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  • stoners weed marijuana pot stoner high stoned drugs potheads ganja hippies joint bong smoking 420 cannabis *** school grass munchies pothead druggies blunts bowl bud gay dope awesome smoke friends high school reefer hash cool emo pipe blazed. — “Urban Dictionary: stoners”,
  • Discover, create, and post news about Stoners on Current and influence what airs on TV. — “Stoners // Current”,
  • stoner n. One that stones. Slang . One who is habitually intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. One who is a delinquent or failure. — “stoner: Definition from ”,
  • stoners - E-stoned, With e-mail, e-bay and e-zines, it obviously borders discrimination that there is no e-stoned Here you'll find everything a pot-lover could ask for: laughs ans fun, things to stare at, serious articles related to Cannabis. — “stoners | E-stoned - Your online buzz starts here with lots”, e-
  • Adult social networking community for marijuana enthusiasts throughout the world. Browse Stoners | Search Stoners | My Favorite Stoners. Stoner Bands. — “Largest marijuana online community”,
  • Stoners United is a live streaming social network forums web cam chat rooms and the grow room for sharing skunk cannabis growing info/images. — “Stoners United”,
  • The Marijuana Chat with the Marijuana Chat Room where the Marijuana Chat Stoners party and gather Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, and Pot Chat Growing Information. — “Truestoners”,
  • WARNING / DISCLAIMER OZ Stoners contains information and discussions regarding cannabis / marijuana and all of its forms. OZ Stoners in no way condones the viewing of this controversial material by minors. — “OZ Stoners : Australian Cannabis Culture : Cannabis Community”,
  • A place for stoners to meet . — “ - Home Page”,
  • Stoners Funstore offers Hot Halloween Costume Latest Halloween Costumes Adult Halloween Costumes Couple Halloween Costumes. — “Stoner's Funstores”,
  • THE STONERS We convert Stones into Art Pieces. A Pakistan based Company engaged in Activities of Building Stones, Marbles / Onyx, Handicrafts & Fireplaces / Vanities. BUILDING STONES FIREPLACES / VANITIES HANDICRAFTS MARBLES / ONYX. We cordially welcome you to our home. — “THE STONERS - We convert stones into Art Pieces”,
  • Definition of Stoners in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Stoners. Pronunciation of Stoners. Translations of Stoners. Stoners synonyms, Stoners antonyms. Information about Stoners in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Stoners - definition of Stoners by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Stoners Rock Block provides every type of landscaping material to Canon City, CO. Call 719-276-8400 for our same day delivery. — “Landscaping Canon City, CO - Stoners Rock Block”,
  • The Marijuana Chat Homepage where the Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, and Pot Chat stoners party is at!. — “Stoners-Chat || *** Chat”, stoners-
  • A Typical Generic Stoner. Stoners are a subculture of ***age boys who use their parents' money to buy marijuana, which they then smoke in their parents' basements with their dumb little buddies while complaining about their parents and weed not being legal. — “Stoner - Encyclopedia Dramatica”,
  • Going on 4+ years of bringing stoners the most ultimate experience in the world of Cannabis Chat. Find fellow stoner friends to video chat with, we packed everything a stoner could need from Audio, Video to playing games right in our one of a kind chat. — “Stoners Chat 420 - Marijuana Cannabis Chat Room”,
  • ldysmokey408: Whoever said all #stoners are lazy? *** tha ppl who grind tha hardest i kno smoke weed as do i. #RealTalk not ALL #stoners arent active. 11 hours ago retweet. poohbear_gee: I wish I live closer to PHS cuz there's mad down #Stoners over there 22 hours ago retweet. — “#stoners – Topsy”,
  • Stoners. A Stoner is one who smokes cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, pot, chronic, devil-lettuce, or simply weed in recreational drug use. — “Stoners | ”,
  • Knowledge, Culture, Legalization. Stoners and Sobers alike can come to have a good time, learn, and help out the community(cannabis related or not). SRU covers all the things that a marijuana enthusiast does on the internet to be entertained. — “StonersR.Us - The Stoner Lifestyle”,
  • Find Stone Movie, Stone and more at Stoners-. Get the best of MS Info or Stones, browse our section on Mississippi River Cruise or learn about Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield. Stoners- is the site for Stone Movie. — “Stone Movie | Info | Stones | Mississippi River Cruise”, stoners-
  • Order a CUSTOM STUFF STONERS LIKE T-SHIRT Today Only $25 for ONE TWO for $35 INCLUDES SHIPPING DEAL ENDS 4:20 PST TODAY! Tim Lincecum is DEFINITELY a STONER. Of course we know 2-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum smokes herb but we have PROOF he's a STONER. — “Stuff Stoners Like”,
  • Stoner (bass guitarist), bass guitarist. Alyson Stoner (born 1993), American actress and dancer. Andrew Stoner (born 1960), Australian politician, member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, and the Leader of the New South Wales National Party. — “Stoner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Favorite Stoner Moments In Film - celebrates 4 with 10 of our favorite stoner scenes from the movies. Let us know your favorites by commenting here or @comedydotcom.
  • Hardly Working: Uptight Stoners Aww dude, I have the munchies pretty hard for a crisp Caesar Salad right now. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http
  • 420 5000 stoners 420 - location unknown
  • Los Stoners - Rockability From the recently released album "The Atomic Stoner" here is the brand new video "Rockability" from Los Stoners. For more information visit /losstoners Produced in Taller Cine Universidad Iberoamericana Santa Fe Mexico
  • We ride Casey Stoner's MotoGP Ducati Desmosedici Watch our video to see MCN road tester Michael Neeves blown away by a ride on Casey Stoner's MotoGP championship-winning Ducati Desmosedici GP7
  • Stoner's Paradise 420 Special Welcome to the first episode of Stoner's Paradise, a new show where we give you tips and advice for everyday stoner life. Every Monday a new episode will be posted. This episode is just to show a preview of the kind of things we do and what we will be teaching you. Next week's episode we will teach you all about the different kinds of blunts, how to pick out a good blunt, and finally, how to roll one using the de-leafing method.
  • How to be a stoner WARNING: WATCH THIS VIDEO BLAZED AS F**K! sorry it took soo freakishly long, and it's not the bast, this is just the version i had in mind, another will be comming, but more acting and more people, so watch and let us know what you think! Thanks goes to Scott, Aj for helping in this piece of art!
  • Stoners In Trouble The stoner-chute gets attacked by campus police.Funny ass ***!! The cop doesnt know who to grab first,hahaha.... weed stoners high cops college campus police stoned pot
  • 4/20 Parachute Stoner Dash Festivities at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. right at 4:20 PM (Note, theres a second tour group to the right)
  • Stoner Nation? DC has become a fan of weed. As of two days ago, medical marijuana has become legal in DC. Does the fact that the nation's capitol now allows medical marijuana, mean that attitudes around the country are changing? Steven Steiner founder of Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers argues progressives are controlling Washington and anything goes. He debates the legalization and if this is a new trend with Allen St. Pierre Executive Director at National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws who argues a high percent support legalization of marijuana.
  • Magician Vs Stoner Magician Versus Stoner, On the Streets San Fransisco California there was an epic turf war between a vacant looking stoner kid begging for drug money, and a pocket sized old street magician whose talents in life include vaguely impressive card tricks, and swearing at beggars.
  • Stoner Park Short film by David Markey from the DVD "Cut Shorts". Satan ***s versus the mellow Zeppelin Stoners in a battle to the finish. Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?
  • I Be (Stoners Anthem)- Kid Cudi Another favorite, one for all the stoners, i think this used to be a bob dylan song or something? How to download this song? Go to
  • Casey Stoner's Story .au Casey Stoner talks about the 2007 Moto GP season and where he hopes to finish.
  • Stoners at DisneyLand This is why you should never get stoned at the magic kingdom
  • Jack In The Box Stoner Commercial jack in the box commercial on tv
  • Stiletto Stoners - Women Who Smoke Pot NBC - Beverly Hills Cannabis Club FOR THE LATEST MARIJUANA RELATED NEWS: Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles disagreed with Hollands view that there is a large social stigma attached to smoking marijuana. I have to say, thats not what we are hearing from readers, she said on the Today Show. First of all, its decriminalized in 13 states, and I dont think this is a generation of people who get excited about the fact that its illegal. The inspiration for the article, Coles said, was hearing from readers that they were feeling stressed. Clearly, the economy is a great deal of stress for people and they wanted a way to unwind. And they found more and more of them were doing this [smoking marijuana] and they found it had less impact on them when they were going to work the next morning. So they didnt want to drink. Its cheap and they felt they could do it in the privacy of their own home, and it was a very effective way to calm down. Holland agreed that marijuana may be a less harmful drug than alcohol, saying that marijuana has psycho-therapeutic properties that booze lacks. Its more of a mind drug, she said. Alcohols sort of a deadening, numbing maybe more like a body drug. On pot, people are unwinding and theyre relaxing, but theyre also able to think and maybe ***yze or think clearly I think cannabis is more functional than alcohol, certainly in terms of anxiety. It can be a treatment or a medicine. Coles added that the Marie Claire article seems to have struck a ...
  • Its A Stoners Life The world's oldest living potheads tell all in the shortest documentary on earth! These are the people Reefer Madness warned you about. see more @ www.swift-
  • Aladdin Hotel Implosion The implosion of the old Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. 4-28-1998
  • Alyson Stoner- Lost and Found (with lyrics) [HQ] Alyson Stoner's 'Lost and Found' from the movie Alice Upside down. Includes lyrics in video syncronized with audio. COLOR KEY: Pink- Verse Lime- Chorus Blue- Bridge Orange- Refrain Lyrics also included below, under copyright information. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED (C) Sandy Tung (C) Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (C) Chip Rosenbloom This is my world four walls and a view I stare at the ceiling Chasing these feelings around in my head I'm so confused constantly wishing for what I've been missing in my life I learn to be strong when the walls are crumbling all around my heart You might say I feel lost and found You might say I'm all turned around this is the first time that I know who I am Cause now my feet are on solid ground before I didn't know up from down It won't be long 'till I find were I'm goin' now I must confess I was a mess I tried not to show it didn't want them to know it Cause everyone has their own cross to bear and mine is still waiting for everything to fall back into place But I learned to be strong When the rain is falling all around my heart You might say I feel lost and found You might say I'm all turned around this is the first time that I know who I am Cause now my feet are on solid ground before I didn't know up from down Thanks to love, I know were I'm going now You might say I feel lost and found You might say I'm all turned around this is the first time that I know who I am Cause now my feet are on solid ground before I didn't know up from down ...
  • Lakai Rosetta Stoners Lakai "Rosetta Stones" Presents How NOT to Speak English Featuring Jesus Fernandez & JB Gillet Special Mute Appearance Lucas Puig Filmed & Edited Federico Vitetta "Mazel Tov" Music by Mario and Luigi
  • Why Marijuana Smokers Are Bad People This is a follow up video to the original "7 Chilling Reasons Why You Shouldn't Smoke Marijuana" All music was found at
  • Kottonmouth Kings- Proud to be a Stoner
  • Surf's Up, Spicoli Some call him a legend. Others the great hero of our time. But one thing everyone can agree on is that Jeff Spicoli is one lovable stoner without a clue. I know there have been many complaints about the music I chose. Truth is, I was editing this between tasks at work and saw the track title "American Idiot" and thought that would be perfect. In the future, remind me not to use Green Day in my videos...
  • Another Morning Stoner Music video by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead performing Another Morning Stoner. (C) 2001 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc. 2004 Interscope Records
  • Legalize it? Stupid Stoners. Video 420 - Blunty calls stoners stupid, Redundant? Legalize it? Cannabis, marijuana decriminalization? Pot use, stoners, weed, ganja, aunt mary, boom, chronic, dope ganja, gangster, grass, hash, herb, kif, mary jane, pot, reefer, sinsemilla, skunk, and weed, joint, spliff, doobie or blunt
  • Crailtap's Mini Top 5. The Top 5 Stoners at Stoner Park.
  • WTF?: creepy white dudes, stoners, the military and remodels Wefilm stand-up comedy seven nights a week from the best comedy clubs in the world. Everyday we bring you our top picks, uncensored access to the biggest headliners, and a first look at the new voices of comedy. Watch the best in comedy free on your phone at Follow us on twitter: /rooftopcomedy Name: Website:
  • Prop 19: Obama Threatens Stoners Attorney General Eric Holder stated the DOJ strongly opposes Prop 19, and if voters in California choose to vote for full legalization, the federal government will "vigorously enforce" federal law. Matt Welch, editor in chief of Reason magazine calls this an appalling use of intimidation to get people not to vote.
  • Top 5 Stoners in the Movies: Rotten Tomatoes Show Ellen counts down the Top 5 movie stoners. Watch More Rotten Tomatoes, now part of infoMania, Thursdays 11/10c. For more about movies from Current
  • Amy Ray - Lucy Stoners Amy Ray and her band play Lucy Stoners in Cleveland on Halloween during their fall tour in support of Didn't It Feel Kinder. Kaia Wilson on Guitar, Melissa York on drums, Julie Wolf on keys, Jim Anton on bass.
  • Richie in the field of cows Rich and Greg smoke some strong green with Jethro. Got milk?
  • All my friends are stoners "All My Friends Are Stoners" is a triple 2008 Marijuana Music Awards Winning song by Rich Hardesty.
  • Clayton Stoner's Fluke Goal On Johan Hedberg 01/04/2011 Clayton Stoner scored his first nhl goal after a dump-in from center ice early in the third period took an unexpected bounce off the glass and wound up in an empty net, giving the Wild a 2-1 victory at Prudential Center on Tuesday night.
  • Stoner gets on The Price Is Right, bids 420 on everything! Title pretty much says it all
  • Stoners' New Anthem See exclusive articles and pictures on A song about the wonders of the natural world. One in particular. LIKE us on FOLLOW us on: FOLLOW us on: WATCH exclusive videos we can't put on YouTube at:
  • Alyson Stoner in Drake & Josh (Part 1/2) Alyson Stoner's appearance in Drake & Josh, episode "Number One Fan" from 2004.
  • Weeds: The Stoners Ep. 1 (Politics) Season 4 of Weeds premieres Monday, June 16 at 10pm et/pt.
  • Stoners Inspire Me! Get Your PhillyD Shirts: Email entries to [email protected] Story Links will be uploaded later
  • Prop 19: A state of stoners? November isn't far away the Proposition 19 in California just might be the most explosive political decision this year. It calls to legalize, regulate, control and tax Cannabis Act of 2010. So will California, turn into a state of stoners, more so than it already is? Chief Kim Raney, Police Chief of Covina, CA explains that this initiative that has no intention to tax or regulate so that's why so many people are against this 'poorly written initiative.' Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws debates that we shouldn't blame the state for being foolish from collecting some kind of revenue.

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  • “A place for stoners to meet”
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  • “Stoners United is a live streaming social network forums web cam chat rooms and the grow room for sharing skunk cannabis growing info/images”
    Stoners United: Mr P Turtel's blog,

  • “[Archive] Stoners Everything/Nothing So many uptight ***s in this forum. Leave the potheads alone. Go punch a wall or become a cop and get a hardon for the law. Wow, not liking stoners REALLY means im an uptight ***”
    — Stoners... [Archive] - eBaum's World Forum,

  • “Arizona stoners get paid for safe ***&body=http:///blog/2008/12/18/arizona-stoners-get-paid Please keep your comments relevant to this blog entry. Email addresses are never displayed, but they are required to confirm your comments. When you enter your name and”
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  • “Need the stoners opinion on this video - Page 1 Forum Addict. Offline. Posts: 1148. Re: Need the stoners opinion on this video " Reply #9 on: July 22, 2007, 10:52:48 PM " i love the video just because it's so ***ing random, and also for ching chang walla walla bing bang brings back a few good”
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  • “And he has vowed to fly over Street star Betty Driver to serve the first traditional He said: "I have watched Coronation Street for a lot of years and I'm in talks to do a”
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  • “Please enjoy this post from NORML podcaster 'Radical' Russ Belville, from the NORML Daily Audio Stash blog: The latest prejudicial stereotyping of”
    — From the Stash: "Stoners in the Mist" – More prejudiced,

  • “Online Community of World Wide Stoners Discussion Forum (45) Search Forum. Sort by: Discussions. Replies. Latest Activity. Wad up. Wad up. Started by Mr.sunshine. 0. Apr 27. Email Copy Of Allegra Prescription. However, after embarassing it carefully for 2 years, i recommend i am a pneumococcus”
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  • “The following Top Ten List was compiled for those of you who like to wake & bake, fire one up, and have tea at 4:20. It is the ultimate soundtrack for”
    — Top Ten Songs for Stoners | Rock n Roll View,

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