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  • Visit Forecast: Steaminess returns and thunder chances * An inside view of Sunday's severe weather | Storm clouds at sunset * * Outside now? Radar & more: Weather Wall | NatCast * Today's Daily Digit. A somewhat subjective rating of the. — “Forecast: Steaminess returns and thunder chances - Capital”,
  • An Unofficial Biggest Loser Australia site containing over 2000 health related articles in our database. This one is on Aromatherapy at Home: Beating the Cold Bug. Make sure you allow at least 20 minutes to breathe in the vapors, adding more hot water as needed to keep steaminess at a maximum. — “The Biggest Loser Australia - Aromatherapy at Home: Beating”, .au
  • Steam·i·ness n. (- ĭ *n ĕ s) The quality or condition of being steamy; vaporousness;. — “steaminess: Information from ”,
  • Definition of steaminess from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of steaminess. Pronunciation of steaminess. Definition of the word steaminess. Origin of the word steaminess. — “steaminess - Definition of steaminess at ”,
  • Shmoop guide to how steamy (or not) are *** & ***ual situations in As I Lay Dying As I Lay Dying Steaminess Rating. Exactly how steamy is this story? PG-13. As I Lay Dying tracks the journey of Anse, Jewel, Darl, Cash, Vardaman, and Dewey Dell en route to Jefferson to bury the late Addie. — “As I Lay Dying Steaminess Rating”,
  • Rent Love Notes DVD and over 95,000 other movies at Blockbuster. Buy, Download, or Rent Love Notes at Blockbuster today. Your source for Love Notes reviews and trailers online. The story covers three episodes in Daniels' *** life, in ascending order of steaminess. — “Love Notes DVD Rental, Rent Love Notes Movie Online”,
  • Steaminess definition, consisting of or resembling steam. See more. — “Steaminess | Define Steaminess at ”,
  • steaminess (uncountable) The property of being steamy. Retrieved from " /wiki/steaminess" Categories: English words suffixed with -ness | English. — “steaminess - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of steaminess in the Dictionary. Meaning of steaminess. What does steaminess mean? Proper usage of the word steaminess. Information about steaminess in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. — “What does steaminess mean? definition and meaning (Free”,
  • There is a roll to the sea, a steaminess to the air. The sun stings already. Steven L. is a roll to the sea, a steaminess to the air. The sun stings already. — “Comments Page: Unique Undersea Colony Immerses Researchers in”,
  • Definition of Steaming with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. Derivative terms: Steaminess. — “Steaming: Definition with Steaming Pictures and Photos”,
  • Definition of Steaminess in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Steaminess. Pronunciation of Steaminess. Translations of Steaminess. Steaminess synonyms, Steaminess antonyms. Information about Steaminess in the free online English dictionary and. — “Steaminess - definition of Steaminess by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Steaminess - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Alejandro' Preview Clip Promises Steaminess, Black Pantsuit. 6/1/10 at 11:45 PM. Comment 1Comment Comments. Lady Gaga appeared on Larry King Live tonight and, dressed in a glam King-inspired outfit, unveiled a preview clip for her upcoming "Alejandro" music video (due June 7). — “Alejandro' Preview Clip Promises Steaminess, Black Pantsuit”,
  • Maria Menounos dishes with Bachelor Pad co-host Melissa Rycroft in this clip from Access Hollywood set to air tonight. Access Hollywood Gets the Scoop on Bachelor Pad Steaminess. — “The Bachelorette - Access Hollywood Gets the Scoop on”,
  • 'Euro Far Cry 2 on Steam & More Steaminess' (92576) user comments in the News Comments forum at Blue's News. — “Euro Far Cry 2 on Steam & More Steaminess - Blue's News Comments”,
  • goblet, Find complete details about steaminess glass,wine glass,drinking glass from Xi'an Foreign Trade & Economic Development Corp. You may also find other steaminess glass,wine glass,drinking glass products or Glass suppliers and Glass. — “goblet products, buy goblet products from ”,
  • Definition of steaminess with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of steaminess”,
  • Definition of Steaminess. Steaminess. The quality or condition of being steamy; Translations. steaminess in German is Dampfigkeit. BrainyQuote. — “Definition of Steaminess”,
  • Super steamy cuff bracelet with old watch parts, cogs, gears, brass filigrees and glass jewels. For the intrepid Steampunk Victorian explorer. Steaminess Cuff Bracelet Super steamy cuff bracelet with old watch parts, cogs, gears, brass filigrees and glass jewels. — “Steaminess Cuff Bracelet”, 1000

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  • 45407 - The Lancashire Fusilier Light engine movement, 1st May 2009. Location: Thornaby on Tees. Train: 45407 - The Lancashire Fusilier Timekeeping: Right on time Steaminess: Clean and plentiful. Wobbliness: Pretty steady. Wind noise: None. Plenty of traffic noise and rain. Camera: could be better / bigger. Number of other spotters: None. Things to note: 0:03 Bird says "hello" 0:14 Hand, top right. 0:40 Driver did not wave or peep peep. :-( 0:50 Car radio says the roads are gridlocked again. Happy bank holiday!
  • Angel/Darla | I can't give you up (Watch in HD) My entry for The One Kiss Scene Contest: - Which I received an honorable mention, so happy right now! I'mn going for the hottest kiss cause c'mon that scene was made of major hotness and steaminess. =) Song: Infinity (Flufftronix) Dubstep Artist: *** E/N: Hope you like, and hopefully I'll be vidding them a lot more this year
  • Green Arrow and Oliver Cromwell - Shildon Steem Gala - September 2009 Location: Locomotion, Shildon, County Durham. Locomotives: 4771 Green Arrow and 70013 Oliver Cromwell. Event: Autumn Steam Gala. Date: 20 September 2009. Timekeeping: n/a. Number of carriages: n/a. Steaminess: Vapours from Oliver Cromwell, sadly nothing from Green Arrow... still, it's nice to see her outside, enjoying the autumnal sunshine. Wobbliness: Very wobbly - walking and videoing. Wind noise: Some. Lots of noise from the fair ground organ in the background. Peep peep! Weather: Fantastic. Sunshine and t-shirts. Number of other people: Lots and lots. Things to note - this was a really great day. Visitors were invited in to the cabs to have a good look around and the volunteers were always on hand to tell you what all the handles and levers do. As well as Oliver Cromwell, there were other engines in steam - Furness Railway Number 20 (apparently the oldest standard gauge locomotive in Britain, built in 1863), National Coal Board number 22 and a replica of Robert Stephenson's "Planet". Thought for the day - Locomotion and the Weardale Railway are both really great things to do, but to make it a fantastic visitor attraction, it would be really great if trains could run between Shildon and Stanhope on such gala days...
  • LMS Jubilee Class 45690 Leander tackles Ais Gill Date: 17 May 2009 Location: Southbound, heading towards Ais Gill summit. Classic Settle & Carlisle stuff. Locomotive: LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0 no 45690 Leander. Train: The Settle - Carlisle Express Timekeeping: 10-20 minutes EARLY. Steaminess: Loads and loads. Chuff chuff chuff. Speed: Faster than a Renault Clio. Thankfully. Wobbliness: 8/10. Very wobbly. Being ridiculously early meant I was totally unprepared. Wind noise: Better than this mornings attempt. You can hear the engine. Puff puff puff. Number of other spotters: Loads. I counted at least 30 cars parked up next to mine. I can count 27 people in the video, there were plenty more folk further up the hill and hiding away out of view. Things to note: Trains sometimes run wildly ahead of schedule. I really don't know how all these other folk knew to be there early.
  • Chaka Khan ft Rufus - Somebody's Watching You In the early '70s, Rufus was one of the most popular and interesting bands in R&B and rock. Of course, the reason was Chaka Khan, who possessed an amazing voice that was well versed in rock and jazz every bit as much as R&B. Their debut went nowhere, Rags to Rufus offered two instant classics, and Rufusized displayed their skill as album artists. Truth be told, this version of Rufus was nearly a brand-new band, as three members exited and guitarist Tony Maiden and bassist Bobby Watson joined up. The result was a funkier and more talented band who would give Khan the needed earthy and ethereal mix that would make her soar. The ***y and danceable "Once You Started" proves that this version of the band gave off immediate sparks and results. The sneaky and funky "Somebody's Watching You" has Khan displaying even more confidence. After great album cuts like the soothing "Your Smile" and "Pack'd My Bags," Rufusized ends on a strong note. The poignant and sophisticated "Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me)" leads into the Maiden and Khan duet cover of Bobby Womack's "Stop on By," which nearly matches the steaminess and wry nature of the original. Often forgotten due to the bigger hits on Rags to Rufus, this easily outstrips that album and became of one the band's most-loved efforts. ~ Jason Elias, All Music Guide
  • More steaminess waiting on bells
  • Sir Nigel Gresely through Durham Date: 16 May 2009 Location: Durham, Platform 2 Train: 60007 - Sir Nigel Gresley, Hauling the Coronation II railtour. Timekeeping: Approx 10 minutes late, probably down to engineering work. Steaminess: Just a vapour trail. Speed: Not bad, considering the 13 coaches. Wobbliness: Pretty steady. I don't think I should have panned. Wind noise: None - hand in front of pathetic microphone seems to work quite well. Number of other spotters: Maybe ten, plus regular Saturday afternoon commuters heading for Newcastle. Things to note: As I was looking south and the sun was bright, I couldn't find a nice colour setting - it looked too washed out or too dark. I thought I'd try Sepia. The original video looks really good if you pause it at 0:14 - nice shot of Durham Castle, Durham Cathedral and 60007. Special thanks to the National Express East Coast staff at Durham who were very friendly. NXEC have had a lot of stick lately, so it's really good to turn up at the station and find the staff welcoming and helpful. They looked up the trains progress - 60007 was on time and heading through Northallerton when I asked them.
  • Bittern Spotting in Thornaby The big green A4 heads for the North Yorkshire Moors spring steam gala Weather: Sunny with cloud and threat of rain and hail :-o Train: 60019 - Bittern Route: York - Grosmont Timekeeping: Right on time Steaminess: Just enough. Speed: Idling along. Wobbliness: Pretty wobbly. Once again, the tripod is at home. Wind noise: Okay Number of other spotters: 4 on the bank, 2-4 at the station. Things to note: - As the bank holiday approaches, the weather threatens hail. - The support coach has been helpfully doing a little railway gardening by pruning the overhanging trees.
  • OBSESSION (Jack of All Trades) 3/22/2011 Since this is my current obsession... it made sense to do this vid. I hope you all enjoy the steaminess!
  • join my stream join my stream @ thnx
  • Nunney Castle A glorious start to the bank holiday weekend with a walk along the River Weaver to see steam locomotive Nunney Castle cross the Dutton Viaduct. Railtour: The Coronation IV Location: Dutton Viaduct, River Weaver, Cheshire Weather: Sunny with blue skies. Warm! Loco: 5029 Nunney Castle Timekeeping: 5 late on the webcam, on time at the viaduct. Steaminess: Smokey! Speed: Plodding along Wobbliness: Pretty good. Wind noise: none. Just the birds and the ducks. Number of other spotters: Loads of people and random folk on walks.
  • Steam and Fire: Dominion of New Zealand and Sir Nigel Gresley A glorious sunny Saturday chasing after the beautiful 'A4' class steam locomotives Dominion of New Zealand (aka Bittern) and Sir Nigel Gresley. Also featuring Newcastle Fire and Rescue service as a fire broke out at the south end of the King Edward VII Bridge, and a short compilation of previous trainspots. Railtour: The Great Britain IV Locations: - Broompark Junction, Durham - From the top of a carpark overlooking the King Edward VII Bridge, Newcastle - Newcastle Central Station for some close ups - Redheugh Bridge, Newcastle/Gateshead Weather: Sunny with hazy cloud. Warm! Locos: 4492 - Dominion of New Zealand (aka 60019 Bittern) 600007 - Sir Nigel Gesley Timekeeping: 5 late in Durham, Gresley on time in Newcastle, Dominion early in Newcastle on the reverse, away on time. Steaminess: Variable. Speed: Okay in Durham, perhaps slowing a little to cross Durham Viaduct. Slow over the King Edward Bridge. Wobbliness: Very wobbly. Wind noise: Could be worse. Number of other spotters: Loads of people at all spots. Things to note: The fire doesn't seem to be train-related... I've included some random previous trainspots at the end. Try to identify the locos!
  • Uhh Ahh - Jason/Sam Some JaSam hotness/steaminess/***iness set to classic Boyz II Men. Enjoy!! :) Clips courtesy of Dominoes and Tequila Music: "Uhh Ahh" - Boyz II Men I do not own General Hospital or this song. No copyright infringement intended.
  • steamy.AVI This guy had the answer to yesterday's tropical steaminess. Unfortunately not all of us can do this without looking really terrible. :(
  • The Cumbrian Mountain Express passes Durham Location: Crossing Durham Viaduct viewed from Durham Cathedral. Locomotive: 70013 Oliver Cromwell Tour: The Cumbrian Mountain Express Date: 19 September 2009 Timekeeping: 5 late. Number of carriages: 12. Steaminess: Vapours. Wobbliness: Good - using coffee cups and walls to steady the camera. Wind noise: Some. Number of other spotters: Some tourists mumbling away.
  • Tornado - The Auld Reekie Express - Browney - 28 February 2009 Location: Browney, south of Durham Train: 60163 - Tornado Timekeeping: Pretty much on time Steaminess: Lots Speed: Fast. Wobbliness: Quite wobbly. It was cold. Wind noise: Some. Much more noise from my parents who were along for the ride. Sorry. I would have edited them out, but that would require some form of video editing software. Number of other spotters: 5, plus my family of four (sadly within ear shot), plus 2 or 3 in the next field along. Plus a field full of horses on the horizon who all ran along with the train, silhouetted in the smoke. Nice! Things to note: 0:01 Argh! Be quiet!!!! Ssssh!! 0:08 You can't really see it, but the horses in the distance are running alongside the steam. 0:30 Tornado crosses Croxdale Viaduct. Parents finally silent. :-) 1:03 Look out for a big wave from the driver. Yay! 1:10 How many different carriage liveries did you count? PS - Apologies to the other guys trying to take videos while my mother sings... Oh well.
  • Tornado - Durham Viaduct - 31st January 2009 Location: Durham Viaduct Train: 60163 - Tornado. The Peppercorn Pioneer Timekeeping: Pretty good Steaminess: Clean and plentiful. Wobbliness: Pretty steady. Wind noise: Number of other spotters: Hundreds
  • Confused- Jemi One Shot (R Rated) Part 2 Thankyou sooooo much for the comments on the first part, it made me sooo happy!! I was beaming for the rest of the day :D "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked me. I grinned "Are you?" He let out a deep breath and he kissed me. He stroked his hands along my curves and then along the insides of my calves. He stopped and touched my *** gently, I let out a soft moan and he rubbed faster, I felt beads of sweat slowly rolling down my forehead and I took a deep breath. Suddenly Joe stuck two of his fingers into me, I screamed in pain but almost immediately the pain transformed into immense pleasureand my breathing sped up, Joe licked my folds as I cummed and I felt myself begin to shake, my back arched and I screamed "Jooeeee!!" I grabbed his face and pulled him up so that his nose was touching mine, panic filled his large brown eyes "what's wrong Dems?" he asked stroking my face I kissed him hungrily "Nothing's wrong Joe" I kissed him again and stroked down his abs to his crotch he whimpered "I NEED you!" I stroked my hands along his length and he let out a deep shaky breath, then suddenly he grabbed me by the waist and sat me on his dick, I screamed, but Joe was lost. There was hunger in his eyes and he was lifting me by my waist and slamming me down onto his hips again. He sucked on my neck down to my breast leaving hikkies as he went. As he bit and sucked on my nipple the pain transformed into pleasure and my scream got louder as I headed towards my climax, I cummed ...
  • "Sun, sand, beach bars and a bunch of turtles" Technotrekker's photos around Turtle Beach Preview of Technotrekker's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Turtle Beach, Trinidad and Tobago Entry Title: "Sun, sand, beach bars and a bunch of turtles!" Entry: "With little more than some board shorts, flip flops and the trusty baggy green VB hat packed hurriedly into a case the night before, Karen and I set off at some ungodly hour to catch the 6.15am shuttle to Gatwick. I'd been working fratically on 'the project' up until COB the previous day and considering it had been eight full months with a grand total of two days off that time, my pale and haggard body was in need of a holiday - stat. After agonising for a few weeks over which gloriously warm sunny clime we should actually head to, Tobago got the nod. For the first time in both our young lives it was a chorus of 'Caribbean here we come!' The travel agent did not warn us about the 16 hour expedition to get there, including an hour and a half's scenic stand on the tarmac of Antigua's delightfully shabby airport. Mm mmm, gotta love the smell of that disinfectant spray they douse passenger and plane alike with to make you feel thoroughly and refreshingly welcome. However we soldiered on through all that (and just a little cigar-tube claustrophobic madness) to arrive at Turtle Beach in the late afternoon. Which gave us just enough time to survey the deliciously tropical scene that would ...
  • 6233 Duchess of Sutherland on the North Wales Coast Express - Departing Frodsham Date: 2 August 2009 Location: Frodsham, Cheshire Locomotive: 6233 Duchess of Sutherland. Tour: The North Wales Coast Express Timekeeping: Right on time Number of carriages: 12 plus a class 47 to help with the reversing at Llandudno (47245) Steaminess: Plenty of nice big puffs as we set off. Sounds nice! Wobbliness: 3/10. I have a new tripod! Wind noise: None. Number of other spotters: Loads!!
  • EJAMI Come on Closer This one is very different from my usual type of montage. There's no forlorn EJ or crying Sami. It's just for fun, so that we may all partake in the steaminess that is EJAMI. Enjoy. Song is Come on Closer by Jem
  • Hair Styling Tools : About Hot Tools Curling Irons Hot Tools brand curling irons are a great choice because of their ceramic barrel, which seals the hair cuticles rather than damaging them and because they have a temperature control to adapt to finer or thicker hair. Choose a Hot Tools brand curling iron for the best results withinformation from a professional hairstylist in this free video on styling tools. Expert: Laura Gibson Bio: Laura Gibson is an accomplished hairstylist, makeup artist and a promotional model. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • Tornado Test Run - Durham - 18th November 2008 Fabulous mainline speed test for the new "A1" locomotive "Tornado" Location: Durham Station, Platform 1 Train: 60163 - Tornado Timekeeping: Right on time Steaminess: Lots, but it was dark! Speed: Awesome! Wobbliness: Not bad for the mobile phone Wind noise: None. Lots of whistles. Number of other spotters: Hundreds and hundreds. Quotes: "Whooooooooooah!!" "It's got to be the most dangerous situation at the station ever!!" (Kath referring to the North-bound platform being ram packed five deep in places)
  • Princess Elizabeth @ Grayrigg Date: 1 April 2010 Location: A field near Grayrigg, Cumbria Engine: LMS 46201 "Princess Elizabeth" Tour: "The Waverley" Number of coaches: Eleven Timekeeping: Um, a couple late, there was a slow Pendalino in front Steaminess: Lots climbing the hill, but it's shut off at a double-yellow signal and the train comes to a halt Speed: Zipping along until the signal Wobbliness: I've seen better. Wind noise: Like a monstrous bear Number of other spotters: Nobody around! Weather: Warm and sunny. Wow!
  • GL: Lucy & Alan-Michael- If you loved me? From December 1993. After Lucy had stumbled upon Roger Thorpe's blood in the potting shed, Alan-Michael takes her back to the boat house to comfort her which leads to steaminess and a gun shy Lucy asking Alan-Michael if he loves her.
  • Late Night Steaminess Vacuuming in the But
  • 44871 and 45407 head for the Moors Date: 12 April 2010 Location: A mound of earth wedged between the River Tees, the A19, the A66 and Thornaby railway yard. The area is affectionately known as "Maze Park" wildlife reserve Engines: LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 no 44871 and LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 no 45407 Tour: Light Engine movement to the NYMR Number of coaches: two support coaches Timekeeping: 3 early Steaminess: Lots until it shuts off to go under the A19 Speed: Zipping along faster than the traffic on the A66 Wobbliness: Terrible. Why bother bringing a tripod when you've forgotten the camera attachment Wind noise: Bad wind coming from Middlesbrough Number of other spotters: Nobody around! Weather: Warm and sunny. Great visibility of the Cleveland hills in the distance
  • LMS Jubilee Class 45690 Leander storms the Ribblehead Viaduct Date: 17 May 2009 Location: Ribblehead Viaduct, North Yorkshire Train: LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0 no 45690 Leander Timekeeping: 10-20 minutes late. Steaminess: Loads and loads, despite the fierce wind trying to blow it away. Speed: Limited to 30 over the viaduct Wobbliness: I dozed off a little bit at the end... Wind noise: Terrible. It was INCREDIBLY windy. I've been playing with YouTube's AudioSwap function to replace the wind noise with something else. Number of other spotters: Loads. There were plenty of walkers who all hung around to see the train. Things to note: Walking directly over the moor requires wellies otherwise you'll spend the day with wet feet. It was incredibly windy, so turn the sound down :-(
  • Sir Nigel Gresley - Thornaby - 15 May 2009 Location: Thornaby, Platform 2 Train: 60007 - Sir Nigel Gresley Timekeeping: 5 minutes late. Steaminess: Lots, but it's cloudy Speed: On the slow. Going backwards. Wobbliness: Pretty steady. I'm looking at tripods... Wind noise: Splish splosh rain noises. Number of other spotters: Zero.
  • 60009 - Union of South Africa - Heart of Midlothian Date: 27 June 2009 Location: Northbound. Browney, 4 miles south of Durham. Locomotive: LNER Class A4 60009 Union of South Africa. Born June 1937. Aged 70. Train: The Heart of Midlothian. Peterborough Edinburgh. (The Railway Touring Company tour). Timekeeping: Approx. 2 late. Number of carriages: 12. Steaminess: Plenty. Lots of advance warning before heading over the Croxdale Viaduct in the distance. Speed: Adequate. York Durham was scheduled to take 82 minutes. Wobbliness: 6/10. Average amount of wobble. Rubbish panning again. Wind noise: None. Baby noise and chatter: Moderate. Number of other spotters: Plenty. 7 cars. I forgot to do a headcount. Things to note: Even when it isnt raining, fields can still be wet and muddy. The great County Durham fog of 2009 had lifted by 9.20. Yay!
  • Tornado at Thornaby, 27 April 2009 60163 Tornado heads through Thornaby station and into Tees Yard on a light engine movement from Tyne Yard to Grosmont on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Location: Thornaby on Tees. Weather: Light drizzle. Traffic: Some background noise. Train: 60163 - Tornado Timekeeping: 62 minutes late Steaminess: None until 0:53 Wobbliness: Very wobbly. Wind noise: Plenty Number of other spotters: 4 at the station, 5 on the embankment. Things to note: 0:02 Tornado says hello through the wind noise 0:16 It's very slow and isn't steaming :-( 0:54 Hurray! Steam! 1:03 I wish I could adjust the zoom without having to stop filming. It's too close now! 1:33 Grr. Now it's too far away.
  • Kempton Great Engines This is a triple expansion engine that pumped London's water for over 50 years (and is still in excellent working order!) It's run once a month at the Kempton works where you can see (and hear) it in operation.
  • TLTH ... A JB Story ... Chapter 17 [These Walls Aren't Soundproof...] A/NI saw "Inception" yesterday...I don't want to even talk about the size of the headache that ***ing movie gave [email protected][email protected]" WARNING: Graphic. *Lizzie's POV* I have NEVER felt so guilty or out of my mind before. I can't believe that I did that with Nick just now. Sure, it is all part of a bet, but I REALLY love Conner. I want to show him that right now. It'll hopefully ease my guilt. Right now, I am holding Conner's hand and leading him into the bathroom, with my pajamas in my other hand. I think I caught Conner grabbing his own PJs with my periferal vision. At least he came prepared. Wait. Prepared. LR: "You have a condom, right?" I asked when we walked into the bathroom. I quickly closed the door and locked it. CR: "Yes." He unraveled his boxers and shirt and out came a box of condoms. He pulled one out of the box. "Would I ever leave you unprotected?" He wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned in to kiss me. LR: "Wait." I paused. I want to tell him about the bet so badly. I want him to swear to secrecy. But at the same time, he's already so mad at me and at my lack of judgement. CR: "Yes, my love?" He smiled and continued to constrict my waist with his arms, pulling me closer. LR: "I'm so sorry about earlier. I was just ---" CR: "Yeah, I know. And I'm sorry I yelled. I was being immature." LR: "Yes. Yes you were." I said with a funny smile on my face. He laughed. I moved one of my arms around his neck while my free hand messed up his shaggy, yet very attractive ...
  • Duchess of Sutherland - Durham - The Tyne Valley Tourer Location: Crossing Durham Viaduct from Flass Vale. Nice views of Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral in the background. Locomotive: 6233 Duchess of Sutherland. Tour: The Tyne Valley Tourer Date: 19 September 2009 Timekeeping: 5 late. Number of carriages: 12. Steaminess: Average. Wobbliness: Moderate camera wobble. Wind noise: Some. Number of other spotters: None. Probably not a very good spot... You can only just see the railway at this time of the year - lots of leaves on the trees.
  • Tyne Tees Tornado Chasing A glorious sunny Saturday chasing after the beautiful big green "A1" Peppercorn Pacific Class steam locomotive 60163 - Tornado. Locations: 0:05 Durham Station 0:58 Bog Hall Farm, on the freight line between Mordon and Stillington 1:47 Urlay Nook 2:22 Teeside / Durham Tees Valley Airport Weather: Sunny with hazy cloud. Warm! Train: 60163 - Tornado Timekeeping: Quite late Steaminess: Hot as much as you'd expect. Push harder!! Speed: Could go much faster... Tornado is speed limited by Network Rail, plus there are limits over Durham Viaduct, the freight line, and along the branch line past the airport. Wobbliness: Very wobbly. Wind noise: Plenty Number of other spotters: Loads of people at all spots. Things to note: The chase along the A67 was great fun.

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