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  • Shop our large selection of 202 gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique 202 designs. VF-202 Superheats Large Pet Bowl AUD $23.50. — “202 Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress Australia”, .au
  • Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration NEWS site has up to date weekly information that covers all aspects of the ACHR and HVAC industry. Both evaporator and compressor superheats will be high. — “Diagnosing A Restricted Liquid Line Can Be Tricky - Editorial”,
  • Geothermal power plants typically tap into hot springs miles underground, where the proximity of magma superheats water to between 302 and 698 degrees F (150 and 370 degrees C) It also says "magma" "superheats" the water. The decay of radioactive elements in crustal rock contributes to. — “Nanotech Could Boost Geothermal Power and Reduce Earthquake”,
  • Tobacco tax rise superheats Oz inflation Tobacco tax rise superheats Oz inflation. 31.05.2010 - 18:00. Source: New Zealand Herald. Category: Business. SYDNEY - Annual inflation rose to a 19-month high last month following a tax increase on cigarettes, with further pressures expected. — “uClue - Tobacco tax rise superheats Oz inflation”,
  • Robert Walker, best known as the Sleep Number bed inventor, is now trying to figure out how to make coal a clean energy source. system called devolitization that superheats coal without burning it in a sealed environment which prevents carbon emissions from being emitted into the air. — “Sleep Number Bed Inventor Tackles Coal Energy Issue”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Cook a Crab. Some people like to cook crab live, which superheats all the guts you will have to clean out. Some clean their crabs on the boat by cracking them in. — “How to Cook a Crab: 10 steps - wikiHow”,
  • state boiling data in low-g and high-g were obtained for various bulk fluid subcoolings and wall superheats. At high subcoolings and wall superheats, above that of which CHF occurred, the onset of strong thermocapillary. — “A study of the effects of heater size, subcooling, and gravity”,
  • I miss my dishwasher which expired. The main reason to have a dishwasher is to store the dirty dishes. I would buy a fake one for that purpose only. A good quality washer and detergent should wash them. Of course, you always have to scrub A washer that superheats the water is the best kind to have. — “Why use a dish washer when you have to wah the dishes before”,
  • Superheats (VF 202) Crew List. The table below contains the names of sailors who were assigned to the Superheats (VF 202). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. — “Crew List - Reunite with old US Navy Buddies”,
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  • The Superheats were established on the 1st of July 1970, just under two weeks before VF-201. As with their Even with the reorganisation and the elimination of many F-14 squadrons over the last few years, one would have expected the TARPS capable Superheats to have survived the cuts. — “HOME OF M.A.T.S. - The most comprehensive Grumman F-14”,
  • VF-703 'Superheats' skin for the Mirage Factory F-8B. Making this skin would not have been possible without the work done by the Gunfighters team and the Mirage Factory or without Column5's fantastic template. Thanks a lot, guys! Installation instructions. — “VF-703 'Superheats' skin for the Mirage Factory F-8B - CombatACE”,
  • Green Lifestyles and Green Infrastructure - Bixby Energy Systems Introduces Revolutionary Process for Converting Coal into Energy with Minimal Carbon Emissions The patent-pending Bixby ProcessTM superheats coal in a closed-loop environment to produce high-quality synthetic natural gas. — “Energy | reen Lifestyles and Green Infrastructure - Bixby”, got2
  • Buy dishwashers, ovens, dryers, and refrigerators easily and at low prices. Use eBay's Major Appliances Buying Guide to find what you're looking for. Some ovens come with a self-cleaning feature that superheats the oven, turning any spills into ash that can easily be wiped up. — “eBay Guides - Major Appliances Buying Guide”,
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  • The Fraxel superheats tiny micro columns of skin called Microthermal Treatment Zones. The Fraxel Restore, the original fractional resurfacing laser, uses a "coagulation" process which superheats columns of skin, but does not vaporize them (as is the case with CO2 lasers). — “Fraxel Laser San Diego | Fraxel with Thulium Laser | La Jolla”,
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  • Minnesota entrepreneur Bob Walker has closed on the inaugural sale of several coal-to-gas conversion units to industrial customers in China, where it is said a journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step The patent-pending Bixby process superheats coal in a closed-loop. — “Chinese are first customers for Bixby Energy's promising coal”,
  • In physics, superheating (sometimes referred to as boiling retardation, or boiling delay) For boiling to occur, the vapor pressure must exceed the ambient pressure plus a small. — “Superheating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of superheats in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of superheats. Pronunciation of superheats. Translations of superheats. superheats synonyms, superheats antonyms. Information about superheats in the free online English dictionary and. — “superheats - definition of superheats by the Free Online”,
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  • Listed tap and shower systems maker Methven, which yesterday reported a 22 per cent drop in full-year profit, is eyeing hotel bathroom refits as an avenue for growth. Next Article: Tobacco tax rise superheats Oz inflation. — “Methven eyes global hotel market - Business - NZ Herald News”,

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  • Superheating Steel Bars ~Superheating Steel Bars~ Superheating Steel Bars gives you 53 magic xp per cast amd 17.5 smithing xp per cast. At my speed in the video, you could superheat 1 inventory of steel bars per 14 seconds. That's around 257 inventories per hour and each inventory can take 9 steel bars. Therefore, you could superheat up to 2314 bars per hour or even more depending on your speed. The XP rates ranges from 122.6K for magic and 40.495K for smithing. I was in an F2P world because it make my banking easy and my bank can't take anymore items in for example, nature runes in this video. I used mousekeys to bank and whilst superheating but it make little difference to the XP rates per hour unless you're a pro at using them. Also, you could use 'screen markers' to mark areas on your screen where you click while superheating for faster speed. ~Prices of Steel Bars~ Iron Ore: 234gp Coal: 260gp x 2 Nature Rune: 243gp Total buying cost: 997gp Cost of Steel Bar in GE: 936gp Money made/lost per bar: 997-936 = 61gp Amount of GP spent per XP: 61/(53+17.5) = 0.752gp/xp Do remember that prices of steel bars fluctuate a lot so sometimes they sell quick at maximum price and sometimes they take longer. Also the prices above are as of 17/06/2010 so expect them to change. _____Legal Disclaimer_____ - Credits to Silentc0re RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment ...
  • Mining + Superheating + Alching (Simultaneously) on normal gold. Please read: There are a few improvements that were either not possible due to lag during recording (I have a lower-end computer) or realized post-production: - I could played in resizeable to minimize mouse drag distance. - Hotkeys could have been used to swap to magic window. - It is possible to begin a superheat/alch before mining as well as during, I did not do this (possibly could have been used to easily fit an alch and superheat in where ore was mined too quickly). & Some points: - This is really only effective if you have under 80 mining because a) Anyone above 80 mining should be at LRC and b) If the ore is mined too quickly an alch and superheat will not be possible. - As mentioned above, you can alch/superheat and then click the ore and maintain the same pace, fitting in a max of 3 in quick mines. - You can fit in as many alchs/superheats as time allows. As long as you wait until the animation fully finishes for the previous spell, it will not interrupt mining. -
  • RuneScape - Mining and Superheating Gold Mining and superheating gold at Living rock caverns using an alternate dropping method. Just superheat the ores until you have close to a full invent, and then drop 2 bars per superheat until your invent is nearly empty, then repeat. This method should be the same speed as Foot/Givememyarm's method, while requireing less concentration, and shoule be a little faster than Zarfot's method. Dropping 2 bars per superheat can be a little difficult at first, but I got the hang of it quite quickly. Xp rates- At level 84 Mining (with Dragon pickaxe, Varrock armour and Lava titan) I have been getting: 60k Mining xp/hour 52k Smithing xp/hour 49k Magic xp/hour 161k xp/hour Which is about 925 Ores/hour At level 99 you should be able to get 1100 ores, which is: 71k Mining xp/hour 61k Smithing xp/hour 58k Magic xp/hour 190k total xp/hour Another thing: You can actually bank about 100 bars or so per hour without losing much more than 10-20 seconds/hour. Everytime you have to go from the south rocks to the ne rock, or the other way round, you pass the deposit box, so just deposit your gold bars if you have any. This means you save about 11k gp per hour, at the cost of 20 seconds, which is worth it if you value your time under 2m/hour.
  • Superheating Adamantite Ore (Fastest Method- f2p) EDIT: This could potentially be faster with the Dungeoneering reward "Coal Bag" although I am not aware of any rates and methods using it. This is the fastest method to smelt mithril, adamantite and runite ore-as far as I know. It may be faster, however, to smelt and superheat at the same time at edgevilles furnace (members and varrock easy diary complete). Please refer to the video below of Zarfot demonstrating how to smelt gold ore and superheat at the same time. It may also be possible to superheat and smelt ores which require coal to make- perhaps with a BoB holding the coal- just an idea. I cannot take credit for this videos idea. Please refer to Spiritgerm's video below, it is because of this player that I am able to make this video. I highly recommend using screen markers and mouse keys to increase speed when superheating. Each cast is 1.2 seconds (2 game ticks). This can help you determine when to cast the next spell. You may see in the video that I do what is referred to as a 'perfect cast'- I will put this in annotations since I can't really explain it, lol. This is where the initial animation of the cast is not shown and is just a shortened down version of it. This can also be evident when alching. If you collect the banker or bank the banker before the animation starts then the ore will not smelt, so you may have to get the timing right in order to stop this from happening. To cast the spell one must have an ore and the required number of coal for it: Steel ...
  • HAARP: The plan to superheat the earth's ionosphere In an Arctic compound 200 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska, the Pentagon has erected a powerful transmitter designed to beam more than a gigawatt of energy into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Known as Project HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), the $30 million experiment involves the world's largest "ionospheric heater," a prototype device designed to zap the skies hundreds of miles above the earth with high-frequency radio waves..-Mind Weapons..! ..The latest plasma and electromagnetic weapons that the US military is developing to affect the brain and nervous system of its adversaries. They include the Active Denial System which uses high-frequency radiation for crowd control and the Pulsed Energy Projectile which stuns or disables targets with plasma balls and may be able to create synthetic images.
  • RuneScape - Superheating Steel Superheating steel when the speed is 1.2 seconds/cast. Jagex likes to change it between this and 1.8, so this video may not always be accurate. This exact method only works on a F2P server, because of the way the spells are lined up. If you are a member and want to do it, just log onto a F2P world. In the video I am averaging 14.4 seconds per load of 9, which is 250 loads per hour and 2250 superheats per hour. 2250 x 53 = 119250 = 119k Magic xp/hour 2250 x 17.5 = 39375 = 39k Smithing xp/hour At the moment you profit about 30 per cast, but this can be anywhere from about -10 to 100, meaning -22k to 225k profit per hour. A perfect load is 13.2 seconds, so max speed would be 2454 superheats/hour. Reuploaded from my old (shared) youtube account
  • Superheating! cool,check this out!
  • RuneScape - Mining and Superheating Gold (better method) This video shows a better method of mining and superheating gold than my other video of this. Mining and superheating gold is the best way to go from level 80-99 mining. It is always worth it to superheat the bars since you are getting cheap magic and smithing xp, and due to the extremely low value of the gold bars, you would have to value your time under about 500k/hour if you want to bank them. You should always use a Dragon pickaxe, Varrock armour 2-4 and the best mining familiar you can use (Void ravager, Obsidian golem or the best; Lava titan) With this method, you drop bars that are in the left column by pressing 1 and then +. The + key double clicks and therefore drops the bar as well as clicking on the gold deposit straight away, meaning you don't lose any time. I find it easiest to do all my single clicks with the 5 key, though you can use the normal mouse click as well. Because of the way you drop and reclick, it means you have to play in resizable and have your screen conpressed so that the inventory overlaps the gold deposit. At SE, NE and NW rocks this is quite easy to do but can be a little harder at SW rock because of all of the living rock creatures surrounding it though I am at SW in the video so you can see how I have done it. If you need help with how to compress your screen like this, here is a video by Foot (givememyarm) showing you how: At level 99 mining with Varrock armour 2-4, a dragon pickaxe and a lava titan with few mistakes you ...
  • Super Heat -refrigeration basics what is you superheat
  • Mining and superheating gold Mining and superheating gold in livining rock caverns. You need: - Mining level 80 or more - Pickaxe (Dragon pickaxe recommended) - Runes for superheat spell (Fire battlestaff and 1k or more nature runes recommended) Recommended to have: - Varrock armour 2 or 3 (For more gold ores) - Goldsmithing gloves (For more smithing xp) - Lava titan (requires 83 summoning(Boost mining by 10)) or Obsidian golem (requires 73 summoning(Boost mining by 7)) - Summoning potions - Food and/or prayer potions Recommended worlds: 84 or 71, usually it is so many players that the risk of being attacked by living rock monsters is very small. Could be very laggy though. The living rock monsters are easy to avoid, so any world with not so many players works fine too. I prefer to drop the gold bars, banking is waste of xp ^^ You lose about 300 gp per gold ore. (if dropping the gold bars) It would cost about 73.5M gp for 13M Magic xp, 13.8M Smithing xp and 15.9M Mining xp Xp/h in this vid: Mining 56k xp/h Smithing 48.5k xp/h Magic 45.5k xp/h Total 150k xp/h At mining level 91(+7) I am averaging 58k mining, 50k smithing and 47k magic xp/h (892 gold ores / hour) Total 155k xp/h :D --------------------- Runescape rs mining smithing magic mine smith mage xp xp/h Ronbest Ron superheat gold ore very moneymaking you only lose about 300 gp per gold ore zezima gertjaars zarfot drumgun lucipher6 ( Nesser = noob ) ***y hot awesome nice nicer nicest are ess roon-a-crafting rc runecraft attack hitpoints mining ...
  • HVAC Superheat & Sub-Cooling Calculators Go Here: We service, clean, repair and install, all makes and models Carrier, Lennox, Trane, York, Bryant, Payne, Armstrong, Heil, Tempstar, Williamson, Luxaire, Whirlpool, American Standard, Dunkirk, Peerless and Utica boiler too. WeService: Aurora, Braceville, Boulder Hill, Braidwood, Burr Ridge, Carbon Hill, Channahon, Crest Hill, Darien, Diamond, Downers Grove, Elwood, Godley, Homer Glen, Joliet, Lemont, Lisle, Lockport, Manhattan, Minooka, Morris, Montgomery, Naperville, New Lenox, North Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield, Plattville, Rockdale, Shorewood, Wilmington, Woodridge and Yorkville in Illinois, just to name a few areas. This video will tell you where to find Superheat & Sub-Cooling slide-rule calculators for R-22 & R-410a air conditioning service. I have been getting many people asking where they can find the calculators that I use in my videos. I hope this video will answer all of those questions about where to find these slide-rules.
  • Below Hades - 99 Magic 10 Hp (sorry about the quality, something in my recorder messed up...) Woooohoooo finally got 99 Mage 10 Hp (aka Constitution :s ). Got from 1-99 completely in F2P, using NOTHING but confuse/weaken/curse to 43, and then did about 260K Superheats. I am the first F2P 10Hp pure to do only Superheat to 99 :D . In the video you can see me getting the cape, since I got members a couple days after I got 99 Mage. I NEEDED that cape Xd Getting to 99 Mage got me to 80k xp away from 94 Smithing. I also made 15M off it, from Superheating Mithril and Runite bars. Any questions or comments? Post a comment, or send me a message, and I'll respond ASAP. Subscribe for more vids!! I do not own RuneScape, unfortunately. If I did I would be rich. Song: Foreplay Long Time - Boston
  • Superheating & Alching Superheating and alching at Varrock west bank. You can do both skills at the same time, it's like walking while alching. After clicking the item you want to alch you can immediately click superheat and then the ore you want to superheat. Make sure you don't superheat before the alching animation starts. I made some mistakes in the video but it will occasionally happen. Although with maximum speed you can do 1200 alchs and superheats (without randoms). That's ~142k magic exp per hour. Superheating iron leads to 15k smithing exp per hour, superheating gold with goldsmithing gauntlets leads to ~67k smithing exp per hour, too. EDIT: After watching the video again I noticed I missed some alchs. So keep sure you've the right timing. Iplayed at a german world on high detail with the resizeable window (resized to the minimum width and height). The video is captured with FRAPS and compressed with Virtual Dub. Yeah, that's why the cursor looks so strange I think. Music is Refused - New Noise. RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment purposes. All comments by others are their own and I do not take responsibility for their actions. Consider this, free advertising I did not create this music, you can purchase their albums off , please consider this free advertising.
  • Superheating Gold Ores This is a fairly fast method to train smithing and magic. The setup I use is shown here. I suggest using mousekeys. It is especially useful for using the 5 button as your left click. It is far more consistent than the left click (and that goes for any other use... runecrafting, etc.). For most of the superheating process, you simply leave your mouse hovered over the superheat icon and that gold ore. I take my hand off the mouse and just hit 5 on the numberpad until it superheats all of the ores up to that point. I click in sync with the sound effect. It may appear slightly off in the video because of lag in certain places. Basically you click superheating, then the gold ore, and when you hear the sound effect (which has 2 rhythmic beats), you click superheat on the first beat and the ore on the second, even maybe a little before! Using this method, the next superheat is always queued to go at top speeds. I do make a few mistakes because of lag. In this 6 minute test, I gain 13656 xp, which is around 136k smithing xp/hr (114k magic xp/hr). This does seem high. I'm not sure as to whether they have always been this fast. At the current GE prices, it costs about 9.2 gp/xp (smithing), but you also get mage xp. (It's around 4.7 gp/total xp.) Be sure you are wearing gold gauntlets from the Family Crest Quest. Also, the new mining locations (caverns) are kind of great if the price scares you. Using the concentrated gold rocks, it's possible to get 60k+ xp/hr with a dragon pick ...
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  • Power mining and superheating (probably the best method) NOTE: This is average speed. If you are pro you could easily achieve better speed - I am just showing average that ANYONE can achieve. NOTE2: I have found this method myself. I cannot guarantee that I am the first to use it though, so pls don't flame if you have vidded & posted this already. What you MUST have: - Goldsmith gauntlets - Fire / lava / steam staff - Varrock 3 / d pick / lava titan optional but extremely helpful - nature runes, of course You do not have to watch the whole vid, tbh. I just did 5 mins 40secs to work out the average rates of xp. This is all about superheating 1 ore and dropping he bar you just superheated, before the screen changes to spell list. 5minutes, 40 seconds which is 340 seconds I casted Superheat item exactly 100 times (see the amount of nature runes @start and @end of vid). This includes 4 or 5 mistakes AND 1 gold deposit change. This is +-1050 casts an hour (means also 1050 gold ores mined) - at 95 mining with Lava Titan. You could *propably* get even up to 1150 ores/casts an hour with 99 mining and Lava Titan without any mistakes and going full speed. Xp rates assuming you mine 1k golds and superheat them (1k is safe average, IMO) - 65k mining XP - 53k magic XP - 56,2k smithing XP /roughly 175k overall an hour/ - 1k nature runes melted (240k at current prices) Xp rates (99 mining, lava titan, full speed, no mistakes) assuming 1120 ores/casts /h: - 72,8k mining XP - 59,4k magic XP - 63k smithing XP /roughly 190k ish overall/ h/ - 1120 ...
  • Superheating water to make it explode PURE water will explode if you Superheat it in a Microwave and impurities it in. Bringing it back suddenly to it's boiling point, the water becomes volatile and can erupt from it's container. Superheated water doesn't boil at the normal 100 degrees Celcius!!
  • Mining Gold ore +Superheating bars ----- Clan Chat helps: cc w84 : mining_golds - mg w84 cc w144: mininggolds ------ Recommendations: Varrock Armour 2+ Lava titan (83 Summon - 10 invisible mining boost) Dragon Pick (15% better than Rune) ---- Lava titan is Better than Pack Yak (tested) ---- Exp rates (Superheating While Mining) 50-60K/hour Mining exp*Depending Familiar 30-34k/hour Smithing exp 29-31k/hour Magic exp
  • Experience per Hour Test - Mining (Superheat + Dropping Gold) Method - Once you mine a gold ore, superheat it and right click a gold bar in your inventory before the screen switches back to the spellboook. After dropping the ore, very quickly click on the gold deposit. It really helps to be in resizeable and have it similar to how I had it for this video, but it's perfectly fine if you use fixed. Some people (The Rock 31) are really good using fixed and can get very good xp/hour rates. I used an obsidian golem for this test, and got the following xp/hour rates: Mining - 77415 Smithing - 66878 Magic - 63070 This was a very good hour where there was always a rock up, but sometimes all 4 gold deposits will be down, so you WILL get less xp a lot. If you have over 83 summoning, use a lava titan familiar. You can probably get up to 80k xp/hour using this. Song: Epica - Consign to Oblivion -=-=-=-=-DISCLAIMER-=-=-=-=- RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment purposes. All comments by others are their own and I do not take responsibility for their actions. Consider this, free advertising
  • Superheating while Mining So pretty much this is a video of me mining+superheating. Might redo this video once I'm a higher mining level since it's not very well done and the quality is kinda bad. But it'll do for now :P Gold deposits are I think the fastest method of Mining xp (if not second or third fastest) and you need 80 mining to mine them. They are found in Living Rock Caverns which is located under the Dwarven Mines. The worlds I know of for Living Rock Caverns are 84 and 77. In this video I am on world 77 as I run smoother in here due to the large amount of people who are down here in world 84. The reason there are specific worlds is because with more people you are less likely to get attacked by the Living Rock Creatures. Also it is handy for the specific clan chat/s for that world where calls are made for whether a particular rock contains gold ore or not. The clan chat for world 77 gold deposit mining is "mg w77" (although I'm not in that cc when making this video) Calls made in cc are the location of the rock from the pulley/deposit/bank (sw, se, ne, nw) and whether it contains ore or not (u = up, in does) (d = down, it doesn't). So the call "swu" would mean "south west up" meaning there is ore to be mined in that rock :) There are 4 rocks where you can mine gold. The two south of the deposit area are closer to it. A lot of the time the rocks last for several inventory fulls. When you superheat here you will continue to mine while you superheat unless you superheat too fast. Placing ...
  • Runescape Superheat Mining Mining in the Edgeville Dungeon 88 mining - 84 smithing song: Rise Against - Dancing for Rain (test video)
  • Microwave Superheating A glass of water in a microwave superheats in contact with a two cent coin. (I decreased the frame rate, the superheating is actually done in less than a second)
  • Guide To Superheating Addy Ores ~ 40k+ smith and 60k+ mage xp per hour.wmv I have done 300 bars in 15 minutes using this method, so 1200 bars in an hour is possible which is 45000 smithing xp and 63600 magic xp, however thats when concentrating, the average xp will be lower due to talking, lag and misclicks. My name is Davow107 and i made this video as a guide to help others learn to superheat adamantite ores. Sorry if i left something out, feel free to comment and add anything you want to. This is my first video so sorry if it's bad lol. To follow the guide successfully make sure everything is set up as showed in the video and you shouldn't have any problems :) I hope you find this video useful and good luck on your addy superheating goals :) Thanks for watching, please comment and rate The song is Smells Like *** Spirit by Nirvana from the album Never Mind This video is for entertainment purposes only, not intended for profiting. I do not own Runescape, Runescape is owned by Jagex Limited
  • Superheating Runite Ore Skip to 1:38 for actual runite superheating EDIT: This could potentially be faster with the Dungeoneering reward "Coal Bag" although I am not aware of any rates and methods using it. In this video I show you 2 methods I know to superheat runite ore. It is arguable which one is better but I have found the first, simple, method to be more consistent but if you are able to play more accurately than me (which is most probable =P) then I would suggest you do the second method. There is a method which could possibly be used in p2p where you load a BoB with coal (for example) then superheat and smelt at the same time at Edgeville's furnace. I am really unsure if this would be worth the trouble but it is a possible alternative. Zarfot has a good video showing how to superheat and smelt ore at the same time (I will put this below) I got the collection box idea from Spiritgerm, so I can not take any credit for the idea. I highly recommend using screen markers and mouse keys to increase speed when superheating. Each cast is 1.2 seconds (2 game ticks). This can help you determine when to cast the next spell. You may see in the video that I do what is referred to as a 'perfect cast'- I will put this in annotations since I can't really explain it, lol. This is where the initial animation of the cast is not shown and is just a shortened down version of it. This can also be evident when alching. If you collect the banker or bank the banker before the animation starts then the ore will ...
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  • HVAC Calculating Super Heat How to determine superheat for your fixed metering AC system.
  • Runescape - Super Heat / Tele Othering Combo Magic xp This is quite a good way of getting magic xp whilst super heating, do 2 super heats then tele other. 'Clan chat: the divide' s4
  • superheat biodiesel fresh palm oil go to super heat coil ouy put biodiesel can use 50 % mix with normal diesel
  • Determining Total Suction Superheat. The following video demonstrates how to determine the total suction superheat of a refrigeration system..
  • HVAC Super Heat with the Fieldpiece HVAC Guide mikie2501 noticed that my first video under this title had a technical error so I deleted it. Thanks for catching that. I checked the superheat on my air conditioner at home using the HVAC Guide. It's a great tool. Please check out FieldpieceProducts' youtube channel:
  • speedway superheats 2005 part two the best off british speedway 2005
  • Mining and Superheating in RuneScape (with XP rates) NOTE: XP Rates WILL differ. This was done with a mining level of 80 with NO Familiars. This is a video/tutorial/ xp rates for mining and superheating on runescape at living rock caverns. Superheating doesn't interupt the mining unless if you superheat too fast (spam clicking it). Join the clan chat "Mining Golds" for the official world 84 living rock cavern clan chat. CODES: seu = southeast up sed = southeast down swu = southwest up swd = southwest down I'm using Mr Pleco's Super MouseKeys in this video also. Requirments: Goldsmith Gaunts (needed, x2 the xp regularly given) dragon pickaxe (needed, 15percent faster than rune pick) 80 mining for gold rocks 40 smithing for gold bars and the mage level required for the Superheat spell (optional) Varrock armour, mine 1-3 ores more often. Mr Pleco's Super MouseKeys: www.Super- Smokin Mils Website Official Smokin Mils Forums: Smokin-elite.nice- XP RATES ttl xp 13071624 13000038 71586 143172 xp mining 2137299 2110649 26650 53300 xp x2 smithing 879735 856918 22817 44356 xp mage 13164581 13143063 21518 43036 xp Songs: 1. Eminem ft Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie 2. Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me ~~~DISCLAIMER~~~ This server is in no way officially affiliated with RuneScape or Jagex. See for the official site. Jagex has the copyrights and trademarks to the information created for RuneScape's official site.You can play runescape at ...
  • HVAC Super Heat Charge Trane Brief superheat demonstration.
  • speedway superheats best off 2005 best off british speedway 2005
  • A #1 Air Superheat and Subcooling questions!
  • Xx Kingio Xx - Mining and Superheating V2 New method for Mining and Superheating. I play RuneScape in SwiftKit, which is what you see on the right side of my screen. Also Im playing in resizable mode in order to get my inventory closer to the rock, so I can click more accurately. Also remember, you don't need SK to resize your game window like that, just pick any browser, use resizeable mode and ZOOM OUT with the browser controls (or CTRL and -). Drop the gold bar while superheating a gold ore and then immediately click on the gold rock. Using this method obviously costs more gp than the previous method I uploaded. In one hour I managed to superheat 1123 ores, which required 1123 Nature runes. Based on the current Grand Exchange prices, thats 262.7k gp/hr. I do now prefer this method because it is less running around to bank the ores/bars. Here are my experience/hour results for using this method of Mining and Superheating: Experience is rounded Mining: 73k Smithing: 63.1k Magic: 59.5k Overall: 195.6k (lawl and some hp xp because I atked a living rock striker roflcopter rofl) Track: ***y Thing David Deejay ft. Dony
  • Superheating of water (Mythbusters) This is what happens when you superheat water in a microwave demonstrated by the mythbusters
  • Extreme Skilling Guide How To Super Heat While Smelting Gold Ore Like A Pro - Legend Baal hai there and welcome to my extreme smithing skill guide which goes into great detail enjoy and make sure you show your friends how to smith like a pro :P thanks for watching. my msn is: [email protected] - add me for any questions or just to be friends. song name is: Holyhell - Armageddon info on doing this method here: 100k+ smithing xph 42.5k+ magic xp 800+ nats per hour 1782+ bars per hour Super heat while smelting gold ore.
  • Superheat and Subcooling You can see how the temperature drops in the first few coils as the superheat is removed, then it stay pretty much constant in most of the coil as the R437A condenses, then finally there is a bit of subcooling in the last few coils before the refrigerant leaves on its merry way to the reciever. This is on a little L'unite Hermetiqe/Tecumseh unit on a second hand veg coldroom i installed a few years ago. Unit was originally on R12. The infra red thermometers are not that acurate but are usefull for comparing like for like.
  • Superheating Mithril The cool thing about superheating mithril is that cash-wise it's break-even, with a slight profit. Although, the time value to superheat gold (with goldsmith gauntlets) over mithril is about 700k gp/hr, and I value my time at over 3M gp/hr, so I'm not taking this method seriously; I'm mostly just seeing how viable it is as a F2P method, and it seems great. My clicking wasn't perfect, and I'm quicker now, because I've never tried this method before. Mouse keys would certainly help, but I'm switching to superheating gold as soon as I finish up all these ores anyways so I'm not bothering.
  • Superheating while Mining i HIGHLY suggest doing this, as you can get 99 mage, mining, and smithing and make a profit.for more info read on(BTW YOU NEED GOLD SMITH GAUNTLETS FOR THIS) you can EASILY get over 10k gold ores/gold bars a day doing this, if you super heat one invent and bank it, then mine one invent and bank the gold ores..the gold ores will pay for your nats and still make you money. you gain over 45k mining exp an hour doing this as superheating does NOT slow you down! also you gain around 40k magic and 40k smithing exp for a total of over 125k exp per hour! (this is if you superheat every invent, super heating every other invent would be about 20k magic and 20k smithing exp per hour) also if you keep doing this you could get enough gold bars to get yourself 99 crafting. when mining the mineral deposits you have a random chance of mining 2 ores at once, also if you have the varrock armour you have a chance at mining 2 ores at once, thats TWO chances at mining TWO ores at once, and if both effects happen at the same time you can get THREE ores at the same time! when super heating you have to make sure not to super heat the gold to fast because it will stop you from mining, wait until the second your character stops doing the animation for super heating before doing another one. you will get used to it after a while. you can get 99 mining in less then 3 weeks doing this, its about 170k gold ores from 80-99, 10k a day will take you 17 days. super heating all 170k of these ores will give ...
  • Superheated water The water is distilled water that has been microwaved for a few minutes. The white powder added is sugar because it has a pretty big surface area. Tap water is less likely to have this effect because of the impurities in the water.

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