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  • There is no simple template function to show the subcategories of a category, this code does just that!. — “Showing subcategories on WordPress category pages - Yoast”,
  • Definition of subcategories in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is subcategories? Meaning of subcategories as a legal term. What does subcategories mean in law?. — “subcategories legal definition of subcategories”, legal-
  • Just natural cooking, using natural condiments, flavors, herbs and spices, and fresh seasonal ingredients. Find free healthy recipes, facts about ingredients, including substitutions. — “Recipes - Meatless - Subcategories and recipes”,
  • The Jackson area's premiere television entertainment source. 60 Subcategories 160 Recipes. Cooking Method. 15 Subcategories 46 Recipes. Difficulty. 5 Subcategories 18 Recipes. — “JTV.TV - Jackson Television Home of The Bart Hawley Show”,
  • Just add the fabrics you want to compare to your shopping cart - you can always remove Email us at [email protected] Home | Change Store Display to Detailed View. — “Sunshine Sewing Company, Inc”,
  • A family owned Twin City gourmet grocer specializing in catering, fresh prepared foods, restaurant quality grab and go meals, all-natural products and organics with a level of customer service found nowhere else Home Recipes / Resources Recipes Cuisine Irish Subcategories and recipes. — “Kowalski's Markets: Recipes - Irish - Subcategories and recipes”,
  • Product Categories. Home. Shop. Search. View Cart. Support. Order Info. Site Map. — “Accessible Environments Shopping Cart”,
  • When you want to make changes such as creating subcategories, or moving sites between categories, you should communicate with other editors If you are listed as editor of a category, you can automatically also edit in any subcategories or sub-subcategories underneath it, as a "parent editor". — “Open Directory Editorial Guidelines - Subcategories”,
  • This means that if a page belongs to a subcategory of C (or a subcategory of a subcategory of C, and so on) then it is not Categories which are intended to be fully broken down into subcategories can be marked with the {{catdiffuse}} template, which indicates that any pages which editors. — “Wikipedia:Categorization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • subcategory n. , pl. , -ries . A subdivision that has common differentiating characteristics within a larger A full subcategory of a category C is a subcategory S of C such that for each pair of objects X and Y of S. — “subcategory: Definition from ”,
  • New Study Confirms BPA in Receipts Green Chemistry Pioneer's Paper Documents Risk Subcategories. Expert interviewees available. Press Releases. about ewg. Subcategories. About EWG. Our accomplishments. Our funding. Our board. Action Center. — “New Study Confirms BPA Exposures from Receipts”,
  • Online Shopping, Lowest Price, Top Brands, Beauty, Jewelry, Electronics, Fashion, Handbags, Kitchen, Home, Food, Sports, Wellness, Crafts, Leisure, Toys, Deals, Reviews, Ratings, Discounts, Coupons, Rebates, Savings, and Sales, Top Stores All Subcategories. — “Go ”,
  • A comprehensive ASP only shopping cart solution for use in business and web development. No subcategories. Audio CD's. No subcategories. Baby Foods. No subcategories. Baby Products. — “ - gifts flowers send to the Bangladesh, valentine”,
  • offers gift cards and gift certificates for the women in your life that can be delivered via email. gift cards are perfect for last minute gift ideas for her! Find eGift cards to popular retailers like Ann Taylor, Bath Subcategories. — “ | Gift Card Ideas for Her - Women, Moms and”,
  • Translations of subcategories. subcategories synonyms, subcategories antonyms. Information about subcategories in the free online Well, a directory is a list of websites that are placed into categories and subcategories relevant to the business or service they provide. — “subcategories - definition of subcategories by the Free”,
  • . — “ (MTSubCategories) | - Home”,
  • Click to view subcategories. Uniform. Click to view subcategories. Magnum Apparel. Click to to view subcategories (1-7) Return Policy Site Map About Us Privacy Notice Contact Us. — “Magnum Boots - Boots, Footwear, and Apparel”,
  • Shop here for great discounts on tires All Subcategories merchandise to meet your tire/tube needs. — “All Subcategories | Bicycle Tires/Tubes | ”,
  • The Epicurean Edge - quality kitchen knives from around the world - Japanese kitchen knives (hocho), handmade chef's knives, ceramic knives, and damascus cutlery. Handmade salt and pepper mills, bamboo cutting boards, and japanese waterstones Subcategories. — “The Epicurean Edge: Japanese and European professional chefs”,
  • Applebee's is the largest casual dining chain in the world, with 2 convenient locations We take pride in having a friendly, welcoming, neighborhood environment for both our. — “Promotion Subcategories | Rochester, MN”,
  • HGFC. 0 Subcategories. 2 Products. BB. 0 Subcategories. 138 Products Subcategories. 108 Products. GG. 0 Subcategories. 23 Products. UCHG. 0 Subcategories. 6 Products. — “Gundam Models”,

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  • Miva Merchant 5.5 How To Add Sub Categories www.e-busines*** Miva Merchant 5.5 tutorial, how to add sub categories. Present by e-Business Express a Miva Merchant Host Since 1999.
  • Brainstorming Main Categories and Subcategories For The Web Site Website Brainstorming Techniques is one of the most important ... With more Categories and Sub-Categories gives you the options to do both.
  • Junmai Sake : Junmai Sake Subcategories Subcategories of Junmai sake include Ginjo, Yahamahai and Kimoto. Discover Junmai sake subcategories withtips from a sommelier in this free video about sake. Expert: Beau Timken Contact: Bio: Beau Timken is a licensed sake sommelier and the owner of True Sake in San Francisco. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
  • 3.2 - Products - Creating New Categories & Sub-Categories A video tutorial showing from start to finish how to insert new menu items and categories, and finally showing how to set them live within your site.
  • How to add sub categories to iJoomla DigiStore Visit How to add sub categories to iJoomla DigiStore
  • How to use categories and subcategories to organize data in aFinance app Tutorial on how to create and use categories and sub-categories for organizing data in aFinance app.
  • Organizing Your Real Estate Blog Category Postings Into Sub-Categories - - In this video tutorial you will learn how to organize your blog postings into their proper sub-categories for more focused content based categories.
  • Numeroom: Site Plan: Creating Conference Hall Subcategories. This tutorial illustrates how to create your own subcategories to allow numerooms created on your site to freely shift between and be searched as Guests and Users collaborate in your Sites private Numeroom ecosystem.
  • Virtuemart - Adding Sub-Categories and linking them to the menu This video will show you how to add sub-categories in Virtuemart and how to link them to the menu.
  • Volusion Experts Setting Up Categories- Creating Subcategories Video How to set up categories using your Volusion Ecommerce software.
  • Overflow for OSX Overflow is a cool app that i just bought that organizes your applicaitons to a neat little launcher. I did a video demo for neurotic people like me who like to have things really categorized and displayed beautifly
  • Adding Categories as Subcategories in WP-Ecommerce Short video showing how to set a WP-ecommerce category as a child category for front page display in sidebars.
  • Creating Categories and Sub categories
  • Halo 3 - All MENU Backgrounds in COLOR and SWAPPED Save money on Xbox 360 games and gear here: Every menu background video animation is swapped and then shown in color in Halo 3. This is based off our original video and Custom Map Varient showing you how to get the Forge Loggy Background to show up in Color as seen here: At the Main Menu there are sub-categories such as CAMPAIGN, MATCHMAKING, CUSTOM GAMES, FORGE, or THEATER. Each sub-category has it's own background video animation that plays behind the text on the screen. What happens is that the background video animation from one of the sub-categories is transferred to the Main Menu, and to every other sub-category. If you only want to get the Forge background in Color, you only have to start the Custom Map Varient, "WHAT IS THIS?". Thanks to mattyovers1 for figuring out how to swap backgrounds. Tutorial: Start at the Main Menu and then choose one of the sub-categories and then keep pressing "A" and "B" until the background video animation from the sub-category transfers over to the Main Menu, and thus every other sub-category. This can take a couple minutes, if not longer. To get the Main Menu's background video animation into the sub-categories, simply start out within one of the sub-categories, and press "B" and "A" until it is switched. How to get the Background in COLOR: This only works within the Forge Lobby and you will need our Custom Map Varient "WHAT IS THIS?" on Last Resort which can be found on 's Fileshare here: CUSTOM ...
  • Building Sub Categories for products in a storefront using SiteGIDGET Shopping Cart
  • Blue Devils, "Constantly Risking Absurdity" 2008 Part I The corps finished second with a 98.100 and won the Best General Effect (won subcategory Best Visual), Best Visual captions (won subcategories: Best Ensemble and Best Colorguard), and won subcategory Best Brass. The corps suffered only two losses the entire season and finished in first for the highest overall average score of the season.
  • e-store module Categories and Subcategories.mp4 What are categories and subcategories and how to set them up.
  • Using Master Categories & Sub Categories
  • PHP 8 - Letting the user create categories and sub-categories Hey guys, in this tutorial we're working on the forum functions, and letting the user create cat's and sub-cats!
  • SMF Links Category Display Bug / Subcategory Rearrange Bug Here I try to rearrange the order of two disordered subcategories, and it doesn't move them, but instead, makes it appear as if the main parent category has moved, when it has in fact, not moved.
  • Blue Devils, "Constantly Risking Absurdity" 2008 Part II The corps finished second with a 98.100 and won the Best General Effect (won subcategory Best Visual), Best Visual captions (won subcategories: Best Ensemble and Best Colorguard), and won subcategory Best Brass. The corps suffered only two losses the entire season and finished in first for the highest overall average score of the season.
  • Social Engine Advanced Forum MUST HAVE SOCIALENGINE's FORUM PLUGIN FOR THIS TO WORK! The Forum Advanced plugin allows your forum to be a more dynamic and better forum, set how many posts your users have to post before they get the signature option. All in all the features are as follows: Add Sub Categories Add Sub Categories Within Sub Categories User Signatures Set How Many Posts Before Signature Privilage Better Quick Reply Smilies (Emocions) Upcoming updates will include: Polling system (users can set polls for there forum posts). Memeber rank by post count (ie newbie, private, captain, lt. cournal) Show posts count of each forum category (member has 10 posts in politics, 66 posts in food, etc If you are interested in this plugin please see signers-
  • 2009 B&M Roller Coaster Contest-CLOSED (may host again in 2010) Welcome to the 2009 Bolliger & Mabillard Roller Coaster Contest! Due to the success of last years contest, Ive decided to host this contest again. The roller coaster contest is hosted to users of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3®, NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulator, and Scream Machines. Similar to last years categories, there will be seven, based on B&Ms roller coaster styles. This year, however, the categories will be split up into subcategories, based on which game you used to create your coaster and enter in the contest. Hence, subcategories will be for RCT3 rides, and the other will be for NL/SM combo rides. The Categories are: • Best B&M Stand-Up • Best B&M Sit-Down • Best B&M Floorless • Best B&M Inverted • Best B&M Hyper coaster • Best B&M Flying • Best B&M Dive Machine As stated, each of the mentioned categories will be broken down to RCT3 and NL/SM subcategories. To be more organized, there will be Category videos available for you to enter the contest by responding. You should respond to the appropriate video, based on your coaster design (NOT THIS VIDEO). You are only allowed to enter SIX SUBCATEGORIES. Your videos can be all RCT3, all NoLimits/Scream Machines, or a combination. You can only enter one video per subcategory (not 3 floorless coaster videos in and RCT3 subcategory and an NL subcategory for example). Each ride must be an ORGINAL DESIGN (NO RECREATIONS). You can enter a video youve already uploaded, or It can be for this Contest, preferably that! If you enter ...
  • How to create Shopp Sub-Categories In this video I explain how to create Sub-Categories using the Shopp e-Commerce plugin. Free website and blogs at
  • Concrete5 Video Tutorial - adding categories, sub categories and items to this powerful CMS Concrete5 has a great product management section which can be used for nested products and data, as well as imagery for galleries. Build a complicated database with this simple to use CMS.
  • How To Add Categories and Sub Categories To Your Wordpress Site Menu WordPress Tutorial on How To Add Categories and Sub Categories To Your Wordpress Site Menu
  • Movable Type: How to Create Sub-Categories in Movable Type Movable Type is a content management system, and a blogging platform. This video will show you how to create sub-categories (subcats) in Movable Type. http
  • preview notes and receipt and Sub Categories pic preview notes and receipt and Sub Categories pic Budget Manager 7
  • AMV Contest (CLOSED) Results are UP)) 2010 AMV Alliance Main Video AMV Contest 2010 Final Results in Video, Text, Links will be up soon, Thanks Everyone for entering, Enjoy the Video =D All Videos of 2010 are Allowed (One Video Per-Category Please) CATEGORIES The Best AMV Action (To Enter go here) Action Sub categories - Storyline and Character The Best GMV "Game Music Video" (To Enter go here) GMV Sub categories - Romance,Action,Character Tribute and Best MMV The Best AMV Romance (To Enter go here) Romance Sub categories - Storyline,Couples and Despair The Best Beta AMV (To Enter go here) Beta Sub categories - Storyline,Romance,Action and Character Tribute and Trailer. The Best AMV Horror (To Enter go here) Horor Sub categories - Storyline and Dark Character Tribute The Best AMV Comedy (To Enter go here) Comedy Sub categories - Storyline and Dialog Driven Upbeat and Character Tribute The Best MEP Host (To Enter go here) MEP Sub categories - Best Theme and Best Editor Please Join the AMV Alliance "To EnterContest" Join Here Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use ...
  • Crosus - Earth's Special Forces Subcategory This shows the new sub-categories for multiple modifications. In this case, the Half-Life 1 modification Earth's Special Forces.
  • Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorial: How to Add Categories & Subcategories Visit us at www.picaflor- for hundreds of free, easy to use, step by step zen cart tutorials and to download our free zen cart templates. If you need help with your zen cart or need a great looking custom design, contact us at [email protected] We welcome your project small or large. Ask questions on our facebook discussion threads http
  • How to add sub categories - oscommerce basic tutorial
  • Big EZ Bookkeeping software-How to use the subcategories and 1099s section Tips on how to use the subcategory section to get more meaningful reports
  • Joomla 1.6 Categories and SubCategories A short Tutorial explaining the use of Categories and subcategories in joomla 1.6
  • Death has many Subcategories Musican/Poet/Song writer/Poet
  • 03: Sales System for Small Business ( Excel 2010 ) - SubCategories Download Demo: (English Web Pages) (Spanish Web Pages) Excel 2010 application - Video Store Sample
  • Joomla 1.6 Categories and Sub Categories A brief tutorial on organizing a joomla 1.6 site therough the use of Categories and Sub Categories.
  • Creating subcategories This is how you create a sub category in wordpress
  • PHP 9 - Finishing create subcategory for our forum Hey! In this tutorial we are finishing the creation of sub categories in our forum.

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  • “On almost every Indexhibit site I've looked at, I see that people have main categories on their nav menu, and those open up and have subcategories in those. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 posts in Forum > Installation > Making subcategories”
    — Making Subcategories :: Forum :: Indexhibit,

  • “There are several threads without answers in this forum. You give it for each question in this forum. I don't want to send you my ftp access, I”
    — iScripts Forum - View Thread: Subcategories ??,

  • “I've taken it upon myself to assign as many of the uncategorized comic book articles into their correct category. I've see some articles that are of superheroes that are only in the Comics category, some only in the Superheroes category, and”
    — Forum:Categories and Subcategories - Uncyclopedia, the,

  • “Subcategories: ***ysis - Concur Expense Pro / Expense eXpert, Concur ***ysis, Concur Subcategories: Chicago region forum, Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, Pharma/Life Sciences Forum,”
    — - Concur Support, News, Training, Forum, Search,

  • “How can I get category trees to go farther than 2 levels?”
    — Forum:Sub-subcategories - Wikia Community Central,

  • “I suggest adding a new subcategory "Information and Model Systems" under "Homebuilt Systems" to make it easier and more convenient for readers to find this information. Move or”
    Subcategories for New Build Systems - Structure - TG-Forumz,

  • “Create a "Breadcrumb" Trail In Movable Type Using Subcategories Quandary: Someone clicks on a subcategory archive, but it looks just like every other category page”
    — Creative Ways To Use Subcategories // Plasticmind Blog,

  • “Subcategories”
    — Subcategories,

  • “ - Home of Joomla extensions and templates by Lunatec Webdesign, like hotspots and more. Subcategories (1/1) - Hotspots - Google maps manager - Wishlist - lunjoom board Forum”
    Subcategories - lunjoom board | Lunajoom,