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  • The religion and spiritual practice of Eckankar An ECK Current connects every person with the Heart of Sugmad. It flows from the Creator to the lower levels of existence and. — “ECKANKAR”,
  • Online English Bookstore for South Korea THE SHARIYAT-KI-SUGMAD means "Way of the Eternal". These writings are the scriptures of Eckankar, a spiritual teaching movement focusing on the Light and Sound of God. — “What the Book? (Browse books) [The New and Used Bookstore”,
  • "In the forest of the SUGMAD is an enormous clearing. It is set in a breathtakingly When battle must be done to bring protection to Its own, the Inner Master, the Mahanta, will go to the clearing, pick up the shield, and with the sword of the SUGMAD he will take the field in battle for you. — “Inspirational Reading”,
  • List of books stored in books-by- the ISBN of which begins with the publisher-specific prefix 978-1-57043. The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I: Discover the Ancient Scriptures of God's Love For You. — “Eckankar - books from this publisher (ISBNs begin with 978-1”, books-by-
  • The opinions expressed in this web site are those of the writers and not necessarily All rights reserved. The terms ECKANKAR, ECK, EK, MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL, and VAIRAGI,. — “Eckankar in Virginia, Religion of the Light and Sound of God”, eck-
  • The Worlds of ECK. GOD. SUGMAD. Music of. Woodwinds. Thousand. Violins SUGMAD. ATMA LOK. Aum (Mind) MENTAL. OMKAR. Running Water. Mana (Memory) CAUSAL. RAMKAR. — “SUGMAD”,
  • Practices: Spiritual exercises are meditation activities built upon the foundation of the "Holy Spirit" which is the Light and Sound of God who is known as SUGMAD. The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad are divine Scriptures. Comments: This New Age philosophy is nothing more than Hinduism in another package. — “Eckankar | Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry”,
  • Sugmad Eshwar is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Sugmad Eshwar and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Sugmad Eshwar has 429 friends on Facebook and is a fan of. — “Sugmad Eshwar | Facebook”,
  • Short stories to read online, and motivational stories, inspirational short stories, and free stories for online education and self-awareness about life, love, and living The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Bk 1 "If we give love, we get love. And even in the most difficult of times, we find there is always a. — “Love quotes, love poems quote, and love sayings to uplift”,
  • See what your friends are reading. Keep track of what you've read and organize your books into virtual bookshelves. Join a book club to discuss your favorite books. A better way to find good books to read! Das Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Buch Zwei by Paul Twitchell. — “browse books (showing 2,056,401-2,056,589 of 9,764,217)”,
  • "God made flesh on earth·the representative of Sugmad [God in our midst today" (Twitchell, The Spiritual Notebook, 2nd Ed. flesh on earth·the representative of Sugmad [God in our midst today. — “Spiritual - Art as relaxation”,
  • All about The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two by Paul Twitchell. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. — “The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two by Paul Twitchell | LibraryThing”,
  • Solly Ft Sugmad & SamiX - Eshgh Labe Goor - download at 4shared. Solly Ft Sugmad & SamiX - Eshgh Labe Goor is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Online file sharing and storage - 15 GB free web space. Easy registration. File upload. — “Solly Ft Sugmad & SamiX - Eshgh Labe Goor.mp3 - 4”, 4
  • Dhunami, Eckankar, Eck, Ek, ATOM, Ancient Teachings of the Masters, Paul Twitchell, Darwin Gross, Tammy Latimer, Tammy Marche, Paul Marche, Vairagi, Soul Travel, Sugmad, Mahanta, Chela, Light and Sound. — “The Ancient Science of Divine Contentment”,
  • The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, "Way of the Eternal," written by Twitchell, is the sacred text of Eckankar. physical limitations of the body to the higher spiritual realms of the 'Sugmad' - the formless, all-embracing, impersonal and infinite equivalent of God in theistic. — “Eckankar - ReligionFacts”,
  • As the ECK master, he wrote a number of books and brought to publication two volumes of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, the scripture of ECKANKAR. Eckists believe Sugmad is the endless world from which all forms were. — “Eckankar: Information from ”,
  • A leather-bound, combined edition of both books of the holy scriptures of Eckankar. The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two $50.00. Item #: 010293. Quantity: Description. The special one-volume edition with a combined index is bound in soft, blue leather; the pages are gilt-edged and carefully. — “The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two”,
  • Just under the Sugmad of the Supreme Reality there is a band of Light, and in this band of Light are the Silent Ones. The Silent Ones cannot be named. It's very hard to tell you about the line of masters that MSIA functions through, because we. — “New Day Herald On-Line”,
  • This is especially true in the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, which you tout as the quintessential book that Eckists should read and follow. These passages ¾ with references ¾ are taken directly from Eckankar's "Bible" called the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. — “The Truth Seeker”, thetruth-
  • : The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I: Discover the Ancient Scriptures of God's Love For You (9781570430480): Paul Twitchell: Books. — “: The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book I: Discover the”,
  • Some of the key beliefs taught in the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad include soul travel, karma, reincarnation, love, light and sound, and Eckists believe Sugmad is the endless world from which all forms were. — “Eckankar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • HU soul travel 3 of 17 ***** Music "Surrender to Love" by Robin D. Hoffman, Computer Art : by eva
  • The God Worlds Poems by Tryphena Louise Williams Destiny The Sword of Truth Show Me the Way O SUGMAD (GOD) The Master's Love
  • Speedy Drawing and color Original designer of art JunYo Color designer by me http song: Fedde la grand feat. Mitch Crown - Scare of me THEATRE BOOK - Uragiri no Yuuyake Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - EPTM SuG - Mad$hip
  • AVSEQ01.DAT REDNECK DESKTOP CAR SPOILER Actually just moving a desk from the dump to the house. Thanks to the ingenious seatbelts, we got the safe ford technology. Safety first. The desk actually made it home safe and sound.
  • Green tea man talks about the sugmad and his green tea while facing nature
  • DHUNAMI Introductory Video.wmv An introduction to the Dhunami way of life. This is the direct path to Sugmad (God); the genuine continuation of the body of work brought forth by Sri Paul Twitchell when he became the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master in 1965, as faithfully carried on by his successor, Sri Darwin Gross. These are the inner and outer teachings leading to Self and God-realization, and Self-Mastery in this lifetime. Dhunami is known as the Ancient Science of Divine Contentment because its practice leads to levels of relaxation, inner calm and spiritual awareness lying dormant within each man or woman. Dhunami is a path of individual spiritual experience developed by each person via the use of the spiritual exercises of Dhunami. It has been called the path of the bold and adventuresome; for it is a gradual process of uncovering, seeing and hearing who one really is beneath the many layers of illusory psychic bodies everyone possesses. It takes faith, stamina, fortitude, patience, and it is certainly not for everyone. It is for the few in many; those who seek and prize spiritual Truth above all else. With the Blessings of Sugmad, Sri Paul Marché The 973rd Living Dhunami Master of the Time
  • Dhunami Update 3-22-10 part 2 Information about events and activities in Dhunami. Dhunami is the Ancient Science of Divine Contentment; the Direct Path to Sugmad.
  • MAD Opening- Fairy Tail Something that I made about a year ago... I know it's crappy xD ------------------------------------------------------- I do not own anything in this video. Absolutely nothing.
  • Dhunami Update 1 1 10 part 5 Information about events and activities in Dhunami. Dhunami is the Ancient Science of Divine Contentment; the Direct Path to Sugmad.
  • The Suge The film that sparked a movement of its ep within the bowels of our nation's youth. Touted as "the necessary cleansing of evil spirits", this High School renewal reminisces of the journey to adulthood, primal urges, detached observation and lol look hes in a diaper.
  • Dhunami Update 3-22-10 part 1 Information about events and activities in Dhunami. Dhunami is the Ancient Science of Divine Contentment; the Direct Path to Sugmad.
  • Jrock - Alorse on danse Random dancing Jrockers, I don't own a thing.. Credits to them! Used Live & PV.. Backstage Artists inc: The GazettE, Kagrra, Alice Nine, Miyavi, KRA, Dir en Grey, LIN, MUCC, Screw, D=OUT, SuG Music used: Stromae - Alorse on danse
  • Bird Hu This is a hu chant with birds and some music. If you chant Hu with this song, I promise you that you will enjoy a peaceful moment that will last a long time. This music should be listened to using headsets and you really should be alone and without any interruptions. Thank You for listening. Jerry C
  • HU soul travel 2 of 17
  • Fly to the Temple of ECK Do you want to soul travel to the Temple of ECK? This video helps me with my spiritual exercises. Hope it's useful for you too...
  • Sugmad Eshwar Man who stood against the odds
  • SuG - mad$hip subs I DO NOT CLAIM THIS VIDEO.Welcome to Mad$hip BWAHAHHAA Love Takeru and Chiyu
  • Oh Mahanta: A Song of Love "OH MAHANTA*" was performed by the ECK Choir Kakis at the 2010 ECKANKAR Malaysia Regional Seminar. The music for the medley is adapted from the African folk song "Sia Hamba" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Lyrics & Vocals NICOLE FOO All Artwork by EVA SCHOEN "OH MAHANTA" Oh Mahanta (x4) Oh Mahanta Thanks for the Light and Sound Oh Mahanta We love you Mahanta We love you Mahanta Thank you very much for the Light and Sound A-wum-ba-we We have come to be born on earth And our journey thus begin Going home to the Ocean of Love and Mercy Sugmad* loves us and so we love It And then the Mahanta Teaches us to use our creativity Hush my brother Don't fear my sister All we need is LOVE Glossary of ECK terms (taken from ) MAHANTA A title to describe the highest state of God Consciousness on earth, often embodied in the Living ECK Master. He is the Living Word. An expression of the Spirit of God that is always with you. Sometimes seen as a Blue Light or Blue Star or in the form of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. SUGMAD A sacred name for God. Sugmad is neither masculine nor feminine; It is the source of all life.
  • (ECKANKAR) The Temple of ECK: A Place for All Who Love God The Temple of ECK in Chanhassen, Minnesota, is the worldwide center for the teachings of the Light and Sound of God. Located at the heart of the ECKANKAR Spiritual Campus, it is a local community church and a Golden Wisdom Temple. Seekers of truth come here for the spiritual study of Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel. "The Temple is here for a spiritual purpose, and it's not just for ECKists. It's for people of all religions. You don't have to leave your religion and become a member of ECK to enjoy the benefits of the ECK Temple; just come." ~ Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR How the Inner Master Works, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 12 "Any of you who visit the Temple of ECK will find it has a special character, a presence of its own. That presence is the love of God. Later, if you are ever in need of spiritual help, at bedtime imagine yourself back at the Temple. Ask the question that you need help with, and then just go to sleep. Often you'll awake in the morning with an entirely different view of the situation." ~ Sri Harold Klemp "Another word for contemplation is appreciation. As you walk the trails in contemplation, think about all the reasons you have to be grateful. Think about the gifts in your life that have come from God, from the Holy Spirit, that make this life worth living. Think about the adventures that are coming, and be grateful for the strength to meet tomorrow." ~ Sri Harold Klemp For a Virtual Tour of the Temple of ECK's interior go to ...
  • 武瑠!!!!! お誕生日おめでとう~! Happy Birthday Takeru (SuG) May 11th 2011! I made one for 2009, 2010 and now 2011...Hopefully my video will be the most watched once again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAKERU! no.1 idol! I love you! and thank you to Janiie methavichit for sending in her painting of Takeru! It's really amazing!! DISCLAIMER: I used clips, music and photos as a tribute to my idol on his birthday (may 11th) if this gets deleted then...I'll be extremely upset haha! follow me on twitter:
  • HU soul travel 4 of 17 Song "Clear the Fear and Go On Loving", Music and Lyrics by Birgit Langer and Bob Bowers performed by Bob and Birgit, PICS: eva computer art
  • Dhunami Update 2/24/10 Part 3 Information about events and activities in Dhunami. Dhunami is the Ancient Science of Divine Contentment; the Direct Path to Sugmad.
  • The Suge The necessary cleansing of evil spirits.
  • HU soul travel 6 of 17 computer art by eva Melodie from the Traditional Scottish Song "Loch Lomond" performed by Bob Bowers Lyrics by Birgit Langer and Bob Bowers "God´s Ocean": I live in this world, yet I know, I´m not from here, my heart lies safe in the Sugmad, where me and my true love, Mahanta is his name will meet on the banks of God´s Ocean. 1. Refrain: Oh some take the high road and some take the low road, but no soul gets lost on it´s way there, for Soul and Mahanta will ever meet again on the bonnie bonnie banks of God´s Ocean. It was then that we parted many lifetimes ago, he found me again when I was ready, he told me of the HU now I have the brighter view and we drink of the beautiful waters 2. Refrain : Oh some take the fast road and some take the slow road, but no soul gets lost ... The worries of the day can steal the hear away and ye may kin the fear of the lonely , just sing the loving HU and you know that brighter view of the bonnie bonnie banks of the Sugmad. 3. Refrain like 1. Refrain: Oh some the high road and some take the low road...
  • September 2010 Dhunami Update Pt. 2.mpg Monthly Dhunami update video. Dhunami is the direct path to Sugmad; the Ancient Science of Divine Contentment.
  • My favourite J-Rock bands Songs: Kiryu-Onigokko v[NEU]- -wave- aicle. - Hi-Fi Dancer Oyuugi Wagamama-Dan x [PaRADEiS] - the other side MUCC - Falling Down -OZ- - VENOM UnsraW - Dust to Dust the Gazette - Filth in the Beauty SuG - mad$hip D'espairsRay - In Vain D=OUT - SUNRISE 9GOATS BLACK OUT - TANATOS Dir en Grey - Stuck Man An Cafe - My Heart Leaps For 'C'
  • Caught in monochrome Dreams [ Takeru ] Footage : SuG - mad$hip, P!NK masquerade, butterfly boy, Alterna Song : Silent Hill 3 OST - Rain of Brass Petals ( Three Voices Edit ) "i am the second, alone in a faceless crowd a human caught in monochrome dreams i scream to wake up" I made this video mainly for myself, there actually IS a story behind this video and there's so much meaning to this song... I won't explain it though, it's personal and I think you can make your own sense out of all of this :3 Just watch and enjoy! This was planned to be a birthday-video for Takeru, but it's way too late now, I guess. Haha c: Anways; happy birthday!
  • Sampson the Giant Horse Sampson the Giant Horse at Montgomery County Fair MD 8-14-10 - Barker Audio
  • the car wash sugmad man washes his car and tells about it
  • Dhunami Update 2/24/10 Part 1 Information about events and activities in Dhunami. Dhunami is the Ancient Science of Divine Contentment; the Direct Path to Sugmad.

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  • “29/11/1431 Experience of a Group Viewing Of An Eckankar Talk Reading the Eckankar books is quite the experience in itself! It is much like reading a com That being said, the experience of listening to the audio programs "HU: A Love Song to God" and "Shariyat Ki Sugmad Book 1" was better”
    — Samhain's Eckankar Worship Service in Vancouver, WA - The,

  • “Read Gods do Not Concede by Zephram Stark on MySpace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. Lately, Israel has been preparing for the final batt”
    — Gods do Not Concede - Zephram Stark's MySpace Blog |,

  • “The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad means "Way of the Eternal." These writings are the scriptures of Through The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad you will discover an answer to every human question ever”
    — Ufos | Path To God - Spiritual Journeys, path-to-

  • “The most popular bodybuilding message boards! Save Up To 50% Off Retail Store Supplement Prices In The Store! Public. Show Today. Weekly View. Monthly View”
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  • “Character Search. Guilds Search. Guild Leaderboard. Items Discovered. Item Search. Best of the Best. Best in Class. Guild Leaderboard. Xondemos Sugmad Celestine Ward. Profile. Blog. Media. Factions. Stats. Blog Home | My Blogs. The Owner of this Character has Restricted Access to this Area”
    — Vanguard Players - Blog for Xondemos,

  • “More than one life? Twitchell described God ("Sugmad") in his book The Tiger's Fang as ignorant, internally inconsistent, in need of wisdom and education, negative, unawakened, wondering, poor, unhappy, not content with his creation and in need of”
    — More than one life? - Forum,

  • “Forum Index | Disclaimer | Forum Rules. Eckankar. December 03, 2004 04:41PM. Cosmophilospher acting as a "co-worker with the Sugmad," (eckankar's name for God) and "spreading the”
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  • “sugmad's BodyBlog About My Blog. Archives. March 2010. Categories. Training (1) Links. . sugmad's BodyBlog. my sometimes interesting BodyBlog. Welcome! March 29, 2010. Welcome to the BodyBlogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”
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  • “Followers of Eckankar refer to God as SUGMAD or HU; the latter name is pronounced as a To link to this blog (Neet2005) use [blog Neet2005] in your messages”
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