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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. a : to cut off (as the voice or breath) b : to withhold from circulation or expression c : deter, discourage. — “Stifled - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • 93 quotes from Jack London: 'I would rather be ashes than dust!I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.I would rather. — “Jack London quotes”,
  • Definition of stifled in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is stifled? Meaning of stifled as a legal term. What does stifled mean in law?. — “stifled legal definition of stifled. stifled synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Republican Sharron Angle famously told Sen. Harry Reid to "man up" during a Nevada debate this month -- the implication being that Reid is a wuss, or not man enough to do his job. You'll get no. — “Stifled by feminism - ”,
  • Definition of stifled in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of stifled. Pronunciation of stifled. Translations of stifled. stifled synonyms, stifled antonyms. Information about stifled in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “stifled - definition of stifled by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of stifled from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of stifled. Pronunciation of stifled. Definition of the word stifled. Origin of the word stifled. — “stifled - Definition of stifled at ”,
  • We found 18 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word stifled: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "stifled" is defined. General (15 matching dictionaries) stifled: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of stifled - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Stifled : adj : held in check with difficulty; "a smothered cough"; "a stifled yawn"; "a strangled scream"; "suppressed laughter" [syn: smothered, strangled, suppressed] I'd have Stifled a hearty guffaw, I'm sure of it. playahatersball: @ThisIsJay216 I know I was born AT night not LAST night!. — “Stifled - Define Stifled at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • That good disposition which boasts of being most tender is often stifled by the least urging of self-interest. He had to deal all at once with the packed regrets and stifled memories of an inarticulate lifetime. — “Definition of Stifled”,
  • Watch Stifled videos from all over the internet 20090617-WN-14-Once Stifled Voices Are Heard in Prague 20090617-WN-14-Once Stifled Voices Are Heard in Prague 0. — “Stifled - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • [Nokia CEO Stephen Elop's] biggest obstacle, according to Mr. Hakkarainen, as well as two other former employees and industry ***ysts, may well be Nokia's stifling bureaucratic culture. In interviews, Mr. Hakkarainen and the other former. — “Nokia Bureaucracy Stifled Innovation, Ex-Managers Say”,
  • Renewed debate on immigration in Britain is being stifled by Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech, four decades after it was made, the head of the country's race watchdog says. Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Equality and Human Rights. — “Immigration debate in UK 'stifled'”, .au
  • Capitol Watch: Good bill stifled. SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER EDITORIAL BOARD. Lawmakers often refer to a piece of legislation as "a good little bill." It's a way to acknowledge that important things are accomplished in Olympia not only by grand. — “Capitol Watch: Good bill stifled”,
  • stifled (comparative more stifled, superlative most stifled) Of or pertaining to The stifled attempt at reform lead to further resentment. [edit] Verb. stifled. Simple past. — “stifled - Wiktionary”,
  • Is an elite institution that trains young men to global icons. After moving out of their parents basement at 37. Many go on to living in exotic loc But, be warned, if the fizzback is stifled by covering the mouth, it will escape from the nearest orrifice, most usually the nostrils, but in extreme. — “Urban Dictionary: Stifled”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define stifled as NStifled \Sti'fled\, a.Stifling. I desire only to have things fairly represented as they really are; no evidence smothered or stifled. — “Definition of Stifled from ”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective stifled has one meaning: Meaning #1 : held in check with. — “stifled: Information from ”,
  • News from the Horn of Africa Critics Stifled in Ethiopia. Wall Street Journal, US. May 22, 2010. SARAH CHILDRESS. NAIROBI, Kenya—Elections in Ethiopia on Sunday are expected to return to power a 19-year-old regime that offers the U.S. a bulwark of stability in a strife-torn. — “East Africa Forum " Critics Stifled in Ethiopia”,
  • Gov't has stifled market. Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras reiterated that there are no margins for Samaras further said that the PASOK government's economic policy has stifled the market and plunged the country into recession, which evaporates. — “Gov't has stifled market”,
  • English Translation for stifled - German-English Dictionary. — “ | stifled | English Dictionary”,
  • SARB shareholders stifled. Mon, 03 May 2010 12:00. Cabinet has approved a bill aimed at "protecting" the independence of the SA Reserve Bank to prevent a fringe group of shareholders from influencing the bank's decision making capabilities, Finance. — “ | business | business news | SARB shareholders”,
  • Stifled definition, to quell, crush, or end by force: See more. — “Stifled | Define Stifled at ”,
  • LONDON (Reuters) - European carbon prices rebounded on Thursday, boosted by firmer oil prices, but lower gas and German power prices and a weaker euro stifled gains a day after emissions futures hit a. — “EU carbon rebounds on oil after hitting 1-month low | Reuters”,
  • Columbia football eliminated from state playoffs Columbia turned the ball over twice in the span of four plays between the third and fourth quarters, stifling their chances at a comeback. — “Cougars Stifled at Home - Maplewood, NJ Patch”,

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  • THE STIFLED HISTORY THAT HAS BABYLON TUMBLING DOWN There are two sides to THE ART OF RAS JAHAZIEL that can be seen in this exhibition called RASTAFARI VISIONS. On one side is the TORTURED HELL of slave dungeons, slave-ships, whips and chains, forced separation, CRUELLY MOWED-DOWN ASPIRATIONS AND BRUTALLY STIFLED AMBITIONS and THE BITTER AGONY OF HARD-TO-COME-TO-GRIPS-WITH SLAVERY. If you scratch the earth at the right time in the right place you too will hear this side of the story. On the other side is THE GLORIOUS VISION of REPATRIATION, REPARATION, and RESTORATION, when as the prophets before have said, "those that are now held in the dimness of captivity shall return and be welcomed to their ancient homeland once again, and Joy and thanksgiving shall be upon their heads and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. TO OVERSTAND THE FUTURE YOU MUST LOOK WITHIN THE PAST. STUDY THE STORY CAREFULLY AND ATTENTIVELY AT
  • stifling lots of sneezes.wmv lots more sneezes, all stifled or half stifled.......
  • huge rapid stifled sneeze fit.wmv stifling my sneezes led to a huge rapid stifled fit of sneezes which ended in some violent sneezes at the end of the fit...... felt incredible
  • Dimitri & Esmeralda - Stifled Creativity MEP - My part *No copyright infringement intended* Dang! I use Dimitri a lot these days on my videos! xD This is my very first MEP for Stifled Creativity! This is for SC collaboration and I will spend more time making amvs this week since Im off for summer woohoo! *throws a fork confetti* Haha! I would like to thank of coarse my wonderfulawsomefunny friend ( i know 3 words in one? xD), the founder and co-member Vee aka 101mascaratears101 for making me part of this collab *hugs* I wasn't even expecting that. Anyways keep your eyes open for the full collaboration. Forks United!! PS- I finally use Esmeralda in a crossover!
  • EU centralised regulation has stifled the markets - John Bufton MEP • European Parliament, Strasbourg, 05 April 2011 •Speaker John Bufton MEP, UKIP (Wales), EFD group. • Debate: Statement by the President of the European Council - Conclusions of the European Council meeting (24-25 March 2011) without resolution .................................. • Video source: EbS (European Parliament) .................................. • EU Member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • Stifled Stifled - To kill by depriving of oxygen; suffocating. By Maria and Selena.
  • stifled sneezes this was a request that i induce sneezes and then stifle them. well the first sneeze i completely held back and then the next 3 were semi-stifled. hope you like it!
  • Stifled Until The End!!! In this video I tried to stiffle my sneezes up until the end, when I just gave up :) This really wasn't easy so, again, Please be nice !
  • stifled sneezes on the phone this was a request that i try and stifle my sneezes while talking on my cell phone! hope you guys like it!
  • Stifled Creativity Intro Contest Entry Okay. so this is my entry for Stifled Creativity's Intro Contest. I hope you enjoy :D And for all of you who auditioned in my Come Back to Me Crossover Video, the results will be up sometime this week. I just have so much work to do, but I'm almost done. :D¸ God Bless, Faith Rivens
  • 40+ stifled sneezes preview For all of you who keep requesting stifle clips here is a preview of my latest the full clip contains over 40 sneezes!!!! Not bad for under 8 minutes. Hope you enjoy.
  • Stifled - Abba Father Stifled playing Abba Father by Daniel Doss Band during Monta Vista's Pasta Night 2008
  • Interview: Investment will not be stifled Socialist MEP Peter Skinner hails the deal to control hedge funds and private equity schemes as a victory for Parliament.
  • Stifled sneezing fit.3gp Hi!! This is a video with a lot of stifled sneezes..I made it for my dear friend SilentSophie because she loves my stifled sneezes. Enjoy...
  • Stifled Creativity - Meet the SC Guys MEP - My part - Thomas & Anya Here's my part for the Meet the Stifled Creativity guys/boyfriends hosted by Amy. I was inspired by Alma & Shade's parts so heres mine made for 2 hrs. I've been also planning for a full crossover with these two with Odette and this song but I changed my mind since I ran out of clips of Thomas (I'm telling you it's very limited!T_T) So an MEP part would be better :) In Stifled Creativity, my represent character is Anastasia which hopefully some of you watched the Meet the Girls MEP with all of the members =) and my SC guy is Thomas! It follows the song so its just Thomas who is having a hard life with his father (Radcliffe xD) and Anya his best friend cheers him up whenever theyre together then they have feelings for each other and so on. Hope yall like! =) ~KB
  • Half-stifled sneezes i was requested to do some stifled sneezes, but it didnt rly work out. lol
  • stifles & more stifled sneezes.wmv stifling my sneezes, some stifles & some half stifled..... also false starts, build ups and some nose blowing........ allergy related sneezing as my sensitive nose tickles like crazy
  • McGeady stifled by might of Barca Celtic winger Aiden McGeady says Barcelona's second-half performance at Parkhead made it difficult for him to get in dangerous attacking areas.
  • stifling sneezes.wmv stifling lots of sneezes for those stifle lovers out there. Stifles, half stifles and a failed stifle......
  • pinched stifled sneezes & breathy build ups.wmv pinched stifles with long build ups after having an incredibly tickly nose
  • violent stifled sneezes.wmv violent stifled sneezes, they were so hard to hold back and stifle and some of these made me double over with how strong they were
  • Stifled Man X Sigma Level 3 Part ten!'s like Boss Endurance/Survival in the Kirby and Metal Gear Solid games only without a timer. I edited this one a bit during the Launch Octopus sequence to keep it within the allowed time frame. The main boss of this level is a pushover, by the way. I liked that after all the other bother I had to go through prior. Though something tells me the final level is gonna be cheap as hell...
  • My stifled Sneezeing Video my stifled sneeze video requsted by the Big Blak Man so this one is for you and everyone eles
  • Stifled Sneezes Stifled some sneezes for a special someone x Hope you enjoy x
  • 5 in 56 stifled 5 sneezes induced using a q-tip and stifled with difficulty :)
  • Stifled Sneezes just more sneezing. Got more powerful at the end so I couldn't stifle as much :P
  • Stifled Creativity (SC) Meet the Guys MEP - My Part -Marina & Phoebus - Non/Disney Crossover I love when I get good screencaps!! So, for those of you that don't know, us SC girls have a series of MEPs going that surround the character that represents each one of us as a member. The first one is Meet the Girls (which introduces each chararacter, ex. Marina....I still haven't finished XD), the second is Meet the Pets (each of us have a pet for our character, mine's Batty :D...haven't started that one XD) and the third is Meet the Guys/Boyfriends (self-explanitory, mine/Marina's is Phoebus). I know I'm totally doing these MEPs out of order but I had a burst of inspiration after seeing Alma's (Lillzum93) Kida & Kocoum part! -Shade SPOILER ALERT! Since Alma did I death, I felt compelled to do a happy song and have a wedding! lol Hope you all like it!
  • Guided by Voices - Airport 5 - Stifled Man Casino dance dance dance stifled man casino.
  • Pipeline Protest Stifled Organizers of the Enbridge sponsored World Baseball Challenge in Prince George prevented protestors from voicing their concerns about a project that would bring the first ever crude oil supertankers into BC waters. Volunteers attempted to mount a banner, distribute cards and release giant balloons into the crowd, all with a No-Tankers message. Several protestors were removed from the baseball grounds by tournament staff and one was wrestled to the ground as he tried to secure a large banner declaring "Enbridge = Oil Spills".
  • very intense rapid stifled sneeze fit.wmv I was totally overcome by an allergy fit this morning but had to try and be quiet as had some friends here, i excused myself as i felt the sneezes building and this is the result, very intense fit of sneezes
  • Chechen fashionistas stifled by tradition A fashion show in the Russian Republic of Chechnya may, at first, look like any other, but the predominantly Muslim societys traditional way of life allows little opportunity for the style industrys more wild ideas.
  • Stifled Creativity MEP - "It's Not Impossible To Find A Place In This World." Hey Everyone :) SO FINALLY here it is ... the very first Stifled Creativity MEP. This was started officially almost 2 months ago and it's been gradually progressing since then. So I'd first like to say I am so happily AMAZED at what SC has become ... to begin with we were a group of friends who agreed to stick together if anyone was deleted and stay in contact. But we've become so much more than that - obviously now were a studio but were also ... well I consider you girls like a second family. And Therefore this video is dedicated to each and everyone one of you 15 girls :) you deserve this for being so wonderful and just ..... GAH I DUNNO YOUR AMAZING !!!! and I love you all *so* much. This is for all of you ... no matter how new you are *wink at Alison* or whatever this is for you all and ... enjoy *hugs* So thanks girls for being AMAZING and such kind members of this group. Now for the video info. We used two songs - Place In This World By Taylor Swift & Impossible By Kelly Clarkson. And each editor picked either 3 films or a crossover couple ^^ to see who did what just look for tag's :) the girls involved where- AppleDown AislingFairy89 xXForeverXAlwaysXx kbSrep88 KitakLaw xNightShadex SecretHeart20 And me RumourDarcile Okaaay Thanks For Watching and stay tuned we've got lots more projects being planned. Im sooooo PROUD of you girls - this is AMAZING :D *group hug* Love Vee x
  • Stifled Sneezes mild fit...stifling sneezes arent as easy as they seem lol a few got away from me
  • Dark Energy Stifling Structure Growth For the first time, astronomers have clearly seen the effects of "dark energy" on the most massive collapsed objects in the universe using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. By tracking how dark energy has stifled the growth of galaxy clusters and combining this with previous studies, scientists have obtained the best clues yet about what dark energy is and what the destiny of the universe could be. This work, which took years to complete, is separate from other methods of dark energy research such as supernovas. These new X-ray results provide a crucial independent test of dark energy, long sought by scientists, which depends on how gravity competes with accelerated expansion in the growth of cosmic structures. Techniques based on distance measurements, such as supernova work, do not have this special sensitivity. Scientists think dark energy is a form of repulsive gravity that now dominates the universe, although they have no clear picture of what it actually is. Understanding the nature of dark energy is one of the biggest problems in science. Possibilities include the cosmological constant, which is equivalent to the energy of empty space. Other possibilities include a modification in general relativity on the largest scales, or a more general physical field. To help decide between these options, a new way of looking at dark energy is required. It is accomplished by observing how cosmic acceleration affects the growth of galaxy clusters over time. "This result could be ...
  • stifled sneeze take 2 i had a request to stifle my sneezes so that's what i did..i only got 3 but they were good sneezes. hope you enjoy the sneezes to come. Carolinagal
  • Stifled and Muffled A few people have asked me to try stifling my sneezes, and after listening to this clip, you'll see why I normally don't choose to. If I really have to sneeze, it'll be darn near impossible to hold them back! Someone also told me that it'd be cute to hear me muffle my sneezes, so I tried that a couple of times too...because I have to keep up with the cute trends, y'know!--Especially when they're related to sneezies! *Blushes* The picture in the video is one I took of a used tissue, since it was the only one you could actually see the wet spots in after I blew into it. I know messiness isn't every ***ist's thing, but I love it myself, and like to display '***' snotties for those that also like to not perturb those that don't.
  • Endless Stifled Sneeze Attack Becky is back with her infamous stifled sneeze attack in the kitchen. Partially stifled sneezes, to be exact.
  • Stifled Mario Bros: Failure and Fireworks Edition! Here's a video of me sucking at Super Mario Bros with style!
  • Stifled - Suspension The best band in the world (Stifled) covering Suspension by Mae for MV Battle of the Bands 2008
  • Stifled - Be My Escape Stifled covering Be My Escape by Relient K for the Battle of the Bands promo during lunch 01/29/2009

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  • “Home > Library > Blog > Stuck Stalled Or Stifled How Baby Boomer Retirements Impact Up And Comers Blog Post. Monday, February 15, 2010. Stuck, Stalled, or Stifled: How Baby Boomer Retirements Impact Up-and-Comers [Note: Rebecca”
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  • “Home > Blog > New York union stifled by 'byzantine' campaign finance laws http:///blog/trackback/new-york-union-stifled-by-byzantine-campaign-finance-laws. Login”
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  • “Home " Blog - Don Irvine " Free Speech Stifled at Columbia Free Speech Stifled at Columbia. By Don Irvine | October 11, 2006. Tweet. Thanks in large”
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  • “National, Maryland, local Carroll County news, politics, opinion and commentary. Read them, read us, then decide. A view of our Republic from a Constitutional perspective”
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  • “The foreclosure climate has stifled the activities of builders but not so those connected with Habitat for Humanity in Lake County. Blog. Username: Password: You are here: Home > Blog > foreclosure > The Foreclosure Climate has Stifled Activities of Builders. The Foreclosure Climate has Stifled”
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  • “The Village voices stifled In a commentary appearing today (Thursday) in the Orlando Sentinel's blog, the newspaper's film critic Roger Moore, discussed the recent ousters of Jamie Bernard at the New York Daily News”
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  • “Foreclosure Auctions: Monday broke all records in California. In the auction melee as many as 5,238 houses were waiting to be sold across the entire state”
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  • “Meanwhile, rational and objective debate is being stifled. Please click to Amazon via our blog. We choose high-ranked products with free shipping”
    Stifled Voices : NO QUARTER,

  • “The first Ethiopian Blog. Current Affairs, Business, Sports and Style Critics Stifled in Ethiopia. By SARAH CHILDRESS. Wall Street Journal. NAIROBI, Kenya”
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