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  • Superfund U.S. government fund intended to pay for the cleanup of hazardous-waste dump sites and spills. — “Superfund: Definition from ”,
  • Federal Superfund Program Abstract: Description: Superfund is the Federal government's program to clean up the nation's uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. Under the Superfund program, abandoned, accidentally spilled, or illegally dumped. — “DEP: Federal Superfund Program”,
  • Read Articles about the Milltown Superfund Project. Milltown State Park Land Acquisition basis regarding remediation and restoration design and implementation at the Clark Fork River Superfund site. — “Welcome to Clark Fork River Technical Assistance Committee”,
  • DNR information about the federal Superfund program. The Superfund law created a tax on the chemical and petroleum industries. The tax went into a trust fund to help pay for cleaning up abandoned or uncontrolled waste sites. — “Superfund - WDNR”,
  • Superfund is the federal government's program to clean up the nation's uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. On this site, you'll find information about Superfund sites in your area, the health effects of common contaminants, cleanup efforts, and how you can become involved in. — “Superfund | US EPA”,
  • News about the Superfund program. Commentary and archival information about Superfund from The New York Times. — “Superfund News - The New York Times”,
  • Lawyers & Technical Staff: Making the Case for Superfund Explains the Superfund risk assessment process. Key concepts include: proper sampling and. — “Superfund Videos”,
  • Information about the Minnesota Superfund Program on the Web Site for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. — “Superfund Program - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency”,
  • Superfund Branch. The Superfund Branch is charged with protecting human health and the environment from the release of hazardous substances, petroleum pollutants or contaminants into the environment. The State Superfund Section addresses sites that are not eligible for the Federal Superfund program. — “Superfund Branch | Superfund Branch”,
  • Superfund. Superfund is a term used for the monies available to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to clean up abandoned or inactive hazardous waste sites. The $1.8 billion Superfund was established in 1980 by federal legislation under the. — “Superfund - water, environmental, United States, EPA, soil”,
  • A one-year investigation by the Center for Public Integrity reveals the beleaguered state of the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund effort, uncovers the companies and government agencies linked to the most sites and tracks progress of the clean up. Confidential EPA Document. — “Wasting Away - The Center for Public Integrity”,
  • EPA, the principal agency responsible for administering the Superfund program, has since identified more than 47,000 hazardous waste sites potentially requiring cleanup actions and has placed some of the most seriously contaminated sites on its National Priorities List (NPL). — “U.S. GAO - Superfund: Funding and Reported Costs of”,
  • EPA regional Superfund director Walter Mugdan explains the Superfund process in the below video and (spoiler alert!) talks about that time that the mud found in the waterway "had eaten its way through this heavy duty plastic" that it had been captured in. — “superfund coverage by Gothamist”,
  • Superfund - CERCLA - Overview, Guidance, Links & Downloads. Superfund Overview. Years ago, many wastes were dumped on the ground, in rivers, or left out in the open. As a result, thousands of uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous waste sites were created. — “Superfund - CERCLA - Overview, Guidance, Links & Downloads”,
  • Managed Futures Funds for the private investor; Superfund (formerly Quadriga) has a successful track record spanning more than 13 years, Superfund funds have proven to be among the world's most successful investments. Since 1996, Superfund has. — “Superfund - The Future of Investing - Home”,
  • Superfund. Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore), author of legislation to reinstate a "polluter fee" to clean "Since the Superfund tax expired 15 years ago, federal funding has slowed to a trickle and the more than 1600 Superfund sites across America are not getting cleaned up," said Blumenauer. — “Superfund”,
  • Superfund is the common name for the Comprehensive Environmental The Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA), made several important. — “Superfund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Superfund Slowdown. 25. Chapter 6. It's Time to Refinance Superfund 27 he federal Superfund program was created in 1980 in response to serious threats across. — “Superfund:”,
  • Superfund - the federal government's program to locate and investigate and clean up the worst uncontrolled and abandoned toxic waste sites nationwide; administered by the Environmental Protection Agency; "some have intimated that the Superfund's money may have turned into a political slush fund". — “Superfund - definition of Superfund by the Free Online”,
  • Superfund, or the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act as it's formally known, is a United States environmental policy enacted as a response to the Love C*** disaster. The program was begun on December 11, 1980. — “Superfund”,
  • Superfund sites are the nation's worst toxic waste sites: 1,305 are scheduled for cleanup on the National Priorities List (NPL) Scorecard ranks sites by how high they scored in EPA's Hazard Ranking System, and states and counties by number of Superfund sites. — “Pollution Locator: Superfund”,
  • They apply the federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, the state's Inactive Hazardous Sites Response Act of 1987 and the Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Act and Amendments. — “NCDENR - Superfund Section”,

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  • Hayden Arizona Residents Support Superfund Listing The EPA has proposed listing Hayden as a Superfund site so it can be decontaminated.. The polluter, ASARCO, suggested doing the work without EPA watching them. Hayden residents speak unanimously: Have EPA list the town as a Superfund site and manage the cleanup. They don't trust ASARCO or the state of Arizona to do it right.
  • Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - Comm. Rodney Long Steps Up & Tells It Like It Is! (Feb-22-2011)
  • Super Fund sacks its Company as Trustee Question: My new client has a company as a trustee of his Self Managed Super Fund. I don't like the ASIC fees. And he doesn't want to pay my accounting fees to do the work on his company. Can he get rid of the company as trustee and replace it with himself and his wife at this late stage? Answer: A company as a trustee of your Super Fund is not all bad. A company as trustee helps if you change members often; you then only need to change the directors. You can also get a reduction on the ASIC fees; provided you only use the company as the trustee. However, it is becoming unfashionable to have a company as trustee of your SMSF. Most people are just using their members as trustees. Some argue that a company as trustee adds another unnecessary degree of complexity. What are the formalities to doing this I hear you ask? For starters, ensure that your client understands the costs and benefits of having individuals as trustees as opposed to the company as trustee -- there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of trustees. Secondly, your client must document the change in trustee (this is a requirement of the law). Build the SMSF Update Trustees and Members deed at .au The SMSF Update Trustees and Members Deed .au allows your client to not only get rid of the Corporate Trustee but also document any changes in membership to his Self Managed Super Fund at the same time. Our Update Deed follows "Best Practice". It costs $99 and takes 7-11 ...
  • This Is Superfund 1997 EPA This clip provides an overview of the Superfund process for citizens who live near sites and anyone else interested in learning about the program.. Superfund is the name given to the environmental program established to address abandoned hazardous waste sites. It is also the name of the fund established by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA). This law was enacted in the wake of the discovery of toxic waste dumps such as Love C*** and Times Beach in the 1970s. It allows the EPA to clean up such sites and to compel responsible parties to perform cleanups or reimburse the government for EPA-lead cleanups. For more information on the US Superfund program, go to the EPA website at . This was clipped from the 1997 EPA video, This is Superfund. The entire film has been digitized by the nonprofit ( ) in a cooperative agreement with the National Technical Information Service ( ) and is available at the Internet Archive at .
  • Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - Epigenetic Effects Of Pollutants Can Affect Generations To Come You don't have to be a University faculty or staff member, nor attending student, nor holder of any degree whatsoever to understand the seriousness and potential Public Health and citizen well-being repercussions of the message so well laid out and so effectively explained in this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Nova Series program, first broadcast on TV in 2007. If you live not far from a major source of active and ongoing pollution - oh, let's say a huge, toxic, federally designated superfund site, smack bang in the middle of your own town - then you will certainly want to watch this crucial information. Or, if the external chemical control or corruption of your own genes - let's say by pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or other such noxious man-made brews - matters to you, or that of your children, or that of their own children, or even that of your great-great grandchildren, long after your own demise, then this is definitely the informative video for you. So, here is 10 minutes that could save your life, or the lives of members of your family through generations to come. It is the distilled essence of Nova's "Ghost In Your Genes". Better still, visit online and support PBS by purchasing the DVD for $24.99 and using it to educate your friends and neighbors.
  • Commercial Property Insights - Self-managed super funds and commercial property Property consultant, Monique Wakelin of Wakelin Property Advisory interviews Nerida Cole, Executive Director at Dixon Advisory on how you can invest in commercial property via your self-managed super fund. In this Commercial Property Insights video, Nerida discusses the benefits of owning property inside a self-managed super fund plus considerations that should be given to tax, proximity to retirement and your overall investment strategy.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Fort Ord Superfund Job Training Initiative Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Fort Ord Superfund Job Training Initiative 2010 Program Year Graduation December 15, 2010 - 6 pm Bayonet & Blackhorse Golf Club, Seaside, CA The Fort Ord Superfund Job Training Initiative (SuperJTI) is a job readiness program designed to provide training and employment opportunities for underserved citizens living in communities affected by Superfund sites. Super JTI combines extensive classroom instruction with hands on experience for each participant. Super JTI graduates have the basic technical skills to work at Superfund sites, construction projects, or hazardous waste processing companies. This training program is sponsored by the US EPA and the Construction Trades Training Roundtable. The community partners are the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, Congressman Sam Farr, Rancho Cielo, CSI Human Resources Group, Fort Ord BRAC Office, Global Environmental Network, John Karnofel, Monterey Adult School, Monterey/Santa Cruz Building & Construction Trades Council, MPUSD Regional Occupation Program, Office of the Garrison Command at Fort Ord and Fort Ord Environmental Justice Network.
  • Your Guide to Family Super Fund Success Grant Abbott is Australia's first and leading SMSF adviser, author, presenter and trainer. Video by - http The SMSF Strategies trust deed is Australia's only trust deed with rules that have been purpose built for tax free Simpler Super ... Your deed must specifically provide for a transaction or strategy or non-compliance occurs Video by -
  • Gainesville's Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - David Pais Testifies Long-time resident of the adjacent Stephen Foster Neighborhood, David Pais is just one of the many Gainesville citizens who fully comprehends the hazardous health danger that the federally listed Cabot-Koppers Superfund site poses to himself, his neighbors, and the city in general. As he too knows, the "fox is guarding the hen-house" because Beazer Corp. has been allowed to control and create much of the record of so-called "tests", as well as a woefully inadequate "Feasibility Study" for the site's eventual clean-up, which reads like an exercise in corporate spin-doctoring. Meanwhile, the EPA is asleep at the wheel, as usual, and the City, County, and State continue to allow the Koppers Co. industrial wood-treatment plant to freely pollute our creeks and aquifer system with their highly toxic chemical ***tails such as Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA); this especially during frequent periods of flood and storm-water run-off during the high rainfall summer months. Dioxin-laden dust clouds, then predominate during the much drier, windier, low-humidity winter period that runs for about 5 months (Nov. - Mar.) in north central Florida.
  • Excelsior Zones & the Superfund: Sector B Excelsior Zones & the Superfund: What is an Excelsior Zone and why should business people know about it? Also, how will the Gow*** Superfund project affect local businesses? Host Randy Peers interviews Josh Keller, Exec Director of South Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp.From Brooklyn Independent Television's Sector B, episode 42. ;Original air date: 11/16/2010
  • Gainesville's Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - Joe Prager Of BAN CCA Testifies Gainesville's Cabot-Koppers Superfund site is awash in Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), especially during heavy storms when the Koppers Co. industrial wood-treatment plant freely allows quantities this highly toxic brew to pollute the city's creeks and aquifer system. CCA is among a list of fully 32 dangerous toxins that have been officially recorded as pollutants on, and from, the site. Joe Prager and his wife learned the hard way about the risks of prenatal exposure to chemically (CCA) treated lumber. This motivated the establishment of their organization BAN CCA (). They want to do everything possible to ensure that consumers know about the the dire risks to human health that exposure to CCA-treated wood can cause. The Pragers firmly believe that if they had been properly warned about the hazards of this product, then they would not have purchased, or handled, CCA lumber products, and that their daughter would not have been born with birth defects. Indeed, if the Consumer Awareness Programs had worked, they most likely would not have been exposed. Similarly, if most of the residents of the adjacent Stephen Foster Neighborhood had been informed about the dangers in general of Cabot-Koppers, they would never have purchased and/or moved to homes there!
  • Aerial Assessment of Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - 4-19-2011
  • Gainesville's Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - Washington ... We've got a problem here! In a program recorded for broadcast on local Public Television in November, 2009, Gainesville City Mayor, Pegeen Hanrahan, discussed the Cabot-Koppers issue along with other guests. As host, Tom Krynski, pointed out, Mrs Hanrahan was no stranger to the issue, even in its early history. Ironically, host, Tom Krynski, made the error of assuming that everyone in Gainesville is aware of the issue when the opposite is true; this becuse of the very fact that neither the city, nor the homegrown University of Florida, has ever adequately raised awareness among Gainesville's residents about the problem. In that broadcast, the Mayor spoke with apparent passion and conviction. It seems particularly strange, then, that only six days later, on November 10, 2009, before the panel representing Florida's legislative delegation, which included Senator Steve Oelrich and House Speaker Larry Cretul, that passion and conviction had clearly passed. The delegates were genuinely shocked to hear about the issue first hand, especially since the Mayor did not actually include, among her official list of priorities, a request for the delegation to raise it in Washington. It didn't take long for Senator Olerich to quickly realize the magnitude of the problem, likening it to the Love C*** debacle.
  • American Cyanamid Superfund Site Video Bob Speigel of Edison Wetlands Association takes a look at the un-remediated American Cyanamid Superfund Site in Bridgewater, NJ
  • Global Guru Speak: Superfund Financial Aaron Smith of Superfund Financial on the markets.
  • Superfund Site Cleanup The EPA manages the cleanup of hazardous waste sites across the nation called Superfund sites. But who pays, and is the site ever really "clean"? Yet again, asbestos corporate giants sometimes manage to escape responsibility for cleaning up their mess, and as a result, people are dying every day.
  • Gainesville's Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - Koppers Protest Rallies: Part 1 For Gainesville residents who are still only vaguely aware, our city's heart is black and toxic. Since its creation way back in 1916 for use by a chemical treatment plant for wood products, esp. telephone poles and railroad ties, using creosote, and subsequently even more poisonous Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), this site has been chemically abused. Now known as the Cabot-Koppers Superfund (= Hazardous!) site, it has reached a warning level where this travesty can now no longer be ignored, having become a serious threat to Gainesville as a once pleasant place in which to live and be educated. Astoundingly, to this day, Koppers Co. is being allowed to continue to pollute Gainesville, from its center outwards into all surrounding neighborhoods. Identical dire waring signals about Koppers related environmental and Public Health issues have steadily come to light over the last two decades in many other towns and cities in states throughout the nation. This is simultaneously of grave personal health concern and general environmental impact to all citizens of Gainesville. So please show that you care and JOIN US! in our rallies to cleanse our city of this well known polluter and its toxic, carcinogenic pollutants.
  • Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - TV20 News / Residents On EPA's Sham Clean-up Plan (Feb-21-2011)
  • Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - TV20 News / Residents On EPA's Sham Clean-up Plan (Feb-22-2011)
  • Superfund Sites Toxic Nearly 30 Years Later Nearly 30 years after a landmark court case, the wells that supplied both toxic drinking water and a legacy of cancer to Woburn remain contaminated, despite a $21 million cleanup effort.
  • Celotex: Superfund Pt. 2 A site on the Toxics Tour by LVEJO showing how a superfund cleanup site is not being cleaned up!
  • Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - GTN News Residents Views On EPA's Sham "Clean-up" Plan (Feb-21-2011)
  • The Superfund and the Gow*** C*** - 9:48 A short history of the Superfund and of New York City's clean-up failure over 30 years on the Gow*** C***. Neighbors are hoping the Superfund will do what the city has not . . . clean up one of our country's most toxic waterways. Never mind that the c***'s Combined Sewer Overflow system floods the c***, and sometimes the whole neighborhood, with raw sewage when it rains intensely. Produced for FROGG (Friends and Residents of Greater Gow***). Is the city's "alternative plan" any good? Can Real Estate interests drive the Superfund away? Public comment period closes July 8. Superfund comment information: send email to: [email protected] Refer to "Docket Number: EPA-HQ-SFUND-2009-063" more info on www.superfundgow***.org
  • Preservation Aviation Superfund Cleanup EPA 2005 At this Superfund site in North Hollywood, California, two small warehouses were filled to overflowing with more than one million obsolete World War II aircraft gauges, many contaminated with radioactive Radium 226. Additional gauges were found in an outside storage yard in old wooden and cardboard boxes, many of which were leaking. The site was surveyed in 2004 for radiation, and then the gauges segregated into 3 waste streams. It was one of a series of sites involving radium-dial aircraft gauges to which EPA responded. This site was the largest found at that time. The large amount of debris, the poor condition of the site, and lack of security created an extreme fire hazard. Once all gauges were removed, the response teams conducted a detailed assessment of the warehouse buildings and grounds. Enough contamination remained in both areas to warrant removal of the warehouses and paved areas. Improper handling of radioactive materials in large and small industries can create extensive contamination of buildings, equipment, and land. These sites are not only dangerous but are expensive to clean up. . For more information on radiation link to . A good source of information on worker protection from radiation can be found at the US Department of Energy Office of Health, Safety and Security website at: . The entire 15 minute DVD, Preservation Aviation Superfund Cleanup, is available for free from the EPA at: .
  • Agent Orange Dioxin Barrels Seen Buried In Gainesvile EPA Superfund Site
  • EnergyAsia Interview: Aaron Smith of Superfund (1) Part 1 of 3- Aaron Smith, the Singapore-based manager for Superfund, explains the workings of managed futures funds and why he is so bullish on the oil, gold and commodity markets.
  • Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - TV20 News / Residents Duped By Non-Disclosing Realtors (Feb-24-2011)
  • Gainesville's Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - The Talking Heads The Cabot-Koppers Superfund site, federally designated as an official hazard to human health in 1983, began polluting Gainesville nearly a century ago, way back in 1916! Incredibly, for almost 27 years, the Beazer Corp. owned site, operated by their Koppers Chemical Wood-treatment Co., has been allowed by city, county, state, and federal governments, to be actively used by this well-known polluter for its business, and so to keep toxifying Gainesville! Arsenic-tainted storm-water runs off the site into our creeks and creosote and related pollutants have almost reached Gainesville's city aquifer, supplying water to its over 175000 residents!
  • Hecla To Pay $263M To Settle Superfund Lawsuit The largest mining company in Idaho's Silver Valley will pay $263.4 million plus interest to settle one of the nation's largest Superfund lawsuits. KXLY4's ***ha Roy reports.
  • Superfund Hedge Fund
  • FLIGHT FIELDS: Finding a new use for Superfund Sites The following video is a production of the Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the Academy of Model Aeronautics. It is suitable to be presented to elected officials, waste management officials, and other entities that have the potential of making a closed landfill available for model aviation.
  • The Battle for the Gow*** C*** - Superfund Cleanup vs. the City Plan When the City of New York announced it was going to chase the US Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund Cleanup of the Gow*** C*** out of town on behalf of real estate interests, neighbors of the c*** went up in arms. Follow the battle through a Community Board 6 meeting, a Gow*** block party, and the Bio Bus
  • Gainesville's Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - Ban Koppers Protest Wall For Gainesville residents who are still only vaguely aware, our city's heart is black and toxic. Since its creation way back in 1916 for use by a chemical treatment plant for wood products, esp. telephone poles and railroad ties, using creosote, and subsequently even more poisonous Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), this site has been chemically abused. Now known as the Cabot-Koppers Superfund (= Hazardous!) site, it has reached a warning level where this travesty can now no longer be ignored, having become a serious threat to Gainesville as a once pleasant place in which to live and be educated. Astoundingly, to this day, Koppers Co. is being allowed to continue to pollute Gainesville, from its center outwards into all surrounding neighborhoods. Identical dire waring signals about Koppers related environmental and Public Health issues have steadily come to light over the last two decades in many other towns and cities in states throughout the nation; places such as Grenada/Mississippi, Oroville/California, and Somerville/Texas where lawsuits have been filed against the company for numerous pollution-related violations. Simply search the Internet and you will see for yourself.
  • Gainesville's Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site - Cindy Harrington Testifies Gainesville is the "poster-child" for an all-too-familiar national syndrome regarding "Superfund sites"; namely those areas throughout the US that have been so heavily polluted by corporate abuse, misuse, and mismanagement that they have been officially registered as serious hazards to human health by the Federal Government (EPA). Gainesville's very own, dead-center (pun intended) Cabot-Koppers Superfund site was so designated in 1983. Since then, more than a quarter of a century has elapsed, plus an interminable sequence of studies, re-studies, and corrections to these studies and re-studies of the site, has been undertaken by various entities. Despite all of the play-down-the-problem EPA propaganda (especially EPA's so-called "community involvement" documentation), which claims that the agency supposedly invites members of the public-at-large to join in the search for the truth about each specific site, and so involves us in finding solutions to the problems, there is now a huge and still mounting body of documentation that demonstrates that reality is quite the contrary; that EPAs "community involvement" is now a well and truly failed aspiration.
  • Agent Orange Dioxin Barrels Seen Buried at Gainesville Koppers Superfund Site Central Florida Veterans For Peace Chapter Exclusive. War Crimes in Gainesville Florida - Host City to the University of Florida and "Florida Gators" Football.
  • www.superfundgow***.org - Superfund the Gow*** Members of FROGG, Friends and Residents of Greater Gow***, ask that you please go to superfundgow***.org and sign the petition to support the EPA Cleanup of the Gow*** C***. The Gow*** C*** in Brooklyn has neglected sewers combined with a history of heavy industry that has never been properly cleaned up. In April 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency nominated Brooklyn's Gow*** C*** as a Superfund cleanup site on its National Priority List (NPL). To get on this list means this waterway is super toxic, it used to be known as Lavender Lake because it glowed psychedelic hues from all the oil, coal tars, heavy metals, lead, PCBs, toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), Benzene/Toluene/Ethylbenzene/Xylene in it. Beyond being a chemical dumping ground for all these years the C*** is also a highly neglected sewage overflow system where Combined Sewage Overflow points (CSOs) spill into the C*** depositing our fecal matter, condoms, tampons and anything else that gets flushed into the C*** when we have a heavy rainstorm. Recently, strains of Gonorrhea and other venereal diseases were even discovered in Brooklyn's "Love C***". Beyond neglect, there have been no comprehensive health studies done in the community to study the impacts of living near such an industrial toxic mess for the residents and the larger ecosystem of plants, birds and fish. We do know that 2 years ago, a 12-foot apparently healthy baby Minke whale died within two days after getting lost ...
  • Project Spotlight - Eureka Mills Superfund Site
  • EPA Deer and Geese at Quanta Resources Superfund Site, Edgewater, New Jersey Deer and geese wandering around the Quanta Resources EPA Superfund Site in Edgewater, New Jersey. 3/20/2011
  • EPA Superfund Site Exploration: Fair Hill Park, Big Elk Chapel Road, Elkton, MD, 3/27/11 Google "Superfund" and "Big Elk Chapel Road" and you should easily find the document I am citing. Two dudes I know who work at the park tell me on 5/2/11 that they refer to the wide pathway I am walking up as "Dump Road."
  • SUPER FUND RAISER EVENT FOR A CANCER PATIENT.wmv Georgia Championship Wrestling returning for one night only on April 9th for a special lady? YES! Susan Meeks! Why do you need to come? Number One: it's for a good cause, the money raised will help our good friend Susan Meeks pay for costs related to her colon cancer surgery Number Two: World Famous stars will be there, From A&E Ronnie Hicks, Actor Robert Praglo from the BlindSide and from the movie "The Wrestler" Ernest The Cat Miller Number Three: Great wrestling matches for everyone to enjoy featuring stars from the WWE,WCW,NWA,TNA,ECW and MTV! Stars such as Steve Corino, Rick Michaels and Joel Deaton, Glacier, Peggy Lee Leather, Bambi , Legend Joyce Grable, MTV star Nigel Sherrod , midget Too Tall and many more! This is a one night only event and I don't care what anyone says! This will be the hottest night of Pro Wrestling this year! Buy a ticket today! Front row is $12, general admission is $10 and children are $6. On Sale now through PAYPAL, [email protected]! My name is Jay Herrod and this is a really great event for a really good cause so come if you can, I would greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU

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