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  • Skinable desktop notes to remind one of important things to do. Once on screen, stickies will remain where placed until closed, even through reboots. Support for other languages in the interface. — “Stickies”,
  • Stickies (software) is a Macintosh application - The name being derived from the above Stickies (papermaking) are tacky substances that causes deposits in papermaking,. — “Stickies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Stickies! enables visual collaboration between you and your team. Leave sticky notes on any page of your site, Stickies! was created by CramerDev. We're a small team that is passionate about web design and development. Once per quarter, our. — “Stickies! — Sticky Notes for Your Website”,
  • Stickies Download,Post-it-note Software,Stickies is a virtual post-it notes program that allows you to place sticky notes on your desktop ,. — “Stickies Review and Download,Post-it-note,Office Software”,
  • Stickies. Free stickies freeware. Portable Stickies download. Desktop stickies for Windows. Portable Stickies is very easy to use and it has features the real stickies don't have. — “Stickies. Free stickies freeware. Portable Stickies download”,
  • Free Stickies software - download stickies for Windows, desktop stickies freeware. — “Free Stickies for Windows : Desktop stickies freeware”,
  • What the Zuk: Stickies is the best sticky-note application money can't buy so at any given time, at least several stickies taking up space on my monitor were reminding me to do things which are not. — “What the Zuk: Stickies is the best sticky-note application”,
  • Stickies is a virtual post-it notes program that allows you to place sticky notes on your desktop,. — “Stickies Freeware - free software download and software”,
  • Mac 101: Adding screenshots to Stickies. by Dave Caolo (RSS feed) on Aug 26th, 2010. More Mac 101, our series of tips and tricks for novice Mac users. Stickies has been around since the System 7 days, and it provides a super-simple way to store quick bits of information. — “Stickies -- TUAW”,
  • stickies.exe file information on Windows 7,XP,Vista. If you have a stickies.exe problem or error or want to remove this file, check it out. — “stickies.exe Windows process - What is it?”,
  • Rating: 5 Version tested: 5.2b Stickies is a desktop notes program that offers a slew of advanced features including timed alerts, logging of all. — “Stickies " ”,
  • Editorial Review of Stickies for Windows. For a sticky note app that Allows you to position stickies of any size anywhere on your screen, adjust their color,. — “Stickies for Windows description, Utilities Downloads | PCWorld”,
  • We felt we had sufficient backups in place to restore all data but apparently we did not. To put it simply, MyStickies allows you to place little yellow squares of digital paper. — “MyStickies, Sticky Notes for the Web”,
  • Tricks for Mac Stickies. Advertisements. Stickies, as the name suggests, is an application readily available on your Mac to let you stick your thoughts - in a form of small notes - on your Desktop. Stickies reside inside Applications Stickies. — “ - Mac Tricks and Tips, Wallpapers and”,
  • Let our support team solve your problem with Stickies and repair Stickies right now! Our support team will contact you in several minutes and give a step-by-step instruction on how to fix Stickies problem. — “Stickies Removal - Get Rid of Stickies”,
  • Free stickies Download - mac software at - Free Yahoo! stickies widget for your Mac Aero-Stickies is a free Yahoo! stickies widget based on the appearance of Microsofts Longhorn Glass. System requirements: - Enhancements. — “Free stickies Download - mac software”,
  • Scripture Stickies are Bible verse memorization tools that you can stick anywhere like a Post-It note. Scripture Stickies are organized by theme and feature verses from the Holy Bible. — “Scripture Stickies | Shop”,
  • Stickies combines the best and most important features that you could want in a notes program with the added glory of being free. — “Stickies - Free software downloads and software reviews”,
  • Download Stickies - A computerised version of Post-It notes Stickies was designed to store all information in a single text-based ini file. Stickies will never support animated dancing figures, or play "Greensleeves". They are instead yellow rectangular windows onto which you can put some text notes. — “Download Stickies 7.0b Free - A computerised version of Post”,
  • Stickies lets you keep notes on your desktop so you'll never forget what you need. Stickies notes can include rich graphics, and you can change their colors, fonts, and font sizes. — “Apple - Mac OS X - What Is Mac OS X - All Applications and”,
  • Definition of Stickies in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Stickies. Pronunciation of Stickies. Translations of Stickies. Stickies synonyms, Stickies antonyms. Information about Stickies in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Stickies - definition of Stickies by the Free Online”,
  • White papers, case studies, technical articles, and blog posts relating to stickies. — “stickies Resources | TechRepublic”,

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  • sharedplan pro project stickies project management software for mac os x, windows, and the web: a new feature added to pro. More info at
  • Team Fortress 2 - The Scott's Stickies, Tri-Spolsion, Sneaky Repeater, and Stinger Out of all the weapons in this package, the Scott's Stickies happen to be my favorite. And yes, it is apparently intentional to spell it Spolsion instead of Splosion. Scott's Stickies (by MegaTf2freak) +10 max pipebombs out -0.8 sec faster bomb arm time -10% damage done This is my favorite weapon of the package. Why? You can do sticky jumps WHILE IN THE AIR. Imagine this with Gunboats... Tri-Spolsion (by TxCxMassacerx) 5% faster reload time +10% explosion radius +15% projectile range -10% damage done -25% clip size Sneaky Repeater (by TxCxMassacerx) +25% faster firing speed +17% max secondary ammo on wearer -50% damage done -33% clip size The Stinger (by fireballmaster9) On Hit: 5% UberCharge added -50% damage done -50% clip size -50% max primary ammo on wearer It's almost like the Uberchargin' Needlegun. Well, now for the most disturbing custom weapon ever known to mankind, and if you won't like the upcoming custom weapon, blame the weirdness on That Tojo. OHOHOHOHOHOHO.
  • Who Needs Stickies? 54 Boggers vs. Boat Ramp Watch as this Nasty Bruiser Jeep Buggy on 54 inch boggers bounces his way up Boat Ramp at Choccolocco Mountain ORV during the Bama Buggy Bash event.
  • dashcode stickies How to make stickies using dashcode.
  • Mr. Coleworx puting the stickies to work on big egg Bryan Cole put his 42 Iroks Stickies to work as he throttles up big egg at Gray Rock ORV near Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Halcylon - Best of Stickies '08 Over a year of playing has yeilded a great bunch of sticks! Enjoy!
  • MTN commercial - Stickies It took 1 million Post-it's, 96 314 digital photographs using 2.5 terabytes of storage, 4.9 kilometers of 35mm film, 3 weeks of editing, and 83 hours in Flame to produce this 60 second commercial. With music from Fat Boy Slim.
  • TF2: Crit Stickies Oh look a bunch of shiny red things. I think I'll blast them towards my team...
  • Asterisk Stickies - http:// A wicked simple to use web interface for Asterisk call management and logging - available for free to PiaF forum members!
  • Todd Blackledge loving his Grilled Stickies at Penn State Ye Old College Diner, home of the Grilled Sticky. A Penn State tradition since 1929. 126 West College Ave, State College, PA Visit to order some stickies on line! Visit my Penn State proud webpage at By the way, in the background you hear Penn State CRUSHING Notre Dame 31-10 on 9-8-2007.
  • Alternative Apps: Stickies I picked 3 alternative apps to Apple's Stickies to show you. Don't say that i should have included evernote or shovebox because i feel they are in another category. Here are links: SketchBox: Scribblet: Edgies (it's actually $9.99 i was wrong in the video)
  • WWF Philippines "Stickies" Kidlat Awards - DIWA OTHERS SILVER WWF Philippines Stickies Leo Burnett
  • Part 2 - Using stickies in Fronter Using the stickies messaging system within Fronter Virtual Learning Environment.
  • Mac OS X Stickies (MacMost Now 274) Take a look at the useful Mac OS X Stickies program. You can add little notes to your screen that float above other windows. Use them for reminders, to-do lists or quick bits of text.
  • ZRT Stickies Those old crappy Michellin Man tires giving you trouble, bad traction...or DEATH? Time for a tire change, and ZRT Stickies from the Feel Good Rubber Company will do the job. They will provide excellent traction, save the lives of pedestrians, help impaired drivers: Asians, Persians, the Elderly...You name it! They offer reliable performance and more! See for details.
  • How to use Stickies
  • The Stickies This is a quick preview of the brand new series of 'The Stickies' coming soon to you. Action packed comedy starring many stick figures acting a bit random! Sorry for this preview being very short but the full episodes will be coming soon as we have a brand new series of a brand new show lined up for you to watch soon on youtube. Please comment, rate and for updates when the series is on youtube, subscribe!!! Thanks :)
  • Pro guide to blowing away stickies div1 at this *** bro
  • lazers, golf, stickies, germans and gravelpits Just another day at cp_gravelpit. songs used in order: Despicable Me Soundtrack - Minions March Klaus Wunderlich - Tico-Tico Rayman 2 TGE - Pirates part 2 Cedric King-Palmer - Holiday Playtime HL2 - suitsong
  • (Apple) Mac App Review: Stickies *HELLO* - Educational App Review on stickies. I know this sounds a little confusing, but watch and discover how I use stickies to help me in terms of education. This Application was created by the following: Apple Apple Website:
  • Stickies, Episode #1 Former Mac Genius Jamie DeGrazio brings his take on tech news with Stickies, our new, short video show. This one is a little rough around the edges, but we still wanted to share it and get your feedback
  • Brian coleworx putting the NEW SX Stickies to work. Brian Coleworx launches up the ledge at Crusher Ridge Rockcrawler Park in his highlighter buggy thanks to his brand new Sticky SX tires and a whole lot of Horsepower.
  • Episode 10 - Stickies Salutations Drink Tankers! This week, it's all about stickies. Sweet wine rocks! Get your chops around it, unleash your sweet tooth and let it burrow deep into the world of sticky wine. Pudding a go-go!
  • Halo Reach: Top 10 STICKIES Duelwieldinggamers is back with our top ten series, this time featuring halo reach grenade sticks! Well done to all those who made it! And NONE of these clips were set up in any way. PM me and I will send you all the files. If you want to see more please subscribe! Go on, you know you want to! UPDATE: New Way To Submit! Read This Thread:
  • Ellis Doesn't Know What Stickies Are Hilarity Ensues. Some stupid filler I made.
  • Awsome gtd stickies web app twitta-http email:[email protected]
  • Creepy Stickies in the Rocks Nick tears up a brake line in this vid.
  • Corny TV Commercial: BATHROOM STICKIES PURCHASE Occupied Sticky Notes: On Facebook: Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to see newer videos!
  • No Swastikas - Stickies PRE-Redskins punk band. The Redskins were a British band of the 1980s, notable for their Marxist politics, anti-racist / anti-*** stance and catchy, danceable songs. Thier live performances at GLC gigs in the 1980s were renowned for their energy and raw power.
  • Try an Advanced Version of Stickies! http Hey Guys! if you need notes to help you remember then please download and try this application!! Download Evernote! :
  • Stickies (Post It Notes) Commercial Jordan from posiblypotatoes doing an ad for Sticky notes gets bothered by the script. Watch to see his reaction.
  • Typhoeus Stickies - How to Use It How to use Typhoeus Stickies, a full user guide
  • Stickies Tutorial mov ff
  • Mac Tips Part #1: Stickies Application Sorry guys, I know my video is unclear, I compressed it a bit too much lol. Oh well you can still understand the tip anyways! Cool little feature I found. Hope you like it. If you enjoy our videos subscribe to us. Subscriptions are greatly appreciated. Second Channel: Twitter:
  • Windows 7: Gadgets, Stickies, Calculator, and Screenshots This video shows off several new features in the Windows 7 Beta. Gadgets are very similar to the ones in Vista, except that the annoying Sidebar has been removed. Sticky Notes are similar to the Stickies which have been in Mac for years. My main gripe with this application is that you need to have it open for the stickies to remain, wasting space in your task bar. The calculator has gotten a makeover, and taken the extremely simple application into a somewhat useful application. The "Snipping Tool" is the tool used to take screenshots. I have long been against the print-screen key, and this is a major improvement. However, I believe that Microsoft could further improve this by using intuitive keyboard shortcuts to select a window, window element (eg pane, start menu), select by cropping your desktop, or take a picture of your entire desktop.
  • Big D.'s TF2 Stickies - Demo 101 This video shows you the basic things you'll need to know in order to do well as a Demolition Man in Valve's Team Fortress 2. Don't forget to rate, favorite or comment! As a Demo, you'll usually be expected to take out enemy Sentry Guns and to defend certain areas (capture points, intelligence, etc.)...but of course you can do much more. ;) You can use sticky mines to jump great distances. You can use this technique to jump on points, over enemies, on top of certain buildings that other classes can't reach, and so on. This gives you a great advantage on most maps. Remember that you can throw sticky mines farther by holding down the fire button for a while! In the video, I use this to take out sentries that are very far away (too far to shoot me!) or even to take out snipers. The power/distance of the shot is indicated by a little horizontal gauge that fills up at the bottom-right of your screen. You can even use stickies to separate an ubered player from his medic, so try to do that when you can, and also try to stay behind walls and shoot or bounce grenades around them to kill your enemies without getting killed yourself. I played back my demos at 1280x960 with max settings, 4x AA and 16x AF. I then recorded the video at half-res (640x480) and 30fps using FRAPS using an Intel Core2Quad Q6600 running at 2.8ghz with a Geforce 8800GT and 3GB of RAM at ~750mhz. This game is much more fun than Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto IV, etc. ;) Song is "MC ...
  • MasterGamer117 - Team Stickies. One of my best friends asked me to upload this for her, so here you go. :) & btw, she can't stick people standing still if her life depended on it. She's ranked 227th in social sticks with 2122.
  • FUNNY STICKIES!!!!!! MY SECOND VIDEO!!!!!Its funny =). Stickies fighting, kicking, shooting, killing!!!!YEAH!!!!!
  • Halo - Amazing Top 10 Stickies Amazing top 10 stickies. NOT FAKE. Suscribe!
  • Stickies A little demo on how to use the application stickies!
  • The Stickies in Proverbs The Mocker This video is yet another of one of my RS ( Religious studies) projects with a twist. It is about a proverb " The mocker seeks wisdom yet finds none, but knowlage comes easily to the discering." It is hilariously funny and random and it has much smoother animation than any other of my cartoons.
  • TJ Buggy on stickies vs. Cable Hill Watch as the driver of this Jeep TJ Buggy on stickies pilots his rig up Cable Hill with an endless full throttle beatdown. Spring Fling 2011 Gray Rock ORV

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  • “I noticed that the forum has changed a bit since yesterday, and now only every other sticky is bolded. Honestly, it confused me; I thought things were no longer stickies. Is there a purpose to that?”
    Stickies not bold? - Structure - TG-Forumz-related,

  • “I just wanted to say that maybe we need to create stickies (on the very top of the forum page) But, I also support stickies in the forum (a well balanced number, not just one with all the stuff in one condensed page) which”
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  • “Ive been Admin of the forum for ages now (), and to be honest it more or less runs itself. Tonight though I want to make a post a 'stickie' and just don't seem to be able to do it. I have looked at”

  • “With lino's Dashboard Widget and Windows Gadget, you can show your stickies with due date on your desktop. Blog (Japanese) lino FAQ. lino Forum. Infoteria. Infoteria Online | Home | About | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Blog | Forum”
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  • “There are 5 stickies at the top of the forum, and most of them are really old. I think having more than one or two stickies distracts from new posts”
    — FSP Recruiting forum.. too many stickies,

  • “ is Canada's premier online computer store. Great Technology, Selection and Service on over 100,000 computer products, electronics and games”
    — NCIX FORUMS - Important Forum Info regarding stickies!,

  • “Shareware/Freeware roundup - Stickies and to download this useful piece of software. latest news. What we're saying on the blog. new conGuu CMS gallery module. posted on Sunday 21st November, 2010 by neil”
    — Shareware/Freeware roundup - Stickies - Bluebit Web Design,

  • “Where have all the stickies gone? blog. RC Helicopter manuals. More New Stuff. Part Exchange. 56952 members | 153 online. Want HIGH spec electronics? BRITISH built and Ready To Fly? 2 day delivery! Not a member yet? Register now! Forum Search”
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