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  • The Spiral was an ambitious air-launched manned space system designed in the 1960's. At the beginning of the 1960's Mikoyan GKAT OKB-155 began work on the Spiral combination aerospace system. — “Spiral OS”,
  • The Spiral school management platform is an exclusively web-based system used in 29 countries worldwide, which supports an online teaching and learning environment and manages all aspects of academic institutions' operations. — “Spiral Universe School Management System - Spiral Universe”,
  • spiral n. A curve on a plane that winds around a fixed center point at a continuously increasing or decreasing distance from the point. — “spiral: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Vegetarian, quick-service restaurant offering organic food. — “Spiral Diner and Bakery”,
  • Spiral Manufacturers & Spiral Suppliers Directory - Find a Spiral Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Spiral Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Spiral-Spiral Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Genetica is a powerful node-based texture generator for making tiling or seamless textures for games or other 3D work. Stay informed of Spiral Graphics product releases:. — “Spiral Graphics”, spiralgraphics.biz
  • Click icon to see a spiral galaxy of Messier's catalog > The star forming regions tend to be aligned along spiral arms, as the denser regions in the interstellar matter apparently prefer. — “Spiral (and other Disk) Galaxies”,
  • 32,739 Spiral stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Spiral Images and Stock Photos. 32,739 spiral photography and”,
  • to spiral (third-person singular simple present spirals, present (US) or spiralling (UK), simple past and past participle spiraled (US) or spiralled (UK). — “spiral - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of spiral from Webster's New World College Dictionary. something having a spiral form, as a wire for holding sheets in some notebooks. — “spiral - Definition of spiral at ”,
  • Shop for Spiral at Target. Find products like spiral notebook, notebook and more. Choose from Ceramic Instant Heat 3/4" Spiral Styler, Instant Heat Spiral Styler with Curl Press and other products. — “Spiral : Target Search Results”,
  • Plastic binders, laminators, photo ID systems, wire binding machines, and index tabs. — “Spiral Binding Company, Inc”,
  • Wind spiral - 2,755 results from 216 stores, including Marble Wind Spiral, Woodstock Chimes Woodstock Habitats - Butterfly Spiral #HBS - Wind , Spiral Planet Wind Spinner, Double-Spin Wind Spiral, PETITE CELESTIAL SPIRAL WIND SCULPTURE. — “Wind spiral - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • "When the merchants of Seattle's Chinatown wanted spiral dragons around key locations to help create an identity for Seattle's International District, they hired a high-tech design build company Seattle Spiral" -- Seattle Times, February 15, 2002. Country Showndown, Nashville. — “Seattle Spiral - Start - Home”,
  • Definition of spiral in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of spiral. Pronunciation of spiral. Translations of spiral. spiral synonyms, spiral antonyms. Information about spiral in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. spiral binding. — “spiral - definition of spiral by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Spiral definition, a plane curve generated by a point moving around a fixed point while constantly receding from or approaching it. See more. — “Spiral | Define Spiral at ”,
  • SPIRAL is a web resource that connects people to authoritative health information in Asian languages that is SPIRAL is maintained by the Tufts University Hirsh Health Sciences Library and funded by a grant. — “Welcome to Selected Patient Information Resources in Asian”, spiral.tufts.edu
  • Seeks to mobilize people and illuminate the victories, frustrations, and possibilities of living in urban neighborhoods through the construction giant puppet parades, toy theater and neighborhood pageantry. — “Spiral Q Puppet Theater”,
  • Spiral stairs and staircases, custom designed handcrafted wood and steel spiral stairs and staircases, made to order by Goddard Manufacturing. — “Goddard Manufacturing Company, Inc”, spiral-
  • Celtic, historic, and mystical gifts including pewter jewelry and reproduction swords. — “Spiral”,
  • You can make a conic helix with an Archimedean or equiangular spiral by giving height to the center point, thereby creating a cone-shape from the spiral. In the side picture, the black curve at the bottom is an Archimedean spiral, while the green curve is a helix. — “Spiral - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Spiral. Information about Spiral in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. spiral binding, spiral notebook, logarithmic spiral, archimedean spiral. — “Spiral definition of Spiral in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Automatically generates platform-tuned implementations in C or Fortran of signal processing transform such as the discrete Fourier transform, and discrete cosine transform. — “SPIRAL Project: Home Page”,

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  • Muse - Spiral Static
  • Spiral @ Earth Dance Festival Earth Dance Festival. Beautiful and inspiring hooping by Spiral ()and the music by BROTHER, ()
  • Godsmack - Spiral nasa 3d space and planetary animation with "Spiral"(Acoustic) a song by Godsmack.
  • The Norway Spiral Lights UFO Extended
  • Pendulum - Spiral ****UPDATE**** please do not post how to rip this song off of youtube, if you want it badly enough, buy it and listen to it in its true quality.
  • Optical Illusion - Hypnotic Spiral Fun little optical illusion, enjoy. Music: Kevin MacLeod
  • Spirals Spirals - spoken by Keisha Crowther "Little Grandmother." Also, check out this satellite photo of Hurricane Alex (this year's 1st hurricane): Also, a Celestial Spiral has just been discovered by Nasa (Sept 6, 2010): Image: Article:
  • UFO or missile trace? Mystery spiral lights over Norway Norwegian authorities are investigating strange lights seen in the arctic sky. The spiraling white light was seen for several minutes on Wednesday morning. Locals say the light appeared to be bigger than the moon. Thousands of Norwegians bombarded the Meteorological Institute to ask what the light could possibly be. Some feared it could have been a meteor, others a black hole and there were those who thought it could have been aliens. But defence experts in Olso suggest its more likely to have been a failed Russian missile launch from the area of the White Sea. They think a rocket probably got out of control and self destructed. There's been no official comment from the Russian Military.
  • Commercial Maneuvers: Steep Spirals Commercial Maneuvers: Steep Spirals Video by UND AeroCast
  • Seed Bead Spiral Stitch Sometimes called the "DNA Stitch." This is the first stitch I ever learned. Easy Christmas presents for you or your kids to make! Easy easy easy! Use any size seed beads.
  • Spiral Island this Is my Dad...Richie Sowa, he built his own floating Island in Mexico......very proud of him...
  • The Spiral - Part I - Those Vultures
  • Spiral Life - GARDEN 【PV】 Spiral Life - GARDEN
  • HHO SWISS INOX 5 HOW TO BUILD HIGH PRODUCTION SPIRALS I have been asked to show how to build spirals. Since for many people it is much easier to buy 1/12 of an inch 316 L Stainless Steel welding wire or a 1/8 of an inch wire,(instead of plates or tubes) I figured that for those of you who do not have the practical skills this video might just be a little hint and a help on how to proceed. Sorry it turned out a little long but there are so many details needed in order to make it simple and replicable. My next SUPER CELL is being laser cut these days and I hope to show it to you all in about 2 weeks time........
  • Spiral ejecta from tumbling rocket stage - simulation Updated version here :
  • How to create a Spiral Weave Stitch - Beading In this beadweaving video from , there's a quick way to create a beaded rope with different size seed beads, and this video will show you the simple pattern needed to create this wonderful stitch
  • Kylesa - Spiral Shadow album - spiral shadow (2010) this is one of the "softer" songs from the album, i really like it
  • Vangelis "Spiral" cover STEREO VERSION Juno 6 and 106 hard at work here!
  • Herb Spiral - permaculture Dick Pierce shows you how to make an herb spiral with rocks, straw, soil, herbs, and water.
  • Spiral - Sweet Temptation A Spiral AMV I made to Lillix's Sweet Temptation. I love Spiral, love the song, yep...that's pretty much it. Oh, and I didn't put credits in because my movie maker was being really annoying and I just really wanted to get the thing saved. So here they are. Thanks ofr Watching! Made by Allie Alsop Clips: Spiral Music: Sweet Temptation - Lillix
  • David Wil*** on Norway Spiral, DNA Upgrade, 2012 and UFO Disclosure Formore on spirituality, 2012 and meditation, please visit www.maya12-21-2012.com and www.in5 David Wil*** talks to Project Camelots Kerry Cassidy about UFO Disclosure, DNA Upgrade, 2012 and the Norway Spiral. David's website David's YouTube channel: Honors for this video (24) #44 - Most Discussed (Today) - Science & Technology #29 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Germany #3 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Australia #5 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Canada #11 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - United Kingdom #10 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Ireland #4 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - India #4 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - New Zealand #33 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Israel #6 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology #13 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Spain #20 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Mexico #8 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - France #77 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Italy #30 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - South Korea #8 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Netherlands #65 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Poland #81 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Brazil #55 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Hong Kong #72 - Most Viewed (Today) - Science & Technology - Taiwan #25 - Most ...
  • Nightrage-Spiral The first video of spiral on youtube. I could only find one good picture so I only put one on... I DID NOT MAKE THE SONG Credits to Nightrage and Lifeforce Records.
  • "NEW" REAL Spiral UFO 2010 100% proof. This video is of the actual event and is the only known video to exist. This Clip was submitted by an anonymous witness to the event that occured just hours before sunrise. The story behind the UFO is that an unkown craft was spiraling through the sky in more of a "jig jag" formation, as if it was in distress, before eventually spiraling at the end and then supersonically dissapearing vertically into space with a super sonic boom. This clip was taken by a resident who witnessed the incident. He states " it happened so fast, I just stood there with my mouth wide open in utter amazement". He quickly ran into the house to grab his video camera to capture the glowing, colorful, radiant trail the craft left in its path. The after effect lingered on for several minutes, then dissapated into the pitch black sky. You can hear him talking to his neighbor, who was aroused from sleep by the sonic boom. The person responsible for the video wishes to remain annonymous for obvious reasons, to protect himself and his family. The video was sent to me to share. A water mark has been placed on the video for copyright protection. All I know at this time is what has been told to me and I have posted here. In my opinion, could not have been made by any jet propelled vehicle made by man. This is my opinion, however, and there may be someone with an explanation for this type of craft movement.
  • HHO SWISS INOX 4 SPIRAL CELL + GAS PRODUCTION TESTS New spiral cell + test of all cells. The spiral is handmade and absorbs about 32 amps (12 volts) and when I have the casing active it goes to 44 amps but the production remains comparable to the 32 amps: I am realizing that good building skills and equipment are a nice thing to have, but in hydroxy production once the cell is perfect unless you are connecting it to a sofisticated fine tuned electronically advanced electric system you go nearly nowhere, you remain stock. So now I will learn as much as I possibly can in order to build an optimized cell and then I will go about hooking it up to the best electronical solutions I can find and balance the two tings together. With all the help I am getting from so many people who care I am sure I can come much closer to this goal. Amox
  • Dan Deacon dazzling human spiral Baltimore based one man party machine Dan Deacon contravenes all festival health and safety regulations to create a spectacular human spiral at the Electric Picnic festival in Eire.
  • Norway Spiral If you have broadband be sure to watch in HD! A spiral formation appeared in the sky above Norway around 8am on December 9, 2009. This video is a collection of images gathered off the net shortly after the event happened and put in "relative" order with respect to time, and then highlighting the really good photos. Is it Project Blue Beam? EISCAT? A rocket out of control? Here's the best review of it I've found yet... Another interesting review can be found at... This is for your consideration. Make up your own mind. Intelligent comments welcome. Rude ones will be removed. Let's "come together" and have some respect for one another shall we? Isn't it about time? Music is "Sweet Harmony" by "The Beloved" For those who don't like the music choice... learn how to control volume on your computer... it's really not that hard to click the sound icon is it?
  • Spiral Starecase - More Today Than Yesterday, Mar '69 - HQ Stereo Dub Voted number one oldie of all time on K-rth 101. This video is most appreciated through decent quality headphones (ie Sony MDR-XD200) in 480p mode (click "480p" under video RHS).
  • UFO Spiral Sighting In Australia - 7 News (5th June 2010) Galactic Federation of Light - Interdimensional Portal opens up in skies of Australia reaches Channel 7 News (Australia) - (5th June, 2010). --- FIRST CONTACT IS APPROACHING ! - Australia is covering up the story, they are saying it's a rocket like Norway. Wake up Australia. They are lying in your faces ! --- Galactic Federation of Light Interdimensional Portal seen over Norway in December 2009, same incident occured this year over in China, Now in Australia. --- .au Strange lights have been spotted in the sky in NSW, the ACT and Queensland, prompting multiple UFO sightings up and down the east coast. A resident of Logan City said the light was seen to the east about 5.30am today. "My wife, myself, daughter and son in law al (sic) saw this light this morning," Jazzyoung from Moorina said. "Started as a light amongst type of swirling cloud and this cleared as an extremely bright oval shaped light grew larger and larger. "It then moved northward and appeared to then back away, like fading into the distance and the swirling clouds appeared before the sky returned to normal." 'Nightowl' from Conondale saw the strange swirl of light in Brisbane this morning. "As it moved north of us it started to turn from the swirl into an oblong shape. "I thought I was seeing things but 4 other people with me saw it and one worker on the highway also saw it." The ABC reports strange 'spiral lights' were also spotted in Canberra, Wollongong and Sydney's north shore early ...
  • The Spiral Dance Title The Goddess and the Weaver Lyrics by: Adrienne Piggott Tune: original Date: 1996 Source: Recorded on: "Woman of the Earth," Spiral Dance (John Reynolds Studio, South Australia), 1996. Subject: Goddess Chorus: Arachnia weaves and she weaves so well She weaves a passage where the Gods will fly Athena laughs as she casts her spell While she watches from her loom on high Athena, Athena Goddess-born lady, you're a jealous one And Arachnia knows that you were watching her Waiting for her work to be undone Athena, have you set the quest Will you take the weave and will you break the weft Or will you let this lady spin her tapestry Of a tale untold and then set her free? Arachni, Arachnia The Goddess Athena's got a quest for you And you must weave a story of the Gods that rule In all their mystery and you must tell it true So Arachnia's woven the seven moons She's spun the silver thread upon an applewood loom And she's told the story of the Gods that rule In all their mystery and yeah she's told it true So Athena came to earth disguised as a crone To gaze upon the tapestry this mortal women's sewn And in and out the fabric that stretched across the loom The sins and the secrets of the Gods were shown Athena, Athena Goddess-born lady, you're an angry one And as you spin your spell around Arachnia To shift her shape into a weaving one And as Arachnia sits and weaves upon her web She casts her mind back and she remembers when She told the story of the Gods that rule ...
  • Big Brother 7 - So ***y - Spiral - BBLB Exclusive of Spirals video for his song 'So ***y'
  • Spiral Metamorphosis Merger of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies 3 billion years in the future John Dubinski & John Kameel Farah
  • Flightcentre Weird Spiral FUN!! Hypnotic and Weird from www.flightcenter.biz. Watch this, then let your eyes travel somewhere. Things really spiral. WARNING - Don't try this while flying a plane. Flightcentre wont hypnotize you with flight costs - the cheapest flights from and to anywhere. Guaranteed!! Flight Centre offering cheap flights & vacations for 11 years. FlightCentre USA & Europe since 1999. Cheapest Flights Holidays Cruises Car Hire Hotels Insurance, its all at FlightCentre. Watch the worlds funniest travel clips at http
  • Levels of Consciousness 3, Bipolar Disorder, Spiral Dynamics, Psychology of Being Levels of Consciousness 3, Bipolar Disorder & Spiral Dynamics PART 1 Levels of Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics & Bipolar Disorder PART 2 Levels of Consciousness 2, Bipolar Disorder & Spiral Dynamics From Bipolarorwakingup www.bipolar-or- A look at bipolar disorder for a more humanistic or mystic school of psychology. Video modified and posted on Psychetruth channel with permission of original producer. Music by Jimmy Gelhaar www.jimmyg.us Copyright © 2008 Sean Blackwell. All rights reserved. Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Spiral Opening (Peak Of Hope) Spiral Opening
  • Amazingly beautiful spiral curls READ THIS..... Products I used in this video have links to the websites below. I LOVE this curling iron! I've used it for every day looks and special occasions such as weddings! Curling iron Le Angelique inverted curling iron ********************************************** Shine serum: Flowers from Riveting Rosies Blush Rose- Doubled My blog:
  • How to Crochet - Spiral Scrubbie Tutorial Please be sure to subscribe to Naztazia's channel! This is a how-to video for crocheting spiral scrubbies. Pattern from Judith Prindle's These crocheted items are great for beginners and advanced users and make wonderful gifts for babies, children, even adults.
  • Keiser Report - Global Death Spiral (E71) In the 71st episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at death spirals and vanity trades in the global financial markets. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Richard Buchanan about his attempts to form a Facebook union.
  • SPIRAL (uzumaki) 1 a strange obsession of the spiral takes over a small town
  • Spiral Movie Trailer Joel David Moore, Zachary Levi and Amber Tamblyn star in Spiral.

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