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  • Release Date: 4/12/2005 | Production Year: 1965 | New Lost City Ramblers Through extensive recording, touring and TV appearances in the 1950s and 1960s, the New Lost City Ramblers were the first group to popularize old time string band music. 2. New Lost City Ramblers: Stone Rag. — “Buy New Lost City Ramblers & Greenbriar Boys: Rainbow Quest”,
  • this is a demo of me playing the traditional fiddle tune "Stone's Rag." I learned it from Bob Wills's Tiffany Transcription version with Jody Holley on fiddle. Bob called the tune "Lone Star Rag," but when I looked it up on the amazing site,. — “Karl Straub Music: STONE'S RAG/STRAUB'S REEL”,
  • Stone Rag (aka Cheese Cloth) by The Savoy Family Cajun Band (MP3 Download - Sept. 2, 2006) Stone Rag (aka Cheese Cloth) by FestivaLouisiana!. — “: Cuba cheese”,
  • Fiddling Method Deluxe (includes CD) - Craig Duncan. Product #: XFM1 Double Stops, Bully of the Town, Down Yonder, Stone's Rag, I Don't Love Nobody, Billy in the Lowground, East. — “Young Musicians, Inc.: Fiddling Method Deluxe (includes CD”,
  • A superior ragtime/stride pianist who is not too shy to improvise a bit even on classic 3:09. 7. Key Stone Rag (Willie Anderson, 1921) [Willie 2:20. 8. Charleston Rag (Eubie. — “Ol' Muddy by Sue Keller on MSN Music”,
  • Chords to Stone's Rag. — “Guitar Chords to Stone's Rag”,
  • Stone's Rag [Me IV-L 6a] - Stone, Oscar. Rt - Whiskers ; Persian Lamb [Rag] Gray, Vykki M,; and Kenny Hall / Kenny Hall's Music Book, Mel Bay, Sof (1999), p 92 (Stone Rag). — “Folk Music Index - Stay to Ston”,
  • Vintage Records Stone's Rag. Rubber Dolly. Oklahoma Waltz. Jesse Polka. Arkansas Traveler. Golden Slippers. Dixie Hoedown. Jerusalem's Ridge. Tennessee Waltz. Brett Dudenhoeffer--"This 'Dude' Loves The Fiddle" Rawhide. Golden Slippers. Red Haired Boy. — “Vintage Records-Buffalo, MO”,
  • "Stone's Rag" (Traditional) – 3:20 "Ramshackle Shack" (Wade Mainer) Track 7 "Stone's Rag" omitted from Sugar Hill cassette tape SH-C-3752. — “Riding the Midnight Train - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Earlier this year The Webster County Citizen Newspaper called him an "Eight-year-old fiddling prodigy" Brett truly is amazing. He 4. Stone's Rag. 5. Rubber Dolly. 6. Oklahoma Waltz. 7. Jesse Polka. 8. — “Brett Dudenhoeffer----Offical Web Site”,
  • Fiddle Tunes--Kentucky; Martin, L.C.; Indian Creek; Fiddle tune played by L.C. Martin and recorded by John Harrod in Carroll County, Kentucky 3-4-80. Fiddle Tunes--Kentucky; Martin, L.C.; Lone Star Rag; Stone's Rag;. — “Digital Library of Appalachia : Browse”, aca-
  • Acoustic music books CDs Videos picks strings and more from the Prussia Valley Dulcimers Acoustic Music Shop, mountain dulcimer hammered dulcimer lap harp ukulele autoharp banjo fiddle mandolin accessories Stone's Rag. — “Maggie Sansone's Traditions CD available from www”,
  • Atlantic Violin Supplies, located in New Brunswick, Canada, is a violin supply business providing value and service since 1993. They carry a large Waltz, Stan's Jig, Murry River Jig, Bowing the Strings, Clarinet Polka, Gaspe Reel, Nakimum Reel, Ontario Swing, Stone's Rag and many more. — “ATLANTIC VIOLIN SUPPLIES - Books & Videos”,
  • Don't know much about this, but I have heard it in a version by Doc Watson. I play it quite a bit slower than Doc does. — “YouTube - Stone's Rag”,
  • I have been having a lot of fun playing chords up and down the neck while accompanying ragtime tunes such as Stone's Rag. Stone's Rag was so easy to learn that I have to wonder why I didn't play it when I first started playing the banjo - probably on. — “Simple Rag Progressions - Discussion Forums - Banjo Hangout”,
  • SWEET VIOLETS Song Snippets. Coconuts. Twelfth Street Rag/Stone's Rag. Ragtime Cowboy Joe. Take Me Back to Tulsa Stone's Rag / Traditional. 3. Ragtime Cowboy Joe. Muir, Abrahams, Clarke 1911. 4. Take Me Back to Tulsa. Duncan, Wills 1941. 5. Fine. — “Mamas Mountain Jug Band Music CD”, www76
  • Shop , buy online now. Brought to you by the DSL Market place. Stone's Rag. Price: only 0.89 Buy Now. The Greatest Boxing Stories Ever Told: Thirty-Six Incredible Tales from the Ring. Price: only. — “Shop , peripherals online sales, buy now”,
  • American Old Time fiddle music practice MIDI key of C. Stone's Rag. Texas Gales. Threshing Tune. Wagoner. Copyright © 2000-2010 C. Edward Hetzler All Rights Reserved | Terms of Use | Privacy Statement. D Tunes | G Tunes | A Tunes | C Tunes | Modal. Widgets. — “Old Time fiddle practice MIDI key of C”,
  • Michael Cleveland music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Michael Cleveland on Yahoo! Music Stone's Rag. — “Michael Cleveland on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Doc's Guitar is a web site that focuses on the guitar and music of Doc Watson. It offers a full biography of Doc, along with photos and a list of his awards. The site also provides a complete listing of Doc Watson instruction books, videos, Stone's Rag. — “Doc Watson Recording Detail - Doc's Guitar”,
  • 18 Stone's Rag. ORDERING IS EASY. For $0.99 CAD/ US. 2 PDFs. Page One: History of the Tune You need it to read your PDF's. BONUS TUNES. Want to know about Classical Violin?. — “#18 Stone's Rag”,
  • On 'Stone's Rag' Doc works with the complement of a full bluegrass ensemble and captured my attention on every shining note. Doc However, the back up becomes more of an essential element for the overall sound in the aforementioned 'Stone's Rag. — “Bluegrass: We ARE Bluegrass Music”,

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  • Tin Horn Hank Stone's Rag filmed by Rafaella Leonardi
  • Stone Rag The Broadway Marys
  • Stone's Rag Played by The Ash Grove Players of Northern Virginia, Lilli Vincenz (fiddler and band leader)
  • Stone's Rag This traditional ragtime tune is played here on Gibson F2 mandolin with a guitar backup.
  • Stone's Rag Doc Watson, from "Riding The Midnight Train"
  • Stone's Rag Danny Knicely, Tara Linhardt, David Knicely, and Rex McGee
  • Shige's Guitar & Fiddle Project, Stone Rag Oh well. I know that it does not sync very well and so many mistakes. But I promise that I will get better. 竹下茂弘
  • Stone's Rag. Fiddle tune written by Oscar Stone played on a Red Diamond Vintage 24 mandolin. This tune is also known as The Lonestar Rag. Recorded with Audio Technica mini binaural mics.
  • Stone's Rag Song-a-Week Social group on Mandolin Cafe
  • Stone's Rag Traditional American Ragtime on Hammered Dulcimer and guitar
  • Stone's Rag Stone's Rag is a very old short melody attempted here on the fiddle by Terry Godfrey
  • Stone's Rag On this one I have recorded a rythm guitar on the computer and play along on a guitjo, bantar, 6-string banjo or whatever you prefer to call it.
  • Stone's Rag
  • Stone's Rag - Notatious String Band The Notatious String Band from Seattle - Vivian Williams & Bonnie Zahnow, fiddles; WB Reid, banjo-guitar; and Phil Williams, guitar, play Stone's Rag atthe District 6, Washington Old Time Fidde Association fiddle show, May, 2007. Video by Shirley Calvert.
  • Stone's Rag The Whammadiddle Dingbats perform Stone's Rag
  • stone rag
  • "Stone's Rag" in swing tempo on solo mandolin. Here is a solo mandolin version of the traditional American Old-Time Rag "Stone's Rag" performed in swing tempo. It seems that there is much debate among the experts as to the original "proper" tempo for rags. A neat essay on the subject can be found here: So, in the spirit of Scott Joplin's famous admonition, "Do not perform this piece fast. It is never right to perform ragtime fast." Here is my arrangement in swing tempo (~100 beats per minute). If this doesn't get you tappin' your foot and feeling like you're in a 1930s speakeasy, I have not done my job! This is being recorded for the Mandolin 's Song-a-Week social Group (week # 99)
  • Stone's Rag or 40 Dogs in a Meathouse Tom is fiddlin' Laurie on Mando A Deb (Miphidaphne) production
  • Shige's Suzuki Violin (Fiddle), Stone Rag I need more practice on this tune, but I really like this tune. 竹下茂弘
  • Stone's Rag A part
  • 4 Stone's Rag - Mandolin & Uke My Son Carl blew in from Colorado for a few days with his new mandolin. Here's a cool version of the traditional fiddle tune "Stone's Rag." Hope you like this one.
  • Stone's Rag (Lone Star Rag) on Fiddle Chris Talley Armstrong plays slow and with the fingerboard in view so that you can learn the song "Stone's Rag" aka "Lone Star Rag" on the fiddle. (The Bluegrass Shack - New Athens, IL)
  • Stone's Rag For week #99 of the SAW group. Stone's Rag played on a Sobell mandolin, Santa Cruz guitar and a double bass.
  • Stone's Rag For the Mandolincafe " Song A Week " week 99, Stone's Rag on Mandola
  • Stone's Rag This is Mandolin Cafe's Song A Week Social Group Week #99 Tune of the Week. It's an old-time tune, and I'm playing it on my Collings MT2O mandolin.
  • Randy Powell - Stone's Rag Bay Area Bluegrass Monthly Jam
  • Stone's Rag This tune is Mandolin Cafe's Song A Week Social Group Week #99 Tune of the Week. It's an old-time rag. I am currently working on improving my right hand technique, and found this a perfect tune to use! I have changed the angle that I tilt my hand, slightly, and am concentrating (HARD) on having my movement be in my wrist, not in my elbow. I played this tune concentrating on maintaining a smooth down/up/down/up motion with my right hand. I played it the first time through playing straight 8th notes, and the second time, I used more of a dotted (hornpipe) rhythm, which I think gives it more of a ragtime feel.
  • Stone's Rag
  • Playing With Fire at Childgrove contra dance: Stone's Rag Playing With Fire (Roger Netherton, age 14, on fiddle, and Annie Shilliday on keyboard) play "Stone's Rag" at the Childgrove contra dance in St. Louis, Missouri, March 5, 2011. Special guest Scott Miller sits in on bones. Caller is John Coffman, calling a new dance he wrote, "The Girls of St. Louis." My apologies for the apparent shortage of bass range in the audio; my camera did not seem to pick that up.
  • Black stone rag Some ragtime of my own in C major.Hope you like it.
  • Stone's Rag Shania Wright playing Stone's Rag on the fiddle in Tofield AB May 2008
  • Stone's Rag Don't know much about this, but Deleuran has heard it in a version by Doc Watson. Deleuran plays it quite a bit slower than Doc. Enevoldsen plays a tenor guitar.
  • Stone's Rag A part.mp4
  • Stone's Rag - Ukulele and Guitar LIVE 8 year old Matthew playing Stones Rag with guitarist live on stage.
  • Ma Rag Time Baby played by Gina Cornell Gina plays this Fred Stone rag composed in 1898. It is published in the "Ragtime Raries" book.
  • Stone's Rag Logan McNeil's solo, Cochise County Youth Orchestra Concert, May 2010, Sierra Vista, AZ
  • Stone's rag B part
  • Stone's Rag, on resonator tenor guitar This is an old-time fiddle tune, also recorded by Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys under the name "Lone Star Rag" as part of the Tiffany Transciptions. Recorded on my Garry Probert resonator tenor guitar, tuned GDAE, for the Mandolin Cafe Song-A-Week social group, Week #99.
  • Stone's Rag Mandolin Cafe Song A Week #99 (3/22/2011) Mandolin, acoustic guitar, faux acoustic guitar bass Breedlove OF mandolin

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