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  • The 2005 Montana State Legislature revised the Montana Subdivision and Platting Act through Senate Bill 116. The County has revised their subdivision regulations to be in compliance with changes made to this act, effective October 1, 2006. Purpose of Subdivision Regulations. — “Application for Subdivision Review”,
  • Subdivision: Means the division of any parcel of land into two or more lots, blocks, or Minor Subdivision: Means any subdivision containing not more than four lots fronting on. — “Varick Subdivision Code”,
  • The Garrett County Subdivision Ordinance first became effective on June 1, 1997. Pursuant to Article 13 of the Subdivision Ordinance, whoever being the owner or agent of the owner of any land located within a subdivision transfers or sells or agrees to sell or negotiate to sell any land by. — “Subdivision Administration”,
  • Effective July 1, 2009 as part of the Subdivision Approval Process for a Preliminary Plan, Planned Multi Family, Mixed Use Development or Commercial Subdivision digital submittals of the subdivision boundaries and the approved subdivision site plan will be required. — “Subdivision”,
  • This website provides resources to those interested in subdivision. It is also meant to compliment the book "Subdivision Methods For Geometric Design: A Constructive Approach" by Joe Warren and Henrik Weimer, published by Morgan Kaufmann. This website was built by Scott Schaefer. — “”,
  • Section 443. Planning Board Action on Proposed Final Subdivision Plat. It is declared to be the policy of the Planning Board to consider Subdivision Plats as part of a plan for the orderly, efficient, and economical development of the. — “ARTICLE 4: SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS”,
  • Subdivision Trustees - St. Louis Metro Area. Welcome to Subdivision Trustees, a place where trustees and neighborhood associations can network, exchange information, share photos and more. Please feel to comment and share information. Showing newest posts with label subdivision. — “Subdivision Trustees - St. Louis Metro Area: subdivision”,
  • A subdivision is a concept most people in North America are familiar with because they live in one. The subdivision as we know it today first got underway in 1926, when the Advisory Committee on City Planning and Zoning formed the Standard City Planning Enabling Act (SCPEA). — “What is a Subdivision?”,
  • Definition of subdivision in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is subdivision? Meaning of subdivision as a legal term. What does subdivision mean in law?. — “subdivision legal definition of subdivision. subdivision”, legal-
  • Subdivision definition, the act or fact of subdividing. See more. — “Subdivision | Define Subdivision at ”,
  • Whereas some subdivisions comprise exclusive gated communities, others are merely demarcations denoting a specific neighborhood. Some subdivisions may conduct autonomous security, or provide basic services such as water and refuse management. — “Antipolo City Subdivisions [ Ah Yer! Philippines ]”,
  • subdivision - definition of subdivision from : A tract of land which has been divided into smaller pieces (called lots), usually for the purpose of constructing residences which will be sold individually. — “subdivision definition”,
  • subdivision (countable and uncountable; plural subdivisions) (countable, uncountable) a division into smaller pieces of something that has already been divided; to separate something. Subdivide the sentence into pieces and understand it a bit at a time. — “subdivision - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of subdivision in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of subdivision. Pronunciation of subdivision. Translations of subdivision. subdivision synonyms, subdivision antonyms. Information about subdivision in the free online English. — “subdivision - definition of subdivision by the Free Online”,
  • New housing subdivision moves forward - 28 Aug 2007. Charles City Press,By Mark Wicks, Managing Editor Plans for a new housing subdivision in Charles City are moving forward, following approval of the preliminary plans Monday. Planners approve Bedford subdivision - 28 Aug 2007. — “Subdivision”,
  • Subdivision is the act of dividing land into pieces usually via a plat. The former single piece as a whole is then known as a subdivision; if it is used for housing it is typically known as a housing subdivision or housing development, although. — “Subdivision”,
  • Subdivision - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Subdivision”,
  • Where subdivision is used as a method, plan provisions must be effective and robust given all subdivision requires a resource consent, unless specifically permitted by a plan. This guidance note provides an overview of how subdivision can be managed in the district plan. — “Plan topics: Subdivision [Quality Planning website]”, .nz
  • The former single piece as a whole is then known in the United States as a subdivision. If it is used for housing it is typically known as a housing subdivision or housing development, although some developers tend to call these areas communities. — “Subdivision (land) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Types of Subdivision. There are five basic types of subdivisions: Fee Simple Subdivision. A land estate in which the owner is entitled to the entire property with unconditional power of disposition except as limited by the original grant or contained in any other grant or disposition from the Crown. — “Types of Subdivision”,
  • subdivision n. The act or process of subdividing. A subdivided part. An area of real estate composed of subdivided lots. — “subdivision: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • This chapter from The Law of Suretyship examines the unique aspects of Subdivision Bonds as compared with Public Works Bonds. — “Subdivision Bonds, Chapter 12”,
  • The Subdivision Ordinance has been re-formatted from the original for Internet accessibility, and may contain inadvertent errors and/or omissions. Any proposed subdivision and its ultimate use shall be in the best. — “Subdivision Ordinance - Weber County Wiki”,

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  • Railfanning The Union Pacific Geneva Subdivision, Wheaton, IL. 8-11-09. Me, Larry, Colin, Dan, and Andrew all went out to Wheaton. We started on the bridge West of the station and finished at the station. 12:03AM- A UP ACE leads this container intermodal West and the engineer gives a few honks. DPUs have been pretty common on UP intermodal trains lately. UP SD70ACe #8643 UP SD70M #4538 UP SD70M #4113 UP ES44AC #7351 12:13PM- A manifest and container intermodal all with EMD power meet at the sweeping curve with one going West, the other East. Also note that #270 is the lowest numbered unit on the entire UP roster! UP SD70M #4802 UP SD70M #5152 UP SD70M #4724 UP SD70M #5131 UP SD70M #4544 UP SD70M #4415 UP SD70M #5107 UP GP38-2 #279 Metra 31 departs Wheaton Station and quickly gains speed as it heads West. F40PH-2 #173 1:03PM- Metra 48 arrives into Wheaton over 7 minutes late. Despite it's tardiness, the engineer gives us a shave and a haircut. Cab Car #8403 F40PH-2 #132 1:25PM- This UP manifest rounds the curve with a bunch of steel loads up front. UP SD70M #5188 UP SD70M #4341 1:32PM- Metra 33 arrives on time into Wheaton Station. F40PH-2 #148 Metra 50 arrives two minutes early with Cab Car #8428 leading. F40PH-2 #173 2:09PM- A monsterous lash-up shows up with an awesome crew on board. UP SD70M #4585 UP SD70M #5055 UP SD70M #4877 UP SD70M #5013 UP GP15AC #740 UP AC4400CW #7192 UP AC4400CW #6802 UP AC4400CW #5902 2:13PM- The Z-Train known as "The Bird' rounds the bend. This is probably the hottest Westbound on the line. UP SD70M #4179 UP SD70M ...
  • DUBSTEP : The Subdivision - The Light The Subdivision - "The Light" from the sampler "Cinematic Dubstep Vol. 1" released @ DubKraft Records in 2008 PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTIST AND BUY THE MUSIC!
  • Rush - Subdivision (Drum Cam) Live Drum cam, Neal peart is a ***ing GOD. rush rules.
  • 12/26/2009 - Railfanning the BNSF Chicago Subdivision, AKA "The Race Track." Snow day at Naperville! Train 380, Amtrak's inbound Illinois Zephyr, arrives into Naperville, IL., for its station stop, led by AMTK 142. 380 was delayed for a couple minutes, which gave us time to get to the other end of the platform, for another shot. An inbound Metra train arrives and departs Naperville, bound for a snowy Chicago. A pair of BNSF ES44AC's are really kicking up the fresh powder, as they roll east through Naperville, with a loaded coal train. An outbound Metra train arrives and departs Naperville, in the snowstorm. The H3, Dash 9 leader of this eastbound Z train looks to have seen some serious snow in its recent travels, as it slowly passes through Naperville, crossing over from Main 2 to 3. Three BNSF Dash 9's follow. As the eastbound intermodal rolls along, a pair of horsies dash through the snow, with a westbound manifest. This inbound Metra train kicks up some snow as it arrives into Naperville for its stop. This westbound manifest kicks up some serious snow, as it rolls through Naperville, powered by a BNSF Dash 9 and...of all things, a BC Rail Dash 9-44CWL, #4644! A very cool catch! My first sighting of a BCOL Canadian cab. Not long after the manifest with the BC Rail came through, a second westbound manifest came roaring through, creating a major blizzard. It's powered by a pair of BNSF Dash 9's. Precipitation on the lens creates this neat video of an outbound Metra arriving into the station. Four BNSF Dash 9's are dashing through the snow with this westbound stack train ...
  • Greystone Subdivision Tour Hoover Alabama The Greystone Subdivision Tour gives a tour of the Greystone Community in Hoover Alabama and spotlights the different areas, the homes in them, and the price range for those homes. (as of 3/08) For more information visit us at
  • Rush "Subdivisions" (Drum cover) Al Slark From "Signals" A fun song to Play?? not perfect by any means, that ending??? we shot this so many times that day that I decided to go with this take, with as few mistakes as possible. many thanks to my New Camera man"By-Tor the Snow Ham" who wishes to remain anonymous?
  • Little stranger - Sub Division video musical de Sub Division
  • Ani DiFranco Subdivision Render - Spanning Time with Ani DiFranco (DVD or VHS 2002) running time: 1h 52m Buy it at or
  • Railfanning CSX's Keystone Subdivision We return to central Pennsylvania in the 15th video in the "Railfanning" series to watch CSX move tonnage over the Alligheny Mountains. With modern motive power such as the SD70ACe, ES44AC, and C44-9W, it makes for quite a show. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.
  • Rush, Subdivisions. I made this video back in college, back in 1992. The quality isn't so great due to a transfer from 3/4 tape, to dvd, then onto the net....
  • Railfanning the BNSF La Junta Subdivision 12-12-07 A rare sight on the La Junta Sub, or in Hutch period! A BNSF coal train led by BNSF SD70MAC #9738, and TFM SD70MAC #1644, and BNSF SD70MAC #8804 as the DPU. Honors: #11 - Top Rated (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #90 - Top Rated (This Week) - Autos & Vehicles #20 - Most Discussed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #5 - Top Rated (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #90 - Top Rated (This Week) - Autos & Vehicles #20 - Most Discussed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #61 - Top Favorites (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #5 - Top Rated (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #90 - Top Rated (This Week) - Autos & Vehicles #20 - Most Discussed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #45 - Top Favorites (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #14 - Most Discussed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #29 - Top Favorites (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #7 - Top Rated (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #48 - Top Rated (This Week) - Autos & Vehicles
  • 3dmax tutorial Chapter 03 Sub division surface
  • Railfanning The BNSF Chicago Subdivision At Hollywood Station, Brookfield, IL. 11-12-09. Also known as the "Zoo Stop," Hollywood Metra is one of three stations in Brookfield. The Brookfield Zoo is located only a few blocks from here and the rock formations used as passenger shelters mimic those inside the animal exhibits. Many of you are familiar with my footage from Congress Park West of here. between Congress Park and Hollywood is the Brookfield Station. Today was pretty slow for freights with the time being I was there. 9:14AM- Metra 1260 arrives into Hollywood over seven minutes late. Track construction is to blame of course. Cab Car #8550 F40PHM-2 #185 9:17AM- The three minute late 1227 gives a few warning honks to the city workers replacing light bulbs on the platform. F40PHM-2 #196 10:08AM- Amtrak Illinois Zephyr 380 will be making it into Chicago Union on time today after making it's second to last stop at LaGrange. P42DC #47 10:23AM- Metra 1262 cruises into Hollywood and gives a few honks with it's cannibalized K3LA. Cab Car #8568 F40PHM-2 #194 10:55AM- This old Bluebonnet leads one of the R-CHI road freights from Eola to Cicero. BNSF GP38 #2233 BNSF GP38-2 #789 10:56AM- Metra 1229 arrives four minutes late even though freight traffic is sparse this morning. MP36PH-3 #403 11:10AM- A trio of pumpkins take the heavy M-BRCGAL up the hill under the intermediate signals. BNSF C44-9W #5318 BNSF C44-9W #5441 BNSF C44-9W #5381 11:15AM- Metra 1264 meets the M-BRCGAL down by the main Brookfield stop and arrives only a few minutes late. Cab Car #8595 F40PHM-2 ...
  • The Ultimate Cajon Subdivision THE ULTIMATE CAJON SUBDIVISION From the great San Bernardino Valley to the high desert community of Barstow lies one of the busiest and most scenic mainlines in the country. At just over 81 miles in length, the BNSF Cajon Sub is a powerful artery that plays an integral role in moving trains to and from Southern California. With its stiff climb over Cajon Pass, endless flow of traffic, and vistas of stark beauty, the Cajon Sub is a place of limitless photo opportunities for railroad photographers. Pentrex takes you on a journey of epic proportions across this railroading hot spot. For close to five years, leaving almost no mile undocumented, filming over 500 trains during winter snow storms and summer heat, we searched out incredible photo locations to take you into the heart of this line as it's never been seen before! BNSF, Union Pacific, and Amtrak deliver nonstop thrills here. These trains are covered on the Mojave Desert between Barstow and Victorville as well as on the challenging Pass. We also capture the action on Union Pacific's Colton-Palmdale Cutoff as it parallels the BNSF on Cajon Pass. You'll see numerous trains with foreign power leading, along with other surprises such as passenger specials and Grand Canyon Railway steam engines and tenders riding on flatcars. Plus, you'll catch sight of the early stages of new mainline construction and tunnel daylighting projects as well. There's so much to see! On Discs One and Two you'll explore the lines in detail from ...
  • Devil's Kiss by The Subdivision I've had alittle change from uploading Drum and Bass and decided to upload a really awesome Dubstep tune. This tune is like the best Dubstep tune I've ever heard, really, really class tune right here.
  • Subdivision Trunk and Fashion Show Not every fierce fashion show was in Bryant Park this February for Fashion Week in NYC! Ins&Outs TV attended the Subdivision Trunk and Fashion Show at the Foundry in LIC on February 10, 2009. Watch footage from the runway of Fall '09 looks and interviews with four local NYC designers: Andrea Corson, Claire Vuillemot of Rubytone, Moriah Carlson of Feral Childe, and Sumie Tachibana. The show also featured clothing and jewelry designs from Joel Voisard, Ayka Ayka, Astridland, Death by Drone, Le'cneca, and Yu Clothing, and was presented by Subdivision, a boutique and gallery on Vernon Blvd. in LIC. Thank you to Virginia Mason from Subdivision and Sumie Tachibana for inviting us to be a part of it! Buy, shop, and wear local! .
  • HiDef: CSX "Sand Patch" Keystone Subdivision DVD Sample 1 This is the CSX Keystone Subdivision sample number one. A second one will be released closer to the DVD / Blu-ray release (I hope by January). This is just a 10 minute taste of over 3 hours along the east and west slope of the famous Sand Patch Grade from this spring (April), summer (June),...
  • Murrnong - a permaculture subdivision A permaculture community subdivision based on tree crop agriculture, on the edge of an Australian country town.
  • Rush - Subdivisions Subdivisions by Rush from their album, Signals. (1982) Track 01
  • The BNSF Chillicothe Subdivision - High Speed Rail Action (Volume Two)! On June 19th and 20th of 2010, John Puda and I spent our days trackside on the busy BNSF Chillicothe Subdivision. We ventured to three primary spots - Coal City, Mazon and Verona. In these two days, we caught some amazing things, and got plenty of nice photos and video to bring home! Enjoy! Trains COAL CITY IL WB, S Train: BNSF ES44DC (#7337) BNSF C44-9W BNSF C44-9W BNSF C44-9W Warbonnet EB, S Train (UP run-through): UP ES44AC (#7407) UP SD70M (#4757) DPU: UP ES44AC (#5317) MAZON IL EB, S Train: BNSF C44-9W (#719) Warbonnet BNSF C44-9W BNSF C44-9W WB, S Train: BNSF C44-9W (#5523) BNSF C44-9W BNSF C44-9W WB, S Train: BNSF ES44DC (#7850) BNSF ES44DC BNSF ES44DC EB, S Train: BNSF ES44DC (#7238) BNSF ES44DC BNSF ES44DC BNSF ES44DC *Shave and a Haircut Attempt* EB, S Train: BNSF ES44DC (#7830) BNSF ES44DC BNSF C44-9W WB, mixed: BNSF C44-9W H1 BNSF C44-9W Warbonnet WB, S Train: BNSF ES44DC (#7587) BNSF C44-9W BNSF ES44DC BNSF ES44DC (#7695) *Yellow H3 Logo* EB, coal: BNSF C44-9W (#4425) BNSF C44-9W (#4475) DPU: BNSF C44-9W EB, S Train: BNSF ES44DC (#7682) BNSF C44-9W (#5059) BNSF ES44DC (#7415) BNSF C44-9W (#4172) BNSF ES44DC (#7675) EB, mixed: BNSF C44-9W (#4367) BNSF C44-9W (#4173) H3 EB, mixed: NS C40-9W (#9469) NS SD70M-2 (#2687) NS C40-9W (#9611) WB, S Train: BNSF ES44DC (#7430) BNSF ES44DC BNSF SD70MAC (#9485) (My condolences for not catching all locomotive numbers). Rail Thunder Productions Video .........
  • Rush - Subdivisions - Drumming by Ray Harber Hello everyone, thanks for the positive feedback on my previous Peart tributes...Here's another one from "Signals" A couple of people asked if I could turn up the drums (my drums) in the, voila! there you go. This performance is a little loose in parts, but I was happy enough with it to post on here...Anyway! I will be posting some other drumming on here soon (besides Rush!) including me drumming to some original songs that I've recorded with different bands...and maybe a solo? Anyway, enjoy and please leave feedback! Thanks, Ray Harber
  • Cougar River Subdivision Overview The Cougar River Subdivision was a four-level HO scale layout in Manitoba, Canada. It was owned by my brother-in-law. The layout, which featured both CN and the CPR, was dismantled in Sept., 2009. The trains ran from room-to-room throughout the whole basement (furnace area, past the bathroom, back room, spare room, rec room); a helix in the pantry was used to connect the levels. The upper staging yard was suspended from the ceiling.
  • Railfanning The BNSF La Junta Subdivision, 5-20-09 With today being the last day of school I decided to start summer off with going to Newton. I was up there for about 2 hours without seeing any mainline traffic so I came back to Hutch. I stayed home for a bit then I went out to catch the KCKDEN. I included a clip from 5-17-09 in this video of Local 11 and its 10 unit consist. (c) 2009 Chuck Mitchell
  • Subdivision Surface Modeling Time lapse of Irfan Celik doing subdivision surface modeling using Meshtools from Laszlo Sebo. These tools are now standard in 3dsmax. Irfan Celik: www.3/ic-art
  • Pine Junction And CN Matteson Subdivision Railfanning, 10-22-09. Today was an interesting day. Lots of action to be seen on the CN/EJ&E lines. Pine was slow so I only stayed for a while. 9:27AM- West 5th Avenue, Gary, IN. The Line Train goes East as if the buyout never occured. Three EJ&E SD38-2s are in charge, something I havn't seen in these post merger days. NicTrain35 was informed and he caught it in Frankfort. EJ&E SD38-2 #663 EJ&E SD38-2 #656 EJ&E SD38-2 #664 9:45AM- I go to Pine Junction after catching the Line Train and was greeted with an NS coil train as soon as I got there. This job is headed for Arcelor Mittal Steel for loading. NS C40-9W #9378 NS SD70M #2596 9:51AM- I get a halfway-decent shot of the L51491 (Ex. KSW1) crossing Clark Rd before the trucks block out the shot. EJ&E SD38-2 #675 10:03AM- I race to 5th Aveune crossing again to catch the L51491 again. Good to see something other than #668 on this job. 10:13AM- I return to Pine Junction right when the Y123 was about to depart. Not many cars went West today. C&O GP15T #1504 10:37AM- Amtrak's Blue Water 365 highballs through the junction with power in need of overhauls. P42DC #26 P42DC #128 10:47AM- An intermodal with an Ex. LMX unit in slot two rumbles East on the NS main. NS C40-9W #9038 NS C40-8W #8461 11:17AM- The weather might be contrasting, but this power set led out on an intermodal going East two days ago. The Catfish now has the honors of bringing it back West. NS C40-9W #9703 KCS SD70ACe #4101 11:32AM- An intermodal picks up speed as it goes East, as soon ...
  • Subdivision Surfaces: Overview Subdivision Surfaces smooth a polygonal object to create nicely rounded models. This popular technique is widely used by artists for creating smooth objects.
  • MSTS: Railfanning the BNSF Scenic Subdivision Take a trip to Wenatachee Washington for a day of railfanning on the BNSF Scenic Sub. Train 1. BNSF B40-8 #8608 leads the M-WEN-SEA Train 2. UP SD70ACe #1989 leads the Amtrak Empire Builder Train 3. KCS SD60 #733 Leads the M-KCK-SEA Train 4. HLCX SD60M #595 Leads a string of empty lumber cars. Train 5. CSX SD40-2 #8237 and CSX B23-S7 #3185 haul light Train 6. BNSF B40-8 #7423 Creeps by the Wenatachee station. Train 7. CSX SD60M #8760 and 3 Con Rail SD50s Lead an empty etanol train in to Wenatachee. Train 8. BNSF ES44AC #5745 Leads the C-JFCPS-14 with quite a lashup. Train 9. 4 Sussie-Q and 1 BNSF B40-8s Lead the Q-CHI-SEA Train 10. BNSF GP60M #104 Leads baretables to Portland. Train 11. UP SD70ACe #8420 leads the C-PRCSEA-14 with a Utah Railway SD50 trailing. Train 12. UP SD70ACe #1996 leads the H-PR0-POR with a crazy lashup. Train 13. Cargill GP9 #305 leads the X-WEN-14 with a nice K5H. Train 14. NS GP38-2 #5555 hauls light with a GP59 and a C30-7 Train 15. CR B40-8 #5068 leads solid Blue power with the ethanol train from earlier. We catch the train leaving Wenatachee and chase it to Monitor. Thanks for watching!
  • BNSF Railway's Gateway Subdivision BNSF Railway's Gateway Subdivision stretches 203 miles between Klamath Falls, Oregon and Keddie, California. This remote line traverses the semi-arid high country of extreme northern California meeting Union Pacific's route though the Feather River Canyon at the famous Keddie Wye. The southern Cascades and northern Sierra Nevada mountain ranges offer both scenic vistas and many challenges for railroaders who work here. Shot in beautiful Hi-Definition in all seasons, our cameras show trains pounding the diamond at Stronghold, enduring icy winter conditions at Lookout, climbing mountain grades of up to 2.2% near Almanor and nearly stalling while climbing out of the Feather River Canyon! WIDESCREEN PRESENTATION 1 Hour 52 Minutes, Stereo sound with narration. DVD video with no region code. Plays on any NTSC DVD player worldwide. Wisit www.7
  • Railfanning The UP Herington Subdivision, 1-18-09 Today was a pretty decent day for trains. 11:50AM, ZCIG1-16 UP 5511 UP 1995-CNW Heritage UP 8643 1:09PM, WB-S UP 7662 UP 8513 DPU-UP 7737 2:06PM, WB-G UP 8124 UP 5701 DPU-UP 6635 4:12PM, EB-S UP 7812 UP 4972 DPU-7862 (c) 2009 Chuck Mitchell
  • Subdivisions - Rush "Subdivisions" is a Rush song often considered to be describing feelings of isolation, boredom, conformity, and sadness springing up from ***age life in the suburbs. "Subdivisions" was released on the 1982 album Signals. Aside from being a perennial fan favourite and a staple of live performances, the song appears on several greatest hits compilations, was released as a single in 1982, and despite doing little serious business in the UK charts, it gained a lot of radio airplay in Britain at the time. It was also played live prior to its release. Pre-release live versions exist on the internet. The promotional videos scenes were filmed in the Toronto area. The downtown scenes in downtown Toronto, the suburbs scenes in Scarborough, Ontario, near Warden and Finch. The high school scenes were filmed at L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute, in the same area. The student that walks downtown in the video is Dave Glover, a student at the L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute at the time. Near the end of the video, Glover is seen playing the video game Tempest at an arcade, which was reportedly his favourite video game at the time. Info courtesy: ]
  • HiDef: A Busy CSX Metropolitan Subdivision On November 23, 2010, an outing to the CSX Metropolitan Subdivision resulted in a wide variety of power of a different variety of trains, including the well-known "Rock Runner" and Double Stack trash train, both powered by classic EMD's. While the line was not as busy as anticipated, trains still ran back-to-back until a dead lull in the afternoon which made the perfect time to head over to the NS H-Line/CSX Cumberland Subdivision at Shenandoah Junction where there was no lacking in action. On the CSX we see: Q416 admist the busy MARC rush throttles up from a stop. CSX ES44AC 780 CSX D8-40CW 7727 Q139 sneaks up on us after a MARC train left the station, and therefore did not have time to move to better light. CSX ES40DC 5303 CSX D8-40C 7528 CSX ES40DC 5339 CSX SD60I 8745 Q751 "Rock Runner" was probably the best catch of the day running up the grade with the usual 4 pack of GP's. Not to mention the fantastic RS-3L horn! CSX GP38-2 2723 CSX GP40-2 6138 CSX GP40-2 4408 CSX GP40-2 6150 U821 struggles up the grade with full force! CSX AC4400CW 307 CSX ES44AC 867 D765 shortly follows once again sneaking up on us, this is the only double stack trash train on the CSX system and the destination is only a few miles away at PEPCO. CSX SD40-2 8437 CSX SD50 8555 We then head over to Brunwick, unfortunately missing Q415 on arrival, but shortly there after Q130 pulls in for a crew change. We did not stick around until it left because it would have been a long time (and we were hungry ...
  • Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - SUBDIVISIONS Live performance of the song "Subdivisions" from 3. Performed at the By:larm festival in Oslo, Norway. 18th feb 2010.
  • CSX Philadelphia Subdivision Early 90s A few clips of freight action on CSX during 1992-1996. Video includes hot intermodal trains as well as NS and Conrail run through power, as well as a CP train.
  • Excision Vs. The SubDivision - Hypothermic (Komonazmuk & Player1 Remix) Label: Paradise Lost Catalog #: PL 006 Genre: Electronic Style: Dubstep Purchase (MP3):
  • Rush "Subdivisions": New!!! Drums!!! I've got many requests to redo some of the old videos in HD... To celebrate also the milestone of reaching a total of 1 million hits, I've made 3 videos tonight of some of these Rush classics. This is the first one! Enjoy!
  • Railfanning BNSF's Chicago Subdivision At Night- LaVernge Station, Berwyn, IL. 6-14-09. Berwyn is a suburb located about 10 minutes West of Chicago. From the three Metra stations in the city, the LaVernge stop is situated closest to BNSF's Clyde Yard. The CN/IC Freeport Subdivision crosses over the racetrack at the entrance to Clyde. Larry joined me tonight trackside and the night was kickass. Make sure you check out part two, when the sun comes up. 12:02AM- R-CHI999 The first train of the day departs Clyde with some rare power. A BC Rail CM40-8 trails on a road switcher headed for Eola yard, 35 miles West. BNSF ES44DC #7335 BCOL CM40-8 #4613 12:16AM- Eastbound Train 1324 flies past the LaVernge stop towards downtown. Metra F40PHM-2 #185 12:48AM- C-CAMCIP A loaded unit coal train from Cabello Mine heads to the city to fuel some power station. BNSF SD70MAC #9728 BNSF SD70ACe #9318 1:02AM- 1325 heads back West to Aurora with the same set of equipment as 1324. 1:19AM- A Southbound manifest on the Freeport Subdivision crosses over the racetrack then stops, waiting for clearance into Hawthorne Yard. CN SD70M-2 CN C44-9W CN SD75I 1:39AM- M-GALBRC The Galesburg-Belt Railway Freight eases up at the Clyde Yard entrance. BNSF C44-9W #4725 BNSF C44-9W #791 1:44AM- Z-CHCSSE The Cicero - South Seattle Z-Train starts it's long journey West with a six-pack of power. BNSF ES44DC #7227 BNSF C44-9W #5513 BNSF C44-9W #4775 BNSF C44-9W #1000 BNSF C44-9W #4889 BNSF ES44DC #7407 1:52AM- As the Z-CHCSSE slowly departs Clyde, a C-WTMCGK packing two MACs rushes by. 2:50AM- Yard ...
  • Subdivision Surfaces: Artifacts The topology or mesh pattern of a model can drastically affect the smoothing of a model. Here Greg Petchkovski demonstrates how to avoid smoothing artifacts. A must watch for anyone modelling with subdivision surfaces. Author: Greg Petchkovsky This video is a high quality training video from The Guerrilla CG Project ( ) a non for profit organisation dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of computer graphics. For more information about Computer Graphics and higher quality videos visit The Guerrilla CG Project .
  • Basic Guitar Theory - Learning To Count Subdivisions To Donate Through PayPal Click Here This is the first in a series of videos that is going to look at how to develop one of the most important attributes needed to become the best guitar player and musician you can be. A good sense of rhythm. In this lesson Mike Williams from teaches about subdivisions, plus a simple method to count every type of subdivision of the beat possible where the quarter note is equal to one beat. This is a good first step to help you better your timing and understand rhythm on a deeper level, while giving you an easy method to practice musical ideas to a count.
  • Camas Prairie Railnet on the 2nd Subdivision, April 2000 Only a few months before CSPRailnet abandoned the famous Camas Prairie 2nd Subdivision, my kids and I chased a train from Lewiston to Craigmont and back. My 8 year old son manned the video camera, and I think he did a great job.
  • Railfanning The BNSF Chicago Subdivision, Downers Grove, IL. 7-12-09. Downers Grove, Main Street Station. 2:28PM- Amtrak 5, the Westbound California Zephyr kicks up fresh ballest dust as it passes on by. P42DC #184 P42DC #24 2:22PM- Hard to believe trains like the M-BRCGAL had SD40-2s and other good EMD power leading it. Now, it usually has new GEVOs and Dash-9s. BNSF ES44AC #6264 BNSF C44-9W #5634 2:49PM- BNSF #5293 on the Z-CHCSSE has a cool new paint job. I saw this unit leading the Z-SBDWSP in this video. BNSF C44-9W #5293 BNSF C44-9W #4959 BNSF C44-9W #4132 BNSF C44-9W #4770 2:52PM- Metra 1316 arrives and departs with MP36PH-2 #401 pushing. 3:10PM- Amtrak 4, the Eastbound Southwest Chief barrels on by with a private car on the back. P42DC #161 P42DC #131 3:24PM- Amtrak 6, the Eastbound California Zephyr. P42DC #205 P42DC #150 3:36PM- Doubleheaded Metra 1311 stops at Main Street. MP36PH-3 #403 F40PHM-2 #194 3:53PM- Southwest Chief 3 races West over Main Street. Check out the huge dent on the conductor's side of #99! P42DC #99 P42DC #86 P42DC #170 4:34PM- Z-SSECHC nears Cicero with a CP unit to boot. BNSF ES44DC #7421 CP ES44AC #8775 BNSF C44-9W #4460 BNSF C44-9W #4414 (c) 9th Street Productions.
  • Railfanning The CN/IC Chicago Subdivision, Homewood, IL. In the IC days, this line used to be much busier. Ever since CN took over this line, a huge decrease in traffic followed. 20 CN trains come through Homewood everyday, roughly. Now that CN aquired The J, even less trains will run here. In fact, CN will probably not have any use for this line in the near future and put it and Markham Yard up for sale. Train 1- Amtrak 391, the Southbound Saluki. P42DC #147 P42DC #194 Train 2- Northbound Metra Electric 116. Train 3- Southbound Metra Electric 113 Train 4- CN 5704 pulls out of Markham with a manifest. This train is in the process of being assembled. CN SD75I #5704 CN SD75I #5692 CN ES44DC #2245 Train 5- Another "land barge" backs into the yard. CN C40-8M #2442 IC C40-8W #2456 Train 6- A couple of yard switchers sandwiching a slug pull out with a cut of cars. CN GP9Rm #7211 CN GP9 Road Slug #211 GTW GP38-2 #4932 (c) 9th Street Productions.
  • BNSF Birmingham Subdivision (DVD Video) These trains are included in our "BNSF Birmingham Subdivision" DVD : A very small sampling of trains are included here for previewing purposes. This video covers the time period of September 2001 through December 2002. BNSF's Birmingham Subdivision takes a southeasterly route out of Tennessee Yard in Memphis, Tennessee, and twists and winds over 230 miles through northeastern Mississippi and northwestern Alabama to Thomas Yard in Birmingham, Alabama. As strange as it may sound, it's hard to believe that railfans can catch BNSF action as far south as Alabama! BNSF's main commodity on the line is coal from the Powder River basin as a huge Alabama Power facility is located at Palos, Alabama, about seven miles north of the small town of Adamsville. We will visit many locations in Mississippi and Alabama including Plantersville, Nettleton, Bigbee, Judge, Sulligent, Winfield, Carbon Hill, Townley, Jasper, Cordova, and Dora. In addition to numerous coal trains that frequently ply its rails, the ex-Burlington Northern (nee Frisco) mainline hosts several manifest, local, unit taconite, intermodal, and doublestack trains as well. Even though the Birmingham Subdivision is BNSF's southernmost point of operations and does not see the dense traffic levels that other parts of the system do, it still can provide a varied mix of color and motive power that is sure to please most railfans! We catch everything from GP38s to SD75s still adorned in their red and silver ...

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