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  • In the 0.10 Exhibition in 1915, Malevich exhibited his early experiments in suprematist painting. Nikolai Suetin used Suprematist motifs on works at the St. Petersburg Lomonosov Porcelain. — “suprematism: Definition from ”,
  • Suprematist Composition, which Malevich completed the same year he wrote his Suprematist Suprematist Composition, with its vibrancy and lyricism, transcend its historical frame. — “Sotheby's - Auctions - Calendar - Impressionist & Modern Art”,
  • Famous examples of his Suprematist works include Black Square (1915) and White on White (1918) In 1915–1916 he worked with other Suprematist artists in a peasant/artisan co-operative. — “Malevich, Kazimir”,
  • Malevich, Suprematist Composition: White on White, 1918 (MoMA) May 16th, 2006. Again, re-posted from our old blog: we continued creating podcasts / audioguides — this time for works of art in the Museum of Modern Art. We tried hard to stay away from lecturing, which isn't always easy. — “Smarthistory: The Blog " Blog Archive " Malevich, Suprematist”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Rob Cantrell Comedy Suprematist. Get exclusive content and interact with Rob Cantrell Comedy Suprematist right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Rob Cantrell Comedy Suprematist | Facebook”,
  • Tatlin's dream: Russian suprematist and constructivist art, 1910-1923 by Andrei B Nakov (Paperback - 1973) Impressionist & Modern Art Evening: Kazimir Malevich, Suprematist Composition, Circa 1919-1920: Lot 31 by Kazimir Severinovich] Phillips Auctioneers. — “: Suprematist”,
  • Welcome to a Facebook Page about Rob Cantrell Comedy Suprematist. Join Facebook to start connecting with Rob Cantrell Comedy Suprematist. — “Rob Cantrell Comedy Suprematist | Facebook”, zh-
  • Kazimir Malevich's Suprematist Composition Sets Record at Sotheby's Sale Kazimir Malevich's Suprematist Composition from 1916 sold for $60,002,500, not only a record for the artist, but a record for any Russian work of art ever sold at auction. — “Kazimir Malevich's Suprematist Composition Sets Record at”, gg-
  • Definition of suprematist in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of suprematist. Pronunciation of suprematist. Translations of suprematist. suprematist synonyms, suprematist antonyms. Information about suprematist in the free online English. — “suprematist - definition of suprematist by the Free Online”,
  • Begun in 1919, his series of abstract geometric paintings entitled Proun (an acronym for "project for the affirmation of the new"), as well as his many prints, were key works in Russia's suprematist movement (see suprematism) in Germany, he introduced suprematist and constructivist ideas to. — “El Lissitzky — ”,
  • In 1915-1916 he worked with other Suprematist artists in a peasant/artisan co-operative in Skoptsi and Verbovka village. Famous examples of his Suprematist works include Black Square (1915). — “Kazimir Malevich Biography”, kazimir-
  • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is a place that fuels creativity and provides inspiration. Its extraordinary art collection includes modern and contemporary art such as Suprematist Composition: White on White (Kazimir Malevich). — “MoMA | The Collection | Kazimir Malevich. Suprematist”,
  • By Mike Collett-White LONDON, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Sotheby's expects a painting by avant-garde painter Kazimir Malevich to shatter the auction record for a Russian work of art when it goes under the hammer in Suprematist Composition lends its name to the art movement Malevich founded in 1915 or. — “Sotheby's expect Malevich to smash Russian record | Reuters”,
  • Suprematist Drawing. 1915. drawing | graphite on paper. Not currently on view in the museum This resource represents a portion of SFMOMA's collection. Information about the artworks. — “SFMOMA | Explore Modern Art | Our Collection | Kazimir”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “Suprematist on deviantART”,
  • Artist portfolios and artist websites for contemporary artists, and Contemporary Art for Sale. Buy art from our contemporary art for sale sections with over 22,000 artists and art galleries. — “Kasimir Malevich Artworks and Fine Art at ”,
  • Kasimir Malevich's art and his Suprematist manifesto are amongst the most vital artistic developments of this century. Most of his paintings are limited to geometric shapes and a narrow range of colors, but the pinnacle of his Suprematism was his White on White series. — “WebMuseum: Malevich, Kasimir: Suprematist Compositions”,
  • I'll be looking for some of those. [ aha, thanks, Lorenzo de Medici!] Also this delightful bedtime favorite, Suprematist Story of Two Squares In Six Constructions, in which the red and black square "unite to join [sic] the revolutionary cause. — “El Lissitzky Was The Suprematist Leo Leonni - Daddy Types”,
  • From the simplest geometric shapes, Malevich built an entire Suprematist universe. In 1915 he published a manifesto and for the first time displayed his suprematist compositions at an exhibition. — “Kazimir Malevich. Suprematism. Manifesto”,
  • In the 0.10 Exhibition in 1915, Malevich exhibited his early experiments in suprematist painting. Nikolai Suetin used Suprematist motifs on works at the St. Petersburg Lomonosov Porcelain. — “Suprematism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Suprematism in our life This film was made for Tretyakov gallery for exhibition. It has gained a special prize. I made it when I was 14.
  • Square Short animation I did that represents the suprematist painting movement. It was created in after effects winter 2010.
  • Malévich 0,10 by Michel Goday & Jim Loomis Let us imagine that Malevich is today in Barcelona, 36 years old, and he finds himself at the threshold of Suprematism. How would he do an interpretation? Where would he situate his action, his interventions? Which spaces should he choose facing the usual reluctance of the official places for exhibitions, overruled every day more and more? He would probably choose the streets in order to be coherent with his discourse, to provoque the pedestrians and, therefore, the means of communications, and to show his work. To be able to impose his "art", would he follow the steps of Keith Harring, Basquiat, and others? May we speak in this case of a "guerrilla art" or a "communications art"?
  • suprematism clock suprematism clock by katz
  • EX-LAND EX-LAND concept by Sasa Kovacevic-SADAK SADAK SS-2011 following the collection "I am a good Socialist" FILM DIRECTOR: Felipe Frozza CHOREOGRAPHY: Justin F Kennedy STAGE DESIGN: Marija Ivosevic LIGHT DESIGN: Asier Solana SOUND DESIGN: Mike Koloska* in collaboration with Musician Damir M. Bacikin FOTOGRAPHY: Daniel Bolliger-Samo DANCERS: Helga Wetman, Dimitri Par***hkin/Dee Mee Tree, Ligia Manuela Lewis, Justin F Kennedy,Simon Waedt, Mishel Baard, An Paenhuysen, Sasa Kovacevic, Boby Eltze STYLIST: Sasa Kovacevic HAIR & MAKE-UP: Mishel Baard Filmed at Theater DOCK 11, Berlin FILM DESCRIPTION "EX-LAND" film began with research about Socialism in Former-Yugoslavia, the ideas from which Kovacevic applied to the creation of his own fictional "micro-nation", named "Ex-Land". The constitution of "this new nation" is described entirely through its fashion. The "laws" of Ex-Land are communicated through statements and "socialist" symbols created on the clothes. These symbols create an authentic visual language that is present in all lines of the collection and are rooted in Kovacevic own cultural experiences. The signs, symbols, and statements in this film (some of which are represented in their original forms and some of which are altered to create alienated or hybridized forms) are used to create a contemporary "Nationhood". What is the Ex-Land state? Ex-Land is a fashion state. The Ex-Land state in time is an abstract organism, a suprematist body, installed in a real ...
  • Short Suprematist Film 2004 Within Suprematist Space
  • DOS AMBIENTES/fragment Excerpt of the dance video Dos Aambientes Script, choreography and direction: Rodrigo Pardo Camera and editing: Guiye Fernandez Text: Lucia Bianco Dancers: Gabriela Lavagnino, Cristina Cortes, Josefina Lamarre, Noelia Leonzio, Diego Poblete,Rodrigo Pardo Music: Miguel Rausch This dance-video was filmed in the own choreographers flat. It tells how the dance piece Cuadrado Negro Sobre Fondo Negro was made (created in the living room of the same apartment and put into scene after that) and simultaneously presents the real situations that motivated the piece before mentioned. Filmed with a single camera and with a very low production budget, 2 AMBIENTES is a testimony of the artists universe, including argentine tango, suprematist painting and even a fight scene at the Batman&Robin style. If places are filled with the events that have taken place there, how many stories would fit into a 30m² flat? International Dance Video Festival DanceCameraIstanbul 07 (Jury Prize) Cinedans Festival 2006, The Netherlands (Jury Prize)
  • UNOVIS San Francisco Promotional Slideshow 2010 Suprematism has opened up new possibilities to creative art, since by virtue of the abandonment of so-called practical considerations, a plastic feeling rendered on canvas can be carried over into space. The artist (the painter) is no longer bound to the canvas (the picture plane) and can transfer his compositions from canvas to space. Kazamir Malevich The Non-Objective World The Manifesto of Suprematism, 1927 Don't read, get paper, rods, blocks, set them out, paint them, build Of Two Squares, 1922 Lazar El Lissitzky Emotion and Movement, through Color, Shape, and Relationship UNOVIS San Francisco Motto Clarence E. Doskocil, Jr., 2005 Music by Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 - 1975), Symphony No. 8, "Allegro non Troppo." All paintings, sculptures, video images and ambiguities; created and copyrighted 2010 by Clarence E. Doskocil, Jr. All Rights Reserved, including the Uniform Commercial Code and future Digital Copyright Protections.
  • Chopin: Suprematist Etude op.25 n.12 "The ninth wave" Chopin-Malevic-Aivezovsky(with its "The ninth wave", 1850. Apart of this, all the paintings are of Malevic)-Sarrasani (me). Piano "Bohemia", mics. Rode K2. The audio is the same of the already here video, only with another equalization.
  • Kazimir Malevich Kazimir Malevich (Russian: Казимир Малевич, Polish: Kazimierz Malewicz, Ukrainian: Казимир Малевич [kazɪˈmɪr mɑˈlɛʋɪtʃ], German: Kasimir Malewitsch, Belarusian: Казіме́р Мале́віч), (February 23, 1879, previously 1878: see below May 15, 1935) was a painter and art theoretician, pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the Avant-garde Suprematist movement. 1. On the Boulevard (1903) 2. Spring. Garden in Blossom (1904) 3. Summer Landscape (1905) 4. Spring (1906) 5. Sketch for fresco. Triumph of the Skies (1907) 6. Rest. Society in Top Hats (1908) 7. Carpenter (1908 1910) 8. Reapers (1910) 9. Still-Life (1911) 10. Province (1912) 11. Lady on a Tram Station (1913) 12. Lady at the Poster Column (1914) 13. Suprematism (1915) 14. Suprematism (Yellow and Black) (1916) 15. Suprematism (1917) 16. Sketch for the back Cover for the Portfolio of the Congress fo the Committees on Rural Poverty (1918) 17. Speakers on Tribune (1919) 18. Black Square (1920) 19. Suprematism (1921) 20. Peasant Woman (1927) 21. Peasant in the Fields (1928-1932) 22. Landscape with White House (1930) 23. Red House (1932) 24. Self-Portrait (1933) 25. Portrait of Artist's Wife NA Malevich (1934) Музыка П.И.Чайковский. Симфония № 4 (III часть). Берлинский филармонический оркестр, дирижер - Герберт фон Караян.
  • Walnut (audio only) Short spoken word piece by me.
  • Josef Csaky - Abstraction (Standing Figure) A fine example of Constructivism this stone sculpture by Josef Csaky. It was made in 1919, the title is Abstraction, with some kind of explanation (Standing Figure) which apparently adds to the confusion. Is it Suprematist or Constructivist this sculpture? Good question. I say it's Constructivist and here are my reasons: Csaky starts here from geometrical volumes to suggest a figure while a Suprematist (or a De Stijl follower) would have been interested rather in suggesting what is beyond the geometrical abstraction.
  • HalynaMyroslava"Imitating Icarus"/ГалинаМирослава"За Ікаром" Thanks to Kasimir Malevich,Ukrainian (Russian, Belorusian and Polish too)Cubist Painter, 1878(Ukraine, Russian Empire)-1935(Russia).He was born in the family of the Belarusian ethnographer and folklorist Severin Malevich( the family estate of his parents - Maleva was under Niasvizh, according to other sources - in Ukrainian noble family) In some documents he wrote that his nationality is Ukrainian(Even living then in Moscow,Russia,he used Ukrainian language). Some sources say he has Polish roots. Malevich spent most of his childhood years in the rural area around Kiev around Ukraine. Elementary art education he received at the Kiev Art School N. Murashko .In 1904, after the death of his father, he moved to Moscow. He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from 1904 to 1910 and in the studio of Fedor Rerberg in Moscow (1904--1910). His work ranges from Impressionism to Symbolism, and from Fauvism to Kubism, or Cubo-Futurism. Malevich's earliest work shows the influence of cubism but from 1912 was known as a suprematist. He used only geometric elements such as rectangles and squares, both with colour and white on white. ( Dedicated to Vlodko Kaufman, the modern Ukrainian artist, to his "Icarus". Halyna Myroslava Галина Мирослава"За Ікаром" Присвячено Влодкові Кауфману, сучасному українському митцю зі Львова.
  • Kazimir Malevich Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (February 23, 1879 -- May 15, 1935) was a Russian painter and art theoretician, born in Ukraine of ethnic Polish parents. He was a pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the Avant-garde Suprematist movement.
  • HalynaMyroslava"That will do"/ "Досить" Thanks to Aleksandra Ekster (1882,now Poland - 1939,Paris) - the Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian painter(Cubo-Futurist, Suprematist, Constructivist) and designer.She was born Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Grigorovich in Białystok, Imperial Russia (now Poland) to a wealthy Belarusian family. Her father, Aleksandr Grigorovich, was a wealthy businessman. Young Aleksandra received an excellent private education, she studied languages, music, art, and took private drawing lessons.In 1903, Aleksandra Grigorovich married a successful Kiev lawyer, Nikolai Evgenyevich Ekster. The Eksters belonged to cultural and intellectual elite of Kiev.At that time she studied painting at Kiev art school. In 1907, she spent several months with her husband in Paris, and there she attended Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Montparnasse. From 1908 to 1924 she intermittently lived in Kiev, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Paris, Rome and Moscow. Halyna Myroslava 'That will do'.This poem is dedicated to Maria Mokhnal, a poetess from Chervonohrad (Lviv region,Ukraine) Галина Мирослава "Досить".
  • Kasimir Malevich Kasimir Malevich defined the 'additional element' as the quality of any new visual environment bringing about a change in perception. In a series of diagrams illustrating the environments that influence various painterly styles, the 'suprematist movement' is associated with a series of aerial views rendering the familiar russian landscape into an abstraction.
  • Melodrama #3: Birth of a Nation Rehearsal excerpt a frame by frame re-enactment of the chase scene from DW Griffith's 1916 White Suprematist blockbuster, "Birth of a Nation." Re-enactment is done as an endurance performance, repeated over and over until the affect is drained from performer's bodies.
  • JoloWehn - Suprematist Freeze (2007) A Catalogue of Errors:
  • white square - unconnected - ideological human-interactive performance by Sakrowski performed by Ute Fischer and Mare. Co-produced by Intima Virtual Base in collaboration with eV / netart-Datenbank Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 22nd - 27th 2007
  • SUPREMATISM by LENINBÄK TV LENINBÄK TV is the audiovisual division of LENINBÄK studio / SUPREMATISM is an original photographic production by LENINBÄK inspired by the Suprematist Russian vanguard. For the Suprematism production we made a clip with the images of Zhenia, a Belarusian model, recorded during the photoshoot. Credits: Camera, direction and editing: LENINBÄK TV. Model: Zhenia (for Donnas Models). Music: Thick as thieves by Kasabian

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  • “Kasimir Malevich – Suprematist Composition $60 million dollars for this Malevich composition at Sotheby's. own site. Comments are closed. blog is proudly powered by WordPress. Entries (RSS) and”
    — Kasimir Malevich – Suprematist Composition " Artinthepicture,

  • “ rear of the storefront transom), and "Suprematist Floor" (an area in the front seating Welcome to GYST-ink Blog. There are 312 posts and 46 comments so far. Feel invited to”
    — Thinking About Getting Into Public Art? ¦ GYST-ink Blog, gyst-

  • “Art & Design Platform for young artists, young designers and labels to present and sell their artworks & design objects. Buy and collect young art & young design objects from Newcomers”
    — Art Design People - Dominique Hurth " ,

  • “Some of it, like Alexis Mabille's Spring 2010 Couture collection, focuses on clean lines was "Graphic Surgery," and the designer was inspired by Cubist and Suprematist art”
    — Alexis Mabille :: 944,

  • “Kazimir Malevich's painting Suprematist Composition was sold at Sotheby's in New York for Suprematist Composition has been displayed in museums in London and New York”
    — Kommersant - Russia's Daily Online,

  • “Malevich, Suprematist Composition: White on White, 1918 (MoMA) May 16th, 2006. Again, re-posted from our old blog: we continued Smarthistory: The Blog " Blog Archive " Malevich, Suprematist Malevich, Suprematist Composition: White on”
    — Smarthistory: The Blog " Blog Archive " Malevich, Suprematist,

  • “Leading the charge is Suprematist Composition, composed by Kazimir Suprematist Composition is widely considered a masterpiece of early 20th century avant”
    — myartspace>blog,

  • “Kasimir Malevich (1978 - 1935) Artwork Images, Exhibitions . Kasimir Malevich Kasimir Severinovich Malevich was initially influenced by”
    — Kasimir Malevich | cyjidudyboroly blog,

  • “The Tate blog: A space a to keep up to date with what we're working on and to discuss art and culture. Out of the Suprematist square' as he called it, Malevich developed a whole range of forms including rectangles, triangles and circles often in intense and beautiful colours”
    — Kasimir Malevich: Dynamic Suprematism Work of the Week, 21,

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