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  • who have been taking their share of the ribbons this year! Click on the this link to view pictures from the 2010 Fundraiser show! (Erika and Keystone Magnus at the Fundraiser Show) Click to see Standardbreds at The 2010 World Equestrian Games. WEG 2010 Standardbred Roadsters. — “Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of MA - Homepage”,
  • Standardbred breed information. While Thoroughbred racing has long been known as the sport of kings, the dependable, athletic Standardbred brought racing to the common man, first between neighbors on community roads, and later at state-of-the-art. — “Harness Racing - USTA Standardbred Breed Information - United”,
  • Classified listings of Standardbred Horses for Sale Standardbred horses for sale are listed in Australia, West Virginia (WV), Louisiana (LA), and other areas Post free photo ad. — “Standardbred Horses for Sale - FREE Ads”,
  • "Those who know the breed will claim the Standardbred is one of the world's best kept secrets. A breed that in addition to being the fastest horse in harness also excels under saddle and faces every task asked of it with gentleness, patience and a bottomless heart. — “Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Assocation of”, .au
  • " Standardbred The official name of the famous American trotting and pacing (q.v.) horses, bred with extreme care and scientific efficiency. The Standardbred is heavier-limbed and more robust than most Thoroughbreds, with a longer body, shorter legs and with great courage and endurance. — “Welcome”,
  • Official record keeping for the harness racing industry and official breed registry and regulating body of standardbreds in Canada, respectively. The latest feature added to the Standardbred Canada website is online membership renewals for Standardbred Canada and MPHRC members. — “Canadian Trotting Association and Standardbred Horse Society”,
  • Most people think of American Standardbreds as harness racing horses. Learn about the American Standardbred as a riding horse used for many different riding disciplines. Find information about American Standardbred, retraining, rescue and. — “Meet the American Standardbred - American Standardbred Profile”,
  • Promotes the Standardbred as a successful and versatile horse that can excel in many disciplines outside their traditional role of harness racing. — “The Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Association of”, .au
  • Standardbred (breed of horse), breed of horse developed in the United States in the 19th century and used primarily for harness racing. The foundation sire of this breed was the English Thoroughbred Messenger (1780–1808), imported to the United. — “Standardbred (breed of horse) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • The Standardbred Breed Development program was established to promote the Indiana Standardbred industry. The Indiana Standardbred Breed Development Fund receives 50% of the revenue generated from slot machines that is allocated for Standardbred Racing. — “HRC: Standardbred”,
  • This event was the foaling of a horse named Hambletonian 10, the foundation sire of the Standardbred horse. The increased brilliance of the Standardbred breed itself has reduced times for the mile by a minute -- down 30 percent from the original record. — “Breeds of Livestock - Standardbred Horse”,
  • The Standardbred Fan Club is comprised of people who have Standardbreds, are interested in the breed, want to make friends with other Standardbred owners or fans, and anyone from anywhere in the world! At present, the Club runs out of Epona Stable located in British Columbia, Canada. — “Standardbred Fan Club. Information on retraining, forum and”,
  • The Standardbred originated when Messenger, an English Thoroughbred, foaled in 1780, and exported to the United States in 1788. The term "Standardbred" was coined because the early trotters (pacers would not come into the picture until much later) were required to reach a certain standard for a. — “Standardbred”,
  • STAGBI is a breed society and was established to provide credibility and integrity to the Standardbred and Trotting Horse in Harness Racing and other equestrian sports throughout Britain and Ireland. was recognised and approved as the standardbred registration body for Britain and Ireland. — “The Standardbred and Trotting Horse Association of Great”,
  • The U.S. Trotting Association is a not-for-profit association of Standardbred owners, breeders, drivers, trainers, and officials, organized to provide administrative, rulemaking, licensing and breed registry services to its members. — “U.S. Trotting Association”,
  • Standardbred breed description, history and characteristics of the Standardbred breed. External links are provided to breed related sites as well. — “The Stallion Place - Standardbred Breed Information”,
  • Nonprofit organization cares for and locates new homes for horses. Also organizes therapeutic equine companionship services for troubled youth. — “Standardbred Retirement Foundation”,
  • Equine Now listing of standardbred horses for sale. — “Standardbred Horses for Sale”,
  • Breeds that have contributed foundation stock to the Standardbred breed included the Narragansett Pacer and the Canadian Pacer, Thoroughbreds, Norfolk Trotter, the Hackney, and the Morgan. The Standardbred is also seen off the track, here, pulling a buggy for the Amish. — “Standardbred - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Standardbred Horse is a relatively young breed just over 200 years old. He is credited with being the horse to whom every Standardbred horse is related. — “About the Standardbred Pleasure Horse”,
  • Standardbred Breed of light horse developed in the U.S., primarily for harness racing. The foundation sire was an English Thoroughbred imported in. — “Standardbred: Information from ”,
  • International trot horse web site-portal with one of the largest classified database about standardbred horses and trotting sport. Standardbred Horse sales, public and private. Free advertising for sale trot horses. Free advertising of breeding and insemination trotting horses. — “Pegaz TROT - Site dedicate to horses and trotting sport”,

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  • Standardbreds being underestimated TOO MUCH!! Why do people underestimate standardbreds? We get chances dont we!! Why not give the standardbred another chance!! they are just like other horses and can do every thing other horses can do but with a better personality and they can do comps better 100x better. So dont underestimate standardbreds beleive in them. The second last photo is my standardbred Vonnie.
  • wonderful 35 year old standardbred / quarter horse cross All the pictures and videos here are when this horse was 30-35. No younger!!! Kama is THAT horse. The One. Kama is the horse that has ruined me for life. I love him more than anything. He is 35 this year and still going strong aside from a bit of arthritis in his front end. He was treated for, and recovered from anaplasmosis and lyme two years ago. Who says old horses have to be skinny and weak? He eats around 15 lbs of hay stretcher and fatty grain each day, but he's on the plump side and still looks great. We were winning timed gymkhana events (and not against little 4-h girls on ponies either) when he was 30 and 31, when he showed no signs of slowing down. I dont ride him anymore, his arthritis has been worse since the lyme. I'd hate to have him go down under me, even though he looks like he wouldn't mind a few laps around the pasture. Kama is an example of a GREAT elderly grade horse. I wouldnt be surprised if he lives to 40 and beyond, since he is in better shape than some horses in their late ***s. I'd give ANYTHING for a kama baby, but his only son was put to sleep, and now he is a gelding.
  • Photo Shoot of Jody Jamieson Standardbred Driver Standardbred Driver Jody Jamieson is photographed at Mohawk Raceway by Sports Photographer Rob Skeoch from Canadian Sports Magazine
  • JJ - 3yr old Skewbald Standardbred filly JJ -3yr old Skewbald Standardbred filly, bred by WW Skewbald Racing Stables, Queensland, Australia. By Medicine Dance from the Holmes Hanover mare, Blind Justice. For more info go to.....
  • Woodbine, Standardbred, 2011, February 18, Race 5 Race 5 from Woodbine, February 18, 2011.
  • Speed Racking Standardbred Her name is "Go Girl." She has a great disposition and shows some serious SPEED! She recently foaled a colt out of COALMINER, which is the great grandson of EZD's Falcon Rowdy. For more information about "GO GIRL" please check out our website
  • standardbred demo at Equine Affair Demonstration of the standardbred as pleasure horse at the Equine Affair in Springfield Ma, Nov. 11, 2006
  • Standardbred racing racing at the track
  • Auckland Reactor qualifier -- USTA harness racing standardbred Hoof Beats Go into the paddock and on the track with HRCs Ken Weingartner and Auckland Reactor as the New Zealand Horse of the Year qualifies at the Meadowlands in 1:53. Trainer Kelvin Harrison and driver Brian Sears share their thoughts as well.
  • Standardbred/Morgan Stud Horse Breeds Rocky Mnt Mare. Our stud horse Outlaw (a Standardbred/Morgan horse cross) breeds a spotted Rocky Mountain mare named Cheyenne.
  • FAST BLACK STANDARDBRED FOR SALE!!! (SOLD) This is a super nice 4 year old gelding. He is very fast and smooth!
  • Frankie Scary Fast Speed Racking Standardbred "Frankie" Blue Roan USTA Standardbred. He's can GET WITH IT! Frankie is proudly owned by the Ferguson Family in Indiana. Visit our website to see more of Frankie and other Fast Speed Racking Horses
  • Re-Training the Standardbred Horse Promo of latest DVD using 5 different ex Trotter/Pacing Horses off the Track and converting them to Dressage; Go here for the dvd: .au
  • Standardbred Dressage - Whiz Bang Dressage First Level Test 1 Jacksonville Fl April 2008
  • STANDARDBRED ASSOC of QLD Dressage Spectacular On sunday the 21st of February the Standardbred Association of QLD held their inaugural Dressage Spectacular for Standardbreds only. The event was an outstanding success with over 50 dressage tests being ridden over the course of the day For a comprehensive wrap up of the competition including results & photos please visit & also more details can be found on the official associations web site .au Fantastic to see that there is a forfilling life for these magnificent animals once there racing career is over
  • Standardbred Jumping my standardbred lads jumping 1m10/1m20 dont critise my riding , lilys riding or my horse. Feel free to comment and rate thanks :)
  • The 12 Days of Christmas - Standardbred Style First, we'll watch Camponthebadlands win at Dover Downs and find out why he is the Ultimate Christmas Horse! Then, you'll see something very fun and interesting (and possibly disturbing - LOL!!!!) as our horsemen and women present the 12 Days of Christmas....Standardbred Style!!!!!!!
  • Patch Speed Racking Pacing Standardbred Shannon Keene aboard Patch, a 4 y/o racking/pacing horse sired by 14x RHBAA World Champion Speed Racking Horse, Hot Patches. Shannon & Rodney Keene own Patch, the colt (shown in video). This video was taken in September of 2003.
  • Drill Team Fall 2011 Top Gun Anthem.wmv UMaine Standardbred Drill Team performing for the Maine Equine Veterinarians to the Top Gun Anthem at Witter Farm in Old Town, ME
  • Standardbred Demo Horse Fair American Standardbred Adoption Program - 2010 Demonstration at Illinois Horse Fair
  • Standardbred Speed Racking Pacing Horse **SOLD** Video #1 of 2 **SOLD**PRICE REDUCED MUST SELL 7 year old Standardbred gelding. Albatross and Hanover cross. 15.3 hands tall. Racks 15-18 mph before swapping over. Gentle horse, anyone can ride. Shoes, bathes, clips, ties, and loads with no problems. Rides both ways of the ring. He's the one if you want to burn 'em up on the rail or the trail. Must sell we got way too many horses. Contact Donald @ 276-467-2462. Before 11pm please. Please leave a message if no answer, we'll probably be at the barn! We WILL return your call. Thank You. Serious inquiries only, please. Video #2 added 7/27/10.
  • Retraining the Standardbred horse A scene from the DVD "Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training" produced by the Standardbred Fan Club () showing a fully retrained pacer doing the canter.
  • Ben and "Reba" Standardbred Pacing Mare 2009 Music Video Our nephew Ben Smith with his Standardbred mare Reba in a music video showing their events together for 2009. This was their first year together and he has had a lot of fun with this mare. Thanks to Chapman Stables, Roger and Tammy Chapman, for allowing Ben the opportunity to own his first Standardbred.
  • STANDARDBREDS!!!! I thought this song fit PERFECTLY for standardbreds because a lot of people underestimate this breed and think they're ugly... well, THEY'RE WRONG!! Standardbreds are the BEST of ALL breeds! WHOOO!...... I was bored, so I made a video about STANDARDBREDS! :] The black/dark brown-ish one with the green effects is my standie mare, Annie!! (the last pic and the last clip are her too, i just didn't have any effects for those) I DO NOT OWN SONG!!- Rock What You Got by Superchick I DON'T OWN ALL PICS(I do own a few and the clip at the end)!!!
  • My Grey Standardbred Mare - First Week with me - Re Training Under Saddle - Ex Track Horse / Trotter early stages of retraining standardbred - using very small cross rails to try and encourage the canter whilst trying to promote confidence - wont be doing lots of jumping - just once every few weeks - my new horse - Mare - Race Name Piri Piri - shes beautiful with a lovely temperment! im so happy with her! no negative comments pls! hopefully looking to do a bit of dressage or jumping - ask me in a few years if i have got there! ;) ha ha (NOTE: I do Not Own the Lyrics or Music)
  • Great Standardbreds 4 of the gretest standardbreds of all time.
  • 2008 Sydney International Three Day Event - Super Standardbred Samercan Bey A brave, honest, genuine horse! So lucky to be his owner! Went from trotting track to Eventer with an owner/rider who knew nothing, couldn't ride and never jumped. WOW!
  • Standardbred Showcase Horse Show by Jackie McM*** As a professional equine photographer and past competitor, I had almost seen it all, then I saw what the standardbreds could really do. The standardbred only show was held on Sunday, August 2, 2009 at Grand River Raceway in Elora, Ontario and was the 2nd annual horse show organized by the Standardbred Showcase Riding Club. If you have ever noticed how diverse the quarter horse breed look (between the halter horses, traditional stock and more refined performance horses) you ought to take a look at the standardbreds. Aside from the fact that most are bay with minimal white, no two truly look the same. But what does it matter what they look like - LOOK WHAT THEY CAN DO!!
  • King speed racking horse, standardbred We are training King for a client...all he has ever known was the track and pacing so we have converted him into a speed racking horse...he still is loose down low but when he gets going he is screaming fast and tight as a drum! Thank you to Nancy for choosing us to work this fine animal!
  • Unharnessed Standardbreds Club Promoting standardbreds and the versatility of the breed. Pictures in the video provided by members of the Unharnessed Standardbred Club. check the club out at
  • standardbred show n shine promo This is a promo video for the BC standardbred Show n shine a series of horse show for standardbreds only located at langley riders arena may 31 july 19 and august 30 2009 to find out more go to /standardbred-show-n-shine *some photos by h4 services
  • Rescue Standardbred Riding evaluation 1 12 yo Standardbred mare. Raced, pastured, but never ridden until July 1, 2007. She will be a great riding horse for just about anyone, but first needs ground school and schooled under saddle. Schooling her would be a great project for the novice rider.
  • Soulcrusher-Standardbred Speed Racking Singlefooter Gelding Soulcrusher, aka "Jet", is our black Standardbred speed racking singlefooter gelding.
  • Standardbred Dressage Part 2 Fab Freestyle Nov 7 2010 Sea The Gray and Michael Jackson (Heather Caudill)
  • Red Dead Redemption American StandardBred Horse location Trouble finding the American StandardBred?? here it is!
  • My Standardbred Horse This video is of my horse, he used to harness race, but he doesn't anymore because he is retired. Now he is a riding horse for me...and he loves it, and so do i!!! watch in high quality!! **rate, comment and subscribe!!**
  • Governor Christie: A Solution to Keep Standardbred Racing at the Meadowlands Governor Chris Christie today announced a break-through agreement to keep live Standardbred racing at the Meadowlands beginning in January via a secured short-term financing plan to bridge the gap to a potential long-term solution that will make the Meadowlands racetrack a privately run, self-sustaining venture without taxpayer subsidies. The agreement meets the Governor's foremost requirement that operating and purse subsidies for Standardbred racing come to an end. To ensure that racing at the Meadowlands can continue uninterrupted on its January schedule, the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA) will extend operations, secured by simulcast racing revenues, through only March 31, with no costs being absorbed by state taxpayers.
  • Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred training A scene from the DVD "Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training" showing a Standardbred pacer learning the canter. More information, The #1 Easiest retraining method in the world with everything that you will need to know to retrain the Standardbred pacer to trot and canter. Retraining a Standardbred horse that has paced at the track can be simple and Easy. The Standardbred Fan Club's natural horsemanship approach to retraining the Standardbred horse is based on developing a natural relationship with your horse through understanding and simple exercises. For a full description of the DVD details, please see
  • Fast Standardbred Mare For Sale Looking for a Fast. Smooth Speed Racking Horse? Well here she Betty Crocker! Coming three year old. Both her sire and dam could speed rack 30 mph! Started under saddle and clocked in the twenties in a keg shoe. Nice front end action she is one sweet ride. Betty is FOR SALE contact Val (850) 260-5334 or email [email protected] Visit our website for more amazing Speed Horses.
  • Standardbred Roadsters in WEG Opening Ceremonies
  • Standardbreds Can song- Some Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape -Underoath Too everyone out there that has a standardbred that does something other than race, and to all the standardbreds that have been tossed away due to lack of speed or heart to race.

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