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  • Special Projects: Food fight? | ethanol, food, ohio, feed, make, byproduct, greater, high, revenue, million "Corn is a stepping stone," Borer said. " It's permitting us to develop new technology. — “Food fight? | ethanol, food, ohio - Special Projects”,
  • Female palm stone borer beetles adjust their offspring *** ratio according to relatedness In the haplodiploid palm stone borer beetles, Coccotrypes dactyliperda (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), mated females disperse, and females excavate brood chambers in the palm stones (seeds). — “IEC 2005: Hungary - Searching for abstracts”,
  • Featured Characters: The Legion followed a lava tube to beneath The Compound and Chameleon (in the form of a Buzekian stone-borer) smashed through into the house. — “Superboy Vol 4 21 - DC Comics Database”,
  • We found 3 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word stone borer: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "stone borer" is defined. General (3 matching dictionaries) Stone borer: [home, info]. — “Definitions of stone borer - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Concreted earthy or mineral matter; also, any particular mass of such matter; as, a house built of stone; the boy threw a stone; pebb. Stone borer (Zoöl.), any animal that bores stones; especially, one of certain bivalve mollusks which burrow in limestone. See Lithodomus, and. — “Definition of Stne”,
  • Download thousands of free ebooks - ePUB, eReader, PDF, Plucker, Mobipocket, and other formats that work with your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook, Android, iLiad, Sony Reader, or iPod Touch. A stone borer 134. — “The Later Cave-Men, page 7”,
  • People named Acomb. Find the person you're looking for and related people. seal s., placed 3 times inc. 2nd acomb maiden s.; own sister to stoneborer; dam. — “Acomb - Pipl Profiles”,
  • The scuprat was not a stone borer but a woodborer. Its main diet was the sap from trees Since the scuprat was not a stone borer you may wonder how they are related to the stones. — “Our Brown County: Scuprats of Salt Creek”,
  • The product and service search machine of IndustryStock contains more relevant results Stone borer. Alternaively, you can search further with Manufacturer, dealer, Service Provider or Supplier where you can enter the following products and. — “Stone borer - manufacturer, trader & supplier”,
  • Bibliomania e-text: Chapter Stomatitis to Stool of S by Webster's Dictionary (1913 Edition) (Zoöl.) Same as Stone borer, above. — Stone falcon(Zoöl.), the merlin. — Stone fern(Bot.), a European fern (Asplenium Ceterach) which grows on rocks and walls. — Stone. — “Chapter Stomatitis to Stool of S by Webster's”,
  • Chipped Stone Tools. A rock is a rock--unless it's not. Chipped stone tools freed man from fear and hunger and gave him control over his environment. Stone borer drills, burins for shaping wood, bone and stone and sharp stone knives joined the hand axes and spear points in man's tool kit during. — “Chipped Stone Tools | ”,
  • Please try the new PATENTSCOPE® International and National Collections search page guidebeam (18) and carries in turn another guidebeam (18''). A stone borer or a stone saw tool (98) is held on the second. — “(WO/1993/019915) TOOL STAND, IN PARTICULAR FOR STONE BORERS”,
  • Definition of Stone borer in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Stone borer. Pronunciation of Stone borer. Translations of Stone borer. Stone borer synonyms, Stone borer antonyms. Information about Stone borer in the free online English. — “Stone borer - definition of Stone borer by the Free Online”,
  • stone - 線上英漢字典、漢英字典、英英字典、拼音轉換、計算機 (Online Chinese/English Translation Dictionary) { Stone borer} (Zo["o]l.), any animal that bores stones; especially, one of certain bivalve mollusks which burrow in limestone. — “stone - 線上英漢字典 (English-Chinese Dictionary)”,
  • A person who bores, who drills. A tool used for drilling. An insect or insect larva that bores into wood. One of the many types of stone-borer. sugar cane borer. sugar-maple borer. twig borer. vine borer. — “borer - Wiktionary”,
  • Stone Age n : (archeology) the earliest known period of human culture, characterized by the use of stone implements [syn: Stone Age] Stone borer (Zo["o]l.), any animal that bores stones; especially, one of certain bivalve mollusks which burrow in limestone. — “stone age”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define stone age as NStone \Stone\, n. [OE. ston, stan, AS. st[=a]n; akin to OS. &OFries. st[=e]n, D. s***, G. stein, ( Zo["o]l.) Same as Stone borer, above. — “Definition of Stone Age from ”,
  • Antique prints of fish by Bloch. Scientific illustrations of fish, beautifully rendered and hand-colored in the eigh***th century. 168. Le Perce pierre de l'Inde (Indian stone-borer) $625. — “Antique Prints of Fish by Bloch”,
  • STONE: Review the definition, meaning, pronunciation, explanation, synonyms, and antonyms of the term STONE in the Online Dictionary. What is a 5 letter word that starts with S? { Stone borer} (Zo["o]l.), any animal that bores stones; especially, one of certain bivalve mollusks which burrow in limestone. — “Definition of STONE (Meaning of STONE), a 5 Letter Word”,
  • Stone Borer, a name given to several bivalve shells, especially pholas (Linn.) and lithodomus (Cav.), from their power of boring into the hardest rocks. The pholadidae (Gr. — “Stone Borer”,
  • Fossil cranium of the Xujiayao Man: (bottom); Stone scraper: tool (up, length 2.9 cm); Stone borer: tool (mid, length 3.2 cm) The Nihewan Basin is similar to the Olduvai Gorge of East Africa in its palaeo-environmental conditions and abundant. — “Group Sites at Nihewan of the Paleolithic Age”,
  • Bit by bit, Michael Travers is learning about Martha's Vineyard history. His treasures include arrowheads, a stone borer ("for working threads through deerskin), aged coins with faded markings, a pre-Civil War promotional. — “Uncovering history, bit by bit : The Martha's Vineyard Times”,
  • Stone borer Zool., any animal that bores stones; especially, one of certain bivalve mollusks which burrow in limestone. Same as Stone borer, above. -- Stone falcon Zool., the merlin. — [email protected],

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