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  • The Squid is an invertebrate (animal without a backbone) that swims in the oceans. Squid are soft-bodied cephalopods. They move by squirting water from. — “Squid Printout- ”,
  • squid carnivorous marine cephalopod mollusk. The squid is one of the most highly developed invertebrates, well adapted to its active, predatory. — “squid Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Squid Manufacturers & Squid Suppliers Directory - Find a Squid Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Squid Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Squid-Squid Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Squid have been featured in sailing myths and legends for more than 300 years. Learn about squid, squid anatomy and find out what daily life for a squid is like. — “Howstuffworks "How Squid Work"”,
  • Definition of SQUID in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of SQUID. Pronunciation of SQUID. Translations of SQUID. SQUID synonyms, SQUID antonyms. Information about SQUID in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. giant squid, vampire. — “SQUID - definition of SQUID by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Pictorial directions on how to clean and recipes including Mariner's Stew and Tangy Squid Salad. — “ - Guide - 25 Ways to Cook Squid (Calamari)”,
  • squid n. , pl. , squids , or squid . Any of various marine cephalopod mollusks of the genus ***go and related genera, having a usually elongated. — “squid: Definition from ”,
  • Squid photo, Squid photos, Photos of Squid, Phillip Colla Natural History Photography. — “Squid Photo, Squid photos, Phillip Colla Natural History”,
  • squid (plural squids or squid) Any of several carnivorous marine cephalopod mollusks, of squid (plural squids) (slang, motorcycling, pejorative) A motorcyclist characterized by lack of riding gear, reckless/careless/unsafe riding, especially of sport bikers. "In my mind, a street squid is anyone. — “squid - Wiktionary”,
  • Squid is used by hundreds of Internet Providers world-wide to provide their users with the best possible web access. Squid optimises the data flow between client and server to improve performance and caches frequently-used content to save bandwidth. — “Squid Internet Object Cache”, squid-
  • <- Drawing by Pierre Denys De Montfort based on a creature (the Kraken -- probably a giant squid) that French sailors reported attacking their ship off the coast of Angola.Squids are relatives of the octopus, squid, and chambered nautilus. — “Squid!”,
  • Squid definition, any of several ten-armed cephalopods, as of the genera ***go and Ommastrephes, having a slender body and a pair of rounded or triangular ca See more. — “Squid | Define Squid at ”,
  • Squid Facts and Information. Feeding, habitat, distribution, reproduction, anatomy and more. Facts about Species like the Giant Squid, Colossal Squid, Vampire Squid and many others. — “Facts and Information about Squids”, squid-
  • Enjoy our collection of squid recipes submitted, reviewed and rated by ifood.tv community. Meet people who are looking for squid recipes. — “Squid Recipes - ifood.tv | Your Food Network - Food Video”, ifood.tv
  • Squids are marine cephalopods (class Cephalopoda, phylum Mollusca) with ten arms and Squid have chromatophores (pigment-containing and light-reflecting cells) embedded in. — “Squid - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Squid, or Animalia Mollusca Cephalapoda (which is Scientist for Surprise of many tentacles), are a type of animal that look a lot like, but might not be, jellyfish. Giant squid are a species of squid with a biology and culture that have developed. — “Squid - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of squid from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of squid. Pronunciation of squid. Definition of the word squid. Origin of the word squid. — “squid - Definition of squid at ”,
  • Squid are marine cephalopods of the order Teuthida, which comprises around 300 species. Squid have differentiated from their ancestral molluscs such that the body plan has been condensed antero-posteriorly and extended dorso-ventrally. — “Squid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Encyclopedia article about squid. Information about squid in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. giant squid, vampire squid, colossal squid, squid cache. — “squid definition of squid in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • A young motorcyclist who overestimates his abilities, boasts of his riding skills when in reality he has none. Squid bikes are usually decorated wi. — “Urban Dictionary: squid”,
  • Laughing Squid's blog for all things squid: squid art, squid crafts, squid humor, and real live squid news. — “Squid”, squid.us
  • Learn all you wanted to know about giant squid with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic. — “Giant Squid, Giant Squid Pictures, Giant Squid Facts”,

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  • Giant Humbolt Squid 2005 Giant Humbolt Squid caught off the coast of San Diego
  • Vampire Squid from Hell (3200 Feet Under Sea Level) Unfortunately, I can't find the exact name of the original film but I found out who the producer of the original film is: National Geographic, online at: My French version is "Creatures des abysses" and it was aired on "Tele-Quebec". The song is "The big clapper" by "Two lone swordsmen" on their album "Stay Down" (1998). ABOUT THE VAMPIRE SQUID: Vampyroteuthis infernalis, lit. "Vampire squid from hell") is a small, deep-sea cirrate cephalopod found throughout the temperate and tropical oceans of the world. Unique retractile sensory filaments justify the Vampire Squid's placement in its own order: Vampyromorphida. It was first described and mistakenly identified as an octopus in 1903 by German teuthologist Carl Chun. More info at: - ABOUT ITS ENVIRONMENT: 3281 FEET: Bathypelagic zone. 1 Km = 100 atm = 1470 psi. The ocean is dark at this level; the only glow is from bioluminescent animals. There are no living plants, and creatures subsist by eating the debris that falls from the levels above (aka "marine snow"), including dead or dying fish and plankton. More info down to 36201 feet (pression : 8.07 tons per square inch!!!) at: -
  • Vampire Squid Turns Itself "Inside Out" The vampire squid can turn itself "inside out" to avoid predators. This new video was released by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to emphasize the need to protect species like this in the deep oceans from the effects of human activities.
  • Colossal Squid Gallery () A video slideshow of the best images of the most recent captures of the Antarctic cranch squid Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, aka the 'Colossal Squid'. No-one truly knows how large this grows, the largest male caught measured 10m in length, but it's thought the females grow even larger... If you like this, please have a look at my 'Living Giant Squid Gallery'. I've also added a short video on belemnites which were extinct cousins of squid and only known from fossils. For more information on this amazing animal, and other cephalopods, please visit .
  • Baby Squid, Born Like Stars When Brad Seibel's 2000 paper suggested squids brood, it was called "erroneous." Years later, with the help of Steve Haddock, Seibel had the opportunity to take a submersible 7000 feet below the sea where he captured this footage confirming his hypothesis. Take that, cephalopod traditionalists! The song is "I'll Read You a Story" by Colleen, courtesy of The Leaf Label with arrangement by Woodwork Music. From Wholphin No 2: Visit Wholphin:
  • Trouble in Paradise An earthquake offshore drives an invasion of Humboldt Squid to La Jolla's Shores. Can anything survive?
  • Squid Bikers Definition of a squid
  • Giant Squid: Caught on Camera (pt.2) **Voting has now closed but you can check out the top 5 at /20 Discovery UK is 20 years old this year and to celebrate Robert Lewellyn is asking you to pick your favourite ever Discovery show. There is an incredible list to choose from including Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, Crocodile Hunter and American Chopper.
  • Assassin's Creed 2 Easter Egg- Giant Squid Action starts at 1:20. In the tomb, Santa Maria Delle Visitazione, get to the final chamber, which is half-filled with water. Actuate the lever on the right and approach the edge, straight ahead. Wait for just under one minute and a large, bulbous form goes from the right to the left. A large yellow eye glares at you, the a set of four long tentacles. If you step away and approach again, a tentacle will lash out against you, which Ezio narrowly dodges. This is the only Easter Egg I know aside from Uncle Mario's introduction. The clicking is a fan I need to work on. This was not found by me. A user named Anthony on Ubisoft forums found it by accidentally idling in the chamber. This video merely serves as first proof and explanation for others. TV is a Vizio VW32L. Frankly, a bargain brand from Walmart, but a great 720p TV for a spare bedroom. Filmed with a Sony HD handycam.
  • What In the World Is a Red Devil? Six feet long and always hungry, the Humboldt squid, aka the "red devil," is one of the most dangerous yet intelligent predators of the deep. See all National Geographic videos:
  • The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble 'Lead Squid' Part 1 of the Super 8mm videoclip of 'Lead Squid'. From the album 'Here Be Dragons'.
  • Genetix - Squid Attack 'Squid attack is like nothing I've ever heard before and sounds like an underwater bass barrage big enough to sink the titanic'. Previously known as Digiworx - Squid Attack, this ones being supported by the Circus Records crew and was featured in the massive Circus Records podcast just recently. Watch out for this one dropping on a 3 track EP on Audio Phreaks soon. http
  • Squid On Suzuki GSX-R Owned - Speeders Fight Back Squid with the IQ of a tape worm loses in court and then wipes out in courthouse parking lot. Yes, Ray is truly a brown smear on the collective underwear of the biking community. (Please keep the comments PG rated. I know it's hard when commenting on this clown, but please try. Vulgar posts will be deleted.) The YouTube community has provided additional info on this celebrity rider. His name is "VERNON R WARD" and if you search The Florida Department of Law Enforcement you find a surprise. Or Google the words Florida 57147 and you'll get to see this "little stud's" face in another legal site!
  • Squid Run at La Jolla Shores Groups of squid were mating everywhere we looked, and squid egg casings already obscured the sand bottom. Furthermore, a variety of fishes and other animals including bat rays, thornback rays, sheep crabs and sea lions were feeding on the squid. Talk about a wild scene. Of course, there were scenes like the one we were witnessing all over Southern California that night, as the La Jolla Submarine Canyon is only one of any number of sites where market squid gather to mate during typical Southern California winters. Also known as common squid, these cephalopods usually inhabit deep water, but they mate and lay their eggs in much shallower surroundings. The mating and egg laying typically occur over sandy bottoms, sometimes at depths as shallow as 30 to 40 feet/9 to 12 m, but more commonly in slightly deeper, cooler water. The event is often referred to as a "run," and during heavy runs, which can last for several weeks or even months, literally millions of squid gather to mate in coastal canyons and along steep sand drop-offs at the offshore Channel Islands. The instinct to mate among market squid is incredibly strong, and the males appear frantic as they attempt to embrace a female. Market squid are only believed to live for one year, just long enough to reach ***ual maturity, mate and die. It is quite common to see three, four or more males all clutching the same female in an undersea ***. Squid are capable of swimming forward, backward and sideways with near equal ...
  • 600 lbs of Squid Night airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Animal Planet.
  • Beached Az - The Squid The Seagull finds a bucket for the Whale only to discover a Squid who is extremely relaxed about being bait inhabits it.
  • The Squid Wrestler You can buy the US version of this DVD here. Learn more about this video and see more Japanese WTFery at the WTFJS blog:
  • Piglet Squid, Other Bizarre Species Found A football octopod and a piglet squid are just a few of the bizarre deep-sea creatures uncovered during the ten-year Census of Marine Life, which ends in 2010. Video Courtesy: Census of Marine Life
  • Vampyroteuthis "vampire squid from hell" - Planet Earth David Attenborough narrates one of my favorite scenes from the Planet Earth Series
  • Giant Squid March 2006 For centuries, sailors have told tales of sea monsters with massive tentacles. But it was only recently that a giant squid was actually filmed. One man has spent his life tracking the elusive creatures. When his large, powerful yacht slowed to a virtual stop, Olivier de Kersauson knew he had a problem. "I saw two arms, twice the size of my arm, grabbing the rudder." A giant squid had got caught in the propeller. "It had a lot of power and started to shake the boat." It was a sight Dr Steve O'Shea would love to have witnessed. For over 30 years he's been chasing the rare creatures. But recently, he's become aware of a disturbing trend. "Squids are incredibly good barometers of environmental health", he explains. "If I go back 10 years, I had 23 giant squids in one year. Now, because of the intensity of fishing, it's tailed down to one a year." Produced by SBS/Dateline Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Squid and the Whale Trailer A special trailer for "The Squid and the Whale" to Pink Floyd's "Hey You." Edited by Greg Gingold [email protected]
  • Colossal Squid The Colossal Squid Unlike the Giant Squid, whose tentacles are equipped with suckers lined with small teeth, the suckers at the tips of the Colossal Squid's tentacles have sharp swivelling hooks. Its body is wider and stouter, and therefore heavier, than that of the giant squid. Colossal Squids are believed to have a longer mantle than giant squids, although their tentacles are shorter.
  • Giant Squid Fishing in San Diego Daylight Here's a great video of kids catching a 35-40 lb Humboldt Squid off the coast of La Jolla, CA in March 2007. The squid, normally caught at night, were caught in the morning in the deep waters off San Diego at a depth of about 200 ft. They were caught on white/glow in the dark iron with treble hooks. On this day, we released 9 squid, and kept 3 to eat. Dear animal (fish) rights activists including PETA members: We eat fish and squid. What we catch and don't plan on eating, we throw back into the ocean. After we brought this squid on board, it was SLAPPED for a biology experiment for kids to see if it changed colors, which it did. (Squid are equipped with photophores, bioluminescent light organs that function as camouflage, luring prey, reproduction, communication, or other yet undiscovered uses. ) Just after the video ended, the head and tentacles were then cut off and the body was filleted. We enjoyed eating the squid that night after panko breading and deep-frying with lemon and tartar sauce. Also, if you're thinking that these squid are going to be extinct, you're wrong. Read any of the recent articles about the huge quantity of Humboldt squid off the California coast and how they are threatening sport fishing for tuna etc. Check out any of the recent articles on the overpopulation of Giant Humboldt Squid in California. Any offensive posts will not be approved so don't waste your time. If you have something insightful to add or a logical comment, it will be posted and ...
  • Giant Squid: Caught on Camera (pt.1) **Voting has now closed but you can check out the top 5 at /20 Discovery UK is 20 years old this year and to celebrate Robert Lewellyn is asking you to pick your favourite ever Discovery show. There is an incredible list to choose from including Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, Crocodile Hunter and American Chopper.
  • Tour of Squid Labs The MAKE team visited Squid Labs in Emeryville, CA - Squid Labs designs chips, electronics, robotics, materials, embedded systems, manufacturing processes as well as recently launching Instructables. Saul Griffith was kind enough to give us a tour of their work shop, fab lab and some of their projects.
  • Hank Snow - Squid Jiggin Grounds www.peoplestandup.ca The Squid Jiggin' Ground is a traditional song that describes a way of life of the local fisherman. The song is unique in that it describes the method of jigging for squid and the type of equipment and circumstance that revolve around the activity. Hank Snow was born May 9, 1914 in Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia. Please visit our website for more songs, www.peoplestandup.ca Oh... this is the place where the fishermen gather With oil-skins and boots and Cape Anns battened down All sizes of figures with squid lines and jiggers They congregate here on the squid-jiggin' ground. Some are workin' their jiggers while others are yarnin' There's some standin' up and there's more lyin' down While all kinds of fun, jokes and tricks are begun As they wait for the squid on the squid-jiggin' ground. There's men of all ages and boys in the bargain There's old Billy Cave and there's young Raymond Brown There's a red rantin' Tory out here in the dory A-runnin' down squires on the squid-jiggin' ground. There's men from the Harbour and men from the Tickle In all kinds of motorboats... green, grey and brown Right yonder is Bobby and with him is Nobby He's chewin' hard tack on the squid-jiggin' ground. God bless my sou'wester, there's Skipper John Chaffey He's the best hand at squid-jiggin' here, I'll be bound Hello! What's the row? Why, he's jiggin' one now The very first squid on the squid-jiggin' ground. The man with the whiskers is old Jacob Steele He's gettin ...
  • Eating Live Squid A family in South Korea eating live squid.
  • Despicable Me Squid Launcher © Universal
  • Stir-fried squid dish Cooking Korean-style Stir-fried squid with Maangchi. Full recipe:
  • Bike Messenger Squid on Ellen Veteran NYC messenger Kevin 'Squid' Bolger on the Ellen Degeneres show. November 24, 2006
  • Sperm whale Vs giant squid Get the full length video on the Whales Tohora exhibition website: collections.tepapa.govt.nz ... Dive with a sperm whale and join the hunt for the giant squid. This amazing experience is based on real scientific data taken from digital tags (D-tags) placed on sperm whales. From Search and Destroy, Whales Tohora exhibition
  • Damp Squid Silly bit from the IT Crowd
  • Fermented squid side dish Music: Witches' Chocolate Ver.2 Salty fermented squid called ojingeojeot is a side dish that you can keep it in your fridge for months and months, and enjoy it right until it runs out
  • The Fierce Humboldt Squid - KQED QUEST A mysterious sea creature up to 7 feet long, with 10 arms, a sharp beak and a ravenous appetite, has invaded ocean waters off Northern California. Packs of fierce Humboldt Squid attack nearly everything they see, from fish to scuba divers. Marine biologists are working to discover why they've headed north from their traditional homes off South America.
  • Jumbo squid attacks camera Jumbo squid up to 2 metres long have invaded waters off the central coast of California and are devouring local fish populations More info at:
  • Giant Humboldt Squid Documentary Available on DVD! - Checkout this trailer for the new Sea of Demons Giant Squid Documentary "Demonio Rojo"
  • Scientists Defrost a 495 kg Squid ! Scientists defrost a 495 kilogram squid and estimate that the specimen could reach up to 750 kilograms in size. Weighing in at just under half a ton, this is a huge catch. The colossal squid is the largest of its kind ever to be caught and preserved. Now scientists at a museum in New Zealand are defrosting the creature and preparing it for dissection. The scientists have up to 8 hours to find out more about the squid before it starts to decay. Marine biologist Steven O'Shea says there's a lot to discover. [Steve O'Shea, Marine Biologist, Auckland University of Technology]: "In 2003 when we had the first specimen we didn't have any eyes and when we put the certain gadget in the water here we saw two of the most sensational eyes and they are both perfect. So that is a highlight, that is probably the best thing so far, there's more to come." The huge eyes are 27 centimeters wide, and its tentacles are lined with hundreds of sharp hooks so it can catch its prey. As for tucking in to a calamari starter, it seems this squid doesn't taste too bad. [Steve O'Shea, Marine Biologist, Auckland University of Technology]: "I neither confirm nor deny. The interesting thing about it is that it was nonammoniacal, that is the important thing as far as we are concerned it tasted good apparently." After dissection the squid will be embalmed and displayed at the museum.
  • RJD2 - Giant Squid Off of his 2010 album "The Colossus"
  • Giant "Long Arm" Squid Live This is Aaron Gregory, singer/guitarist of the band Giant Squid. I also work at the AQUARIUM OF THE BAY in San Francisco as a profesional diver. Today (6-27-08) a man who has been installing video equipment at the aquarium for the last several days, popped into our husbandry office and asked if we could possibly identify a "creature" that his friend, who works on an oil rig, caught on tape from an ROV. He described a manta ray like thing with 30ft tentacles!! He wasn't far off as you can see for your self. It doesn't get much more alien than this. I just identified it as belonging to the species Magnapinna, or Big Fin squid, though this one is more commonly known as the Long Arm Squid. They get as big as 5 meters! Take special note of the depth! 7828ft. Enjoy everyone!!
  • Squid Attack Underwater video of squid attack also includes sunfish and stingray.

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  • “My squid is 368 days old, has travelled over 3,000 kilometres and weighs 154 kilograms. The blog-o-sphere is reeling today with supposed sightings of the Loch Ness Monster on”
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  • “The Squid Blog Has Been Resurrected. By Scott Beale on January 12, with all of the squid stuff out there, but I'm bringing it back as a link blog running on”
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