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  • that is awesome .but how did you get THAT many Lab rats with severed spines to practice on. Feed it to us to squirm in our bellies, twisting our guts, make our spines to jelly. — “spines”,
  • The Summer Program in Neuroscience, Ethics & Survival (SPINES) provides a rich experience in neuroscience. qualified students interested in the SPINES curriculum are welcome. — “Marine Biological Laboratory”, mbl.edu
  • The "Fero" in Ferocactus means Fierce referring to the spines of a Ferocactus. The spines of a Ferocactus range in size from long 10 spines to thick 2 inch fish hooks shapes. — “Ferocactus Encyclopedia, Species, Spines, Size and Flowers”,
  • Spines is a generic messaging infrastructure that provides transparent unicast, multicast and anycast communication over dynamic, multi-hop networking environments Spines instantiates virtual router nodes on participating computers. — “The Spines Messaging System”,
  • An article on spine finding, spine finders, and golf shafts. — “Aldila RIP”, clubmaker-
  • Previous work has established that dendritic spines, sites of excitatory input in CNS neurons, can be highly dynamic, in later have reported that spines continue to be dynamic even if they bear synaptic contacts. — “Dynamics of dendritic spines and their afferent terminals”, neuroscience.brown.edu
  • Spines definition, the spinal or vertebral column; backbone. See more. — “Spines | Define Spines at ”,
  • The leaf-nature of spines is certainly understandable from the point of view of location: spine primordia look just like leaf primordia and are produced at a location where we would expect leaf primordia – at the base of the axillary bud's shoot apical meristem. — “Cactus Spines”, sbs.utexas.edu
  • Shop our large selection of spines gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique spines designs. Fast shipping. — “Spines Gifts, T-Shirts, Stickers, & More - CafePress”,
  • In certain arid ranchlands I've seen ranchers use army flame-throwers to burn the spines from wild cacti so cattle could eat them. For example, the American Holly tree (Ilex opaca) bears only a few spines on its leaf margins, as shown at the left. — “Plant Spines”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Spines. Information about Spines in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Spines definition of Spines in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • The Spines music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of The Spines on Yahoo! Music. — “The Spines on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Some spines are called "stipular spines" because they are modified, sharp-pointed stipules at the base of a leaf. Left: Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) showing lateral buds arising in the axils of 3-pronged, modified leaves called spines. — “Vegetative Terminology (Part 2)”, waynesword.palomar.edu
  • Dendritic spines serve as a storage site for synaptic strength and help transmit electrical signals to the neuron's cell body. Most spines have a bulbous head (the spine head), and a thin neck that connects the head of the spine to the shaft of the dendrite. — “Dendritic spine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable spines ties from - Choose your favorite spines neck ties from thousands of available designs. — “Spines Ties and Spines Neck Ties”,
  • Dendritic spines are small "door knob" shaped extensions from the surfaces of the dendritic processes of neurons, that contain post synaptic densities (PSD). Dendritic spines are rich in actin but tend to exclude microtubules and intermediate filaments (Kaech et al, 2001). — “Dendritic Spines”,
  • Nearly all cacti and some succulents have spines. In Cactaceae, spines are a modified leaf lacking vascular tissue that arise and multiply from the They are classified into central spines located centrally on the areole and radial spines around the margins, they can be stout. — “Spine”, cactus-art.biz
  • Dendritic spines serve as a storage site for synaptic strength and help transmit electrical signals to the neuron's cell body. Most spines have a bulbous head (the spine head), and a thin neck that connects the head of the spine to the shaft of the dendrite. — “Dendritic spine: Definition from ”,
  • The role of actin-based motors and the mode of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) transport into spines had remained unclear. Myosin-Va is now shown to act as a point-to-point ER transporter into dendritic spines. — “Myosin-Va transports the endoplasmic reticulum into the”,
  • Definition of Spines with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Spines: Definition with Spines Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • Shop spines t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique spines tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. — “Spines T-Shirts | Buy Spines T Shirts & Clothing Online”,
  • a large number of studies that have indicated the importance of dendritic spines as number of dendritic spines were permanent or to what extent the number of spines. — “Dendritic spines and light deprivation”,
  • Learn how to remove cactus spines from your skin without breaking them off. — “Pulling Cactus Spines from Your Green Thumb - Life123”, life123.com

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  • 11. Repairing worn spines of library books DEMCO Collection Care How to repair worn spines of library books Materials Needed: 1) DEMCO Fastape Book Repair Tape 2) 2 Bone Folders 3) 1/4" DEMCO Filament Tape 4) Heavy Paper 5) Scissors
  • Mind/Psi vs. Spines/Regen CoH PvP My first time ever playing a Mind/Psi Dom in the arena ever, against a Spines/Regen who told me he "destroyed Mind/Psi Doms". We'll let the video speak for itself.
  • the spines big chorus the spines preform big chorus @ the bitter end NYC 3-11-08
  • Spore Spinosaurus Final Wiki Quote - Spinosaurus (meaning "spine lizard") is a genus of theropod dinosaur which lived in what is now North Africa, from the Albian to early Cenomanian stages of the Cretaceous Period, about 100 to 93 million years ago. This genus was first known from Egyptian remains discovered in the 1910s and described by German paleontologist Ernst Stromer. These original remains were destroyed in World War II, but additional skull material has come to light in recent years. It is unclear whether one or two species are represented in the described fossils. The best known species is S. aegyptiacus from Egypt, although a potential second species, S. marocannus, has been recovered from Morocco. The distinctive "spines" of Spinosaurus, which were long extensions of the vertebrae, grew up to 2 metres (6.6 ft) long and were likely to have had skin connecting them, forming a sail-like structure, although some authors have suggested that they were covered in muscle and formed a hump or ridge. Multiple functions have been put forward for this structure, including thermoregulation and display. According to recent estimates, Spinosaurus is the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, even larger than Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus. These estimates suggest that it was around 16 to 18 meters in length (52.5 to 59.1 ft) and 7 to 9 tonnes (7.7 to 9.9 tons) in weight.[1]
  • Michio Kaku - Apparently some scientists DO have spines. Dr.K goes on the record re: UAP problem.
  • Dissection: Vertebral Column, Spinal Cord/Coverings The gross anatomy of the vertebral column, spinal cord, and its coverings using a human cadaver. Orig. air date: JUN 27 74 This is part of the Open.Michigan collection at: open.umich.edu
  • Lining the Spine, Part 1 Had to divide this video because of the YT time limit. Here's a way to line the spine of a trimmed and rounded book. I work on three at a time in this video, a job that takes about 15 minutes after the lining paper and mull are cut. The lining on a spine reinforces the sewing, holds the signatures together and makes the book open properly and close tightly.. It's an important step in making a useful binding whether you are making something to read once or a journal that will be opened daily.
  • Cervical Spine and Intervertebral Disc Anatomy - Male Version This 3D medical animation depicts the anatomy of the cervical spine and intervertebral disc. Details include orientation of the cervical spine, movements of the cervical spine, and movement of intervertebral discs. A cross-section of the intervertebral disk and spinal cord highlight the nucleus pulposus, annulus fibrosus, spinal cord, dura mater, spinal root, and spinal nerve. Item #ANC00049
  • How to rehinge a book cover For anyone who hasn't figured this out, my methods are intend for inexpensive books that are not WORTH sending out to be professionally worked on. If you don't like the methods don't use them. I have seen much worse damage done to books of great value, than clumsily reattaching a cover on a $30 book. From Book repair for Booksellers from
  • Yoga Spinal Articulation with Lauran Janes Many Master yogis claim that youth is determined by the flexibility of your spine, and having a healthy spine is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy body. This video is the first 10 minutes of a 35 minute class devoted entirely to working on your spine and improving your spines flexibility. We apologize for stopping this video short but YouTube only allows 10 minutes of video. To view the rest of this video and more please join us at yogastudio9.com
  • Lynn Griffin on Shafts and Spines
  • Anatomy of the Spine This 3D medical animation shows the anatomy of the spine.
  • Slow Spines - inofficial Chris Clark-Videoclip Made that clip cause I like Clark's music a lot. Chris Clark - Empty The Bones of You - Slow Spines
  • How to hold a CATFISH : Showing where the spines / spikes are that can poke you. This is me showing my my buddy some channel catfish anatomy. I caught it below the dam at John Martin Reservoir. Did you know that catfish can be dangerous because they have 3 spines that can poke you if you handle them wrong? After watching this video you will know where the 3 spines of pokeiness are located on a catfish and how to hold them safely enough for you to get a catfish kiss too. :) Right after this vid was made the fish was released successfully and swam away a bit disgruntled but intact.
  • Porcupine Quills or Spines in a Dog I was surprised by a dog with porcupine quills or spines imbedded in its mouth, lips and chest. We never see this in Gilroy. Some of you must see this result of a meeting of a dog and porcupine in your area. The dog was anesthetized and the quills were removed. One spine had to be cut and then pulled out. Does your dog have itchy skin, ear problems, or bowel problems that never go away...even with medicine? Check out
  • Wire - Kidney Bingos Buy on iTunes: Audio Only From 1988. I picked this off of college radio when i was about 17. Classic. Natural splits, sunburn jets, price marks, smart bets Strikers luck, pitch backs, heap tips, pit slacks Dressed pints, demon shrinks, bread drunk, dead drinks Stretch...
  • Candy Turquoise Cutlass on 24" DUB Spines Mphs. Tn Mlk Park
  • Suit test WITHOUT TAIL AND BACK SPINES !!!! Trying out the Alien costume for the first time. No Tail or back tubes in this one, it was just a quick test to see how it looks on camera. :) To see more visit www.alfie-
  • Sculpting Technique- Spines V2 Part 1, a half spine for bases / conversions. Not sold on the end result, going to have to play around until i can work out the best result :P
  • Introduction to dendritic spines. Video of dendritic spines in health and disease.
  • Nopales How to remove the spines on nopales. Music is Cactus by The Pixies.
  • Ballistics - Spines The music video for the dubstep-track "Spines" by Ballistics. It is out now on vinyl and mp3 on Dustbin Recordings. Video by Robert Markstöm.
  • More Spines With Designs: Block Class Sue Patten Based on Sue's new Book "Adaptable Quilting Designs" It includes everything from "featherish" to feather alternatives with the added touch of new spine ideas. - Captured Live on Ustream at www.ustream.tv
  • Spliced! Walkie Talkie Spine Suckie Mr. Smarty Smarts tricks Entree into collecting the spines of all the mutants on Keep-away island to make them into spineless slaves.
  • Provo Bros. Desert Spines - Southern Utah Go to INSPIREDMEDIA.TV to see photos and more content! " The 2009-2010 winter was not an average winter for Utah. The mountains in the north were plagued with sporadic snowfalls and dangerous avalanche conditions, while the southern regions were reaping the benefits of a strong el nino pattern. Neil and I had wanted to explore the ski terrain in southern utah for many years, but we knew we had to wait for the right snow year. Early last winter, we made a few recon missions and found the kind of terrain we were looking for. Truly beautiful and inspiring ski terrain that none of us had ever seen before. Finally in late March, myself, Neil, and Josh Finbow made one more attempt at skiing and filming some lines before the strong desert sun melted them out for good. A combination of good timing and preparation, along with a little luck, led to some of the wildest riding we had ever encountered. The whole time we felt so lucky to be skiing this exotic, weird terrain under such good conditions. It really seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity so we treated it as such. Utah's color country might provide the perfect postcard image for millions of tourists, but when it's covered in snow, its the skiers and boarders who can become inspired by the incredible landscape and find new ways to enjoy it." ian provo
  • Sonic And The Secret Rings Final Boss And Dark Spines Sonic its the final boss and the new sonic
  • HoN - Fountain + Back spines. Martyr's Guardian Angel + Monarch's Chrysalis have an interesting reaction. 50% reduction (Martyr) * 60% reduction (Monarch) * 40% reduction (Armadon) means that only about 12% of the original damage is taken - before armor is applied. Overall he was taking about 5-6% damage from each fountain hit compared to normal.
  • Book Repair - Spine Repair Part I Part I of a video of Aran Galligan doing a spine repair on a library book at Sojourner Truth Library at SUNY New Paltz.
  • The Human Spine The Anatomy of the Human Spine
  • Spine Song This is the Spine Song! Hooray for spines! Aren;t spines brilliant? I done made a song about spines and how great they are! Yays! And it's got BUNNY RABBITS! Get the song on iTunes now! More at
  • Running Man Arnold tells Killian to save room for his fist.
  • Sub-Zero's Spine Rip Fatality Sub-Zero's Fatlity From Mortal Kombat
  • Tug McRaw feat. Mani Nigatar "Serpent Spines" Tug McRaw first single off his new album Language Arts Vol.3 "Shepherd in Wolf's Clothing" NOW ON Itunes!!! Download link: directed by: J. Nuno [email protected]
  • Scooter Zone How to: Handplant Spines with Danny Rambert New Scooter Zone AM Team Rider Danny Rambert teaches you one of his personal favorite tricks, handplants over spines!
  • Spines - Lily and I Spines (not The Spines) were from Wellington and were Jon McLeary, Ross Burge, Wendy Calder, & Neil Duncan. They released 2 albums and an EP that I know of (only one album, Idiot Sun, was on Flying Nun, the rest were on Jayrem, which is probably why they are not well known). As with a lot of NZ music at the time, they had a unique sound, with sax and bagpipes, amongst other things. This song (written in 1981) always reminded me of the 1981 Springbok tour, but I don't know if the song is really about that. I had forgotten the 3rd test in Auckland where protesters in a small plane dropped flour bombs while the game was going on. In typical Kiwi fashion, they ignored it and kept playing, even when one player (Gary Knight) got hit. Imagine someone trying to flour bomb a rugby or football game today, they'd get shot down (although how they could shoot it down without crashing into the stadium would be tricky).
  • STANDARD FILMS TB20: EPISODE .04 Mini Spines Contour POV Session Sammy and Blair Mini Spines and Steep Powder Lines from TB20 Standard Films is proud to present the 20th film from the legendary Totally Board Series, TB20! Originating in 1991, the Totally Board movies pioneered big mountain snowboarding and revolutionized action sports movie production...
  • the Spines- Hoot Owl The Spines - the only autoharp punk band ever! live at the Lucky Cat in Brooklyn, NY Join us at: /spinesnyc
  • Chris Clark - Slow Spines - HQ Clip Pictures : Timothy leary Music : Chris Clark Work : Bossquito 2008
  • Happy Wheels Wednesday : Spine Slinkie Having a little fun and frustration with Happy Wheels.. Hope you like slinkies! and spines..
  • New robots climb stairs and have spines Robotics researchers from around the world gathered in San Francisco to share their work at the 2011 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. SmartPlanet correspondent Sumi Das gets friendly with robots that are flying to greater heights and interacting in more human-like ways.
  • Snow *** - FK Superspines FK is short for Frederik Kalbermatten, and Superspines is short for some really really gnarly lines in British Columbia. Not bad for a days work.
  • George Hrab Sings "Cruel Spines" at Dragon*Con During the Live Wingin' It show at Dragon*Con, George Hrab sang Cruel Spines. It was a wonderful performance, and George made a lot of new fans that night! Visit George's website at

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  • “The Gardener's Forum provides a place to learn and share your knowledge of gardening, landscaping and plant care with the help of fellow gardeners”
    — easy removal of cactus spines - A Gardener's Forum,

  • “The horrific Gulf Spill disaster has clearly shown that our nation's leaders need us to show them what it means to have a backbone. So let's do just that" let's send one directly to President Obama, Vice President Biden, and each and every member”
    — What's it Going to Take to Beat BIG OIL? 537 Spines,

  • “The spines, names, and content of these works have resonance enough in my head that the National Biography, and the story on the spines of that august work seemed to tell a”
    — OUPblog " Blog Archive " Reading Spines,

  • “The importance of Rod Spines Forum Member. Online. Posts: 445. Re: The importance of Rod Spines " Reply #23 on: June 09, 2010, 10:34:32 AM " okay I'm convinced of the benefits of finding the spline and will take Davids word for it that the spline goes on the same side as the rings”
    — The importance of Rod Spines,

  • “Scientists in Spain and France have developed a new implant designed to help children with scoliosis, abnormal curvature of the spine. Developed at NADAR Computerized Medical Systems in Langreo, Spain, the implant uses a hydraulic piston to apply”
    — News Blog: Implant for children promises to straighten young,

  • “An hedgehog walked over the ashes of the forest that had been burnt just moments before. A twig cracked nearby. He drew his gun, waiting. A black silhouette darted between the crumbling pillars that had once been trees. The hedgehog watched the”
    — Forum:Spines Of Fury - Sonic News Network, the Sonic Wiki,

  • “Today, the NY Times checks in on the minimum wage battle, and we may be seeing a little movement towards a push for a clean bill without business tax giveaways. The piece notes that after the Senate passes its bill with such tax favors, two”
    Spines Stiffening? | ,

  • “Thousands of stiff, sharp spines-harder and sharper than those of a porcupine-cover the Even though spines, or quills, provide the hedgehog with effective protection, the”
    — Hedgehog,

  • “Blog Follower Appreciation Month, many titles and winners, international. The views expressed above are strictly those of the author of this blog”
    — Crackin' Spines & Takin' Names: New Look, Same Great Blog!,

  • “4x4 Philippines Online Forum > Drive Thru > Latest News & Current Events Track this topic · Email this topic · Print this topic · Subscribe to this forum”
    — INQ7: ?Bangus? bones, spines can now be processed into fish, 4x4

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