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  • radiation detector that uses as the detecting medium a superheated liquid that boils into tiny bubbles of vapour around the ions produced along the tracks of subatomic particles. The bubble chamber was developed in 1952 by the American physicist Donald A. Glaser. — “superheating (physics) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • If superheating has occurred, a slight disturbance or movement such as picking up the cup, Superheated water is just waiting for some sort of trigger which will. — “: Superheated Microwaved Water”,
  • The RF superheating magnetic field of superconducting. niobium was measured with a 1.3 GHz re-entrant cavity at dependence of the superheating field was found to agree. with Ginzburg-Landau predictions to within 10% down to. — “Exploring the Maximum Superheating Magnetic Fields of Niobium”,
  • I thought that something strange was happening and it came to my mind the superheating phenomenon, so I took my videocamera and started recording. Superheating occurs when there are no impurities in the water, but impurities are added. In this example, it would be air bubbles from shaking it. — “YouTube - Superheating”,
  • Home > Electronic Reading Room > Basic References > Glossary > Superheating. Superheating. The heating of a vapor, particularly steam, to a temperature much higher than the boiling point at the existing pressure. This is done in some power plants. — “NRC: Glossary -- Superheating”,
  • To understand superheating and how it relates to our program we have to realize that this event is created on purpose in direct injection engines to cause the fuel to vaporize almost instantaneously. Hence superheating of fuel was introduced. This superheated fuel would expand greatly. — “Pro Systems - Under The Scoop”, pro-
  • Superheating is a rare phenomenon; most solids, especially metals, In these cases the superheating was believed to be caused by the presence of a. nucleation barrier in forming the liquid on the low-index free surfaces, the attained. superheating being higher when the particle became more faceted. — “Philosophical Magazine Letters”,
  • Calculate the power of your own Microwave Oven, Electric Blanket Effects, Water Heater Wonders, Superheating. — “Scogin - Measure Microwave Power, Superheating, Electric”,
  • This two-mile-wide structure sits in the middle of a desert in the Here, the trinosians can place varius items that they need superheated. — “Trinosian Superheating Research Facility by Darth Dude”,
  • Shock-state temperature and sound-speed measurements on crystalline materials, demonstrate superheating-melting behav These large values of superheating are not consistent with the. — “Shock-induced superheating and melting curves of”,
  • Superheat Item is a non-combat Magic spell used to smelt ore without a furnace. It can be used by both free and member players. While wielding a fire, lava, or steam staff, it takes one Nature rune per cast. There is no cast-x option and each. — “Superheat Item - The RuneScape Wiki - Skills, quests, guides”,
  • Definition of superheating in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of superheating. Pronunciation of superheating. Translations of superheating. superheating synonyms, superheating antonyms. Information about superheating in the free online English. — “superheating - definition of superheating by the Free Online”,
  • superheating ( ¦süpər′hēdiŋ ) ( thermodynamics ) Heating of a substance above the temperature at which a change of state would ordinarily take. — “Superheating: Definition from ”,
  • Superheating and microwave ovens. There have been many reports of Water heated in a microwave oven may be superheated and when objects (e.g. a spoon) or. — “Superheating and microwave ovens”,
  • See superheated water for pressurized water above 100 ̊C. See superheater for the device used in steam engines. Superheating is an exception to this simple rule: a liquid is sometimes observed not to boil even though its vapor pressure does. — “Superheating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Professor Wolfe's article graphically illustrates the result of superheating water in a microwave in the form of a video of such Wolfe explains that the "superheated state is unstable, and it can. — “Superheated Water In Microwave Can Explode - Email Warning”, hoax-
  • Simulations are reported to investigate solid superheating and liquid supercooling of two-dimensional sys The solid superheating had a limited duration, which we. interpret as. — “Rapid heating and cooling in two-dimensional Yukawa systems”,
  • Connects superheating barrel to standard torch handle. 1 ea/pkt blister pack hangable. Connects directly onto 13mm mixer for using Superheating tips. — “Gas Equipment”, .au
  • The SSH series provides a safe, reliable energy- efficient method for a multitude of industrial applications where house steam or dedicated-boiler steam is available. Suitable for almost any environment, the SSH is designed for freestanding and in-line superheating including these features:. — “SSH Electric Steam Superheaters | Sussman Electric Boilers”,
  • Messrs. WETHERED BROS. state in the TIMES of the 26th, what had been before mentioned by our correspondent "Franklin," that their process consists in mixing wet and dry steam, thus securing the advantages of superheating without injury to the. — “Superheated Steam. - Article - ”,
  • In physics, superheating (sometimes referred to as boiling retardation, boiling delay, or defervescence) is the phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its standard boiling point, without actually. — “Superheating”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Superheating. Information about Superheating in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Superheating definition of Superheating in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Superheating. See superheater for the device used in steam engines. In physics, superheating (sometimes referred to as boiling retardation, or boiling delay) is the phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its standard boiling point, without actually boiling. — “Superheating: Encyclopedia of chemistry, ***ytics”,
  • describes the practicalities of superheating reactions and the suggested maximum AFRICA 7 - Superheating Reactions.doc. All Rights reserved. O= mê~ÅíáÅ. — “AFRICA 7 - Superheating Reactions”,

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  • Power mining and superheating (probably the best method) NOTE: This is average speed. If you are pro you could easily achieve better speed - I am just showing average that ANYONE can achieve. NOTE2: I have found this method myself. I cannot guarantee that I am the first to use it though, so pls don't flame if you have vidded & posted this already. What you MUST have: - Goldsmith gauntlets - Fire / lava / steam staff - Varrock 3 / d pick / lava titan optional but extremely helpful - nature runes, of course You do not have to watch the whole vid, tbh. I just did 5 mins 40secs to work out the average rates of xp. This is all about superheating 1 ore and dropping he bar you just superheated, before the screen changes to spell list. 5minutes, 40 seconds which is 340 seconds I casted Superheat item exactly 100 times (see the amount of nature runes @start and @end of vid). This includes 4 or 5 mistakes AND 1 gold deposit change. This is +-1050 casts an hour (means also 1050 gold ores mined) - at 95 mining with Lava Titan. You could *propably* get even up to 1150 ores/casts an hour with 99 mining and Lava Titan without any mistakes and going full speed. Xp rates assuming you mine 1k golds and superheat them (1k is safe average, IMO) - 65k mining XP - 53k magic XP - 56,2k smithing XP /roughly 175k overall an hour/ - 1k nature runes melted (240k at current prices) Xp rates (99 mining, lava titan, full speed, no mistakes) assuming 1120 ores/casts /h: - 72,8k mining XP - 59,4k magic XP - 63k smithing XP /roughly 190k ish overall/ h/ - 1120 ...
  • Fletching & Superheating 600k xp/h With Broad Arrows Fletching Broad Arrows & Superheating at the same time It's about 500k/600k fletching xp/h - 100k Smithing XP/H and some magic XP Please notice that you have to chill with the superheating, if you superheat too fast you'll stop fleching arrows. Superheat 6 every 150 arrows you make ;) Good luck with it! Over and out - Nicolaj!
  • Runescape Fletching Arrows and Superheating - HD Welcome to my first skilling guide! In this guide I show you how you can fletch arrows while casting the Superheat item spell. By doing this you gain Fletching xp, Smithing xp and Magic xp! The advantage with this is you dont get noticeable slower fletching xp/hr compared to just fletching. I discovered this method quite some while ago, and it was one of the ways which i used to achieve 99 fletching. 1) Open magic tab (sort by combat first) 2) Click on superheat item spell. This will take you to your inventory 3) Click on gold ore, quickly followed by the 2 fletching supplies 4) Keep superheating at the correct speed to not abort the flecthing action 5) Repeat step 2-4 when you have made your 10x15 arrows. 6) Bank when needed Xp rates: 360k fletching xp (adamant arrows (36 000 arrows/hr)) 89k smithing xp (1700 ores/hr) 84k magic xp (1700 casts/hr) Total: 533k xp/hr (if using adamant arrows) New Music: IdolsNeverDie - Autumn Song Music: Funeral for a Friend - Juneau Disclaimer: I do not own this game. Runescape is owned by Jagex Ltd. This was made for entertainment purposes only.
  • Superheating Gold Ores This is a fairly fast method to train smithing and magic. The setup I use is shown here. I suggest using mousekeys. It is especially useful for using the 5 button as your left click. It is far more consistent than the left click (and that goes for any other use... runecrafting, etc.). For most of the superheating process, you simply leave your mouse hovered over the superheat icon and that gold ore. I take my hand off the mouse and just hit 5 on the numberpad until it superheats all of the ores up to that point. I click in sync with the sound effect. It may appear slightly off in the video because of lag in certain places. Basically you click superheating, then the gold ore, and when you hear the sound effect (which has 2 rhythmic beats), you click superheat on the first beat and the ore on the second, even maybe a little before! Using this method, the next superheat is always queued to go at top speeds. I do make a few mistakes because of lag. In this 6 minute test, I gain 13656 xp, which is around 136k smithing xp/hr (114k magic xp/hr). This does seem high. I'm not sure as to whether they have always been this fast. At the current GE prices, it costs about 9.2 gp/xp (smithing), but you also get mage xp. (It's around 4.7 gp/total xp.) Be sure you are wearing gold gauntlets from the Family Crest Quest. Also, the new mining locations (caverns) are kind of great if the price scares you. Using the concentrated gold rocks, it's possible to get 60k+ xp/hr with a dragon pick ...
  • Superheated water The water is distilled water that has been microwaved for a few minutes. The white powder added is sugar because it has a pretty big surface area. Tap water is less likely to have this effect because of the impurities in the water.
  • Superheated steam bottle explosion This is a bottle bomb I devised that uses only water to produce an explosion. A 850W heating element was fed into a bottle containing 375ml water, and the top epoxied shut. I set up a mock computer desk around it using old computer junk, and turned on the heater, no one in the room of course. After 5min 40sec, the epoxy cap softened and sprung a leak, spinning the bottle around and causing it to crack. The superheated water, at around 190 degrees C (350F), flash boiled into steam, blowing away most of the stuff on the desk.
  • Superheating Runite Ore Skip to 1:38 for actual runite superheating EDIT: This could potentially be faster with the Dungeoneering reward "Coal Bag" although I am not aware of any rates and methods using it. In this video I show you 2 methods I know to superheat runite ore. It is arguable which one is better but I have found the first, simple, method to be more consistent but if you are able to play more accurately than me (which is most probable =P) then I would suggest you do the second method. There is a method which could possibly be used in p2p where you load a BoB with coal (for example) then superheat and smelt at the same time at Edgeville's furnace. I am really unsure if this would be worth the trouble but it is a possible alternative. Zarfot has a good video showing how to superheat and smelt ore at the same time (I will put this below) I got the collection box idea from Spiritgerm, so I can not take any credit for the idea. I highly recommend using screen markers and mouse keys to increase speed when superheating. Each cast is 1.2 seconds (2 game ticks). This can help you determine when to cast the next spell. You may see in the video that I do what is referred to as a 'perfect cast'- I will put this in annotations since I can't really explain it, lol. This is where the initial animation of the cast is not shown and is just a shortened down version of it. This can also be evident when alching. If you collect the banker or bank the banker before the animation starts then the ore will ...
  • superheat.avi let go superheat
  • Superheating Gold Ore Guide- 140k Smith/132.5k Mage Xp/h Thumbs up would be epic if ya wanna (; Follow me on twitter RS Mousekeys Guide: -------------------------- My Other RS Chan(Irl but RS): Minecraft Chan: Random Internet Gaming Chan: Random Irl Topics/opinions Chan: Daily Vlog: Document of my life starting the hour High-School ended: My Manga Reviews/Predictions/talks(Naruto/Bleach/One Piece and more: My music related channel for music topics and my own music when I buy recording equipment: Superheating Gold Ore Guide- 140k Smith/132.5k Mage Xp/h
  • superheater running @[email protected] c.AVI Steam been superheated to 400 degrees c @ 40 bar pressure before been passed to the turbine
  • Alch - Superheating - 140k exp per hour ayme pr0 This is the fastest way to train magic before level 86, with a level 55 Magic Requirement, although you probably won't be getting 140k exp per hour. The fastest it can be done is 3.0 seconds per round. Click to alch something and then immediately try and superheat the ore, preferably iron or gold, iron giving about 15k smithing exp, gold about 75k, remember, this is only top of the 140k magic exp. It's good to have a full bank, it's fine if you don't, but if you do, remember to have all of your gp, alchable item, and nature runes fully withdrawn, or else you'll bank them. This is also my first day doing this, so don't be too harsh about the mistakes, besides, you get the point anyway. Big thanks to Eggbob123 (aka "TheEggacy" on YT") to telling me about this.
  • Superheating of water (Mythbusters) This is what happens when you superheat water in a microwave demonstrated by the mythbusters
  • Microwave Superheating A glass of water in a microwave superheats in contact with a two cent coin. (I decreased the frame rate, the superheating is actually done in less than a second)
  • VZ SUPERHEAT - Highlights Shaun Payne winning a spot in the VZ Superheat
  • Superheated oil and water - dance of the blobs A thin coating of oil, rubbed into the pan - then heat it on high for 5 minutes. After a while, the water becomes so hot and isolated from the surface of the metal it superheats (boils without bubbles). This creates the beautiful dancing effect you get, similar to when mercury is loose on a solid surface. The recording was made on a fostex FR2LE with a canon digital camera for visuals.
  • RuneScape - Mining and Superheating Gold (better method) This video shows a better method of mining and superheating gold than my other video of this. Mining and superheating gold is the best way to go from level 80-99 mining. It is always worth it to superheat the bars since you are getting cheap magic and smithing xp, and due to the extremely low value of the gold bars, you would have to value your time under about 500k/hour if you want to bank them. You should always use a Dragon pickaxe, Varrock armour 2-4 and the best mining familiar you can use (Void ravager, Obsidian golem or the best; Lava titan) With this method, you drop bars that are in the left column by pressing 1 and then +. The + key double clicks and therefore drops the bar as well as clicking on the gold deposit straight away, meaning you don't lose any time. I find it easiest to do all my single clicks with the 5 key, though you can use the normal mouse click as well. Because of the way you drop and reclick, it means you have to play in resizable and have your screen conpressed so that the inventory overlaps the gold deposit. At SE, NE and NW rocks this is quite easy to do but can be a little harder at SW rock because of all of the living rock creatures surrounding it though I am at SW in the video so you can see how I have done it. If you need help with how to compress your screen like this, here is a video by Foot (givememyarm) showing you how: At level 99 mining with Varrock armour 2-4, a dragon pickaxe and a lava titan with few mistakes you ...
  • Superheating Adamantite Superheating adamantite while banking the bars every 3 trips. With this method you can heat ~1060 ores per hour (without randoms). Thats ~56.2k magic and ~39.8k smithing exp per hour. Iplayed at a german world on high detail with the resizeable window (resized to the minimum width and height). The video is captured with FRAPS and compressed with Virtual Dub. Yeah, that's why the cursor looks so strange I think. Music is Susumu Hirasawa - The Girl in Byakkoya-White Tiger Field (Paprika Theme Song). RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment purposes. All comments by others are their own and I do not take responsibility for their actions. Consider this, free advertising I did not create this music, you can purchase their albums off , please consider this free advertising.
  • Mining and Superheating in RuneScape (with XP rates) NOTE: XP Rates WILL differ. This was done with a mining level of 80 with NO Familiars. This is a video/tutorial/ xp rates for mining and superheating on runescape at living rock caverns. Superheating doesn't interupt the mining unless if you superheat too fast (spam clicking it). Join the clan chat "Mining Golds" for the official world 84 living rock cavern clan chat. CODES: seu = southeast up sed = southeast down swu = southwest up swd = southwest down I'm using Mr Pleco's Super MouseKeys in this video also. Requirments: Goldsmith Gaunts (needed, x2 the xp regularly given) dragon pickaxe (needed, 15percent faster than rune pick) 80 mining for gold rocks 40 smithing for gold bars and the mage level required for the Superheat spell (optional) Varrock armour, mine 1-3 ores more often. Mr Pleco's Super MouseKeys: www.Super- Smokin Mils Website Official Smokin Mils Forums: Smokin-elite.nice- XP RATES ttl xp 13071624 13000038 71586 143172 xp mining 2137299 2110649 26650 53300 xp x2 smithing 879735 856918 22817 44356 xp mage 13164581 13143063 21518 43036 xp Songs: 1. Eminem ft Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie 2. Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me ~~~DISCLAIMER~~~ This server is in no way officially affiliated with RuneScape or Jagex. See for the official site. Jagex has the copyrights and trademarks to the information created for RuneScape's official site.You can play runescape at ...
  • HVAC Superheat & Sub-Cooling Calculators Go Here: Weservice, clean, repair and install, all makes and models Carrier, Lennox, Trane, York, Bryant, Payne, Armstrong, Heil, Tempstar, Williamson, Luxaire, Whirlpool, American Standard, Dunkirk, Peerless and Utica boiler too. We Service: Aurora, Braceville, Boulder Hill, Braidwood, Burr Ridge, Carbon Hill, Channahon, Crest Hill, Darien, Diamond, Downers Grove, Elwood, Godley, Homer Glen, Joliet, Lemont, Lisle, Lockport, Manhattan, Minooka, Morris, Montgomery, Naperville, New Lenox, North Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield, Plattville, Rockdale, Shorewood, Wilmington, Woodridge and Yorkville in Illinois, just to name a few areas. This video will tell you where to find Superheat & Sub-Cooling slide-rule calculators for R-22 & R-410a air conditioning service. I have been getting many people asking where they can find the calculators that I use in my videos. I hope this video will answer all of those questions about where to find these slide-rules.
  • Superheated Water Explodes in Microwave This was conducted to show that water that is superheated in a microwave oven can explode without any outside disturbance. The disturbance that finally causes the explosion is a gas bubble, but this comes long after the water is superheated. You could very easily stop the microwave prior to explosion, open the door and this explosion would occur when you grab the glass and the surface tension of the water is broken from the slight sloshing motion, etc. This is very dangerous - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE!
  • Mining/Superheating/Cannoning LRC - 5 Skills - HD Using this method you gain xp in Mining, Smithing, Magic, Slayer and Ranged. My slayer task is Living Rock Creatures, so this is a pretty efficient method of doing your task and mining at the same time. You dont loose much speed on the mining from using the cannon, but you cannot expect max rates obviously. Unfortunately I dont have any XP or gp/xp rates yet as this is the first time i did this on task(have done it previously as a test). I had LRC blocked for a while, and recently unblocked them. Mining/Smithing/Magic can be expected 90%+ of max rates if everything is done correctly. XP rates does also depend on your levels. Estimated XP rates at 99: 90k+ mining xp/hr 65+ smithing xp/hr 63k+ magic xp/hr 19k+ slayer xp/hr 40k+ranged xp/hr The spot Southwest from the bank is the easiest one as you have many LRC around you, and you can use the rock to pull them close to the cannon. This can make the cannon fire more than once per rotaion. The south spot however requires good placement of your cannon. The spot used in this video makes the cannon fire 3 times on the closest melee spawn without further luring. If another rock fighter approaches, and stands next to it, a total of 3 shots will be fired, but one gets hit twice and the other only once. Try not to pile them as not as many cannonballs will be fired. The ranger coming from northwest is no trouble for you as long as you stay within your safespot. If its pulled by the cannon it will stay agressive towards you, but not ...
  • Superheat and Subcooling You can see how the temperature drops in the first few coils as the superheat is removed, then it stay pretty much constant in most of the coil as the R437A condenses, then finally there is a bit of subcooling in the last few coils before the refrigerant leaves on its merry way to the reciever. This is on a little L'unite Hermetiqe/Tecumseh unit on a second hand veg coldroom i installed a few years ago. Unit was originally on R12. The infra red thermometers are not that acurate but are usefull for comparing like for like.
  • Superheating while Smithing Adamant Arrowtips The idea is simple. You just superheat in between every bar you smith. Superheat is cast every 2 ticks (1.2 seconds) and the animation plays out in 3 ticks (1.8 seconds). The smelting hammerbashing takes place every 4 ticks (2.4 seconds). This means you can cast superheat in between every bashing. Ideally, you will superheat the first gold bar right after you select how many of whatever you are smithing. Then, you will cast superheat after you see the "fireball" superheat animation finish. If you get the first superheat in right after you start smithing, then you will be casting superheat every time you swing the hammer. That would be a perfect run, which I didn't end up getting until my 4th or 5th run in the video. My technique isn't perfect as I figured this out about an hour ago. In my case, I was making arrowtips. This was pretty easy since I could just get 13 ores and bars every inventory. If you were doing platebodies, you would probably get 20 bars (for 4 plates) and 4 gold ores. Every run was about 48 seconds for me, but I also made some mistakes. Without mistakes, 45 seconds would probably be the fastest time for each run. Each inventory gives 689 Magic experience and 1543.1 Smithing experience (assuming gold gauntlets are worn). For an hour, you will get around 55k Magic exp and 123k smithing exp if you manage to get in 80 runs/hr, which would be pretty hard. This is NOT the fastest way to train smithing or the most profitable as you lose money from superheating ...
  • Superheating and supercooling This is a demonstration of superheating and supercooling. It was made for a college project on thermal physics. The water used is normal mineral water, and the the beer is Corona. Superheating is achieved by getting a liquid past it's boiling point without actually boiling (until it's desturbed). Note any attempt at this should be taken with extreme caution using appripriate safety measures, as a slight jolt can cause it to erupt violently. Supercooling is the exact opposite, where a liquid is cooled below its freezing temperature but remains in liquid state (until disturbed).
  • Superheating Gold ore (gauntlets) Hey guys , enjoy my video about superheating gold ores, This method is amazing when combining both skills mage/smith. You can make up to 2500 ore per hour which is an average of 136kexp in mage/smith per hour. Also this include a lost of more then 1,2m gp/h. This video is intended to show you how this method work. THIS IS NOT THE FASTEST YOU CAN GO.
  • Mining and Superheating Gold ~~YOU NEED 80 MINING FOR THIS~~ 50k Mining/hr 45k Smithing/hr 43k Magic/hr I forgot to mention that you could also drop the gold bars instead of banking but I bank them to make a little money back.
  • Guide To Superheating Addy Ores ~ 40k+ smith and 60k+ mage xp per hour.wmv I have done 300 bars in 15 minutes using this method, so 1200 bars in an hour is possible which is 45000 smithing xp and 63600 magic xp, however thats when concentrating, the average xp will be lower due to talking, lag and misclicks. My name is Davow107 and i made this video as a guide to help others learn to superheat adamantite ores. Sorry if i left something out, feel free to comment and add anything you want to. This is my first video so sorry if it's bad lol. To follow the guide successfully make sure everything is set up as showed in the video and you shouldn't have any problems :) I hope you find this video useful and good luck on your addy superheating goals :) Thanks for watching, please comment and rate The song is Smells Like *** Spirit by Nirvana from the album Never Mind This video is for entertainment purposes only, not intended for profiting. I do not own Runescape, Runescape is owned by Jagex Limited
  • Calculating Superheat and Subcooling A demonstration on how to manually calculate superheat and subcooling vs. how to use the testo 550 to calculate superheat and subcooling.
  • Xx Kingio Xx - Mining and Superheating V2 New method for Mining and Superheating. I play RuneScape in SwiftKit, which is what you see on the right side of my screen. Also Im playing in resizable mode in order to get my inventory closer to the rock, so I can click more accurately. Also remember, you don't need SK to resize your game window like that, just pick any browser, use resizeable mode and ZOOM OUT with the browser controls (or CTRL and -). Drop the gold bar while superheating a gold ore and then immediately click on the gold rock. Using this method obviously costs more gp than the previous method I uploaded. In one hour I managed to superheat 1123 ores, which required 1123 Nature runes. Based on the current Grand Exchange prices, thats 262.7k gp/hr. I do now prefer this method because it is less running around to bank the ores/bars. Here are my experience/hour results for using this method of Mining and Superheating: Experience is rounded Mining: 73k Smithing: 63.1k Magic: 59.5k Overall: 195.6k (lawl and some hp xp because I atked a living rock striker roflcopter rofl) Track: ***y Thing David Deejay ft. Dony
  • A #1 Air Superheat and Subcooling questions!
  • Superheating First I put some water into the pot. Then I started the stove and set its power to the maximum level. Ten or twelve minutes later the water was not boiling and there were not bubbles at the bottom of the pot. I thought that something strange was happening and it came to my mind the superheating phenomenon, so I took my videocamera and started recording. In the next seven minutes there were no changes (no boiling, no bubbles) so I decided to hit the objects in order to make small vibrations, but the water remained the same. Finally I hit the pot directly and suddenly the water started boiling. I was cooking when I recorded this video. I don't know how I superheated the water, sorry.
  • Superheating Adamantite Ore (Fastest Method- f2p) EDIT: This could potentially be faster with the Dungeoneering reward "Coal Bag" although I am not aware of any rates and methods using it. This is the fastest method to smelt mithril, adamantite and runite ore-as far as I know. It may be faster, however, to smelt and superheat at the same time at edgevilles furnace (members and varrock easy diary complete). Please refer to the video below of Zarfot demonstrating how to smelt gold ore and superheat at the same time. It may also be possible to superheat and smelt ores which require coal to make- perhaps with a BoB holding the coal- just an idea. I cannot take credit for this videos idea. Please refer to Spiritgerm's video below, it is because of this player that I am able to make this video. I highly recommend using screen markers and mouse keys to increase speed when superheating. Each cast is 1.2 seconds (2 game ticks). This can help you determine when to cast the next spell. You may see in the video that I do what is referred to as a 'perfect cast'- I will put this in annotations since I can't really explain it, lol. This is where the initial animation of the cast is not shown and is just a shortened down version of it. This can also be evident when alching. If you collect the banker or bank the banker before the animation starts then the ore will not smelt, so you may have to get the timing right in order to stop this from happening. To cast the spell one must have an ore and the required number of coal for it: Steel ...
  • Superheating while Mining i HIGHLY suggest doing this, as you can get 99 mage, mining, and smithing and make a profit.for more info read on(BTW YOU NEED GOLD SMITH GAUNTLETS FOR THIS) you can EASILY get over 10k gold ores/gold bars a day doing this, if you super heat one invent and bank it, then mine one invent and bank the gold ores..the gold ores will pay for your nats and still make you money. you gain over 45k mining exp an hour doing this as superheating does NOT slow you down! also you gain around 40k magic and 40k smithing exp for a total of over 125k exp per hour! (this is if you superheat every invent, super heating every other invent would be about 20k magic and 20k smithing exp per hour) also if you keep doing this you could get enough gold bars to get yourself 99 crafting. when mining the mineral deposits you have a random chance of mining 2 ores at once, also if you have the varrock armour you have a chance at mining 2 ores at once, thats TWO chances at mining TWO ores at once, and if both effects happen at the same time you can get THREE ores at the same time! when super heating you have to make sure not to super heat the gold to fast because it will stop you from mining, wait until the second your character stops doing the animation for super heating before doing another one. you will get used to it after a while. you can get 99 mining in less then 3 weeks doing this, its about 170k gold ores from 80-99, 10k a day will take you 17 days. super heating all 170k of these ores will give ...
  • Superheating! cool,check this out!
  • Superheat Powermining Gold (Urns) You'll need to use decorated mining uns for this method as although you are mining gold it is from a source which requires level 80. I'm not going to go into much detail about the method as the video is much better for that but the urns effectively increase the experience per ore by 20% from 65 to 78 (urns fill 2.08% per gold mined). At the time of recording I am 85 Mining and tend to get between 60-80k/hour at a fairly relaxed pace, I do have the Varrock plate and dragon pickaxe but not a familiar. This is far from a perfect timing, but here I gained: 73k Mining exp/hour 50k Magic exp/hour 52.5k Smithing exp/hour To put this into context of how the actual speed of mining compares to banking, this would be about 61k mining/hour if the urns weren't used. Using a dragon pickaxe, lava titan and a Varrock plate (2+) at 99 this method maxes at about 100k mining/hour (80k without the urns) ^_^.
  • Jensen 75 - Superheater Mk-I Decided to try superheating the 75. I modified the steam line by adding an extension that runs under the boiler, roughly over top the burner, and out the rear of the firebox. My memory is obviously faulty, however, so ignore my optimism in the fillum..The superheater, as I've built it, has very little in the way of noticeable effect on RPM
  • Calculating Superheat (Non TXV heat pump applications) A demonstration of how superheat is calculated. This is done on a Goodman 13 SEER heat pump in North Carolina.
  • Superheating water to make it explode PURE water will explode if you Superheat it in a Microwave and impurities it in. Bringing it back suddenly to it's boiling point, the water becomes volatile and can erupt from it's container. Superheated water doesn't boil at the normal 100 degrees Celcius!!
  • Mining and superheating gold Mining and superheating gold in livining rock caverns. You need: - Mining level 80 or more - Pickaxe (Dragon pickaxe recommended) - Runes for superheat spell (Fire battlestaff and 1k or more nature runes recommended) Recommended to have: - Varrock armour 2 or 3 (For more gold ores) - Goldsmithing gloves (For more smithing xp) - Lava titan (requires 83 summoning(Boost mining by 10)) or Obsidian golem (requires 73 summoning(Boost mining by 7)) - Summoning potions - Food and/or prayer potions Recommended worlds: 84 or 71, usually it is so many players that the risk of being attacked by living rock monsters is very small. Could be very laggy though. The living rock monsters are easy to avoid, so any world with not so many players works fine too. I prefer to drop the gold bars, banking is waste of xp ^^ You lose about 300 gp per gold ore. (if dropping the gold bars) It would cost about 73.5M gp for 13M Magic xp, 13.8M Smithing xp and 15.9M Mining xp Xp/h in this vid: Mining 56k xp/h Smithing 48.5k xp/h Magic 45.5k xp/h Total 150k xp/h At mining level 91(+7) I am averaging 58k mining, 50k smithing and 47k magic xp/h (892 gold ores / hour) Total 155k xp/h :D --------------------- Runescape rs mining smithing magic mine smith mage xp xp/h Ronbest Ron superheat gold ore very moneymaking you only lose about 300 gp per gold ore zezima gertjaars zarfot drumgun lucipher6 ( Nesser = noob ) ***y hot awesome nice nicer nicest are ess roon-a-crafting rc runecraft attack hitpoints mining ...
  • Superheating Steel Bars ~Superheating Steel Bars~ Superheating Steel Bars gives you 53 magic xp per cast amd 17.5 smithing xp per cast. At my speed in the video, you could superheat 1 inventory of steel bars per 14 seconds. That's around 257 inventories per hour and each inventory can take 9 steel bars. Therefore, you could superheat up to 2314 bars per hour or even more depending on your speed. The XP rates ranges from 122.6K for magic and 40.495K for smithing. I was in an F2P world because it make my banking easy and my bank can't take anymore items in for example, nature runes in this video. I used mousekeys to bank and whilst superheating but it make little difference to the XP rates per hour unless you're a pro at using them. Also, you could use 'screen markers' to mark areas on your screen where you click while superheating for faster speed. ~Prices of Steel Bars~ Iron Ore: 234gp Coal: 260gp x 2 Nature Rune: 243gp Total buying cost: 997gp Cost of Steel Bar in GE: 936gp Money made/lost per bar: 997-936 = 61gp Amount of GP spent per XP: 61/(53+17.5) = 0.752gp/xp Do remember that prices of steel bars fluctuate a lot so sometimes they sell quick at maximum price and sometimes they take longer. Also the prices above are as of 17/06/2010 so expect them to change. _____Legal Disclaimer_____ - Credits to Silentc0re RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment ...
  • Determining Total Suction Superheat. The following video demonstrates how to determine the total suction superheat of a refrigeration system..
  • Fallens Super Heater Preview - Get 99 magic and smithing in a week! With this bot you will be able to get up to 120k magic AND smithing xp/hr. If you want 120k smithing xp per hour you need to use gold ores with the goldsmithing gauntlets. Requirements: - Runescape membership since Superheating is p2p only - 43 Magic. - 30 Smithing for steel bars. (Other bars have different requirements.) - Nature runes. - Ores for each bar. Instructions: 1. 2. Start the script at any bank. - Have a staff with unlimited fire runes equipped. - Have nature runes in your inventory. 3. Enjoy getting awesome magic and smithing xp!

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