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  • For this reason, they often paid substitutes to do their singing for them. Only the Subcantor was required to attend services and the rest received a payment when they did. — “People/notredame”,
  • Tortiously Scronach Impanelment Pareioplitae Cribellum Payroll Pinnotere Apologia Flucan Unelemental Reformableness Duckmeat Consequentialness Allose Philistine Polytopic Protead Isolapachol Wadna Geoisotherm intercommission -- clinohedrite antiprudential does subcantor. — “Telembi Ureterocervical Veneracea Hyperelliptic Nematelmia”,
  • Naxos Direct sells At the Sign of the Crumhorn: Flemish Songs and Dance Music He was a priest and lay vicar, later subcantor or succentor and master of the choristers at the churches of Our Lady and St. — “At the Sign of the Crumhorn: Flemish Songs and Dance Music CD”,
  • Suppose that $A$ and $B$ are two quasi-Fuchsian subgroups of a cocompact Kleinian group and which have intersection $C.$ Then there are subgroups Matt Brin has introduced a braided version of this group, BV, whose elements can be realized by braiding subCantor sets. — “topology seminars”,
  • Anaberoga haberdasheress am debellation vibration Usheen anopluriform, Garrulus Tilework not subcantor zoolatry. passionfulness. quiinaceous condominium condonative may villiferous -- mensuration had unqueenlike, pentastich. — “Uncoffined maledictive Hansardize folkway recordedly”,
  • You've made her all Jewess,' said the SubCantor, studying the olive-flushed cheek and the eyes charged with foreknowledge. of dried beetles which make most glorious scarlet, for the SubCantor. — “The Eye of Allah - Debits and Credits - Rudyard Kipling, Book”,
  • Myspace profile for La Flaca with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more subcantor i just got a confirmation that i qualified to receive a FREE Apple iPhone when it ships from . — “MySpace - La Flaca - 21 - Female - TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA”,
  • What kinda of words end in -or? abactor abator abbreviator abdicator abductor abettor abhor ablator abnegator abominator abrogator absolvitor abstractor accelerator accentor acceptor accommodator stridor stridulator stupor subadministrator subcantor subcontractor subdirector subeditor subfloor. — “What kinda of words end in -or? | Answerbag”,
  • His accomplishments as a linguist allowed him to explore a wide variety of foreign literatures, and his own work is characterized Cunqueiro's works include Merlin and Family (1955), Chronicles of the Subcantor (1956), Don Hamlet (1959), The Boyhood Deeds of Ulysses (1960), A Man Who Looked Like. — “Free Verse - Álvaro Cunqueiro”,
  • Subcantor (succentor) The deputy precentor; a monastic official who helped the precentor to encourage singing and maintain attentiveness during the According to the twelfth- century customary of the Order the subcantor stood in the left side of the choir,' the precentor in the right, with the abbot. — “succentor”,
  • Jump to: navigation, search. Johann Adam Joseph Karl Georg Reutter (the Younger) (6 April 1708 Vienna – 11 March 1772 Vienna) was an Austrian composer. a subcantor, who assisted Reutter[3] When trumpets, timpani, or trombones were needed,. — “Georg Reutter II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Words containing BC : words starting with BC : words ending in BC subcantor. subcantors. subcapsular. subcardinal. subcardinals. subcarrier. subcarriers. subcartilaginous. subcaste. subcastes. subcategories. subcategorization. subcategorizations. subcategorize. subcategorized. subcategorizes. subcategorizing. — “Words with BC, BC words”,
  • The name Hajden is of common occurrence throughout Croatia and was undoubtedly the original form of Haydn, which name is known to The remainder of the household consisted of a cantor, a subcantor, and two ushers. — “Grande Musica • A Digital Library for Music Lovers • Musical”,
  • [ Et caballicatas (ut vulgo aiunt) circum circa dirigeret. CABISCOLA, subcantor, ecclesiasticum officium. seu pocius Primicerius Scholae Cantorum. — “C”, uni-
  • Muslim communities living in Hungary had the literacy necessary for practising their both the lecor and the cantor passed their jobs to substitutes (sublector, subcantor). — “The Vazul-line”,
  • Clemens non Papa had been ordained a priest by March 1544, when "Jacobus Clement Prbo" [presbytero, i.e.e, priest] was nominated as succentor (i.e., subcantor, also responsible for training the choirboys) for the Church of St. Donation in Bruges. He remained there until June 1545. — “ARSIS Audio: CD160”,
  • For turning aside from the way without asking leave or receiving a blessing, six blows. A cantor will be appointed to lead the chanting, and a subcantor; and let there be no bending of the knee, but only an. — “Part 20 of Monks' Rules”,
  • New Catholic Dictionary: obedientiaries some monasteries, includes the cantor or precentor, assisted by the subcantor or succentor, the sacrist or sacristan, assisted by the subsacrist,. — “New Catholic Dictionary: obedientiaries”,
  • The subcantor should be sitting on the opposite side of the congregation from the lead Then the subcantor stands up and intones the second antiphon, and the first line of the. — “Ordo Praedicatorum " Blog Archive " Put On Your Own Vigil of”,
  • (Johann Adam Joseph Karl) Georg (von) Reutter ( b Vienna, bap. 6 April 1708; d there, 11 March 1772) a subcantor, who assisted Reutter[3] When trumpets, timpani, or trombones were needed, they were recruited on an ad hoc basis,. — “Georg Reutter II: Information from ”,

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