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  • Buy stamps, stamp collecting items on eBay. Find great deals on stamp collection, us stamps items and get what you want now!. — “stamps items - Get great deals on stamp collecting, stamp”,
  • Internet magazine for stamp collectors. Offers news, resources, show schedules, and a section for kids. — “”,
  • The U.S. Postal Service has unveiled the designs for two new space-themed stamps to be released in 2011. The stamps honor the late Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard and NASA's Messenger Mercury probe. — “ -- U.S. Postal Service Reveals Designs for 2011”,
  • Alan Shepard will be honored on a 2011 U.S. postage stamp wearing the silver spacesuit in which he made history as the first American astronaut to fly into space. — “U.S. Postal Service Reveals Designs for 2011 Space Stamps”,
  • Stamp collecting site for offering basic information for the collection and enjoyment of stamps, sometimes called the king of hobbies and the hobby of kings. The site is geared to the beginning and intermediate collector and will cover. — “Welcome to Stamp Collecting Blog”,
  • Learn about stamps and stamp collecting with eBay's Stamps Buying Guide. Stamp collecting has been around as long as stamps have been printed. — “eBay Guides - Stamps Buying Guide”,
  • Child nutrition reform could reduce food stamps by $2 billion—and when food stamps disappear, our whole country suffers. — “Why We Shouldn't Cut Food Stamps to Pay for School Lunch”,
  • This page contains information about stamps as postage. Even when you have other methods set up to pay for your postage, stamps are still a versatile and convenient method of postage. — “USPS - Stamps”,
  • Buy USPS postage online from your PC, easily print postage stamps and shipping labels for all USPS mail classes. — “”,
  • The cost of a first class stamp rose 2p in April to 41p and second class stamps went up 2p to 32p. Downward spiral: The sending of festive greeting cards has steadily declined, thanks to the rise of e-cards and costly stamps. — “Christmas card slump: High price of cards and stamps blamed”,
  • The Northern San Joaquin Valley is losing out on millions of federal dollars each year because thousands of people eligible for food stamps aren't applying for them. — “Many eligible for food stamps not using them - Government”,
  • Poppe stamps offers thousand of stamps for sale by topic and country. We are a philatelic website with information about collecting stamps. — “Poppe Stamps: stamps for sale by theme and country”, poppe-
  • The Rotary on Stamps fellowship is an organizaton founded by the The International Fellowship of Rotary on Stamps is a group of Rotarians and friends. — “ROTARY ON STAMPS”,
  • Find 4000grams_Australian Stamps Large_4 Kiloware stamp in the Stamps, Australian Stamps, By Type, Collections, Mixture category on eBay Australia. — “4000grams_Australian Stamps Large_4 Kiloware stamp (eBay item”, .au
  • Police find food stamps, child support payments in drug house. Police in Wellston found drugs, weapons, and government-issued debit cards during a drug bust in the 6400 block of Hobart Avenue on Friday. Abuse of the Child Support and Food stamp system is commonplace. — “Police find food stamps, child support payments in drug house”,
  • The CartoPhilatelic Society, founded in 1955. We are philatelists interested in maps on stamps. In 1955 a group of philatelists with a keen interest in map stamps founded the CartoPhilatelic Society. — “The CartoPhilatelic Society : Collectors of Maps on Stamps”,
  • Have you ever wondered why hobbyists all over find such great pleasure in stamps? Come immerse yourself in the world of stamp collecting and discover the joy known only to a stamp collector. — “Welcome to SingPost”, .sg
  • International nonprofit society for stamp collectors. — “American Philatelic Society”,
  • Rare Postage Stamps is the #1 resource for the world's most valuable postal stamps. Rare Stamps contains a full list of famous and valuable stamps in the world today. — “Rare Stamps - Valuable Postage Stamps - Expensive Postal Stamps”,
  • The New York, Geneva and Vienna annual collection folders of single stamps and souvenir sheets issued in 2010 will be released on 21 October 2010. The mint stamps and souvenir sheets are not affixed inside the albums, although spaces and mounts are provided for this purpose. — “UNPA Stamps Shop”,
  • Features products and services from the U.S. Postal Service (U.S.P.S.). Buy stamps, collectibles, mailing and shipping supplies, and educational products. — “The Postal Store - U.S. Post Office (USPS)”,
  • A postage stamp is made from (usually special) paper with a national designation and Postage stamps are purchased from a postal administration, or other authorized vendor and. — “Postage stamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • RRA introduces tax stamps on liquors and wines. By James Buyinza. Manufacturers and importers of wines and liquors will now be required to affix tax stamps on their products as a measure of protecting these goods from unfair competition, according to Rwanda Revenue Authority. — “The New Times - Rwandas First Daily :: Issue 14457 :: RRA”,

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  • What Now - Stamp Collecting Stamp collecting is a great hobby, with plenty of interesting facts to learn about stamps. In this clip, Charlie interviews three eager stamp collectors who brought in a very, very valuable stamp.
  • Stamps of approval: IRRI commemorative stamps are issued in the Philippines In honor of the 50th anniversary of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI; ) based in the Philippines, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PPC; http ) has issued a set of four stamps celebrating the Institute's important work in rice research for the world, much of it done in IRRI's host country. The four stamps were officially released by Philippine Postmaster General Hector RR Villanueva in a special first-day issue ceremony at IRRI's headquarters in Los Baños on 14 April 2010, that date being IRRI's official birthday on which its Board of Trustees met for the first time in 1960. According to Elenita DL San Diego, acting manager of the PPCs Postal and Philatelic Department, the PPC receives, on average, around 50 requests each year to produce commemorative stamps for various causes, subjects, events, and a variety of organization and celebrity anniversaries, but only around 30-35 can be produced annually. Some of the most recent Philippine stamps feature Philippine marine biodiversity, 90 years of Philippine Rotary Club activities, the 77th birth anniversary of the late former Philippine president Corazon C. Aquino, and of course IRRI's 50th anniversary. We were only going to recommend one design to the PPC. However, our designer came up with so many great studies that we sent four different renderings, all of which were accepted by the PPC!, said Michael Jackson, IRRIs former Director for Program Planning and Communications. The stamps designer, Juan ...
  • Handmade rubber stamps 101 Make your own stamps! It's inexpensive and fun. Give me some love on my etsy shop,
  • I'm From Barcelona "Collection of Stamps" The video for the single "Collection of Stamps", taken from the album "Let Me Introduce My Friends". Director: Daniel Eskils
  • Photoshop CS4: Removing Date/Time Stamp from Your Photos Ever take a bunch of pictures and when you print them, they end up with a bright yellow date at the bottom corner? Now you're disappointed because you don't want to frame a photo with a big yellow date at the bottom of your picture. In this tutorial, I will show you how you could take your photos into Photoshop and remove that annoying date on the bottom corner. A few tools that you might want to keep in mind when removing the date are the, "spot healing brush tool", "healing brush tool", "patch tool" and sometimes even the "clone stamp tool. Hope this helped! Created By: Robert's Productions Studios. Now In HD. If this has happened to you, there should be an option for turning off the date stamp on your camera. Either take a look at your manual that came with the camera or Google it. If none of that helps, shoot me an email either through YouTube or [email protected] Check out the newly designed site! The site will feature all future tutorials as well as some other videos that will not be posted on YoUTube. So make sure you subscribe our feed. Thanks for watching!
  • Italobrothers - Stamp on the ground (Official HD Video) Official Website: THE WORLDWIDE DANCE HIT by ItaloBrothers ... check http ... get the track on iTunes: -- Video by: Dirk "Hille" Hilgers / DHX Studios -- © Copyright protected work. ℗ by Zooland Records - Alle Rechte vorbehalten All rights reserved. Only for watching, listening and streaming. Downloading, copying, sharing and making available is strictly prohibited.
  • Stamp Collecting & Inverted Jenny Plate Block Live!--APS StampShow 2007 Portland KATU AM Northwest's interview with Alex Haimann discussing rare stamps and postal history from the Inverted Jenny to a letter carried by the famous Pony Express. Fred Baumann, Director of Public Relations for the American Philatelic Society talks about the fun of stamp collecting and the 2007APS Stampshow in Portland, Orgeon.
  • Hooking Up - "Tramp Stamp" (EP. 3) Meg's dibs on Nick is threatened when she finds out that a very beautiful tattooed girl is his "go to" person for help. Website Ryan's Profile http Meg's Profile Nick's Profile Emily's Profile TJ's Profile Nicole's Profile ----- most popular tags hookingup hooking up bask university baskbook hbolab hbo web series webisodes jessica rose lonelygirl15 lg15 sxephil kevjumba michael buckley whatthebuck buckhollywood smpfilms cory williams mr. safety charles trippy nalts will video for food dave days davedays internet celebrities web stars youtube metacafe dailymotion yahoo college university coed coeds *** party partying freshman sophomore junior senior
  • Making Fortune on Poverty: JP Morgan's Big Food Stamp Business While most Americans are struggling hard to overcome the hardships of the recession, the profits of national banks continue to rise. JP Morgan is among those cashing-in ... and it's a contract to process food stamp payments that's helping it on its way. RT's Maria Portnaya found out how the rich benefit off the back of the poor.
  • Trains and Stamps Wade Saadi shows how to travel by train using stamps.
  • Max Keiser Dot Com - The Food Stamp Story
  • A Cat's Stamp of Approval Bandit, the stamp collecting cat, shows stamps from his collection.
  • FOOD STAMPS PROFITS : how JP Morgan gets rich with increased poverty Max Keiser talks to Stacy Herbert about how JP Morgan Chase makes more money when more people are forced to use food stamps swipe cards recorded on January 9th 2010
  • How to Hinge Mount Stamps Kenmore Stamp Company's guide to using hinges to mount stamps
  • 39 Million on Food Stamps, Obama TARGETS Health Insurers Food-stamp recipients up to record 39 million 2.5 million Floridians on food stamps www.sun- Cash-strapped LA County courts to begin layoffs XenoPort Narrows Focus, Cuts Jobs Report: Vacant jobs out of reach to many seeking work A Complicated Enemy: Obama Seeks to Vilify Health Insurers,
  • Fabulously Artsy -- Stamp WOW! Clear Stamps (Sham wow parody) The Stamp Goddess demonstrates the superior quality and versatility of My Acrylix stamps. You'll be sayin' WOW every time! Close to My Heart contest entry for "Clearly the Best" video contest. Watch it again and again, and send it to your friends, help me win the contest with the most views! Thanks for your support! Oh, and rate 5 stars and subscribe too, that would be neat-o! This is a spoof on the Sham Wow Commercial. Haven't seen it? Watch it here on youtube!
  • Japanese Stamps Slide show encouraging collecting Japanese Stamps, covers and post cards. Berryz KoBo & song "Gag 100-Kaibun Ai***e Kudasai" courtesy of HP!
  • JD Sumner & the Stamps - Peace in the Valley JD Sumner & the Stamps - Peace in the Valley. Members: JD Sumner, Ed Hill, Ed Enoch, Rick Strickland & Jerry Kelso.
  • Clear-Mount Stamps by Stampin' Up! Stampin' Up! now offers repositionable, clear-mount rubber stamps--in addition to our award-winning wood-mount rubber stamps. In this video, Bonnie Thurber talks about Stampin' Up!'s clear-mount stamps and why you'll absolutely love them! Contact your demonstrator or visit for more information about all of our great products.
  • $3.8M Rarest and Most Valuable Stamps In The World Mauritius Blue Red RAre British Guiana One Cent This set of trading cards includes the following most rare and valuable stamps in the world ( ): British Guiana 1856 1 cent, Cottonreel British Guiana 1851 2 cents stamp, The Red Mauritius 1847 1d, The Blue Mauritius 1847 2d, Twelve Pence Black Canada 1851 12d, Bermuda Postmaster 1848 1d, The Connell New Brunswick 1860 5 cents brown, The Inverted Swan Western Australia 1854 4d Inverted Frame, 4 Annas Inverted Head India 1854, 4d Woodblock Error Cape of Good Hope 1861 (error of colour), Plate no. 77 Great Britain 1858-64, The 10s (ten shilling)IR Official Great Britain 1902-04, The Lady McLeod Trinidad 1847 5 cents, The Imperf 4d Rose Ceylon 1857-59 4d, Gold Coast 20s Green and Red 1889, The Hawker Newfoundland 1919 3 cents airmail, The Basle Dove Switzerland 1845 2 1/2 rappen, Double Geneva Switzerland 1843 5+5 centimes, 3 Skilling-Banco Yellow Sweden 1855-57 3 sk. bco. yellow (error of colour), The Tretio Error Sweden 1879 20 Ore error, The Red Mercury Austria 1856 6 Kreuzer, Baden 9 Kreuzer Green Germany (Baden) 1851, 3 Pfennig Saxony Germany 1850, The Trinacria Italy Naples 1860 1/2 tornese, 3 Lire Tuscany Italy 1860, Moldavian Bulls Roumania (Moldavia) 1858 27 parales, Alexandria Blue Boy USA 1846 5 cents, 10 cents Baltimore USA 1846, Hawaiian Missionaries Hawaii 1851 2 cents, Montevideo Suns Uruguay 1856 60 centavos
  • Decorative Concrete Stamped Concrete Training Video This video will teach you how to Install Stamped Concrete with products purchased at Advanced Surfaces Inc.
  • Magic foam Stamps Magic stamps, a great way to create beautiful backgrounds for card making and scrapbooking. See how easy it can be. Follow along with more projects on my blog
  • Millions of Americans Using Food Stamps When the new US Congress is sworn in in January, one of the first orders of business will be a new economic stimulus package. Legislators and ***ysts say a stimulus bill will likely include an increase in food assistance and food stamps. Jeff Swicord reports that the number of Americans in need of food assistance is at an all time high.
  • Sesame Street - Rubber stamps 1-20 This was already on Youtube, but this is a slightly better-quality capture. Except for the Sprout logo. Oh well.
  • JD & the Stamps - Ole Brother Noah Personnel: JD Sumner, Jimmy Blackwood, Donnie Sumner, Jim Hill, Tony Brown
  • The Flip Side of Clear Stamps Learn how to stamp using the reverse side, or "flip side" of clear stamps and make a message in a box.
  • Fireworks CS4 Rubber Stamp Tool Tutorial - Editing Photos Learn to master the rubber stamp tool in Adobe Fireworks CS4 with Adam.
  • How To Water Color A Stamped Image with Crissy Armstrong In this video, I demonstrate how I use water color paints to add color to a stamped image. I take you from start to finish and show you exactly what I do to get a gorgeous little water colored design! It's my day job to illustrate stamps for High Hopes Stamps, a great family owned rubber stamp company! On my blog, I showcase the hand made greeting cards that I make using the stamped images I have drawn. I also have more tips and tutorials on my blog for other coloring techniques such as coloring with Copic markers (alcohol based markers) and Tombow Pens (water based markers). Check it out here: Thanks for taking the time to view my video today! God bless!
  • Fabulously Artsy -- Stamp Kissing Technique Learn to add pattern and texture to your solid stamps. The Stamp Goddess demonstrates several stamp kissing techniques.
  • Card Tutorial - A Beginner's Guide to Digital Stamps (in association with ) Digi Stamps Part 1: A tutorial for a complete beginner on how to download and use digital stamps from download to finished card project. {also using a ribbon stapling technique as originally demonstrated by Kristina at }
  • Louis CK - Stamps at the post office? Louis CK generally hating everything.
  • How It's Made - Postage Stamps The intricate and closely-scrutinised process of printing postage stamps.
  • Working with Unmounted Rubber Stamps Learn how to use EZ Mount foam and double-sided tape to adhere your unmounted rubber stamps to acrylic blocks.
  • How to Use Rubber Stamps on Handmade Cards : Embossing With Rubber Stamps in Card Making Get tips and techniques for embossing with rubber stamps in making handmade greeting cards in this free arts and crafts video taught by an expert. Expert: Fran Bricken Contact: Bio: Fran Bricken has taught art to adults and children and has been stamping for over ten years. At lasting Legacy Fran teaches card making and stamping techniques. Filmmaker: treg ward
  • "Sweetest Song..." By JD Sumner & The Stamps/Micheal English wonderful!
  • Stamps from Foam Sheets Tutorial. Use your own drawings to create stamps for printing from foam sheets.
  • Stamp TV Color Spotlight 10
  • Make It Mine Magazine - Carve a Stamp Make It Mine Magazine associate editor Tea Benduhn shows you how to carve a stamp.
  • Wizard Techniques: Making Stamps Learn how to create stamps using the Spellbinders Wizard and Dies
  • Clear Stamp Storage Storage and organization of clear stamps. Video created by my 13-year old step-daughter. :) For more information, see

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  • “Welcome to Bombshell Stamps Forum! Get ready to be inspired with step by step tutorials, our video library, tips from our Design Team, and chat with lots of fantastic crafty friends! You'll also find free digital stamp downloads to compliment”
    — Bombshell Stamps Forum - ENTER HERE - for rubber stamp fun & chat!,

  • “Provides info on the mailing and shipping industry for small business owners. Read articles, advice and tips to help lower your postage costs”
    — Blog " postage online, shipping software,

  • “Welcome to the InStyle Stamps October blog hop! In honor of the upcoming holidays, this 1st to enter, and the winners will be announced on the InStyle Stamps blog on Monday”
    — http:///alprazolam-purchase-with,

  • “So for you scrapbookers out there, I found this great project on The Daily Digi - a free downloadable Holiday Planner (click on my link, go to The Daily Digi blog and just click the picture to activate the download) Blade Rubber Stamps bleach blog blog backgrounds blog buttons Book”
    — BLADE RUBBER BLOG, bladerubberstamps-

  • “Submitted by Stamp Collecting Round-Up Blog. Wear a piece of history with postage stamp jewelry from around the world! Anna Van Tuinen's Dad collected stamps as a boy in the '60s and she loved sorting through stamps with him when she was a kid”
    — Stamp Jewelry | Stamps Blog,

  • “The Calgary Stampeders Quarterback Club blog on AM 770 CHQR. Stamps last defeated Saskatchewan in 1994 in a playoff game of any description +I am revising my pre-game prediction. Oh, I still expect the Stamps to win and I still”
    — AM 770: News. Talk. Sports. Radio. Calgary - Stampeders Blog, am770

  • “Here are a few highlights from the stamps on our Featured Items page (which is also our Iraq Stamps in Complete Sets — We have both Scott 1-13 and the Official Set Scott O55-71”
    — British Commonwealth Stamps " Blog Archive " Recent Additions,

  • “And there is a sale and BLOG CANDY - Check out JustRite Stamps blog for that info. Go to JustRite Stamps blog for the links to the list of the blogs you can visit today for”
    — PaperCutting Kind of Day: The JustRite Stamps Blog Hop,

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