbated the current crisis of the industry.
  • Which? to fight card surcharges Which? to help consumers fight card surcharges with super complaint
  • Speech seconding a notice of motion condemning surcharges on pre-pay energy meter customers Cllr Jason Kitcat (Green) seconding a joint motion with Labour colleagues on how the poorest citizens are unfairly treated by energy companies making them pay more per unit for energy than more affluent customers. At Brighton & Hove City Council meeting, Hove Town Hall, 29th January 2009. Full report at
  • Audio Conferencing Fairytale - The End of Contracts, Surcharges and Billing Errors? The Conferencing Fairytale - The end of contracts and commitments in the telephone conferencing industry? No more unexpected fees or unexpected surcharges? It sounds like a fairytail.
  • 013008 Fuel Surcharges High Res
  • I hate railway surcharges I really don't understand why I uploaded this video. It's actually pretty stupid.
  • Dave Paterson must resign NOW, 9.1 billion $ crisis, Bloomberg citizen's arrest & a surcharge + MTA (Make sure to scroll down to the bottom and read the letter in The NY Daily News by Fireman Joseph Graffagnino's Dad about Mike Bloomberg and accountability!) The accidental gov. needs to resign right now, actually yesterday, asap because we are in the midst of a devastating economic tsunami, a fiscal disaster and it must be addressed 24/7 even need be and ditto for City Hall. www.1010 E. O'Donnell, t resigning in protest was heroic. Isn't ironic Paterson, Johnson and Corbitt. refused to own up and resign. Corbitt retired but I am confident he just hired a top defense attorney. People in New York are given traffic tickets with massive surcharges so I want to issue a Suzannah B. Troy surcharge to Mike Bloomberg for denying the people of New York a referendum -- how about 2 billion dollars. I also want him to pay out $108 million to the people of New York where he hands the money to the people so we know there is "trickle down" instead of sub-zero trickle down. Wolfson was paid a fortune to deliver the most expensive and most humiliating win and Mike decided to hire him and more campaign staff at City Hall that The NY Post estimates will cost tax payers over 2 million dollars and Mike did this during this economic crisis in the face of lay-offs, cuts, closures so I want to make a citizen's arrest. Bloomberg is trying to cover his move by moving Sheekey out of his public empire aka City of New York back to his private empire and have Wolfson take the ...
  • surcharge, everyones new favorate word - a dmany13 rant i ***en hate all the surcharges
  • More Proof Mercury Initiative Would Raise CA Insurance Premiums Harvey Rosenfield Is Back With More Proof Mercury Initiative Would Raise CA Insurance Premiums
  • 22. Applying Surcharges - CitiXsys iVend Retail - 4.x - E-learning video
  • eBay ponders surcharges Online auction giants eBay are considering plans to begin surcharging for courier deliveries to different areas of the UK. According to news seen on a post on the site's online PowerSeller board, eBay are enquiring as to which areas of the country should be accounted for should the surcharge idea go ahead. At present The Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Wight are all under consideration as are foreign British Forces bases. eBay sellers have often found this situation to be an issue concerning large or weighty goods which some delivery services may not be able to deliver to the farthest reaches of Great Britain. People wanting a transparent pricing plan and efficient delivery service can find this service with Parcel2.
  • Fuel Surcharges International and Domestic Flights and the Economic Crisis Fuel Surcharges International and Domestic Flights and the Economic Crisis KRON4 10-14 2008
  • Auto Insurance Surcharge My rant on Auto Insurance Surcharges.
  • UK FSA boss wary on bank surcharges The UK financial watchdog's CEO Hector Sants is reluctant to go ahead with rules on banks' capital requirements without support from other G20 members, but he says the FSA is prioritising the European crisis.
  • 20080521 Airline Fuel Surcharges - Kron 4
  • Airline Passengers Look To Avoid Baggage Surcharges As the summer travel season kicks in, vacationers might be kicking in a few more dollars because of airline surcharges. Andy Choi reports
  • MQM Opposes RGST & Flood Surcharges http MQM Opposes RGST & Flood Surcharges
  • KHON 2 News feat. Pacific Energy Strategies - Fuel Surcharges Rising to New Heights KHON 2 News @ 6:00 on July 7, 2008 regarding how rising fuel costs are driving energy costs to new heights.
  • Toyota Owners May Be Able To Appeal Surcharges If you own a faulty Toyota and get into an accident, you may be able to appeal insurance surcharges.
  • Re: Protest Against Texas Surcharge Laws with BS Flag Protest Against Texas Surcharge Laws. I have been put in a horrible spot because of these surcharges!
  • Savings 4 You- Resume Writing, Airline Surcharges Edge Recruitment Alternatives, Inc. offers discounts for resume writing and reviewing. lists surcharges for major airlines during peak travel times.
  • Your Money: Airline Surcharges for the Holidays Several major US carriers have added surcharges for travel on and around the upcoming holiday season. AP Personal Finance Editor Trevor Delaney explains. (Sept 28)
  • Auto Insurance Surcharges Ricky Berger speaks about the Automobile Insurance Surcharge system in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Inside Look: FedEx's Fuel Surcharges Exclusive Interview with FedEx CEO Fred Smith: Says US Not in a Recession Yet, Rather in Period of "Extremely Slow Growth"
  • Gas is Down - What About Surcharges? How is the drop in fuel costs effectiving the price of surcharges?
  • 031408 Fuel Surcharges Hi Res
  • Alan Joyce on Qantas fuel surcharges Qantas announced today that it is increasing the fuel surcharge on international flights, which will add between $20 and $50 to the cost of airfares. Speaking at the Melbourne Press Club, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce explains the reasons for price rise. This clip is from Alan Joyce's address to the Melbourne Press Club at Crown's River Room on February 3 2011. To watch the entire webcast of this address, go to: Follow the Melbourne Press Club on Twitter Connect with the Melbourne Press Club on Facebook:
  • Credit Card Surcharges Being Passed On To Consumers Consumer Watchdog founder Harvey Rosenfield discusses how some business try to pass the transaction costs of using a credit card for your purchases on to the consumer.
  • How Surcharges Just Appear Out of The Blue This Video Tip is an illustration of just how bogus telephone surcharges can appear out of the blue, with justification.
  • Illegal credit card surcharges by restaurants in California This is an unofficial transcript of a special report by KTVU News. First aired on July 5, 2009 at 5:44 PM. Gasia Mikaelian: Have you ever had a merchant add a surcharge to your bill because you used a credit card or tell you that you had to make a minimum purchase to use your card? As KTVU's consumer editor, Tom Vacar, reports, both practices violate their credit card agreements and can be reported to the credit card company. Tom Vacar: At this Oakland (Tijuana Mexican Seafood Restaurant) restaurant, our lunch bill was $24.10. But the register slip was $.60 more. The waitress said it was a fee for using my VISA credit card. Tom Vacar: This San Leandro pizzeria (sign for Porky's Pizza Palace) charges $.50 more for a credit card purchase and this (sign for Papa Pancho's) San Lorenzo restaurant adds a buck to your bill if you use a debit or credit card. Consumers we met don't like the add-ons. Carl Horn (credit card user): It doesn't make any sense. You should take whatever I'm willing to spend with you and you shouldn't add any additional fees for using a certain type of transaction. It makes no sense at all. Kathleen Meagher (credit card user): I might be more likely to make a purchase with my credit card so I'm not sure that I should have to pay for that. Nick Johnson (credit card user): Well, what goes through my mind is then basically whether that's not legal so that's what I understand. Tom Vacar: San Francisco-based credit card company VISA International says he's ...
  • BBC Look East news Campaign at Ryanair about surcharges at stansted airport. Campaign at Ryanair about surcharges at stansted airport. Ryanair (ISEQ: RYA, LSE: RYA, NASDAQ: RYAAY) is an Irish low cost airline, with headquarters at Dublin Airport and its largest operational bases at Dublin Airport and London Stansted Airport. Ryanair operates over 190 Boeing 737-800 aircraft on 830 routes across Europe and North Africa from its 33 bases. The airline has been characterised by rapid expansion, a result of the deregulation of the air industry in Europe in 1992 and the success of its low cost business model. Ryanair is the third-largest airline in Europe in terms of passenger numbers and the world's largest in terms of international passenger numbers.
  • ATM Fees - ATM Surcharges - New ATM Business is your guide to the ATM business. This interview is an excerpt with International Merchant Services (IMS) president Neil Johnson. Question Wow. Now, obviously, the ATM business, if you're in the business of ATMs, of having an ATM, fees are critical. ATM fees are a mystery to many. As a new entrant into the business, what should I know about ATM fees? Neil: If you're a new entrance into the business or you're a seasoned veteran, some of the things that you should know about ATM fees, you look at ATM fees and most people when they talk about ATM fees are talking about the surcharge or a convenience fee. They're really divided into three camps on the way that those fees are utilized, either as a convenience where you're placing an ATM in your business so that your customers have the convenience of using it. It's much like a convenience store or a restaurant wants to have clean restrooms, not because they sell anything out of that restroom, but because it's a convenience to their customer and brings their customers back. On the other side, not just convenience, but you have companies that want to have it as a revenue generation. They want to take every square inch in their business and maximize what they can get for that. So, those companies, they might want to jack up their surcharge to as high as the market will bear. Then there's other businesses, and I think these are the more astute business people, that look the ATM and develop a strategy where ...
  • Japan And Nippon Airlines To Resume Surcharges - Bloomberg Japan and Nippon airlines may resume fuel surcharges as jet kerosene prices rise. (The Bloomberg Edge)
  • How to . . . Avoid ATM Surcharges Framingham Co-operative Bank makes it easy for all checking customers to avoid ATM surcharges.
  • Credit surcharges -- debt problems People struggling with debt problems in 2011 have this week been given a boost in the battle against debts being built up due to spending on credit cards.
  • Surcharge Sinners Restaurants and cafĂ©s in capital cities are flouting consumer protection laws and illegally charging patrons on weekends and public holidays. A joint investigation by Reportage and Radio Atticus. Producers: Amanda Hoh, Lauren Said-Moorhouse and Patrick Wright.

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