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  • Part of the liquid becomes a "superfluid", a zero viscosity fluid which will move rapidly A vacuum container which seemed to be leak tight could suddenly leak helium rapidly as the superfluid moved out through a microscopic hole. — “Liquid helium, superfluidity”,
  • As long as it remains superfluid, it creeps up the inside wall of the cup as a thin film. The superfluid component has zero viscosity, zero entropy, and infinite thermal conductivity. — “Superfluid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • same time as the Russian Pyotr Kapitsa who discovered its superfluid state at just under 2.2 K, helium-3 at much lower temperatures, are quantum superfluids, behaving like matter-waves or superatoms, Superfluid-superconductor relationship is detailed. — “Learn more about superfluid | e! Science News”,
  • So you would think that a paper entitled "Superfluid motion of light" that had me running off to discuss a potential experimental demonstration with colleagues would have me raving. Unfortunately, on second, third, and now fourth reading, I find myself slightly at a loss. — “Superfluid light flows past obstacles without scattering”,
  • Some superfluids, such as helium-4 (helium with 4 nucleons - 2 protons & 2 neutrons), are bosons and therefore form a Bose-Einstein condensate when cooled into liquid form. A superfluid in a glass tube will literally "crawl" up the side of the tube in a thin. — “Superfluid - definition of superfluid”,
  • Superfluid helium has many strange properties, but for ARCADE the following are most important: The fraction of the liquid in the superfluid state depends on the temperature, and only on the temperature. Just below the transition temperature the liquid is nearly. — “ARCADE Superfluid Pumps”,
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Superfluid. Wikipedia superfluid (plural superfluids) (physics) A substance, such as liquid helium, that exhibits Adjective. superfluid. Of, pertaining to, or exhibiting superfluidity. — “superfluid - Wiktionary”,
  • pattern is generated by reorienting the loop of the superfluid "SQUID" with respect to the Earth's rotation 50 nK just below its superfluid transition temperature. T = 2.17 K. — “Superfluid”,
  • Definition of superfluid in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of superfluid. Pronunciation of superfluid. Translations of superfluid. superfluid synonyms, superfluid antonyms. Information about superfluid in the free online English dictionary and. — “superfluid - definition of superfluid by the Free Online”,
  • A superfluid is a phase of matter capable of flowing endlessly without energy loss. A superfluid can be a liquid or a gas, but not a solid. For example, helium's freezing. — “What is a Superfluid?”,
  • Just as electrons can flow without resistance in a superconductor, atoms can move without viscosity in a superfluid. A superfluid in a beaker will form a film that crawls up the walls, over the top, and down the sides until the beaker is emptied. — “Superfluid He Background”,
  • superfluid n. A fluid, such as a liquid form of helium, exhibiting a frictionless flow at temperatures close to absolute zero. — “superfluid: Definition from ”,
  • The basic property of superfluid is that it can flow without dissipation. The key argument of Landau is that in a superfluid like helium-4, the particles are strongly correlated so that the concept of single particles becomes meaningless. — “Superfluid hydrodynamics”,
  • The superfluid flows without friction, and its viscosity is zero. Recently, researchers have developed several applications for superfluids. Upon further cooling, increasing amounts of the helium are converted to the superfluid state. — “Superfluidity - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • "A superfluid is a liquid that flows without viscosity or inner friction. Helium-4 (middle panel), a boson, does not need to pair up to form a superfluid; groups of helium-4 atoms condense into the superfluid state at about 2 degrees above absolute zero. — “From: NaKaula”,
  • superfluid gas of fermions is pierced with the vortices, which are Observations of superfluids may help solve lingering questions about high-temperature superconductivity, which has widespread applications for magnets, sensors and energy-efficient transport of electricity, said Wolfgang Ketterle,. — “Resonance in Superfluid Gas”,
  • Superfluid. 4. He: On sin φ Josephson Weak Links. and. Dissipation of of superfluid. 4. He. Since Brian Josephson's proposals of phenomena in weakly-linked. — “Superfluid”,
  • Helium-4, the most abundant isotope of helium, becomes superfluid at temperatures below 2.17 K (−270.98 °C) Although the phenomenology of superfluidity in these two systems is very similar, the nature of the two superfluid transitions is very different. — “Superfluid”,
  • Superfluid Websites is a new concept that helps small businesses level the playing field We design, manage and host quality websites with reasonable prices. — “Web Site Design - Web Marketing - Superfluid Website Marketing”,
  • Superfluid helium flows through extremely small cavities since it ex perature decreases the amount of superfluid in the right container, and so a. — “Superfluid”,
  • As the temperature falls, the superfluid fraction takes up a greater share of the mixture. In superfluid helium, the frictionless film slithers over the whole container, creating a sort of arena through which the superfluid can flow. If the liquid has somewhere to fall after it climbs out of the. — “Strange but True: Superfluid Helium Can Climb Walls”,

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  • Liquid Helium II the superfluid (part 4 The fountain effect) A 1963 film by Alfred Leitner demonstrating the remarkable properties of liquid helium when cooled below the lambda point (the superfluid state). The superfluid has zero entropy.
  • Superfluid - (Original Non-Edited Version) Short Animation "Superfluid". Animation / Music by Kojiro Shishido. High-Definition Version now available. (QuickTime H.264 44.9MB)
  • Liquid Helium II: The Superfluid - segment 3of5 Physics demonstration by Alfred Leitner, 1963
  • Superfluidity by Es Superfluidity is an interactive multi-user in the form of a virtual interactive 3D real-time, visible online or through one or more physical(s) installation(s), all operating in a network. The visual environment is proposed to create a kind of sentence sound that will overlap with others in a collective space in perpetual construction. Superfluidity features responsiveness and speed of the network in a envirronnement without visquosité pervasive, invisible, light and absolute. It is a metaphor of the quantum state of matter, known as a superfluid, which transmits information at any point on its surface and without any time limit by a total absence of friction. This condition leads to the relocation of particles, which means that information received by a particle is immediately transmitted to all remote particles. The vision of the quantum field refers to the changing social relations brought about by electronic networks, the hyper speed of the flow of information and extreme lightness of the structure that follows, virtually a virtual absence of visquosité. Each individual particle of a whole, is part of a whole, provided it receives forward. Superfluidity is a collective that can be seen in real time by all visitors who log on. Logging in, visitors can both go and influence the space and seeing the changes made by other visitors. The physical installation is connected to the same environment and receive real-time interaction of all the visitors online.
  • Liquid Helium II the superfluid (part 3 The superfluid has zero viscosity) A 1963 film by Alfred Leitner demonstrating the remarkable properties of liquid helium when cooled below the lambda point (the superfluid state). The superfluid is able to flow without viscosity through the smallest of holes.
  • Re: Superfluid helium Helium becomes superfluid and displays amazing properties. Please keep comments to the scientific subject of superfluid helium. Comments about antigravity and other pseudo-science will be deleted, as will be jokes about high pitched voices.
  • Liquid Helium II the superfluid (part 2 The transition to the superfluid state) A 1963 film by Alfred Leitner demonstrating the remarkable properties of liquid helium when cooled below the lambda point (the superfluid state). Its thermal conductivity goes up by a factor of over 1 million and it conducts heat better than any metal.
  • Liquid Helium II: The Superfluid - segment 1of5 Physics demonstation by Alfred Leitner, 1963
  • ScienceCasts: Superfluids Visit for more! Strange quantum fluids that love to sneak out of cups have been found trapped inside the core of a dead neutron star.
  • superfluid Helium II
  • Superfluid - Fluid Simulation - HD Version Short Animation "Superfluid". Animation / Music by Kojiro Shishido. This is High-Definition Version.
  • VC - Superfluid Check ths clips for the full release: We are proud to announce our first video proper! Made by Antony Barkworth-Knight for VC 'Superfluid'. This track is lifted from VC's forthcoming 12'' due for release in mid September - a six track EP of synth soaked computer funk, electro inspired slow jams and colourful hip hop heaters. The photography for the video is taken in the northern quarter / piccadilly area of Manchester, UK. Our deepest thanks go to out to Antony for taking the time to make this for us. See some more of his work here:
  • Song A Day #264: Quantum Decoupling Transition in a One-Dimensional Feshbach-Resonant Superfluid I was listening to the RadioLab podcast this morning (if you don't know RadioLab, you should ( and they had They Might Be Giants on. They Might Be Giants just released their 14th album, a kids album called "Here Comes Science". It's great! Anyway. During this podcast, they challenged They Might Be Giants to make a song up on the spot using the phrase, "Quantum decoupling transition in a one-dimensional Feshbach-resonant superfluid". Being They Might Be Giants, they did a great job. I decided to pick up where they left off though, and use today's song a day song to write the full song. The lyrics come from an abstract that Sheey DE and Radzihovsky L. wrote on the subject in Sep. of 2005. I have NO idea what any of it means. I changed only one word...leaving out "Luttinger", because I couldn't figure out how to say it. Yay! We study a one-dimensional gas of fermionic atoms interacting via an s-wave molecular Feshbach resonance. At low energies the system is characterized by two Josephson-coupled Luttinger liquids, corresponding to paired atomic and molecular superfluids. We show that, in contrast to higher dimensions, the system exhibits a quantum phase transition from a phase in which the two superfluids are locked together to one in which, at low energies, quantum fluctuations suppress the Feshbach resonance (Josephson) coupling, effectively decoupling the molecular and atomic superfluids. Experimental signatures of this quantum ...
  • Superfluid Helium 1 - 720x480 Superfluid Helium
  • Superfluid - Fluid simulation Short Animation "Superfluid". Animation / Music by Kojiro Shishido. High-Definition Version now available. (QuickTime H.264 44.9MB)
  • Liquid Helium II: The Superfluid - segment 2of5 Physics demonstration by Alfred Leitner, 1963
  • Super Fluid Shooter // New rendering technics Improved Fluid computation, new rendering technics for fluids and lighting. Tune is called Mystic Dance, composed by GJ Fricker.
  • Liquid Helium II the superfluid (part 6 Second sound) A 1963 film by Alfred Leitner demonstrating the remarkable properties of liquid helium when cooled below the lambda point (the superfluid state). Heat is conducted at 20 M/s in a way which is totally different to convention heat conduction.
  • Liquid Helium II: The Superfluid - segment 5of5 Physics demonstration by Alfred Leitner, 1963
  • Liquid Helium II, Superfluid, Segment 1 of 6 Demonstrations of the properties of Liquid Helium. In this segment we show the equipment which we use.
  • Superfluids This video is about Superfluids an effect of the branch of Physics, Quantum Mechanics. http genesismission.4 http
  • Superfluid's "Pam's on Pills" Music video for Superfluid's "Pam's on Pills"Directed by Morten A. Mjones
  • Ben Miller experiments with superfluid helium - Horizon: What is One Degree? - BBC Two More about this programme: As part of his quest to understand what one degree of temeprature really is, Ben Miller visits Oxford's Clarendon Laboratory. Here scientists produce temperatures just a few degrees above absolute zero. Ben Miller explores the bizarre effects of these temperatures on helium.
  • Superfluid Helium 2 - 720x480 Superfluid Helium
  • Superfluidity | by Electronic Shadow Interactive art installation + Massively MultiUser Online Environment 2009
  • Superfluid helium Superfluid helium: boiling without bubbles, flowing through ceramics and "creeping" along vessel's surface (dripping at the end). This is part of "Sonda", Polish popular-scientific program broadcasted in 1980's
  • We Are Super Fluid Eli Dreyfus sings the national anthem to welcome SUPER FLUID to the stage to perform their theme song.
  • KIEHL'S - Super Fluid - UV Defense Ultra Light Sunscreen Formula for Everyday Use SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Protection Fragrance-Free, Non-Comedogenic Dermatologist-Tested for Sensitive Skin
  • Liquid Helium II: The Superfluid - segment 4of5 Physics demonstration by Alfred Leitner, 1963.
  • Superfluid helium
  • Superfluid
  • Neutron Star Has Superfluid Core! Space News Report, Cassiopeia A neutron star is reported to have a superfluid core, which is acting as a superconductor. Amazing discovery, and one more step to unlocking the secrets of the universe! Thank you for watching, and please comment, rate, & SUBSCRIBE! I have new videos all the time!
  • reconnection of quantized vortices in superfluid helium This movie shows the first direct observation of the reconnection of quantized vortices in superfluid helium. The technique uses hydrogen ice particles that are trapped on the quantized vortices to allow an observation of their motion. Reconnection is the crossing of two vortices and the exchange of their ends. One can imagine this like two stretched rubber bands coming into contact and then cutting them so that they form two corners that would retract under tension. That is what the vortices do as you can see in this video. The video was taken by the University of Maryland team. More info can be found at This research was funded by the National Science Foundation of the USA.
  • Superfluid Drip High speed video of a superfluid drop pinching off from a nozzle. The temperature is 1.34 Kelvin (1.34 degrees above absolute zero). Video was taken in 2005 in the Taborek/Rutledge research lab a the University of California, Irvine.
  • Liquid Helium II the superfluid (part 5 The Rollin film) A 1963 film by Alfred Leitner demonstrating the remarkable properties of liquid helium when cooled below the lambda point (the superfluid state). This superfluid 'quantum liquid' appears to defy gravity and is able to climb out of any container in a thin film moving at up to 35 cm per sec.
  • Superfluid Fountain High speed video of the fountain effect in superfluid helium-4. The fountain is produced due to two properties of superfluid, the ability to flow through very small pores and the ability to flow due to temperature gradients (thermomechanical effet). Video was taken in August 2007 in the Taborek/Rutledge research lab at the University of California, Irvine.
  • One Hundred Years of Superfluidity A final part of the talk "One Hundred Years of Superfluidity", by David Lee (Nobel prize in Physics 1996), presented on September 26, 2008 at the University of Connecticut.
  • The Story Behind the Discovery of Superfluidity in Helium Three Lecturer: Douglas D. Osheroff , Stanford University. The lecture was held at the Tel Aviv University in Israel. 5.12.10
  • Superfluid Helium 3 - 720x480 Superfluid Helium
  • Quantum vortices in Superfluid Helium For more info: Visualization of quantized vortices in superfluid helium using frozen particles done at the University of Maryland. Video by Enrico Fonda
  • Pread - SuperFluid I spent all yesterday night and this morning making every nuance of this song perfect. so please, use headphones if you have them because otherwise my efort is wasted in crappy computer speakers.
  • Superfluid Reel ...reel of Francois JACQUES / Superfluid

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