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  • Message board and website dedicated to the straight edge lifestyle. — “ Straight Edge”,
  • Ever wonder what possesses people to commit to the straight-edge lifestyle? Well, here is my personal testimony. — “Straight-Edge”,
  • what is straight edge - frequently asked questions. sXe f.a.q. - version 2.0 - updated on the 8th of february 2001. This faq is a text made by the members of for which we used many different sources. The reprint of this text in its unchanged form is. — “*: straight edge f.a.q”,
  • Straight Edge, Inc. designs and produces educational placemats, educational puzzles and interactive children's books. — “Welcome to The Straight Edge Inc.!”,
  • Straight Edge Web site offers thought-provoking comments on the clean life. Includes message boards, free email, free hosting, tattoos and articles. — “Straight Edge FAQ”, toefur-
  • Listen to Straight Edge radio. Free Straight Edge mp3 downloads available. Top Straight Edge artists: Have Heart, Minor Threat, Champion, Gorilla Biscuits, Casey Jones, Youth of Today, Good Clean Fun, Bane, Earth Crisis, Throwdown. — “Straight edge music - Listen free at”,
  • Straightedge is more than a lifestyle, using Punk Rock as the fuel in which to promote this alternative tee-total combination of music and living it has grown from its underground roots into a worldwide phonomenon. Interviews Photos– Snapcase,. — “STRAIGHT EDGE LIFESTYLE”,
  • Facts and figures about Straight edge, taken from Freebase, the world's database. — “Straight edge facts - Freebase”,
  • a lifetime commitment never to drink, smoke, or do drugs. There are still many out there that believe in real straightedge though, regardless if there're 'x's on their hands or not. — “Urban Dictionary: straightedge”,
  • Straight Edge Manufacturers & Straight Edge Suppliers Directory - Find a Straight Edge Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Straight Edge Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Straight Edge-Straight Edge Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • A movement spawned within the *** scene in the '80s, followers of the straight edge movement have made a commitment to abstain from using drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. — “A Definition of Straight Edge, What is Straight Edge?”,
  • These are some, but of course not all, of the things straight-edge is about. straight- is a private community for straight-edge people, living a drugfree lifestyle!. — “straight- - the commitment for life network - www”, straight-
  • Minor Threat - Straight Edge lyrics. I'm a person just like you / But I've got better things to do / Than sit around and *** my head / Hang out with the living. — “Minor Threat | Straight Edge Lyrics”,
  • Straight Edge or straight edge refers to a subculture of *** punk, which was a direct reaction to the ***ual revolution, hedonism, and excess associated with punk rock.[1][2] In its simplest form, straight edge is a philosophy of staying. — “Straight edge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Internet community geared toward the SxE lifestyle offering message boards, java chat room, and profiles. What is Straight Edge? Links. Email Me. I need some pictures of tattoo's and pictures from *** shows, preferrably ones with kid's X'd up visable to start building a gallery. — “Welcome to: ”,
  • Definition of straightedge from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of straightedge. Pronunciation of straightedge. Definition of the word straightedge. Origin of the word straightedge. — “straightedge - Definition of straightedge at ”,
  • These definitions truly encompass what the term "straight edge" means. The term became popular within the punk scene when Minor Threat addressed the lifestyle in their song, "Straight Edge. — “The Definition of Straight Edge: How this Philosophy of Life”,
  • straightedge ( ) n. A rigid flat rectangular bar, as of wood or metal, with a straight edge for testing or drawing straight lines. — “straightedge: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of straightedge in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of straightedge. Pronunciation of straightedge. Translations of straightedge. straightedge synonyms, straightedge antonyms. Information about straightedge in the free online English. — “straightedge - definition of straightedge by the Free Online”,

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  • Inside: Straight Edge 5/5 Part 5 of 5 Check out: http check out my other videos for the other 4 parts.
  • Syracuse Vegan Straight Edge Earth Crisis - Network Earth 1995 A show from 1995 featuring Earth Crisis, myself and several friends focusing on the vegan straight edge music scene in Syracuse, NY.
  • CM Punk/Zack Ryder "Straight Edge Radio" [MashUp] Remember Royal Rumble 2010? When Zack Ryder entered the ring CM Punk offered him to join SES. See what happend! ------------- Flag of Puerto Rico Carlito (Carly Colón) * Flag of United States John Cena * Flag of United States Jim Duggan * Flag of United States Kenny Dykstra (Ken Doane) * Flag of United States Eugene (Nick Dinsmore) * Flag of United States Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) * Flag of United States Shad Gaspard * Flag of India The Great Khali (Dalip Singh) * Flag of United States Charlie Haas * Flag of United States Jeff Hardy * Flag of United States JTG (Jayson Paul) * Flag of United States Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli) * Flag of United States Chris Masters (Chris Mordetsky) * Flag of Scotland Robbie McAllister (Derek Graham-Couch) * Flag of Scotland Rory McAllister (Russell Murray) * Flag of United States Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom) * Flag of United States Trevor Murdoch (Trevor Rhodes) * Flag of United States Johnny Nitro (John Hennigan) * Flag of United States Randy Orton * Flag of Samoa Umaga (Eddie Fatu) * Flag of United States Val Venis (Sean Morley) * Flag of United States Viscera (Nelson Frazier, Jr.) Female wrestlers * Flag of United States Candice Michelle (Candice Beckman) * Flag of United States Mickie James * Flag of United States Maria (Maria Kanellis) - Also an interviewer * Flag of United States Melina (Melina Perez) - Valet of Johnny Nitro * Flag of United States Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) * Flag of United States Torrie Wilson ...
  • CM Punk's Straight Edge Salvation of Serena (1/2) Aired 1/22/10 Serena is saved by CM Punk and Luke Gallows, and allowed into the Straight Edge Society.
  • Jenny and Johnny - Straight Edge of the Blade Purchase at
  • Scene Satire Scene satire by Kyle Butts
  • Inside: Straight Edge 2/5 Part 2 of 5 Check out: http check out my other videos for the other 4 parts.
  • CM Punk's Straight Edge Message Once again, CM Punk shows us why he is better than the majority.
  • Smackdown vs. Raw 2011: Straight Edge Society Entrance CM Punk and Luke Gallows Straight Edge Society Tag Team Entrance ---------------- Feel free to subscribe for more Videos from SvR 11 and other Games! highscore-
  • Bulletstorm - Space Pirate & Straight Edge Achievement Guides Jack and Geoff get two alcohol (well...bottle) related achievements in Bulletstorm. Join them as they grab Space Pirate and Straight Edge!
  • WWE TRIPLE H MAKES FUN OF "STRAIGHT EDGE SOCIETY" ON SMACKDOWN 29/1/10 WWE TRIPLE H MAKES FUN OF "STRAIGHT EDGE SOCIETY" ON SMACKDOWN 29/1/10 Guys pls comment...........or rate.........or subscribe *no copyrights infringement* all rights to wwe
  • NOFX - Intro, Straight Edge, Dinosaurs Will Die -Live 2008- NOFX live @ Rockhal - Luxembourg, Esch Alzette / Luxemburg NOFX - Intro, Straight Edge, Dinosaurs Will Die -Live 2008- 23 juin 2008, European Tour.
  • Aluminum Straight Edge Clamp - www.tool-r- The instant straight edge guide capable of clamping to any parallel edged work piece. You get a smooth, obstruction free straight edge and a medium duty woodworking clamp in one handy tool. Low profile jaws allow you to use the clamp inverted and have an unobstructed work area. T-tracks extruded as part of the guide accept numerous standard accessories and also allows you complete flexibility when designing speciality fixtures in your shop. Material: Aluminum 2Widths : 2" and 5" Length : Custom lengths available.
  • Straight Edge Society Induction Ceremony WWE Friday Night Smackdown 21.05.2010 Straight Edge Society Induction Ceremony. Two days before he will face Rey Mysterio at Over the Limit, CM Punk inducted three members of the WWE Universe into The Straight Edge Society. Following the pledge, the new inductees had their heads shaved to show their devotion in actions as well as words. Mysterio then emerged, putting a quick end to the festivities when he revealed a doctored photo of The Straight Edge savior with his head shaved bald. The Straight Edge Society took out their frustration by attacking their new members and knocking them from the ring.
  • Straight Edge - Syracuse, NY 1995 Short news story featuring Justin O'Hare (Green Rage) and his brother Trevor focusing on straight edge and veganism.
  • Inside: Straight Edge 1/5 Part 1 of 5 Check out: http check out my other videos for the other 4 parts.
  • CM Punk Straight Edge Society Promo HD 1080p SES promo by The Savior CM Punk
  • What is "Straight Edge?" Rikki Ratliff explores the "straight edge" movement and the trending towards a "tamer" generation. Visit for more information!
  • Straight Edge Commercial Minor Threat straight edge commericial
  • Grief - Straight Edge-Closed Mind Band: Grief Song: Straight Edge-Closed Mind Album: Miserably Ever After Year: 1996 Tracklist: 1.One Of Those Days 3:22 2.Low Life 7:24 3.Nuisance 5:54 4.Angry Man 4:53 (Saint Vitus) 5.Miserably Ever After 9:23 6.Straight Edge-Closed Mind 6:20 7.Why Should You Care? 6:38 8.I Hate The Human Race 2:31 9.Trust 10:56 **THIS IS A FAN TRIBUTE, AND NOTHING MORE**
  • Inside: Straight Edge 4/5 Part 4 of 5 Check out: http check out my other videos for the other 4 parts.
  • "Straight Edge Superstar" CM Punk Tribute A Tribute to CM Punk, one of the best wrestlers today, and the current ECW World Champion. Song used- My Sacrifice-Creed.
  • Clemleclem '' Straight-Edge'' A MW2 Multi-Weapon Tage Okay My multiweapon tage edited by the man Heartripper He did a beautiful editing I ve got a lot of clips not used so prepare for a next tage soon i think Pls check this channel he's a beast: Thx
  • StraightEdge News Story I was 16 with a chelsea haircut and apparently nervous being on live TV? Segment Written, Filmed, Edited by Sasha Edge... of course :) update: 8/7/08 I am really ashamed at some of the comments that people are putting on this video, but I'm choosing not to delete them. I hope one day people will grow up/calm down.
  • Karl Buecnher And Geraldo's Great Straightedge Debate Karl Beuchner of Earth Crisis wears a bandana and discusses straightedge gang violence with Geraldo, who wears a suit and glasses. Impressively boring.
  • how to use straight edge razor , straight edge razor with ez blade by jay the barber how to use straight edge razor , straight edge razor with ez blade goto
  • 970films - The Straight Edge Drug Dealer Alec Lish is the Straight Edge Drug Dealer. Songs Used: Police State by Dead Prez Destined by The Ghost Inside Digital by Slightly Stoopid Feeling Alive From 9 - 5...AM by Off With Her Head! Check him out at: /owhhmusic
  • Straight Edge Clamps A how to video on how to use The Back to Back Pro Grip Straight Edge Clamps for everyday woodworking. Find them at
  • Bulletstorm - Space Pirate/Straight Edge (Easy), and Disco Inferno Achievement/Trophy Guide (HD) Big thanks for Minion777 for helping me out with this. A guide for how to get three achievements/trophies Space Pirate, Straight Edge, and Disco Inferno which can all be done in the span of about 10 minutes. Other Bulletstorm Content and Guides: Opening Cutscene - Best Quotes Part 1 - Best Quotes Part 2 - Achievement/Trophy Guides: Destroyer of Worlds - Chop Chopper - Red Barrels - Just One Last Thing - I Might Be Late - Master of Disaster Spot -
  • KayfabeMashUpz : (The Straight Edge Society / AFI) - "The Beginning of Straight Edge" (KFMU Short) Download Link Here ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● (Ifmaterial is to be used and uploaded on any other YouTube, DailyMotion, Veoh etc. account, please make sure that my username is credited in the description or tags of the video. These download links are privileges) ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Song Title : "The Beginning of Straight Edge" Song Artist : KayfabeMashUpz Songs Used : This Fire Burns (CM Punk Theme), Miseria Cantare *The Beginning* (AFI) ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Song Description : This is a KayfabeMashUpz short. I call it a "promo remix". This involves the Straight Edge Society and the remix enhances the creepy infectious straight edge gimmick that CM Punk and his members hold. AFI and Killswitch Engage are put together to form an eerie song that will hypnotize you to become straight edge, or just make you wanna go and crack open a beer.. This MashUp was to respect the society Under Punk, Indivisible, with integrity and sobriety for all. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● *All material involved in the following media is property of their respected corporations and entities. This is non-profitable in any way, shape or form. This is ONLY for fan enjoyment purposes only.* ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Credit to all wrestling entrance theme sites. This is just a way of sharing my talents with other professional wrestling enthusiasts. Enjoy ...
  • Cutting a perfectly straight edge with an OA torch Here you see how to achieve an nice straight cut in metal with an OA torch. The picture at the end is a macro shot of the cut the torch can make when using it in tandem with the device it's attached to.
  • CM Punk's Straight Edge Salvation of Serena (2/2) Aired 1/22/10 Serena is saved by CM Punk and Luke Gallows, and allowed into the Straight Edge Society.
  • Painting walls using a "straight edge" tool Painting a wall, using a straight edge tool, might work for you. If you don't know how to use a cut in paint brush, for painting your walls, then using a straight edge tool may help you finish your paint project. Painting walls, by cutting in a straight edge, makes your paint project look like a pro. The best way for painting walls, is to use a paint "cut in" brush & paint the wall edges by "free hand". If you haven't painted a wall like this before, try it. If you don't feel comfortable cutting in your painted walls this way, then try the straight edge tool......then graduate to the "other way" when you can. Watch as "joe" shows you how to use a straight edge tool when painting walls.
  • Straight edge This is my life, this is how I want to live it. These are my views on straight edge. Interested in the shirts? Get one at it would mean a lot to me. Thank you! http
  • Seeing Though Our Eyes: STRAIGHT EDGE this is a straight edge documentary that i did for my media class. i wanted to put alot more into it but the deadline was due for it and i dident have anymore time to put more stuff into it. but im happy with the way it came out.
  • Straight Edge On Fox News Fox covering straight edge/Have Heart's last show. Featuring interviews with Chris Wrenn of Bridge 9, Sweet Pete of In My Eyes, and Pat Flynn of Have Heart.
  • Helps lacefronts look Natural!!!!!Weave Aide - Straight Edge Pomade Weave Aide - Straight Edge Pomade 4oz hair worn in video: FridayNightHair Gls29
  • Minor Threat- Straight Edge live Minor Threat performing their song Straight Edge. Lyrics- I'm a person just like you But I've got better things to do Than sit around and *** my head Hang out with the living dead Snort white *** up my nose Pass out at the shows I don't even think about speed That's something I just don't need I've got the straight edge I'm a person just like you But I've got better things to do Than sit around and smoke dope 'Cause I know I can cope Laugh at the thought of eating ludes Laugh at the thought of sniffing glue Always gonna keep in touch Never want to use a crutch I've got the straight edge
  • CM Punk - straight edge speech CM Punk lectures the crowd on the stupidity of drug use.
  • straight edge sxe documentary - network earth A mid 90's cable TV show featuring Earth Crisis, One King Down, and others. This segment has interviews with Karl Buechner, Justin Gauvin and DJ Rose. For more videos, commentary,random stuff go to
  • Champion Straight Edge Jim talking about straightedge at champions last show.
  • How To Shave with a Straight Edge Blade 's George Oliphant learns how to shave with a straight edge razor at Truman's.

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  • “i am straight-edge and have been for my entire life. for those of you that don't know it, it's a philosophy of abstaining from drinking, smo”
    — Straight Edge - Objectivism Online Forum,

  • “my cousin has a bunch of ***ing 16 year old ppl at this house that i am living in getting drunk and smoking like crazy im so mad Tongue END OF RANT”
    straightedge | The Cult,

  • “This is a just a rant about something that's bugged me recently - the appearance of openly neo-*** bands using straightedge as part of the platform for their poisonous message. I'd heard of boneheads aping straightedge in the last year or two”
    — MMA and straightedge - ***s *** off | ,

  • “Welcome to . Make a connection - find someone drug, alcohol and maybe even meat free!”
    — Discussion Forum - Straightedge meetup,

  • “A bulletin board system written in Ibanez Forum " TECH SUPPORT & GUITAR CARE " Technical Support " StewMac's Straight Edge VS. Notched Straight Edge”
    — StewMac's Straight Edge VS. Notched Straight Edge - Technical,

  • “View Straightedge's blog at , the world's largest social network for English language students”
    — My blog Blog | English, baby!,

  • “how many ppl out there have heard of straight edge? well, i am *** straight-edge now i used to not be wait i should get involed with so if yer interested just go to google and type in straight-edge lifestyle u will learn alot”
    — Criss Angel The Loyal,

  • “community for enjoying the straight edge lifestyle”
    — straight- - the commitment for life network - www, straight-

  • “Labels: bane, blog, ***, Straight Edge. 1 Comments. Ten Yard Fight Keith Sidorowicz - Vegan Straight Edge, Drummer, Energy Andrew”
    — :: HOW'S YOUR EDGE? :: *** Straight Edge :: Blog,

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