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  • Burns survivors fight stigmatisation. Last Updated: Monday, 25 January 2010, 22:50 GMT Survivors of skin burns in the country are lamenting over the increasing stigmatization and discrimination in the society against them. — “Ghana News :: Burns survivors fight stigmatisation”,
  • The Stigmatization of HIV/AIDS victims by the public is the cause of the rapid spread of the pandemic in Brong Ahafo, Mr Amos Adu Okyere, Brong-Ahafo Regional Programme Director of the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) has stated on Tuesday. — “Stigmatisation leads to spread of HIV/AIDS | Health”,
  • HIV/AIDS And Stigmatisation In Nigeria. By Akanimo Sampson, Port Harcourt. NKECHI and Preye, allegedly contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) sometime in 1998, in one of the oil communities of the Niger Delta, Nigeria's main oil and gas basin. — “A. Sampson: HIV/AIDS And Stigmatisation In Nigeria | Scoop News”,
  • Stigmatisation of problem-drug users. By - The Lancet 60 years on, stigmatising labels for drug users remain topical, according to a report last week by the UK Drug Policy Commission, Sinning and sinned against: the stigmatisation of problem drug users. — “Stigmatisation of problem-drug users : The Lancet”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun stigmatisation has one meaning: Meaning #1 : the act of. — “stigmatisation: Information from ”,
  • What Stops Us From Healing the Healers: a Survey of Help-Seeking Behaviour, Stigmatisation and Depression Within the Medical Profession particularly for mental ill health; attitudes of colleagues reflecting stigmatisation may be important factors influencing decisions to seek support. — “What Stops Us From Healing the Healers: a Survey of Help”,
  • See Change: Tackling Mental Health Stigmatisation in Ireland in working together with See Change to reduce the stigmatisation of - and discrimination against - people with a mental health. — “Irish Left Review · See Change: Tackling Mental Health”,
  • A few days prior to the coming visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for ***ual underscored the need for integrating the concept of the stigmatisation into the module, and discussing the issue not only with. — “DR Congo/South Kivu: Campaign to fight social stigma of”,
  • Definition of stigmatisation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of stigmatisation. Pronunciation of stigmatisation. Translations of stigmatisation. stigmatisation synonyms, stigmatisation antonyms. Information about stigmatisation in the free. — “stigmatisation - definition of stigmatisation by the Free”,
  • Stigmatisation of psychiatric illness has been evident for as long as illness has existed (Bhugra, 1989) CRISP, A. H. (1999) The stigmatisation of sufferers with mental disorders. — “The stigmatisation of psychiatric illness: the attitudes of”,
  • Influence of gender, self-consciousness and stigmatisation on perceived acceptance among people living with HIV in Nigeria In addition, private self-consciousness and perceived stigmatisation jointly and significantly influenced an individual's perception of acceptance. — “IngentaConnect Influence of gender, self-consciousness and”,
  • Stigmatisation is of overall benefit to the society and is an essential tool to counteract the peer pressure', which is a prime The role of stigmatisation in public health campaigns is powerful and problematic. — “ Rapid Responses for Chapple et al., 328 (7454) 1470”,
  • Stigmatisation of St Francis Oil on canvas, 570 x 363 cm Religious - Gallery by FRANCISCO DE, THE YOUNGER HERRERA , Paint Gallery art, Painters ,Picture, Image. — “Stigmatisation of St Francis - Francisco De, The Younger”, lib-
  • That is, they are accepted by the stigmatized as "honorary members" of the stigmatized group. " Wise persons are the marginal men before whom the individual with a fault need feel no shame nor exert self-control, knowing that in spite of his failing he will be seen as an ordinary other. — “Social stigma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • At a local maternity clinic in one of Bulawayo's high density suburbs, midwives are at pains to explain to a pregnant 15-year-old girl why she must be tested for HIV before she gives birth. Pregnant ***s Shun HIV Treatment for Fear of Stigmatisation. — “ZIMBABWE: Pregnant ***s Shun HIV Treatment for Fear of”,
  • The New Vision is Uganda's leading daily newspaper. {PAGE_META_DESCRIPTION} The stigmatisation reminds us of what happened when Ebola broke out in Gulu in 2000. — “New Vision Online : Stop Ebola stigmatisation”,
  • In order to address the matter of stigmatisation of people with mental illness that accompanies stigmatisation of mental illnesses may be a. — “Mental illness: stigmatisation and discrimination within the”,
  • Laventille urged to help end stigmatisation. By COREY CONNELLY Sunday, October 10 2010 Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Stephen Williams yesterday told Laventilleans that they need to take some responsibility for the stigmatisation that has long affected residents of the crime-plagued community. — “Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : :”,
  • Schizophrenia, psychosis, stigmatisation, coping, trauma Schizophrenia, psychosis, stigmatisation, coping, trauma. Disclosure: The author has no conflicts of interest to declare. Acknowledgements: The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's. — “Trauma and Stigma as Defeating Experiences Over the Life”,
  • Media in category "Stigmatisation" The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 Retrieved from "http:///wiki/Category:Stigmatisation". — “Category:Stigmatisation - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Definition of stigmatisation in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is stigmatisation? Meaning of stigmatisation as a legal term. What does stigmatisation mean in law?. — “stigmatisation legal definition of stigmatisation”, legal-
  • The stigmatisation of Francis is not an exceptional phenomenon among ascetics of the Roman Catholic world. It should be mentioned here, that the historical accounts of Francis' stigmatisation do not now give rise to any doubts in the scholarly world. — “A Comparison: Francis of Assisi and St. Seraphim of Sarov”,

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  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the Project The project is characterized by its uniqueness and inspirational aspect It has a strong dimension social inclusion and de stigmatisation Studio Citadela has become a part of Prague s culture
  • for having added to the effort to keep the struggle against HIV AIDS especially against the stigmatisation against people living with the disease Minister Ramsarran said The competition also aided in the promotion of health and wellness which is part of the Ministry of Health s campaign to encourage lifestyle changes
  • Cas emblématique de la stigmatisation des populations marginales aux Etats Unis
  • Alors que Nicolas Sarkozy a montré du doigt la voyoucratie Hamé du groupe la Rumeur revient sur la stigmatisation des jeunes des quartiers Copie d écran ici Note 211 du 2 décembre 2007 Les médias me rendent malade 118 La stigmatisation des jeunes des quartiers
  • Commençons par une introduction d IAM sur la stigmatisation des banlieues et du rap en général audio press Play Mais aussi en Vidéo la culture HH en France
  • Slide 19 Stigmatisation of St Francis Pisa altarpiece GIOTTO di Bondone b 1267 Vespignano d 1337 Firenze Legend of St Francis 19 Stigmatization of St Francis
  • Pour voir l affiche cliquez ce lien
  • du port du voile intégral puisse amener quelque chose de positif le risque étant que les femmes musulmanes concernées disparaissent de notre vue et que leur situation soit pire Cécile Duflot et Noël Mamère Le port du voile intégral me heurte humainement en tant que femme en tant que féministe mais la stigmatisation ça ne me semble pas être une bonne
  • Droits et logement La stigmatisation des personnes usagères des services de santé mentale Avec Henri Dorvil 25 février 2009
  • by his father and dating to the 1560s concurrently with or after the Escorial picture a time when Orazio was increasingly taking on work of his own Also from this period is the bizarre Stigmatisation of Saint Francis probably finished in 1569 and now in the Pinacoteca in Ascoli Recently restored the picture has emerged from relative obscurity and been affirmed as
  • San Sepolcro Altarpiece The Stigmatisation of St Francis 1437 44
  • offers general supportiveness and hugs also offers pictures of David Tennant
  • Van Eyck collaborator Philadelphia Stigmatisation jpg jpg
  • l accès au crédit et aux assurances Non au nouveau ghetto ©TBWA Paris Les séropositifs se voient encore refuser l accès aux soins dentaires Non au nouveau ghetto ©TBWA Paris Les séropositifs se voient systématiquement refuser l accès au logement Non au nouveau ghetto ©TBWA Paris
  • Remada Max 46 C° Min 27 C° Vent SW Vent 35 km h El Borma Max 46 C° Min 31 C° Vent SW Vent 35 km h Images de Tunisie
  • Silence on tourne Dans le cadre de son appui aux activités de plaidoyer sur la lutte contre la stigmatisation et la discrimination des personnes vivant avec le
  • Van Eyck Torino Galleria Sabauda Stigmatisation jpg jpg
  • Neumann33 jpg
  • Stigmatisation Bardi chapel S Croce Florence 1320s Giotto Bardi Chapel S Croce Florence Stigmatisation 1320s Stigmatisation of St Francis Bardi Chapel Santa Croce
  • Les séropositifs se voient systématiquement refuser l accès au crédit et aux assurances Non au nouveau ghetto ©TBWA Paris
  • also thought that PLWHA should not hold public office This may not be unconnected with the stigma and discrimination attached to this disease Table 3 Attitudes towards PLWHA Note Multiple responses are allowed Reactions to PLWHA Status One of the most difficult issues that normally faced any PLWHA is how to divulge the information or who to inform
  • fact that Guyana having recognised the role of the Ministry of Health and the administration should rededicate itself to continuing that leadership Minister Ramsarran said The demonstration of leadership at the level of Parliament was recently highlighted through the adoption of the Port of Spain Declaration for the de stigmatisation
  • Les séropositifs se voient systématiquement refuser l accès au crédit et aux assurances Non au nouveau ghetto ©TBWA Paris Les séropositifs se voient encore refuser l accès aux soins dentaires Non au nouveau ghetto ©TBWA Paris
  • Hey von range ta Pépé
  • avez bien raison Le F haine est non seulement synonyme d exclusion mais aussi de haine de l autre de stigmatisation et de mensonge Puisqu un bon dessin vaut mieux qu un long discours http img503 imageshack us img503 7716 avisderecherchemp3 jpg Mais il y a pire les idées du F haine sont contagieuses Le parti travailliste britannique commence à avoir les mêmes
  • trouvera de nombreuses occurrences de ces expressions en tapant personne population issu diversité sur Google Trois exemples ici copie d écran 1 copie d écran 2 copie d écran 3 Note 210 du 1er décembre 2007 Les médias me rendent malade 117 La stigmatisation des jeunes
  • fantastiques de collecte de fonds afin de vous aider à vous préparer à cette journée si spéciale pour le Guidisme et le Scoutisme féminin Trousse pédagogique sur le VIH et le sida Pour donner aux jeunes femmes les moyens de se protéger contre l infection à VIH de prendre la parole sur ce thème dans leur collectivité et pour lutter contre la stigmatisation et la
  • du légendaire Darken than Blue de Curtis Mayfield je vous conseille vivement d écouter en boucle la compilation Darker Than Blue Soul From Jamdown 1973 1980 un monument
  • 11scene jpg
  • pas près de s arrêter car on constate aujourd hui que l Europe s agrandit et que les nouveaux Européens sont fous de hip hop Cela va donner un nouveau souffle au monde du hip hop Quant à la stigmatisation de cette danse je dirais qu elle a tendance à s essouffler un peu par certains cotés pour reprendre de l ampleur par d autres Si aujourd hui les hommes
  • Neumann34 jpg
  • franci1 jpg
  • considère nécessaire de saisir outre les autorités françaises concernées les instances et mécanismes de protection des droits de l Homme aux niveaux international et européen Rapport http www fidh org IMG pdf obsfra11062009 pdf
  • 23633 jpg
  • Ambient Outdoor Direct In Denmark those infected with the HIV virus are still victims of prejudice and stigmatisation The danish AIDS charity AIDS Fondet chose to highlight this on World Aids Day this year with
  • Lockon Stratos se remémore ce qu il a perdu enfant à cause des terroristes Il se souvient de la pelouse jonchée de cadavres Cette fois il ne laissera pas faire A aucun prix Cette stigmatisation de l action de Celestial Being est loin de servir son image C est pour cette raison et pour lutter contre les conflits armés que les Meisters sont déterminés à
  • Image originally shown at http farm4 static flickr com 3454 3301091344 66493835e2 jpg Image for stigmatisation
  • A ton avis c est normal que Saint Franssoit reçoive le stigmate de la main gauche sur la droite et réciproquement et le pied non plus c est pas le bon alors que le truc sur le flanc si
  • Agora il s occupe de l Espace Culture et ressources des Savoirs pour intéresser les jeunes des quartiers à autre chose sensibiliser la population et les plus jeunes à la culture Une façon de s évader en quelque sorte s évader de ces conditions de vie difficiles de cette stigmatisation toujours plus grande J ai une Licence en Ecole de commerce ça fait plus

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  • PILS Pa akoze li éna SIDA ki bizin met li apart
  • Jigsaw4u International, Nigeria 2010: The Children of Enugu In 2010, Anne Davies, CEO of Jigsaw4u and Jigsaw4u International, returned to Nigeria to visit a leprosy colony in Enugu near Oji River, North-East of Lagos. 250 people live in the settlement with about 95 children and young people, all struggling with the impact of leprosy, the stigmatisation and discrimination for what is a curable disease given adequate medical treatment; as well as issues relating to poverty, education, and lack medical care. During Anne's visit she delivered letters from pupils at Red Lane Primary School in Bolton, which is to be developed into a friendship scheme to help raise awareness of the issues facing the children and young people in Enugu. The responses also highlighted the need for access to education and opportunities for the children and young people of the colony. As such, Jigsaw4u International is now exploring ways to develop sponsorship schemes for trained professionals to sponsor students through secondary school, university, and sports academies. Since the trip, the issues of child trafficking and malaria have also been highlighted as key concerns by the children and young people of Enugu. Anne Davies and Jigsaw4u International are responding yet again by bringing together 45 young people aged 13-18 from the UK, Nigeria, and Ghana to gather research, hear accounts from other young people, and create an action plan to present to their individual governments to help raise awareness of just some of these issues. The participants will ...
  • The Mental Health Project Trailer This powerful three part TV series, designed to confront the stigmatisation of those with mental health problems, was made with the assistance of the Surrey History Centre and Woking MIND. It will be made available to the education market late in 2011. Suitable for ages 14+. For further details e-mail tris@
  • Within You, Without You - A Schizophrenia story A feature profiling the life of Schizophrenia sufferer Richard Schweizer, one of Australia's most eloquent and active patient ambassadors and one of our most gifted. This Mini-Documentary delves into the mind of a schizophrenic person and ***yses the negative effects of stigmatisation on their lives.
  • France's 'grapes of wrath' - Sarkosy's security war against Roma gypsies + ethnic minorities Human rights groups have accused French President Nicolas Sarkozy of stigmatising "travelling people" and Roma, following his comments that recent violence "highlights a certain kind of behaviour" in these communities. Sarkozy made his remarks while condemning the destruction of a police station and government property by approximately 50 "travelling-people" rioters, who took to the streets with axes in the Cher region, in central France. The rioters were protesting against the death of a 22-year-old shot by police. The rioters were part of a nomadic community the French call "gens du voyage" or "travelling people". The community is made up of French nationals, who, like Roma or Irish travellers, choose to live a nomadic lifestyle. To address what Sarkozy termed "the problems posed by the behaviour of some of the travelling people and Roma", the French president called a meeting on July 28 at the Elysée Palace. He specified that one of the goals of the meeting would be the eviction of illegal settlements. "Easy targets" - Sarkozy's tough talk comes amid his administration's renewed focus on security issues, a major theme of his presidential campaign three years ago. The new "war" on urban violence, as Sarkozy has termed it, is a response not only to the travellers' riots, but also to violence that occurred in Grenoble after police there killed a man on the run after allegedly holding up a casino..... During his rise to and occupancy of the French ...
  • Yellow Ribbon - Eng 30s.m2p This TVC was created in 2008 and from 2008 to 2009. It aptly illustrates the difficulty faced by an ex-offender from stigmatisation after their release from prison. The community support's in helping him remove that label of prejudice is imperative and crucial to an ex-offender's successful reintegration back to society.
  • MWILI WANGU, CHAGUO LANGU - My Body, My Choice - Part 2 A look into the Dec 17th movement (International Day to End Violence Against *** Workers) and the probelms of human rights abuse,stigmatisation, violence, discirimantion and access to health that *** workers face in East Africa. It is also a story of courage, freedom, emancipation and hope.
  • Somali lepers stigmatised and abused Medical care for lepers in war-torn Somalia is in scant supply. In addition to food and medical aid shortages, Somalia's lepers also face abuse and stigmatisation. Mohammed Adow reports from the village of Faragurow, home to Somalia's leper community.
  • Spinalonga Short art piece about alienation, stigmatisation and being removed from society.
  • Jyothi Kiran: Milana Family support network for people living with HIV/AIDS Interview with Jyothi Kiran about the work of Milana, stigmatisation and discrimination of HIV positive people hindering treatement, HIV/Aids awareness, and access to respective medicines. This video is lincensed under creative commons Attribution 3.0 Unported: . Thanks a lot to Action against AIDS Germany for organizing the trip to India in March 2009 where this video was conducted.
  • Wer, wenn nicht wir! Ausschnitte aus dem gleichnamigen Film 1. Deutsche Fassung 2. english version Neue Wege der Psychiatrie Menschen mit Psychiatrieerfahrung und psychischer Erkrankung werden im EU Land zu ExpertInnen ausgebildet. Sie arbeiten in psychiatrischen Diensten, in der Beratung und in der Lehre. Menschen in akuten Krisen bekommen so eine Hillfe aus ihrer Perspektive und das verändert einiges... Doch sehen Sie selbst. Wer,wenn nicht wir! Who if not us (57 Min.) you get /erhältliich www.cine- english: „Mental health treatment and research has a long history of dealing with users as an object of science developed from an outside position. The experiences of users were not regarded as usefull because they were assigned to mad and imbalanced through processes. This leads to an one-dimensional sight of mental disorder, stigmatisation and a professional-determined treatment instead of exchanging self-direction of the users. Meanwhile a lot of research has shown that user involvement in training and in the delivery of serviceshas a great influence on the improvement of the outcomes.
  • Lush supports 'Just Do It' and their new film about environmental activism. We're supporting an exciting new film about environmental activism - we hope you'll join us. Just Do It aim to raise £20000 in 20 days, starting 12th October. To make that a little easier, we're matching every pound donated during this time. If you'd like to help make it happen, you can donate to their cause by clicking on the link at /articles/our_ethical_campaigns/just_do_it.html We at Lush are incredibly grateful that there are people out there - activists, campaigners and organisers, who swim against the tide of mainstream opinion to create the change that's needed to help others. jeIn Britain, we are lucky to have a healthy and strong democratic system which allows a certain amount of protest. It's not perfect, but it allows for freedom of speech and expression, for protest without the fear of persecution. We should celebrate, encourage and support those who stand up and fight for a just and better world; one which recognises and promotes the rights of people all over the world, the rights of animals, and the earth. That's why we help activists, with financial, practical and moral support. The Just Do It film celebrates activism, celebrates our history of protest and non-violent direct action, and seeks to show activists at work, without the stigmatisation sometimes found in mainstream media and politics. We hope people will support the film as part of their personal protest, their personal activism, and that in doing so we can continue our proud ...
  • Swahili movie: MY BROTHER Swahili movie. Salif, 13 years old, believes that he is very trendy with his fashionable clothes. But he also believes that being nasty towards others is part of being in. At school, he refuses to sit next to Doudou, an AIDS orphan, using as an excuse the fact that "prevention is better than cure". His teacher is furious and sends him to an information centre so he may write an essay on AIDS. Directed by Cheick Oumar Sissoko (Mali), based on an idea by Justin Corréa, 23 years old (Senegal). A SCENARIOS FROM AFRICA film ()
  • Stigmatisation - Burn the Church 22.10.10 Stigmatisation live in Bahnbrücken
  • vfMed.mpg Clip 2M Sidaction Maroc 2008
  • One Way to Change (1) - The Palme Center - The ETU AIDS project ETU is an organization that has been supported by the Palme Centre for the last five years to take up the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa. ETU has helped more than half the municipalities in South Africa to develop coordinated local responses to AIDS. The organization conducts it´s work according to the idea that AIDS can only be combated effectively if the following key things are coordinated and delivered at local level: • Effective education, prevention and condom distribution programmes • Awareness and de-stigmatisation programmes • Testing and counselling • Treatment, anti-retroviral and nutrition programmes • Emotional support, wellness programmes and organisations for people affected • Care for vulnerable children and support for their care givers
  • Dr.Shey Dickson Nsagha.ASF Dr, Shey Dickson Nsagha of the University of Buea talks about the leaning programme in the Faculty of Health Nursing studies. This was during the visit of Dr, Neal rosenburg of the Washington College of Nursing who arrived Cameroon to carry out a comparitive study on stigmatisation amongst nursing students. Dr,. Neal Rosenburg and Professor Donna visited some four nursing colleges in Cameroon and was accompanied by the Executive Director of Cameroon Link, James Achanyi-Fontem.
  • Watch and see what I also campaigned AGAINST CLAYTON BROWN FOUNDER - HIVGHANA Ok, so heres a little of my story. My name is Clayton Brown and I would describe my life as a series of calamities. However, things got much worse when on Friday 13th of January 2006, I was diagnosed with the HIV Virus. To cut a long story short, depression, followed. That is until in April 2008, with the help of various HIV Organisations I began to pick myself up and in particular through counselling, leading me to decide to volunteer abroad. Its true that my initial reason for Volunteering within a HIV Unit of a hospital was for selfish reasons - simply, I wanted a holiday or rather a cheap trip abroad, but during research or before my departure to Africa I quickly learnt of the immense suffering endured by millions of Africans infected with the HIV Virus. For the next FOUR months, I worked extensively with The Holy Family Hospital providing help, support and care and awareness to HIV-related stigma. And, taught HIV prevention in schools. My visit to Eastern Ghana and as a Volunteer allowed me to experience the general and overall shocking conditions of The HIV Unit within The Holy Family Hospital. As an HIV positive individual, I immediately realised a truism: how lucky I was to have been born in the UK regarding HIV treatment and care. For the first time in my life I saw a different type of suffering and pain hunger, starvation, ferocious HIV-related stigmatisation, AIDS Orphans etc. How could I simply return to the UK and get on with ...
  • Protecting Futures Programme Gold Impumelelo 2010 Sustainability Award-Winner, Protecting Futures, is run by the Small Projects Foundation (SPF) in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. In response to incidences of continual absenteeism and high school drop-out rates of adolescent girls as a result of menstruation, SPF developed a innovative solution in the Eastern Cape's rural schools. Young girls and their parents are uninformed about menstruation and reproductive health. As a result stigmatisation at the onset of puberty is rife. Additionally, the lack of adequate toilet facilities at many schools makes matters worse. Since 2008, educational workshops were conducted with girls at schools in the four regions of Alfred Nzo, Oliver Tambo, Chris Ham, and Ukhahlamba in the Eastern Cape. Two teachers at each of the six pilot schools were trained in adolescent reproductive health, puberty, safe ***, and HIV, and were encouraged to continue providing education to girls in their schools in the future. Girls were educated on similar topics and those from grades 7-9 were provided with sanitary towels, sponsored by Proctor and Gamble. A number of orphans and vulnerable children were also identified by the project and are supported through fee exemptions, school clothes and food parcels. The programme upgraded the toilet facilities at some schools and lobbied government to provide this service to schools across the country. By providing education and sanitary towels to the girls, their school attendance improved ...
  • Culture Pub - "Great cause" spots called into question!! Presentation and decryption of two shocking campaigns offered for great causes and which lately raised the roof. A campaign portraying Hitler as a HIV-positive person and an other one showing the Twin Towers attacked by tens of planes... ***ysis and comments by Christian Blachas and Charlotte Bricard. The show to be continued on (Week creative news, investigation on the way religions advertise and AXE saga), click here :
  • Ball & Chain.mpg Our second TVC, also created in the initial years of Yellow Ribbon Project. This award wining TVC aptly illustrates the stigmatisation faced by an ex-offender after his release from prison. Will you help to remove his label of prejudice?
  • Helping Loved Ones Live With HIV Director Bernard Seytre, adviser Modibo Kané. Most African are in contact, often without knowing it, with people living with HIV. This usually does not represent any risk. People living with HIV need not be feared nor should they be discriminated against. In fact, they need your help. Copies permitted. Amendments prohibited.
  • MWILI WANGU, CHAUO LANGU - My Body, My Choice - Part 1 A look into the Dec 17th movement (International Day to End Violence Against *** Workers) and the probelms of human rights abuse,stigmatisation, violence, discirimantion and access to health that *** workers face in East Africa. It is also a story of courage, freedom, emancipation and hope.
  • Dr. Neal Rosenburg.ASF During a trip to the University of Buea to investigative the level of stigmatisation amongt nursng students, Dr, Neal Rosenburg of Washington University College exchanged with lecturers of the Faculty of Health sciences on the content of the learning programmes. Dr. Neal Rosenburg used the opportunity to appreciate the strategy of continuity of the students on completion of the studies and field research. The Executive Director of Cameroon Link assisted inn linking the two institutions for the mutual scientific exchanges. Dr. Neal Rosenburg plans to make a second trip to Cameroon in March 2010.
  • One Way to Change (3) - The Palme Center - The ETU AIDS project ETU is an organization that has been supported by the Palme Centre for the last five years to take up the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa. ETU has helped more than half the municipalities in South Africa to develop coordinated local responses to AIDS. The organization conducts it´s work according to the idea that AIDS can only be combated effectively if the following key things are coordinated and delivered at local level: • Effective education, prevention and condom distribution programmes • Awareness and de-stigmatisation programmes • Testing and counselling • Treatment, anti-retroviral and nutrition programmes • Emotional support, wellness programmes and organisations for people affected • Care for vulnerable children and support for their care givers
  • Green star protest by French Muslims A former presidential aide has called on fellow Muslims in France to wear a green star to identify themselves. The controversial move was deliberately reminiscent of the yellow stars forced on Jews by ***s. Its aim, said its organiser, was to protest against the stigmatisation of France's Islamic population....
  • Pr. Donna Taliaferro.ASF Professor Donna Taliaferro during survey on HIV stigmatisation at the University of Buea, Cameroon. Cameroon Link made this video to highlight some of the problems encountered by student nurses in Cameroon. Professor Taliaferro is lecturer of the Jewish Nursing College at Washington University.
  • Voices from the Edge London: clip 1 A clip from the performance of 'Voices from the Edge' at the Union Chapel, London on 6 February 2009. Simon Callow ('Four Weddings and a Funeral'), playing 'Daniel', talks about the stigmatisation of homeless people. Louise Jameson ('Eastenders'), playing 'Laura', talks about debt and doorstep lenders.
  • 'Pop idol' contestant with Aids speaks out - 14 Oct 07 Approximately 10 per cent of South Africa's population has Aids. The country has one of the highest rates in the world. Those who are infected face many challenges, including social stigmatisation. But Tender Mavundla, who contracted the virus, is a Pop Idol contestant and is determined to challenge stereotypes.
  • Homo***uals Lift Their Eyes to God For many Lesbians, Gays, Bi***uals and Transgender people who feel that the end has come, for many who feel that there is no solution to the hatred, discrimination, victimisation, abomination, stigmatisation, I tell you today, we can now lift our eyes to the hills of the Lord and receive help. Help to connect with God, to reconcile our ***uality and spirituality.
  • Stigmatisation This movie comes from a music project carried out by MYRC, a Christian Aid partner in Sierra Leone. A group of Christian Aid volunteers helped set up a mobile recording studio in Bo, and this is one of the songs they produced. The project helps young peer educators to train local youth in how to protect themselves, and challenges the stigma surrounding HIV. This movie has just been nominated at the Greatest Story Never Told awards in San Francisco. To vote for it, click on the link here and select number 4 from the dropdown menu:
  • Kates interview Interview with Kate Spence on her film work
  • Child trafficking Trafficking strips children of their right to grow up in a safe family environment, to enjoy the joys of childhood, and gain in education and health. It undermines efforts to prevent gender discrimination and makes children vulnerable to exploitative life situations. The reasons for trafficking are many, including ***ual exploitation, cheap labour, marriage and adoption. Situations of emergencies, unemployment, migration, and superstitious beliefs like that which hold having *** with a virgin as a sure cure for HIV/AIDS all fuel trafficking. Children caught in the trafficking net are mentally distraught. Depression and suicidal tendencies are common. There is increasing fear of the link between HIV/AIDS and trafficking becoming stronger, leading to further stigmatisation and discrimination of the victims. Visit to learn more.
  • Stigma and *** Work 2 - Manual Labour (a modest proposal) In this Youtube discussion about *** work this activity has mostly been compared to jobs which are essentially unskilled manual labour or services: working in Macdonalds, stacking shelves in a supermarket, cleaning toilets. These are all jobs which have low barriers to entry, which require no formal training, have no career path, and which are therefore held in low esteem and are to a certain extent stigmatized for this. Perhaps the argument for the legalisation of prostitution might be more compelling (at least in terms of what it offers women) if it could be argued that prostitution was a 'profession' on a par with medicine, the law, politics, etc. This would require the construction of an institutional framework to organise this profession, including training, quality control, certification, and so on. With proper organisation the business of being a *** worker could acquire meaningfull esteem indicators and the status of the profession would rise, eradicating the stigma in the process. (Which isn't to say a raft of new problems wouldn't be created)
  • El Greco 2.5D animation / by Alicia7777777 / made in Wonderland ;) ------- El Greco - Doménikos Theotokópoulos Renaissance Artist 1541 -- 1614 ------- 00:03 - Christ on the cross 00:21 - Christ on the cross 00:40 - Christ on the cross & The Repentant Magdalena 01:02 - Jesús con la Cruz a cuestas 01:23 - Apostel Peter & Christ on the cross 01:42 - The Annunciation 02:02 - Crowning of Mary 02:21 - The Repentant Magdalena & Christ on the cross 02:55 - Stigmatisation des Hl. Franziskus & Christ on the cross ------- Music by Alicia7777777
  • The Newborn, Children and AIDS Director Bernard Seytre, adviser Modibo Kané. Doctors, teachers and people living with HIV explain treatments and the life of a baby, then of a child, living with HIV. Copies permitted. Admendments prohibited.
  • MORE TO LOVE: THE ART OF LIVING TOGETHER With Han Nefkens, founder of ArtAids. 'More to Love' brings together twenty visual artists from Thailand and Europe: a curator, people living with HIV and those involved in the fight against Aids. The project 'More to Love: The Art of Living Together', which takes the Thai expression Putting their heart into your heart as its central inspiration, aims to raise awareness of HIV and Aids in Thailand and seeks to change prevailing attitudes. The works created for this project draw attention to the exclusion and stigmatisation experienced by those suffering from HIV and Aids. Curator of 'More to Love' is Chattiya Nitpolprasert.
  • One Way to Change (2) - The Palme Center - The ETU AIDS project ETU is an organization that has been supported by the Palme Centre for the last five years to take up the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa. ETU has helped more than half the municipalities in South Africa to develop coordinated local responses to AIDS. The organization conducts it´s work according to the idea that AIDS can only be combated effectively if the following key things are coordinated and delivered at local level: • Effective education, prevention and condom distribution programmes • Awareness and de-stigmatisation programmes • Testing and counselling • Treatment, anti-retroviral and nutrition programmes • Emotional support, wellness programmes and organisations for people affected • Care for vulnerable children and support for their care givers
  • Absolutely... not Divine absolute values are claimed by some to be the only valid basis for morality. This video takes a look at some of the many problems with that claim, and its consequent impotence in dismissing the morality of those who do not believe in gods.
  • Demographie Musulmane
  • AIDS is not the end of life This spot, which was recorded in 2007 with the famous Iranian actor Amin Tarokh, advocates for an end to the stigmatisation of people living with HIV/AIDS. Mr Tarokh says in the clip: "Maybe it is interesting for you to know that my colleague here is HIV positive. However, he is also one of our most active staff members. AIDS is not the end of life."
  • The new frontier for mental health in the European Union (2009) The new frontier for mental health in the European Union: from the stigmatisation to an integration (2009) ----------------------------- Information about the video: Video summary of the ALDE Conference: "The new frontier for mental health in the European Union: from the stigmatisation to an integration" Event date: 29/01/09 09:00 to 12:30 Location: Room PHS 7C50, European Parliament, Brussels The workshop is organised to coincide with the Report Tzampazi on mental health that has been discussed in the ENVI Committee and which points out the need of exceeding the stigma and the alienation, by identifying qualified strategies in order to facilitate a real integration of the mental disabled into the societies. The workshop will ***yse the approaches and experiences about the psychosocial rehabilitation within health centres in the South Italy, by comparing the current situations in Europe. Most of discussion will focus on the perspective of psychological training and work as an important element to reach a good level of integration for the mental disabled. The workshop will be a technical and high level discussion around the main problems in dealing with mental disabilities. The speakers will be doctors and expert psychologists that will offer their different experiences in the approach with the mental disabled. ----------------------------- Note: some rights reserved: You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work Under the following conditions: 1 ...

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