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  • causality, the condition of time is transferred to the relation of suprasensible things. of causality were to have objective reality given to it in the theoretical bearing, it would also have to be referred to the suprasensible sphere. — “Kant's discussion of the rights of children & parents”,
  • Sensible definition, having, using, or showing good sense or sound judgment: See more. Suprasensible. Practical. Criticize. Strict. Ideational. Synonyms. intelligent. discerning. attentive. cognizant. conscious. judicious. practical. More Synonyms " Nearby Words. sense tagger. sense-datum. — “Sensible | Define Sensible at ”,
  • From the point of view of religious authority, aesthetic experience is always and necessarily suspect of refractoriness: where it is employed to bring to mind a suprasensible significance, it also perfects the sensuous appearance and creates the pleasure of a fulfilled present. — “Fibreculture Journal Issue 9”,
  • The truth of this sentimental platitude is that the Suprasensible (God's face) is discernible as a momentary, fleeting appearance, a 'grimace' So, back to Hegel, `the Suprasensible is appearance qua appearance' does not simply mean that the Suprasensible is not a positive entity beyond. — “Slavoj Zizek-Bibliography/For A Leftist Appropriation of the”,
  • By its very nature, metaphysical poetry defies definition. Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of existence, and is used to refer to the suprasensible (beyond the realm of experience). Metaphysical poetry. — “Metaphysical poetry!!? can someone tell me the main features”,
  • For differing reasons, many of the traditional, concrete, suprasensible universals or universal spiritual realities --- such as natural law, future, in our efforts to help reinstate various concrete, traditional, suprasensible universals or universal spiritual realities. — “Metaphysics of Theology of Energy, (c) John Cheng, 1999-2000”, catholic-
  • It is usually used to refer to a single individual in any given human era who represents is a channel of divine grace which comes to him inwardly from the suprasensible realm"[5]. — “Hujja - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Mitch Horowitz at 8:21 AM Monday, Sep 28, 2009. Boing Boing guestblogger Mitch Horowitz is author of Occult America: The Secret Thus man is linked with heaven, the suprasensible world of ideas, and with earth, the material world of. — “Mitch Horowitz: What is the occult? - Boing Boing”,
  • But if we act thus, we are already in the suprasensible and unconditioned world. Once having attained the world of the suprasensible (note well: through practical exigency, not by way of. — “The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant - Page 2”,
  • It is usually presupposed that the suprasensible can be known and that the limits of experience pure and In Germany, the School of Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi taught that our reason is able to perceive the suprasensible. — “Theodicy - Wikinfo”,
  • It is precisely because of this suprasensible character of theirs that the angels have A suprasensible creature automatically puts a limitation on man's engrossment with the sensible world, it. — “Companion, v.1, c.19: The Role of the Angels”,
  • Free full text language translations at . Free online translator and multilingual dictionary for over 50 foreign languages. Suprasensible. — “Full Text Translator, Language Translation | Free”,
  • Esto es una experiencia suprasensible. Reflexión ¿Cuánto pesa la bondad de mi corazón, palabra y acciones? ¿Cuánto pesa This is a suprasensible experience, Reflection 1. How much weight the goodness of my heart, words and. — “Devotee/Disabled Friends - Devotee and Disabled Friends Reviews”,
  • It is of course presupposed that the suprasensible can be known and that the limits of In Germany the School of Jacobi taught that our reason is able to perceive the suprasensible. — “Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon | Christian”,
  • Yet the denial of the suprasensible as necessarily an illusion or a hallucination depends on this constant sensuous association of the real with Not only are there physical realities which are suprasensible, but, if evidence and experience are at all a test of truth, there are also senses. — “Selection from "The Life Divine" Bk.I, Ch.3”,
  • Lo suprasensible se convierte en un producto de lo sensible carente de toda consistencia. Si Dios, como fundamento suprasensible y meta de todo lo efectivamente real, ha muerto, si el mundo suprasensible de las ideas ha. — “Philosopher's Desk: September 2009”,
  • It is of course presupposed that the suprasensible can be known and that the limits of In Germany the School of Jacobi taught that our reason is able to perceive the suprasensible. — “Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Theodicy - Wikisource”,
  • Online Articles "Signposts to the suprasensible" Notes on Frithjof Schuon's understanding The Indian is predisposed towards the suprasensible and strives to penetrate the hard. — “Sacred Web: Online Articles”,
  • It is of course presupposed that the suprasensible can be known and that the limits of In Germany the School of Jacobi taught that our reason is able to perceive the suprasensible. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Theodicy”,
  • Words contain the term `sib` in French - Vietnamese Dictionary suprasensible. traduisible. transmissibilité. You can add VDict tools to iGoogle to search VDict right from your Google homepage:. — “Words contain the term `sib` in French - Vietnamese Dictionary”,
  • We learn this from the following confession, in which, naturally, the phenomena depend on a physiology of "suprasensible perception. dreams, and of their suprasensible perceptions in general, our. — “The Visionary Dream in Islamic Spirituality”,
  • The positive effect, which comes through the suprasensible nature of the moral law that is made visible by the feeling of pain, is the "moral" feeling of respect. But then the question becomes: How does the moral law, which is suprasensible, become an incentive for the human will?. — “Philip Blosser: A Problem in Kant's Theory of Moral Feeling”,
  • Annabelle Frenette contemporary art presents at . — “Annabelle Frenette - Free Artist Portfolio at ”,

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  • On the Radio: Alien *** Pulsations Welcome to Laurence Galian's "The Place Inside" Podcast # 17 "On the Radio: Alien *** Pulsations" The Only English-language podcast about the Universal Reality, UFO's, suprasensible development, Fortean phenomena, the First People, the circulating life force, and the Paranormal, broadcast directly from Mexico. The government has deliberately launched a program, since the late 1940's of ridiculing and mocking those who report UFO sightings. Today, we smirk at "woo-woo" New Age explorers, while thinking that the "dumbing down" of America is the principal issue. Yet, more than alien vessels, the US government fears the psychically full-awakened human being. Therefore, have we overlooked the fact that the general mockery of those who study New Age teachings, is in fact, the dumbing down of humanity's God-given suprasensible psychic abilities?!?! "Woo-woo" is a derogatory and dismissive term, designed to distract the American public's attention from Alien Visitation and from the Fully Actualized Human Being. We address the need of developing coherency, integrity, dignity, and self-respect. This is especially important in the light of the fact that Red China has already detonated an Electronic Pulse weapon very near the west coast of the United States. It is said that China has called in its debts. The stock market is plummeting, while temperatures are soaring. Swedish explorers or the ocean floor may have discovered the first underwater Roswell "USO" crash under the Baltic ...
  • The Metaphysical Freedom Fighter, Anti-Alien Defense Tactics, & Hacking Reality Laurence Galian's Internet Radio Show "The Place Inside" Episode #3 March 31, 2011 Title: "The Metaphysical Freedom Fighter, Anti-Alien Defense Tactics, & Hacking Reality" In this third episode of "The Place Inside", Laurence Galian's internet radio program broadcast direct from Mexico City, Mexico, Laurence Galian delves into Psychic Self-Defense, Shielding, and Holographic Consciousness. Laurence reveals for the first time, a strange and mysterious connection between his father and himself regarding the space program. He asks the listener if it is possible that time has been tampered with, by evil powers in control, and in place of technological advancements, we are instead given "bread & circuses", in other words, flat screen LCD televisions with surround sound and other entertainment. They want to keep you distracted. They do not want you to think for yourself. They do not want you to start asking questions. They want you to be a zombie for the government! Or are you going to be the Quantum Warrior, the Metaphysical Freedom Fighter, the Metaphyiscal Warrior? Laurence Galian encourages you to explore alternative and progressive media. As it is written on the Unknown Country website, "There are many people in this world who hate the idea of the unknown, who believe that all nonhuman beings must either be angels or demons, and who will use any means, no matter how immoral, to harm people [who expose the unknown]." Laurence Galian has knowledge of the higher worlds and ...
  • Class 02 Reading Marx's Capital Vol I with David Harvey Class 2 Chapters 1-2. An open course consisting of a close reading of the text of Marx's Capital Volume I in 13 video lectures by Professor David Harvey.
  • Watery Light from Aldebaran in Taurus Laurence Galian's Podcast: "The Place Inside" Podcast # 18 Watery Light from Aldebaran in Taurus Integrate all the ***ogies, all the parallels and all the correspondences. Purify yourself by drinking and bathing in the Luminous Water. The dark is the guardian of the light within, like the darkness of the womb is the guardian of the baby inside it! Or the darkness of the earth is the guardian of the seeds, diamonds, and precious crystals. The Catholic Church desperately sought to destroy all copies of Gospels that they did not want in their Bible, because the words of Jesus in these Gospels would strip the Vatican of its political and religious power. To our knowledge, the following two events have never previously been connected; Laurence Galian now has made the connection. During 1947, the very year that a UFO crashed landed in the deserts of New Mexico, revealing to the world the reality that we are not alone, a young Bedouin boy discovered some cylinders in the deserts of Bethlehem, revealing to the world the reality that we are not alone spiritually. Jesus still has more to say to us. We all must crash in one way or another, "hitting bottom" as the 12-Step program says, or "dying before we die" as the young caravan trade merchant Muhammad (pbuh) taught us. Through experiencing this "crash," we are immersed in the watery light, emerging from the waters with fully-formed Light Bodies. In this stream-of-consciousness talk, Laurence Galian, leads us to a new resurrection ...
  • "Majestic Declassified?" with Laurence Galian Laurence Galian's Podcast "The Place Inside" Episode # 6 "Majestic Declassified?" May 5, 2011 FBI RELEASES PROOF OF ALIEN GREYS AND ROSWELL. Diamond UFO jumps through 'pockets of time'. "Metaphysical Freedom Fighters." MUFON. Freeing yourself of detrimental habits. "There's got to be a vocabulary, or how's the story told?" Going beyond black and white thinking to full-spectrum consciousness. Communicating with aliens. Imperialist aliens exist, along with their human allies. Humanity began with ancient breeding between advanced extraterrestrials and Earth's indigenous hominids. Because you have not developed your suprasensible organs of perception, because you have not freed your consciousness, you do not realize the seriousness of humanity's situation. There exist chimeras (hybrids) still walking the face of the Earth. Humanity today is made up of an array of different alien-animal or "angel and beast" combinations, with different races visiting the Earth all the time and influencing politics, wars, finances, and human consciousness. And they are going unnoticed among us. There exist Star Friends who are here to guide you to your highest potential. You will learn, through listening to this show, how to protect yourself and humanity from the "Intruders" - imperialist and negative alien forces, and their human conspirators. It is time for humanity to discover them and rise in righteous indignation against their overlords. Today, as always, they occupy positions of authority ...

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  • “No blog. Only rant. Rk rants.Shouting at a wall. Looking at mirror. Listening to echo. invisible around the visible , the suprasensible , the sensible even asthe infinite”
    — TRAP – Trip Report and ***ysis (Pondicherry) | Lens,

  • “la lune, la huitième sphère, l'anti-Graal et Lucifer concernée se retrouve entourée sur le plan astral par un voile suprasensible ou une aura particulière qui réfléchi toutes les impulsions que l'âme”
    — la lune, la huitième sphère, l'anti-Graal et Lucifer,

  • “Forum Code is OFF. Smilies [quote][i]Originally posted by kepha[/i] [br]from a Protestant life, the sublimity of its suprasensible and supernatural operations, and the inadequacy”
    — Speak Your Mind Catholic Apologetics Forum by Patrick Madrid,

  • “This forum exists solely to aid those who are studying the Gnostic teachings and In the suprasensible worlds, in Hyperspace, holy women treat the body of the Initiate”
    — Jesus' Ressurection - Gnostic Forum,

  • “ontologia sublime la temporalité du devenir sensible au profit d'une éternité de l'être suprasensible. Heidegger croit plutôt que la pensée du retour constitue la vengeance suprême”
    — gpdimonderose: giugno 2010,

  • “ of certain people who have recently shown up and in various ways are seriously diluting the quality of information on this forum. who come across Noble Realms may take one look at this forum and decide "this isn't for me," or worse, we may begin losing”
    — Noble Realms / Request for active moderation,

  • “Home " Blogs " Paul Giladi's blog. Bei Sich in der Welt - My BA dissertation (2008) Submitted by Paul Giladi on Fri, 04/17/2009 - 10:59am. Introduction. In the wave of response to the Critical Philosophy, it was Hegel who produced consequence follows from deriving the sensible from the suprasensible”
    — Bei Sich in der Welt - My BA dissertation (2008) | British, bppa-

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